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From the President


                                                                ZONTA CLUB OF ST. LOUIS

 District 7, Area 6                                                                                         May 2006

From the President
It is hard to believe that the end of our year is fast approaching. I trust that you have enjoyed all that we have
done and have accomplished. Everyone has done a terrific job and I believe we have reached out and
helped the improvement of the status of women.
Thanks to Laura Burton and Betty Davidson for a great membership meeting. It was wonderful to have some
of our past students share how we helped change their lives and what they are doing now. Then to meet all
our guests was exciting. Picture how St. Louis Zonta would be enhanced if they became members.
Wouldn't it be great if we could install some of them as new members at our May or June meeting?
May is the installation of our new officers and committee chairmen. I trust that you will attend to show your
support to the new Board and give your thanks to the retiring Board.
I'll see y'all May 18th if not before.                                                        Nancy Gass

    The following Club officer positions were approved by the
    membership at the April 20 meeting:
    President              – Nancy Gass
    President-Elect        – Cheryl Bielema
    Vice-President / Status of Women
                            – Trish Martin
                                                                      IN THIS ISSUE
    Secretary              – Linda Daus
    Treasurer              _ Michele Lamping-Davidson
                                                                       2   Schedule of Events; Katrina Report; PC Tips
    Membership Chair – Laura Burton
                                                                       3   Lydia House Hands On Project
    Public Relations & Communications Chair
                                                                       4   Community Outreach
                          – Bea Armstrong
                                                                       5   Community Outreach

    The following is the Nominating Committee selected by the          6   Community Outreach
    Board and approved by the membership on April 20.                  7   Choices; Mae Wheeler’s Birthday Bash;
                                                                           “ALIVE & Beautiful” event; “Did you know?”
             Anne Anderson, Barb Meyer, Nita Griffin

                                                                       8   Club Meeting Announcement
    Those continuing in their second term as Chair include:
    Finance                 – Kay Moss                                 9   Women of Achievement Luncheon; News
    Long Range Planning – Betty Davidson                                   from St. Charles Club

    Service Chair           – Leah Reynolds
    United Nations          – Rosa Porto Schwarz
                                                                                                 THE ZEST page          1
                                                                 REPORT ON KATRINA FAMILY PROJECT
    Schedule of Upcoming Events                          At the September, 2005 Club meeting, members voted to adopt the Morris
May 1, 2006                Golf Tournament               family of eight, Katrina survivors. Members contributed $500, as well as
                                                         personal care and other needed items. An additional $750 was obtained
                           St. Charles Club
                                                         from the Lemay Chamber of Commerce. The father, Terry, was offered a
May 2, 2006                Board Meeting                 position at Scott AFB. The family now has a home in St. Louis.
                           Clayton Crowne Plaza,
                           6:30 pm

