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									Volume XXVI No. 12 December 2008                                                                                                        

  Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Christmas lanterns (parol in Filipino language) hang in front of most houses and buildings in the Philippines during this time of the year.
         Misa de Gallo (Dec. 16-24)              Filipino Christmas tradition.                    in the morning. Going to mass this                    After hearing Mass, Filipino
Traditionally, Christmas Day in the                       These nine dawn Masses are              early for nine consecutive days is           families    partake    of    traditional
Philippines is ushered in by the nine-           also considered as a Novena by the               meant to show the churchgoer's               Philippine Christmas delicacies, either
day dawn masses that start on                    Catholic and Aglipayan faithfuls. This           devotion to his faith and heighten           during breakfast at home or
December 16. Known as the Misa de                refers to the Roman Catholic and                 anticipation for the Nativity of the Lord.   immediately outside the church, where
Gallo (Rooster's Mass) in the traditional        Aglipayan practice of performing nine            In traditional Filipino belief, however,     they are sold. Vendors offer a wealth of
Spanish, and these masses are also               days of private or public devotion to            completing the novena is also                native delicacies, including bibingka
more popularly known in Filipino as              obtain special graces.                           supposed to mean that God would              (rice flour and egg based cake,
Simbang Gabi, or "Night Mass". The                        In    some    parishes,   the           grant the devotee's special wish or
Simbang Gabi is the most important               Simbang gabi begins as early as four             favor.                                       See Page 4      Philippine Christmas

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2                                                                         The North American Filipino Star                                                 December 2008

                                                                                                                 Marché Coop Filipino

                  EDITORIAL                                                                                      The Filipino Solidarity Cooperative
                                                                                                                 4711 Van Horne Avenue
                                                                                                                 Montreal, QC H3W 1H8
In spite of it all, it’s time to enjoy and                                                                       Tel.: 514-733-8915
share our blessings with others                                                                                  E-Mail:
          The economy is in a bad state,       what we have done. Having been so
                                               preoccupied with our daily activities,
                                                                                                      Come and visit us for our
and it is quite impossible to pretend
that we are not worried about it. We are       we may have forgotten to do something                     IN STORE SPECIALS
apparently facing a recession - our            for others. There are many ways by
manufacturing industries which are the         which we can make it up. We can give                 Gift baskets, gift certificates
main engines of the economy, are               to our favorite charity, to the church, or
closing down. The auto industry, both          to give something to a homeless                       available for all occasions.
here and in the U.S. is in need of a bail      person. We may also send a gift to a
out but critics say that this may just be      relative or to a friend whom we have not
delaying the inevitable - people do not        seen for a long time. Can you imagine
buy cars as much as they used to. How          what joy that brings to that person?
will the auto industry recover from their                There is no lack of inspirational
big losses if people do not start buying       stories during this time of year. One
cars again? What is the best strategy          only has to listen to the radio, watch TV,
to stimulate the economy? Is it more           read some magazines,newspapers, or
spending by the government even if             books, and even surf the internet and
this will result in a big deficit? Where       search for inspirational messages. This
will be the best place to start?               will certainly nourish our mind and soul,
Lowering taxes, and interest rates are         leading        us to appreciate our
considered to be the first measures to         relationships with our loved ones.. The
help the economy because they will             insights we get from the quotes,
allow people to have more disposable           messages, poems and the like, will
income but these are certainly not             enhance our feeling of kinship with alll
enough. Obviously, there is a need to          humanity, deepen our faith and
evaluate economic policies and see             strengthen our character to cope with
which must be revised, and which must          any challenges we may face during our
be adopted to produce the desired              lifetime.
