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									                                                      (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                         Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011
                   Multimedia Video Conference Identities Study
  Mahmoud Baklizi1, Nibras Abdullah1, Ali Abdulqader Bin Salem1, Sima Ahmadpour1, Sureswaran Ramadass1.
                               1: National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence
                                          1: Universiti Sains Malaysia
                                              1: Pinang, Malaysia
                           1: {mbaklizi, abdullahfaqera, ali, sima, sures}

Abstract— In multimedia conferences there are many              present for face to face like the communication with
Video Conference System (VCS) applications with                 high-quality speech [4].
specific features for each such identity, Support Global
Roaming and Support Multiple Client behind NAT. one             The goal of this paper is to investigate how NLVC
of the most important features in VCS is the identity,
                                                                (Northern Light Videoconference) reacts to network
which control and manage the system. The identity
feature includes chairman, participants and observers.          congestion that is, how NLVC manages and handles
In this paper we made comparison between the six VCS            the sessions to improve slightly comparing with five
systems in term of identity feature. At the end we              products Eyeball Chat, Meeting Plaza, Microsoft
found the NLVC is slightly better than other systems            Communicator, Polycom PVX, and Skype systems.
and it is useful for control.
                                                                The paper is organized as follows: in Section II, we
   Keywords- NLVC, Eyeball chat, WebEx, Skype,                  present a brief of user identities; in Section III we
Polycom PVX, Meeting Plaza, Chairman, Participant,              describe the NLVC system; Section IV describes the
                                                                comparison of products; Section V shows the
                  I.   INTRODUCTION                             comparison of NLVC and other products; finally
                                                                Section VI concludes the paper.
Recently, many areas that used distributed computer
network systems are increasing rapidly such as                                    II.   USER IDENTITIES
industry, academia, and government. Video
                                                                    In general, any conference and meeting session is
conferencing system is a type of computer-based
                                                                made up of at least one of the following user
communication applications. The idea of video
                                                                identities: (i) conference chairman; (ii) participants;
conferencing appeared for the first time in the 1920s
                                                                (iii) observers. The conference participants must be
[1]. The task of video conferences focuses to be
                                                                existing in any conference meeting.
together in space and time. In addition, it focuses to
make groups more effective in their work by using               -The Observer site is allowed only to see the
various services such as telephony service over IP              conference, and it is not admitted by active
networks that are known as IP telephony or Voice                participation in the conference.
over IP [2].                                                    -The Participant site can take a contribution and
Products of video conference contain a wide range of            part of the conference. In other words, every
interactive features of multiple reciprocal actions             participant can send inquiry to an active side to send
between the participants. Significantly, in many cases          audio, video, chat and files [5].
on the internet you can add live video image to a               -The Chairman site initiates the conference which
presentation for more effectiveness of education.               considers the responsible on the pre-coordination,
Supports for a wide range of activities based on video          organization, and company. Moreover, the chairman
[3].                                                            site can decide, „why / what‟, „if„, „where‟, and „that‟
Voice conversation is the most natural form of                  the meeting. It can also organize and publish an
interpersonal Communication. In a conversation with             agenda meeting.
at least two participants, every person will finish
                                                                The chairman site has the following features:
speaking to be the fact thoughts and hear others
                                                                - To have the ability to cut a short part of a lengthy
transforming. In rare cases, several participants can
                                                                active site, that is, to „Kill‟ the currently site that is
speak at the same time or one of them can interrupt
another, so that occur ambiguous words. Face to Face
                                                                - To have the ability to change the status of a
conversation is, in that all participants in the same
                                                                participant to observer and vice-versa.
physical location, as a meeting place. However, due
                                                                - To have the ability to terminate or end the
to the globalization of the activities, there is an
increasing need to communicate to a person about
                                                                It can become only one side of conferencing leader
geographical locations. Thereby the development of
systems becomes to allow a high perception of the

                                                                                           ISSN 1947-5500
                                              (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                 Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011