May 7, 2006                Alive Beauty Day (pg 8)
                                                                                           PC TIPS
May 9, 2006                Women of Achievement
                           Luncheon – Jefferson          GO STRAIGHT TO SEND - Send a document, worksheet or presentation
                                                         without leaving the application. From Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, open
                           City Zonta Club (pg 11 )
                                                         your document, workbook or presentation. Click File. Select "Send To." Choose
                                                         "Mail Recipient." Each of the choices listed will allow you to send the document
May 15, 2006               Committee Reports             you're working on directly to an Outlook e-mail recipient. (If you choose "Send
                           due to President Gass         To/Mail Recipient (for review)" you might be prompted to save first.)
                                                         WINDOWS SHORTCUT (MINIMUS VIEW) - Too many open
May 18, 2006               Club Meeting -
                                                         windows? Minimize them. Press the Windows logo key - those flag-like symbols
                           Installation of Club          on the bottom row of your keyboard - and the "M" key.
                           Officers (pg 12)              WINDOWS SHORTCUT (LOCK ‘EM UP) - Here's a quick way to lock
                                                         your computer. Press the Windows logo key - one of the two flag-like symbols on
May 21, 2006               Mae Wheeler’s                 the bottom row of your keyboard - and the "L" key.
                           Birthday Bash (pg 8)
                                                         HAVEN’T I SEEN YOU HERE BEFORE? - If you've typed the same
                                                         name twice when addressing e-mail to a long list of recipients in Outlook and a
June 4, 2006               Register walkers for          name is be listed twice, only one message will be sent to that person.
                           the Susan Komen Run
                                                         WINDOWS SHORTCUT (LET’S GET IT STARTED) - See those two
June 24-29, 2006           Inter’l Convention            Windows logo keys on your keyboard? They're on the bottom row and look like
                                                         window flags waving in the breeze. Press one of them to open the Start menu.
                                                         INDENTURED E-MAIL - Is your e-mail indenting so much that it gets to the
                                                         point where it's only one letter per line? Drop the indent when forwarding or
Reminder from Kay Moss - Check this site for the         replying to e-mail messages. In Outlook, go to Tools, then Options. On the
International calendar:            Preferences tab, click the "E-mail Options" button. Go the section "On replies and
site/PageServer?pagename=mr_calendar_list                forwards." Select an option from the drop-down list for each. Pick "Include
(If it doesn't develop for you, it may be because I am   original message text" for standard e-mail messaging that includes the entire thread
logged in under my membership number.)                   but without the indentation.
Upcoming dates, include:                                 CELL CONVERTS - Do you have an Excel formula in a single cell that needs
May 1, 2006                (Updated) Club Officers       to be converted to its value? No problem. Simply select the cell and press F2 then
                           Report Form 2006-2007         press F9. Ta-da! The cell contains the value of the formula, not the formula itself.
                           due to HQ                     A TASTE OF PASTE - When you're working in Excel, have you ever noticed
May 8, 2006                Paper Convention Delegate     that your Paste button has a little extra something? See that down arrow to the right
                           Credential/ Proxy Forms       of the Paste button? It's a supercharger! Give the down arrow a single click. A
                           due to HQ                     Paste menu opens, offering a few of the frequently used options from the Paste
                                                         Special window. If you can't find the option you're looking for, select Paste Special
May 22, 2006               Online Convention Delegate
                                                         for the complete list.
                           Credential/ Proxy Forms
                           due to HQ                     SEARCHING IN EXCEL - Need to search an entire Excel workbook (not
May 31, 2006               Klausman Women in
                                                         just a single sheet) for a certain word or phrase? Click EDIT -> FIND...Type your
                                                         word/phrase into the "Find What" box. Now click the "Options >>" button and
                           Business Scholarship club
                                                         change the "Within" dropdown to say "Workbook." No matter which worksheet
                           candidates due to District
                                                         you are looking at to begin with, the FIND function will search the entire Excel
May 31, 2006               Last day to register for      workbook for your word or phrase.
                           2006 Convention at AUD
                                                         DATA IN DIS-ARRAY?? - To sort data in a large array, 40 columns by 1200
                                                         or more lines., or apply other data management tasks, you can highlight the entire
June 1, 2006               Convention registration fee   database without scrolling. Click on a cell somewhere in the data. Press the
                           increases to AUD 650          control key and the star key (control + shift+ "*") at the same time. The entire area
June 30, 2006              YWPA international            will be highlighted. This only works in data that has no entire row or column
                           recipients announced          blank. In these instances, the data is highlighted only to the empty row or column.
                                                                                                                     Contributed by Kay Moss

                                                                                                                    THE ZEST page           2
                                                    While Trish, Miriam and Bea, the kitchen
                                                    specialist, had to wipe off shelves etc. in order to
                                                    stock the cabinets with canned food donated by
                                                    the individuals who came out to decorate; Laura
                                                    donned her rubber gloves and literally attacked
                                                    one of the bathrooms.

                                                           Bea Armstrong                 Laura Burton
                                                                                     Attacks the Bathroom

What a rewarding experience! Members came
out with so much enthusiasm to decorate                                                    Sherry Brooks
Zonta’s apartment for Lydia House on
Saturday, April 1, 2006.                            We were a “Dynamic Team.” Our Zonta
                                                    members have so much talent; Leah’s new title is
The following “Worker Bees” buzzed                  “Carpenter Extraordinaire” for selecting and
into the apartment Anne Anderson,                   assembling the coffee table. Trish’s new title is
Leah Reynolds, Laura Burton, Bea                    “Picture Hanger Extraordinaire” for the accuracy
Armstrong, Miriam Schuchardt,                       with which she hung the pictures without
Trish Martin and this chair.                        knocking one hole in the walls. Great Job!!!!