results.                                                 To put ourselves into the mood
          The government has a big             of celebration, we decorate our homes
responsibility to lead us to economic          and offices. The main motif is a
recovery. As private citizens, we may          Christmas tree that is decorated
be inclined to stand by and watch what         beautfilly and artistically. This is where
happens next. But perhaps, we can              we place our gifts to our friends and
also take the initiative of pitching in by     family. What a joy to behold when we
way of using credit wisely. We may             open those gifts on “Christmas
also learn to take advantage of                morning. Then we drink our eggnog
economic opportunities. For those              and have a Christmas breakfast
who follow the trends more attentively,        together. It’s a great pleasure to have
they will probably figure out a way of         this one day of the year when we can
helping themselves. For example,               be with our family, relax and have the
those who have money to invest may             time to talk to one another.
start building their equity in real estate               Another feature of the season
or in good stocks, or open a small             is preparing a Christmas dinner and
business that answers the needs of             sharing it with family and friends or
people in a weak economy.                      neighbors. If we do not enjoy cooking,
          On the other hand, with the          we can always go out to a nice
holiday season in full swing, we should        restaurant and save ourselves the
still find the time to enjoy it for it only    trouble of cleaning up the kitchen.
comes once a year. We need to                            There is no doubt that
rejuvenate ourselves and have the time         Christmas is a very important occasion
to reflect on our blessings and be             not only for Christians but for all others
inspired to look forward to the coming         who are not. They also value the spirt                   We sell fresh vegetables weekly.
year. It is often said that while there is     of giving and sharing the beauty of the
                                               holiday season. We all become like
                                                                                             Order lechon for Saturday pick up but we need at least
life, there is hope. Problems that come
up today have a way of being resolved          children at this time of year for it allows           a minimum order of 15 lbs by Thursday.
                                               us to forget our worries even for one
over time. After all, necessity is the
                                               day of the year.
                                                                                                 Call us at 514-733-8915 to place your orders.
mother of invention. Solving problems
is a way of making sure we are                           Wish you all a very wonderful
thinking, and developing a strong              Christmas and a prosperous New Year
character.                                     May there be peace on earth and
          This holiday season is also a        goodwill to all..
good time to take an accounting of                       Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi

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December 2008                                                         The North American Filipino Star                                                                    3
                                                                                                   If the record can speak for        0419-06 - Amores, David

COOPERATIVE NEWS                                                                         itself for the month of December, we
                                                                                         have only received four new members,
                                                                                         three of whom are fully paid, and the
                                                                                                                                      0299-95 - Amper, Annabelle
                                                                                                                                      9491-96 - Andino, Fredo
                                                                                                                                      0338-06 - Andres, Eugenia

Making our plans to                                                                      other one will be paying on installment.
                                                                                                   The following are our recently
                                                                                                                                      0410-06 - Andres, Eugenia
                                                                                                                                      0410-06 - Andres, Jacqueline
                                                                                         recruited members this month:                0549-06 - Andre, Melania
promote the Filipino Coop                                                                0672-08 - Balansi, Rey L.
                                                                                         0673-08 - Del Rosario, Joyce
                                                                                                                                      9558-06 - Antoni, Kavin
                                                                                                                                      0315-06 - Antonio, Gemma
         We are about to sign a             to volunteer during the weekdays, and
                                            8 to volunteer during weekends and           0674-08 - Nool, Marissa Hosana               0403-06 - Antonio, Macaria
contract      with    the   refrigeration
                                            statutory holidays. Our employee,            0675-08 - Nunez, Marly Vega                  0122-05 - Apuli, Josie **
company that will install the equipment
                                            Rosa Basilan, works from 12:30 to 8:30                 Mrs. Del Rosario sent me a         0339-06 - Aquino, Joanne
in the Filipino Coop. It took some time
                                            P.M. Monday to Friday, therefore we          very comforting message, expressing          0149-05 - Aquino, John
before we could get an affordable
                                            need volunteers to be at the Coop            her trust in me. I wish to thank her for     0377-06 - Aquino, John Ryan
price for the job to be done. We are
                                            either during the morning or afternoon       this kind gesture.                           0553-06 - Araza, Leonida
looking forward to seeing the
                                            or evening. On weekends, we also                       The balance of the list of         0162-05 - Arce. Alicia
completion of this project in a week or
                                            need two people for each shift, one in       members during the year 2005-2006:           0080-05 - Arcillas, Edna
                                            the morning and one in the afternoon         continued from the previous month’s          0326-06 - Arevalo, Christopher
         When all the reorganization of
                                            as we should open the store from 9           issue of the Star are the following:         0506-06 - Asuncion, Elizabeth
the store is finished, we will plan a
                                            a.m. to 12:p.m., for one shift, and 12                 The balance of the list of fully   0462-06 - Aviles, Anecita
publicity event where we will invite
                                            p.m. to 6 p.m., for the second shift, and    paid members is as follows:                  0385-06 - Axiabal, Elisa
important people who may be
                                            6 to 8 p.m. for the evening shift. At        0109-05 - Rojo, Maria Lourdes                0414-06 - Ayson, Ma. Elena
interested in helping the Filipino Coop.