Generally, a conference is made up of the conference                       IV.    THE PRODUCT COMPARISON
chairman, participants and observers. The conference
chairman is the organizer and coordinator of the                    1-    EYEBALL CHAT SYSTEM
conference while other conference members can be                The Eyeball chat is a free software parcel, integrated
participants or observers [7][8].                               live video, the conversation, the exchange of video-
                                                                messages and the transference of graphic arts files,
                                                                and audio. The Eyeball chat offers high-quality video
                III.   NLVC SYSTEM                              chartrooms with the management of the private
Desktop Conferencing System has become                          sphere that integrates with AIM, messenger MSN and
immensely popular in substituting real meetings and             Yahoo instruments compatible [3].
                                                                According to the fact that business communication
conferences because time cannot be compromised in
                                                                and electronic commerce become more popular and
today‟s world. The idea of NLVC was adopted by
                                                                move into cyberspace, the businessmen like to use
[9]. NLVC depends on control criteria for the
                                                                Eyeball as a result of adopting with technologies
optimization of the document and bandwidth of the
multimedia Conferencing. The current NLVC                       changing. [11].
implemented by the Network Research Group (NRG)                 The eyeball is an instrument super massive-shared
                                                                media where the communication distance allows a
from the school of Computer science at the
                                                                different distribution channel, like video, audio, and
University Science Malaysia in collaboration with
                                                                text messages. The video becomes high-quality, also
Multimedia Research.
                                                                even in a slow internet connection. Another
The current NLVC used to utilize a switching method
to gain low bandwidth exhaustion. Nowadays, NLVC                interesting Feature of this software is the user
still allows an unlimited number of users to                    friendliness.
                                                                Eyeball chat can be used either like video-messenger
participate in the conference. NLVC is a set of
                                                                or video communication tool. This last feature gives
conference control options that can be considered as
                                                                the user the more permit to send and receive video
rules for controlling the current NLVC that is called
Real-time Switching (RSW) control criteria [10].                messages. In addition, it is very useful, especially
RSW is used to handle two issues in multimedia                  when the other users are temporarily offline.
                                                                Moreover, the web version of the software allows the
conferencing. The first one is to handle the confusion
                                                                user to begin a chat session directly from the web
that is generated when everyone tries to speak at the
                                                                browser. This feature is useful- for example- the user
same time. The second issue is the tremendous
                                                                can access the service from other locations by using
amount of network traffic that is generated by all
participating sites [2]. In addition NLVC has a useful          the options that offer in Eyeball chat main menu
interface as shown in Figure 1.                                 without the chairman handles [12] as shown in Figure

     Fig 1: Screenshot of NLVC program
                                                                     Fig 2: Screenshot of Eyeball Chat main menu
                                                                    2-    WEBEX SYSTEM
                                                                WebEx is considered an easy possibility to exchange
                                                                the ideas with each other everywhere.

                                                                                          ISSN 1947-5500
                                              (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                 Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011

WebEx has estimated, that the presidium to                      application for end users and the application of big
conferencing system tools like instant messaging that           networks under SIP[16].
include     chat,    audio-conferencing,    presence
awareness, video conferences, application Sharing,              There are several VoIP software applications on the
whiteboard, vote and recording of meeting                       internet as Skype, Google talcum, Windows Live
information [13].                                               messenger, and Yahoo messenger. After the best
WebEx combines the real-time desktop sharing with               knowledge, we insure, only Skype supports multi-
phone conferencing therefore everybody sees the                 party Conferencing [4].
same thing during speaking by using the sharing                 Skype is an interactive software application which
controls [14] as shown in Figure 3.                             allows users to make calls over the internet to
                                                                different parts of the world. It became popularly
                                                                under addition of instant messaging, audio/video-
                                                                entertainment, and file transfer Features. In Skype,
                                                                phone calls to normal landline and mobile phones
                                                                need to an emblematic fee based on debiting from the
                                                                user account system while phone calls to other Skype
                                                                users in the service are free.
                                                                Skype is principal in the educational setting to add
                                                                interaction to online courses. Students can do
                                                                chatting with each other or with their teacher using
                                                                text, audio or video [17].

