Huge stakes as Bibi heads for meeting with Obama

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              Friday, 02 July 2010 / 20 Tammuz 5770      Volume 14 Number 24

Huge stakes as Bibi heads
for meeting with Obama                                                                                                              PAGE 3

Rabbi David Masinter of Chabad House hands out a plastic blow-up football - one of 50 000 distributed by Chabad - to Yair Meltz from Jerusalem,

Loving care at Debt counselling Anti-Israel row in     US High Court nominee: Israeli former
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2     SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                   02 - 09 July 2010

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                                              Dreams - unfulfilled and true                                                                                           Pinchas
                                                                                                                                                                      Starts   Ends
                                              OCCASIONALLY WE get a                                                          held to be sacred.
Fax: (086) 634-7935
Printed by Caxton Ltd                         glimpse at the ticking clock,                        PARSHAT                     Indeed, a constant factor ever-
                                                                                                                             present throughout Jewish his-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Cape Town
                                              motioning time towards the
EDITOR - Geoff Sifrin                         grand and final climax of histo-                     PINCHAS                   tory, has been the aspiration,
                                                                                                                             hope and ambition of “home”.
                                                                                                                                                                      16:50    17:43   Durban
                                              ry.                                                  Rav Ilan                                                           17:11    18:04   Bloemfontein
                                                In a string of three consecutive                   Herrmann,                 Some, like Tslafchad’s daugh-            17:02    17:57   Port Elizabeth
Sub-Editor - Paul Maree                       narratives in this week’s por-                       Lions Shul,               ters, realised the dream. Others,        16:55    17:50   East London
                                              tion, an exquisite pattern is                                                  like Moses, never reached
Senior Reporter - Rita Lewis                  formed linking three paradigms
                                                                                                   Johannesburg              “home” or were uprooted, evict-                             of experiential past and future.                                               ed, left to weep “by the rivers of       inheritance sufficient, though it
                                              In the process a story unfolds of    poignant dialogue with G-d                Babylon”.                                too is significant and compelling
Sports Editor - Jack Milner
                                              a promised land, a yearning peo-     where Moses requests that                   But always the throb of the            and suffices for the interim.                       ple and how the destiny of both      genealogy determine the succes-           Jewish heart has beaten to the             But the destiny we aspire to is
Books Editor - Gwen Podbrey                   are intertwined.                     sion of leadership into this new          motion of the land of their her-         the establishment of the Holy
                                                The first: Tslafchad’s five        era. His son, he suggests... But          itage. Israel has never been             Land of Israel, guided and driv-
Arts Editor - Robyn Sassen                    daughters with no brothers to        G-d asserts that the one who              optional. It is, has been and            en by the inspiration, leadership                              inherit a plot, petition Moses to    must characterise this transi-            always will be, the destiny of our       and word of Joshua, one of a
                                              receive a share of their beloved     tion and establish Israel’s sover-        people. To suggest otherwise is          uniquely Jewish spiritual make-
Youth Editor - Alison Goldberg                Israel. Their wish is granted and    eignty, must be of a calibre that         to negate a principle so deep as         up.                        their dream fulfilled.               will define a state of piety, to be       to be untenable with Judaism               The clock is ticking and the
                                                The portion continues with         forged in holiness, guided by a           and the Divine plan for creation.        promise draws near and as we
Cape Town correspondent                                                            pure wisdom and motivated                   The year 1948 was a momen-
                                              Moses being summoned atop                                                                                               await the dream of millennia,
Moira Schneider: 021-794-4206                 Mount Aivarim where he is            from selfless devotion to the             tous event of historic propor-           we ready ourselves. We continue
Pretoria correspondent                        given a view of the Promised         highest levels of inner vision            tion as the return home after a          to assert our primal and eternal
                                              Land. But in spite of his intense    and outer conduct - and so                long abated absence finally              claim to the hallowed land of
Diane Wolfson: 082-707-9471
                                              desire and will to enter and dwell   Joshua, the spiritual heir to             came to be. And as we continue           our promise.
MANAGER: SALES AND DISTRIBUTION               therein, he is fated not to do so.   Moses is appointed.                       to celebrate this divinely                 We continue to strive to the
Britt Landsman:             Finally, Moses is instructed to      Through the centuries and               orchestrated restoration, and            highest state of spiritualised
                                              look forward to the future and is    over the course of millennia, a           the regaining of statehood and           expression. And all the while we
Sales Executives - (011) 023-8160             commanded to appoint his suc-        stark image has come to be fash-          of our national homeland, we             unfold our arms and lay them
Britt Landsman: 082-292-9520                  cessor who will lead the people,     ioned. It is that of the Jew arriv-       are reminded that the ultimate           open in wait and eager anticipa-
Manuela Bernstein: 082-951-3838               the new generation, into the         ing in Israel, crouching and              goal is not merely to inhabit the        tion of the leader who will
                                              Land.                                amidst a swell of tears and emo-          land, as other nations do theirs,        merge the two together. May it
Freelance Sales Executives                      In this episode there is a         tion kisses the ground that is            nor even is a genetic Jewish             be speedily in our day.
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                                                                                                                                               NEWS IN BRIEF
Frankie Matthysen
Nicole Cook                                   Johannesburg                                                        JEWISH STUDIES, THE RETURN
Ilan Ossendryver
                                              raises funds for                                                    Jewish studies are back in Israeli
                                                                                                                  schools - but critics don't think it's cool.
                                                                                                                    The educational curriculum In
                                                                                                                  Israel's state-run schools will now
                                                                                                                                                                 picture of a historical timeline of the
                                                                                                                                                                 Jewish people and of Zionism."
                                                                                                                                                                   "The subject is designed to shape the
                                                                                                                                                                 learners' identity and strengthen the
Subscription enquiries
                                              Hospice                                                             include weekly lessons on Jewish cul-
                                                                                                                  ture and tradition, Haaretz reported.
                                                                                                                  The lessons will be considered part of
                                                                                                                  the core educational curriculum.
                                                                                                                                                                 sense of belonging to the nation, the
                                                                                                                                                                 state and Jewish culture," read a pam-
                                                                                                                                                                 phlet distributed to teachers by Ish-
Avusa Publishing (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                                                    The new lessons, to be taught in               Critics of the new syllabus say, how-
Tel: 0860-13-2652                                                                                                 sixth through eighth grades for two            ever, that secular Israeli learners do
                                                                                                                  hours per week, will include Jewish            not need to learn religious texts.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                                                culture, the Hebrew calendar and Land            "When the Education Ministry
Stan Kaplan (Chairman)                                                                                            of Israel studies. In addition, sixth-         grants canonical status to certain
Issie Kirsh (Deputy Chairman), Marlene                                                                            graders will learn the weekly Torah            texts, it provides fertile ground for
Bethlehem, Russell Gaddin, Norman                                                                                 portion; seventh graders will learn the        indoctrination,"       said     Bar-Ilan
                                                                                                                  order of prayers in the Jewish liturgy;        University Professor Avi Sagi, author
Lowenthal, Bertie Lubner,
                                                                                                                  and eighth graders will study Pirkei           of the previous curriculum installed
Benjy Porter, Herby                                                                                               Avot, the Ethics of the Fathers. Six           by then-Education Minister Yuli
Rosenberg, Howard                                                                                                 Jewish Zionist books also will be              Tamir, that allowed teachers to choose
Sackstein, Jason Valkin.                                                                                          taught.                                        a number of topics based on various
                                                                                                                    "Our learners are lacking in famil-          sources - Biblical, Talmudic and liter-
                                                                                                                  iarity with Jewish culture," said              ary.
           KASHRUT                                                                                                Professor Benjamin Ish-Shalom, head              "It is hard to understand why the
The following symbols will appear on                                                                              of the educational steering committee          curriculum for secular learners needs
advertisements and/or advertising fea-                                                                            in charge of administering the new             to be focused around the weekly Torah
tures to indicate whether or not they are                                                                         coursework.                                    portion or Pirkei Avot, which are sub-
kosher. Where no Kashrut mark appears                                                                               "Many of them do not have a clear            jects dear to religious students." (JTA)
on an advert, the Jewish Report
assumes no responsibility for the                                                                                 PUZZLES FOR THE BLIND
                                              A cheque of R50 000-00 – the sum raised as a result of the
Kashrut status of that establishment or       WIZO-Hospice Corporate Golf Challenge, by the WIZO                  A well-known Israeli author and                Centre director Uri Cohen told Ynet
advertiser:                                                                                                       puzzle inventor has designed a cross-          last week that he thought "it was
                                              Forum 2000 committee – was recently handed over to
                                                                                                                  word puzzle that blind people can              another one of those weird ideas
    NK Non-Kosher        K Kosher             Hospice in Johannesburg, according to a WIZO media                  solve themselves.                              that we get. I knew that in order to
Where no symbols appear, consult the
                                              release.                                                              Avi Rubenstein has created a puz-            solve a crossword puzzle you needed
Beth Din Kosher Guide or contact the            Pictured are June Rovetti, and Jocelyne Isaacs both of            zle written in Braille, allowing the           a pen".
advertiser.                                   WIZO Forum 2000 (holding the cheque); Barry Crystal,                blind to solve it without a pen or                But after the publication of the
                                              acting chairman of Hospice Witwatersrand; Nigel                     assistance from a sighted person,              first booklet of puzzles, Rubenstein
Advertisements and editorial copy from        Unwin, CEO of Hospice; Zee Bergman, chairman of                     according to reports.                          received praise and thousands of let-
outside sources do not neccessarily reflect   WIZO Johannesburg; and Lee Joffe, an executive of                     Rubenstein took his idea to the              ters from blind people thanking him
the views of the editors and staff.                                                                               Central Library for the Blind.                 for his invention. (JTA)
                                              WIZO Johannesburg.
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                             SA JEWISH REPORT     3

Settlement freeze, Iran, peace talks to                                                                                                               damental. Ostensibly the news for
                                                                                                                                                      Netanyahu is good: The UN Security
                                                                                                                                                      Council passed expanded sanctions this
                                                                                                                                                      month against Iran in light of its recalci-

headline vital Obama-Bibi meeting                                                                                                                     trance on making its nuclear programme
                                                                                                                                                      transparent. The sanctions themselves
                                                                                                                                                      lacked serious bite, but they set the stage for
RON KAMPEAS                                       or face a worsening of US-Israel ties.           ing even to issue a summary statement.             much tougher sanctions - one set approved
WASHINGTON                                          The executive director of the American            Both sides spent subsequent weeks mak-          by the European Union and another passed
                                                  Jewish Committee, David Harris, who is in        ing up, with Obama administration officials        by the US Congress.
THE JOKE making the rounds in Jerusalem           Israel this week, said: “Both sides under-       emphasising practical US defence support             The congressional sanctions are the
ahead of next week’s Netanyahu-Obama              stand that there’s a lot at stake in having a    for Israel and Netanyahu pressing hard for         toughest ever, targeting third parties that
summit: Time to bone up on geology.               positive outcome.”                               direct talks with the Palestinians. By the end     deal with Iran’s energy and financial sec-
  Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the          As opposed to the last two - or almost two     of May, things looked good for a June 1 meet-      tors. They have been welcomed by US
United States, told reporters this week he        - times. Prime Minister Benjamin                 ing at the White House.                            Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sig-
was misheard when he was quoted as telling        Netanyahu’s last visit to Washington, in late       But then came Israel’s deadly May 31 raid       nalling the likelihood that Obama will adopt
Israeli diplomats that a “tectonic rift” was      March, was marred by the aftermath of the        on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Netanyahu,           at least some of them. Already the Treasury
emerging between Israel and the US. The           tensions that followed Israel’s announce-        already in North America, cancelled his            Department has expanded sanctions target-
Israelis didn’t get it, said the US-born Oren:    ment about two weeks earlier of new build-       White House meeting and rushed back to             ing Iran’s shipping and banking sectors,
He meant there was a “tectonic shift”.            ing in eastern Jerusalem just as Vice            Israel.                                            based on existing law.
  Whether there is a difference, and              President Joe Biden was in Israel for a visit.      The Obama administration ostensibly               The problem is, Israel’s establishment no
whether it’s meaningful, no one was going to        Top US officials called the announcement       supported Israel during the widespread out-        longer believes sanctions will be effective
say. The point was to get it right this time      an insult, and when Netanyahu and                rage that followed, but the administration         and is eager to hear what, if anything, the
when the US president and Israeli prime           President Barack Obama met, they kept            also pressed Netanyahu to set up an investi-       Obama administration has planned for the
minister meet at the White House on July 6        their deliberations behind closed doors, fail-   gatory commission and flip its Gaza sanc-          military front. Obama thus far has laid back
                                                                                                   tions policy: Instead of a “white list” of per-    on such plans, or even on whether he would
                                                                                                   missible products to be allowed into Gaza,         consider drawing up such plans for such a
                                                                                                   Israel created a blacklist of products it          contingency.
                                                                                                   would bar from import to Gaza. That                  Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak
                                                                                                   allowed a much broader array of goods into         toured the United States last week, and in
                                                                                                   Gaza and marked a diplomatic loss for the          his meetings with Clinton, national security
                                                                                                   Israeli government.                                adviser James Jones and Defence Secretary
                                                                                                      The sides are likely to come to the July 6      Robert Gates, Barak outlined what is shap-
                                                                                                   meeting with two items unresolved: What            ing up as his proposal to synthesise the two
                                                                                                   Israel plans to do once its 10-month partial       emerging crises: Barak wants Netanyahu to
                                                                                                   freeze on West Bank settlement building            announce a bold peace initiative with the
                                                                                                   lapses in September, and how the sides plan        Palestinians as a means of freeing Israel
                                                                                                   to confront Iran.                                  diplomatically to operate in the military
                                                                                                      The first issue is likely to be the most con-   sphere should the need arise with Iran.
                                                                                                   tentious: The Obama administration wants             It’s not clear what his American interlocu-
                                                                                                   to keep the Palestinian Authority in the           tors thought of the plan or whether it has
                                                                                                   process, having finally lured it into proximi-     resonance in Israel. A key element involves
                                                                                                   ty talks. But if Netanyahu doesn’t have            bringing into the government the centrist
                                                                                                   direct talks to show for his efforts, it will be   opposition party, Kadima, whose leader,
                                                                                                   a hard sell to keep his right-leaning Cabinet      Tzipi Livni, in recent weeks has indicated
                                                                                                   on board.                                          receptiveness to such overtures.
                                                                                                      As an extra burr, Jerusalem’s mayor, Nir          An Israeli initiative is necessary “to pre-
                                                                                                   Barkat - who has national ambitions - is           vent our descent into isolation”, Barak told
                                                                                                   pressing ahead with plans to build in Arab         reporters after his meetings. “It is the only
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama, met on                               neighbourhoods of eastern Jerusalem.               way to achieve real freedom to act when
September 22, last year, in New York. (AVI OHAYON / GPO / FLASH 90 / JTA)                             On Iran, the difference may be more fun-        there are security events.” (JTA)

New Zealand Jews plan to
fight for shechitah
DAN GOLDBERG                                      America, Carter decided last month to annul
AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND                              all exemptions.
                                                     Under the new code, which was made
BARRING A last-minute policy reversal,            effective immediately, all commercially
Jewish leaders in New Zealand appear cer-         killed animals must be stunned before
tain to launch legal action against the gov-      slaughter to “ensure that the animals are
ernment over its controversial new law ban-       treated humanely”.
ning kosher slaughter.                               The move shocked the New Zealand
   Six Jewish leaders were granted a 30-          Jewish community, which numbers fewer
minute meeting a week ago with Prime              than 7 000. Although kosher meat can be
Minister John Key, son of a Jewish refugee,       imported from Australia, no chicken is
to discuss the fallout from the May 27 deci-      allowed in. Fewer than 100 cattle and lambs
sion to outlaw kosher slaughter, or shechi-       and several thousand chickens were slaugh-
tah. The meeting in Auckland concluded            tered by shechitah annually.
with the delegation informing Key, who does          Sydney-based Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, who
not practise Judaism, that the small Jewish       supervises kosher certification of products
community would be left with “no option”          in New Zealand, described the ban as “outra-
but to take legal action “if there was no solu-   geous”.
tion forthcoming”.                                   His comments came as the European
   The prime minister “acknowledged that          Parliament voted to mandate that all kosher
this may be the only course open to us”, New      meat on the continent be labelled “meat
Zealand Jewish Council Chairman Geoff             from slaughter without stunning” - a move
Levy said in a statement. It now appears          blasted by Jewish officials as discriminatory.
likely that Key will face a potentially embar-       Meanwhile, the dustup in New Zealand
rassing legal showdown that has been              over shechitah has sparked a rift with
described as a test case for shechitah.           Australian Jewish leaders.
   The controversy erupted in late May when          “I’m terrified they’ve mismanaged it,” a
Agriculture Minister David Carter over-           senior Australian Jewish organisational
ruled advice from the National Animal             leader said of New Zealand Jewry on condi-
Welfare Advisory Committee to exempt she-         tion of anonymity. “They just don’t have the
chitah from a new animal welfare commer-          expertise.”
cial slaughter code. Whereas shechitah pre-          Other countries that have banned shechi-
viously had been listed as exempt, just as it     tah include Iceland, Norway, Sweden and
is under the Humane Slaughter Act in              Switzerland. (JTA)

                                                                               being kosher
                                                                               on New
                                                                               South Island in
                                                                               2009. A new
                                                                               law banning
                                                                               shechitah is
                                                                               being chal-
                                                                               lenged by the
                                                                               country’s Jews.
4     SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                           02 - 09 July 2010

                                                                                                     Selwyn Segal spend a
                                                                                                     glorious day at Loftus
                                                                                                     LIONEL STEIN                                     bus was allowed to park right at the
                                                                                                     PHOTOGRAPH: IVOR GINSBERG                        entrance to the stadium.
                                                                                                                                                        Fifa officials accompanied everyone to
                                                                                                     THE GREAT Park Shul opened their heart           their seats. It was no easy task keeping a
                                                                                                     and arranged for the Selwyn Segal to             Selwyn Segal party of 30 excited specta-
                                                                                                     watch one of the World Cup games,                tors together without anyone getting lost
                                                                                                     Algeria versus the USA at Loftus Versfeld        inside a packed Loftus stadium. But every-
                                                                                                     in Pretoria.                                     one got to their seats safely without any-
                                                                                                       The day came - Wednesday June 23 - an          one going missing.
                                                                                                     exciting day in the life of those residents        All the Selwyn Segal residents enjoyed
                                                                                                     from the Selwyn Segal who were going to          the match very much. The last-minute
                                                                                                     the soccer.                                      goal by the USA for victory, made the day
                                                                                                       The excitement was electric. Everyone          for the Selwyn Segal contingent as they
                                                                                                     was provided with a Fifa shirt, a cap, a         were supporting the USA.
                                                                                                     beanie, a scarf, a back pack with refresh-         After the match everyone stayed behind,
                                                                                                     ments and of course a vuvezela. Brenda           where Ginsberg photographed the group.
    Rabbi David Masinter and his team handing out soccer balls to tourists outside the Fifa          Solarsh, Mike Baum, residents and staff,           Walking back to the bus was quite haz-
    ticketing centre in Sandton.                                                                     were there to say goodbye to those resi-         ardous as the group passed thousands of
                                                                                                     dents going to the soccer by bus. It was a       USA fans celebrating in the grounds.