                                            present, I am manning the store on           0249-05 - Rosales, Lourdes                   0175-05 - Azuelo, Elizabeth
Perhaps, our fellow citizens and
                                            Saturday from 12 to 8 p.m. but I             0455-06 - Rosario Del, Pocholo               0234-05 - Baccay, Fredeizminda
compatriots will take notice of this
                                            oftentimes I stay until 10 p.m. because      0204-05 - Rosello, Manuel                    0451-06 - Bactol, Alberto
occasion and begin to lend us their
                                            of other things that I do like checking      0205-05 - Rosello, Virginia                  0135-05 - Bade, Carlito ***
support as well. Besides, they will not
                                            stock and prices, arranging displays,        0515-06 - Royo, Julius                       9166-05 - Bade, Celerina
have any more excuses when we fill up
                                            etc. On Sundays, Magnolia Camat              0195-05 - Ruano, Julieta                     0113-05 - Bade, Gerarda
the store with everything they need
                                            usually opens the store at 1 p.m., but       0026-05 - Salinas, Eugene                    _______ - Bade, Jocelyn ***
including fresh meat and vegetables.
                                            sometimes it is only open at 2 p.m.          0284-05 - Salvador, Elvira                   0134-05 - Bade, Manuel
         We are also going to follow up
                                            Closing and opening times are not as         0293-05 - Salvador, Ruben                    0137-05 - Bade, Marilou
our members to submit their ID size
                                            regular as it should be. Oftentimes, I       0436-06 - San Pedro, Merly                   0133-05 - Bade, Mark Gil
photos so that we can start using the
                                            hear people from the West Island tell        0193-05 - Santos, Reuben                     0168-05 - Bade, Rodolfo
ID card system in keeping track of our
                                            me that they shop at other stores            0496-06 - Sinoy, Maria                       0142-05 - Bado, Evangeline
members purchasing record. As it is
                                            because they are open when they              0384-06 - Soriano, Elizabeth                 0511-06 - Bajao, Ann Mercy
part of the Cooperatives Act that we do
                                            come.                                        0507-06 - Subido, Merlyn                     0544-06 - Balag-ey, Carolina
business with our members, we have
                                                     It seems clear that the Filipino    0225-05 - Sumabat, Maria Victoria            0143-05 - Balagot, Neil Carlston
to find ways of making this happen.
                                            Coop must be regularly operated from         0187-05 - Sy, Leonardo                       0382-06 - Balani, Luz
Why have we not yet succeeded in
                                            morning to evening, 7 days a week, 12        0188-05 - Sy, Montserrat                     0057-05 - Baldelovar, Leah ***
convincing most of our members to
                                            hours a day at least in order to cover its   0220-05 - Tablan, Carmen                     0191-05 - Baltazar, Corazon
buy their groceries from the Coop?
