Mayoral Speech KwaDukuza Primary 2008

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17 October 2008.

Programme Director, Mrs. M Devprasad;
Senior General Manager, Ms LC Mbobo;
Director of Ilembe District, Mr NW Mzoneli;
Deputy Mayor, Clr BH Maraj;
Senior Managers of the Department of Education;
Superintendents of Education in the Lower Tugela Cluster;
The Principal of the school, Mr T Sahadev;
Ex-principals and ex-educators of the school;
Ex-learners of KwaDukuza Primary;
Chairperson and members of the School Governing Body;
Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is with a great sense of honour and humility that I address you on this august and
eminent occasion, to mark the Golden Jubilee of KwaDukuza Primary School.

Firstly, I wish to express our gratitude and pay tribute to those members of the
community who took the initiative to build the school which opened its doors in 1958.
We are privileged to have Mrs. JV Reddy, the only surviving educator from the cadre of
educators who were founders of this institution which turns fifty today. We also salute
the ex-principals, ex-educators, ex-learners and members of the past School Governing
Bodies for their efforts in presiding over the transformation of this school into a school
that provides education to all- without regard to race, creed and religion.

 As we reminisce about the milestones of this institution, it is unavoidable that we note
that on its first day the school enrolled 443 learners, yet it was a product of the efforts of
the community members alone, without any assistance from government. This is both a
representation of the repugnant history of South Africa and the heroic efforts and
determination of the oppressed to free themselves from the yoke of oppression which
sought to consign them to a permanent state of underdevelopment. It is indeed a
representation of the triumph of the human spirit against formidable odds.

Indeed the school has evolved over the years, admitting African learners for the first time
in 1992, two years before the abolition of apartheid. To avail the national resources such
as this to all the citizens of KwaDukuza served to demonstrate the desire of the people to
create a non-racial society and a country that belongs to all who live in it. To this end, the
school sought to cater for the language and cultural needs of these learners by introducing
IsiZulu in the same year. By so doing, the leaders of the institution embraced the call
made by our leaders who convened the People’s Convention in 1955 and declared that:
“the doors of learning and culture shall be opened!”
The fact that it has participated and continues to secure positions in the National Teacher
Awards, coupled with the fact that some of its learners have attained Provincial colours in
various sports codes, attest to the fact this school continues to strive to be a centre of
excellence. The demographic representation of the learner population and the change of
name, from that which represented racial segregation to KwaDukuza Primary, further
attest to the fact that KwaDukuza Primary is indeed on course with regards to

On behalf of Council of KwaDukuza I wish to place on record our sincere appreciation of
the efforts of the leaders of this institution. These efforts are a contribution to the quest
for a better South Africa and a humane and equitable world order. Such a South Africa
and world order cannot be attained without a sound educational foundation.

I wish the school everything of the best in its future endeavours.

Thank you.