    Chabad on the ball with                                                                          sendoff equal to the Bafana Bafana send-
                                                                                                     off to their match against Mexico.
                                                                                                       First stop was for lunch sponsored by
                                                                                                     Kosher Nando’s in Bramley. There the
                                                                                                                                                      These celebrations added to a wonderful
                                                                                                                                                      atmosphere that overwhelmed everyone.
                                                                                                                                                        Back on the bus we had a prepared sup-
                                                                                                                                                      per together with refreshments.

    its outreach action                                                                              Selwyn Segal residents met up with their
                                                                                                     hosts from the Great Park Shul; Rabbi
                                                                                                     Dovid Hazdan, the organisers - Ivor
                                                                                                     Ginsberg and Benjy de Groen - and Ronel
                                                                                                                                                        During the ride home, the bubbling
                                                                                                                                                      excitement permeated throughout the
                                                                                                                                                        Among the comments from the resi-
    ALISON GOLDBERG                                  unique role to play in a team, everyone is      Duchen.                                          dents was those of Norman Cohen, stating
    PHOTOGRAPHS: ILAN OSSENDRYVER                    important in life.                                The bus ride to Pretoria was a pleasure.       emphatically that it was a “great day” and
                                                        4. Respect the field. Do not damage or       The new highway made the months of               Josepha Kahn expressed the wish that “it
    IN LIGHT of what is currently happening          steal property. It is not yours. A true win-    inconvenience very worthwhile.                   was so nice, I would like to go again”.
    throughout the country - and all the             ner succeeds by his own individual skills -       Between a bit of chutzpah on Ivor                It was a great day in the life of the
    excitement - there is much to be said            not taking anything away from others.           Ginsberg’s part, coupled with co-opera-          Selwyn Segal and in unison they said:
    about the cynics who slated South Africa            5. Remember the goals. Do not stray          tion from the Tshwane traffic department         “Thank you Rabbi Hazdan, thank you the
    and the country’s ability to pull off such a     from the game. Keep within the lines of         and the Fifa officials, the Selwyn Segal         Great Park Shul.”
    large-scale event as the 2010 Fifa World         the field. Cheating is cheating and it is
    Cup.                                             wrong.
       In a media release, Chabad says: “There          6. Prepare well. Players need to be fit
    is such a vibrant energy in the air as well      and watch what they eat. Care for your
    as an enormous sense of camaraderie - a          body, your health and your soul. Life is
    feeling that is truly astonishing!               precious. Do not eat any creature while it
       “There is an old teaching which states:       is still alive.
    ‘From everything a person sees and                  7. The ref’s decision is final. Fairness
    hears, something should be learned               and justice are essential in the game.
    which ultimately enables them to better          Always respect the decisions of the refer-
    their own life.’”                                ee - we need a just and fair society in
       Adds Rabbi David Masinter of Chabad           which to live and to win.
    House in Johannesburg: “One of the cam-             World Cup Chabad “assistant”, Aharon
    paigns of the Rebbe was to educate the           Adelist, who like the rest of the bocherim
    public in a non-intrusive way.” Thus in          has been wearing a Chabad jersey, says
    line with this campaign, Chabad’s World          for the past three weeks Chabad at Village
    Cup bocherim are currently in the process        Walk in Sandton has been serving
    of distributing 50 000 inflatable soccer balls   Shabbat meals to tourists, usually 30 at a
    throughout the country. Each ball carries        time.
    with it a flyer encrypted with seven univer-        Its outreach includes a stand at Melrose
    sal laws for all kinds of people.                Arch where people have come to put on
       “We are on a natural high at the              tefillin, some for the very first time.         Soccer fever swept into the Selwyn Segal.
    moment, so why not use this energy to               Says Adelist: “We’ve met over 100
    better our own lives as well as the lives of     Israelis, a lot of South Americans as well
    others, particularly the youth, in terms of
    setting goals and living a meaningful
                                                     as Americans, asking us where they can
                                                     get kosher food and we’ve been handing
                                                     out our business cards to them.”
                                                                                                     Fooling some of the
       The flyer states: Football’s 7 Lessons for
    Life are: 1. Believe in G-d and in yourself.
    To be successful, be aware that G-d is in
    control of everything, but He empowers
                                                        The bocherim, he says, have been dis-
                                                     tributing the soccer balls to fan parks at
                                                     Mandela         Square,   Innisfree
                                                     Sandton Convention Centre and Melrose
                                                                                             Park,   people some of the time...
    you to succeed and to win. Make a success        Arch. Separate arrangements haven               ROBYN SASSEN                                     some point by a housing company.”
    of your life.                                    been made for those tourists visiting                                                              A private investigator in Johannesburg
       2. Respect. Respect authority. Respect        Cape Town.                                      A STORY carried in SA Jewish Report last         who has been aware of this man’s activities
    your parents. Respect your friends, your            Jewish tourists are staying all over         week, about a con artist operating in            for the last couple of months, confirmed
    team and your opponents. Respect G-d.            Johannesburg he says: some with friends,        Balfour Park Shopping Centre, in                 this. “He has also conned companies in
       3. Value life. Value your own life and the    others at hotels and some even backpack-        Highlands North, Johannesburg, who               Melrose      Arch,    including    Applebee
    lives of others. Just as everyone has a          ing in Soweto.                                  conned a resident of Sandringham Gardens         Stationery, Postnet and Studio Nine hair
                                                                                                     home for the aged, out of R200, was corrob-      salon,” he said.
                                                                                                     orated by Gwen Levenstein, a science               “I cannot say if it is the same man, but
                                                                                                     teacher at King David Linksfield High            some months ago, a dark-haired clean-
                                                                                                     School, as well as other members of the          shaven, presentable man in Balfour Park
                                                                                                     community.                                       was claiming that his wife was in labour
                                                                                                       “I taught him in the early ‘80s - he matric-   and that he urgently needed money for
                                                                                                     ulated in 1983 or 1984” she remembers. “I        petrol.”
                                                                                                     was teaching extra lessons one afternoon           Another service provider in Johan-
                                                                                                     last year, and he came into the classroom. I     nesburg’s predominantly Jewish-owned
                                                                                                     didn’t recognise him at first; he approached     business hub, who asked not to be named,
                                                                                                     me with a story about putting flyers in          said: “one of our assistants was conned of
                                                                                                     Sally’s Alley. I agreed to help him, and he      R100 by him. The man said: ‘Thank you,
                                                                                                     asked for money. I offered him R100, but he      Mamela’ and promised to return with the
                                                                                                     said he needed more, and I doubled it.           money, but I know he won’t be back. We
                                                                                                       “He then said he needed money for food. I      know who he is. He was a very bright estate
                                                                                                     landed up giving him R300. Which Jew             agent, but he got involved with drugs.
                                                                                                     wouldn’t give another Jew money for                “What he is doing to the Jewish commu-
                                                                                                     food?” she asked rhetorically, adding that       nity is a disgrace,” she added. “He should
                                                                                                     he had been “very convincing” in describ-        be institutionalised until he is clean and
                                                                                                     ing his plight.                                  can understand the harm and hurt he has
                                                                                                       “He is believed to be a known drug             inflicted on himself, his family and the com-
                                                                                                     addict,” she added. “I phoned the Chevrah        munity at large.”
                                                                                                     Kadisha about him, and they confirmed              “I was so good to him,” Levenstein adds.
                                                                                                     that he is in the process of rehabilitation,     “I can’t believe that he did this to me, but
                                                                                                     and that if you are approached by him, you       am even more shocked that he targeted a
                                                                                                     should give him clothes and food, rather         poor woman from Sandringham Gardens.
                                                                                                     than money.                                      His mother lives there. In my opinion, he
Chabad World Cup headquarters in Village Walk, Sandton.                                                “As far as I know, he was employed at          should be arrested.”
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                           SA JEWISH REPORT   5

Nigel Unwin standing in front of Hospice’s main premises in Houghton,

Giving loving care to the
infirm and terminally ill
LIONEL SLIER                             Each patient is equally important,        There are lounges for patients who
PHOTOGRAPH: ILAN OSSENDRYVER             irrespective of nationality, ethnici-     are well enough to get out of bed to
                                         ty, creed or ability to pay.              be with visitors. The unit has a beau-
A COMMUNITY is judged on how                “The support and contribution          tifully laid out garden which is main-
it cares for its aged, its infirm and    that Hospice gets from the local          tained by volunteers and accessible
especially its terminally ill mem-       Jewish community is legendary. It         to patients and visitors.
bers. The Hospice at 2nd Avenue,         would be impossible to mention all           Unwin said the present premises,
Houghton as well as at Diepkloof         of it. A third of the current board of    which is a rather grand old
Hospice in Soweto, bears testimo-        governors is Jewish, namely               Houghton mansion, was bought in
ny to this care, dispensed with          Norman Wildman, a founder of the          the mid-1980s for R350 000. The JCI
love.                                    Netcare group, Michael Judin, an          Group stepped in at the time with a
   Nigel Unwin, CEO of Hospice           attorney and Barry Crystal, the act-      donation of R250 000. The house is
Witwatersrand, has had an excep-         ing chairman. Other Jewish                named after JCI’s (then) chairman,
tional business career before taking     trustees include eminent profes-          Gordon Waddell, the British Lions
on the daunting job at Hospice after     sionals like Dr Martin Chazzan and        rugby player.
retiring age, having been in an exec-    Prof Selma Browde, to name a few.            Subsequently the properties
utive position with Anglo-Ameri-            Many Jews are involved on a vol-       behind Hospice in First Avenue were
can, and Edgars for seven years and      untary basis. Jack Berman, who            taken over and the facility expanded.
executive vice-president of Anglo-       joined the board in the early days at     The renovations and extensions
Gold Ashanti.                            HospiceWits, volunteered his acc-         were donated freely by the architect
   Rather than wind down and relax       ounting skills and served as a            Hymie Maross.
after retirement age, he took up the     trustee right up to the time of his          HospiceWits needs R35 million a
challenge of chairman at Hospice         passing some years ago. Today one         year to care for the 10 000 or so peo-
Witwatersrand where he served for        of the facilities is named after him.     ple who need its services daily, which
15 years. He is now the CEO and has         Then there is Sicki Abrahamson         makes one realise the immense task
spent the last 17 years with Hospice.    who gave an enormous amount of            that exists on an ongoing basis.
   Unwin told of the early begin-        time when he worked in the phar-             Gallagher’s Corner, on Louis
nings of Hospice. “A need was iden-      macy.                                     Botha Avenue and 9th Street,
tified to assist the terminally ill in      Some years ago, Tony Katzew, son       Orange Grove, is now Hospice
Johannesburg. In fact in South           of the legendary Henry Katzew, was        Corner where there are shops in
Africa there was no form of treat-       diagnosed with motor-neuron dis-          which volunteers help. Thirty five
ment and so the notion of palliative     ease and as he got progressively          per cent of Hospice’s income is
medicine was launched.                   worse, he decided to spend the time       raised in the shops.
   “In 1984 Stan Henen and his wife      he had left, at the in-patient unit in       Unwin stressed the crucial impor-
started the Hospice Association of       Houghton. Tony passed on last year,       tance of donor funding. Various
the Witwatersrand... Being Jewish,       but not before writing his memoirs        fundraising events are regularly
there was a natural affinity between     which included the very positive          held. There was, for instance, the
the Henen family and the Jewish          last years that he spent at Hospice.      incredibly popular “Box and Dine”
community at large. There was a             The “Boerejood” as he was fondly       evenings in which Cyril Green,
personal issue for Stan as he him-       known, became an inspiration not          Louella Levine and Sam Feldman
self suffered from cancer. Sadly he      only to the doctors and staff, but        and his wife contributed their tal-
succumbed a few years ago in             also to the terminally ill there and to   ents. This draw card event has mor-
England. Cancer is a fate awaiting       their families that came to visit         phed into a “Laugh and Dine”
one in four of us eventually.            them.                                     evening.
   “Therefore there is the essential        Unwin told of some of the work            Then there is the Turffontein
need of our services to all in our       done at Hospice. “The IPU has 14          Sunday Race Day organised by attor-
community, irrespective of their         beds and the Diepkloof Soweto unit        ney Ivan Zartz. Each race is spon-
disease or their ability to pay for      has 15. Our primary service is            sored, with prizes given away, such
care.”                                   homecare. Sisters visit patients in       as a 5-day, all expenses paid trip to
   Unwin said that in Johannesburg       their homes to give succour.              Dubai at the “One & Only” resort of
there existed a socio-economic dif-      However, when patients are in             Sol Kerzner.
ference. The residents living in the     severe and unmanageable pain as              Then there is the Bidvest Annual
huge area in the south, stretching       well as in mental distress, they are      Extravaganza at which top interna-
from Orange Farm in need of treat-       admitted into IPU, where we help          tional and South African stars per-
ment, were often also victims of         them and calm them. This also gives       form and a five-course gourmet meal
malnutrition.                            their families a break. We are able to    with wines to match is served.
   This is seldom a problem found in     send a psycho-social team to inter-       Recently when the proceeds of an
those patients living north of the       act with the family at their home.”       evening raised R750 000, Brian Joffe,
city centre. However, exactly the           In the IPU itself, nurses go about     CEO of Bidvest, brought the takings
same level of treatment is given.        their duties quietly, and efficiently.    up to R1 million.
6   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                              02 - 09 July 2010

                                              SOCIAL SCENE
                                                                                          Rita Lewis

Happiness starts
with the self
                                                                                                                         Some of the WIZO hierarchi, Lee Joffe; Crystal Kaplan; Gertie
STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY                 preferred one - with the winner       WIZO will be celebrating 60 years         Feinstein; and Yvonne Jawitz.
RITA LEWIS                               being the tomato and red pepper.      since the launch of their cookery
                                           Guests were also given some         book, The International Goodwill
WITH SO much pressure on peo-            freshly made fruit tarts to taste -   Cookery Book.
ple to keep fit, healthy, slim and a     making for an enjoyable end to the      They will be launching their fol-
myriad other things, there is often      "lunch". Recipes for everything       low-up book which will be filled
a shortage of practical knowledge        were available.                       with different recipes as well as a
and instruction on how to go               • On July 21 at 09:30 at the HOD,   new look at old favourites.
about it.
   Last week, WIZO's Fortnightly
Forum addressed this with a
demonstration at Beyachad enti-
tled, "Take Responsibility for Your
Own Health", with two experts on
the subject, Devorah Kur and
Shelley Geffen.
   Kur knows about healing the
mind: How filling it full of positive
thoughts can impact on the body,
keeping it fit, healthy and alert,
while Geffen knows about keeping
the body strong and well-nourished
by feeding it on the correct types of                                                                                    WIZO’s Andrea Wainer chats to master caterer, Shelley Geffen as she
food.                                                                                                                    demonstrates some of her culinary secrets.
   The speakers were introduced by
Andrea Wainer, who gave short
backgrounds of the two, who from
different points of the spectrum are
teaching people how to improve           Myrna Hodes with Freda Klass.
their health.
   Kur said it didn't matter what age
a person was, it was possible to
improve their feelings of well-being
- especially if they were interested
in helping themselves.
   She emphasised the importance
of grown people (and children) tak-
ing responsibility for their own
   Giving two examples of how to
make a person feel more alive, she
spoke of laughing - making a per-
son relax and dancing, which
makes a person feel alive. She sug-
gested: "Try it even if there is noth-
ing to laugh at or no-one to dance
with." Our emotions affect us so                                                                                         Peggy Friedman and Gloria Isaacson - enjoying their tea.
much "that as we feel, so we
become". What "we become, so we          Lorraine Rosmarin, Andrea Wainer and guest speaker, Devorah Kur,
have been thinking."                     with Doreen Ben Saul.
   She quoted Dr Bernie Segal who
noticed that when a person with a
terminal illness was told he/she
had a short time to live, they
packed everything possible into
that time, becoming motivated,
energised and determined to make
the best of the time available.
   He noticed that often their symp-
toms started disappearing.
   She advised everyone to work on
themselves. "Forget problems and
faribels. Where do they get you?"
   Work on yourself to be happy.
"Either the rain will ruin your day
or you can take an umbrella so that
it won't.
   "Don't carry your stresses and
feelings of anger and resentment                                                                                         Elaine Smith and Helen Wolfson, with Aviva Ozen.
around with you; "they send out          Laura Sher and Lorna Sonnenberg.
stress hormones".
   She said life wasn't easy - "but
don't make it more difficult".
Change the things that make you
unhappy, such as your job, difficult
friends, rude children, etc. "But
make time for yourself."
   Culinary expert Geffen gave a
demonstration of different soups,
using healthy ingredients. She gave
useful tips on the use of different
spices and how to vary the ingredi-
ents used.
   She also showed her audience
how to make some unusual accom-
paniments to soup - as a change
from the usual perogen.
   Guests were offered a bowl of the
three different soups (she made) to
taste and there was much discus-
sion as to which soup was the            Sheila Benjamin, Sylvia Zaidel and Fay Miller.                                  Tanya Sachs and Marcia Favish.
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                          SA JEWISH REPORT               7

COMMUNITY BUZZ                               lent Community Buzz column! As a                            Orange Free state Coal and Mineral

082-444-9832, fax: 011-440-0448,
                                             regular reader of the SA Jewish
                                             Report, your reporting on South
                                             African country Jewish communities
                                                                                                         Mining Company).
                                                                                                           “The town that spouted on the
                                                                                                         banks of the Vaal River as a result
                                             is of interest to me, as I began doing
                                             socio-historic research on this topic
                                             nearly 30 years ago.
                                                                                                         was named ‘Vereeniging’ after this
                                                                                                         company in 1892. The company later
                                                                                                         changed its name to Vereeniging
                                                                                                                                                                                       THE WORLD
INDWE AND DORDRECHT                             “An accredited consultant to                             Estates.

From Ivan Nurick:
                                             ‘Jewish Life in the Country
                                             Communities, Vol 2’, and having con-
                                                                                                           “Vereeniging became the centre of
                                                                                                         Marks’ dream of an industrial city
                                                                                                                                                                                             NEWS IN BRIEF
                                             tributed much material also towards                         like Sheffield in England on the banks
“The description of the Jewish ceme-         Vol 3, I should have been acknowl-                          of the Vaal River. As time passed,                                   LAVROV DEFENDS RUSSIA'S TALKS WITH
tery by Marc Kopman is rather mis-           edged in this book, too, were it not for                    Marks started quite a few other                                      HAMAS
leading as it is an integral but separate    the researcher from SA Friends of                           undertakings here.”
part of the general cemetery. There          Beth Hatefutsoth, omitting to supply                          By Andre Malan, published by the                                   JERUSALEM - Russia's foreign minister defended
are four adults and three children           my name to the editors.                                     National Cultural Museum, Pretoria,                                  his country's holding direct talks with Hamas in
(buried there) but the identities of the        “Your reporting on Molteno (SAJR,                        1996.                                                                Gaza, while his Israeli counterpart said achieving
children are not known.                      June 18) refers. My friend, Marc                                                                                                 peace would take time.
  “My father, who died on February           Kopman of Krugersdorp, writes that                          KRUGERSDORP                                                             "Yes, we are holding talks with Hamas - because
26, 1947, is the latest and the others are   the foundation-stone of the Molteno                                                                                              it was elected by a large Palestinian majority in
(buried) between 1922 and 1929; firstly      Synagogue was railed to Cape Town.                          Marc Kopman writes:                                                  free elections, according to all elements," Russian
Sarah Lief, sister of Abraham Shrock,        The fact is that a Christian couple                         Vice chairman, United Hebrew                                         Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday
Harry Cohen and someone called               who were long-standing residents of                         Institutions of Krugersdorp                                          in Jerusalem following a meeting with his Israeli
Sherman. The town of Dordrecht, I            Molteno, very kindly put it in their                                                                                             counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman.
think, had 48 when I counted them in         boot when ‘driving’ to visit their chil-                    “The article recently submitted by                                      Lavrov added that he believed that the talks
2001.                                        dren in Cape Town in 1984. “Together                        Colin Plen of Cape Town has refer-                                   were yielding results and that "we are witnessing
  “Indwe may appear very small and           with many other foundation stones, it                       ence and I agree 100 per cent that                                   positive movements".
insignificant, but it is steeped in histo-   was put into a memorial garden at the                       West and East Rand communities                                          He said Russia was encouraging Hamas to
ry. Firstly it is definitely named after     entrance of the then Cape Town                              should be included and not solely                                    accept the Arab Peace Initiative, which offers
the blue crane, but for a number of          Jewish Museum, on whose committee                           Johannesburg. A great pity to exclude                                Israel regional peace in exchange for land.
years it had been called Spriggtown,         I served at the time.                                       them! For example and to correct the                                    During the joint news conference, Lieberman
after Sir Gordon Sprigg, in the 1890s.          “The leaders of its successor, the                       record, Krugersdorp’s first shul                                     said there would not be an independent
  “The Indwe coal mining company             South African Jewish Museum, con-                           opened in 1894 in West Krugersdorp                                   Palestinian state in the next two years.
had mines at Indwe and Molteno and           sidering these stones superfluous to                        (currently the site of Atlas Bakery).                                   "I'm an optimistic person, but there is absolute-
was probably the biggest producer in         needs, put them all into storage.                             “At the time the kehilla was known                                 ly no chance of reaching a Palestinian state by
the country in the 1890s. It was a whol-        “Meeting this Molteno resident was                       as the West Rand Hebrew Congre-                                      2012," Lieberman said. "One can dream and imag-
ly owned subsidiary of De Beers and          personally poignant for me. The most                        gation, incorporating both Roode-                                    ine, but we are far from reaching understandings
was chaired by (Jewish) Colonel Sir          recent rabbi of Molteno, the Rev                            poort and Randfontein, which respec-                                 and an agreement."
David Harris. They built and privately       Hirschel Jacobson, passed away there                        tively opened their own congrega-                                       The Quartet, of which Russia is a member
owned the Sterkstroom-Indwe line,            in 1941. This man remembered the                            tions in the early 1900s.                                            along with the United States, the European Union
and sold it to Cape Government               Rev Jacobson from his youth as                                “The first burial in Krugersdorp’s                                 and the United Nations, have called for peace
Railways in 1906, which extended it to       always distributing sweets to children                      Jewish cemetery was that of Samuel                                   between Israel and the Palestinians by 2012 (JTA)
Maclear.                                     from a seemingly endless supply he                          Liski, 24 Adar 1894. It was only nine
  “Indwe and Dordrecht were very             had in his waistcoat pocket.                                years later in 1903 (as reported by
interesting in the early Union (of              “Rev Jacobson’s son and daughter-                        Colin     Plen)     that   the   West                                CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON EAST
South Africa) days (which came about         in-law were my late great-uncle and                         Krugersdorp site was replaced by a                                   JERUSALEM JEWISH HOMES
in 1910). Indwe was the third town in        great-aunt, Alec and Evelyn Jacobson                        new shul (currently the site of a
South Africa to have electricity; Cape       of Rondebosch, then Claremont, Cape                         motor dealer) more centrally situated                                JERUSALEM - Construction has begun on a
Town was the first and Kimberley the         Town. Their daughter and son-in-law                         in Krugersdorp’s town, eventually to                                 Jewish housing project in an eastern Jerusalem
second.                                      live in Cape Town.                                          be replaced by a third complex in 1968                               neighbourhood.
  “The farm, Buffelsfontein, about 80           “The late Rebbetzen Jacobson told                        and a fourth (current) one in 2007.                                    A construction crew arrived last Sunday at the
kilometers from Indwe and halfway            the story that among the duties of the                      Both these are situated in Monument,                                 Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah to begin drilling
between Elliot and Molteno, is official-     rabbinical couple of Molteno was to                         a suburb of Krugersdorp.                                             as part of engineering testing on the site, accord-
ly the coldest place in the country,         offer hospitality to visiting meshul-                         “One hundred and sixteen years                                     ing to reports.
Sutherland’s claims notwithstanding.         lochim. On one occasion, Rebbetzen                          down the line and the United Hebrew                                    Twenty new Jewish homes are set to be built on
  “Prominent ‘Indweites’, besides            Jacobson served delicious traditional                       Institutions of Krugersdorp are                                      the site by American Jewish millionaire Irving
Abraham Shrock, include Margaret             dishes of borsht, gefilte fish and lok-                     thankfully still around to tell the                                  Moskowitz, who purchased the property in 1985.
MacKenzie, a doctor’s daughter of the        shen pudding for dinner. At the end,                        story, albeit in smaller numbers, but                                In 2007, Moskowitz proposed a plan to build 122
early thirties, who went to Rhodes,          the chutzpadike hungry meshullach                           every bit as active as a functioning                                 apartments on the site; he modified the plan to 20
married Prof J L B Smith and they            asked: ‘Is this all?!’                                      congregation!                                                        apartments in 2009.
were involved with great advances in            “Without a blink, the rebbetzen                            “There are others, since defunct                                     The construction plan originally was approved
ichthyology (the study of fish).”            tactfully replied: ‘As Molteno is a                         (Randfontein, Roodepoort and Car-                                    in July 2009, contingent on the payment of certain
  To be continued.                           small town, the meals served in it are                      letonville on the West Rand and                                      fees. Final approval and a permit for the con-
                                             commensurate with its size. In the                          Springs, Germiston, Boksburg and                                     struction project was granted after the payment
  • Prof. Smith was famously involved        next town you come to, being bigger,                        Kempton Park among others on the                                     of the fees in March, just hours before Prime
in the study of the coelacanth, a fish       you are likely to be served bigger por-                     East Rand).                                                          Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with
which was believed to be an ancient          tions’.”                                                      “The South African Friends of Beth                                 President Barack Obama at the White House, dur-
ancestor of land vertebrates. In the            To be continued.                                         Hatefutsoth are doing a sterling job                                 ing which observers have said Obama snubbed
early 1950s one was caught near the                                                                      with their current research and ongo-                                Netanyahu.
Comores and amid great excitement it         PRETORIA                                                    ing publications which include the                                     The construction this week comes just days
was identified by Prof Smith and his                                                                     abovementioned, but that these con-                                  before Netanyahu is scheduled to again meet with
wife Margaret.                               Sammy Marks continued:                                      gregations shouldn’t be included in                                  Obama at the White House.
                                                                                                         the museums is very sad!”                                              Peace Now said in a statement last Sunday:
MOLTENO                                      “From the diamond fields, Marks and                                                                                              "The mayor of Jerusalem and his partners in the
                                             his cousin, Isaac Lewis, moved to coal                      JOHANNESBURG                                                         right wing continue to decide the facts on the
From Rabbi Stuart Serwator:                  exploitation and in 1880 founded ‘De                                                                                             ground and harm Israel's political status.
                                             Zuid-Afrikaansche en Oranje Vrij-                           What profiteth ye bottom-liners, ye                                  Netanyahu must order [Nir] Barkat to stop the
“Shalom uvracha from Cape Town! A            staatste Kolen en Mineralen Mijn                            bean counters, that ye close Beyachad                                construction in Sheikh Jarrah immediately."
hearty yashar-ko’ach on your excel-          Vereeniging’. (The South African and                        Library and lose the world?                                          (JTA)

