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                                            Keeping up
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Helping the community
     for 20         years!           WHAT SPORTS SHOULD WE ENCOURAGE
      This article                   FOR CHILDREN WITH ADHD?
  targets people with
        ADHD but                     Benefit of sport                  They often excel in                All the above combined with
    this information                 We are becoming far more          activities that focus more on      individualised athletic and
                                     aware of the importance of        individual skills than on          extra-curricular programs
    could help other
                                     physical activity especially      teamwork. Examples are             can make participation in
      people too.                    as it improves                    wrestling, karate,                 sport far more enjoyable for
     Please make                     communication between             swimming, fencing, tennis,         children with ADHD.
    this newsletter                  brain cells. This in turn         track and field. Horse
                                     supports concentration.           riding is very good for them.      Sometimes therapy is not
  available to anyone
                                     In addition, doing well at        These sports depend more           available but understanding
   who could use it.                                  athletic and     on individual performance          and supportive parents and
                                                      other sports     and so coaching is mainly          teachers can do a lot to
                                                      activities       one to one – and children          help the child.
       ISSUE:                                         can improve      with ADHD benefit the most         Contact ADHASA for
                                                      self-esteem      from one to one interaction.       more information.
What Sports? ............... 1                        and make
                                                      children         Karate may be one of
                                                      with ADHD        the best examples of a
Interviews ..................... 2                    feel more        sport therapeutic for a
ADHASA Happenings ... 2                               accepted by      child with ADHD.
                                                      their peers.     However karate is
   Terminology may                                                     potentially dangerous
    cause confusion.                 Which are the best?               and so the best
  ADHD is the term we                Children with ADHD are            instructors teach
      use to denote                  usually exuberant and             listening skills and self-
    Attention Deficit                motivated, but their              control before they                Realistic expectations
    Disorder with or                 performance on the playing        demonstrate.                       Children with ADHD will
 without hyperactivity.              field is sabotaged by their                                          probably find sports and
                                     inability to concentrate as       Therapeutic programs               athletic competitions far
                                     well as their impulsivity,        Children with ADHD benefit         more enjoyable if thought is
 LAPTOP HARD DRIVE                   distractibility and hyper-        from therapeutic programs          given to the special
   NEEDED FOR OLD                    activity. It is not always        that include parent                challenges they face, and if
                                     easy to coach them.               education and training,            expectations of parents and
  LAPTOP THAT WAS                                                       teacher training,                 coaches are realistic.
  DONATED, UNLESS                                                       medications when                  Participation in sports which
 YOU HAVE A LAPTOP                                                      indicated, counselling to         is enjoyed at a young age
     TO DONATE.                                                         help them recognise their         could sow the seeds for
  PHONE SANDY ON                                                        strengths and limitations,        continued physical fitness in
                                                                        and a nutritious diet free of     later years.
     (011) 888-7655                                                     certain additives.                                Adapted from
   IF YOU CAN HELP.                                                     Supplementation should                „HyperActivities‟ No. 205
                                                                        also be considered.                New South Wales, Australia.
                                                                              ADHD Awareness Day 14 September 2009
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                                          EXPERIENCES - Share with the          Seminars and conferences! In
 Parents of children with ADHD often      teacher any approaches or strategies  the past nine weeks we‟ve held
 find parent-teacher meetings very        that have worked well for your child  four seminars and conferences –
 uncomfortable. Here are a few tips       in the past.                          Nylstroom, Durban and two in
 to help make it a more successful                                              Johannesburg (Adult ADD, and a
                                          Should you come away from the         seminar for parents). They were all
 meeting.                                 interview feeling that the teacher is fully booked and highly successful
                             LISTEN –     not prepared to accept and deal with events and we thank the regional
                             to all the   your child‟s particular needs, you    coordinators for all their hard work
                             teacher      may wish to pursue alternative        in organising them in their areas.
                             has to say   placements. This could mean simply
                             without      a change of teacher, or a move to a
                             offering     different type of class, or to a      Have you ever considered why it’s
                             your own     different school. The School          important to understand our own
                             opinion      Principal may be able to guide your   temperament … and that of our
                             right        search for a better alternative.      learners? Find out how it can make a
                             away.        Children with concentration or             real difference to children’s learning
                             Encourage    learning difficulties have a tough         experience …and to our teaching
                             the          enough time in school without going        experience! How about booking for...
 teacher to be very specific about        through a year with a teacher who
 their concerns for your child and let    thinks that the child is lazy,             Our next conference…
 teachers sense from your listening       unmotivated, has his/her head in the       The ADHASA 16th
 and encouragement that you are           clouds, or won‟t pay attention. If         Annual Conference is
 prepared to accept their thoughts,       you are still not satisfied, speak to an   once again to be held
 feeling, concerns or frustrations.       educational psychologist or contact        in collaboration with
                                                                                     the University of the
 EMPATHISE – Whatever problem the         ADHASA.
                                                                                     Witwatersrand School of
 teacher may be having with your          Adapted from „HyperActivities‟ No          Education. We‟ll be looking at
 child at school will probably not be                                                teaching children with ADHD
                                          182 New South Wales, Australia
 news to you. If so, you can tell                                                    confidently and successfully!
 them that you are aware of and
 understand how challenging,
 frustrating or disruptive your child                                                How can we use the different types of
 can be.                                                                             intelligences to make leaning easier?

 QUESTION – Go to the interview
 with prepared questions written                                                             It‟s going to be the best
 down, especially concerning your                                                            seminar yet, so please diarise
 child‟s performance in certain                                                                       the dates:
 areas. Find out what steps have
 been taken to help your child,                                                                         24th and 25th
 either in or outside the classroom.                                                                    October 2009
 Ask if there are other alternatives
 within the school or community                                                                          Bookings will
 which provide the services your child                                                                  be opening soon.
                                               We thank ADDvance for                 This conference is to be based on our
 ASK FOR TEACHER’S SUGGESTIONS -              their generous sponsorship             new resource (which we have
 Ask the teacher how else you can             of our Food List.                      ensured will be available for
 help your child to achieve his/her                                                  purchase at the seminar):
 potential.                         The following supplements have been                      “Teaching and ADHD
                                               endorsed by ADHASA:                     in the South African Classroom”
 to the suggestions and work out a                                                   We thank Lorí Lea (072-606-3080)
 suitable system for communication                   Calmolin ADD
                                                                                     of Mind Focus Coaching Change for
 with the teacher so that you can                    a supplement for over
                                                                                     this edition of Keeping Up with ADD.
                                                     active and inattentive
 both be aware of progress.                                                              Contact Lorí for “ADHD Group
                                                                                       Support and Coaching” via Skype.
 If suggestions are not feasible, give
 reasons explaining why they are not –
 you have a responsibility to ensure   Creche Guard
 that the teacher recognises the       Brain Fuel
 special needs of your child.          “Omega-3 Chews”

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