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Journeys 2003


      rne S.
C. C.uI.
 Number 3                                                                                                                 December 2003

        Immigration to Canada: Curse or Blessing                                                               In This Issue
                                                    adjustment problems initially, Canada
          Professor Peter S. Li                                                                   Immigration to Canada: Curse or
                                                    should trim its immigration intake and
       University of Saskatchewan                                                                 Blessing, Peter S. Li, p. 1
                                                    reserve the reduced slots to those who

D             espite the complexities in the
              immigration debate, the key
              arguments can be easily
summarized. On the one hand, critics
                                                    can truly meet Canada's needs in
                                                    advancing the knowledge-based
                                                    economy and improving its high-
                                                    quality living standard. In doing so,
                                                                                                  Contributing to Canada,
                                                                                                  Rob Bray, p.1
                                                                                                  Four Strong Reasons,
                                                                                                  Bruce MacKenzie, p.2
argue that immigration may have                     Canada can also solve the problem of
contributed to Canada's past, but its                                                             Immigration: Critical to the Future of
                                                    urban overgrowth and decelerate the
future importance is doubtful in the
                                                                                                  Alberta, Loleen Berdahl, p.3
                                                    rampant expansion of cultural diversity
information age that thrives on                     that is causing frictions and threatening     Host Program Christmas Party, p. 4
technological innovation and not sheer              social cohesion.                              The Second National Settlement
labour. Accordingly, new immigrants                                                               Conference, p.5
                              are useful only if    On the other hand, advocates point out
                              they can bring        how immigrants have made invaluable           United Way Fundraising, p. 5
                              high-quality          contributions: building the nation
                                                                                                  CCIS Staff Honoured, p. 6
                              human capital,        during times of agricultural and
                                                    industrial expansion, providing the           Voluntarism and Seniors, p. 6
                              s c i e n t i f i c
                              expertise and         needed labour supply to post-war              Drilling Program, p. 7
                              technological         Canada, and enriching the country by
                                                                                                  Hopes, Dreams, and Professional
                              know-how. Since       diligence, entrepreneurship and
                                                                                                  Skills, p.7
                              annually Canada       tenacity as well as their cohesive family
Professor Peter S. Li, U.
                              admits only a         values and rich cultural heritage.            CCIS Awards Refugee Bursary, p. 9
Of Saskatchewan, Chair                              Furthermore, declining fertility and
of Economic Domain, p o r t i o n o f                                                             Cultural Competency
                                                    population aging threaten Canada's            Assessments, p.10
P r a i r i e C e n t r e o f immigrants based
Excellence for Research on selection, and           capacity to replenish its population and
                                                    workforce.                                    CCIS Health Care Initiative for
on Immigration and s i n c e s o m e
                                                                                                  Refugees, p.11
                              immigrants face       Cont’d p. 4

   Contributing to Canada                           still characterized by the same
                                                    fundamental decency, openness, and
                  Rob Bray                          security that impressed me almost three
                                                    decades ago. The most amazing thing

I   n our first issue of Journeys, we
    explored why people immigrate to
    Canada. In our second, we looked at
the refugee experience, and Canada's
                                                    about the huge wave of immigration that
                                                    we have experienced since then, that has
                                                    enriched us so much economically,
                                                    socially, and culturally, is how little has
role as a host country. In this issue, we
                                                    changed of what makes this country
turn to the contributions newcomers
                                                    fundamentally what it is.
have made and are making to our                                                                   Learning new skills through CCIS–Participants
country and community.                              I've been working with refugees and           of CCIS Commercial Baking and Decorating
                                                    immigrants for about 20
Canada has changed considerably since
                                                    years now. I wasn't doing
I moved here 27 years ago. Socially we
                                                    it because I thought it was
are richer, more complex, more
                                                    good for Canada;
dynamic. And yet Canada hasn't
changed all that much in many ways: it is           Cont’d p. 2
Number 3                                                               CCISJourneys                                                     December 2003

          CONTRIBUTING                                                                Four Strong Reasons
                Cont’d from p. 1                                    Bruce MacKenzie                        Today, one in six people living in Canada
I was interested in helping very interesting            (excerpt from remarks made at the CCIS             was born elsewhere. 21% of Calgarians were
people whose experiences were similar to                   Annual General Meeting, June ‘03)               born outside Canada. In fact, it might
my own.

                                                                    hen I started in banking 26 years      surprise you to know that Calgary is the
But if you had asked me at any time, I would                        ago, I was surrounded by               third most diverse city in Canada, according
have agreed, yes, immigration is good for                           managers who looked                              to the 2001 census, behind only
Canada; yes, newcomers make many                       like and acted like… well, me… a                              Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary
contributions to Canada. How could                     Caucasian male. Today, I work                                 is home to 4% of Canada's
welcoming interesting, dynamic, hopeful                closely with the executive team in                            immigrants and 46% of Alberta's
people not be good.                                    Toronto: one, a Caucasian male                                immigrants.

In this issue, there are comments from                 with a disability, one, a Canadian                           I believe we are fortunate to live in
academics and business leaders, about the              woman and one, an Asian woman.                               a community where we accept
importance and need for immigration. They              I am very proud of the changes that                          and celebrate our neighbours'
clearly make the case that immigrants make             have taken place. Not only have                              differences. The idea that people
major contributions to the Canadian                    we gotten better at embracing Bruce MacKenzie,               of different backgrounds can
                                                                                             Senior Vice President,
economy. But personally, I don't think that            diversity in our workplace, we've Prairies RBC Banking build a nation based on mutual
the case for immigration rests solely on               provided more people with                                    respect is very powerful. It can be
dollars and cents: the contributions of                greater opportunities in the                       a challenge, but also an incredible advantage
immigrants go far beyond that. With                    process. Learning, adapting and change are for us.
immigration we are adding a spirit of                  the order of the day - and these are also
                                                       necessities for corporate success.                 Despite these facts, some organizations still
adventure, of entrepreneurship, of hope in                                                                struggle with the concept of why they
and commitment to the future.                          As part of my job at RBC, we've tried, should embrace diversity. Some people
We are adding other perspectives and                   obviously, to recognize the business case. argue that it is a moral issue, linked to
making deep connections to the rest of the             There is a financial benefit to embracing human rights. Others think of diversity in
world. Newcomers tend to be child and                  diversity, and there's a cost when we don't terms of employment equity and meeting
family centered; not only do they start new            embrace diversity….                                the minimum requirements under the law.
businesses and enrich our culture, they also           As you know, the United States is often            Those are important, yes, but I believe we
care for our very young and our very old,              referred to as a "melting pot," while Canada need to protect diversity regardless of the
participate enthusiastically in schools, and           has always been considered more of a law.
stand up for the decency, openness, and                multicultural mosaic. Since confederation,          In my view, leveraging diversity is not only
security that brought them here in the first           Canadians have valued cultural differences          the right thing, it is also the smart thing to
place.                                                 and worked to incorporate them into a               do. In the same way that a diverse
If there is an immigration debate, then the            dynamic society. Waves of immigration -             population changes our communities,
economic and demographic arguments                     along with a policy of two official languages       diversity also has an impact in the business
need to be heard. But outside of a few high-           - have given Canada a foundation for                world.
profile voices, I don’t think that there really        building a national society, drawn from
                                                       every corner of the earth.
                                                                                                           Cont’d p. 8
is much of a debate; Canadians seem to be
generally accepting and appreciative, if not
enthusiastic, about immigration. In this
issue we are celebrating not defending                                    We Will Have a Good Tomorrow
newcomers' contributions, just as they
                                                        I thought we made a mistake when we got to Calgary. I found it was very difficult to communicate
celebrate the opportunity that Canada has               to local people and new immigrants who are from other countries. The reason is my English was
given them.                                             very poor. It was most important that we didn't have any income and the price of everything was
                                                        too expensive for us. How can we make a life? I sent a lot of resumes, but I didn't receive any
        I'm Ready For Tomorrow
 When I was disappointed with life, my parents told     Although we had a lot of difficulty, we didn't lose our confidence. We think there are many good
 me that everything would be better. Finally my         policies for new immigrants by the Canadian government, such as English classes and job finding
 mother found a job in a Chinese dry cleaner and        programs. Now I study English in CCIS.
 my father found a job in a factory. Although that
 wasn't satisfactory, it gave us new hope.              In the beginning my wife had a labour job in a restaurant. Next month she will go to a new
                                                        occupation. She will be a receptionist in a financial company. She got the position after she
 I know why I am here. I will strive for what I want
                                                        attended the training program at CCIS. We believe that we will get professional jobs in the future.
 education and meaningful work. I'm ready for
 tomorrow.                                              We will have a good tomorrow.
 Canna, LINC D                                          Michael, LINC D

