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									                                               VOLUME 16, ISSUE 1
                                               SEPTEMBER 2009

            Welcome Aboard !
The theme of the September 2009           information on celebrating 100
edition of Gofer Tales is                 years of girl greatness in
“Welcome Aboard”. A very fitting          Canada!
theme as we wish a warm
welcome aboard to our new
Edmonton Area Commissioner,
Beverly Simpson Headon and to
the many new other faces in
Edmonton Area!
As the new Publications Advisers
for Edmonton Area, we look                                                              National
forward to the opportunity to keep                                                  Registration Week
you current on activities,                                                             September
information and news related to           All the best to you as you set
Guiding.                                  sail for another adventurous                    12-20
We welcome any suggestions,               year in Guiding!
                                                                                   National Registration Week
information and ideas for future
issues of Gofer Tales and                                                          is an opportunity to
welcome you to e-mail us at               Yours in Guiding,                        celebrate Guiding from
gofertales@shaw.ca.                       Jo-Layne Bromberger                      coast to coast and to share
                                          & Anastasia Keller                       all that Guiding has to offer
We look forward to a great year in
                                          Co-Publications Advisers                 with others. It is also a
Guiding as we gear up to
celebrate 100 years of Guiding in                                                  time to grow membership
2010. Check out the website,                                                       by registering girls and
www. 2 0 10 . girlgu ide s. ca f o r                                               women for another year in

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Edmonton Area Council                                        Gofer Tales is published eight times annually by:
Area Commissioner               Beverly Simpson Headon*          Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada
Deputy Area Commissioners       Glenda Metro*
                                                                               Edmonton Area
                                Goldie Kane*
                                Kirstin MacLaren*                           11404 142 Street NW
Area Secretary                  Thea Hawryluk*
Area Treasurer                  Vacant*                                   Edmonton AB T5M 1V1
                                                                      Office: 451-2263 Fax: 453-1155
Division Commissioners                                        Submission deadline is the 17th of each month.
Arrowhead                       May Korobko
Betty Gemmell                   Vacant
Betty Martin                    Janet Melnyk                 Articles may be submitted to the Publications
Helen Burns                     Beverly Wilson               Area Advisers at gofertales@shaw.ca. If snail
Highwood                        Vacant                       mail is preferred, please send to the attention of
Maywood                         Karen Crews                  the Area Publications Advisers to the Guide
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Facilities                      Judy Cook
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  Link                          Lindsay Goodberry            an article, photograph, illustration or piece of
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  5th Edmonton Trefoil Guild    Maureen Devich               the area publications adviser.
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  What’s Inside !

  Dish from the Commish................................................................................................. Page 4

  Your Edmonton Area Guide Centre .............................................................................. Page 5

  Facilities ........................................................................................................................ Page 6

  Membership .................................................................................................................. Page 7

  Program ........................................................................................................................ Page 8

  Camping...................................................................................................................... Page 11

  Public Relations and Promotions ................................................................................ Page 13

  Training ....................................................................................................................... Page 14

  What‟s Up Maywood Division ...................................................................................... Page 15

  Tangletrees Campsite 60th Anniversary Celebration .................................................. Page 20

  Gofer Tales Puzzle Page ............................................................................................ Page 23

  Events Calendar at a Glance ...................................................................................... Page 24

                                                    Did you know …?
                             That you are part of an organization with 10 million
                               members around the world, in 145 countries !
Page 4                                                            G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Dish from the Commish
  From the desk of Beverly Simpson Headon, Edmonton Area Commissioner

  Welcome everyone!

  As we start this guiding year, many changes are happening in Edmonton Area. The biggest one
  is likely the change in Area Commissioners. Marion Rex has served Edmonton Area very well
  and I am grateful to her for all she has done to keep Guiding thriving and growing. Marion is
  moving on to Provincial Membership Adviser where I know she will continue to spread the
  message of Guiding. I am thrilled to be in my new position as Edmonton Area Commissioner
  and look forward to meeting and getting to know you. For me, becoming Edmonton Area
  Commissioner was a dream I had, but wasn't certain I would ever achieve. Goes to show that in
  guiding, all things are possible!

  For those of you who may not know me, I have been in Guiding both as a girl and adult for 24
  years. I was recruited as a leader when my daughter started in Brownies with the same story
  many of you have heard, which is "we really need a leader or the unit won't run." So after being
  assured that it was just an hour and a half a week, I seized the opportunity and before I knew it, I
  was district secretary because they needed one. I have held a variety of positions which include
  Camping Adviser and have been a leader in all levels of Guiding. I am currently a Ranger leader
  (for the past 10 years) which I enjoy tremendously. For the past five years I was Maywood
  Division's Commissioner and was fortunate to have served on Executive Council for four years.

  Being a member of Guiding has given me many opportunities the biggest one is travel, I have
  taken both girl trips and leader only trips to all four centres at least once, taken girls to Ottawa to
  celebrate Canada Day 1999 and was part of the Alberta Bound team where I met so many new
  friends from around the world. Guiding has also allowed to me step outside my comfort zone in a
  safe environment. With the support of Guiding I have tested the waters with new skills,
  conquered fears doing things I would never have dreamed of and added all kinds of unique
  experiences to my life.