                                                    Another group decorating an apartment several
Within no time, it looked like a display            doors over literally pushed their way in to see the
apartment worthy of being featured in Home          awesome job we had done. They were very
and Gardens Magazine.                               impressed.

We were told the apartment would already be         The following items were purchased: a TV with
clean but because Murphy is always lurking in       DVD Player, bedding, dishes, silverware, lamps,
the background to thwart the best-laid plans, the   a new coffee table, towels etc. A special thanks
person in charge of cleaning was hospitalized.      to the following members who also donated
                                                    items, Rachelle Reeg, Anne Anderson, Betty
This left the task of cleaning to the               Davidson, Gerda Thalheimer and Charellise
“Worker Bees” who had to                            Coleman. Thanks again to all who donated items
vacuum and clean the                                as well as those who came out to support the
bathrooms.                                          effort.

                                                                   Submitted by: Sherry Brooks, Hands On Chair

                                                                                          THE ZEST page          3
                                        COMMUNITY OUTREACH
  YOUNG WOMEN IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS                                          HANDS ON PROJECTS
Report to Service Committee and to Club                     End of Year Report
Members                                                     This has been a rewarding year for the Hands On
The Young Women in Public Affairs Award was                 Committee. The club was surveyed and voted to do
established over ten years ago by Zonta                     the following projects for the year:
International. The purpose of the YWPA Award            .         Wrapping gifts for the Santa’s Helpers
is to encourage more women to pursue careers                Organization
and leadership positions in public affairs, public     2.         Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army
policy and community organizations. Our club           3.         Decorating an apartment for Lydia House
offers two prizes: First prize of $500.00 and
                                                       4.         Doing a project for Villa Marie
second prize of $200. The first place winner’s
entry goes to the District to compete for the five     5.         Registering for the Susan Komen Race for
International awards of $1,000.00 each.                     the Cure
                                                            To date, The Santa’s Helper, Bell Ringing and
All young women between the ages of 16 and 20,              Lydia House projects have been completed.
prior to June 30th of the current year, who are
pre-college or pre-university students, are eligible        Leah Reynolds and Trish Martin will be doing a
to apply. Applicants are asked to reflect on their          knitting class at Villa Marie, a date to be
lives, their commitment to the community in                 announced, possibly provide a combination of
which they live and the role models that inspired           artificial and live plants for the apartments for their
them to become involved in the community or in              Women In Transition Program and The Susan
a specific prospective career.                              Komen Registration will take place Sunday, June
                                                            4, 2006 at the Galleria Shopping Center.
During January, the Zonta Club contacted
approximately 90 high schools and 50 media                  Perhaps the most exciting and rewarding project to
organizations. By March 2006, we had received               date has been the apartment decorating for Lydia
five completed applications from five public and            House. With the generous budget of $1000 the
private high schools. The following is the                  club allotted and the fantastic donations from
breakdown by school: 1 student each from                    members in the form of pictures, towels, comforter
Jennings Senior High School, Oakville Senior                sets with curtains, and all the trimmings, and food;
High School, Westminster Christian Academy,                 the committee was able to do a first class job in
Marquette High School, and Fox High School.                 making this a comfortable and inviting place for
                                                            the family of five to start on the road to a new life.
The judges were Uma Eachempati and Nancy
Schmich and I. The winners were:                            The members of the Club, who were able, came out
                                                            with much enthusiasm to participate in the various
First Place: Alyssa Renae Kernen, Oakville                  projects.
Senior High School
                                                            The total number of volunteer hours for the above
Second Place: Jessica Gates, Jennings Senior
                                                            projects was 94. Thanks to everyone for making
                                                            this a successful year.
The winners and their mothers will be invited to                           Submitted by: Sherry Brooks, Chair,
attend the June Status of Women meeting to                  Laura Burton,
receive their awards and to share their entries in                            Charellise Coleman, Jill Cooper,
the YWPA competition with our Club members.                 Sherrie Wheeler
  Respectfully submitted, Rose McLarney, YWPA               Editor’s Note: An additional 34 volunteer hours
                                   Chairperson              were devoted to the Christmas collection,
                                                            packaging, and distribution of items for the
                                                            Weinman Center.
                                                                                              THE ZEST page      4
                                    COMMUNITY OUTREACH- continued