 Page 2                                                                 CCIS Journeys
 Number 3                                                         CCISJourneys                                                        December 2003

                                 Immigration: Critical to the Future of Alberta
                                    By Loleen Berdahl, Ph.D.

L      iving in such a
       prosperous province,
       Albertans tend not to
worry about maintaining and
growing the province's
                                                               number given that Alberta
                                                               represents 10% of the national
                                                               population. Of these Alberta
                                                               immigrants, almost two-thirds
                                                                                                          All of the Reasons Have Disappeared
                                                                                                          Sometime I ask myself when I have spare
                                                                                                          time, “Why did you come to Canada?”
                                                                                                          When I was in China, there were so many
                                                                                                          reasons in my brain: “Come to Canada, it's
                                                               s e t t l e i n C a l g a r y, w i t h
population.     After all, more                                                                           necessary.” But now all of the reasons have
                                                               Edmonton attracting most of
Canadians move into Alberta                                    the remainder. While Alberta
than move out in a year, and this                              is better able to attract                  They say Canadians feel proud of their
                                                                                                          equality, open hearts, respect for different
trend has continued since 1996.                                immigrants than are its sister
                                                                                                          cultures and races. I felt a little
With such a high quality of life                               prairie provinces,                         disappointment once I lived here. Maybe
and a good economic base, most                                 Saskatchewan and Manitoba,                 there is no equality indeed in the world. I
                                   Loleen Berdahl, Director
people reason, there is no need to of Research, Canada         there is still tremendous                  hope I can improve my English as soon as
be concerned about Alberta's West Foundation.                  potential for Alberta to                   possible. Then I can understand this country
population.                                                    welcome more new Canadians.
                                                                                                          Amber, LINC D
However, these short-term sentiments              But there are challenges to be addressed.
ignore the long-term demographic realities.       Many analysts point to the barriers                   to the future of Alberta. Efforts need to be
As the 2001 Census demonstrated clearly, the      immigrants - particularly professionally-             made to better inform Albertans of the
Canadian population is aging, and Albertans       trained immigrants - face in entering the             importance of immigration to the province's
are no exception to this trend. When you          work force. It is clear that governments and          future, and work together to ensure that the
couple population aging with a growing            industries need to work together to reduce            province is welcoming and supportive.
public desire for retirement at age 65 or         the gap between arrival and employment;
younger, the result is a number of public         this means working closely with                       A 2001 Canada West Foundation study
policy, economic and social challenges. Who       professional associations to reduce barriers,         identified the need for the western
will be Alberta's work force in ten, twenty, or   and working with businesses and                       provinces, including Alberta, to attract,
thirty years? Who is going to fill the            community groups to ensure adequate                   retain and build human capital as one of the
projected labour shortages? Who will pay          workplace training.                                   top five priorities for long-term prosperity
the vast majority of income taxes and other                                                             and quality of life.      Immigration is a
                                                  Another challenge is public attitudes:                necessary and important component of
taxes that provide the funds necessary for
                                                  Albertans simply do not recognize the long-           Alberta's future human capital, and Alberta
the social programs Albertans cherish, like
                                                  term importance of attracting and retaining           must increase its efforts to attract
health care, education, and the Canadian
                                                  immigrants.    In a 2003 Canada West                  immigrants now in order to meet its long-
Pension Plan? Whose taxes will pay for
                                                  Foundation survey, less than a majority of            term needs. Doing so is simply in the
Alberta's roads and other transportation
                                                  respondents considered attracting                     province's best interest.
infrastructure, which are necessary for a
                                                  immigrants to be a high or medium priority
strong economy?                                                                                         Loleen Berdahl, Ph.D. is the Director of
Analysts are increasingly                                                                               Research at the Canada West Foundation, a
seeing immigration as a                                                                                 Calgary-based non-profit, non-partisan public
critical component to                                                                                   policy research institute. In 2004, the Canada
Alberta's future work                                                                                   West Foundation will be conducting a research
force, tax base and society.                                                                            study on immigration policies in western
For example, in a 2001                                                                                  Canada. For more information, please contact
report, the Government of                                                                               the Canada West Foundation at,
Alberta's Labour Force                                                                                  1-888-825-5293.
Planning Committee                                                                                       I Like to Fix Things and Make Things
identified increasing the
                                                                                                        If I speak English good, I can find a good job,
number of immigrants to
                                                                                                        because I like to fix things and make things. I will
Alberta as a key strategy                                                                               work very hard. I want to become a mechanic. I
to meet Alberta's future                                                                                like to repair autos and machines. If I speak
labour needs. At present,                                                                               English good I would like to help more people. I
only 6.5% of Canada's                                                                                   think Canadians are very friendly. The
                                                                                                        government in Canada is very frugal and
immigrants settle in
                             Immigration is a necessary and important component of Alberta's            honest. In Canada seeing a doctor is too slow.
Alberta - a relatively low
                             future human capital.                                                      John, LINC B

                                                                   CCISJourneys                                                                      Page 3
Number 3                                                                CCISJourneys                                                   December 2003