                                                                                                                                                                  CONTACT                                 VIEW BY APPOINTMENT/FOR SALE
                                                                                                                                                       Trevor Stamelman: 082-608-0168                     1. BAGLEYSTON: 3 beds, 2 baths, 3 recep,
                                                                                                                                                              Tel: (011) 885-3742                            cottage, garden and pool. R1,3 mil.
                                                                                                                                                                2. BAGLEYSTON: 4 beds, 1 1/2 baths, 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                             recep, cottage, garden and pool. R1,3 mil.
                                                            GLENHAZEL CORBEL CRESCENT                                 PERCELIA ESTATE                                    FAIRMOUNT                        3. HIGHLANDS NORTH: 4 beds, 3 baths, 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                             recep, pool, jacuzzi, staff accom and
                                                                                                                                                                                                             more. R1,2 mil.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          4. HIGHLANDS NORTH: 3 beds, 1 1/2 baths,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             2 recep, staff accom, garden and more.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             R850 000.
                                                                                                        4 beds, 2 baths, 3 recep, lovely gardens and     4 beds, 2 1/2 baths, 4 recep, gourmet eat-in
                                                                                                                                                                                                          5. GLENHAZEL/LYNDHURST: 4 beds, 3
                                                                                                             pool with WFH studio and more.              kitchen, lovely gardens, pool, staff accom and
                                                                                                             BOOMED AREA! R1,6/R1,7 mil.                          office/studio. From R2,5 mil.              baths, 3 recep, cottage garden and pool.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             R1,3 mil.
                                                       700 m2 Stand, 450 m2 undercover. 4 beds, 4                      GLENHAZEL                                    DUNHILL/GLENHAZEL                     6. SYDENHAM: 3 beds, 2 baths, cottage,
                                                        baths, 4 recep, staff accom, double garage,
                                                      landscaped garden, pool. Flatlet with 2 beds, 2                                                                                                        garden and more. R1,3 mil.
                                                                 baths and so much more.                                                                                                                  7. GRESSWOLD: 3 beds, 2 baths, 2 recep,
                                                        R2,2 mil as is or R4,2 mil finished. Plans
                                                                                                                                                                                                             pool in complex and garden. R700 000.
                                                          approved. Builders waiting to finish.
                                                                  Call me to view today                                                                                                                   8. SAVOY ESTATE: 3 beds, 2 baths, 3 recep,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             garden and staff accom. R650 000.
                                                              For pictures of these and                 Garden townhouse: 3 beds, 2 baths, patio and     3 beds, 2 baths, duplex townhouse, pvt gar-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          9. LINKSFIELD: 4 beds, 3 recep, 3 baths,
                                                                other properties go to                   garden, with maid’s room, garage and more.     den, lock-up garage, 24-hr security and more.
                                                                                   R1,3 mil.                                       R1,5 mil.                          cottage, garden and pool. R2,3 mil.
8   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                              02 - 09 July 2010

    AROUND                           Debt - take account of all options first
      THE                            JASON MORRIS                               You live in fear of a knock on
                                                                             the door and a sheriff wanting to
                                                                                                                                                              save, as every available cent is
                                                                                                                                                              used to pay off creditors.

    WORLD                            SINCE THE huge stock market
                                     crash of 2008 there has been an
                                     unprecedented increase in the
                                                                             attach your belongings.
                                                                                People are embarrassed, they
                                                                             bottle up their feelings, they get
                                                                                                                                                                You cannot get out of it as the
                                                                                                                                                              rearrangement is made an order
                                                                                                                                                              of court. All this when in most
    NEWS IN BRIEF                    number of people in financial           sick, they are not sure of the                                                   cases all you need is an exten-
                                     distress and this has placed a          future.                                                                          sion in time to get your affairs in
                                     huge burden on aid organisa-               The latest figures show that                                                  order.
ENGEL SLAMS CHAVEZ ON                tions within not only the Jewish        over 2 000 families are at present                                                 The answer perhaps lies in
'GENOCIDAL' SLUR                     community, but the country              receiving financial assistance                                                   negotiating with your creditors.
                                     itself.                                 from the various charitable                                                      Credit providers are more than
WASHINGTON - The chairman               Courts are handling more             organisations within the Jewish                                                  open to negotiation, rather than
of     the     US     House     of   sequestration applications than         community. This is an alarming-                                                  having clients placed under debt
Representatives Latin American       ever before. The numbers of debt        ly high number, considering it is                                                review, as debt review, while it
subcommittee, has slammed            review applications being han-          a well-known fact that the largest                                               protects the consumer to some
Venezuelan President Hugo            dled by magistrates courts have         Jewish population in South                                                       extent, provided that the con-
Chavez for calling Israel a "geno-   reached pandemic proportions,           Africa happens to be in our ceme-                                                sumer never defaults on any
cidal" state.                        while credit providers have set         teries; our living number only                                                   agreement under review, it also
   Chavez, who is hosting Syrian     up entire divisions with the sole       about 70 000.                                                                    closes the door to the credit
President Bashar Assad this          purpose of        handling debt            But what can we do about it?                                                  provider on doing business with
week, described their countries      rearrangement proposals from            We have to do something. Our                                                     the consumer any time in the
as having "common enemies":          debt counsellors.                       community        and    charitable                                               near future.
"The Yankee empire, the genoci-         Call centres have been set up to     organisations can not carry on            the first place. But what do we          And in most cases this drags
dal state of Israel."                call people in default at all hours     indefinitely supporting an ever-          do?                                    out a payment, that the con-
   US Representative Eliot Engel     of the day and night, text mes-         increasing number of financially             As a qualified debt counsellor      sumer, if left to get on his feet
(Democrat New York) said             sages are sent out with vague           distressed families.                      and law scholar, I see many peo-       again, could pay back much
Chavez needed to distract atten-     threats of attachment of proper-           People say it’s the banks’ fault       ple in financial distress, with        quicker than if he went through
tion from his own problems.          ty and court orders.                    or the credit providers’ fault and        their main aim being to be placed      the long laborious task of debt
   "If my country had one of the        Attorneys have set up offices        that prior to the implementation          under debt review, as they have        review and court orders.
highest murder rates in the          full of clerks to handle the            of the National Credit Act - the          been told that this is the only way      I see more and more clients
world, the highest inflation rate    unprecedented number of in-             Act that currently governs the            they can protect themselves, and       who are benefiting in an ever-
in Latin America, and an econo-      structions to collect and the sub-      granting of credit - the various          their family.                          increasing manner from debt
my which is expected to shrink       sequent summonses that must be          credit providers handed out cred-            This is not the case, as debt       counsellors examining their
by more than six per cent this       issued. In essence, they are run-       it in a reckless manner, as they          review is in essence an act of         credit agreements, checking the
year, I, too, would be talking       ning a sausage factory, and yes         knew that the new Act would               insolvency, a noose around your        validity of the clauses and nego-
about anything but what's going      this sausage factory very often         govern them in a far stricter             neck that effectively stops you        tiating with credit providers on
on at home," Engel said.             makes mistakes - mistakes that          manner than the previous Usury            from ever attaining credit or sav-     their behalf, for new payment
   "I guess that's why Mr Chavez     can be fought. What has all this        Act did.                                  ing until your current commit-         terms, or an extension of time.
is attacking the Israelis and why    led to?                                    This may be so, but the credit         ments are paid and a clearance           By doing that they may be able
Foreign Policy Magazine just            People are having sleepless          providers never forced us to use          certificate has been issued.           to avoid in most cases the need to
ranked him the 17th worst dicta-     nights, married couples are             the credit provided and many of              This can take years, especially     carry out the senseless act of
tor in the world. And I guess        fighting, placing unnecessary           us just accepted the credit and           if you have a bond over a proper-      insolvency that debt review is.
that's why he's hanging around       stress on their relationships and       used it - and now we cannot meet          ty - years where you cannot            Don’t let your debt problems get
Bashar Assad Ö No. 12."              making their children feel              the financial commitments,                invest in property or even buy a       out of hand. Talk about them,
   B'nai B'rith International has    uneasy                                  which we had no right to have in          new car, as you have no ability to     negotiate; we are all affected.
also condemned the remarks.
   "This meeting was a political
move by Venezuela to form an
additional partnership with
another Middle East state spon-
                                     Celebrating Yiddishkeit in the Rainbow                                                                                   League leader, Julius) Malema is
                                                                                                                                                              openly ridiculed by the South
                                                                                                                                                              African media. Conversely, North
sor of terrorism," B'nai Bírith
executive vice president Daniel
Mariaschin said, referring to
                                     Nation - an expat’s perspective                                                                                          Koreanesque Zimbabwean TV still
                                                                                                                                                              lauds Comrade Mugabe as a divine
                                                                                                                                                              presence. Also, the Zuma govern-
Chavez's closeness to the Iranian    ANTHONY ORKIN                                      on      Raleigh      Street.   Africa is not a major problem.         ment immediately condemned the
regime. "We call on the civilised    SYDNEY                                             Likewise in Doornfontein,        Strolling past Jewish parents,       murder of AWB leader Eugene
world to unite and oppose this                                                          around iconic Ellis Park       many Baal Teshuva, pushing             Terre’Blanche. Hopefully, this will
language in the strongest of         SOME SOUTH African                                 and in Braamfontein by         prams and walking with their kids      be a catalyst to curtail the horrific
terms." (JTA)                        Jews, particularly fellow                          the Civic Centre.              to shuls and shtieblach, was inspir-   number of farm attacks.
                                     expatriates, seem preoc-                              Poverty is often in your    ing and augurs well for the future        There’s ample opportunity to be
ROBERT BYRD, LONGEST-                cupied with the nega-                              face with beggars at traf-     of the community. This will partly     entrepreneurial in South Africa,
SERVING SENATOR, DIES AT             tives in South Africa -                            fic lights, one notably in     offset the disproportionate number     notwithstanding sky-high unem-
92                                   violent crime, hijacking,                          fancy dress in Illovo. A       of elderly, the result of decades of   ployment. Many Jewish contempo-
                                     electrified walls, corrup-                         sign that many of the          emigration.                            raries are using their initiative and
WASHINGTON - Robert Byrd,            tion, cronyism, Aids                               most vulnerable are not          There’s a superb Chevrah             succeeding in ways difficult to
the longest-serving US senator       denialism, power cuts,                             yet    uplifted.    Jewish     Kadisha to give a helping hand to      match in Australia with its more
who criticised Israel but            service delivery, scapegoating,         groups, like MaAfrika Tikkun, are         those most in need. The energetic      red tape and bureaucracy.
refrained from using his consid-     affirmative action, political leader-   responding to this with wonderful         young communal leadership, from           The global financial crisis has
erable power to cut its funding,     ship etc.                               outreach programmes in the town-          the Chief Rabbi down, is a model       also caused some who were think-
has died.                               Perhaps it’s a mechanism to jus-     ships.                                    for other Diaspora communities.        ing of leaving, to stay. Many young
   Obituaries for Byrd, 92, a West   tify why they emigrated or intend          The building boom in the sub-            There’s an active local media,       Jews, it seems, are content to
Virginia Democrat, focused on        to. Having just returned from an        urbs is extraordinary. The Sandton        this newspaper and ChaiFM, to          remain in South Africa with a wait
the bookends to his 51-year          eye-opening visit to South Africa, I    skyline is a work-in-progress, dot-       keep the community well inform-        and see attitude.
career: His membership for sev-      want to touch on the many positive      ted with cranes. Stylish new build-       ed. The numerous minyanim,                Some yearn for the freedom and
eral years before his election in    aspects I saw, for Jews and in gen-     ings, some tacky, are a tangible          many new, show a vibrant commu-        beauty of Sydney, “walking down
the racist Ku Klux Klan and his      eral.                                   mark of confidence in South               nity passionate about Yiddishkeit      the street and the sea” as one put it,
unsuccessful effort to filibuster       Seeing South Africans of all         Africa’s economy. My childhood            and Ahavas Yisrael.                    while others are interested but
the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and his   colours and backgrounds wearing         hangouts - Norwood Mall and                 Kosher establishments aplenty,       mindful of exorbitant property
opposition in the last decade to     Bafana Bafana shirts gave a power-      Morningside Shopping Centre, are          including at the impressive Genesis    prices there.
the Iraq war.                        ful and infectious sense of patriot-    unrecognisable and enhanced.              Centre, makes being and becoming          I returned to Australia feeling
   The trajectory was one of a       ism. Cars draped in national flags         Violent crime is clearly a her-        frum in Johannesburg very acces-       cautiously upbeat about the proud
conservative southern Democrat       made the dangerous roads feel           culean problem but inroads have           sible and easy. I hear Cape Town is    South African Jewish community.
to a fiery liberal, and he           safer and happier.                      been made with the Community              buzzing too, especially Gardens           The massive social experiment
embraced it, never denying his          Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo          Active Patrols, foremost in the           shul.                                  that is the New South Africa, is still
roots, but expressing his regrets    Airport is world class and will give    Glenhazel area, where I was told            The overwhelming Litvak her-         being written. South Africa is no
over his adherence to the south-     Soccer World Cup visitors a lasting     contact crime has gone down by a          itage and that many of the city’s      lost cause! I believe that post-Zuma,
ern cultural mores of his youth.     first impression of the country.        staggering 85 per cent.                   founders were Jewish, has given        with selfless, pro-Western, capital-
   One thing that was consistent,    While some of the highways are             This is characteristic Jewish self-    the 50 000 or so yidden in the City    istic leadership, focused on educa-
however, was his willingness to      belatedly and frantically being         reliance at its best. I was advised       of Gold special cohesion and con-      tion and law and order, the future
express skepticism of US assis-      upgraded, when they are complet-        that South Africa will reap long-         fidence. The community is thriv-       for the Jews in South Africa is
tance to Israel, rooted in part in   ed along with the Gautrain, the         term benefits from the training           ing by the key measurements:           potentially bright.
his traditions as a pork-barrel      infrastructure will be much             police received for the World Cup.        Jewish school enrolment, kash-            In the meantime, as the World
lawmaker who believed that US        improved.                               Being pulled up in my car, however,       rut, shul attendance, a low inter-     Cup beckons, there is still much to
money was best spent on con-            Driving through parts of the         by a policeman outside the very           marriage rate and Zionism.             celebrate about being Jewish
stituents. He was a consistent, at   Johannesburg CBD, synonymous            public Oliver Tambo Airport and           Johannesburg is not a great            under the Rainbow Nation’s sunny
times lonely, man out on pro-        as a no-go zone with urban decay,       asked for a bribe after allegedly not     Diaspora community, it is the          skies.
Israel letters and nonbinding        was encouraging. Large sections         stopping at a stop sign, shows that       greatest!                                 I look forward to your feedback.
resolutions.                         have been gentrified with cafes         blatant police corruption is a con-         I visited Zimbabwe briefly,
   Nonetheless, he never used his    and shops. These streets looked         tinuing challenge.                        where the once strong Jewish           Anthony Orkin ( pictured) lives in
influential leadership positions -   clean, welcoming and worthy of             Thanks to GAP and the CSO,             community of 8 000 has dwindled        Sydney. He left South Africa as an
including a long stint as chair-     the city’s status as the New York       walking around Glenhazel on               to about 250. Ad nauseam, South        11 year old in 1989, but is a regular
man of the Appropriations            of Africa.                              Shabbos felt secure and peaceful.         African Jewish pessimists talk         visitor. For seven years he worked as
Committee - to block funds to           In notorious Yeoville, much of it    Despite the ANC’s Palestinian sym-        about South Africa heading             an adviser to senior politicians in
Israel. (JTA)                        terribly rundown, there are reno-       pathies and the large, vocal Muslim       Zimbabwe’s way.                        the Howard Federal Government.
                                     vated flats and there’s regeneration    population, anti-Semitism in South          The immature (ANC Youth    
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                             SA JEWISH REPORT     9