  I would like to welcome aboard and introduce new additions to the Edmonton Area Council,
  Advisers and Committees. First my three Deputy Edmonton Area Commissioners - Glenda
  Metro, Goldie Kane and Kirstin Maclaren, Edmonton Area Secretary - Thea Hawryluk,
  Membership Advisor - Mae Hadley, Awards Committee Chair - Jan Kolotyluk and Awards
  Committee members Goldie Kane and Pat Yim, Area Dinner Coordinator - Lori Chmelyk, and
  Publications Advisers - Jo-Layne Bromberger and Anastasia Keller. Please also join me in
  welcoming Darlene Ackroyd, the Edmonton Guide Centre‟s new Resource Coordinator who will
  be that pleasant voice on the other end of the phone when you call in. And of course joining
  Edmonton Area to help us increase our membership are our neighbours to the south and east,
  Arrowhead Division and neighbours to the north, Northern Lights District. Welcome everyone!!
Page 5                                                         G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Dish from the Commish
   The coming year will be exciting as we prepare for the 2010 celebrations of Guiding. Watch for
   updates as we get closer to the 100th anniversary. Many members around the world are
   celebrating centenaries this coming year and I am sure it will be great fun. Edmonton Area
   Council is filled with many enthusiastic guiders with great ideas and I am looking forward to
   working with them to keep guiding in Edmonton Area brimming with fun, friendship and

   Registration is fast upon us and I hope as you are recruiting leaders and girls to join us, you
   will think of this: if the person who asked me to join Girl Guides didn't ask, what would my life
   have been like? I know mine would have been far different and probably and a lot less
   exciting. The opportunity to share my love of Guiding and all it has done for me with others is

   Beverly Simpson Headon
   Edmonton Area Commissioner

    Your Edmonton Area Guide Centre
    Meet the team at the Edmonton Area Guide Centre who are happy to help you in any
    way they can!
    Darlene Ackroyd, Resources Coordinator

    Grace Nordin, Accounting Clerk

    Gerry Hippard, Administrative Manager
    and IMIS Clerk
    imis@guidesedmonton.ab.ca or adminmanager@guidesedmonton.ab.ca

    The Edmonton Area Administration Office is open 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, closed
    on weekends and statutory holidays. Get your Edmonton Area items for sale through
    the Resources Coordinator!
Page 6                                                         G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  From the desk of Judy Cook, Facilities Adviser

  Welcome back to another Guiding year. As you‟re planning your year‟s events, please consider
  taking your unit out to either of our two Guide camp sites, Tangletrees at Pigeon Lake, or Sandy
  Lake Beach – just west of Morinville. Both facilities have been designed with Guiding units in
  mind, and we have been working hard to upgrade and maintain both sites.

  Tangletrees Lodge - Our lodge has two identical sides – Poplar and Spruce – each of which
  has beds for 30 people, indoor washrooms and fully equipped kitchens. You can rent both sides
  or just one. Tangletrees has had all the toilets replaced recently, and in the past year, the Lodge
  has had new bunk beds, a new water pump and new carpet.

  Redwood Lodge – is much older, but still functional. There is a main gathering room, a kitchen,
  two leader‟s rooms sleeping eight, and the bunkhouse with beds for 20. Flush toilets, showers
  and sinks are available in the heated washhouse.

  Aspen House – is great for a small unit. There are two bedrooms, one with beds for 6 and one
  with beds for three (including a cot). Washroom facilities are available in the washhouse. Aspen
  House has running hot and cold water only in the summer. During the winter, you‟ll have to haul
  water from the washhouse.

                                   SANDY LAKE BEACH
  The road into Sandy Lake has had new gravel added, so it should be easier to get in. Sandy
  Lake has:

  Trefoil House – the main building at Sandy Lake, Trefoil House has a total sleeping capacity of
  38, a fully equipped kitchen and a large main meeting room. We use outside pit toilets, or “lats”
  at SLB, and there are no showers available. There are inside sinks, though.

  Hillside House – is where you could take a small unit to Sandy Lake. There are four bedrooms
  with bunks, a small “living” room and a kitchen. We use outside lats, and Hillside House has
  running water in the kitchen only in the summer months. During the winter, you‟ll have to haul
  water up the hill from Trefoil House.

  In addition, both campsites have four group tenting sites, each with a camp kitchen with
  woodstove and electricity. There is still time to get a tenting camp in this fall – a great way to
  start an active year with your unit!

  Reminder – someone in your group must have attended an orientation within at least the past
  three years in order to book an Edmonton Area campsite. It‟s easy to get oriented, we have
  orientations scheduled in both the spring and fall – refer to your Event‟s booklet. If you can‟t
  make those dates, just call or e-mail me (Judy Cook at 780-929-9311 or
  jcook@kestrelresources.com ), and we‟ll set something up.
Page 7                                                          G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  From the desk of Mae Hadley, Membership Adviser

  National Registration Week :

  Takes place from Saturday, September 12 – Sunday, September 20, 2009.

  National Registration Week is an opportunity to celebrate Guiding from coast to coast and to
  share all that Guiding has to offer with others. It is also a time to grow membership by registering
  girls and women for the next year of Guiding.

  Watch for national advertising during that time to assist us in the field. Try to promote Guiding
  and registration in your divisions and districts during September with posters, notices in school
  newsletters and local papers, signs and word-of-mouth.

  You can register your registration event online or on the national events calendar on the national
  website at www.girlguides.ca in the MemberZone and click on National Registration Week.

  The National Registration Week Toolkit resources can be found on the above website and
        5 steps to a successful registration event
        tips for promoting your registration event
   promotional materials that you can use and personalize
  application forms for new girls and adults

  You can invite our Gofer Guiding mascot to attend your registration event by contacting Annie
  Desautels at dadplace@shaw.ca with sufficient notice to make arrangements.