                                                                Skype [18] is a well-known conferencing service
                                                                with several Million registered users communicate on
    Fig 3: Screenshot of WebEx Chat main menu                   (best effort) the internet [19]. Figure 4 is shown
                                                                Screenshot of Skype program.
 It can easily expect the coming of application
sharing products like Microsoft Net meeting, Lotus
seminal time and come. Participants in
the application sharing can allow to the others to see
and even control their desktop applications in the
same time the chairman can control of their desktop
application [15].
WebEx is the famous on-line system meeting for
Global business. An efficient communication-tool
supports a wide palette of on-line meeting services
like application sharing, whiteboard and video
conferences. The idea is a build up a number of
switching centers that are increasing in the world.
Switching centers are responsible for the routing of
the communication between end users. This strategy
is actually concurrent for a big number of video
conferences. Even where two members are in the
same area, the data always transmitted from
switching centers that will originate an unreasonable
delay for video communication [14].
    3-   SKYPE

Nowadays, the efficient transport of Multimedia-
Flows is an open edition and a hot subject as long as
multimedia services are rapid in meaning. The Voice-
over-IP- applications are taking an ever growing
importance like the effectiveness of Skype
                                                                         Fig 4: Screenshot of Skype Program

                                                                                          ISSN 1947-5500
                                               (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                  Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011

    4- POLYCOM PVX                                                 use. In 17 open trial conducted in the internet has
The Polycom PVX video conferences are class                        been successfully proven. MeetingPlaza has been
economic applications package that delivers                        adopted as the B/S structure (browser / server)
qualitatively high-quality audio, video and content                without having to install client software.
sharing on the PC and USB camera. The Polycom                      MeetingPlaza takes up little space and it is able to
PVX      application     is    an    excellent    visual           achieve high-quality and reliability of audio and
communications solution for small teams, who do not                video     communications,       document       sharing,
have dedicated IT support or a need to centrally                   collaborative browsing, text chatting and other
manage user access or capabilities. PVX System                     meeting functions, effectively saving time and
offers high-quality video-phone calls where the                    money, and improving the work efficiency even
pupils are able to see the lecturer and the other pupils           without the high cost of inputs. MeetingPlaza video
in the class. Indeed, is the desktop picture that will             conferencing system can be used internal
transfer is a converted scan with low quality. PVX                 communication, meetings, the exchange of customers
should be completed with the shared view. In                       and partners in the business, customer service
addition, the pupil does not have a text chat                      systems, remote training, education system, advisory
characteristic in the PVX system [17]. The Figure 5                system, medical tele-consultation system, and many
is shown the Polycom interface.                                    other industries through the network remote real-time
                                                                   audio and video communication systems[20].
                                                                   Meeting Plaza WCS (Web Contact Service) was
                                                                   improved and connected remote points using VoIP
                                                                   with the internet and PCs for removing the restriction
                                                                   of transporting time and distance. For this reason, the
                                                                   real-time are supported and made in practical to
                                                                   window service for customers [21]. Figure 6 shows
                                                                   the screenshot of Meeting Plaza software.

         Fig 5: Screenshot of Polycom program
                                                                        Fig 6: screenshot of Meeting Plaza software
    5-     MEETINGPLAZA                                              V.    COMPARISON NLVC WITH OTHER PRODUCTS
MeetingPlaza is a pure software solution. The most                 The five applications are described above and
characteristic in MeetingPlaza is "high availability"              compared to the following three features – chairman,
that no matter how bad the situation can connect and               participant,  and     observer     in    Table    1.

                                     Table 1: Comparison of multimedia systems

   Identity          NLVC          Eyeball Chat            WebEx            Skype           Polycom              Meeting
 Chairman             YES               NO                  YES              YES               NO                  NO
 Participant          YES               YES                 YES              YES               YES                YES
  Observer            YES               NO                  NO               NO                NO                  NO

                                                                                            ISSN 1947-5500
                                                                      (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                                         Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011

                         VI.     CONCLUSION                                             2&isnumber=5550032
                                                                                        [18] Skype, March 2008.
This paper compared the performance of NLVC and five                                    [19] A. Petlund, K. Evensen, C. Griwodz, and P. Halvorsen.” TCP
technologies in term of user identities –chairman, participants,                        mechanisms for improving the user experience for time-dependent thin-
and observer as the common features for a useful technology.                            stream applications”, In The 33rd Annual IEEE Conference on Local
                                                                                        Computer Networks (LCN), 2008.
These technologies are Eyeball chat, WebEx, Skype, Polycom                              [20]
PVX and Meeting Plaza. From the discussion and comparison,                              [21] S. HIDEYA, and K. SHUJI,” Call Center/Contact Center ASP for
we conclude that NLVC performs slightly better than other                               Operators Meeting Plaza WCS" , NTT Gijutsu Janaru,ISSN:0915-
five technologies.                                                                      2318,VOL.15;NO.8;PAGE.54-58(2003)

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                                                                                                                    ISSN 1947-5500

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