Gay pride parade used ruse to include                                                                                                                           attending our parade,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                                “Groups that bring messages of
                                                                                                                                                                hate cannot be given licence to
                                                                                                                                                                hijack the parade and turn it into a

anti-Israel group, critics charge                                                                                                                               propaganda tool for such anti-
                                                                                                                                                                Israel venom.”
                                                                                                                                                                   Bernie Farber, chief executive
                                                                                                                                                                officer of the Canadian Jewish
RON CSILLAG                            designed to secure some $120 000 in     Israeli Apartheid group could con-    participating groups simply “read,         Congress, said he would march in
TORONTO                                city funding.                           travene the city’s anti-discrimina-   sign and agree to abide by” the city       the event and would be sending an
                                          Parade officials, responding to      tion rules.                           of Toronto’s policies on non-dis-          e-mail blast to thousands of com-
CANADIAN JEWISH organisa-              pressure from Jewish groups and            After parade organisers said the   crimination.                               munity members urging them to
tions are saying they will not back    several municipal politicians,          group would be barred from               Queers Against Israeli Apartheid        stand by Israel, the only country in
down after an unexpected policy        including candidates for mayor,         marching under its name, the city     declared victory against what the          the Middle East that supported gay
reversal that will allow an anti-      said in May they were “disallow-        was satisfied that its rules would    group said was censorship. Jews            and lesbian rights.
Israel group to participate in this    ing” the controversial group from       not be violated and handed over the   and their allies said parade organis-         He called parade organisers
year’s Toronto gay pride parade.       using     the    phrase      “Israeli   funding to parade organisers.         ers had duped the city to acquire the      “weak-kneed and sad”.
   Organisers of the annual parade,    apartheid” in the July 4 parade.           But Queers Against Israeli         money.                                        Queers Against Israeli Apart-
one of the largest events on           Officials said the anti-Israel group    Apartheid refused to comply, vow-        “I think it’s safe to say that all of   heid spokeswoman Elle Flanders
Canada’s cultural calendar, back-      could march under another ban-          ing to participate under its name     City Hall feels duped,” said City          told JTA that her group “of course”
tracked this month from an earlier     ner, such as “Queers in Favour of a     and setting up a potential con-       Councilman Giorgio Mammoliti,              would abide by the parade’s condi-
decision that had banned a group       Free Palestine”.                        frontation on the day of the event.   according to a report in the Toronto       tion, “as at no point do the words
called Queers Against Israeli             The city of Toronto initially had    Last week, the parade board           Sun.                                       ‘Israel Apartheid’ constitute hate
Apartheid from marching in the         threatened to pull about $120 000 in    announced an about-face: The ban         Mammoliti, a mayoral candidate,         speech.
parade under that name. Critics        funding to the parade, saying par-      on anti-Israel language was           told the newspaper that he would              “[They are] nothing more than a
said the reversal was part of a ruse   ticipation by the Queers Against        replaced by a requirement that all    introduce a motion asking the              descriptor used by the Israeli press,
                                                                                                                     money to be returned and to discon-        politicians and intellectuals time
                                                                                                                     tinue future funding of the parade.        and again.” Flanders is Jewish and
                                                                                                                        Speaking at a news conference           was raised partly in Israel.
                                                                                                                     organised last week Friday, fellow            Martin Gladstone, a gay Jewish
                                                                                                                     councilman and mayoral hopeful,            lawyer who led the campaign
                                                                                                                     Rob Ford said he was “disgusted” by        against Flanders’ group, slammed
                                                                                                                     the reversal by parade organisers.         parade officials for their actions.
                                                                                                                        “There is no room for hate speech          “They received their funding
                                                                                                                     in the City of Toronto, and I’m going      provided they kept the anti-Israel
                                                                                                                     to do everything I can to stop this,”      groups out,” he said. “That was the
                                                                                                                     he vowed.                                  condition from the city. And they
                                                                                                                        Jewish advocates used the news          took the cheque and they reversed
                                                                                                                     conference to relay their disap-           [their decision] and rebuked the
                                                                                                                     pointment and pledge to forge              city.”
                                                                                                                     ahead.                                        Inclusion of Queers Against
                                                                                                                        “We are more determined than            Israeli Apartheid, Gladstone told
                                                                                                                     ever to galvanise a large number of        JTA, “has nothing to do with gay
                                                                                                                     marchers for the parade,” said             pride. It hurts our gay community.
                                                                                                                     Justine Apple, executive director of       And sponsors and stakeholders at
An official with Kulanu, shown here marching in the Toronto Gay Pride Parade in June last year, says the             a local gay and lesbian Jewish             some point [will say] they signed
Jewish LBGT group wants to galvanise a large number of marchers for this year’s parade. (PHOTOGRAPH:                 group, Kulanu.                             up for a gay rights celebration, not
CREATIVE COMMONS/SWEET ONE)                                                                                             “We will not be bullied from            a hate fest against Israel.” (JTA)
10   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                          02 - 09 July 2010

                                                                   OPINION AND ANALYSIS
                                                                               FORUM FOR DIVERSE VIEWS

                                                                                                                                                                             Natan Sharansky,
                                                                                                                                                                               chairman of the
                                                                                                                                                                            Jewish Agency for
                                                                                                                                                                            Israel, addresses a
                                                                                                                                                                                     meeting in

         On miracles                                                                                                                                                          Jerusalem of the

         and realism                                                                                                                                                           board of gover-
                                                                                                                                                                              nors, on June 20.
                                                                                                                                                                               (BRIAN HENDLER)

 AS IT has always been, Israel remains a place of para-
 dox. Walk down a Tel Aviv street and you experience a
 thriving, bustling city full of joie de vivre - cafes on
 every corner, streets busy with new cars and bicycles,
 tourists filling fancy hotels, surfers revelling at the
 beachfront and high-rise office blocks bursting with
 industry and finance.
    Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv is known as a “city that never
 sleeps”. For a visitor, this most peaceful spot might have
 only its own soul and pleasure to worry about.
    It mirrors Israel as a whole: the economy is booming,
 property prices are rising, the hi-tech industry rivals the
 best in the world, and everywhere construction is going
 on. In 2009 the number of Israeli millionaires grew
 faster than in all but two countries, according to Merrill
 Lynch Israel. It had 8 419 at year’s end, a rise of nearly
 43 per cent over 2008, the third-highest rate of increase
 behind Hong Kong at 104 per cent and India at 51 per
    But flip the coin and what you find is an Israel that in
 the last few years has seen its diplomatic situation and
 image in the world deteriorating to one of dire straits,
 and threats from Arab and Muslim enemies increasing
                                                               Jewish Agency makes it official:
 dramatically. Dreams of overall peace and a “normal”
 life for Israelis seem, for the foreseeable future, to be
 just that - dreams.
                                                               New focus is on identity building
    This was highlighted on Monday by none other than          JACOB BERKMAN                              that for the better part of the 20th centu-    than $100 million annually in unre-
 former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Alon Liel,          NEW YORK                                   ry, the world Jewish community was             stricted funds from the North
 who in past years was intimately involved in Israel’s                                                    consumed with founding, establishing           American Jewish federation system, is
 peace negotiations with Syria, relations with Turkey          AS EXPECTED, the board of gover-           and settling the State of Israel.              expected to approve its budget at meet-
 and other diplomatic arenas. Liel, a passionate soccer        nors of the Jewish Agency for Israel          “We were once a people without a            ings in October. The budget will reflect
 fan who came to South Africa for the World Cup, spoke         has approved a plan to overhaul the        homeland; we can’t become a homeland           the new strategy; a number of pro-
 at Beyachad in Johannesburg as a guest of SAZF.               agency’s focus.                            without a people,” said Misha Galperin,        grammes that are not within the new
    The constellation of threats include growing hatred of        The new strategic vision, which is      who last week Thursday was to become           focus will be cut or drastically
 Israel from “worldwide civil society” (as opposed to gov-     outlined in an 11-page document, calls     the agency’s head of global external           reduced.
 ernments), particularly among the left. “World opinion”       for turning the agency’s attention         affairs - a position created with the            “In     co-ordination      with     the
 is today more of a factor in international affairs than it    more squarely toward building global       overhaul.                                      Government of Israel and other part-
 has ever been, and Israel is losing the image war badly.      Jewish identity, and away from its tra-       In its bid to play matchmaker               ners, we will phase out of those pro-
    Governments are increasingly sensitive to pressures        ditional mission of bringing in and set-   between Israel and the Diaspora in             grammes that do not align with the
 from their electorates and could be forced to downgrade       tling new immigrants to Israel.            the name of pushing Jewish identity,           mission,” reads a passage in the newly
 relations with Israel. There is also the “Obama” factor -        The plan, according to a statement      the agency has four goals, according           approved strategic visioning docu-
 US President Barack Obama’s noticeably cooler attitude        released by the agency last week,          to the document (which is available            ment.
 towards Israel compared with his predecessors, which          passed 119-1 in a June 25 vote at the      on      JTA’s     philanthropy        blog,      Programmes that are aligned with
 has encouraged the rising tide of popular disillusion-        board’s meetings in Jerusalem.                             the revised mission will be examined
 ment towards Israel. Obama has none of the instinctive           “The main danger facing the Jewish      • Expand the multifaceted significance         for their ability to make a difference to
 warmth for Israel of previous presidents like Bill            world today is a weakening of the con-       of Israel in the identity of young Jews      our strategic goals, their unique added
 Clinton and George W Bush.                                    nection of young Jews to their people        around the world.                            value and the degree to which they are
    Relations with Muslim countries like Turkey - until a      and to the State of Israel,” said the      • Strengthen solidarity and the commit-        compelling to donors.”
 few years ago one of Israel’s best friends - have deterio-    agency’s chairman, Natan Sharansky,          ment among Jews to build up the                The move did have one vocal detrac-
 rated dramatically. Other threats include Iran; Israelis      who led the new strategic planning           Jewish collective (Klal Israel).             tor from within its lay leadership: The
 see its nuclear ambitions as a real existential threat to     process along with the organisation’s      • Increase the number of Jews who              new chairman of the World Zionist
 their own existence.                                          top lay leader, Richard Pearlstone.          make aliyah, with a particular focus         Organisation and a longtime Jewish
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is “mad and very dangerous”,           “Our new plan deals directly with this       on those who do so as the fulfilment of      Agency board member, Avraham
 says Liel, but there is no consensus on what to do. Those     issue.”                                      their Jewish identity.                       Duvdevani, called the plan “unaccept-
 who simplistically advocate an Israeli military strike as        Sharansky has been pushing the          • Increase the number and impact of            able and very painful to me”, accord-
 a “quick fix” live in a fool’s paradise. The Middle East      plan since he was appointed chairman         young Israelis and Jews worldwide,           ing to the Israeli daily Haaretz.
 cannot be “bombed” right. It could spark an unpre-            of the agency last year. He has              motivated by Jewish values, who aid            “Israel’s demographics mean we
 dictable regional upheaval, beginning with Iranian            reshaped the top professional staff and      vulnerable populations and address           cannot afford to wait for Zionism to
 proxy Hezbollah launching onto Israel the estimated           is moving the agency’s key operations -      the major challenges of Israeli civil        come about as a byproduct. Aliyah is
 40 000 rockets it is believed to hold in southern Lebanon,    such as global fundraising and market-       society.                                     this country’s oxygen,” Duvdevani
 and drawing Syria, Turkey and others into the fray.           ing - to New York from Jerusalem.             The Jewish Agency will focus on rein-       told Haaretz, adding that the agency’s
    A nuclear confrontation is not out of the question -       Sharansky also has decided to essen-       forcing its partnership with Birthright        budget of approximately $300 million
 although according to Cold War philosophy, the horren-        tially scrap much of the fundraising       Israel and further developing its own          was too small to “carry out a real rev-
 dous consequences for all sides of nuclear war may            strategy of the past.                      MASA programme, which provides sig-            olution in Jewish education, which
 actually prevent it happening. On the other side, those          It’s not a radical redoing of the       nificant scholarships to college gradu-        would only come if Diaspora Jewry
 who dismiss or downplay the Iranian threat are equally        agency but a shift that flip-flops its     ates from the Diaspora to participate in       receives free Jewish education at a
 delusional.                                                   focus. The plan drastically de-empha-      Israel programmes lasting three                cost of several billions of dollars”.
    The two-state solution seems increasingly unreach-         sises aliyah and some of the agency’s      months or longer. The agency also is             But in the end, according to agency
 able, with 300 000 Jewish settlers in the West Bank and       modalities of the past.                    launching several new initiatives,             officials, the only vote against the
 the hatred between Palestinian rival movements Hamas             The agency seems to have concluded      including an effort to empower youth           new plan came from a non-board
 and Fatah posing a huge problem.                              that to remain relevant, it must do        activists to perform Israel outreach.          member who was erroneously count-
    The Israeli public, says Liel, will not countenance a      away with old sensibilities - namely          The agency, which receives more             ed. (JTA)
 withdrawal from the West Bank unless it will genuinely
 bring an end to the conflict with the Palestinians - yet
 Hamas, which commands the loyalty of possibly half the
 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, remains bent
 on Israel’s destruction.
    Liel’s pessimism reflects that of many Israelis, who
                                                                                              AROUND THE WORLD
 live in a kind of schizophrenic interregnum - the                                                           NEWS IN BRIEF
 bustling streets of Tel Aviv bursting with positivity, con-
 trasted with a state of virtual siege from the world           ARSON SUSPECTED IN SEVERAL ISRAELI FIRES
 beyond the country’s borders a short distance away.            JERUSALEM - A fire that broke out         fighters suffered smoke inhalation               Also in the North, seven crews and
    Yet, as Israel’s founding Prime Minister David Ben-         near the Jerusalem suburb of Beit         and required medical attention.               an aircraft were needed to put out a
 Gurion once said: “Anyone who doesn’t believe in mira-         Shemesh and consumed nearly 304              A large fire also broke out in cen-        fire near Karmiel that consumed
 cles, is not a realist.”                                       hectares, was among several major         tral Israel near Ben-Gurion Airport           more than five hectares.
    The gravity of the present situation may ultimately be      blazes to hit Israel.                     that needed eight fire crews to extin-           Several other large fires were
 the very thing that will cause the Middle East role-play-         Police reportedly said that arson-     guish.                                        reported across the country, includ-
 ers to realise that if the situation is allowed to go “over    ists could be to blame for Tuesday's         Arson is suspected as well in large        ing in Modi'in Illit, Rishon Lezion
 the brink”, there can be no winners, so a solution simply      blaze, which required 21 fire crews       fires in Carmel Park in the North.            and Safed.
 has to be found. There is just no alternative.                 and three aircraft to suppress. Five      Six Haifa crews brought the fires                An extended summer heat wave
                                                                homes were damaged, and four fire-        under control.                                has helped fuel the blazes. (JTA)
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                                SA JEWISH REPORT     11

                                                                           OPINION AND ANALYSIS
                                                                                        FORUM FOR DIVERSE VIEWS

Bork turns Kagan process                                                                                                    perhaps on legal systems through-
                                                                                                                            out the world.”
                                                                                                                              According to the report, Scalia
                                                                                                                            went on “to celebrate his fruitful
                                                                                                                                                                    days, and its Supreme Court contin-
                                                                                                                                                                    ues to spark debates too,” the OU
                                                                                                                                                                    blog declared. “Can’t Judge Bork
                                                                                                                                                                    and the rest of Kagan’s opponents

into fight over Israeli justice                                                                                             and long-standing relationship
                                                                                                                            with the Israeli judge, and to affirm
                                                                                                                            a profound respect for the man -
                                                                                                                            one that trumped their fundamen-
                                                                                                                                                                    find something else - and less
                                                                                                                                                                    bizarre - to attack her with?”
                                                                                                                                                                      Both the OU and the Reform
                                                                                                                                                                    movement waded into the confir-
AMI EDEN                                  explained her praise of Barak, say-     to national security considerations       tal philosophical, legal and consti-    mation process, though they
NEW YORK                                  ing it was rooted in her Jewishness     in a number of cases involving            tutional disagreements”.                stopped short of taking an actual
                                          and admiration for Israel.              Palestinians.                               Told of Scalia’s remarks, Bork        position on the nominee.
IT WAS an unexpected headline in            “I am troubled by the fact that you      “It’s typical of young lawyers         dismissed them as sounding “like          In a letter to US Senate Judiciary
an otherwise relatively mundane           hold up Barak as a judicial role        going into constitutional law that        politeness offered on a formal occa-    Committee Chairman Senator Pat-
US Supreme Court confirmation             model,” Grassley said. “He’s been       they have inflated dreams of what         sion”.                                  rick Leahy (Democrat Vermont),
process: Bork tries to Bork Barak’s       described as creating a degree of       constitutional law can do, what             At the National Review Online,        the OU said it found Kagan’s record
Elena Kagan with Barak card.              judicial power undreamed of by          courts can do,” Bork said during a        Ed Whelan argued that Scalia’s          “encouraging”. It noted her repudi-
   Like a ghost from confirmations        most US justices.”                      June 23 conference call organised         comments about Barak could not          ation in confirmation hearings of
past, failed Reagan nominee Robert          Grassley quoted Barak as saying       by the anti-abortion group Ameri-         be compared to Kagan’s use of the       her 1987 memo, when she clerked
Bork grabbed headlines last week          that “a judge has a role” in the law-   cans United for Life in an effort to      phrase “my judicial hero”.              for the late Supreme Court Justice
when he spoke out against                 making process, and asked Kagan if      rally opposition to Kagan in the US         In an e-mail to JTA, David            Thurgood Marshall, rejecting any
President Barack Obama’s nomina-          she agreed. Kagan responded that        Senate.                                   Twersky, a veteran journalist and       government funding for faith-based
tion of Elena Kagan to the high           she did not, but also noted that           “That usually wears off as time        analyst for Jewish organisations,       charities providing social services.
court.                                    Barak operated in a fundamentally       passes and they get experience. But       recalled that at a New York Sun edi-      The OU also noted memos she
   At the top of his complaint list: As   different system - one without a        Ms Kagan has not had time to              torial dinner at the Harvard Club,      wrote as a domestic adviser to
dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan         written constitution.                   develop a mature philosophy of            he asked Scalia about Barak.            President Bill Clinton, backing reli-
once referred to former Israeli             “Justice Barak’s philosophy is so     judging. I would say her admira-            “To my great surprise, he had         gious freedoms in the workplace.
Chief Justice Aharon Barak as her         different from anything that we         tion for Barak, the Israeli justice, is   nothing but good things to say and        The Reform movement, mean-
“judicial hero”.                          would use or would want to use in       a prime example. As I’ve said             said he would never second-guess        time, forwarded to the Judiciary
   Conservative bloggers quickly          the United States,” she said.           before, Barak might be the least          Barak,” Twersky said. “So I can tell    Committee members what it con-
ran with Bork’s complaint, painting         Instead, Kagan added, she             competent judge on the planet.”           you from personal experience that       sidered to be the most compelling
Barak as the prototypical liberal         admired Barak for creating an inde-        Following Bork’s comments, lib-        Bork is wrong.”                         questions it solicited from its
                                                                                                                              Twersky recalled Scalia as say-       membership on the website
                                                                                                                            ing: “I mean they don’t even have a
                                                                                                                            constitution over there.”                 “What limits does the Establish-
                                                                                                                              The Israel-lacks-a-constitution       ment Clause place on government
                                                                                                                            theme has been echoed in recent         funding that flows to faith-based
                                                                                                                            days by Barak’s defenders, who          organisations?” was one question.
                                                                                                                            argue that the different legal tradi-     “Do states have a right to define
                                                                                                                            tions in Israel and the United          marriage as solely between a man
                                                                                                                            States make it difficult to read too    and a woman? What should be the
                                                                                                                            much into Kagan’s praise of Barak.      Federal role concerning mar-
                                                                                                                              “Kagan wasn’t saying that she         riage?” was another.
                                                                                                                            would decide every US issue the           Nancy Ratzan, president of the
                                                                                                                            same way Barak would decide the         National Council of Jewish Women,
                                                                                                                            same matter in Israel,” Aaron           issued a statement rejecting Bork’s
President Barack Obama meets with Solicitor                  Aharon Barak, formerly Israel’s top justice, recently          Zelinsky wrote in a column for the      criticism of Kagan and promised
General Elena Kagan in the Oval Office last month.           became an issue in Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court con-            Huffington Post.                        that the NCJW would continue to
(OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTO BY PETE SOUZA)                   firmation process. (PHOTOGRAPH: YOSSI ZAMIR/FLASH 90)            Instead, added Zelinsky, an           push its members to take action in
                                                                                                                            American who once clerked for           support of her nomination.
activist judge and insisting that         pendent judiciary in a young state      erals in the United States rushed to      Barak, Kagan “respected what he           Kagan’s Jewishness also took
Kagan’s praise of the Israeli justice     surrounded by enemies.                  defend Barak and Kagan by noting          stood for and had accomplished, in      centre stage later in the day.
was grounds for rejecting her nomi-          “As you know, I don’t think it’s a   that the Israeli justice has received     particular the furtherance of           Graham, probing Kagan on threats
nation.                                   secret I am Jewish,” Kagan said.        praise as well from judicial conser-      ‘democracy, human rights, the rule      to the United States, asked her if
  By the weekend, a few Republican        “The State of Israel has meant a lot    vatives, most notably US Supreme          of law, and justice’.”                  she was unnerved by the Christmas
lawmakers were giving voice to the        to me and my family. And - and I        Court Justice Antonin Scalia.               The Orthodox Union has taken          Day bomber.
concerns, albeit in less absolute         admire Justice Barak for what he’s        A darling of conservatives,             issue with Barak’s record, accus-         “Where were you on Christmas
terms. Next, at least two GOP mem-        done for the State of Israel and        Scalia glowingly introduced Barak         ing him of improperly attempting        Day?” Graham asked.
bers of the Senate Judiciary Com-         ensuring an independent judiciary.”     in March 2007 when he was hon-            to “impose his ideological vision”        “Like all Jews,” she responded, “I
mittee, Senators Lindsay Graham              Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat      oured by the American Association         on matters when Israel’s Jewish         was probably at a Chinese restau-
(Republican South Carolina) and           Vermont), the committee chairman,       of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists             and democratic values are seem-         rant.”
Jeffrey    Sessions     (Republican       exercised the rarely used preroga-      (with the Supreme Court’s two             ingly in conflict.                        “I could almost see this one com-
Alaska), floated the issue in their       tive of rebutting Grassley, quoting     Jewish members, Stephen Breyer              But even as it reiterated those       ing,” Leahy quipped.
opening statements on the first day       conservative judges who have            and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in the           criticisms, the OU’s Washington           Then Senator Chuck Schumer
of Kagan’s confirmation hearings.         praised Barak.                          audience).                                blog - like several other US Jewish     (Democrat New York) jumped in:
  And on Tuesday the issue took              In Israel, Barak has been subject      In its report on the introduction,      groups - dismissed Bork’s attack on     “Those are the only restaurants
centre stage, as US Senator Chuck         to criticism from the left and the      the Forward paraphrased Scalia as         Kagan, suggesting her praise was        that are open!” (JTA)
Grassley (Republican Iowa) put the        right, both for his expansive notion    saying that “no other living jurist       merely “social convention”.               (JTA’s Washington Bureau Chief
question directly to Kagan - who          of judicial powers in upholding         has had a greater impact on his             “Israel gets pulled into enough       Ron Kampeas contributed to this
then unapologetically affirmed and        democratic values and for deferring     own country’s legal system - and          disputes around the world these         report.)
12    SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                     02 - 09 July 2010