                                                    Host Program Christmas Party

           n December 17, 2003 the Host                                                                     Our heartfelt thanks go out to them as well as
           Program held its annual Christmas                                                                the following individuals, groups, and
           party for volunteers and clients                                                                 organizations for their generous
participating in the program. Over 200                                                                      contributions to the great success of the
people participated in the event, which was                                                                 party:
held at St. Michael’s Church.
                                                                                                                 Calgary Catholic School Board’s
Through the generosity of our supporters,                                                                            “Staff-a-Gift Program”

                                                                                                                    St. Ambrose Elementary Jr.
                                                                                                                          High School
                                                       Manager of Community and Education Services,
                                                       Diane Fisher, buried in the gifts for Host Program         United Way of Calgary & Area
                                                                                                                   St. Michael’s Catholic Church
                                                       we were able to distribute 140 gifts to
                                                       children of our clients.                                    St. Michael’s Life Teen Group

                                                       Once again, our multi-talented volunteers                    One World Drum Company
                                                       and hosted families provided a sumptuous                    Larry Keller and Frito-Lay Co.
  Host Program Christmas party participants enjoy      variety of foods to satisfy everyone’s palate.
  the drumming performance.

         CURSE OR BLESSING                             increased tax burden on the proportionately          native-born Canadians is well assured,
                Cont’d from p. 1                       smaller working population, and a decline            despite short-term adjustment costs. Fifth,
It follows that as the demographic pressure            in living standard as a critical labour              Western European countries which have
intensifies, immigration becomes the only              shortage threatens service delivery,                 taken a harsh utilitarian view towards
viable option by which Canada's population             economic growth and urban life. Like other           migrants and admitted them on work visas
can be maintained, and its economy                     demographic forces, the cumulative effect of         are now recognizing the merit of Canada's
rejuvenated. After all, immigrants' linguistic         immigration takes a long time to realize.            enlightened immigration policy. Sixth, the
and cultural diversity can be a national asset         The key question is whether Canada should            long-term price of halting immigration now
as globalization brings Canada closer to               expand or reduce immigration today.                  may be fatal for Canada's future well-being,
countries beyond the United States and                                                                      but the downside of continuing an
                                                       There are solid grounds to support the
Western Europe.                                                                                             expansionist policy of immigration is low
                                                       expansionist position.        First, critics'
                                                                                                            and the immediate and future benefits are
The demographic argument in favour of                  optimistic prediction of the scenario of
expanding immigration is compelling.                   reduced immigration is premised upon
Critics however, suggest that Canada can               many assumptions and uncertainties; the              Canada will have its urban, demographic
have a shrinking population whose                      price of being wrong would be devastating            and economic problems with or without
productivity can still expand by                       for Canada.         Second, demographic              immigration, but having immigrants can
technological innovation and enhanced                  pressures are already creating urgencies             soften their negative impact and mitigate
efficiency.                                            with few alternatives. Recent data from              their urgency. A wrong decision now can
                                                       Statistics Canada indicate that half of the          bring irreparable damage down the road to
They also argue that immigration does not
                                                       education workforce is likely to retire within       the point of no return; conversely, a correct
s o l ve C a n a d a ' s a g i n g p r o b l e m a s
                                                       12 years and the average age of the health           choice can usher Canada into a prosperous
immigrants too, become old in time. In
                                                       care sector is 42 years. Third, Canada has           future as a thriving nation, with a strong
short, critics are painting a future Canada
                                                       been relying on immigration and stopping it          economy and enhanced demographic
that is smaller in population but more
                                                       now would be cutting the only source of              values.
technologically advanced and highly
                                                       growth. The latest census indicates that
productive, with cities less congested but
                                                       landed immigrants of the 1990s account for           Peter S. Li is Professor of Sociology at the
more environmentally friendly, and a
                                                       70% of the total labour market growth over           University of Saskatchewan, and Chair of
shrinking workforce capable of supporting
                                                       the decade, and immigration would likely             Economic Domain, Prairie Centre of Excellence
an aging population without compromising
                                                       account for all the growth by 2011. Fourth,          for Research on Immigration and Integration His
the living standard.
                                                       academic studies have consistently found             areas of specialization are Race and Ethnicity,
On the other hand, the presumption of
                                                       that immigrants outperform or match                  Chinese Overseas, Immigration,
immigration supporters is that without
                                                       native-born Canadians, and only tend to do           Multiculturalism. His most recent book is
immigration, the future brings an aging
                                                       less well initially. In short, the long-term         Destination Canada: Immigration Debates
population and a sluggish economy, an
                                                       performance of immigrants relative to                and Issues .
Page 4                                                                   CCIS Journeys
 Number 3                                                             CCISJourneys                                                    December 2003

                             The Second National Settlement Conference

         n October 2-5, 2003, Calgary was             Conference: 350 from the non-profit sector
         the host of the Second National              and 50 from the federal and provincial
         Settlement Conference. The                   government,s including the keynote
Conference is a project of the Voluntary              speaker, the Honourable Minister of
Sector Initiative aimed at improving the              Citizenship and Immigration Denis
participation of newcomers in Canadian                Coderre. The first National Settlement
society through strengthening the                     Conference was held in June 2001, in
cooperation of government and settlement              Kingston, Ontario.
agencies across Canada.
                                                      Calgary Catholic Immigration Society had a
Four hundred delegates attended the                   strong presence at the National Settlement
                                                                                                       The Honourable Coderre with             CCIS’ ESL
                                                      Conference. The Executive Director,              Kindergarten students.
                                                      Fariborz Birjandian, and Diane Fisher,
                                                      Manager of Community and Education               Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre's
                                                      Services, were both members of the Joint         Health Office. They co-facilitated the
                                                      Planning Committee for this year's               workshop titled Meeting the Health Needs of
                                                      Conference. Fariborz co-chaired the              Refugee Clients: Issues, Challenges, and
                                                      Funding Sub-Committee while Diane co-            Strategies.
                                                      chaired the Social/Communication Sub-
                                                                                                       The Conference delegates had an
                                                      Committee. Diane and Fariborz also
                                                                                                       opportunity to visit the Margaret Chisholm
                                                      moderated a number of workshops.CCIS
                                                                                                       Resettlement Centre during the Open House
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the          was also designated as the fiscal agent by the
Honourable Denis Coderre with the                                                                      on October 2 and the Honourable Denis
participants of the CCIS’ Career Bridge                                                                Coderre toured the CCIS office meeting with
Workshop.                                             CCIS was also represented by Dr. Salim           staff, volunteers, and clients.
                                                      Samanani and Valerie Kiss from the