                Let’s see if we can really increase our membership numbers this year!
Page 8                                                          G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Program – Leadership Corner
  From the desk of Dooreen ‘Tiger’ Rousseau, Program Adviser

  It‟s time. Leaders are meeting to begin the process of program planning for the upcoming
  Guiding season in anticipation for a full and rewarding experience for themselves and the girls.
  Quality programming doesn‟t happen by itself and it is a challenge to ensure the girls are safe
  and enjoying purposeful leadership.

  Purposeful leadership. It‟s a phrase that is used by corporate entities and the definition is
  basic - influencing others based on a mission. It‟s a proactive values-driven method of doing
  business. It‟s connecting with each other to inspire others and be a member of a team. It‟s
  about taking action. Purposeful leadership is about adventure, fun and building on skills we
  have and the skills we learn. It‟s showing the girls how to learn by doing and through cooperative
  learning. It‟s about enrichment learning. There are so many benefits to being a leader. The
  girls will discover themselves and their values. It is our responsibility as Leaders to guide and
  support the girls and to provide ongoing learning opportunities; to provide relevant information
  for the girls to access when they need it. We can show the girls how to link program elements
  together; how to plan a typical meeting; how to choose activities that will make a difference to
  others and their communities; how to be agents of change; how to transform dreams into reality.

  Purposeful leadership begins with a mission. The Girl Guide Mission speaks to us about
  enabling the girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the

  Purposeful action begins with a vision. The Girl Guide Vision is about choices and making a
  positive difference in the life of every girl and woman, and contributing responsibly to the

  I found this activity on an Australian resource forum. It‟s called Secret Orders and it uses
  teamwork, communication and leadership skills. The original game that this was based on can
  be found in the games book Clouds on the Clothesline. Why not give it a try during your first
  few meetings? Watch how everyone interacts with each other and don‟t forget to play the game
  yourself! The girls are watching….

  Secret Orders
  Divide players into teams and place one chair in front of each team and one chair behind. On
  the front chair place a number of cards with secret orders written on them. Tell the players that
  each team has a set of Secret Orders to fill – in silence! In turn, each player runs from the
  starting point to her player‟s chair, where she picks up a card, reads the order, and then fills the
  order. The second team member then runs up, picks the next order, fills the order and so on.
  After each order is complete, the person who picked up the card jumps up and down on the spot
  five times OR gives a loud YAHOO! (to signify it is complete), and puts the card on the chair at
  the back of the team. The first team to complete all the orders wins. (Tiger‟s note: Feel free to
  add or change the orders as required).
Page 9                                                          G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Program – Leadership Corner

  Equipment needed:
  A skipping rope per team
  A piece of lashing cord per person
  A tennis ball per team
  A book per team
  A set or order cards per team.

   Without talking, shake hands with everyone in your team (left handed)
   Without talking, get your team into age order, oldest at the back.
   Without talking, make your team do five jumping jacks each.
   Without talking, get your team to hop to the far wall and back.
   Without talking, get your team into a circle, then sit down on the floor and stand up three
   Without talking, get your team into height order, tallest at the front.
   Each team member must tie a reef knot and show it to the game leader.
   Each team member must jump rope five times.
   Each team member must walk the length of the hall balancing a book on her head (no
     touching) If the book falls off, she must start again.
   Without talking, form a circle with you in the middle. Bounce a ball to each team member,
     who must bounce it back to you and then sit on the floor.

  A great way to begin the year is to work with the girls in the I Believe in We! Girls United:
  Challenges to Connect. This can be found on the National website. To complete the
  challenge the girls and the Guiders choose three activities. The activities highlight the negative
  impact of social aggression and bullying and create a sense of caring, belonging and mutual
  responsibility between all girls. There are 26 activities to choose from and it‟s possible the girls
  may want to do more than three. Some of the activities are brilliant for the first few meetings:
        Build a Safe Social Climate – get to know each other
        Peace Pin Project – a girl designed project with colors of the rainbow
        Bracelets with a positive message – blue is the bully-free color
        Play a trust game
        Relationship journals – Great idea to start these early in the season!
        Exploring commonalities – an activity to show what we have in common

  Safety first!
  Encouraging girls to make decisions is an important part of program planning. It will also have
  its rewards in decreasing the amount of time and effort YOU need to contribute. Your primary
  responsibility is safety, but encouraging girls to think of their own safety in participating in
  activities, has far greater value than informing them that certain activities can‟t be done.
  Consider modifying activities or substituting equally exciting alternatives rather than cancelling
  activities because of safety considerations. Older girls can be taught risk assessment as part of
  the planning process.
Page 10                                                         G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Program – Leadership Corner
  Talking circles
  As you plan with the girls and suggest opportunities, it is sometimes difficult to hear what they all
  have to say. Girls need time and space to think and a talking circle is a great brain-storming
  tool. Girls sit in a circle and are presented with an idea or something to consider. An item such
  as a talking stick, feather, or a brightly colored cap is passed around the ring. Only the girl
  wearing the cap, or holding the stick can make a suggestion – anyone without the cap has to
  listen and not talk. Pathfinders and Rangers often use this idea as an opening or closing to their
  meetings, where they can safely and freely express a thought, idea or concern. Talking circles
  might be a fun way to gather ideas at a District meeting where the group dynamics prohibit a fair
  sharing of ideas. Try it! It‟s a great leadership and teamwork tool that can easily be used in a
  patrol corner. Patrols can decorate the stick being used – Arts in the program!