                                            overhead costs and have some profits         _______ - Tabunar, Caridad                   0421-06 - Baltazar, Jose
Where do they shop for their Philippine
                                            to pay off its debts. I have advanced a      0360-05 - Tamonan, Generosa                  0260-05 - Baltazar, Roderick
                                            considerable amount of cash and              0418-06 - Teodosio, Jonalyn                  0282-05 - Banawa, Rolando
         We would like to call our
                                            guaranteed credit with the bank. I took      0046-05 - Timbreza, Pedro                    0408-06 - Batres, Jose Ricardo
members and ask them these
                                            the big risk to my own financial welfare     0546-06 - Toyota, Violeta                    0244-05 - Bautista, Marites
important questions - what will make
                                            in order to keep the Coop open for as        0123-05 - Tuvida, Noemi                      0262-05 - Bautista, Merlita
you buy from your own Cooperative?
                                            long as it takes in order to achieve a       0280-05 - Ullah, Esmat                       0407-06 - Bautista, Roseville
What are the things you buy from the
                                            dream - to unite our community and           0152-05 - Verginiza, Somiso                  0130-05 - Bautista, Chris
other stores? If we carry these items
                                            build a legacy for all future                0196-05 - Verginom, Nida                     0079-05 - Belaro, Lilian
they buy, what prices do they normally
                                            generations.        I believe that the       0330-06 - Villalonga, Juditho                0397-06 - Belgar, Divina
pay for them? Their answers to these
                                            potential is there to achieve a certain      _______ - Villanueva, Magdalena              0308-05 - Belino, Lilian
questions will help us make choices
                                            degree of economic power, if only we         0182-05 - Villoso, Eden                      0179-05 - Benedicto, Ma. Maxima
what to sell and what prices to offer
                                            could all believe that we must support       _______ - Ward, David                        0022-05 - Bermejo, Virgilio
                                            one another. We have the numbers to          0370-06 - Woolmer, Bonnie Rosales            0050-05 - Bernabe, Lydia
         We also think that the store
                                            do this. It just does not make sense to      0223-05 - Zubieto, Darleen                   0559-06 - Binala, Leonila
must be opened longer hours once
                                            throw your support to other                            The following list is our record   0138-05 - Bravo Bade, Alberto ***
we have completed the refurbishing of
                                            businesses whose only goal is to make        of NOT FULLY paid members. On the            0136-05 - Bravo, Bade Marlon ***
the store. As we do not have enough
                                            more profits for themselves. They will       other hand, if anyone listed below has       0155-05 - Brigaudit, Delia
cash to hire people, we have to rely on
                                            never share them with you while in the       fully paid, please present your receipt      0156-05 - Brigaudit, Ma. Rowena
volunteerism.        We are therefore
                                            Cooperative business, members are            so that we can correct our records:          0519-06 - Briones, Rosemarie
soliciting members who are retired or
                                            the ones who will reap the benefits in       0311-06 - Abad, Luz                          0088-05 - Buenavista, Leila
do not have a full time job. They will be
                                            the form of dividends from your stock        0291-05 - Abayon, Teresita                   0302-05 -Bueno, Myra
called to a meeting and give them
                                            and your patronage. Jerry Estrada has        0320-06 - Abello, Simeona                    0458-06 - Buiza, Nena
some training on the operation of the
                                            been writing about the power of the          0144-05 - Abrea, Luzviminda                  0334-06 - Buloron, Chona
cash register and the use of the bar
                                            Cooperative movement since January           0523-06 - Aguilar, Susan                     0400-06 - Bumanlag, Juvy
code reader. We also need volunteers
                                            2007, but sadly, the response from our       0433-06 - Alberto, Angelina                  0106-05 - Bunda, Mercedes
to code our products so that they can
                                            community is not as good as it should        0512-06 - Alfaro, Lalaine                    0552-06 - Cabahug, Medy
be scanned easily at the cash register.