                    Calgary Catholic Immigration Society                                                      Don't Miss It!
                                      &                                                      The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society is pleased to
                            The Fairmont Palliser                                            announce its partnership for the second year with The
                     Second Annual FUND RAISING                                              Fairmont Palliser to raise funds for the United Way of
                                           for                                               Calgary and Area. Last year, we reached capacity with
                   The United Way of Calgary and Area                                        80 community friends of CCIS in attendance. A repeat
                         Together We Make a Difference                                       fundraiser luncheon will take place on February 17,
                  Lunch Prepared & Served by The Fairmont Palliser                           2004 at the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre,
                                         at                                                  23 McDougall Court, NE. The Palliser's Executive Chef
           Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre / 23 McDougall Court, NE                    and staff will prepare and serve. Great door prizes and a
            February 17, 2004 / 11:30 a.m. Reception / Lunch 12:00 p.m.                      triple raffle draw. TICKETS $20 (TAX RECEIPTS $10).
                 Door Prizes & CCIS UW Fundraiser Triple Raffle Draw
                                                                                             Contact 290-5763 or
                    (TICKETS $20. TAX RECEIPTS ISSUED FOR $10)

                                                           Every One Of Us Can Decide
        People Need More Time                              I have learned that if you want to live
                                                           well in this country, you will have to
If a tree is moved to another place it takes about         work very hard. Canada is a country
2 to 3 years to take root in the ground. If that is        with a great future. Everyone of us can
so, how long does it take for immigrants to adapt          decide what we want to do in this
themselves to new circumstances? Some say                  country. In my country I was working
that maybe people need more time than trees. If            as a dressmaker. I enjoyed my work. I
we look at the light rather than the darkness and          still enjoy making things with my
keep positive thoughts, I think we can achieve             hands. I want to study clothes design or
hopes and dreams.                                          cosmetology. I like to work with
Michelle, LINC D                                           people. First I need to study English,
                                                           because I will have to speak fluently         Her Excellency, The Right Honourable Adrienne
                                                           with all of my customers.                     Clarkson, Governor General of Canada, with the
                                                                                                         Executive Director of CCIS, Fariborz Birjandian,
                                                           Olga, LINC D                                  and a client at the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement

                                                                  CCIS Journeys                                                                    Page 5
Number 3                                                               CCIS Journeys                                                       December 2003

                                                         CCIS Staff Hounoured

            e are proud to announce that our                                                                 Ida Grainger, Coordinator for the Regional
            Executive Director, Fariborz                                                                     Outreach Project at the Calgary Catholic
            Birjandian, and the Regional                                                                     Immigration Society, is the latest recipient of
Outreach Project Coordinator, Ida Grainger,                                                                  the Jerry P. Selinger Memorial Award.She is
have each received an award for outstanding                                                                  highly valued in the community for her
contribution to the community.                                                                               work toward accessibility of services,
Citation for Citizenship–Fariborz Birjandian                                                                 capacity building, and dialogue between
                                                                                                             immigrant women and community-based
Each year, in the third week of October,                                                                     services. She has provided the forum for
Citizenship & Immigration Canada                                                                             immigrant women to dialogue with
celebrates the value of citizenship and                                                                      women's shelters, in order to develop
immigration with a focus on privileges,                                                                      recommendations relating to cultural
rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Ten     Calgary-North East MP, Honourable Art Hanger,            competency. Ida was instrumental in
                                                    presents the Citation for Citizenship to the Executive
individuals and ten organizations                   Director of CCIS, Fariborz Birjandian.                   transferring this information to the Calgary
throughout Canada are cited for their                                                                        Coalition on Family Violence.
                                                    international bodies dealing with the issues
"outstanding achievements that have exemplified
                                                    of immigration, refugees, diversity, equality,           Ida is the second recipient of the Jerry P.
Canadian values and the principles of Canadian
                                                    and the cultural arts. He is also a recipient of         Selinger Memorial Award from Calgary
citizenship, contributing greatly to newcomers
                                                    the Queen’s Jubilee Commemorative Medal                  Catholic Immigration Society. Sultana Assar,
and to the richness and strength of our country."
                                                    for his “outstanding exemplary contribution to           the Resettlement Coordinator, received the
One of this year’s individual recipients of the     the community and Canada as a whole.”                    award in 2001.
Citation for Citizenship is the Executive
                                                    Calgary Catholic Immigration Society as an
Director of CCIS, Fariborz Birjandian.
                                                    organization was honoured by the same
Throughout his professional career in
                                                    Citation in 1998.
Canada, Fariborz has been working
diligently to improve the quality of life for       Jerry P. Selinger Award–Ida Grainger
immigrants and refugees that come to
                                                    The Jerry P. Selinger Award was established
Calgary. He is committed to ensuring that
                                                    in memory of the former Crown Prosecutor
the work of institutions as well as advisory
                                                    Jerry Selinger and his efforts to eradicate
groups and Governments at all levels reflect
                                                    domestic violence. The Award recognizes
the needs of the community, particularly
                                                    the efforts of front line workers in the
with respect to diversity. Fariborz has served
                                                    prevention of domestic violence and abuse
on various boards, committees, and task
                                                    in Calgary.
forces in local, provincial, federal, and                                                                    Ida Grainger (far left) receiving the Jerry P.
                                                                                                             Selinger award.

                                                         Voluntarism and Seniors

           hen we think of immigrants,              he founded.                                              the Calgary Folk Arts Council, the
           volunteerism may not be the                                                                       Association for Volunteer Administration,
                                               He also volunteered with organizations that
           first thing that springs to mind.                                                                 the Calgary Police Service, Scouts Canada,
                                               help immigrants from all over the world,
Meet Major Nahar Singh Jawanda.                                                                              Calgary Regional Health, the University of
                                                      working with the Calgary Society for
                                                                                                             Calgary, North of McKnight Community
Major Jawanda retired in India and                    Immigrant Seniors, Calgary
                                                                                                             Resource Centre, the Museum of the
emigrated to Canada to join his                       Immigrant Development &
                                                                                                             Regiments, the Alberta Human Rights
family in 1989. Since that time he                    Educational Advancement Society,
                                                                                                             Commission, and the Calgary Board of
has been involved with a range of                     Calgary Multicultural Centre,
volunteer work, as an organizer,                      Calgary Coalition for Equal Access to
translator, educator, advocate,                       Education, Calgary Immigrant Aid                       He has been recognized by the Minister of
advisor, support, and all-around                      Society, and of course CCIS’                           Citizenship and Immigration, the Alberta
help.                                 Major Jawanda Immigrant Seniors Services, where                        Seniors Minister's Seniors Service Awards,
                                                     he is the chair of the Immigrant Senior                 the Calgary Police Service, and the Calgary
He started out by volunteering in his
                                               Needs Advisory Committee.                                     Board of Education, among others.
own community, working with the Council
of Sikh Organizations-Calgary, Sikh Virsa And finally, he has been busy volunteering                          For information on how to get involved as a
                                                                                                              volunteer at CCIS, please contact the Volunteer
International Magazine, the Dashmesh serving the large community; he has worked                               Resource Coordinator at:
Cultural Centre, and the Indian Ex- with the Calgary Canada Day Committee,
                                                                                                              290-5753 or
Servicemen Immigrant Association, which
Page 6                                                                  CCIS Journeys
 Number 3                                                              CCISJourneys                                                             December 2003