  It is my mission to support you and encourage you to find ways to challenge the girls to be more
  involved and to give you ideas, activities and share methods that will accomplish this. One of
  the best resources a Guider has are other Guiders! Edmonton Area offers opportunities for you
  to meet up with other like-minded Guiders in an atmosphere of learning, sharing, taking action,
  and all the resources you need to realize your full potential. Those opportunities are usually
  centered around a theme or a module so the knowledge shared can be directed to a certain area
  of programming, or identifying a specific need. We call them trainings, but really it‟s a great way
  to get together and learn neat stuff.

  A great new leadership tool was unveiled in April through the GET OUT! sessions.          Four
  sessions were developed for May with 84 girls participating. Fantastic!! More GET OUT! nights
  will be available starting in October. All GET OUT! sessions will be OUTside and will be fun
  learning activities for the girls. The girls can use the GET OUT! sessions to help plan their
  programs and it will ensure at least one meeting a month outside and away from the meeting
  place. Leaders that accompany the girls can gather for an informal training, so it‟s a win-win

  Look for more leadership tools in future editions of the Gofer Tales.
Page 11                                                          G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  From the desk of Dooreen ‘Tiger’ Rousseau, Camping Trainer

  Camping is a pastime enjoyed all over the world in all walks of life, and has been the mainstay of
  our program ever since they were first founded early in the 20th century. Many girls get their first
  taste of the "Great Outdoors" while in Guiding, from their first „Princess Camp‟ as a Spark, to a
  Ranger Moot, and develop a love of adventure which will stay with them throughout their lives.

  Planning for outdoor activities and camping trips is definitely a highlight of a girls experience in
  Guiding, no matter what the age. There is always something new to learn, friends to make,
  nature to observe, and just having fun hanging out away from the city and pressures of our day
  to day lives.

  The best theme for any camp is “Have fun!” but perhaps the girls are looking for something with
  a little more structure. Here‟s a theme they might enjoy – “Raiders of the Lost Camp” by Becki
  Graham (2001).

  Different stations were set up and the girls rotated through them in groups or patrols. Be sure to
  adapt the activity to suit the age level.

      Hieroglyphics – this treasure hunt had clues posted in a made-up hieroglyphics alphabet.
      The girls had to decipher the clue, then do whatever it said to find the next clue. Younger
      girls can look at a poster, while the older girls can have the words scrambled. At the end of
      the hunt, they found the treasure.

      Volcano – this station was small wading pools filled with damp sand. First, teach them about
      the 3 different types of volcanoes and then they built their favorite volcano around a paper
      cup in the sand. The girls were asked to place buttons, representing houses, into the sand
      where they felt it would be safest during an eruption. The leader put food coloring, baking
      soda, and vinegar into the cup, and they watched to see if their houses made it.

      Archeology – the dig site was clay artifacts buried in sand, which the girls had to excavate
      with brushes and small picks, being very careful not to disturb the precious artifact. Once it
      was uncovered, they had to make a sketch of it, and measure it, then re-bury it for the next
      group. They learned how and why real archeologists uncover items, and take notes on what
      they find.

      Crime scene – contained drawings of items pertaining to a particular animal, separated into
      groups. The girls had to decipher the clues to guess the animal. An example was one area
      had pictures of tracks, a cave, claw marks on a tree and an upset garbage can in a
      campground – a bear was here! Another had pics of a town, tracks, an empty cat food dish,
      and a garbage can with the lid off and wrappers around it – a raccoon! Suggestions included
      porcupine, skunk, deer, etc.
Page 12                                                         G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9


      Mystery shirts – Make a design with a message in hieroglyphics along with a key and
      screen print it in black on a very dark green shirt. The design should be barely noticeable.
      Lay the shirt on a tarp and twist it up however you want and then spray with bleach. Let it sit
      and fade for a few seconds then dunk them in buckets of cold water and hang to dry. Enough
      bleach around the design area will make the words show up and they will have a tye-dye

      Art – Have posters showing actual cave drawings, drawings from inside the pyramids and
      mosaic tile art. The girls can create their own paintings on paper, telling a story about
      themselves and then create a mosaic using small squares of colored paper. Make a small
      paper pyramid and coat it with glue and sand.

  Doesn‟t this sound like fun? I can‟t leave you without a couple of decadent recipes for your files.

  Take a small flour tortilla, dip it in an egg and milk mixture, and fry it. Sprinkle cinnamon and
  sugar on it, perhaps a squeeze or two of lemon, and roll it up. Yum! The girls will be gathered
  around the grill eager for the next piece.

  Chocolate Eclairs
  Use a long thin stick (bamboo stake from the garden center) and wrap the end in tin foil. Spray it
  with Pam so the dough doesn‟t stick. Wrap one piece of Pilsbury Crescent Roll dough around
  the foil and pinch the end closed. Cook and brown lightly over the coals. When done slide it off
  the stick and fill the tube with whipped cream. Melt some chocolate in a pan over a cool area of
  the coals and drag your éclair through the chocolate to coat one side. Yummmmmmers!
Page 13                                                            G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Publication Relations & Promotions
  From the desk of Laura Shewchuk, PR & Promotions Adviser

                                Bring a Friend / Try It Nights
  National Registration week occurs September 12 – 20, 2009. Many of the Units, Districts and
  Divisions have put up posters, newsletter ads and phoned last years girls, to let them know the
  year is starting again. Hopefully, you have been able to set up a registration table at SEARS on
  September 12, 2009. Even after all these efforts, some units might find their numbers a little

  On the National Memberzone website, volunteers can find information on having Bring A Friend
  Nights. Easy to print off invitations that you just fill in the blanks! Lots of ideas of program
  activities to do with girls who bring their friend to Brownies! You might have to plan to have half
  the patrols bring one week, and the other half of the patrols bring the next week. Don‟t forget to
  sing “Make new friends!”