                                            be. How much longer do you all have          0541-06 - Allana, Cristita                   ** - Paluagan overpayment
         To give our members an idea
                                            to wait before coming aboard the             0246-05 - Alvarez, Cherry                    *** No record of amount
of how many volunteers we need, we
                                            Cooperative movement? a                      9486096 - Amores, Daven                      (To be continued next issue)
would like to have about 10 members
                                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                      December 2008
                                                        A Christmas Lunch usually         shapes like stars, Christmas trees,            Three Wise Men or Three Kings
From Page 1       Philippine Christmas        follows after the Pagmamano. The            angels, and in a large variety of other        (Tatlong Hari in Tagalog). Parols are to
cooked using coals on top and under),         lunch is heavily dependent upon the         ways, even going as far as draping the         Filipinos as Christmas trees are to
puto bumbong (a purple sticky rice            finances of the family. Rich families       whole outside of the house in lights.          Westerners- an iconic symbol of the
delicacy which is steamed in bamboo           tend to prepare grand and glorious          Aside from Western decorations like            holiday.
tubes, with brown sugar and coconut           feasts that consist of Jamon de Bola,       Santa Claus, Christmas trees, tinsel,          Belen
shavings as condiments), salabat (hot         Queso de Bola, Lechon and other             etc, the Philippines has its own ways of                 Another traditional Filipino
ginger tea) and tsokolate (thick              Filipino delicacies. Some poor families     showing that it is the holidays.               Christmas symbol is the belen -- a
Spanish cocoa).                               choose to cook simple meals,                Parol                                          creche or tableau representing the
Christmas Eve                                 nevertheless still special. When the                 Though not strictly a custom,         Nativity scene. It depicts the infant
          For Filipinos, Christmas Eve        family is settled after the lunch, the      every Christmas season, Filipino               Jesus Christ in the manger,
on December 24 is the much-                   exchange of gifts is usually done.          homes and buildings are adorned with           surrounded by his parents, shepherds,
anticipated Noche Buena -- the                Godparents are expected to give gifts       beautiful star lanterns, called parol          their flock and the Magi Belens can be
traditional Christmas Eve feast after the     or Aguinaldo to their godchildren.          (Span. farol, meaning lantern or lamp-         seen in homes, churches, schools and
midnight mass. Family members dine                      When nightime falls, members      Merriam Webster Spanish- English               even office buildings. The ones on
together around 12 midnight on                of the family usually take part in family   English- Spanish Dictionary). The              office buildings can be extravagant,
traditional Noche Buena fare, which           talks while listening to favorite           earliest parols were traditionally made        using different materials for the figures
includes: queso de bola (Span. literally      Christmas carols. Some may opt to           from simple materials like bamboo              and using Christmas lights, parols, and
"ball of cheese"; edam cheese),               have a glorious Christmas Feast for         sticks, Japanese rice paper (known as          painted background scenery. A
"Tsokolate" (hot chocolate drink) and         dinner.                                     "papel de Hapon") or crepe paper, and          notable outdoor belen in Metro Manila
hamon (Christmas ham), and some               Niños Inocentes                             a candle or coconut oil-lamp for               is the one that used to be at the COD
would open presents at this time.                       Niños       Inocentes        is   illumination; although the present day         building in Cubao, Quezon City. In
          In different provinces and          commemorated on December 28 as              parol can take many different shapes           2003, the belen was transferred to the
schools throughout the Philippines,           Holy Innocents' Day or Childermas in        and forms. The parol is also                   Greenhills Shopping Center in San
Catholic devotees also reenact the            other countries. The innocents referred     traditionally made of lacquered paper          Juan when the COD building closed
journey of Joseph and the pregnant            to are the children who were                and bamboo, but others are made of             down. This belen is a lights and
Blessed Virgin Mary in search of              massacred by order of Herod, who            cellophane, plastic, rope, capiz shell         sounds presentation, the story being
lodging for the soon-to-be born Jesus         was seeking the death of the newborn
Christ. This is the traditional               Messiah.