                                                            Drilling Program
                     The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors Predicts 18,023 Wells Drilled in 2004

           algary Catholic Immigration              The first 15 participants are highly trained               By remaining close to current and emerging
           Society, in partnership with Alberta     individuals with energy and enthusiasm,                    trends in the labour market, CCIS was able to
           Human Resources and                      and all have demonstrated motivation and                   develop a win-win situation: the program
Employment, Petroleum Industry Training             commitment throughout their training.                      met the demand in the drilling industry for
Services, and the drilling industry has             They come from 14 different countries and                  trained workers, while enabling new
developed and piloted a drilling rig-hand           speak several different languages, including               Canadians to find good paying positions in
training pilot program for immigrants, the          Russian, French, Spanish, and Chinese. The                 the petroleum industry.
first of its kind in Canada.                        group's unique qualities and diversified
                                                                                                               Today, all clients are working on the oil rigs.
                                                    experience are definite assets to our
The Rig-Hand Training Program, one of five
                                                    Canadian work force, especially in the
integrated occupational programs offered at
                                                    drilling industry.
CCIS, incorporates 15 weeks of training and
1 week of work experience, with the outcome              “With the drilling training at CCIS, it
of a job placement with a drilling company.              has given me the opportunity to provide
To achieve this, CCIS provides training in               every thing for my family. My day to
communications, occupational health and                  day life has changed for the better!”
safety, environmental management in                      - Redai Tesfamariam, Eritrea
drilling and completions, an overview of the
                                                         "Drilling training at CCIS has
petroleum industry in Canada, accent
                                                         provided me a job that make all my
reduction, job-finding skills, occupational
                                                         dreams come true!”
training at PITS in Nisku, and work skills                                                                     The Drilling Rig-Hand Program participants visited
                                                         - Zelalem Tesema, Ethiopia
management.                                                                                                    oil drilling facilities in Nisku, Alberta.

                                             Hopes, Dreams and Professional Skills

I   mmigrants come to Calgary with the
    hope that employers will recognize
    their skills and credentials and employ
them in their profession. In many
circumstances this is not the case and
                                                    From CCIS's database, a report was
                                                    generated covering the past 3 years (Sept.
                                                    1999 Sept. 2002), investigating the number
                                                    of clients in different professions. 1,878
                                                    c l i e n t s we r e i d e n t i f i e d a s h a v i n g
                                                                                                               education and professional experience
                                                                                                               immigrants bring with them to Canada.
                                                                                                               This is very positive for our labour market,
                                                                                                               but the time and human resources required
                                                                                                               to facilitate the transition period for
newcomers feel frustrated and depressed             professional backgrounds:                                  newcomers into professional occupations
by employer rejections.                                                                                        has put tremendous strain on the current
                                                    w1,256 were Engineers (66.9%);
Any change is difficult and the transition          w223 were in Accounting/Business (11.9%);
from one culture to another is very                 w105 had backgrounds in Health Care                        T h e 4 - we e k wo r k s h o p s s e r ve d 1 5
challenging; the loss of profession and social       (5.6%);                                                   participants per session to enhance
status is particularly difficult, as immigrants     w81 were Educators (4.3%);                                 employability skills, the most recent job
must begin once again in Canada. Calgary            w73 were in the Trade/Technician field                     search strategies, and job maintenance skills,
Catholic Immigration Society, through its            (3.8%);                                                   as well as various workplace competencies
strong employment services division,                wand the rest were in other categories.                    including:
counsels clients on a daily basis to “shine a
                                                    The numbers clearly show the high level of                 sBusiness communications skills and
light at the end of the tunnel” in this difficult
                                                                                                               technical vocabulary;
                                                                                                               sA c c e s s t o i n f o r m a t i o n r e g a r d i n g
In response to the increasing and changing                                                                     professional accreditation (APEGGA etc.);
demands on its services, CCIS developed a                                                                      sEducation assessment (IQAS); and
pilot project, offering a more intense                                                                         sNetworking with employers.
business communications program for
                                                                                                               In addition, the project had an Industry
clients with professional backgrounds. The
                                                                                                               Placement Counsellor who actively
program, Employment Communication
                                                                                                               marketed the agency and our clients to
Workshops and Industry Placement
                                                                                                               employers for job placement. The program's
Counselling for Immigrants in Calgary, has
                                                                                                               initial results are positive, and we will
the goal of further facilitating the integration
                                                                                                               continue to actively assist clients with the
of clients with professional backgrounds
                                                    Career Bridge Workshop, Business, Employment, and          transition to jobs in their professions.
into the work place.                                Training Services Division.

                                                                        CCIS Journeys                                                                          Page 7
Number 3                                                          CCIS Journeys                                                 December 2003