          If you have never accessed Memberzone, get your IMIS number from your
          Commissioner. Memberzone is full of PR, Program, Service, and Unit Management
          information. You can access your unit Roster there as well!

  Try It Nights are another way…to extend an invitation out to the community-at-large to “try” a
  night at a Guiding meeting. These could special nights planned just for recruitment, or they
  could be the regular unit meeting nights. Invite the parents to come back for the last 20 minutes
  to observe a little of what you do.

  For both the Bring a Friend night and the Try It night, have prepared packages with a brochure,
  registration form, a letter of invitation to join with a summary of information specific to your unit /

  Thank the girls for coming by giving them one of our special crests for the occasion!

  Brochures / posters / stickers and bookmarks are available through your Commissioner.

  Posters made by the girls work great too! There are plenty of community bulletin boards around
  the neighbourhood. Coffee shops, fast food outlets, grocery stores to name a few. Recruit a
  mother or father to help put up the posters. Parents are one of our greatest supporters, and
  energy is high in the fall when the programs are starting

Page 14                                                        G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  From the desk of Tanya Watts, Training Adviser

          What can the Edmonton Area Training Team do for you?

  This is a question we continually ask Guiders – please let us know what you would like us to
  provide Trainings on and we will do our best to accommodate you!

  While you are thinking about how we can support you better in the Program you would like to
  provide, we encourage you to come out to Trainings we are already offering (please refer to the
  Events Booklet and the on line calendar for dates):

  Guider Orientation – a mandatory training for all new members to give you a quick overview of
  this great organization!

  Safe Guide – mandatory training for all members designed to help you navigate the ins and outs
  of planning safe activities for your units.

  Unit Guider Trainings – includes: About the Girl; Programming for the Girl; Quick Start and
  Putting the Pieces Together (branch specific, designed particularly for the Guider new to that
  age group)

  Many other Trainings on a variety of topics are being offered throughout the year.

  The training team works closely with the Camping and Program Committees, with many
  members belonging to more than one of these groups, so we look forward to seeing you on
  many occasions as you discover what we can do for you!

                 Please pre-register for all Trainings through the Guide Office.

  If you have any questions or suggestions, please pass them along through your Commissioner,
  the Guide Office, or contact me directly at: tawny.owl@shaw.ca.

                                    Do you like to sing?
  Are you interested in learning more Guiding Songs?
  Would you be interested in meeting once a month with other ladies who also like to sing?
  Then please contact Dawn Nowicki at: dnowicki@telusplanet.net so a group can be organized
  and we can discover the Joy of Singing Together!
Page 15                                                           G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  What’s Up Maywood Division
  From the desk of Karen Crews, Heidi Tooth, and Nadine Beyersbergen Weiting

  Maywood Division is pleased to welcome everyone back to another great year of Guiding. At
  Maywood we challenge the girls to make their dreams come true and grow in their experiences.
  We have a number of units planning trips, camps and other exciting adventures for the girls, so
  we expect this year to be full of fun and excitement for all.

  Our Division has 19 units currently operating within our boundaries. Maywood was named for
  Wop May, the famous Canadian World War 1 flying ace, who settled in Edmonton after the War.
  He and his brother started May Airplanes and opened Canada‟s first airfield in a rented pasture
  in the neighbourhood now known as Mayfield. In time, Wop May became a bush pilot, flying
  medications to the north and assisting RCMP in their searches. He was a well known
  Edmontonian and this is where Maywood‟s name was derived.

  Welcoming back the girls returning and the new girls joining is important to get them excited
  about the year ahead. You want to plan your first meeting around introducing and getting to
  know each other but also giving the girls an orientation to the unit. It‟s a good idea to structure
  your first meeting with introduction games, introduce the girls to the program and the rules for
  the meetings, talk a bit about what some of your plans are for the year and get feedback from
  the girls on what they‟d like to do. Finish off the meeting with some icebreaker games or a craft,
  to help the girls get to know each other a bit better.

  There are many icebreaker and group introduction ideas out there, most of our Guiders use the
  internet to search for ideas-if you have access to a computer and the internet this is a great site.
  dragon.sleepdeprived.ca/icebreaker/icebreaker.htm. A lot of the ideas at this site comes from
  Guiders so you know that these are ideas that worked well. You can put your own spin on the
  ideas to suit your unit, be creative, make it fun for the girls. Look for ideas that you think will help
  you to get a little insight on the group dynamics as well as the girls personalities. Here are
  some ideas for games and first meeting plans submitted by Maywood Guiders.
Page 16                                                         G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  What’s Up Maywood Division

  Welcome to Sparks !