                                   YELLOW ROSE AWARDS PROGRAM
                                                   March 18, 2006
                                           Crowne Plaza Hotel, Clayton

Highlights of the Day - This year’s theme celebrated           Event Sub-Committees –
“Women in the Arts.” The four women honored with the
                                                               I want to thank the following Zontians who answered the call
2006 Yellow Rose Award represented dance, music and
                                                               to serve on the 2006 planning committee.
community arts. They were:
Carmen Dence, Research Associate Professor in Radiology,
                                                               Design and Printing      - Kay Moss
Washington University, and founder and director of Grupo
Atlantico, a Colombian dance group.                            Entertainment            - Claire Kim, Barbara Meyer and
                                                                                          Leah Reynolds
Dr. Barbara Harbach, Professor of Music, University of
Missouri - St. Louis. Harbach initiated Women in the Arts-     Mailing List            - Jane Herman Schultz
St. Louis, and received the 2006 Arts Education Award from
the Missouri Arts Council.                                     Baskets                 - Trish Martin
                                                               Food and Facilities      - Rachelle Reeg
Jill McGuire, Executive Director, Regional Arts
Commission. The Commission has allocated more than 54          Yellow Rose Award
million dollars to over 200 area arts groups in its 20-year    Selection              - Barbara Meyer, Cheryl Bielema
history, with McGuire at the helm.                                                      and Rachelle Reeg
Mae “Lady Jazz” Wheeler, Professional Jazz Vocalist, has       Publicity             - Gerda Thalheimer and Cheryl Bielema
founded Professional and Amateur Artists Recognized, Inc., a
scholarship program for high school graduates.                 Table Assignments      - Michele Lamping Davidson,
                                                                                        Linda Daus and Sharon Carmody
                                                               Advisor                - Nancy Gass
Mae Wheeler. We honored her with a Yellow Rose Award;
she honored us by sharing her gifts of musicality, presence    Numbers Served
and friendship. What a classy and upbeat ambience Mae          Lunches reserved = 260; Lunches hosted = 20
“Lady Jazz” created.
                                                               Contributions to Zonta Club Charitable Foundation
Andrea Martin. We were blessed with songs from Andrea
and her daughter. We benefited from husband Mike’s             Baskets Raffle              $1214.00
attention to the sound system, microphones and CD player.      Personal donations             997.00
Grupo Atlantico. We selected Carmen Dence as one of our        Total Donations             $2211.00
Yellow Rose recipients and she and Grupo Atlantico feted us
with Colombian hospitality and those expressive and            Please send feedback (questionnaire on page 9) to Leah Reynolds.
exuberant dances!                                              We’d appreciate hearing both what you liked and what you
                                                               would recommend for improvements next year!
Korean Cultural Center. The Fan and Royal Dances we saw
were especially breathtaking in the lovely setting of the                                    Submitted by Cheryl Bielema,
Crowne Plaza Ballroom. Thank you to Anne Park and the                Vice President and 2006 Yellow Rose Awards Program
costumed dancers.                                                                                                   Chair

           REMINDER                                              The literacy committee elected to donate children’s books
                                                LITERACY         for the YMCA, Beginning Babies with Books program.
ALL COMMITTEE REPORTS                          COMMITTEE         The members and their friends donated a total of 53 new
   ARE TO BE SENT TO                             REPORT
                                                                 and used books to benefit the young mothers and their new
PRESIDENT NANCY GASS BY                                          born. We also donated 25 hours tutoring at the St. Louis
                                                 April 2006      Cathedral Elementary and Simmons-Marshall Magnet
        MAY 15th                                                 schools.         Bea Armstrong, Betty Fitzgerald, Karen Rengstorf