                                                                              ART, BOOKS, DANCE, FILM, THEATRE

                                   It’s a case of happy non-birthday, it seems
                                   PAUL BOEKKOOI                                                                    Bernhard Gueller, the focus is      Parktown, Johannesburg:
     ROBYN SASSEN                                                                                                   on two American composers,          • July 28 and 29 - Conductor: Zhong.
  Call 084-319-7844 or             ORCHESTRAL PROGRAM-                                                              Charles Ives and Samuel               Soloist: Nay. Le Tombeau de at             MING is a delicate art.                                                          Barber. Ever fascinating and          Couperin (Ravel); Pendulum for
                                   Constant repetition can in no                                                    even philosophical in a way is        piano and orchestra (Zaidel-
 least one week prior to           way be part of its delicacy or                                                   “The Unanswered Question”             Rudolph); Symphony no 1
       publication                 charm. A long time ago one                                                       by the former, while Barber’s         (Beethoven).
                                   could have waxed lyrical                                                         most popular piece, the             • August 4 and 5 - Conductor: Zhong.
Baxter Theatre, Cape Town:         about a Johannesburg Phil-                                                       “Adagio for Strings”, will also       Soloist: Korsakova. William Tell
“The Girl in the Yellow Dress”,    harmonic Orchestra sym-                                                          be heard in its choral arrange-       Overture (Rossini); Symphonie
by Craig Higginson, directed       phony season. In their forth-                                                    ment, named “Adagio a capel-          espagnole (Lalo); Nutcracker Suite
by Malcolm Purkey, until July      coming third one of 2010                                                         la”, in which the universal           no 1 (Tchaikovsky).
22, (021) 685-7880.                there is much that will be                                                       “Agnus dei” is used as its text.    • August 11 and 12 - Conductor:
                                   adored by the public. There                                                        Last season’s first appear-         Gueller. Soloist: Du Toit. Serenade
Cape Town Holocaust
                                   are also stimulating compo-                                                      ance of the Gauteng Choristers        in D minor (Dvoràk); Piano
Centre: “The Right to Refuge”,
                                   sitions which will satisfy the                                                   with the JPO in Beethoven’s           Concerto no 20 (Mozart); Sym-
a photographic exhibition by                                       The duo of conductors for this season:
                                   connoisseurs.                                                                    Choral Symphony was a great           phony nox104 - London (Haydn).
David Lurie, until July 9
                                      To perform two ballet Bernard Gueller (photograph courtesy                    success. This time they’ll bring    • August 18 and 19 - Conductor:
(021) 462-5553.
                                   suites by Tchaikovsky within and Xu Zhong                us one of Mozart’s most sub-          Gueller. Soloists: Gauteng Chori-
Circa on Jellicoe,                 a single season, could for (                           lime religious works, the Mass        sters. The unanswered question
Rosebank: “Is it our goal...?      some listeners be an over-                                                       in C minor, K427, edited and          (Ives); Adagio for strings & Adagio
And other issues”, pastel          dose of sweetness. At least          posed earlier this year as well as          prepared by H C Robbins               a capella (Barber); Mass in C
drawings and photographs by        the suites are conducted by two      three others by early 20th century       Landon.                                  minor (Mozart).
Zwelethu Mthethwa until            different maestros. Might be inter-  composers. The new piece is                Apart from Nay, there will be        • August 25 and 26 - Conductor:
July 8, (011) 788-4805.            esting. There’s also an obsession    Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph’s “Pendu-          two more piano soloists: the             Gueller. Soloist: Pereira. The Wood
                                   with Dvoràk and he’s not even one    lum for piano and orchestra”             Russian virtuoso Vassily Primakov        Dove (Dvoràk); Horn Concerto no
Fugard Theatre, District           of this year’s birthday boys. The    which will be performed by               and our own François du Toit.            1 (Richard Strauss); Symphony no
Six: “Aesop’s Fables” per-         most revered ones that are, don’t    Malcolm Nay, with the Chinese            Natasha Korsakova, the spellbind-        2 (Brahms).
formed by Isango Portobello,       feature in this, the penultimate     conductor/pianist Xu Zhong on the        ing violinist from Russian-Greek       • September 1 and 2 - Conductor:
directed by Mark Dornford-         season of 2010. However, Samuel      podium. This concert will be pre-        descent, is the only string soloist.     Gueller. Soloist: Primakov. Lyric
May, until July 10,                Barber’s centenary of his birth is   ceded by Ravel’s “Le Tombeau de          Portugal-based French horn player        Suite (Grieg); Piano Concerto
(021) 461-4554.                    remembered.                          Couperin”, a work sounding like a        Abel Pereira represents a break          (Dvoràk); Swan Lake Suite
                                      What is nearly earth shattering-  homage to the noblest French             from the ordinary.                       (Tchaikovsky).
Gerstein Art, Percelia: By         ly surprising is that there’ll be a  music ever written.                        Details of the full third season,    Call Neville Pritchard for new sub-
popular demand, the Football       world premiere of a new work com-      In a later concert, conducted by       at the Linder Auditorium in            scriptions: (011) 789-2733.
and Africa exhibition curated
for Art-icle Showcase by
Natalie Knight has been
extended through July, (011)
                                   Lurie still has Africa pulsing through his veins
                                   STORY AND PHOTOGRAPH BY
Joburg Theatre,                    MOIRA SCHNEIDER
Braamfontein: In the               CAPE TOWN
Mandela, Andrew Lloyd-
Webber’s “Boys in the              IT IS said that we are the sum of
Photograph”, until July 11,        our experiences. Photographer
(011) 877-6800. In the People’s    David Lurie is certainly the
Theatre, “Cinderella”, until       embodiment of that phrase.
August 1, (011) 403-1563.            Born and bred in Cape Town,
                                   Lurie studied economics, politics
Johannesburg Art Gallery,
                                   and philosophy at the University
Joubert Park: William
                                   of Cape Town, teaching in the lat-
Kentridge’s “I am not me; The
                                   ter department before heading
Horse is not Mine”, a film
                                   for the London School of
installation based on
                                   Economics in 1980. He worked in
Shostakovich’s opera “The
                                   London as a consultant econo-
Nose”, until August 1;
                                   mist before switching to photog-
“Without Masks”, an exhibi-
                                   raphy, first on a part-time basis,
tion of contemporary Afro-
                                   and then full-time from 1995
Cuban art, until August 29;
                                   when his first book, Life in the
and “Borders”, an excerpt
                                   Liberated Zone, was published.
from the Bamako
                                     But the call of Africa was
Photographic Biennale until
                                   strong and through the years the
September 23, (011) 725-3130.
                                   self-taught photographer has
Market, Newtown: In the            travelled back here several times
Main Theatre, Brett Bailey         in order to indulge his passion.
and Third World Bunfight           And that is why he has now
present “House of the              decided, after 30 years abroad, to
Holy Afro”, until July 11,         return home.
(011) 832-1641.                      Much of Lurie’s work has cen-
                                                                          Photographer David Lurie with a work from his exhibition.
                                   tred on the country of his birth,
National Children’s                including a series of photo essays     ing Cape Town’s District Six           refurbishments and infrastruc-           “The idea of showing it at the
Theatre, Parktown:                 for London’s Independent maga-         Museum on its itinerary. Offside:      ture that have been produced,          Centre followed Lurie’s viewing
“Seussical Jnr”, directed by       zine. “It is my country,” he           Cape Town 2010, on at the AVA          which is amazing.                      there of Seeking Refuge, an exhi-
Joyce Levinsohn, and Francois      explains. “I’ve never taken over-      Gallery in this city until July 23,       “However, it’s worth consider-      bition that dealt with the
Theron as resident director,       seas citizenship - I’m still a South   imparts a strong political mes-        ing why this expertise isn’t used      German Jewish experience of
until July 10, (011) 484-1563.     African.                               sage, a recurring theme in his         to produce housing, infrastruc-        arriving in this country in the
                                     “I simply don’t feel a great         work.                                  ture, sanitation, water supply and     1930s.
Old Mutual Theatre on the          urge to go out and photograph             “Sociopolitical issues are my       access to public services for            He says he “knew that the
Square, Sandton: “The              the centre of London. And yes,         interest,” he says. “I try and cre-    South Africans who are in need.        Centre was keen to look outside
Magic Drum and Other               South Africa, Africa, issues           ate visual works around them -         The exhibition is intended to tem-     the topic of Jewish refugees and
Tales”, by Litzy Katz during       around urbanisation in the             that’s what my background is.”         per the positive side with some        narrowly Jewish issues and to
the day for kids, until July 10,   developing world, interest me             When Lurie was offered a show       form of self-appraisal: about what     look at those where other com-
(011) 883-8606.                    right now.”                            here at the time of the World Cup,     we’re able to achieve. And in a        munities had something in com-
RCHCC, Oaklands: An exhi-            Lurie has published three            he says he felt “a bit skeptical” at   sense it’s almost a challenge to       mon with Jewish history. There
bition of paintings by Anton       books and has two more in the          first. “Then I realised there was      the authorities: if you are able to    are clearly issues that they have
Uys and André Naudé until          pipeline, one on urbanisation -        scope to bring my work to bear on      do this for outsiders, why can’t we    in common,” referring to the two
July 18, (011) 728-8088.           Fragments from the Edge - and          the event and around related           do this for people in need inside      groups, there are huge differ-
                                   the other about Cape Town’s            issues in South Africa at that         South Africa?”                         ences as well.
Standard Bank Gallery,             iconic Long Street. In addition to     time.                                     The Right to Refuge, at the Cape      “There were legal restrictions
Johannesburg: “Halakasha”,         getting them published, his               “I wanted to avoid producing        Town Holocaust Centre, focuses         on Jewish refugees in the 1930s.
a soccer exhibition, curated by    short-term ambition is to work in      something that merely serviced         on refugees from around Africa         There are no similar legal
Fiona Rankin-Smith, until          the major African cities like          the propaganda behind the World        who have migrated to city centres      restrictions today on asylum
July 17, (011) 631-1889.           Lagos, Dakar, Abidjan and              Cup,” he says, “to do something        in this country. It was pho-           seekers coming to South Africa -
                                   Luanda.                                that was less to be viewed by for-     tographed at Sites B and C, Blue       in fact, they now have rights
UJ Arts Academy, Auckland            Struggling to Share the Pro-         eigners and how they should see        Waters - refugee camps estab-          enshrined in our Constitution
Park: “James and the Giant’s       mised Land, an exhibition show-        South Africa in the year 2010,         lished following the xenophobic        which they didn’t have then.”
Aerial”, co-created by Liz         casing     his   take      on    the   rather than how we should view         attacks on foreigners in May 2008        • “The Right to Refuge” is at
Meiring and Alby Michaels,         Palestinian-Israeli conflict, tour-    our country. For instance, there       - and will be shown in London in       the Cape Town Holocaust Centre
until July 9, (011) 559-3058.      ed internationally in 2002, includ-    are all these wonderful stadiums,      the near future.                       until July 9, (021) 462-5553.
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                    SA JEWISH REPORT    13

                                                                               ART, BOOKS, DANCE, FILM, THEATRE

Through ‘sleight of                                                                                               FELDMAN
                                                                                                                                              and the death of Darwin’s daughter,
                                                                                                                                              Annie. As he struggles to accept her
                                                                                                                                              passing, he finds himself torn between
                                                                                                                  ON FILM                     his love for his G-d-fearing wife (Jennifer

hand’ Medalie constructs                                                                                          Peter Feldman
                                                                                                                                              Connelly) and his growing belief in a
                                                                                                                                              world that is its own perpetual creation.
                                                                                                                                                Through flashbacks we visit three dis-
                                                                                                           PICK OF THE WEEK                   tinct periods in his life, and this we mon-

and deconstructs                                                                                                     Creation
                                                                                                                                              itor by the amount of hair left on
                                                                                                                                              Darwin’s head. In the early scenes he is
                                                                                                                                              happy and has plenty of hair. The middle
  The Mistress’s Dog by David Medalie                                                             Cast: Paul Bettany; Jennifer Connelly;      sequences, when his favourite daughter,
        (Picador Africa, R185)                                                                    Jeremy Northam; Toby Jones; Benedict        Annie, falls ill, his hairline is receding.
                                                                                                              Cumberbatch                     And in the later scenes, in which he is
REVIEWED BY GWEN PODBREY                                                                                  Director: Jon Amiel                 reduced to a physical and mental wreck,
                                                                                                                                              he has what one may call a 19th century
BESIDES BEING a masterful writer,                                                                 Creation is a thoughtful, moving and        comb-over.
David Medalie is also an acuminous                                                                handsomely mounted film about                 What transpires in the film not only
observer - and he uses both skills to full                                                        Charles Darwin the man, as opposed to       deals with the conflicts underlying the
effect in this collection of short stories.                                                       the scientist who shook mankind’s           development of the theory of evolution,
   The characters he presents to us are                                                           thinking on faith and creation.             but also Darwin’s deeply troubled mar-
ordinary people, living seemingly                                                                   It is not about science versus faith so   riage. The love of his child is what, at the
uneventful lives. Yet each of those lives                                                         much; it’s more about that much over-       end, saves this tortured genius from los-
balances precariously on an expectation                                                           worked dramatic hook, the loss of a         ing his bearings completely.
or investment which backfires.                                                                    child.                                        A tad ponderous in places, the story is
   These individuals are - like most of us -                                                        But one also appreciates attempts to      nevertheless captivating in its imagery
emotionally disempowered, in one way or                                                           depict challenging and thoughtful mate-     and in the way it injects freshness and
another. They neither expected nor pre-                                                           rial into the production, but the results   artistic spirit into the Charles Darwin
pared for victimhood, but it has claimed                                                          are mixed. The relationships between        character. It succeeds in putting a
them, leaving them bewildered: when and                                                           man and wife and daughter are the           human face on the man behind the theo-
why were their lives knocked out of kil-                                                          crux.                                       ries.
ter? With argute insight, and subtlety so                                                           Taking the role firmly in his grasp,        The scenes with Darwin’s beloved
deft that it feels like sleight of hand,                                                          English actor Paul Bettany carves           daughter, Annie, are moving and at times
Medalie constructs and deconstructs the                                                           Darwin with rare skill and gives the        seem almost unbearable to watch. The
steps they have followed.                                                                         character a depth of understanding          man goes to great lengths to find a cure
   Consider Nola, in the title story: a                                                           that puts his plight across with intelli-   for her affliction and these aspects are
woman sharing her old age with the dog                                                            gence and wit.                              sensitively crafted.
which once belonged to her husband’s                                                                Stylishly directed by Jon Amiel, and        Overall, interest is maintained on this
mistress. Having lived for years with the                                                         written by John Colley, Creation is         specialised subject mainly through the
humiliating knowledge of their affair,           always more vicious and painful than             based upon the book by Darwin’s great-      quality of the screenplay and Jon
unable to compete with her younger, bold-        anything one feared from one’s enemies.          great-grandson, Randal Keynes               Amiel’s direction. However, it may not be
er rival, she has retreated into the arid,          But, then, Medalie reserves his keenest         The story is about the Darwin family      to everyone’s taste.
inner world of those who have conceded           blade for severing our illusions about loy-
defeat.                                          alty. He propels his characters, again and
   Widowhood, as well as the death of the        again, to a bleak crossroads where choic-
mistress, may have removed the offenders         es must be made: to forgive or to feud? To
from her sight, but their ghosts continue        denounce - for the sake of honour, pride
to taunt her. The pitiful little weapons in      and other lonely things - or deny, and
Nola’s armoury - her superior refinement         bear an even lonelier burden?
and breeding - only ever mildly discomfit-          In each of the stories, a moral point
ed her husband’s mistress.                       demands admission, but it is quickly sub-
   Now, however, having been saddled             sumed by something more urgent than
with her dead rival’s dog - an animal as         principle.
old, repellent and vulnerable as herself -          This is illustrated most clearly in
Nola enjoys what she has never before            arguably the finest of the stories, The
experienced: the licence to command              Tracks of Hidden Things, where Gary, an
another being and, through it a brief, tan-      academic, attempts to bring to light the
talising whiff of power. Too little, too late.   unpublished works of Etta Cook, a recent-
   Medalie also explores other forms of          ly deceased writer.
rivalry: that between Gwen and Stella, for          While contending with Cook’s recalci-
instance, two residents in a retirement          trant husband, who is now the custodian
village whose relationship is more a             of her literary estate, Gary discovers
bizarre tango than a friendship. Gwen -          among her private papers a series of cryp-
intimidated by the other woman’s wealth          tic phrases.
- revels in the obvious preference shown            In deciphering them, he is directed to
to her by Stella’s son.                          an Old Testament apocryphon - a book
   But the triumph is hollow and transito-       which, despite its truths, is not accepted
ry: ultimately, both women are simply            into the Bible because of heresies that
elderly, forgotten adults, now reduced to        might undermine the foundations of the
the point-scoring of children in order to        canon.
recapture a sense of worth. And when                Exploring this and other apocrypha, he
tragedy strikes, both get their comeup-          comes upon a poem: “For the Most High
pance from a far darker force than they          knows all that may be known, and He
bargained for.                                   looks into the signs of the age. He
   In Toothless Tiger, Paula and her             declares what has been and what is to be,
authoritarian father perform a similar           and He reveals the tracks of hidden
dance - the uneasy choreography of an            things.”
ongoing battle of wills. But during their           So much, then, for biography, muses
visit to a game reserve, accompanied by          Gary. “Was the life the apocryphon to the
her young son, something far weightier           work, or vice versa?” Where is the bound-
than bickering preoccupies her: the              ary between sacred and profane in our
knowledge that she has a dread disease.          histories?
   Teaching her son to spot animals, Paula          For, ultimately - as these stories teach
explains: “You don’t really know what            us - the sum of any human being’s parts is
you’re looking for; that’s why you don’t         indeterminate. Their motives and secret
see it until it’s in front of you.” Indeed,      recesses defy understanding even by
the predatory forces that attack us usual-       themselves, let alone anyone else.
ly appear without warning.                          Likewise, Medalie’s writing is decep-
   And, in Friendly Fire, we meet Linda          tively simple. Drawing on geography and
and her elder sister, Pam. Like siblings         culture familiar to South Africans, it is
everywhere, their bond is formed of both         readily accessible, but quickly reveals
love and hatred.                                 striations which plummet the reader into
   The one unforgettable day when Pam            less penetrable territory.
risks peer rejection to champion her little         The situations he explores may arise
sister, is the fiercest affirmation Linda        from everyday contemporary issues - infi-
has ever experienced; indeed, it inspires        delity, crime, emigration, illness, ageing,
her belief in herself until well into adult-     alienation - but they dredge up a silt
hood - and to another, equally unforget-         which hides innumerable jagged, ugly
table day, when Pam commits an act of            shards.
treachery so devastating that it destroys           Walk cautiously, for they tear through
Linda’s faith, and a lot more besides.           flesh and embed themselves, making
   This is betrayal from within the ranks -      escape impossible; and they do not heal.
14    SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                                  02 - 09 July 2010