Panunuluyan,            also        called    New Year's Eve (Dec. 31)
Pananawagan and Pananapatan.                            On New Year's Eve ("Bisperas
          This     street   pageant      is   ng Bagong taon"), Filipino families
performed after dark on Christmas             gather for the Media Noche or midnight
Eve, with the actors portraying Joseph        meal – a feast that is also supposed to
and Mary going to pre-designated              symbolize their hopes for a prosperous
houses. They chant wika wika bang             New Year. In spite of the yearly ban on
bang is god traditional songs which           firecrackers, many Filipinos in the
are meant to wake up the owner of the         Philippines still see these as the
house as they ask for lodging, but are        traditional means to greet the New
turned away by the owners, also in            Year. The loud noises and sounds of
song. Finally, Joseph and Mary make           merrymaking are not only meant to
their way to the parish church where a        celebrate the coming of the New Year
simulated manger has been set up.             but are also supposed to drive away
The birth of Jesus is celebrated at           bad spirits. Safer methods of
midnight with the Misa de Gallo,              merrymaking include banging on pots
together       with    hallelujahs    and     and pans and blowing on car horns.
Christmas carols.                             Folk beliefs also include encouraging
Christmas Day                                 children to jump at the stroke of
          Christmas       Day    in   The     midnight so that they would grow up         Typical sight during Christmas time when people go to church at dawn and then buy their
Philippines is primarily a family affair.     tall, displaying circular fruit and         favorite snack after mass at a nearby vendorès stall.
Prior to the ticking of 12 midnight on 25     wearing clothes with dots and other
December, Misa de Aguinaldo is being          circular designs to symbolize money,        and a wide variety of materials. Making        narrated over speakers set up and
celebrated. It is usually attended by the     eating twelve grapes at 12 midnight for     parols is a folk craft, and most Filipino      most probably using automatons to
whole family. Misa de Aguinaldo is the        good luck in the twelve months of the       kids have tried their hand at making a         make the figures move up and down,
Holy Mass celebrated to signify the           year, and opening windows and doors         parol at one time or another, maybe as         or turn, etc. Each year, the company
Birth of Jesus Christ, the Roman              during the first day of the New Year to     a school project or otherwise. The             owning it changes the theme, with
Catholic Church and Philippine                let in the good luck.                       most basic parol can be easily                 variations such as a fairground story,
Independent Church (Aglipayan) in the         Three Kings (First Sunday of the year)      constructed with just ten bamboo               and Santa Claus' journey. Construction
Philippines' main means of celebrating                  Christmas officially ends on      sticks, paper, and glue. These lanterns        for this year's show started around
Jesus Christ's birth.                         the Feast of the Three Kings (Tres          represent the Star of Bethlehem that           September 1.
          Misa de Aguinaldo is also           Reyes or Tatlong Hari in Tagalog), also     guided the Magi, also known as the                             Source: Wikipedia
celebrated at dawn or in the morning          known as the Feast of the Epiphany.
                                              The Feast of the Three Kings was
immediately after sunrise before 10
AM, this schedule is preferred by
Filipinos who choose to celebrate
                                              traditionally commemorated on Jan. 6
                                              but is now celebrated on the first
                                              Sunday after the New Year. Some
                                                                                                     Need Money?
Christmas Eve with a night-long
celebration of Noche Buena.                   children leave their shoes out, so that
          Preferably in the morning,
Filipino families visit members of the
                                              the Three Kings would leave behind
                                              gifts like candy or money inside. Jan. 6
                                                                                                 Do you have a full time job?
extended family, notably the elders in
order to pay their respect. This custom
                                              is also known in other countries as
                                              Twelfth Night, and the "Twelve Days of              If yes, call (514) 344-1499
has been an age-old tradition in the          Christmas" referred to in the Christmas
Philippines called Pagmamano, this is         carol are the twelve days between
done by touching one's forehead to the        Christmas Day (December 25) and the
elder's hand saying Mano Po. The
elder then blesses the person who
                                              coming of the Three Kings (January 6).
                                                                                                       AND GET CASH NOW!
paid respect. Aguinaldo or money in                     The Filipino Christmas would
the form of crisp, fresh-from-the-bank        not be complete without the traditional
bills is given after the Pagmamano,           Philippine Christmas symbols and
most usually to younger children.
