How to make a StudentVote Fan Page on Facebook by whyking


									                    How to make a StudentVote Fan Page on Facebook

Check out a sample here:

Why Facebook Pages are BETTER than groups:
 They look more professional
 you can add applications like petitions, videos, etc.

Basic Setup
 Go to -
 Click on Brand/Product and select Non-Profit from the dropdown menu.

Edit your profile
 PHOTO – We recommend the StudentVote Logo, which you can grab at If
   you hit control/click on the logo you can select “save as” so you have it as a JPEG file to
   upload to Facebook.

   INFO– click “edit” next to detailed information.
    - Website :
    - Company Overview Example: We are a NONPARTISAN coalition of student
       organizations at [YOUR SCHOOL] working to get the ENTIRE CAMPUS registered to
       vote and out to vote. We don’t care how you vote, we just want you to vote! This is the
       best way to make politicians pay attention to young people and the issues we care
       about. Our coalition includes: [LIST THE ORGS].
    - Mission Example: Record numbers of young people are voting, but to make the
       politicians pay attention to us after November, we need to vote in even bigger numbers
       than ever before. So we’re working to get every student registered to vote and out to the
    - Products: Using this section to post actions and election info.

We recommend disabling these features, because if you don’t you will have to monitor the
discussions/content on the page, and that is very time intensive
 Click the X next to “the wall” and “discussion board”
 Photos: edit settings and click “do not allow fans to add photos”
 Videos: click edit settings and “do not allow fans to add videos”

Applications and Extras
 Add the StudentVote application
 Use the Photos section to post albums of your campus events – Photos should show you
   get stuff done, are active, and have fun!
 Videos – unless you have your own videos on your computer, we recommend using the
   youtube application, not the Videos function on the page (it’s only for uploading videos): To
   add the youtube application, go here:
   1a and click “add to page”
   Events – just like a group, or person, your page can host events. Once you make the
    event, you can invite people from your friends list (event if they haven’t become fans yet).
    Special tip – include a link to your page on the event description asking people to add you.

Launch your page
 To look at your page hit “view page” under the picture.
 If your page is ready to be made public, you can then hit “publish your page” at the top.
 You can’t invite people through the page to become a fan, but you can send people a link
   and ask them to become a fan. Once they become a fan the Page will appear in their mini-
   feed and on their profile.

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