             FOUR REASONS                         any business or industry.                         Finally, point four. Embracing diversity puts
           Continued from Page 2                                                                    us in an excellent position to face the future.
                                                  First, a respect for diversity helps us attract
Each day, we interact with people who are         and retain customers.                             It helps us to develop leaders who can take
different than we are - by ethnic background,                                                       risks, see opportunities, have the courage to
                                                  The world is changing. It's changing for all of
by physical and mental abilities, race,                                                             innovate and experiment, and be able to lead
                                                  us. And if we want to tap into new markets
language, sexual orientation, country of                                                            change. In this day and age, where change is
                                                  and attract new customers, we must
origin, by work experiences and education.                                                          a fact of life, the ability to think differently
                                                  understand their backgrounds. Ideally, the
Clearly, it is important to define diversity as                                                     and openly, to see beyond biases and
                                                  diversity of our workforce should mirror the
more than just race or gender, and RBC does.                                                        stereotypes, becomes part of our
                                                  diversity of our customer base. And we
                                                                                                    competitive advantage.
We at RBC, try to respect the diversity of        know our customer base is very diverse
nations. That's vital to companies like ours,     indeed….                                          A diverse workforce sparks innovation. Can
which do business all over the world. Even if                                                       you imagine an orchestra made up entirely
                                                  Second, a commitment to diversity helps us
you don't operate globally, doing business in                                                       of violins? An innovative team made up of
                                                  attract and retain talented staff.
a country as diverse as Canada offers the                                                           people with different life experiences and
same kind of opportunities and challenges.        We want the best people with us to help meet      points of view will consistently outperform
                                                  our business priorities -- I'm sure you want      a team made up of only like-minded
We respect the diversity of lifestyles.
                                                  the same. And, we want everyone who               thinkers. That's why business practices and
Employers have to create meaningful work
                                                  works for us to realize his or her full           words like "cross-functional teams" and
                                                  potential. We can't afford to do otherwise.       "mergers and acquisitions" have become the
                                                                                                    order of the day. We must build business
                                                  In today's economic environment, there is a
                                                                                                    plans and companies based on respect for
                                                  war for top talent, and a focus on diversity
                                                                                                    diverse opinions.
                                                  will help us discover untapped sources for
                                                  potential employees. We simply cannot             These are the four reasons why we take
                                                  afford not to know who they are, and what         diversity seriously at RBC. You could say
                                                  motivates them.                                   that they form our "business case" for
                                                                                                    diversity. And I hope you agree that they all
                                                  Open and forward-thinking employment
                                                                                                    create value for our customers, colleagues
                                                  practices attract the best and brightest
                                                                                                    and communities.
                                                  people. More and more young professionals
                                                  are seeking out companies with progressive        Bruce MacKenzie is Senior Vice President,
                                                  business practices. We want to keep these         Prairies, RBC Royal Bank. He is responsible for
                                                  employees by creating a work environment          overall management of Royal Bank personal and
         Is there strength in diversity?          based on respect and tolerance. People are        business banking operations in the Prairie
                                                  encouraged to learn and understand, rather        Provinces, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and
and encourage an employee's commitment
                                                  than make a judgement. And that's good for        North Western Ontario.
to the organization. It takes people who lead
balanced and healthy lives to be successful in                                                        I Will Become a Useful Person to Canada
the workplace.                                    The third reason is that we believe diversity
                                                                                                    In China, I had a good job, but my body and
                                                  demonstrates that we are a socially
My job is to manage the prairies region in a                                                        my mind were tired every day, so I hope to
                                                  responsible corporation. We believe that our      have an easy life. I love quiet and calm and
way that creates value for shareholders,
                                                  image is enhanced when we treat                   don't love nervous work.
customers, employees and communities. It's
                                                  employees, customers, communities and
a duty that I take seriously. It has guided my                                                      I came Canada for my son's education,
                                                  shareholders the way that they want to be
business decisions. And it is consistent with                                                       because in China students study hard, they
                                                  treated. A company's image is a tremendous        have lots of homework every day. Every
my actions - and those of my colleagues - to
                                                  asset, and strong stakeholder relations will      student does homework for a long time, they
value and strengthen diversity in all facets of
                                                  have a positive effect on the bottom line.        have almost no time to play or do other things.
our business. At RBC Royal Bank, our
                                                                                                    But in Canada, my son feels comfortable and
commitment to diversity is guided by the          In fact, earlier this year RBC financial group    learns lots of knowledge without his class
continually changing expectations of our          was selected as Canada's most socially            books.
employees, customers and communities.             responsible corporation by the globe and
                                                                                                    Now, I need to study English very well. Then, I
                                                  mail survey - for the seventh consecutive
We believe that by leveraging diversity, we                                                         am going to go to college. I will choose some
                                                  year. RBC is Canada's largest corporate           programs and study, I will become a useful
will have the capability to meet our strategic
                                                  donor and we contributed $27 million to           person to Canada. I must obey Canadian law
priorities. And there are four strong reasons
                                                  registered charities last year alone. This        for fitting into life here. I have to change my
that we believe this. None of them is specific
                                                  amounts to $100,000 every business day.           mind and do nice things for society.
to banking. You can apply each of them to
                                                                                                    Esther, LINC B
Page 8                                                           CCIS Journeys
Number 3                                                              CCISJourneys                                                        December 2003

                                           CCIS Awards Refugee Bursary
           Colin F. MacIsaac                                                                                   amount, addresses only a portion of the
  CCIS Refugee Bursary Committee Member                                                                        financial needs of a student at The Fletcher

                                                                                                               School of Law and Diplomacy", Bennett
     n the autumn of 2001, Colin F. MacIsaac,
                                                                                                               said. "It is not uncommon for faith-based
     a former chair of the Board of Directors
                                                                                                               groups to work together to support worthy
     of CCIS (1992-97), made a request to the
                                                                                                               students such as Amal. She is on a partial
Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary for
                                                                                                               scholarship but requires assistance from
assistance in establishing an award
                                                                                                               others to make her dream come true."
specifically designated to help international
refugee students attend a post-secondary                                                                       Other members of the CCIS Refugee Bursary
institution in Canada or the United States.                                                                    Committee are Jemison Jackson (lawyer)
Bishop Frederick Henry approved the                                                                            and Nima Dorjee (University of Calgary,
concept and it was recommended that the                                                                        Engineer).
Calgary Catholic Immigration Society might        Colin F. MacIsaac, Amal Jadou, and Fariborz
                                                  Birjandian.                                                  Fariborz Birjandian, Executive Director of
be the logical sponsor of such a project.
                                                  Miss Amal Jadou was named the recipient of                   CCIS, believes strongly in the many
CCIS, true to its call, "We Serve the World",     the CCIS Refugee Bursary. Miss Jadou, a                      educational programs offered through
was most receptive to the idea seeing it as a     resident of the Aida refugee camp in                         CCIS. "This bursary is another way of
natural extension of its many educational         B e t h l e h e m , Pa l e s t i n e , i s s t u d y i n g   supporting refugee students in financial
outreach programs. The original bursary           International Negotiation and Conflict                       need at home and abroad," he said. "CCIS
committee consisting of Professor Michael         Resolution in year two of a doctoral program                 thanks all those who have supported the
Duggan of St. Mary's College, Rev. Lawrence       in The Fletcher School of Law and                            bursary fund to date."
Frizzell, Director of the Institute of Judaeo-    Diplomacy at Tufts University near Boston.                   Applications for the bursary for the year 2003-
Christian Studies at Seton Hall University,                                                                    04 may be obtained from the CCIS office.
New Jersey, Fariborz Birjandian, Executive        Prior to attending Tufts, she established an
                                                                                                               Anyone interested in supporting the project
Director of the CCIS, and Colin MacIsaac, a       outstanding record as a student and                          may forward contributions (tax receipts are
former Calgary Catholic School Board              community leader at Birzeit University                       issued) to: CCIS Refugee Bursary Fund
trustee, provided the Board of Directors of       (MA) and Bethlehem University (BA). As a                     Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, 3rd Fl.,
CCIS with a proposal for such a bursary. The      social activist she helped develop programs                  120 - 17 Ave., SW Calgary, AB T2S 2T2
bursary criteria recognizes past educational      for children and for disabled persons as well
achievement or demonstrated commitment            as adding a woman's voice to the leadership
                                                  of the local refugee camp.                                       Persistence & an Indomitable Spirit
to undertaking post-secondary studies as a
new student, as well as demonstrated                                                                            I want to continue my nursing career in
                                                  Richard Bennett, a Calgary lawyer and a
financial need. The award is made keeping                                                                       Canada. I believe that persistence and an
                                                  member of the bursary committee,                              indomitable spirit will make success.
in mind the individual circumstances and          recognizes the need to help refugee students.
the needs of each applicant.                                                                                    Nancy, LINC D
                                                  "The award of $4000, while a significant

