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									                Imesa News Flash – Western Cape Branch
                                                                                                       January 2010


Dear IMESA Members and Affiliates

I came across this quotation, written by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love”.

“There is so much about my faith that I can not control, but other things do fall under my jurisdiction. I can
decide how I spend my time, who I interact with, who I share my body and my life and money and energy with.
I can select what I read, eat and study. I can choose how I am going to regard unfortunate circumstances in
my life – weather I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and my tone of voice in
which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”

It gave me such a feeling of self control, control to decide what I want to achieve this year, how to plan in
reaching my goals and how to live my life.
As you know, we do not have control over what happens in our lives, but we do have control over our thoughts,
decisions and most of all, our attitude!

Be inspired, be grateful and be happy! Best wishes for a prosperous and                    In this Edition:
fantastic 2010!
                                                                                           Cape facing drought
Jeanine van Blerk                                                                          disaster
                                                                                           Water Quest
Cape facing drought disaster                                                               Changes within the
                                                                                           City of Cape Town’s
The Western Cape is facing its first “full-scale disaster” as severe drought               Directorates
conditions show no sign of change for the next few months in the Eden                      What’s happening in
District in the Southern Cape.                                                             the WC
                                                                                           Year Programme
George Airport confirmed the rainfall for 2009 at 306.6 mm; where as the
average yearly rainfall for the same time frame should have been 715.5 mm.
This amounts to 43% of the average and places the current track record at the
lowest rainfall figure in 132 years.

Expected Climate Changes: Western Cape

Experts predict that the western regions will experience dryer weather conditions; with wetter
conditions in the eastern regions.
With no crystal ball to give us exact predictions of extreme climate changes in the future, the
debate on how to plan proactively for droughts should be a priority for every Municipal
Water Demand Planning done by George Municipality

In 2004 consultants were appointed to report on all possible water resources in the area and to provide the
Municipality with suggestions on upgrades. The report was finalized in 2005 and a screening process began to
determine which options were viable.
       The first project, the Rehabilitation of the Weir and Pump Station on the Kaaimans River was
       completed in 2008, at a cost of R 12mil. The resource capacity was improved by 25%.

Other identified priorities include:

         Formalizing a strategy on Water Demand Management (Council Approved and ongoing)
         Raising the height of the Spillway of the Garden Route Dam (Application at Department of Water
         Affairs. All indications are that this will be approved and that a license will be granted. Funding has been
         secured on the 3 year Capital Budget. Current programming determine project to be completed by
         December 2010)
         Upgrade Malgas River Pump Scheme at a cost of R 27mil. (Application for license has been submitted to
         Department of Water Affairs. Environmental Impact process almost completed. Funding has been
         secured by Department Water Affairs. Current programming determine project to be completed by July
         Reuse of Sewage / Effluent Water (Application approved and ROD received in 2008. Original planning
         indicated implementation by 2015, but due to drought conditions implementation has been fast tracked.
         Current programming determines completion date by end February 2010. Estimated cost of project:

Should new developments be approved or should a moratorium be placed on any new development?
(I’ve hear this question before – this is a debate reaching far beyond the boundaries of Eden District!)

George Municipality caters for different scenarios; keeping in mind that sufficient infrastructure must be
available for the growth demand.
In view of this, current policy determines that all infrastructure required to support the capacity demand will be
funded through Development Contributions. This places a natural curb on developments, as unit costs surge
with the high capacity increase demand.

Development pockets with abnormal high demands or in undeveloped areas with no services are dealt with
separately with regard to the requirements of bulk infrastructure. The impact study of these developments on
the basic services (roads, stormwater, water and sewerage) is done and a specific unit rate is calculated to
determine Development Contributions due. These pockets are also known as Greenfield areas in some

In short: The Developers are responsible for all link services to ensure an operational development and any
additional bulk services required is constructed in lieu of Development Contributions, this through a Services

(The City Of Cape Town also implements Development Contributions where Bulk Services must be provided by the Developer in
lieu of Contributions Payable. This, also done by means of a Services Agreement. This practice creates a great opportunity for
Council to go into a Private Partnership with Developers and to ensure that funds area ring fenced within the catchment area of
the proposed Development )
Other actions taken to manage water consumption:

       Water Restrictions was implemented in April 2009 with the dam level at 60%. This was revisited twice
       since then and “emergency tariffs” will be implemented for households using in access of 15kl should the
       dam level reach 25%.
       For the past two years “Conditions of Approval” towards new applications stipulated that water tanks
       had to be provided to each house / unit. The cost of subsidizing existing houses was too costly and it was
       decided that funds could rather be used to upgrade existing water resources.
       Awareness Campaigns through Radio, Billboards, Newspaper Advertising and Promotions are currently

Original Report by:
Harold Basson, Senior Manager: Civil Eng. Services, George Municipality
Condensed by Editor

WATER QUEST continuous….

Geohydrauligist Roger Parsons (left) and Eden mayor Leon Dorfling at one of the borehole drills in George.
Picture: BOB HOPKIN, Garden Route Correspondent

                                      Contractors hired by the Eden District municipality have begun drilling for
                                      supplemental water supplies for George and Knysna as the worst drought
                                      in over a century continues unabated in the Garden Route. With dam
                                      levels at about 20%, additional sources of water are critical to the survival
                                      of some towns.