  The first meeting for the Sparks is very exciting, but a little scary too. We like to ease the girls
  into the program, and for the first meeting focus on having fun. The Sparks really like silly, so
  those are the types of games and activities we look for. We like to play a silly name game, we
  call Name Rhyme to get everyone introduced-with everyone sitting in a circle, starting with the
  leaders name everyone helps to make up a silly rhyme about her. For example, Super “Star”
  eats Shark, -everyone repeats the rhyme and then we move to the next Girl: Brilliant “Brianna”
  buys bagpipes-everyone repeats this. After each girls name has a rhyme go around again and
  add another line to the rhyme….such as Super “Star” eats Shark…but only if it‟s really Dark.
  The girls will have fun thinking of funny rhymes and surprisingly enough you‟ll find that you learn
  their names faster this way.

  After playing the name game, we like to get the girls a bit active, so first we‟ll teach them the
  Sparks jump up song with actions.

  Starting in a crouching position.

          Sparks jump up (everyone jumps)
          When you lit the fire (flick your finger)
          Sparks jump up and give a big cheer (jump and hands up to cheer)
          Sparks jump up when the flames get higher (hands down and raise to go higher)
          The sparks, the sparks, the sparks are here! (Put hands one at a time in the center when
          saying “the Sparks”, at “the sparks are here” everyone lifts their hands in the air)

  After that, we‟ll end the meeting making name tags, using markers and foam shapes,              you can
  buy foam sheets and let the girls cut out their own shapes or you can use precut ones.          Be sure
  to have some sparkly stickers and fun foam moon and stars so the girls can get                  creative
  decorating their name tags. Just a word of caution, if you are going to use glitter             glue be
  prepared for it to be quite messy!
Page 17                                                             G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  What’s Up Maywood Division

  Welcome to Brownies !

  The first day of Brownies to many girls is like the first day of school – the second year girls are overly
  excited to return and see their friends again and the first years are excited but very nervous and
  quiet. A good way to make all of the girls feel comfortable upon arrival is to partner first years with
  second years. Have the second years introduce their partner to all of the girls they know and have
  them teach their first year one important thing that they remember from Brownies in the previous
  year (e.g. Law, Motto, Promise). This will make the first years feel welcome and the second years will
  feel important. Plus it gives the leaders time to meet parents and get organized!

  One of the things that my co-Owl and I feel is most important is letting the girls know that we, as
  leaders, are there to have fun too – we‟re not just there to supervise and enforce the rules. A good
  way to introduce your Owls to the girls is an entertaining skit. Go all out! Wear costumes and be silly.
  The girls will laugh and appreciate you. You can get them to participate in the skit as well. This is
  also a very good way to casually introduce the rules and explain some Brownie basics like the
  uniform, the law, motto, promise and the difference between a Tweenie and a Brownie.

  There are a few really good games out there that can be used for introductions. And all Brownies
  love games! A great one that we like to play is a version of the game Memory.
  How it works: prepare large versions of Memory playing cards before
  hand. Instead of putting pictures on the cards, write the Brownies‟ names
  (each name will be on two cards). Turn all of the memory cards upside-
  down on the floor and have the girls stand around them. Each girl gets to
  take a turn flipping over two cards. If the two cards do not have matching
  names, they get turned back over and the next girl goes. If the cards do
  have two matching names, the girl has to then point out whose name
  she has turned over. If she is correct, the pieces get removed from the
  playing area and the next person takes their turn. If she is incorrect, the
  playing pieces get turned back over and the next person goes. Keep going until all of the pieces have
  been turned over.

  Of course, every Brownie likes to be able to complete a craft and take it home to show off. A simple
  and fun craft that can help when getting to know each other is a beaded bracelet. Pick up plastic
  string, colored beads and lettered beads at any craft store. Have the girls spell out their name in
  letter beads on the bracelet and then decorate around it any way they like (colored beads, braiding,
  knots, etc.). If there‟s time, have the girls make a second bracelet with just colored beads and
  exchange with a new friend they‟ve made. You can even tie the name bracelet and the colored bead
  bracelet together to make one.

  A great way to finish off the night is to introduce the girls to their circles and announce who the Circle
  Leaders and Circle Seconds will be. The first years will be able to take home their first badge (the
  circle badge) and put it on their sash for the next meeting.

  Good luck and have fun!
Page 18                                                             G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  What’s Up Maywood Division

  Welcome to Guides !

  These are a couple of ideas for introduction games for Guide age girls, but could probably work
  for all age groups. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

  Name Wave
  Everyone stands in a circle. The leader of the group introduces herself to the group by saying
  her name, and doing an action (anything she likes) along with it. For example, I might say
  "Becky" while saluting at the same time. Starting with the person immediately to the leader's
  right, everyone repeats the leader's name with the appropriate action. The effect is that of a
  'wave' of "Becky's" and salutes traveling around the circle. Once the leader's name/action have
  made it all the way around the circle, then the person standing immediately to the leader's right
  will say her name and show the group her action. The new name/action are repeated all the way
  around the circle. Repeat this process until everyone's name has been introduced

  I Like People Who...
  Mark out spots on the floor for everyone in your group arranged in a circle with one in the middle
  -tape works well to mark the spot. Everyone then stands on their spot, with one girl or the leader
  starting in the middle being “IT”. The girl who is “IT” calls out "I like people who . . . ." and they fill
  in the blank-some suggestions-like camping, eat cereal for breakfast, have pets. Anyone in the
  group who falls into that category needs to change places with someone else in the circle. The
  person who is “IT” tries to get a spot also and the person who is left in the middle makes the next
  statement. You may not take a space next to you!

  Welcome to Pathfinders !