       Never Ever Give Up!                        Our decision to immigrate to Canada was                      to find a job in Canada, and, of course, I
                                                  not accidental. We analyzed the situation in                 know that it won't be easy. But our
                Olga Sinegub
                                                  general in both Moldova and Canada for the                   education, work experience, our family
                LINC Student                      past years before we decided to apply. In                    slogan “Never ever give up!” and our faith
 I'll try to briefly explain our motivation and   many respects, Canada is viewed as one of                    give us an expectation that we'll be able to
 goals in the decision to immigrate to Canada.    the best countries to live in. Its independent               get good job offers in Canada. We hope that
 But everything that I can say about our          yet hospitable people, clean environment,                    our professional skills and personal abilities
 reasons for immigration has already been         high standards of living and education, and                  will be in demand and useful for Canadian
 said by Thomas Wolfe:                            low crime level closely match our notion of                  society.
                                                  an ideal place to dwell.
           To lose the earth you know                                                                          The planning of our family life, considering
           For greater knowing,                   We both, my husband and I, have university                   the future of our child, and career, require
           To lose the life you have              degrees. We've graduated from St.                            living in a society where everyone can reach
           For greater life,                      Petersburg Electro-Technical State University                professional and personal independence
           To leave the friends you love          in 1992. And I'd been graduated for A.M.                     and growth. We were really impressed with
           For greater living,                    University with honours diploma. I have over                 the bearing “Free and Strong” of the Province
           To find a land more kind than          eight years of professional experience as a                  of Alberta which we have chosen as our
                    home,                         computer programmer.                                         destination in Canada.
           More large than earth…                 I understand that I have to make every effort

                                                                       CCIS Journeys                                                                   Page 9
 Number 3                                                              CCISJourneys                                                  December 2003

                                               Cultural Competency Assessments

         CIS works in partnership with the            relationships.                                   CCIS strongly believes that culturally
         community to support immigrants                                                               competent awareness and knowledge should
                                                      These organizations were introduced to the       lead individuals and agencies to the next step,
         and refugees through the
                                                      cultural competency measurement tools,           culturally competent skills, which enable the
settlement and integration process. One of
                                                      and their levels in the areas of service         development of individualized and flexible
its programs is the Regional Outreach                                                                  strategies and approaches to make services
                                                      delivery, communication, and/or policy
Program, which is a community                                                                          more culturally competent.
                                                      were assessed. The agencies received
development service dedicated to working                                                               Organizations may experience numerous
                                                      individualized reports based on the results
towards services becoming more culturally                                                              benefits from improving their cultural
                                                      of their assessments, identifying the changes
competent. In doing so, it works with                                                                  competency, including:
                                                      that they have made towards cultural
mainstream services and grass-roots ethno-                                                               § A better understanding of our clients'
                                                      competency, highlighting some future areas
specific groups in the East side of Calgary,                                                               beliefs, feelings, and experiences, which is
                                                      for improvement, and making some initial
with the aim of addressing systemic barriers                                                               likely to improve the appropriateness and
                                                      recommendations.                                     efficacy of our services.
and issues of accessibility. We also promote
and develop approaches that contribute to             We are now providing them with directions          § Improved quality of care received by
culturally competent services.                        and support in addressing areas that they             culturally diverse clients.
                                                      want to work on, consulting to help develop        § Culturally diverse clients have judged
Cultural competency “refers to a set of
                                                      strategies, and connecting them with                 culturally competent service providers to
congruent behaviours, attitudes and policies that                                                          be more competent and favourable.
                                                      resources to further improve their cultural
enables human service organizations to work
                                                      competency. Some progress includes                 § Culturally diverse clients have reported
effectively with various racial, ethnic, religious,                                                        greater satisfaction with the services of
                                                      connections to resources to celebrate
and linguistic groups” (CDI, 2000). Individual                                                             culturally competent service providers.
                                                      cultural diversity in the environment, work
service providers need to “develop and
                                                      on developing culturally competent                 § Cultural competence may increase
maintain culturally competent                                                                              culturally diverse clients' utilization of
                                                      policies, and commitments to more
awareness/attitudes, knowledge, and skills in                                                              services and decrease premature
                                                      comprehensive cultural competency self-
order to provide culturally competent services”                                                            termination of services.
                                                      assessments. In addition, through this
(Sue et al., 1998). ROP acknowledges and                                                               As a business case (Reese, 2003) cultural
                                                      process, agencies now have the opportunity
emphasizes the need to move beyond                                                                     diversity:
                                                      to connect with other agencies to learn about
awareness/attitudes and knowledge to                                                                     § Allows employees to focus on work tasks
                                                      their best practices, resources, and learning
taking action to directly create changes that                                                              and productivity rather than inequities;
                                                      related to the cultural competency journey.
will lead to increased cultural competency.                                                              § Promotes the emotional and intellectual
In addition to the efforts of individual              We applaud the nine involved organizations           g r ow t h o f i n d i v i d u a l s a n d t h e
service providers, “the systems within which          for their openness, willingness to critically        organization;
they work need to change in order to support          examine their cultural competency, and their       § Enhances creative problem solving;
cultural competence” (Arredondo et al., 1996).        desire to take action to further improve their
                                                                                                         § Increases the capacity of the organization
To complement our work, and in                        services for individuals from diverse                 to attract a wide range of talent; and
acknowledgment of the importance of                   backgrounds.                                          Promotes enhanced service to a wide
organizational/ systemic cultural                                                                           range of consumers.
                                                      If you have any comments or questions,
competence, with funding from FCSS, we
                                                      please contact the Regional Outreach
began a process to introduce the tools from
                                                      Program team Ida Grainger, Regional
the Cultural Diversity Institute's Cultural
                                                      Outreach Program Coordinator, Tracy
                                                                                                          Nice Things Happened to Me
Competency: A Self-Assessment Guide for
                                                      Wityk and Marion Christensen,                    I'm from Belgrade. I left my country because
Human Service Organizations (CDI, 2000)                                                                of the war and because my wife came to
                                                      Community Development Outreach
to nine organizations in the east side of                                                              Canada. I didn't have a choice because my
                                                      Workers, at (403) 262-2006 or rop@ccis-
Calgary with which we had pre-existing                                                                 wife came to Halifax one year ago. She
                                                                                                       wanted me to come to Canada because she
                                                                                                       loves me and I love her. We have to be
                                                                                                       together. My goal for the future is to be an
                                                                                                       ambulance driver in Calgary. In my country I
  I Have Learned Many New Things                                                                       was an ambulance driver and I love this job.
                                                                                                       When I finish my school I will be a good
  I am … presently volunteering in the computer lab. I love volunteering and helping people            driver.
  because I get a lot of good experience. I also get an opportunity to meet many different
                                                                                                       Nice things happened to me when I started
  people. I have learned many new things, such as how to troubleshoot and how to make new
                                                                                                       school and bought a car. I am disappointed
  students feel comfortable in the computer lab and hopefully in Canada.
                                                                                                       in my life because my wife can't find a job.
  Selamawit Temanu, Student Volunteer
                                                                                                       Aleksandar, LINC B
Page 10                                                                CCISJourneys
Number 3                                                                   CCISJourneys                                               December 2003

