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									                                                            18 October

For attention: Glocell
Re: Donation of Nappies

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest in our home. Your
kindness in this matter is truly wonderful. Our home would not be able to
function on a day to day basis without people like you.

Your donations of nappies for our babies is appreciated and greatly

Siphumelele is a home for abandoned and abused children ranging from
the age of newborn to 18 years.

Our goals are to raise these children in a safe and loving environment, as
close to a family unit, as we possibly can. Our children go to school and
take part in various extracurricular activities. We have three permanent
care workers who see to the physical and emotional needs of our children.
Here they receive the love and attention, every child deserves.
Siphumelele is their safe haven.

Due to the influx of babies at our home, we truly have a need for any and
all baby products. We currently have 5 babies under the age of 18
months, and as you well know, they are an expensive little bundle of joy.

All donations and fundraisers are used to sustain our house and look after
our children. We are literally running Siphumelele on the goodness of
people and their motivation to keep our children happy.

If you feel the need to visit the house, please do not hesitate to contact us
for a tour.

Looking forward to hearing from you again in future.

Kind Regards
Siphumelele Ministries
Velda Frankim, Siphumelele Occupational Therapist
Cc Elsabe Coetzee (Founder)

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