                                                                                                           THE ZEST page             5
                                      COMMUNITY OUTREACH - continued

The Community Grants Award Committee awarded $14,200 grants during the 2005-2006 fiscal year. In addition, two grants have been
approved to receive additional installments for the next two years.
  1)        Executive Leadership Institute, College of Business      used to motivate the girls and reward them. The young
    Administration at UMSL. $3,000 ($1,000 per year for three        mothers can purchase these items with “bucks” they have
    years) was awarded to help defray the cost of an annual          earned for good behavior and school performance.
    Women's Networking Event where women students and                9)      Prison Performing Arts (PPA). PPA's mission is to
    women executives will interact to discuss important                provide men, women and children incarcerated in St.
    leadership attributes and skills for young professionals.          Louis correctional institutions with opportunities to
    Only $1,000 was included in this fiscal year’s budget.             participate in the performing arts as audience and as
  2)        South Asian Women Empowerment Regional                     artists. The funds will be used to support their theater
    Association. This organization aids South Asian Women              production activities at Missouri Women's Eastern
    who are victims of domestic violence through support,              Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center. The third
    education, and empowerment. $3,000 was awarded to buy              and final installment of $1,200 was awarded. This
    audiovisual equipment for presentations to the community.          completes a $3,600 grant awarded over three years.
  3)        Catholic Services for Children and Youth. The                  The Community Grants Award Committee
                                                                         Sharon Carmody, Chair, Anne Anderson, Gerda Thalheimer
    mission of this organization is to protect and promote the
    welfare of children by providing the highest quality foster     ****************************************
    care, adoption, expectant parent counseling, advocacy and           Forest Park Student Nominated for State Breaking
    residential services. $1,000 was awarded to help defray                            New Traditions Award
    the printing and mailing costs of three of their services that
    support their Post Adoption Program.
  4)        Center for Women in Transition (CWIT). CWIT
    works with, and on behalf of, women in jail/prison for
    nonviolent crimes, during incarceration and after release to
    assist them in making a transition back into their families
    and into society thereby witnessing to society that a
    restorative approach to justice is more effective for the
    women, their children, and society than a punitive
    approach. $2,500 was awarded to assist their goals.
  5)        New Traditions Program (St. Louis Community
    Colleges). New Traditions Program helps members of
    special populations – including women who are
    economically disadvantaged, including single moms and
    displaced homemakers- enroll in, enter, and complete
    career and vocational programs so they may become
    economically self-sufficient. $1,500 was awarded. →→→
  6)        The Community Grants Award Committee awarded
    “Celebrating Women: Reinventing Ourselves After 50”
    Workshops (U. of MO-St. Louis). These workshops
    (health, personal development, etc) are aimed at women
    over age 50. The Club sponsored this program last year and
    this year we continued to sponsor the program with a
    $1,000 award.
  7)        Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. A
    youth mentoring organization that serves at-risk young
    people, ages 5-17, in quality one-to-one mentoring
    friendships with caring volunteers. The annual cost to
    provide this service to a young person is $1,000. $3,000
    ($1,000 per year for three years) was awarded. Only
    $1,000 was included in this fiscal year’s budget.
  8)        Villa Maria Center. Villa Maria Center provides
    housing, case management, individual and group therapy to
    teen mothers (11-21 years) and children (0-5 years). The
    young women are taught how to care for themselves and
    their children, with an emphasis on education. $2,000 was
    awarded to stock the Villa Store with items that can be
                                                                                                         THE ZEST page       6
                       CHOICES                                                            BIRTHDAY BASH
This is my last issue as your editor. It’s been a grand         Mae Wheeler has contacted us to help celebrate her birthday
opportunity to present a few ideas for your consideration       by coming to a jazz set at Brandt's Restaurant, in the Loop,
and to learn about designing a publication in an interesting    on Sunday, May 21.
and appealing format. I’ll leave you with the following         She plans to sing at three times during the day. It would be a
message which provides inspirational reminders for us as        great treat to eat a meal while helping Mae celebrate! (Mae's
women and as Zontians. The author is unknown.                   birthday date is May 15). --                 Cheryl Bielema
                  PROMISE YOURSELF                              ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of             DELEGATES TO THE INTERNATIONAL
mind.                                                                       CONVENTION
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person       Anne Anderson and Kay Moss are the delegates, with Laura
you meet.                                                       Burton as the alternate.
To make all your friends feel that there is something           ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
worthwhile in them.                                                            IN THE APRIL 2006 ISSUE OF
To look on the sunny side of everything and make your                                 The ZONTIAN
optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to
expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as
you are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the
greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile
to every living creature you meet.
To give so much time to improving yourself that you have
no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong
for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the
world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.
To live in the faith that the whole world is on your side, so
long as you are true to the best that is in you.
Have a wonderful summer,               Karen

