Mmamabula-Delta 4 x 400kV Lines EIA And Medupi-Delta 4 x 400kV

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					Margen Industrial Services                                                     294-01 Mmamabula-Delta EIA
PBA International                                                      294-02 Medupi (Matimba B) – Delta EIA

                             Mmamabula-Delta 4 x 400kV Lines EIA
                       Medupi-Delta 4 x 400kV Lines & Delta Substation EIA

  Records of Discussions with Landowners and Interested Parties from 25 June 2007

Date          Persons involved       Record of discussions
26-06-07      Mr Andre Uys           • The green route shown through the middle of Vischpan will
                        Zeekoevley     destroy hunting operations on that farm, and especially the
                                       use of helicopter for game management (capture, counting,
              Mr Giel van Straten      etc.)
                  Wildebeesvlakte • If that green route proves to be the best option, then put the
                       Bitterfontein   lines along the southern boundary of Vischpan.
                          Vischpan • Following the northern boundary will affect Zeekoevley
                                       which markets its views from the ridge. The lodges have been
                                       designed to look south.
                                     • Also, following the southern boundary of Vischpan will still
                                       be able to utilise the route across Jaarsveldpan that Prof Peet
                                       Pienaar has offered.
                                     • However, both Mr van Straten and Mr Uys both feel that the
                                       best route will be to follow the existing roads through the
                                     • This will still affect Mr van Straten’s property at
                                       Wildebeesvlakte, but the impact on helicopter activities will be
                                     • Mr van Straten noted that the green route will affect three of
                                       his properties and will affect helicopter game capture severely
                                       as the pilot needs to be able to cross onto adjacent properties
                                       to keep the game moving towards the capture boma. With
                                       power lines there the helicopter will not be able to do this and
                                       the game will be able to turn back under the lines.
                                     • This option would also pass close to Zeekoevley (northern
                                       side) and therefore still be seen by his guests, but it would
                                       preserve his main view to the south.
                                     • Both gentlemen were asked whether it would be better to
                                       run the lines through the middle of a farm and then suggest
                                       that Eskom should purchase the farm. This may be preferable
                                       to running along the farm boundaries and therefore affecting
                                       two farms at a time.
                                     • Both responded that there are emotional links to these farms
                                       and they do not want to sell them. Therefore running along
                                       the property boundary would be the better option.
                                     • However, both neighbouring farms need to be compensated
                                       and therefore Eskom should put half the lines on one property
                                       and the other half on the neighbouring property.
                                     • Both gentlemen confirmed that bush fires have never been a
                                       problem since they have been active in the area (+10 years),
                                       and they have never heard of tornados in this area.

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Margen Industrial Services                                                   294-01 Mmamabula-Delta EIA
PBA International                                                    294-02 Medupi (Matimba B) – Delta EIA
Date          Persons involved     Record of discussions
28-06-07      Mr Tony de Freitas   • Mr de Freitas has received the map issued on the 19th June
                      Gannavlakte    and is concerned that the two options crossing his farms on
                          Ringbult   the northern boundary of Loopleegte will cause significant
                       Loopleegte    disruption to his farming activities.
                                   • Helicopter activities include game counting, game capture
                                     and darting sick or injured animals. There are no fences
                                     between his farms and power lines will severely affect these
                                   • Mr de Freitas proposed running the line along the main
                                     road, where he would be prepared to give Eskom a servitude.
                                     However he confirmed that his house and guest chalets are
                                     within 200m of the road and he probably only has space for
                                     one line.
                                   • Mr de Freitas does not own the portion of Loopleegte south
                                     of the main road. He acknowledges this is a tourist/scenic
                                     route and running the lines along it will affect the view from
                                     the road. However, it will provide a much better solution for
                                     the running of his game farming and hunting activities.
                                   • The self supporting towers are better than the towers with
                                     anchor cables. He is concerned a hunter may accidentally
                                     shoot through one of the anchor cables.
                                   • Mr de Freitas would be happy for us to visit his property as
                                     he will not attend public meetings. He needs two or three
                                     days notice (better than two weeks notice).
21-06-07      Mr Gideon Erasmus    • Mr Erasmus owns Zaagput and his mother owns the other
                          Zaagput    properties that his brother, Chris Erasmus, manages. Gidoen
                        Kalkvlakte   has received the map and letter sent on 20 June and Chris
                Majamaazamshoek      has been resent the map and letter on 2 July as he had not
               Majama Zyn Koppie     received it by then.
                                   • Mr Erasmus is concerned about the impact the lines will
                                     have on the trees and the way that trees are taken out. He
                                     specifically referred to the bush clearance currently taking
                                     place with clearing for the Medupi power station and
                                     according to him Eskom is not adhering to the EMP and is
                                     concerned that when the lines are constructed that they will
                                     do the same and just take trees out without any regard for the
                                   • One of the infrastructure corridors is on the western
                                     boundary of Zaagput and then swings east on his northern
                                     boundary. If this route is chosen he will power lines on two
                                     boundaries of his property.
                                   • He fears that there will then be nothing left of his farm as he
                                     will be surrounded by power lines.
                                   • Should this be the chosen route he will prefer to have his
                                     entire farm bought so he can purchase another property
                                   • He is also concerned that this notion of the industrial
                                     corridor is new and sprung onto landowners. If that corridor is
                                     chosen and additional infrastructure is placed along the route
                                     he will have to sell his property.
                                   • He has invited the specialists to visit his properties – he
                                     needs a couple of days notice before such a visit.
                                   • He will also submit additional comments per email.