                                                                                                    LETTERS                                     The Editor, Suite 175, Postnet X10039, Randburg, 2125 email:

  Guidelines for letters: Letters up to 400 words will get preference. Please provide your full first name   Disclaimer: The letters page is intended to provide opportunity for a range of views on any
  and surname, place of residence, and a daytime contact telephone or cell number. We do not publish let-    given topic to be expressed. Opinions articulated in the letters are those of the writers and do not
  ters under noms de plume. Letters should preferably be e-mailed. Letters may be edited or shortened.       necessarily reflect the views of the editor, staff or directors of the Jewish Report

PROBLEM IS THE WEALTHY AND OFTEN SNOBBISH JEWS                                                                       PENDULUM SWINGS OVER LONG PERIODS BETWEEN
I MUST agree with your letter writer, Jack                  were over and secondly, that we found no need            LIBERALISM AND CONSERVATISM
Miller [Matric ‘extravagance’ is not the                    to spend thousands on clothing, to get “tanked
Jewish way], in Jewish Report of June 25.                   up” before the dance, nor carry on boozing till          DEREK RALPH (in the SAJR of June 25)              Britannica: “The scheme was carried
  As he rightly points out, those who are not               dawn afterwards at “after-parties”. Nor were             calls for the sacking of (Mr Justice)             out with unparalleled barbarity: men,
wealthy get into debt so that their children do             there any drunk driving fatalities, which seem           Dennis Davis. I wonder if this is the             women and children were robbed and
not feel “out of it” among those who have                   to be an annual byproduct these days.                    Ralph family of the knock-out specialist          murdered indiscriminately and the
money to splurge. One thing I think he has                    We did not have money for limos [I don’t               of the 1950s, Johnny Ralph.                       remainder were deposited in the desert
wrong is when he asks: “Do we have to emu-                  think they even existed then - certainly not                As much as I disagree with Dennis              to fend for themselves.”
late the wealthy gentiles?” In my opinion the               here] nor were helicopters available. We went            Davis, (except on one notable occasion) I            Please note that this is the Turkey that
problem is the wealthy - and often snobbish -               by bus or tram and, if we were lucky, our par-           read his articles for two reasons: (a) to         concerns itself with a blockade against
Jews.                                                       ents had cars and took and fetched us.                   see what the opposition is thinking; (b)          Gaza, an entity whose government is
  As one of a very small group who organised                  Just thought I would “call back the past”              to be sufficiently irritated to motivate          recognised as a terrorist organisation.
two Damelin matric dances [at Mr Bloch’s                    and point out the major differences.                     me to respond, to contradict him.                    In Israel, significant portions of the
Stork Club in De Villiers Street, off Harrison]                                                                         The world will always be divided into a        population are survivors, children of
in the late 1940s, I can tell you that in the first           Justin Bachmann                                        liberal camp and a conservative camp.             survivors of Nazism, the Russian
place, the event took place AFTER the exams                   Johannesburg                                           The pendulum in favour of liberalism or           pogroms and the Arab expulsion and the
                                                                                                                     alternatively conservatism, swings over           pendulum is in the conservative seg-
                                                                                                                     relatively long periods. At this moment           ment.
DENNIS DAVIS SHOULD FIRST HAVE READ OUR 2005 REPORT                                                                  in the West, the pendulum is in favour of            Moreover, many Israelis have lost
I WOULD like to respond to Mr Justice Dennis                ured opinions on South African Jewish atti-              the liberals, probably influenced by the          family members or friends in the wars
Davis in his “The Jury is out” column in the SA             tudes towards Israel.                                    Nazi, Cambodian and Rwandan atroci-               against the Arabs, such as the War of
Jewish Report of June 11.                                      The information has been dealt with in depth          ties and to a lesser extent Sri Lanka,            Liberation (1948), the Six Day War (1967),
  Davis refers to the “hopelessly inadequate                in various reports, documents and presenta-              Chechnya and Bosnia.                              the Yom Kippur War (1973), not to men-
Kaplan Centre study” which does not provide                 tions and is always available for further scrutiny          The atrocities beyond a certain time           tion skirmishes in Lebanon and Gaza.
the nuanced information regarding attitudes                 and additional analysis.                                 limit seem not to enter the conscious-            Also, they have suffered the effects of
towards Israel, as compared to that which is                   Rather than having to rely on his “intuition”         ness of the liberal camp, such as the             two intifadas and rockets from Gaza.
available in the United States.                             about prevailing attitudes in South Africa, Davis        atrocities committed by Turkey against
  Certainly Peter Beinart (the subject of Davis’            may have found some interesting results to fac-          the Armenians in the 1910s. Regarding                John Brenner
column), may have been able to pick on several              tor in when drawing his conclusions.                     this, I quote from Encyclopaedia                     Johannesburg
studies, some of which may have been specifical-               The study comprises, for example, age-related
ly geared to the topic he writes about.                     attitudes towards Israel and towards holding on
  Considering the relatively small size of the              to or giving up territory, as well as analysis of
                                                                                                                   DAVID SAKS IS ACCUSED OF NOT BEING FACTUAL
South African community, we in South Africa -               these results by religious affiliation.                DAVID SAKS writes regularly in your                 aggressors in the 20th century and that
understandably - do not invest in the equivalent               This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Of           columns and is passionately pro-Israel,             Zionism was a colonising and expansion-
number of survey studies. However, had Davis                course, this is not to suggest that the survey         but his beliefs regarding Zionism and               ist ideology and movement. I am not
taken the trouble to read the full report on our            answers all questions or is without fault.             Palestinian/Israeli history in your latest          debating the rights and wrongs of
2005 survey and the follow-up highlights drawn              However, Davis’ snide comment is hopelessly off        issue aren’t factual. He has in fact                Zionism, but the movement started after
from the survey (“Jews in a Changing South                  the mark.                                              deployed an intellectual sleight of hand            1881 by the purchasing, not conquering, of
Africa. Highlights of the 2005 National Survey,                                                                    that he deplores when used by those he              Palestinian land and the establishment of
with comparisons to the 1998 and earlier sur-                 Shirley Bruk                                         perceives as Israel’s enemies.                      colonies.
veys”), he would have found that the wealth of                Research Associate, Kaplan Centre for                  He writes that Jerusalem had a Jewish                Saks tries to draw parallels between the
information available, includes a range of meas-              Jewish Studies, UCT                                  majority over 100 years before 1948. In             colonisation of the United States and
                                                                                                                   reality, the Jewish population by 1881 was          Israel, but there is a huge difference
                                                                                                                   at most 20 000 out of a total Palestinian           between the two. Both are rightfully sov-
                                                                                                                   population of over 450 000.                         ereign states, but the correct parallel
 DISPARAGEMENT IS NOT THE WAY TO CONDUCT AN ARGUMENT                                                                 The Jews were mainly town dwellers                today would be Canada and Mexico hav-
 I WAS amused by the unsurprising respons-                  who themselves are hardly objective.                   and were concentrated in Jerusalem,                 ing half a billion “native Americans”
 es to my letter in Jewish Report) from                       I object strongly to Howard Yuter’s fatu-            Hebron, Tiberias and Safad. At that time            wanting to return to what they believe is
 Howard Yuter and also Victor Gordon. The                   ous comments implying that like others who             the Jews may have approached 50 per cent            their country.
 former writes about “pseudo-intellectual                   share my views, I am an anti-Semite and a              of Jerusalem’s population, but there was               The native Palestinians can’t be dis-
 posturing” and the latter about “so-called                 self-hating Jew, this based on his fallacious          no majority in the mid-19th century.                carded by distorted history or by David
 intellectuals” who disagree with their                     approach that anyone who disagrees with                  In his best-selling book, Righteous               Saks’ insulting use of inverted commas.
 views.                                                     him must fall into this category. His now              Victims, the eminent Israeli historian
   This is part of the problem of the con-                  boring attack on Shapiro and Goldstone                 Benny Morris records that David Ben-                   Dr Ashton Emery
 stituency the two of them evidently repre-                 indicates a lack of understanding of their             Gurion had no doubts that Jews were the                Illovo
 sent, in that they cannot engage in meaning-               respective international statures as satirist
 ful discourse. but seek to disparage those                 and jurist. Their attackers, like Yuter, are           GROMYKO PROVIDES ‘TRUTH SERUM’ TO MARXISTS-LENINISTS
 who disagree with them by calling in ques-                 blinkered in seeing only one aspect of the
 tion their integrity, ability and insight.                 bigger picture.                                        I WOULD like to compliment David Saks              Nations, hoping to dislodge Britain from
   Like me, Victor Gordon, a man whom I                       And, yes, they are both intellectuals and,           on a thoughtful column tackling the evil           the Middle East.
 respect despite our opposing political views,              therefore, suspect in Yuter’s eyes.                    and perfidious lie that Israel is a “colonial         The Soviets cynically changed sides after
 has written and spoken a great deal on the                 Furthermore, they can hardly be regarded               state” and that Zionism is a form of “colo-        Israel refused to become their satellite.
 Holocaust. However, we differ in that I can-               as anybody’s “lackeys”.                                nialism” (SAJR June 25).                              Egypt and Syria offered the Soviets the
 not accept that we must be perpetually                       I also object to Yuter’s view that anyone               In 1948 Andrei Gromyko, the Soviet              Middle East foothold Israel denied them,
 defined by this evil event.                                who is on the political left is non-religious          representative at the United Nations,              and the Soviets gratefully armed the
   Jews must go beyond that and determine                   and secular. It is bigotry, self-righteousness         referring to the Arab attack on the fledg-         Egyptians and Syrians with the technology
 our own future, not merely be defined by                   and vitriol such as his that does the cause of         ling Israel, expressed surprise that the           of death.
 others from the past. As far as the left                   the Jewish people the most harm.                       Arabs states “have resorted to such                   It was in the Soviet centres of agitprop
 believing “that they have a monopoly on                                                                           action as sending their troops into                that the evil network of lies that Zionism is
 what they believe to be correct and moral”,                  Professor Stephen Finn                               Palestine and carrying out military                “racism”, “apartheid”, “colonialism”,
 this is even more true of their antagonists                  Pretoria                                             actions aimed at the suppression of the            “imperialism” and “fascism” were incubat-
                                                                                                                   national liberation movement”, namely              ed and exported.
                                                                                                                   Israel. Zionism is the national liberation            Eventually, after the Six Day War, they
                                                                                                                   movement of the Jewish people.                     have become the staple diet of the interna-
HEREDITARY DISORDERS OF BLOOD COAGULATIOIN                                                                            Gromyko said: “The partition decision           tional left. Kasrils learned his anti-Israel
I REFER to hereditary disorders of blood coag-               In terms of treatment or therapy, the factor          satisfied the legitimate decision of the           agitprop and hate against Israel and its
ulation factors among Jews.                                XI level must be kept at greater than 30 per cent       Jewish people to establish a state of its          people, in the Soviet Union. But let’s not
  Factor     XI    (plasma      thromboplastin             with fresh frozen plasma 5-20 ml/kg/ day.               own in Palestine... It would be a dreadful         forget the original admission of the
antecedent ) deficiency is frequently found                  Unfortunately the exact incidence I cannot            injustice if we did not take into account          Communists before Israel refused to
among Ashkenazi Jews.                                      give as it varies in different countries.               these Jewish aspirations, especially after         become their satellite.
  This is picked up on routine bloods such as                The inheritance is autosomal recessive.               the suffering that was the lot of the Jews            In 1967, Black nationalist Es’kia
partial thromboplastin times. The prothrombin                                                                      in Europe under Nazi rule.”                        Mphahlele, wrote the foreword to Enzo
time is usually normal. There is no excess                    Dr H D Solomons                                         Gromyko also attacked mediator Count            Sereni, a Hero of Our Times, by Clara
bleeding after trauma; yet (they) still bleed                 Highlands North                                      Bernadette’s equivocation about who the            Urquart and Peter Ludwig Brent. It was not
excessively after next surgery.                               Johannesburg                                         aggressor was. Gromyko declared in no              considered then a contradiction in any way
                                                                                                                   uncertain terms that everyone knew that            for a black liberationist to endorse a Zionist
                                                                                                                   the Arabs had started the hostilities.             book and praise a Zionist history. The fact
WHERE ARE THE RESULTS OF KOSHER FOOD ENQUIRY?                                                                         This is a truth serum to the venomous           is that in 1967 the world made a lot more
IN A statement from the UOS in early March                 It certainly has not been seen to have been             rantings of Marxist-Leninists (including           sense then.
this year it is stated that, and I quote “...the           done.                                                   the likes of South Africa’s Ronnie Kasrils            A good deal of the world knew then that
independent commission of enquiry into the                   This is just unacceptable! We, the communi-           and Britain’s George Galloway), who try            Zionism is the national liberation move-
price of kosher chicken is well underway”.                 ty, have been patient but now demand to know            to demonise and delegitimise Israel and            ment of the Jewish people and Israel is a
  All very nice sounding words... but where                what is going on.                                       her people (in order to prepare the world          force for good. They knew that Israel’s
are the results? More than three months have                 In other instances we are urged, as a com-            for the genocide of Israel’s people), com-         cause is a just one, and that those who want
elapsed and the community is none the wiser                munity, to stand as one. but in something as            ing from their own ideological mentors             to destroy Israel are the true Nazis and fas-
about the outcome of the review by Messrs                  basic as the provision of food, darkness pre-           and former masters.                                cists.
Kingston & Peper. It is disrespectful to the               vails!                                                     The fact that the Soviet Union would               Today, the truth has been twisted around
community which expressed concern over the                   We, the Jewish community, cannot, and will            later be the incubation house for all the          and we are living in the dark and sombre
price of keeping kosher that the deliberations             not, be taken for granted.                              vile    anti-Israel    propaganda        now       times, not unlike the late 1930s.
have not been made public.                                                                                         espoused by the international left, cannot
  The silence on the issue creates a climate of               Albert Glass                                         erase this admission. The Soviets had                 Gary Selikow
disbelief that anything has in fact been done.                Cape Town                                            voted for the State of Israel in the United           Johannesburg
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                               SA JEWISH REPORT      15

                                                COMMUNITY COLUMNS                                                                       AROUND THE WORLD
                      ABOVE                     A good time to be S African                                                                             NEWS IN BRIEF
                                                                                                                                    TURKEL WANTS WIDER SCOPE FOR FLOTILLA PROBE
                      BOARD                      challenges posed, have been con-
                                                                                            of Mr Justice Richard Goldstone
                                                                                            and events leading up to the Jewish
                                                                                                                                    JERUSALEM - The judge who
                                                                                                                                    is leading an Israeli inquiry
                                                                                                                                                                       nesses or evidence needed by
                                                                                                                                                                       the panel, to look into the inci-
                      Zev Krengel,
                      National Chairman            This World Cup is well on its way        communal leadership’s meeting           into its interception of a Gaza-   dent that left nine passengers
                                                 to being ranked among the best             with him.                               bound flotilla has requested a     dead, Haaretz reported.
                                                 events of its kind ever held. In no          That expats, despite having forged    wider scope for the investiga-        The committee met on
  A column of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies    small part, it is due to the sheer         a new life for themselves in the        tion.                              Monday for the first time.
                                                 open-heartedness of the South              Jewish State, retain an abiding            Jacob Turkel, a retired            Turkel's request came fol-
WHEN OUR National Director                       African people’s welcome.                  interest in their Jewish community      Israeli Supreme Court justice,     lowing a petition filed with
Wendy Kahn and I left for Israel last              Our visitors have been made to           of origin, was shown both by the        has threatened to resign           Israel's Supreme Court by the
week, we were sorry that we would                feel that for the duration of their        capacity turnout (the event was in      unless his independent com-        leftist Gush Shalom organisa-
be away, even for a few days, from               stay, they, too, are South Africans.       fact booked out soon after it was       mittee is given the right to       tion to disband the committee.
the Fifa World Cup excitement.                   Having arrived as strangers, they          advertised) and the audience’s          conduct a full judicial inquiry,      Prime Minister Benjamin
  As things proved, we needn’t have              will leave as friends and, indeed, as      enthusiastic involvement.               according to Israeli reports on    Netanyahu reportedly decid-
had any regrets on that score.                   ambassadors for everything this              Wendy and I further took advan-       Tuesday. He also has request-      ed on Tuesday that he would
Wherever we went, we met with                    country is achieving. The SAJBD,           tage of the visit to meet with a wide   ed to add two members to the       discuss the possibility of
enthusiastic interest in the unfold-             whose Jewish 2010 project has regu-        range of Cabinet ministers, mem-        committee.                         expanding the committee's
ing tournament, together with the                larly been discussed in previous           bers of Knesset and government             Turkel is citing legal          scope; the committee will not
warmest good wishes towards our-                 columns, is proud to have played its       officials, particularly within the      grounds to support the wider       meet for the next two weeks
selves as South Africans whose                   own small part in contributing to all      Foreign Affairs Ministry.               powers, which would include        while the matter is examined.
country was hosting it.                          of this.                                     Various issues of concern to          the right to subpoena any wit-     (JTA)
  If it is an especially good time to be           While in Israel, I shared a plat-        South African Jewry, among them
a South African in South Africa, the             form with my brother Avrom, chair-         the temporary recall of the South       A HUG A DAY
same is true about being a South                 man of the SAZF, at an event for           African ambassador, were dis-           A group of young Israelis          The event will be posted on
African abroad.                                  South African olim in Ra’anana,            cussed. As always, the common           has begun a hugging cam-           YouTube. The Foreign Mini-
  Once an international pariah, our              hosted by Telfed. My address               thread running through all our          paign.                             stry has promised the group
country is once again making head-               focused on the current situation of        meetings was our community’s              The learneres, mostly new        that it will help prepare and
lines all over the world, and this time          South African Jewry and the kind of        deep-rooted ties with Israel and how    immigrants from the United         distribute the clip.
for all the right reasons. Those who             issues and challenges it is dealing        we can continue building on and         States, plan to gather next          Similar events have taken
doubted that we would succeed in                 with.                                      strengthening them.                     week on the Tel Aviv               place in New York, Paris,
bringing it all off, given the daunting            Avrom spoke about the Israel con-                                                Promenade and offer unso-          Rome and other major cities
logistical and infrastructure-related            nection and specifically on the visit      This column is paid for by the SAJBD    licited hugs to passersby.         worldwide. (JTA)

Woman’s voice - bottled in a can
NAOMI DINUR                                           gested that she reached the high status of a
                                                      man This view does not go hand in hand
IT COULD be debated that every genera-                with (Zephaniah 3, 14): “Sing oh daughter
tion has its own set of customs. The ques-            of Zion, shout oh Israel, be glad and rejoice
tion that comes to mind is why there has              with all thy heart oh daughter of
been a change in attitude towards women               Jerusalem!”
singing at Jewish community functions in                 When members of this community justi-
South Africa? Twenty five years ago I                 fy the change of custom, they quote Rabbi
remember seeing the King David High                   Shmuel of the Talmud Brachot 24 page 1 -
School choir perform at community events              “Kol Beisha Erva”.
like Yom Hashoah and shul events, etc.                   This literally means: “Voice in a woman
Elderly members of the community still                - nakedness”. It is not just singing! It is her
recall, for example, a woman singing in the           VOICE! However, very few people are
Yeoville Shul Choir.                                  aware that Rabbi Shmuel answered the
   It reminds me of a joke: Ruchale, who              question of what one is allowed to do at the
was a newly-wed pious Jewish girl,                    time of reading the Shma!
attempted to roast some meat for Passover.               There was a deliberation around this
She recalled that her mother always dis-              issue and many rabbis advised that it was
carded a piece of meat before cooking the             preferable to prevent women from singing
roast; she had never known the reason for             at all; an approach followed by the
this, and called her mother. Her mother               Rambam, Ra”sh, and most current rabbis.
replied that it had been a tradition at home             However, many rabbis conclude that this
that she had simply followed year after               edict was only for the hearing of the Shma.
year.                                                 Singing was allowed if it was not intended
   They decided to ask Bobba. Bobba                   to tempt, and while not reading the Shma.
replied: “My Passover pot just wasn’t big             Among them, Rabbi Hananel, Rashb”a.
enough!”                                              and Shulchan Aruch, link it with the read-
   This parable illustrates why it is impor-          ing of the Shma. Ri”f does not mention it!
tant to understand the origin of customs in              It is important to note here that partici-
order to celebrate Judaism as a way of life.          pating in a choir is a completely different
In reading the Torah one finds evidence               issue (and it is noteworthy that most rab-
that women sang during the preceding                  bis permit it). It is connected to the issue of
2 500 years:                                          the shofar.
   “Can I hear any more the voice of                     The motives for the different rulings
singing men and singing women?”                       seem to be ultimately connected to mod-
(Shmuel B 19, 36)                                     esty: The singing of modest songs and
   “Sharim” in Hebrew includes the                    Zmirot by properly attired women was part
“Sharot” as well, but the bible specifically          of everyday life in this community, and in
wrote Sharot, for a reason.                           Orthodox Western European Jewish com-
   Surely we know the story of Devorah the            munities for centuries, it was our tradi-
prophetess, who after her great victory,              tion.
sang: “Then sang Devora and Barak son of                 We acknowledge that newly strict reli-
Avinoam on that day, saying (12) awake                gious adherence is prompted by the best
awake Devora, awake awake utter a song.”              intentions, but it can result in severe com-
   At the time of Devorah’s rule, there was           promise and neglectful oversight.
peace in the Holy Land for 40 years! This                Inflicting a prohibition regarding hear-
was good enough reason to be joyous and               ing the talent G-d bestowed on a 12-year-
sing; today we count the peaceful periods,            old girl, a day after her batmitzvah to the
in days!                                              rest of her life, might exact a very high
   We remember Miriam: “Sing to the L-rd,             price by creating damage in the perception
for he has triumphed gloriously.” (Exodus             of the Jewish law by women, particularly
15, 20)                                               regarding their self-respect and self-reali-
   Rabbi Ephraim of Lunshitz, (1619) sug-             sation.
16   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                      02 - 09 July 2010