                                          CCIS Health Care Initiative for Refugees

         CIS Health Care Services at                 new arrivals with application to Alberta              Disease Control and Health Protection,
         Margaret Chisholm Resettlement              Health Care and the Interim Federal Health            coordinating with the CD Unit.
         Centre (MCRC) in partnership with           plans; and supports the referral and follow-
Alberta Medical Association (AMA),                   up to other health care providers and
Calgary Public Health and a number of                specialists. Initial health assessments are
physicians have been developed to address            conducted, including physical examinations
the refugees' initial medical needs, to              and vaccination records, and systemic
sensitize and prepare public health                  screenings are conducted. Clinical services
institutions to accommodate                                          include triage and
this target population's                                             management of urgent
medical needs and ultimately                                         conditions and concerns, and
to ensure access to all                                              ongoing primary care of
required health services in                                          medically unstable clients
Calgary.                                                             until they are taken up by the
                                                                     regular system. The office
The Health Office recruits,
                                                                     conducts Health Promotion
coordinates, and supports a
                                                                     workshops and orientations
network of health care service      Health Office Staff: Valerie (health system, reproductive              Dr. Salim Samanani provides patient care at
providers (GP, specialist,          Kiss, Dr. Salim Samanani and
                                                                     and women's health, hygiene,          the Health Care Office located at Margaret
labs, pharmacies, etc); assists     Prissy Wai Wai.                                                        Chisholm Resettlement Centre.
                                                                     nutrition, etc.), and is active in

                   Internet Parenting                                                            I Know God Helps Me
                                                                                    I have been living in Canada for almost five months. When I was in
                                                                                    my country I studied Business Administration in college, and I ran
                                                                                    my own business. I thought my English was perfect, but when I
                                                                                    arrived here I couldn't even understand Canadian English. Oh
                                                                                    God! They are very fast and their pronunciation is different. This
                                                                                    was my first problem. The second problem started when I was
                                                                                    looking for a job. I applied at different places but I got the same
                                                                                    answer: “Do you have Canadian experience?”
                                                                                    One day I went to Devonian Gardens to think quietly about my
                                                                                    problems. My mind said “Canadians need two things from you:
                                                                                             1. fluent English
                                                                                             2.Canadian experience.”
                                                                                    Where can I get these two things? I asked myself. My mind told me
                                                                                    “First go to school to improve your English, then take some courses
                                                                                    to get a better job that is all.”
                                                                                    I thanked my mind and I started the LINC class. It is wonderful! I
                                                                                    learnt not only English but also the culture and how to live in
                                                                                    Canada. After I finish this class I'm going to study Home Care
                                                                                    Nursing. I have already registered. After one year of experience I'm
 Grace Song, an employee of CCIS, arrived in Canada from China with her
 husband almost three years ago. With a Bachelors in Mechanical
                                                                                    going to continue my study to become ra egistered nurse.
 Engineering, she came to Canada with the same hopes and dreams of most             Even if there is a different kind of problem, sooner or later I will
 other newcomers. Her son, Canadian born, now lives in China with his
 paternal grandparents where he will stay until mom and dad are firmly settled.     fulfill my wish. I know God helps me.
 Mom is just returning home from work for the evening meal when her son has
 finished breakfast, perfect timing for mom and baby Leo to connect.
                                                                                    Ferewoyne Yehdgo, LINC Student

                                                               CCIS Contact Information
                                              Address: #300, 120-17th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2S 2T2
                                                       Tel: (403)262-2006, Fax: (403)262-2033
                                      Email:, Website:
                                                                            CCIS Journeys                                                          Page 11
Number 3                                                 CCISJourneys                                          December 2003

                                              CCIS Services
                               Business, Education, and Training Services
 ­Employment Services                        ­Engineering & Technology Upgrading       ­Electricians Upgrading & Certification
 ­Career Bridge Workshops                     Program                                   Program
 ­Employment Communication                   ­Language Instruction for Newcomers       ­Trowel Trade Training Program
  Workshops                                   (LINC)                                   ­Millwright Training Program
 ­Employment Industry Placement              ­Hands on Computer Program                ­Drilling Rig-Hand Training Program
 ­ESL Skill Builders                         ­Commercial Baking Decorator Program      ­Youth Employment Program

                                           Family and Children Services
 ­Cross Cultural Children's Centre           ­Lunchbox Parenting                       ­Public Internet Access
 ­The New Family Place                       ­New Canadian Children in Calgary         ­Home Visitation
 ­ESL Kindergarten                           ­Adventures in the Sun (Summer Camp for   ­Coffee & Conversation
 ­Before & After School Program               Children)                                ­Drop-in & Donations Services
 ­Family Support                             ­Integrated Support Child-Care (Special   ­Community Connections
 ­Collective Kitchen                          Needs)                                   ­Mother Goose
 ­Toy Lending Library                        ­Parent Resource Library

                                      Community and Education Services
 ­Notary Services                            ­Immigrant Seniors Integration Services   ­Seniors Literacy Program
 ­Family Reunification/Sponsorship           ­Immigrant Youth Outreach Program         ­Youth Cultural Ambassador Adaptation
  Program                                    ­Community Legal Workshops Series          Program
 ­Host Program                               ­Regional Outreach Project                ­Community Multicultural Consulting
 ­Host Program for Survivors of Torture      ­Seniors Education Partnership Program     Services

                                                Resettlement Services
 ­Airport Reception and Clothing Program     ­Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre    ­Health Care Program
 ­Integrated Services Program                ­Resettlement Assistance Program          ­Special Projects

                                            SUPPORT CCIS BY BECOMING A MEMBER
When you make a financial donation to the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, you are making a valuable contribution to programs
            which assist immigrants and refugees to resettle, and maintain a life of dignity and self-worth in Canada.

                                                     Membership Application
 Name: _______________________________________________ Organization:_____________________________________
 Phone: ____________________               Fax: __________________        Email: _______________________________________
 Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
 City: ______________________             Province: __________________________              Postal Code: ___________________
 Membership Fee:
 Individual:        $5.00 _________________New___________________Renewal
 Corporation:       $20.00 ________________New___________________Renewal
 Contributing Categories:
 Friend        ( ) $50                     Contributing ( ) $100               Sustaining   ( ) $500
 Supporting ( ) $250                       Benefactor ( ) $1,000               Corporate    ( ) $5,000
 Tax deductible receipts will be issued for $10 and up.

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