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					             Association for Dietetics in South Africa Newsletter - January 2007

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Message from the ADSA President January 2007

At the beginning of a new year we are faced with so many new challenges. I
hope that 2007 will be a year of good health and nutrition for you all.

May we all strive to give our very best to our patients, our colleagues, our friends
and our families. Carl W. Buechner said: “They may forget what you said, but
they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Kind Regards

René Smalberger - ADSA President (2006-2008)

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Feedback from the Membership Portfolio

 Membership cards will be sent out at the end of January. Please contact us if you do not
 receive yours.

 May you have a prosperous 2007. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


 Daleen Rochér
 ADSA Executive Committee: Portfolio Membership

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Feedback from the Communications Portfolio
Adsa secretariat will have “If its about Nutrition ask your dietitian’ D-Z folder leaflets available from the 14th of
February. At the back of the folder you (the dietitian) can attach your business card and issue it to potential clients
or professionals who would refer clients. Never forget doctor’ receptionists. Most patients talk to receptionists even
before they see their doctors. It is also a good idea to pin some of the folders on notice boards especially next to

I have some ideas for dietitians in public service as well. Most interns will not have had exposure to working with
dietitians. They may not understand the wide scope in which a dietitian can render assistance to treatment.

 You can pin the leaflet on the doctor’s notice board and discuss it with senior nurses and
 senior medical staff. Sometimes Medical superintendents have a narrow view of the vast
 expertise a dietitian have.

 Never ever give the leaflet to someone without discussing one or two advantages for
 depending on a dietitian. I have just shared a couple of ideas about how to use the leaflet.
 The leaflet is ours. I will welcome more suggestions that you have used in your experience.
 Let us learn from each other and communicate why dietitians are the best at managing
 nutritional status of men.

Dudu Mthuli
ADSA Executive Committee: Portfolio Communications

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Feedback from the CPD Accreditation Office
Dear Colleagues,
 Hope all of you had a good rest over December/January and that you are ready for 2007!
 The new CPD system officially started on 1 January 2007. So gathering CEUs is now

 You should have received your ADSA/Abbott CPD file by now. If you have not, please
 contact your branch chair person or your branch CPD portfolio holder.

 Please remember that all CPD queries must be directed to us, the ADSA CPD
 Accreditors, and not to Edelweiss Wentzel-Viljoen. Let us know if you are still unsure of
 how the new CPD system works as you must be ready to be audited at any stage.

Debbi, Carine & Karen

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Feedback from the Representation Portfolio
Introducing another 2 groups that have ADSA representatives:

FLAG (Food Legislation Advisory Group)

ADSA Representative: Jane Badham

FLAG is a group of invited experts and stakeholders that give input to the Department of Health, Directorate Food
Control on issues pertaining to food law and that meets twice a year. ADSA together with the Nutrition Society
represent the nutrition scientists. Food Control has been working on updated regulations for labelling and
advertising of foodstuffs for years now with the last draft published back in 2002. The next proposed regulations
have been completed but it seems they are awaiting the Minister of Health to approve them before they are
published for comment. We will let all our members know as soon as they are open for comment as the contents
will be important for all of us.

5-a-Day for Better Health Trust

ADSA Representative: Jane Badham

The 5-a-day for Better Health Trust was launched in September 1995. It is a non-profit organization with a sound
science backing which aims, through education and promotion, to increase the consumption of fresh vegetables
and fruit in South Africa in order to promote better health.

 The World Health Organisation has called for the globalization and strengthening of the 5-A-Day for better health
campaign and so a global organisation called the International Fruit & Vegetable Alliance (IFAVA) has been formed
and SA is a founding member.

5-a-Day has undergone a restructuring and in 2007 will be looking at new branding, expanding its inclusion criteria
and will continue to grow it’s visibility through an extensive PR campaign run in the media.
 Dietitians interested in the latest science of fruit, vegetables and health can visit and subscribe to the monthly Newsletter.

 Karen                                                                                 Horsburgh
 ADSA Executive Committee: Portfolio Representation

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Feedback from the PPD Portfolio
Dear Private Practicing Dietitians

A belated Happy New Year to all of you and I wish you a successful, exciting year filled with challenges and lots of


        As you know from the communications we sent out in October and November last year, the 2007 NHRPL
        has been delayed because the National Department of Health will not publish the new list until the enabling
        regulations have been finalised.
        The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) publishes updated versions of the NHRPL list during the year and
        in 2006, there were 7 versions. Version 7 was the final list.
        The CMS took version 1 of the 2006 NHRPL list and factored in the Consumer Price Index (CPI – 4.9%) to
        create new guidelines for 2007.
        However, version 1 of the 2006 list doesn’t incorporate the "decay factor", so you will see that from codes
        205 onwards, the rates are exceptionally high.
        The “decay factor” is based on the principle that patients cannot truly concentrate after an hour of
        consultation and therefore the rates for the codes from 1 hour onwards have been adjusted to take this into
        account, i.e. the rates are lower than without the decay factor.
        It is therefore most likely that medical schemes will reimburse the rates used in version 7 of the 2006 list
        plus 4.9%, but this is not guaranteed.
         I have attached the Discovery Health Rates for 2007, which should illustrate the above point.
        As soon as the final version is made available, we will communicate this to all the PPDs, but we highly
        recommend that you visit the CMS website regularly to check for updated versions of the list. The CMS
        website address is:

I trust that this will help you with setting your rates for the year, but please remember that this is just a guideline. If
you have other questions relating to PPD, please contact your branch representative.
  Branch                        PPD Rep                         Contact details
  Gauteng South PPD rep         Robyn Rees            
  KZN PPD rep                   Keri Strachan         
  Eastern Cape PPD rep          Ingrid Steyl          
  Free State PPD rep            Petru de Villiers     
  Mopani PPD rep                Esther Masenya        
  Western Cape PPD rep          Cindy Chin            
  Mpumalanga Chairperson        c/o Sarah Koekemoer             0827823767

Please visit the ADSA website for further information.

Lauren Wyper (Atkinson)

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Eastern Cape Branch News
The Eastern Cape Branch Committee has set provisional dates for meetings for the forthcoming year:

        21 February 2007
        19 April 2007
        12 June 2007
        22 August 2007
        31 October 2007
        4 December 2007

The Committee comprises the following members:

Chairperson/ Finance                      Charlene Giovanelli
Member Relations/Communications           Yolandi Nortier
PPD Relations                             Ingrid Steyl
CPD Portfolio                             Ronel Schoeman

For Branch related matters, kindly contact:
Charlene Giovanelli (083 785 7027)
or Ronel Schoeman (0832998015)

Charlene Giovanelli - Chairperson

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Kwazulu Natal Branch News
The Branch Committee has set the dates for the ADSA KZN meetings for 2007. Please be advised that these are
subject to change.

       23 March 2007 at South African Sugar Association (AGM)
       22 June 2007
       21 September 2007
       30 November 2007

The ADSA KwaZulu Natal Branch Committee:

Chairperson                                         Celeste Heine
Secretary                                           Zolelwa Cuba
PPD                                                 Keri Strachan
Training and Career Development & PRO               Ishana Maharaj
Treasurer                                           Tamaryn Reid
CPD                                                 Sduduzo Myeza
Sponsorship                                         Tersia van Niekerk

Branch inquiries to be directed to the Chairperson @ 0315713800/ 083 410-3287

Celeste Heine RD(SA)

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Mopani Branch News
The Mopani Branch Committee:

Chairperson & PRO                      Nare Makuse
PPD                                    Esther Masenya
Member Relations                       Ditope Annah Phooko
Communications & Finance               Matjie Rapetsoa
CPD Officer                            Lindelani Mushapi
Additional Member                      Mohube Elizabeth Madihlaba

Branch inquiries to be directed to the Chairperson @ 0839591066
For member related issues, please contact Ditope @ 072 825-8568
For CPD related issues, please contact Lindelani @ 082 444-7326
Alternatively, please contact Matjie @ 082 436-1281

Proposed ADSA Activities For 2007

17 March           Recent management in cardiovascular diseases     6 ceu’s
19 May             Paediatric nutrition                             6 ceu’s
22 July           Obesity- a public health problem + AGM               5 ceu’s
20 October        Research developments                                6 ceu’s
Proposed ceus’s for 2007                                               23

Nare Makuse

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North West Branch News
The ADSA North West Branch Committee:

Chairperson           Hilary Thulare
Secretary             Averalda van Graan
PPD                   Carla Jansen van Rensburg
Communication         Antionette van Eeden
Treasurer             Leatitia Vonkeman
CPD                   Salome Kruger
Sponsorship           Thea van Niekerk

Branch inquiries to be directed to Antionette van Eeden @ 0829662645

Proposed Adsa Activities For 2007

 PERIOD          TOPIC                              SPEAKER
 March           Complementary Feeding              Prof. S. Kruger

                 Allergies                          Abbot
 June            Severe Malnutrition in hospitals   Dr Krug

                 Obesity                            To be confirmed
 September       HIV and Nutrition                  Dr Tumbo

                                                    Ms. A. van Graan
 February        Ethics                             To be confirmed

                 Food Control Legislation           NDoH

Hilary Thulare

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The Health Products Association of Southern Africa Appoints Executive Director
Mathabo Kona
The HPA has announced the appointment of Mathabo Kona as Executive Director of the Health Products
Association of South Africa. Kona (Mathi) took up her appointment on October 1st 2006.

According to Mathi, she sees her new position as an opportunity to give CAM (Complementary & Alternative
Medicine) the profile it deserves.

“I see myself as a bridge, as a mediator to make people more aware of the positive benefits of complementary
medicine,” adds Mathi, a pharmacist with 12 years experience in the industry.

Mathi’s portfolio will be to liaise with government bodies on all legislative matters pertaining to complementary
medicine. She will also represent the HPA on such bodies as the Advertising Standards Authority and the Public
Health Forum

One of the important tasks Mathi has undertaken is to create awareness of verifiable scientific support for natural
medicine. “I aim to make people aware of the wealth of scientific research conducted on CAM products. Reputable
scientists have studied many of these plants, herbs and oils for decades but people are simply not aware of it.”