  To welcome and get to know the Pathfinders, we like to look for icebreaker games that are a bit
  more challenging, and ones that involve some team building skills to get them focused on team
  spirit and to learn a bit about each other. Team building skills are important as the girls will be
  planning meetings and unit activities together so it‟s good to start teaching those skills early in
  the year. We‟d start the meeting with getting to know each others games. Here‟s a fun and
  challenging name game we found on the intranet posted by a Girl Scout group.

  Mena Mega (NAME GAME) Take the letters in your name (first, last, whatever works) and
  scramble them to form a new word. Then make up a definition of your new word which describes
  you. The group would then share their real name, and can then share what their new name is
  and what it means. The name "Sharon" can become "Arshon" which is defined as a silent
  listener, because Sharon is a good listener and doesn‟t talk a lot.
Page 19                                                           G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  What’s Up Maywood Division

  Welcome to Pathfinders - continued

  After everyone has had a chance to introduce themselves, then we‟d play a game called truth
  and a lie, to have a bit of fun and to see if we learned anything about each other from our name
  game. To play truth and a lie, Everyone is asked to write down three of their personal quirks,
  either past or present. Two must be true and one is false. The rest of the group must decide
  which quirk is false. Example: I‟m scared of heights, I wiggle my nose when I‟m thinking, I talk to
  my fish. Now guess the one that is false? This can be lots of fun and a great way to get to know
  each other better. You can play this game with other categories if you like-like instead of quirks
  do dislikes or funniest things that have happened to you.

  Now it would be time to get some activity into the meeting, so here‟s a couple team building
  activity ideas to try.

  Back to Back
  Divide into partners with one person left over in the middle. You need one person to be the
  “caller”. The call will yell directions telling the partners to line up “back to back”, “foot to foot”,
  “elbow to elbow”, “shoulder to shoulder” and so on. When the caller yells “people to people”,
  everyone must find a new partner. The one left over is now in the

  Relay Lock Race
  Each person selects a partner. They stand back to back and lock arms by the elbows while
  holding their own stomach with their hands. The coach gives the instruction to get from one side
  of the gym to the other. Don't give them specific instructions on how to get to the finish line other
  than they can't let go of their stomachs. This causes creativity and laughter.

  These are our suggestions for a first meeting and welcome session. The girls can also be
  encouraged to do some research on the internet and bring in their ideas for some more fun team
  activities to do at future meetings, there are so many out there!
Page 20                                                          G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Tangletrees Campsite 60th Anniversary Celebration
  From the desk of Eileen Stannard


  First I would like to express my sincere thank-you to each of you for attending, and especially to
  thank the Guiding members of Poplar District, Silver Birch Division for arranging to hold their
  District camp at the same time as the Anniversary Celebration.

  Our heritage is often preserved in the commonplace things around us – the things we sometimes
  take for granted.

  It‟s the songs we sing, the stories we tell, the crafts we make, the people in our lives.

  Women are often the guardians of tradition. It‟s a role we take on willingly. We are most likely
  the ones who preserve that box of old photographs, to hand down songs, stories, recipes and
  family heirlooms.

  The story of Tangletrees is rich in our Guiding history. How fortunate we are to be standing and/
  or sitting here today to celebrate 60 years of camping on this very site.

  During the past few months, Carmel Fenniak and I have been having a marvelous time
  searching out the history of this Guiding treasure –learning about the many stories hidden in it‟s
  past. We were able to access our Archive files at Edmonton Area, we reread “Landmarks” by
  Barbara Cormack and “I Promise” with diligence. Both publications afforded us with wonderful
  information. In addition, the most fun came from reading the “old” Provincial Newsletter –
  „Woodsmoke‟ – a valuable resource that helped us with our story.

  Imagine back to 1946, and the final decision to purchase 14 acres of land at Pigeon Lake for a
  Provincial Campsite! What a challenge confronted the members of Alberta Guiding. The land
  was found by Mrs. Palfrey, Wetaskiwin Division Commissioner and the newly appointed
  Camping Commissioner. The Provincial Commissioner Mrs. Gandier and her committee
  oversaw the construction of this site. It took three years to complete – but by 1949, they were
  ready to host the first camp -- a Patrol Leader training camp – held in July. It cost $10.00 to
  attend the camp. “The official opening of the camp was planned for July 16 th – but it had to be
  cancelled because of the weather – no one from outside” was able to reach us!” However, many
  visitors from the village of Mulhurst and the cottages adjacent to the camp attended the camp on
  Sunday July 16th and our plans were carried through.”
Page 21                                                       G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9


A reminder was printed in the Provincial newsletter reminding everyone going to camp that the
“official camp uniform must be worn at camp. This consists of either the copen blue dress, or the
navy blue shorts and copen blouse, with the Guide crest. When the entire camp is outfitted in either
of these outfits it looks ever so smart.”

This was the first and only Provincial Guide campsite in Alberta. To choose which highlights to
share with you has been a challenge as well. Gandier Lodge was the first building on the site – and
was situated where we are sitting today. Mr. H. A. Dowler – previous owner of the land, assisted in
the development of the campsite and built this beautiful stone fireplace. Gandier Lodge burnt down
in 1956 and shortly thereafter Redwood House was built.

One of the most spectular sights and sounds was the bell and bell tower at Tangletrees that stood
just to the left of where we are sitting. It was a very important part of the campsite. The bell -
originally a school bell from Clover Bar School (incidentally a school very close to where the girls
camping here today are from) rang to waken everyone in the morning, and at various other times
during the day.