                                                                                                                             THE ZEST page                   7

WHEN:          Thursday, May 18th
                        6:00 pm Cocktails
                        6:30 pm Dinner

               13090 Manchester
               (Go West of Hwy 270 on Manchester and then
               come back because of the split in Manchester)

                             $35 per person

       (all choices include salad, vegetable, dessert, tea, and coffee)
Tenderloin Kabob
      (finished with a veal marrow demy-glaze, fresh mushrooms
       and burgundy wine)
Norwegian Salmon
     (baked with a lemon butter dill sauce)
Chicken Parmesan
      (breaded, sautéed over marinara sauce with melted parmesan
       and mozzarella cheeses)

R.S.V.P. by May 13th to Doris Gros

                                                                          THE ZEST page 8
             Women of Achievement Luncheon                          From the Club of St. Charles
                  Jefferson City, Missouri                                  Newsletter
                        May 9, 2006                            Message from the President
It was great to see everyone in St. Charles (for the Area      This is our inaugural issue for the
meeting – see photos on page 12). Although we didn't have      resurrected St. Charles Club. Three cheers
much of a chance to visit, it was good to know everyone is     for everyone who has joined in the past few
doing well and keeping Zonta alive and well!!                  months and the women who are so
I wanted to check in (with the St. Louis Zonta Club)           dedicated to rebuilding this club to 14
regarding the Women of Achievement Luncheon in                 members!      I know we will reach 40
Jefferson City on May 9. As you know, tickets went on sale     members by the end of 2006!
April 1 to the public, so I really want to get the names and   Lot’s happened recently; we have supported
checks from the St. Louis members who plan to attend           worthy causes such as Crisis Nursery St
ASAP. Several (of the St. Louis) members mentioned             Charles; Three Angels Project and the
coming.                                                        “Christmas in July” golf tournament with
                                                               the City of O’Fallon. We had a very
                                             Brenda Myers      successful Yellow Rose Day on March 8
                                                               delivering 45 roses to outstanding
Note to St. Louis members: Leah, Trish, Anne, Cheryl, Liz,
                                                               community leaders all over the county
Laura, Bea and Nancy may be attending this event. If you
                                                               including three women mayors.
would like to travel with another member, please contact
them directly.                                                 We are so appreciative of our neighbor club
                                                               in St. Louis and for the wonderfully warm
                                                               welcome at their recent Yellow Rose
                                                               Luncheon on March 18.
                                                               I am stunned we were able to organize an
                                                               Area 6 meeting with such short planning
                                                               time but thanks to Cheryl Mothes, we
                                                               succeeded. Our April meeting will be at the
                                                               EDC in St. Charles on Mid Rivers Dr. Mall.
                                                               Please join us as we continue to plan a busy
                                                               calendar for 2006.
                                                               I am honored and grateful to be the club
                                                               leader and will continue to dedicate myself
                                                               to advancing the status of women in our
                                                               community.        Brenda Fraser, President
                                                                 Zonta Club of St. Charles Website
                                                               Check out the new website at
                                                     , which is now
                                                               updated and intended to be a resource of
                                                               information for the general public, other
                                                               Zonta clubs, and the St. Charles members.
                                                               Features of the site include
                                                               general information and history about the
                                                               St. Charles Club; special events & activities
                                                               listings; member bios and contact
                                                               information; International and local service
                                                               projects; links to the District 7 &
                                                               International websites; and a printable
                                                               version of the newsletter.
                                                                                            THE ZEST page 9
THE ZEST page 10

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