                                                                                       Son follows in father’s
                                                                                       illustrious footsteps
                                                                                       JACKY AMOILS
                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPH SUPPLIED

                                                                                       KEVIN AMOILS followed in his father’s illus-
                                                                                       trious footsteps recently when he was placed
                                                                                       in the top ten (ninth) and obtained honours in
                                                                                       the Accountancy Board examination set by
                                                                                       The South African Institute of Chartered
                                                                                       Accountants (SAICA).
                                                                                         Approximately 3 000 students wrote the
 Devorah Kur; Thelma Altschuler; Dr Aviva Ruch Karp; Lee Bender; Michelle              exam countrywide and the pass rate was 51
 Ginsberg; Dr Kiki Marx; and Rabbi Anthony Gerson.                                     per cent.
                                                                                         Kevin’s father, Clifford, also obtained hon-
                                                                                       ours and came second in the same examina-

 Thelma’s story - a                                                                    tion in 1984, 26 years ago.
                                                                                         It is highly unusual for a father and son to
                                                                                       both achieve this feat.

 journey of healing                                                                      Kevin matriculated from King David
                                                                                       Linksfield High School with six distinctions in
                                                                                       2005. He studied B AccScience followed by a
                                                                                       higher diploma in accountancy at the

 and of survival                                                                       University of the Witwatersrand, where he
                                                                                       graduated with distinction in both the degree
                                                                                       and diploma.
                                                                                         He is currently serving his traineeship at a
 JULIA COOK                                 tude for the strides that have been        major company.                                      Father and son - Clifford and Kevin Amoils.
 PHOTOGRAPH: RICHARD ALTSCHULER             made in medicine since she has been
                                            diagnosed, as well as the way that the
 UNEXPECTED EVENTS such as life             illness had pulled people towards her,
 threatening illnesses can be severely      and most of all there was gratitude to
 damaging to a person’s self-percep-        Hashem and her unwavering faith in
 tion and can cause strain on their         Him.
 interpersonal relationships. One way          She and her husband combined
 to counter this is to make people          their love of Hashem, and by setting
 aware of others who are living             attainable goals for herself, so that
 through such illnesses, as they can        she could fight and survive. While
 provide comfort to individuals by          undergoing treatment, she kept her
 showing them that they are not alone       goals within her sight, such as cele-
 in facing such experiences.                brating simchas with her family in
    Such awareness events can also          Israel and Australia. When each one
 help an individual with options for        was achieved, she made sure to set
 working through their emotions             new attainable goals, so that each
 about these occurrences that they          day could become a journey of sur-
 had previously not known about,            vival.
 thereby enabling them to access new           There were also interesting and
 avenues of dealing with the stress         informative presentations by various        One of the groups that visited the Lions Shul
 and concerns to which they are cur-        community members, as their work is         World Cup tour for the Brazil Korea game.
 rently exposed.                            complementary to Altschuler’s jour-
    This is why the talk that was held      ney. Dr Aviva Ruch Karp, a medical
 at the Pine Street Shul Hall recently,
 entitled “Thelma’s story - a holistic
 journey to wellness” is so important.
 Even though 90 people had booked
                                            doctor who is currently involved in
                                            clinical trials relating to osteoporosis
                                            and Alzheimer’s, and Michelle
                                            Ginsburg, a social worker, together
                                                                                       Lions Shul World Cup
 seats to the event, overall 130 arrived
 on Sunday morning.
    The talk centred on the experi-
                                            devised “Lilac 9”, which is a tool for
                                            self-empowerment for healthy living
                                            by means of initiating a journey of
                                                                                       tours a big hit allround
 ences of Thelma Altschuler, who            self-discovery and awareness.              OWN CORRESPONDENT                                   Park - an exhibition mini-museum, a multi-
 shared her journey with the audience          They accomplish this by using each      JOHANNESBURG                                        media documentary of Jewish Johannesburg,
 since being diagnosed in 2007 with         session to provide the participant                                                             a delicious nash and le’chaim as well as
                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPH SUPPLIED
 lymphoma.                                  with tools to help bring balance and                                                           Minchah and Maariv.
    Dr Kiki Marx beforehand explain-        manageability to their life.                                                                     While some returned home directly after the
                                                                                       THE JEWISH Johannesburg Lions Shul
 ed to the audience that lymphoma              Lee Bender, a maths teacher, who,                                                           tour, most of the group hopped across the road
                                                                                       tour was thoroughly enjoyed by all who
 was a cancer of the lymphatic sys-         together with her husband, Steven,                                                             to watch the Brazil Korea clash at Ellis Park
                                                                                       attended. Ex pats, locals and foreigners of all
 tem, “a network of channels in your        developed an interest in alternative                                                           before the tour bus took everyone home, joy-
                                                                                       ages, came together to see and experience the
 body, connecting all the organs. It        healing and “Quantum Touch” inter-                                                             fully satisfied. The tours - which will continue
                                                                                       legacy of Johannesburg’s oldest standing
 contains fluid called lymph, which         national courses. She gave a demon-                                                            until the virtual end of the World Cup - offer
 carries immune cells called lympho-        stration of EFT (Emotional Freedom                                                             park and ride facilities to Ellis Park.
                                                                                         Included in the evening’s proceedings was a
 cytes and other factors throughout         Technique) or tapping, so that all the                                                           • For information or to book for a tour, con-
                                                                                       talk on Old Doornfontein - where the historic
 the body.                                  energy systems become aligned.                                                                 tact 083-441-7075.
                                                                                       shul is situated close to football venue Ellis
    “The function of this system is two        She explained that EFT “is almost
 fold, as firstly, it keeps bodily fluid    like emotional acupuncture, but
 levels in balance, and secondly the        instead of inserting needles, various
 immune cells protect the body
 against antigens, such as bacteria
 and viruses.
                                            parts of the body are tapped on with
                                            one’s finger tips. These points are
                                            meridians that are connected to the
                                                                                                         AROUND THE WORLD
    “The lymph organs consist of the        brain and can alter any negative
                                                                                                                          NEWS IN BRIEF
 bone marrow (RBC made), lymph              emotion the client is experiencing”
 nodes, spleen, thymus and tonsils,         and furthermore, that this process is       RADIO HOST SUSPENDED OVER ANTI-SEMITIC JOKES
 but the heart, lungs, intestines, liver,   useful as “tapping works for crav-          SYDNEY - A New Zealand comedian who               They were dumb words said by a dumb man."
 and skin all have lymphatic tissue.”       ings, fears, addictions, panic, physi-      apologised for making anti-Semitic jokes has        He also admitted to being intoxicated. "I
 Altschuler, a lymphoma survivor,           cal ailments”.                              been suspended from his radio show.               wasn't in control at the time the statements
 told the heartfelt story of her ongo-         She gave a practical demonstration          David Fane will return as host of a break-     were made," Fane told the New Zealand
 ing journey in dealing with this form      of how this process works.                  fast show on The Radio Network in mid-July;       Herald.
 of cancer - how she, together with a          Devorah Kur, a practitioner in dif-      he was suspended Monday. Network execu-             "Upon reflection I was probably, at the time,
 support group of family and friends,       ferent areas of alternative health,         tives are supportive of the radio host and tel-   thinking of what in comedic circles is
 embarked on her road to healing.           gave an insight into how we can live        evision personality.                              referred to as 'offensive humour' as opposed
    For Altschuler, the main motiva-        more fulfilled and enriched lives by           "David has met with us today and he pro-       to anything serious."
 tion for overcoming lymphoma, lay in       understanding and taking responsi-          foundly regrets his remarks and unreserved-         New Zealand Jewish Council President
 the support and love that she received     bility for our own symptoms, illnesses      ly apologises for the offence they will have      Stephen Goodman condemned the remarks as
 from her husband, Richard, and their       and diseases in order to understand         caused," said John McElhinney, the network's      "a very anti-Semitic statement", but said he
 three children and various grandchil-      the deeper meaning behind them.             chief executive.                                  did not believe that Fane was anti-Semitic.
 dren, as well as the support provided         Kur showed the way to a more                Fane was delivering his stand-up comedy          "It just supports our intention that it was a
 by her extended family and friends.        understanding connection between            routine to advertising bosses at an event in      stupid act, there is no anti-Semitic intent, just
    She explained to the audience that      the mind and the body, by explaining        Auckland on June 23 when he asked the audi-       someone getting carried away with the situa-
 the greatest challenges that she had       how wellness workshops could                ence: "Would you roast an HIV person? You'd       tion and saying silly things," Goodman told 3
 to overcome were when the diagnosis        empower them to use their symptoms,         roast them because they're expendable, like       News.
 was made. “One needs to accept the         ailments or diseases as stepping tools      the Jews. Hitler had a right, you know."            Reports that Fane resigned from his TV and
 challenges that Hashem has in store        to help them to achieve more meaning           Fane, 43, later told 3 News: "I really am so   radio roles were not correct, 3 News said.
 for each of us.”                           in their lives by exploring meaning on      very sorry for any offence I have caused.         (JTA)
    She further expressed her grati-        different levels.
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                            SA JEWISH REPORT    17

                     YOUTH TALK
                                  Alison Goldberg

  MC Weiler kids
  meet soccer
  legend, Pele

  WHAT A treat it was for a handful of children from the MC
  Weiler School in Alexandra township, north of Johannesburg,
  to meet soccer legend, Pele!
    The United Sisterhood arranged for this group to be present
  at an exclusive media conference, resulting in them meeting the
  star and being given soccer clothing from his new range.
    The children were given lunch and enjoyed playing a game of
  soccer on a dirt pitch which had been prepared for the event.
    Thank you to all those involved for making a group of under-
  privileged children feel very special.

                                         Special men in Grade Rs in the spirit
                                         their kids’ lives of the World Cup
                                         STORY AND PHOTOGRAPH BY HAYLEY BREST
                                                                                                STORY AND PHOTOGRAPH BY                 grade R, ended the term with a real “kick-
                                         EVERY YEAR at Sydenham Pre-Primary, we pay             MELANIE DICK                            off’” to the 2010 Fifa World Cup. They
                                         tribute to all our dads and the special men in the                                             worked very hard, with lots of “gees” (spir-
                                         children’s lives. Dads and their children are invit-   THE LEARNERS of King David Linksfield   it) to each create their own soccer project.
                                         ed to school in the evening to spend some fun time
                                           While children are warmly dressed in pyjamas,
                                         stories are read, constructions are built, puzzles
                                         are completed and games are played. Delicious
Danny Kunitz and his dad                 homemade soup and rolls are served and a won-
Michael, enjoying soup.                  derful time is had by all.

A morning of Netzer-style fun,
prayer and entertainment
JACKIE MARIS                               gogue services and wider Jewish commu-
PHOTOGRAPH: RUSSEL COHEN                   nity events. Recently, we led a Shabbat
                                           morning service at Temple Israel in
ONE OF Netzer’s strengths is its involve-  Hillbrow.
ment in the larger Progressive Jewish com-   After having discovered that the shul was
munity. We attend chaggim events, syna-    on “Kleim”, not “Klein” Street, Netzer
                                                         madrichim arrived at the
                                                         synagogue ready for action.
                                                         What followed was a morn-
                                                         ing of Netzer-style singing,
                                                         guitar-playing, prayer and
                                                         learning. It was wonderful to
                                                         be part of the community
                                                         there, which, despite its size,
                                                         was filled to the brim with
                                                         Shabbat ruach (spirit).
                                                           We look forward to future
                                                         services run at Temple
                                                         Israel and at our other con-
                                                         gregations. Thank you to
Netzer madrichim and Temple Israel community mem-        the community for hosting
bers lead Shabbat Kiddush.                               us!

SAUJS pays
tribute to

SAUJS MEMBERS handed out cards and
chocolates to the residents of Sandringham
Gardens aged home in Johannesburg on
Father’s Day, to add a bit of cheer to their
  The young people from SAUJS were espe-
cially well received by those residents whose
                                                   SAUJS community officers Megan Barlin
children live overseas and are not able to reg-
ularly visit their parents.                        and Sarit Swisa talk to Mookie Mayeis
  The Father’s Day initiative is “brand new”,      and Joe Singer during their Father’s Day
following on from SAUJS’s well-known               visit to Sandringham Gardens in
“Roses event” for Mother’s Day.                    Johannesburg.
18       SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                                                        02 - 09 July 2010

                                                                                                                     WHAT’S ON                                                                                      Barry Bilewitz

 NOTE: Deadline for all entries is 12:00 on the Friday                    • SA Friends of Beit Halochem: Beyachad, 2 Elray St,Rae-    • UJW Cape Town presents Lorna Levy on “Radical            Glass, Caron Melamed and Sybil Smerkovitz as they
 prior to publication.                                                      dene,2192. Contact Leanne (011) 645 2553 or e-mail:         Engagements - Then and Now”.                             cook up some lovely memories. Time: 09:00 for 09:30,
                                                                                                                                                            breakfast/brunch. Contact Sandy on (011) 645-2515.
     Key to organisations, venues, contact                                • South African Jewish Board of Deputies (Johannesburg)
                                                                                                                                                      Sunday (July 11)
               details and cost:                                                                                                                                                                                 Sunday (July 25)
                                                                            - Beyachad, 2 Elray Street, Raedene. Contact (011) 645-   • Big Band Music Appreciation Society’s next meet-
                                                                            2500 or (011) 645-2523.                                     ing is at 14:15 in the Jeffrey Auditorium at St John’s • Join Team Chev on the 8km “Walk the Talk”. Minimum
 • Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue, 38 Oxford                                                                                                                                                 donation R180. Contact Cindi Bobroff on (011) 532-
                                                                          • South African Zionist Federation (SAZF), Johannesburg       College, Lower Houghton. Cost R30, including tea.
   Road, Parktown.                                                                                                                                                                               9698.
                                                                            - Beyachad, 2 Elray Street, Raedene. Contact Froma,         Contact Dave on (011) 885-3525 or Barney on (011)
 • Beyachad Resource Centre/Library, 2 Elray St, Rae-
                                                                            (011) 645-2505.                                             615-3412.                                                              Monday (July 26)
   dene, 2192. Norma Shulman (011) 645-2567. e-
                                                                          • The Israel Centre. Contact Debbie (011) 645-2560.                                                                                                        • FFHC presents Irene Klass, Holocaust survivor and • UJW Johannesburg presents Rose Norwich on “Life in
                                                                          • The Jewish National Fund (JNF) Choir, Beyachad, 2 Elray
 • Bikkur Cholim - Jewish Society for Visiting the Sick,                                                                                Yaakov Finkelstein, deputy to the Israeli Ambassador, the South African Country Communities”, at 09:30.
                                                                            St, Raedene. Contact Crystal Kaplan. 083-376-5999.
   7A Chester Road, Greenside East, Johannesburg.                                                                                       on their respective experiences in Poland, at 14:30.
   Joy Gafin (011) 447-6689.
                                                                          • The Jewish Outlook Team. Contact Ryan Cane; e-mail                                                                                    Friday (July 30)
                                                                  ; website www.jewishout          • RCHCC invites you to see the Soccer World Cup final
 • CAJE - College of Adult Jewish Education, Syden-                                                                                                                                         • JWBS is having a book sale at Norwood Hypermarket
                                                                   Support line: 27 76 215 8600.                  on their big screen. Supper will be served from
   ham Highlands North Shul (011)640-5021.                                                                                                                                                    starting at 09:30.
                                                                          • The Jewish Women’s Benevolent Society (JWBS) - San-         19:00. Kickoff at 20:30. Cost R150.
 • CSO - Emergency phone number 086 18 000 18.                                                                                                                                                                   Sunday (August 1)
                                                                            dringham Gardens, 85 George Avenue Sandringham
 • ELBM - Emunah Ladies Beit Midrash. 60 Mejon St
                                                                            2192. Contact Carolyn Sabbagh. (011) 485-5232.
                                                                                                                                                      Monday (July 12)
   Glenhazel. (011) 887-2910. “Lessons of our Lives”                                                                                                                                         • WoW Annual Women’s Day Breakfast, 09:30 to 12:30
                                                                          • The Simcha Friendship and Cultural Circle (SFCC),         • UJW Johannesburg presents Wendy Kahn on “Play-         at the Sandton Sun Hotel, including a motivational talk
   course on Wednesdays at 10:00. R350 for the
                                                                            Johannesburg - Sandton Shul. Contact Sylvia Shull,          ing the Ball - SA Jewry’s interaction with Govern-     by Western Cape Premier Helen Zille on “Why I believe
   course or R50 per shiur.
                                                                            (011) 783-5600. Meetings on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wed-       ment” at 09:30.                                        in South Africa” and a women’s talent show. Cost:
 • FFHS - Friendship Forum for Holocaust Survivors,
                                                                            nesday of every month at Sandton Shul at 10:00 unless                                                              R500 pp. To book call 083-380-5268.
   Second Generation and Members of the Community
                                                                            stated otherwise.
                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday (July 13)
   Affected by the Holocaust. Presentations held at the                                                                                                                                                      Monday (August 2)
                                                                          • The United Sisterhood, 38 Oxford Road Parktown. Web-      • WIZO Tzabar presents the live show “The Time
   Gerald Horwitz Lounge, Golden Acres, 85 George
                                                                            site: Contact Marian (011)      Keepers” at the Theatre on the Square. Cost per per- • UJW Johannesburg presents Hamilton Wende on “A
   Ave, Sandringham.
                                                                            646-2409.                                                   son R160. Contact Sandy (011) 645-2515.                Voyage back to the World Cup” at 09:30.
 • HOD - Hebrew Order of David International. HOD
                                                                          • Tiyulim (Jewish Outdoor Club) - Contact Martin 082-
   Centre Oaklands Road, Orchards. Office (011) 640                                                                                   • Second Innings Men’s Group is hosting David • Morris Rutstein Ulpan Course - registration. Venue:
                                                                            965-7419 or Greg 082-959-9026
   3017 -                                                                                                              Shapiro at Our Parents Home, on “Financial Fitness    Yeshiva College at 18:30. The course will run every
                                                                          • Union of Jewish Women (UJW), Johannesburg - 1 Oak
 • JAFFA - Jewish Accomodation for Fellow Aged.                                                                                         in 2010”. Time: 14:15 for 14:30.                      Tuesday from August 3 to November 16 at Yeshiva Col-
                                                                            Street Houghton. Contact (011) 648-1053. Cost R15 for
   (012) 346-2007/8. 42 Mackie Street, Bailey’s Muck-                                                                                                                                         lege. Time: 19:00 to 21:15. Enquiries: (011) 645-2531
                                                                            the Friendship Luncheon Club and a R20 donation for                      Wednesday (July 14)                      (office hours).
                                                                            lectures unless otherwise stated.
 • KDSF - King David Schools’ Foundation. King David                                                                                  • UJW Johannesburg presents Dr Lorraine                               Wednesday (August 4)
                                                                          • Union of Jewish Women (UJW), Cape Town - (021)
   Alumni (011) 480-4723.                                                                                                 Chaskalson on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s
                                                                            434-9555, e-mail:
 • Nechama Bereavement Counselling Centre - Room                                                                                        Dream” at 09:30. Please read play before attending. • UJW Johannesburg presents Daniel Kagan and Fay
                                                                          • UJW Cape Town AED Programme - Venue: Stonehaven,                                                                  Picker discussing current novels at 09:30.
   A304, 3rd Floor, Hospital Wing, Sandringham Gar-
                                                                            Albany Road, Sea Point. Time: 10:00 for 10:30.            • UJW Cape Town presents Joel Stern on “South
   dens, 85 George Avenue, Sandringham, 2192. Con-
                                                                            Entrance: R15.00 (incl refreshments).                       Africa in a Turbulent World: Where are We Head- • SFCC invites you to join them on an outing to Consti-
   tact (011) 640-1322.                                                                                                                                                                       tutional Hill. Entrance R15. Transport R25. Meet at
                                                                          • United Zionist Luncheon Club (UZLC), Johannesburg -         ing?”.
 • New Friendship Ladies’ Group - A group for single                                                                                                                                          Sandton Shul at 10:00. Booking essential.
                                                                            Our Parents Home. Contact Gloria, (011) 485-4851 or
   women - contact Lucille (011) 791-5226 or 082-                                                                                     • JWBS is having a book sale at Benmore Shopping
                                                                                                                                        Centre starting at 09:30.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Monday August 16)
                                                                          • UOS- Union of Orthodox Synagogues (011) 485-4865.
 • ORT and ORTJET South Africa - 44 Central Street,                                                                                                                                         • UJW Johannesburg presents Peter Bayer on “The
                                                                            E-mail: Fax 086-610-3442.                 • RCHCC presents Charles van Onselen on his book,
   Cnr 10th Ave, Houghton. Contact (011) 728-7154.                                                                                                                                            Changing Face of Primary School Education” at
                                                                          • WIZO Johannesburg - Beyachad, 2 Elray Street Rae-           “Masked Raiders - Irish Banditry in Southern Africa
 • Preview Theatre - 9 Valerie Crescent, Bagleyston,                                                                                                                                          09:30.
                                                                            dene. Contact           1880 - 1899” at 19:30. Cost: R60.
   (011) 640-1061.                                                                                                                                                                                            Tuesday (August 17)
                                                                            Joyce Chodos (011) 645-2548 or Sandy Kramer (011)
 • Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre (RCHCC) and
                                                                                                                                                      Sunday (July 18)
   Great Park Shul, Johannesburg. Contact Hazel, (011)                                                                                                                                      • WIZO Women Inspired branch hosting “Italian
                                                                                                                                      • WIZO Cyrildene is having a bingo afternoon at the     Intrigue” function.
   728-8088 or Rene Sidley (011) 728-8378. Cost usu-                                      Today Friday (July 2)
                                                                                                                                        Oxford Shul. Cost R40 includes two free cards and
   ally R50, including refreshments.                                                                                                                                                        • UJW Johannesburg presents Estelle Sher on “The
                                                                          • Cape Town Holocaust Centre hosts David Lurie’s              tea, additional cards R5 each.
 • SAIJE - Sandton Adult Institute of Jewish Education,                                                                                                                                       Jewish Soul in Concert Music” from 09:45 to 12:00, at
                                                                            photographic exhibition “The Right to Refuge” until
   Sandton Shul. E-mail:
                                                                            July 9.
                                                                                                                                                        Monday (July 19)                      301 Eton Place, Kernick Avenue, Melrose North. Cost:
   (011) 883-4210.                                                                                                                                                                            R30.
                                                                                                                                      • UJW Johannesburg presents Bobby Godsell on
 • Second Innings, Johannesburg - Jewish Community                        • UZLC presents Ronnie Mink on “Polish Jewish Rela-
                                                                                                                                        “Renewing the South African Dream” at 10:00.                       Wednesday (August 18)
   Services - Donald Gordon Centre, 85 George Avenue                        tions”.
   Sandringham. Their group meets at the Gerald Hor-                                                                                                 Wednesday (July 21)                    • SFCC presents Dr Claudius van Wyk on “The Power of
                                                                                              Sunday (July 4)                                                                                 Your Words in the Language of Healing - Activating
   witz Lounge, Golden Acres, 85 George Avenue San-
                                                                                                                                      • SFCC presents Martine Schaffer on “Another View of    Your Mind for Wellness”.
   dringham every Sunday morning for tea at 10:00 fol-                    • RCHCC is screening “Ajami” at 19:30.
                                                                                                                                        South Africa”.
   lowed by the meeting at 10:30. Contact Grecia                                                                                                                                            • UJW Johannesburg hosts a guided tour of the Louis
                                                                                          Wednesday (July 7)
   Gabriel (011) 532-9718 for information.                                                                                            • WIZO Johannesburg presents the 60th Anniversary       Maqhubela retrospective exhibition at the Standard
 • Society of Israel Philately (SIP) -                 • SFCC presents Professor Barry Schoub on “Pandemics          of the Goodwill International Recipe Book. Join       Bank Gallery. Meet at 1 Oak Street, Houghton, at 09:15.
   Contact Maurice (011) 485-2293.                                          and Viruses - What is in Store for Us”.                     celebrity chefs, Delores Fouche, Miri Doron, Sharon   Bus will depart at 09:30.