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Margen Industrial Services                                                     294-01 Mmamabula-Delta EIA
PBA International                                                      294-02 Medupi (Matimba B) – Delta EIA
Date          Persons involved      Record of discussions
21-06-07      Mr Fanie Greyling     • Place the SS on Minnaarspan. There will be more space to
                       Zandheuwel     place the lines that need to go south to Potchefstroom than if
                                      the SS was placed at Zandnek.
                                    • If the SS is placed at Zandnek the placing of the lines will be
                                      hindered by the existing infrastructure.
21-06-07      Hester Burger         • The name for the farm Antwerp 346 LQ does not show on
                            Antwerp   the map – the maps must please be changed to reflect the
                             Oxford   correct names.
                                    • They own a portion of Antwerp and Oxford and the bottom
                                      green line cuts their property in two. The line runs on the
                                      border of Antwerp and Oxford and then moves north on the
                                      western boundary of Oxford.
                                    • This line will then cut their property into two portions and will
                                      also mean that they have power lines in the middle of the
                                      property and on one border.
02-07-07      Henning           van • One of the green options runs along his southern boundary
              Aswegen                 with the farm Bitterfontein.
                          Kruishout • His lodge and infrastructure are situated on the south-
                                      western corner of his property and if the lines run on his
                                      property will be very close to the lodge.
                                    • The lodge and other infrastructure is about 250m from the
                                      boundary fence.
                                    • If the lines go there will they all run over his property or will
                                      only two lines go over this property and two lines on
                                    • What will Eskom compensate him and will they pay him
                                      enough for his property? Will they buy the property from him?
                                    • One of the pink corridors is on the eastern boundary of his
                                      property with the farm Kleinpan. Putting the power lines there
                                      will not affect as badly but the compensation issue is his
                                      major concern.
02-07-07      Archie Leitch         • He heard about the map from Johan Burger. The email sent
                             Witkop   to his email address was not received as his computer is
                        Theunispan    broken.
                                    • His major concern in this regard is that he is disadvantaged
                                      as he did not receive the email with enough time to comment.
                                    • The map and letter were emailed to him on 2 July and he
                                      acknowledged receipt of this.
                                    • The line running between Rooipan and Hardekraaltjie in a
                                      northern direction will split his two properties. This line was
                                      also not mentioned or discussed in previous meetings and
                                      maps sent to the public.
                                    • This line will also cut off his water supply from the town of
                                    • He will oppose this line.
                                    • Also appointed an attorney who sent a letter on his behalf.
                                    • He also wanted to know if the servitude area is fenced off.
                                      And what will happen to the game on his properties if Eskom
                                      puts the lines on his properties.
                                    • If he is disadvantaged because of the power lines he will
                                      take Eskom to court. Should the lines have to go there he
                                      wants to be compensated for any amounts lost, including
                                      game, etc.

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Margen Industrial Services                                                   294-01 Mmamabula-Delta EIA
PBA International                                                    294-02 Medupi (Matimba B) – Delta EIA
Date          Persons involved      Record of discussions
02-07-07      Jan Kotze             • Contacted to find out if the location of Delta has been
                           Zandnek    determined.
                         Zuiverbult • The location of the SS will have an effect on his property. If
                                      the SS goes on his property his property will be bought by
                                      Eskom. If not and the SS is on Kromdraai there is a possibility
                                      that 9 more lines will cross his farm. The 3 lines going to
                                      Marang and Dinaledi and the 6 lines to Potch.
                                    • Eskom has confirmed to him that they will only buy his
                                      property if more than 50% of the farm is taken up by power
                                    • He already has 3 existing lines on his property and with
                                      another 9 will have 12 lines on his property, but they won’t
                                      take up 50% of the farm.
                                    • There will however not be anything left of this farm and his
                                      hunting will not be able to continue.
                                    • The corridors as shown at the moment on the map go over
                                      his house and other infrastructures and his grazing land.
03-07-07      Japie Nel             • Received the map and letter. His helicopter pad on the
                          Kleinberg   property Kleinberg has not been indicated on the map and the
                     Swanepoelpan     potential corridor goes over this helicopter pad.
                        Geelbekpan • If the lines have to cross his properties, he will only allow
                                      this if the lines are put underground.
                                    • According to Article 25 of the Constitution (?) Eskom does
                                      not have any preferential rights in terms of the Company Act
                                      and as such have to adhere to all Company Rules and
                                      Regulations as indicated in the Company Act.
                                    • Have also indicated that they will hold specialists and in
                                      particular Anita Bron responsible for any damages they suffer
                                      as a result of their studies and should the studies be
                                      incomplete or insufficient.
                                    • Will submit additional comments via email.

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