                                      A Cape Town consultant has been employed to recommend sites for
                                      drilling operations where water is most likely to be found.
                                      Geo-hydrologist Roger Parsons on Friday during a site visit to one of the
                                      boreholes in George told The Herald aerial photographs had been studied
                                      to reveal rock formations likely to contain aquifers.
                                      “We know that that Cape Fold Mountains, of which the Outeniqua range
                                      forms a part, contains three geological groups – Cape granite, the
                                      Kaaimans group and the Table Mountain group. The latter rock formation
                                      usually contains substantial water deposits, which we hope to be able to
                                      tap into,” he said.

Drilling started last Wednesday at two sites on the mountainside behind George adjacent to the existing water
treatment plant and at least three other suitable sites have been identified in the area. Drilling will also
commence soon at Knysna.
Sites have been chosen on the basis of likely water deposits, proximity to existing water treatment plants and
passable road access.
By Friday, the first two boreholes were down to 80m, with water visible, and were planned to continue to a depth
of 200 to 300m. Parsons said it was impossible to predict exactly the likely maximum flow rate of the boreholes,
but they were hoping for about 5 litres per second. Based on previous experience, this would be sufficient to
supply up to 500 homes per drilling on restricted usage. All together, it might be able to contribute water for a
total of 2500 homes.
Drilling and installation of submersible pumps should be completed within six weeks.

Eden mayor Leon Dorfling visited the drilling sites on Friday and said the primary responsibility for water supply
in the area rested with the George municipality. However, in view of the critical situation, Eden had decided to
step in and take the initiative using funds diverted from other, less important projects.
“We will be spending about R3,5-million in George and another R3-million in Knysna to drill and equip the
boreholes. Other service delivery should not be affected as we have asked other departments to economise and
find the investment from existing budgets,” he said.
                                                                       JANINE OELOFSE, THE HERALD - 17/01/2010


Two City Directorates amalgamated

The City of Cape Town has a new Directorate, namely the Transport, Roads and Major Projects Directorate.

Council approved the amalgamation of the Directorates of Transport, Roads and Stormwater and Service
Delivery Integration into this new Directorate at the Council meeting of 27 January 2010. The amalgamation
came into effect on Monday 01 February 2010.

The new Directorate, with Mr Mike Marsden appointed as Executive Director,
comprises the following departments:
       * Transport
       * Roads and Stormwater
       * 2010 Technical
       * 2010 Operations
       * IRT Implementation
       * IRT Operations

The Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) Project will be implemented and operated by a
separate dedicated project team, comprising the Department of IRT Implementation,
which will implement and establish the IRT system, and the Department of IRT
Operations, which will manage the operation of the IRT system.

Similarly the 2010 World Cup Project has a separate dedicated project team within the new Directorate
comprising the Departments of 2010 Technical and 2010 Operations. The Department of 2010 Technical is
responsible for the implementation and construction of the stadium and other infrastructure necessary for the
event and the Department of 2010 Operations will manage the event itself.

The impact of the amalgamation of the Directorates will not result in any staff redundancies and the City will
ensure the best utilization of affected employees and that service delivery continues uninterrupted.

The proximity of Transport, Roads and Stormwater within the same Directorate as the IRT and 2010 World Cup
projects is expected to add greater synergy and simplify co-ordination, particularly on public transport related
matters. This will translate into better project implementation and services.

                                                Issued by: Communication Department, City of Cape Town
                                                                                        08 FEBRUARY 2010
Western Cape Events Calendar: February & March 2010
(For more info visit

11 FEB            Darling Music Experience – Darling
13 FEB            Hout Bay Sandcastle Competition – Hout Bay
19 Feb            Natural & Organic Products Exhibitions 2010 – Cape Town CBD
                  The Woman’s Show Cape Town – Foreshore
26 FEB            Hands-on Harvest – Robertson

12 March          Cape Town Carnival – Cape Town CBD
13 March          OmmiBerg (‘Round the Rock 2010’) – Paarl
                  A unique opportunity to taste the first of the 2010 vintage across the route
                  – unfiltered and straight form the tank in the middle of the harvest time.
14 March          Cape Argus Tour – Road Race
20 March          Wellington Harvest Festival – Wellington
21 March          Feast of the Grape – Durbanville
                  Absa Cape Epic – 8 Days Mountain Bike Challenge
27 March          Franschoek Oesfees

WESTERN CAPE: 2010 PROGRAMME (All EXCO & Council Meetings incl.)
     DATE            LOCATION                TIME              ACTIVITY               HOST       CPD POINTS
29 January 2010   Kempton Park          To be confirmed    EXCO Mtg             J. de Beer
25 March 2010     Nelsons Creek Wine    8:30 – 9:30        Management Mtg       J. van Blerk     0.1
                  Estate, R44, on       10:00 – 16:00      Branch Mtg / Mini    J. van Blerk     0.6
                  route to Wellington                      Seminar                               To be confirmed
06 May 2010       Cape Town             To be confirmed    EXCO Mtg             J. de Beer
07 May 2010       Cape Town             To be confirmed    Council Mtg          J. de Beer
30 July 2010      Durban                To be confirmed    EXCO Mtg             J. de Beer
September 2010    To be confirmed       8:30 – 9:30        AGM                  J. van Blerk     0.1
                                        10:00 – 16:00      Branch Mtg / Mini    J. van Blerk     0.5
                                                           Seminar                               To be confirmed
25 October 2010   East London           To be confirmed    EXCO Mtg             J. de Beer
26 October 2010   East London           To be confirmed    Council Mtg          J. de Beer
27 – 29 October   East London           As per             74 IMESA                              To be confirmed
2010              International         programme          Conference
                  Convention Centre

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