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Knocking on the wrong doors


									                        Knocking on the wrong doors
All my life I've been searching for something more than what the church could offer me.

I was so sick and tired of all the so called Christians that walk among us with the bible and in
the same breath won’t think twice to cheat or defraud you.
Then one morning in the gym I met somebody, and there was immediately a connection. He
started telling me about this group of friends where he studied the law of self empowerment.
Wow, I thought to myself that would be awesome if I can help myself in all aspects of my

That was my beginning of making pacts with the four brothers, of whom Satan were one of.

This is what they told me about metaphysics:

Metaphysics explores and exposes subtle truths, laws, tools and techniques that can improve
all levels of your life; from the physical to the spiritual. Living your life in a metaphysical
way therefore means to use esoteric secrets for self empowerment, to the benefit of not only
yourself, but also to the benefit of those whose lives you touch. Metaphysics is the essential
art and science of full potential living. It is important to understand that metaphysics is not a
religion, and does not interfere with your religious system. Metaphysics does, however, draw
knowledge from the Scriptures and other religious texts, in an attempt to help us get the
"bigger picture" and, therefore, make better sense of ourselves and the world we live in. That
sounded harmless to me.

I study metaphysics for four years, and in the beginning everything went well. I went
through initiation, make a pact with the devil himself, start doing mirror work in the
evenings. Everything was so exciting, all the power, all the knowledge, how to manipulate
people in order to get what you want. It was all about ME, MYSELF and I. We would take
the Ten Commandments, and write our own. We would take scriptures out of the Bible and
work through it. And I started to believe that the Bible and everything in it was a lie.

What was really scary for me, was the fact that after every big life changing course,
somebody would pass away, and if you look at everybody studying metaphysics they were
all broke, don't have two pennies to rub together.

The last course I attended was in October last year called The Quickening. This is the ONE,
you have to do this, this is where you find the truth about yourself, everybody told me. So as
we get there, the leader asks everybody can you see the spirit manifesting, which I could
never see. We would stand in a circle holding hands and chime a specific ritual to
discover our own truth. And with the best of intentions and willpower I could not get my so
called truth. The day before we finished the course there were only two of us left that did not
know our truth, so the leader of the group called us together and said that we have to stand in
the middle, and we must listen while they would say the chime. As soon as they start saying
the chime I looked at the leader and that's when I realized but this is not what or who I am or
what I want. (If you listen to the chime it goes: oh what a goose I am) I'm no goose, God
created me in HIS perfection! I became very angry with the leader of the group, and I start
asking myself, how can I learn from somebody that is damaged goods. That night we went
for initiation, with that you have to use the masculine and feminine energy. They used a
friend and myself as the feminine and four men as the masculine energy. That was the most
terrifying experience I have ever gone through! They prepare the room, with a cloth with a
pentagram on with candles, then the four men each have a message for you, while I was
watching one of the participants receiving his message, (the one that gave the message had to
cut off his head by means of taking a sword and make as if he would cut of his head) when I
looked up from where I stood I could see how the blade of the sword almost decapitate the
recipient. I just knew that I had to get out of there. But they created such a big fear in me, to
keep me bounded.

When I came back, all hell broke loose in my life. Satan starts attacking the people close to

That's when I start praying and asked God for help. (I've never had a relationship with God
before that day.) Then through a friend, God sent Rudy and Mandy my way.

 I went for deliverance on the 7th April 2010. The week after my deliverance I asked Rudy to
please help me to destroy everything in and around my house (relating to this course). They
came to my house the Friday afternoon, and I already had everything out on the table in our
entertainment area. He started a fire with all the books I had, we destroyed everything, the
CD's, crystals, ornaments. My whole life changed!

The most amazing thing of this dark experience of mine, never ever once did God leave me,
He held onto me. He gave me a promise in Hebr 13:5 " I will not in any way fail you nor
give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree
leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down or relax My hold on you, Assuredly not."

It is easier to overcome Satan if we understand the way he works and what it take to receive
divine deliverance.

If you are being tormented by Satan you can be delivered through the power of Jesus Christ
and through the Holy Spirit. The first step is to receive Jesus Christ in faith and call in
earnest on the Name of Jesus our Saviour.
I rejoiced in God. I know now, that if I let Jesus fight my battle for me, I would come out
victorious every time.


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