As a Guide – I camped here in the mid 1950‟s. My recollections of camping here as a Guide are of
fun times, wonderful campfires (we held our campfires up at the chapel/campfire area, swimming in
the cold……….water of Pigeon Lake (that hasn‟t changed) – and of having to complete lots of camp
chores. We camped in tents – no frills – that‟s for sure – and when we went to the Gandier Lodge –
we were not allowed to cross the doorway – no girls were permitted – only Guiders!

In 1953 – the beautiful wrought iron gates were dedicated to the memory of a long time member of
Guiding – Margery Lowe. The gates are still the first and last thing you see when arriving or leaving
the campsite –and as Carmel said “a symbol of friendship and openness”. The Chapel was
dedicated on the same day. Do you remember having a „silent walk‟ after you crossed the bridge on
the way to the Chapel?

The names of our sites are part of our history too – the names Birch, Willow and Spruce were the
patrol names chosen at the first Guiders training camp. These names are still an important part of
our campsite today.

Naming the campsite also caused much decision making. After many suggestions, the name
chosen was “Hidden Creek” and then (in true Guiding fashion) someone thought of the name
“Tangle Trees‟ (two words) which ultimately became Tangletrees – a name very recognizable in
Alberta Guiding. With plans for future development, an additional 20 acres of land was purchased in

In 1959, a plea for help was put out to all members of Guiding in Alberta – “wanted, 2,244 one-
pound Nabob Coffee Coupons”. “When we get that amount, we can get a beautiful 48-cup, coffee
urn for Tangletrees. Start today, do your share in helping your camp.” In true Guiding fashion, the
Nabob Coupons came pouring in. Not only did Tangletrees get the coffee urn, but many Area
campsites were able to share by receiving some much needed utensils – now all our camps have
the “Nabob Coupon look!”
Page 22                                                       G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9


By 1970, many Areas in Alberta had developed their own campsite, not the least of which was
Edmonton Area.

An arrangement was made for Edmonton Area to use the Tangletrees campsite, and ultimately a
decision was voted on in 1975 to purchase the site from Alberta Council for $25,000.00. We held a
mortgage burning ceremony at the Area Dinner in May, 1990.

Development of the campsite has continued throughout the years – the Tangletrees Lodge, Aspen
House, Wild Rose and Fir Sites, the Washhouse, a new Silver Birch shelter, and our Recreation
Building. No campsite should remain stagnant – and Tangletrees has withstood the test of time.
The maintenance and growth of our campsite has certainly not been without problems, difficulties
and challenges. With thanks to all our hundreds of volunteers over the years, and some
maintenance staff, we can all be proud of the success of this camping facility.

As we look back on our sixty years, thousands of girls and their guiders have had the opportunity to
camp and enjoy the great out-of-doors. I wonder how many campfires have been held here over the
years? For sixty years, the sounds of singing and the joyous laughter of children enjoying their
camping experience is one we will all remember.

Celebrating a 60th Anniversary is an achievement all on it‟s own. We are here today to celebrate
and remember Tangletrees of yesterday, to celebrate Tangletrees of today and to look forward to
Tangletrees of tomorrow. At the completion of our program, we would like to invite everyone to the
Lodge for a time of refreshment, and to provide you with an opportunity to view some of the items on

At the dedication of the gates in 1953, Mrs. Gandier began her speech with a well known poem by
John Keats – “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever; it‟s loveliness increases; it will never pass into
nothingness.” This is Tangletrees!

                    Congratulations Tangletrees on your 60th Anniversary!
Page 23                                                 G O F E R T AL E S - S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

  Gofer Tales Puzzle Page
                                  Welcome Aboard!

          R   S   Z   E   S   Y   D   H   W   W     R   E   F    O     G   R    Z

          S   E   G   S   P   Z   Y   Z   G   P     N   L   C    B     F   B    M

          B   D   L   F   P   J   P   A   T   H     F   I   N    D     E   R    S

          F   I   U   G   B   A   N   H   S   E     I   K   O    O     C   O    H

          C   U   M   I   R   E   R   C   S   U     C   B   E    K     O   D    G

          S   G   R   R   O   M   Z   K   H   Y     B   W   S    J     D   N    R

          L   A   E   L   W   U   M   B   S   Y     W   X   U    K     I   H    E

          E   R   N   Q   N   S   M   E   E   T     I   N   G    P     Q   C    S

          U   A   O   Q   I   I   R   B   K   A     Q   K   M    F     D   E    I

          F   N   I   X   E   C   E   R   J   I     Q   A   U    K     U   G    M

          U   G   S   H   S   T   C   J   J   R     C   N   Z    U     N   N    O

          G   E   S   K   H   I   T   R   A   I     N   I   N    G     I   E    R

          P   R   I   B   N   N   J   O   P   H     F   G   Q    X     F   L    P

          N   S   M   N   W   U   E   N   J   J     J   O   S    M     O   L    G

          J   F   M   O   W   R   K   H   W   A     W   A   L    V     R   A    I

          A   Q   O   T   A   G   R   E   A   T     N   E   S    S     M   H    K

          X   R   C   A   H   C   T   Q   Q   J     P   U   B    V     O   C    Y

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     Please refer to the 2009-10 Edmonton Area Events Calendar for specific details and information
      pertaining to these events and training. To register for programs or events, please contact the
    Edmonton Guide Centre by phoning 780-451-2263 or e-mailing: bookings@guidesedmonton.ab.ca.

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