In CAM’s quest for respect and recognition, it is vital that products are of a consistently high quality, that
unsubstantiated claims are avoided, therapeutic doses are adhered to and verifiable research made available. It is
also important that the medical and pharmaceutical industry understand the essential role CAM products and
therapists can play in the national health care arena. This is another project on Mathi’s ‘to-do’ list. “I intend to foster
positive dialogue between the CAM industry and the medical fraternity in order to build healthy relationships for a
better tomorrow,” concludes Mathi.

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Peanut gene breakthrough may lead to allergen free nuts

By Stephen Daniells

Scientists have identified a new gene in peanuts that codes for a protein with no apparent allergic effects,
research that opens up the possibility of allergen-free GM nuts.

The identification of the new gene, called ara h 3-im, by researchers from the University of Florida offers
some hope for an estimated 2.5 million people in Europe and the US now vulnerable to the food allergy.

"If it is true that Ara h 3-im has lower allergenic properties than other Ara h 3 proteins, this study may
the information necessary to produce a hypoallergenic peanut through silencing of the major allergens
selecting for the reduced allergenic polypeptides via mutational breeding and/or genetic engineering,"
authors I-H Kang and M. Gallo.

While it is too early to tell if such a peanut will be available for the food industry in the foreseeable
escalating incidences of food allergies in Europe and the desire to avoid potentially harmful consumer
underpinned changes to the Labelling Directive 2000/13/EC due to enter into force this month that
flag up to the consumer possible allergens in a food product.

Read more at food navigator

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Why Chocolate can be good for the heart

by Martin Hickman

A wayward band of chocoholics has accidentally proved to medical science what aficionados must have
always hoped - that chocolate can be good for you.

Researchers in the United States found that human guinea pigs who broke the rules of a study on blood
clots by eating dark chocolate increased their protection against heart attacks.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore enrolled 1 200 people across the US for an 18-month study on the
impact of aspirin on blood platelets, the sticky cells that generate clots, but it asked participants to refrain
from a number of foods, including chocolate, known to affect platelets. A group of 139 people could not
give up chocolate, so the scientists decided to monitor its effect. The study concluded that snacking on
just two tablespoonfuls of dark chocolate a day reduced the development of potentially fatal blood clots.

Diane Becker, the lead researcher, said: "What these chocolate 'offenders' taught us is that the chemical in
cocoa beans has a biochemical effect similar to aspirin in reducing platelet clumping, which can be fatal if
a clot forms and blocks a blood vessel, causing a heart attack." She stressed that the latest findings,
presented at the American Heart Association's annual scientific sessions in Chicago, did not mean people
should consume vast numbers of sugary chocolate bars.

Cape Times

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Dress Red for our children
Heart disease and stroke are the no. 1 killers in South Africa, so make your promise to be heart healthy. On dress
red day (Valentine’s Day), buy your dress red sticker for R5 in aid of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa
and wear red to show you care. You’ll support education efforts through our children’s programme with over 1,7
million children, and help us establish more sow-a-seed gardens to further save children’s lives!

Contact Hugo on 021-447-4222 or email for more info

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Tuesday Notices
As you all know, ADSA sends out weekly notices to members, informing them of job/business opportunities, events
as well as products and services advertised from time to time. We have decided to add a new feature to this

If you are a member that is relocating or looking for a new challenge, send us your details and we will add them to
the notice. Please ensure that you provide comprehensive information (location, specialization, qualification, etc)

Please be aware that the president of ADSA must approve each individual notice. So to ensure that your email gets
sent out in time, please give her sufficient time to approve it. Please also consider closing dates for applications in
this regard as well.

Due to the restrictions of technology (not all members have ADSL); we try to keep the size of our emails to a
minimum. Please consider this, and your fellow members, when sending large files, images, presentations etc for

The Editor

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Website Postings
The    2007     Rates    have    been    added     to    the    ADSA     Website     at:   Library
The minutes from the KZN Branch November meeting have been added to the ADSA Website at: Branches
Branch      Committee      member      names      have       been     updated    at:     Branches
The Minutes of the KZN Branch Meetings aare now available at: Branches

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International Events
Paris                                               Anti-Obesity                                                 2007

The 2nd World Congress on prevention and therapies against Obesity "Innovation and Perspectives in the
Obesity Field" Will be held at the Institut Pasteur - Paris – France from June 14-15, 2007
The deadline for abstract submission (poster and oral communication) will be May 19 2007.
The         early         bird        for        registration         is        April       14        2007.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website:
Slimming                          Ingredients                            Germany                       2007
Will     be        held        in      Berlin,      Germany          from       March       29-30      2007
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website:

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Editor's Note
Dear Readers

The year is well on its way and, hopefully, we are all settling in nicely. Thank you to all those who provided input to
the newsletter this month.

We urge all members to send in ideas, articles, inspirational stories or any submission of interest to
during the course of the month. Please don’t be intimidated by the deadline – as long as I get your input before
month-end, I will try to put your submission into the newsletter.

Iris Herz

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