Sudoku Puzzle 13                                                                                                                         CROSSWORD NO 170
                                                                                                                                                                      BY LEAH SIMON
                                        (Easy, difficulty rating 0.40)
                                                                                                            ACROSS                                                               19. A thousand at the edge - that’s foreboding! (4)
                                                                                                            1. Los Angeles comes back this way too (4)
                                                                  6                   4                     3. Recoil? That’s a disadvantage (4, 4)                              SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD NO 169
                                                                                                            8. Tells fibs and damages isle (4)
                                                                                                            9. Nan sees right and traps it (8)                                   ACROSS: 1. Wrap; 3. Displays; 8. Liar; 9. Stealthy; 11.
     8                 3                                                              2                     11. Is he a drunk? Not necessarily, but he’s very                    Dog in the manger; 13. Nymphs; 14. Sierra; 17. Hair of
                                                                                                                familiar with bars (6, 6)                                        the dog; 20. Attacked; 21. Very; 22. Parasite; 23. Esme.
                                                                                                            13. A hundred have aged and lost warmth (6)                          DOWN: 1. Well done; 2. Amalgam; 4. In time; 5. Plain
     1        6                                                   2                   3                     14. Involve in recent ailment (6)                                    sight; 6. Autre; 7. Says; 10. On the rocks; 12. Lang
                                                                                                            17. Two score in the cricket match (6, 6)                            syne; 15. Redeems 16. Affect; 18. Actor; 19. Lamp.
                                                                                                            20. Used liar somehow for what
              3                           1                                   5       9                         remains (8)
                                                                                                                                                  1     2                                    3       4             5            6            7
                                                                                                            21. Quiet navy, but conceals a
                                                                                                                potential explosion (4)
     2                           3                                9                            6            22. Did they keep Robin Hood
                                                                                                                laughing? (5, 3)                  8                                          9
                                                                                                            23. Only myself, about this (4)
              8        5                  6                                           1                                                                                               10
                                                                                                            1. Just one seasoning - but it’s uni-
              5                  1                                                    6        7               versal, we hear (3, 5)                     11
                                                                                                            2. Places I am in are extraordinary
                                                                                                               (7)                                                                                                                            12
              1                                                               4                2            4. Takes out another lease on east-
                                                                                                               ern wrens (6)                              13                                                14                  15
                                                                                                            5. Northern swine worn out, but
              7                  8                                                                             becomes famous (4, 6)                                                                 16
                                                                                                            6. Consent to rage around the east
* Answer to follow                                                                                                                                               17     18
                                             Answer - Puzzle 12

                                                                  7   2   5   8   6   3   1   9    4        7. Chest was embraced, we hear (4)
  with next puzzle                                                8   6   3   4   9   1   7   5    2        10. Teetotaller in safety? (4, 3, 3)
                                                                  1   9   4   5   2   7   6   8    3        12. Companion for a child actor? (4,          19
                                                                  5   8   2   6   7   4   3   1    9
                                                                                                            15. She’s hidden in mean net terms            20                                                             21
                                                                  6   4   9   1   3   8   2   7    5            (7)
                                                                  3   1   7   9   5   2   4   6    8        16. Upset at grey, move around vig-
                                                                                                                orously (6)
 Note to readers: Our bridge                                      2   3   6   7   8   5   9   4    1
                                                                                                            18. Breaks wires, and is more sage
 column and our Sudoku                                            9   5   1   2   4   6   8   3    7                                                      22                                                             23
 puzzle alternate week by week.
                                                                  4   7   8   3   1   9   5   2    6
02 - 09 July 2010                                                                                                                                                                                         SA JEWISH REPORT 19

                                                                                                                                                                      PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS                        GENERAL

                                                                                                                                                                      DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS
                                                                                                                                                                     Freelance editing (to PhD level),
                                                                                                                                                                     writing, stats analysis & reports,
                                                                                                                                                                       off-site secretarial functions
                                                                                                                                                                           Sue 072-104-2394
                                                                                                                                                                     (BA English; MA research
                     To book your classified notice or advert contact: Tel (011) 023-8160, Fax 086-634-7935, email:
                              NOTICES                              THANK YOU                   HEALTH & BEAUTY                              LIFTS                    Service offered by retired
                                BIRTHS                                                      SPEECH AND DRAMA                                                                accountant
                                                              STAMELMAN                       Confidence building.              CAPE TOWN                             Tel/Fax: (011) 640 -5437
                             MAZEL TOV!                                                        Presentation skills.               SHUTTLE                                 or 082-657-3904
                                                              THANK YOU
                                It’s A Baby!                                                      CONTACT:
                         Have Fun! Get Facts!                                                   082-344-4921
                                                                                                                                 COMING TO                               TUITION & EDUCATION
                                                           We are at a loss for words
                      Antenatal classes by Des             to adequately express our
                                                                                                                                CAPE TOWN?
                      Hoppenstein, medical doc-                                                                                                                           MOSAIC CLASSES
                                                            deepest thanks for all the            KIDS CORNER                   AFFORDABLE
                             tor and mother.                                                                                                                         There is no more relaxing and
                         • birth plan to suit you
                                                            expressions of sympathy           SCRAPBOOKING                          RATES.                           absorbing hobby than mosaic
                                                              and condolence, love,        CLASSES FOR KIDS &                      AIRPORT                            art. Take time out for yourself
                      • interactive and nurturing
                                                               kindness and caring                   TEENS                                                           and explore your creative side.
                                                              shown to us when we                                                TRANSFERS                                    Class offered in
                        • comprehensive notes                                                   A fun, therapeutic
                                                             lost our darling son and    & creative way to preserve your          FROM R180                              a private home. Monday
                           • medical aid rates
                                                                   brother Adin.         memories. Holiday & afternoon               NEW                               morning from 9:15 to 12:15.
                              Call Des on
                                                           The presence of so many             packages available.                                                          Phone Diane at
                                                              at the funeral, prayers,
                      TEACHING PARENTS-                                                       Contact Sherice                                                                082-899-1785
                                                           tree-planting memorial on           083-265-0990 or
                         TO-BE FOR OVER
                               12 YEARS!
                                                           Lions Head, every gesture               PHONE ANDY                                HOME SERVICES
                                                                of kindness, every                                               082-336-9780
                                                            message, phone call and
                           CONSECRATIONS                                                              LIFTS
                                                           visit were of comfort to us
                                                             and we regret not being                                            CHELSEA EXECUTIVE
                                                           able to acknowledge them                                                  CHAUFFEUR.
                                                                   all personally.                                              Legal, with permit from the
                                                           Just as Adin will be etched                                         transportation board. Let me
                                                            in our memories always,                                                chauffeur you safely.
                                                            so too will the outpouring                                              Reasonable rates.
                                                               of love, support and                                              FOR A QUOTE CALL
                                                                  comfort that we                                                 ABE 082-574-9010
                                                             We feel privileged to be                                         EX-ISRAELI SERVICEMAN                                                           PROPERTY TO LET
                                                             surrounded by so many                                                 SPECIAL OFFER
                                                                                                                                      JUNE – JULY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TO LET / SHARE
                                                                 wonderful people.
                                                                                           AIRPORT SERVICE                     Avoid drinking and driving will                                               HIGHLANDS NORTH
                                                                                           JHB                                take you to and from functions                                                    Cottage to let.
                                                              Thank you once
                                                                                                                                      & parties. 24-hrs.                                                    Contact (011) 788-3686
                                                             again from us all.
                                                                                                                                  Lifts to Airport and Dr’s                                                      (after 20:00)
                                                             Mel, Anne, Jianele,
                                                                                                   Reliable,                            appointments
                                                             Mandi & families.
                                                                                              Reasonable Rates!                 Call Neil 072-050-9927                                                     APARTMENT RENTAL IN
                                                                                              Contact Arnold,                                                                                             FAIRMOUNT/GLENHAZEL
                                                                                                                                Experienced, reliable driver                                              Rent a lovely spacious 2 bed, 2
                                                                   SERVICES                    082-447-0185                                                                     GENERAL
                                                                                                                                    available to lift you                                                  bath apartment with views in
                              PERSONAL                         HEALTH & BEAUTY                 011-454-1193                                                                     REPAINT
                                                                                                                                anywhere/anytime. 24 hrs.                                                   highly sought after complex
                            SOULMATES                                                                                           Call Paul 083-542-6480                         Specialists in:            near shuls. Security and 2 park-
                                                         CHIROPODY TREATMENT
                        Countrywide - many                                                   AIRPORT SHUTTLE                                                           painting, tiling, maintenance,          ing’s. Very reasonable.
                         Gauteng and Cape                                                       ----- R150 ----                   IRENE'S SCHLEP                           plumbing & gutters.                    To be negotiated.
                                                             Call Ruth Now
                              members!                                                   From Glenhazel / Senderwood /                   SERVICE                         Industrial and domestic.            Contact Jonathan on
                                                             (011) 616-4305
                                                                                          Lyndhurst areas. Reasonable           I will take you anywhere:                    Michael Fehler                       083-600-3747
                      20+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ single,
                                                                                            rates from all other areas.       School, Shops, Doctor, Friends               083-700-3025 or
                       widower, divorced & fussy?
                          Meet your soulmate!                                                SAM (011) 728-5219                  and Airport. Honest and                    (011) 648-0375                  HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                                 083-627-8516                            Trustworthy            
                     Results: 181 couples married!                                                                                                                                                            PLETTENBERG BAY
                         261 couples matched!                                                                                    Schlepped by Irene
                                                                                                                                     072-356-0282                        HANDYMAN MITCH                     Kosher home. 3 bed, 2.5 bath,
                      MAZELTOV! To Harry & Lori,                                               A-TAXI SERVICE
                                                                                                                                   Not on Shabbat                       General repairs/carpentry/         townhouse close to Beacon Isle
                          Jayde & Les on your                                            Let Warren Pogorelsky chauffeur
                                                                                                                                                                           household repairs.                  & Shul. Available July,
                      engagements, Kim & Vick on                                         you to your destination in Jo’burg
                                                                                                                                   LIFTS AVAILABLE                         Contact: Mitch                       December, January.
                             your marriage!                                               and back only R100 round trip.                                                                                       Call 073-669-0169
                                                                                              Tel: 082-399-6187                 For all age groups and to all               072-196-1939
                     Many, many pretty/handsome
                    prof/exec/business/trade singles                                                                             areas in Jhb, Sandton and                                                       WANTED TO RENT
                        are waiting to meet you!                                                                                           Airport.
                                                                                                                                    Contact Johnny                                                                 SEA POINT
                       Call Sandy (011) 485-
                                                                                                                                    082-328-3070 or                                                        Urgently looking for furnished
                     4034/ 082-357-3616 now!
                                                                                                                                      082-876-9042                                                          accomm (pref Kosher), with
                                                                                                                                                                                                             secure parking, near Shul,
                         Caryn Katz can help you find your                                                                                                                                                        from July 15th.
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                              best speaking VOICE.                                                                                                                                                            (a/h) (011) 883-3337
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20   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                       02 - 09 July 2010

Marcus scores first win in Singapore
JACK MILNER                                     by far the best chance of a win I’ve had thus       Marcus said he hoped that his Singapore
                                                far. For a moment, I thought: ‘Oh no, the        maiden win would be the spark that would
SOUTH AFRICAN Basil Marcus trained his          other horse will get mine’, but luckily we got   lead to more wins on the scoreboard. “As
last winner in South Africa on the day of the   there on time.                                   you know, I’m very patient with my horses.
J&B Met in Cape Town at the end of                “It’s been amazing to come here and be         I haven’t been hard on them and they will
January, before packing up to train in          given the chance to train in this wonderful      slowly come into their own. This is the job I
Singapore.                                      set-up.                                          love to do and I can’t wait for more win-
   However, he had to wait until June before      “It’s also been a long wait for my horses.     ners.”
getting his first winner in his new home; it    They have waited for around seven months            Marcus was perhaps remembering how
came when Flying West kept going to beat a      before they could finally get ready.”            fickle and dangerous the horseracing indus-
fast-finishing Newfoundluck at Kranji.            Marcus said Flying West, a tried horse         try can be at times, as he himself was a vic-
   Not surprisingly, the South African          who came with a handy South African              tim of its whims and he came out a lucky
uttered the word “relief” at his first post-    record of three wins from 12 starts, will ben-   survivor when he was kicked in the face by
race interview at Kranji.                       efit from that first local run under the belt.   Desert Links about three weeks ago.
   “The first win is always a huge relief for     “I bought him at the Magic Millions sale. I       Marcus was reported to have lost most of
any trainer,” the former champion jockey        was lucky to get him for the price I paid for    his front teeth when the Grade 1 Gold Cup
told media at the Singapore Turf Club. “I’ve    him. He’s a fairly decent horse, but has a bit   winner got loose. He was cornered by Basil
had about eight runners before Flying West.     of an attitude. He will surely improve from      but then proceeded to kick the trainer in the
I wouldn’t say he was a certainty, but he was   that run.”                                       face with his hind legs. That landed Marcus
                                                                                                 in hospital.

Is this Soccer World                                                                                “He was kicked in the face, he is in hospi-
                                                                                                 tal for the next couple of days, nothing is
                                                                                                 broken, thankfully, but he is in pain at the
                                                                                                 moment,”       his    son,    Adam,       told

Cup a health hazard?
                                                                                                                                                  Trainer Basil Marcus, seen leading in Gold
                                                                                                 SAHorseracing. “His top front teeth have
                                                                                                                                                  Cup winner Desert Links in 2008, had his
                                                                                                 been knocked out but they were knocked
                                                                                                 out before while riding. He was knocked          first winner in Singapore. Marcus had a
                                                                                                 unconscious for the first 10 minutes or so       lucky break two weeks earlier when
                                                                                                 and he suffered a cut on the chin and a          Desert Links got loose and kicked him in
BEWARE! Watching the Soccer World                                                                swollen cheek.”                                  the face.
Cup can be dangerous to your health.
Soccer fans - both male and female -
have been warned not to take the tense
competition too seriously, as a study
based on the previous tournament
found that the heart attack rate more
than doubles during the games.
  That’s according to Dr Gal Dubnov,
chief of sports medicine at Sheba
Medical Centre in Israel. He said that
anxiety and emotional stress while
watching, as well as being stationary
and snacking for a month, can harm
  The survey, which appeared in the
New England Journal of Medicine two Anxiety and emotional stress while watching-
years ago, was based on the number of football, may lead to heart attacks.
heart attacks in Germany while watch-
ing the World Cup of 2006.                   60 per cent during the 2002 World Cup in
  On those days when the German team         Japan and South Korea, even though the
competed against other national teams, the   Swiss team was not competing.
researchers found, the number of heart          The findings prompted calls for emer-
attacks jumped by 3,3 times among men        gency heart attack equipment to be
and 1,8 times among women. Most of the       installed in stadiums during Euro 2004.
ischemic events took place within two           “If it really is the case that higher stress
hours after the game started.                levels increase the chance of a heart
  About half of those who had a history of   attack, then attending soccer games may
heart problems and were watching the         have to carry a health warning,” David
games, had a history of heart disease. The   Leistner of Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians
types of coronary events they counted        University, told Reuters.
included acute coronary syndromes, symp-        Doctors have advised fans who may
tomatic arrhythmias, cardiac arrests or      already be at greater risk of heart attack
therapeutic discharge of implantable         due to obesity, high cholesterol or diabetes,
defibrillators. Acute cardiovascular events  to refrain from drinking excessively during
were found in 4 279 patients.                the World Cup.
  The authors of the article said people -      But now, soccer enthusiasts who might
especially men with a history of heart       have been concerned about “The Final
problems - should take preventive meas-      Whistle” have, it seems, been granted some
ures such as relaxing and exercising, while  extra time.
some doctors advised their heart patients       A new study on the same subject - but
not to watch                                 this time conducted in Italy - found no such
  “Our results show a strong and signifi-    effects. The research team’s paper, entitled:
cant increase in the incidence of cardiovas- “It is just a game: lack of association
cular events (including the acute coronary   between watching football matches and the
syndrome and symptomatic cardiac             risk of acute cardiovascular events”, is due
arrhythmia), in a defined sample of the      for publication in the International
German population, in association with       Journal of Epidemiology.
matches involving the German team dur-          The investigators studied 25 159 hospital
ing the Fifa World Cup in Germany in         admissions for acute myocardial infarction
2006.”                                       (AMI) among the Italian population during
  They are not the only group who make       three international football competitions:
the claim. A study in 1998 found the num-    the World Cup 2002, the European
ber of heart attacks increased by 25 per     Championship 2004 and the World Cup
cent on the day and in the two days after    2006.
England lost to Argentina in a World Cup        They found no significant links. They
penalty shoot-out.                           therefore conclude: “The cardiovascular
  Researchers in Switzerland also found      effects of watching football matches are
heart attacks in the country increased by    likely to be, if anything, very small.”

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