How to Prepare a Declaration for Free Entry

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                                                                                                          How to Prepare a
                                                                                                  Declaration for Free Entry

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The Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products (Customs Form 3311) is filed if American goods returning to the
U.S. were not registered prior to export. These good may pass duty free if they have not advanced in value or improved in value
while abroad. The shipment value must not exceed $2,000 U.S. dollars and the port director must be satisfied that the goods are
free of duty under subheading 9801.00.10, Harmonized Tariff Schedule (19 U.S.C. 1202).
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    1.   Port. Enter the port of entry for the shipment.
    2.   Date. Date form is being completed.
    3.   Entry No. & Date. Enter the shipment entry number and the date it enters the country.
    4.   Name of Manufacturer. Enter the name of the manufacturer of the goods
    5.   City and State of Manufacture. Enter the City and State where the goods were manufactured.
    6.   Reason for Return. Explain why the goods are returning to the U.S.
    7.   U.S. Drawback. Previously ( )claimed ( )unclaimed
    8.   Previously Imported under TSUSA 864.05. Check the box indicating whether these goods were imported under TSUSA
         864.05 or not.
    9.   Marks, Numbers and Description of Articles Returned. Describe the shipping containers and note any marks and numbers
         on them along with a complete description of the returned goods.
10.      Value. Enter the value of the returned shipment. The value of the shipment must not exceed $2000 to use this form. If the
         value of the article is $10,000 or more and there are no marks indicating the name and address of the U.S. manufacturer,
         attach copies of any documentation substantiating your claim for duty free status as American Goods Returned.
11.      Check the appropriate boxes declaring that the information given above is true.
12.      Name of Declarant. Indicate the name of the person making the declaration.
13.      Title of Declarant. Indicate the title of the person making the declaration.
14.      Name of the Corporation or Partnership. Indicate the company name.
15.      Signature. To be signed by the person making the declaration. NOTE: If the owner or ultimate consignee is a corporation,
         this form must be signed by an officer of the corporation or an employee who holds a power of attorney and a certificate
         indicating that that person has knowledge of the pertinent facts.
16.      Signature of the Authorizing Customs Agent.

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