Although traditional in the country,
                                              decorations. Christmas lights are
                                              strung about in festoons, as the tail of
                                                                                               Good & Bad Credit Accepted
some families no longer practice it.          the[Star of Bethlehem in Belens, in

December 2008                                                           The North American Filipino Star                                                                      5

Holiday spirit                                                                           next day unless they earlier asked and
                                                                                         were given leave to extend their
                                                                                                                                      the loan can wait while I enjoy the
                                                                                                                                      holiday season, Filipino style.
By Raul J. Palabrica                                                                          Otherwise, the rest of the staff trek   Tradition
                                                                                         back to work so it’s not unusual for
                                                                                         office buildings to be bursting with              The length of our Christmas
                                                                                         activity right after Christmas Day.          celebration and the amount of effort put
                                                                                              For Filipinos, however, Christmas is    into it has been a source of amusement
                                                                                         not only Dec. 25; it includes the            and amazement by some foreigners.
                                                                                         succeeding days up to New Year’s Day.             For Asians who have their own
                                                                                         For the hopelessly sentimental, that         share of colorful traditional activities,
                                                                                         sometimes extends to Jan. 6 or what          the season, except for the motif, strikes
                                                                                         used to be celebrated as Three Kings         close to home. It’s no big deal.
                                                                                         Day.                                              Whenever I hear disparaging
                                                                                              During that period, most Filipinos      remarks from Westerners about the
                                                                                         are in a celebratory (read: lazy) mood       time and money “wasted” during this
                                                                                         that will not tolerate interruption except   period, I am quick to point out that
                                                                                         for very good reasons.                       they’re small compared to what
                                                                                              Unless it involves emergency work       Europeans do in August every year.
                                                                                         or a promise of extra benefits, any               During that month, which is
                                                                                         businessman who disrupts that state of       summer by their standards, they go on
                                                                                         partial hibernation by calling his           vacation to every available beach or
                                                                                         employees back to work risks getting         resort in the continent. Business and
                                                                                         their silent ire.                            government offices are practically on a
Filipino boys play outside their makeshift store that sells Christmas lanterns in                                                     standstill.
suburban Manila, Philippines on Sunday Dec. 14, 2008. Many Filipinos have now Workaholic                                                   It’s the worst time of the year to do
decorated their homes with Christmas ornaments as they prepare for the holidays                                                       business in Europe because members
                                                                                            I once worked on a loan agreement         of the skeletal force that remains to put
        The crowds in the malls may be of the people who matter most in their involving a syndicate of banks based in                 a semblance of normalcy in operations
leaner, the gifts less expensive and the     lives.                                    New York and Tokyo that required               are either in a bad mood for being left
prices of goods higher, but, global               It will be business as usual, discussions up to close to the holidays.              behind or have their minds elsewhere
recession or not, Christmas remains however, for government personnel                       In the evening of Dec. 23, I sent an      than their work.
the happiest season for most Filipinos. tasked to maintain peace and order, or email to the banks, informing them of                       Despite the month-long break,
      This is the time of the year when keep vital public service facilities going my position on some items of the loan.             however, the rest of the world has
pessimists, skeptics and all kinds of while the rest of the nation enjoy the I ended my letter with a Christmas                       learned to accept and adjust to the
people who find joy in making life holiday.                                            greeting and told them I looked forward        August habit of the Europeans.
difficult for others take a breather and          The same thing goes for to hearing from them, if possible, by                            During the celebration of the Lunar
grudgingly go with the mood of the employees of private companies who Dec. 27.                                                        Year, life goes on a slow mode for at
community.                                   have to do maintenance work, close             Boy, did I get a quick reply to my        least two weeks in China and other
      With Dec. 25 and New Year’s Day the financial books or attend to email. The New York bankers said they                          countries with strong ethnic Chinese
falling on a Thursday — in the process       activities that can best be done when planned to work up to 4 p.m. on Dec.               presence.
“sandwiching” the succeeding Friday the offices are empty.                             24, take a break on Christmas Day, and              The cities are emptied of people
between a holiday and a weekend —                                                      go back to work on the 26th.                   who, in keeping with tradition, go to
an 11-day holiday is in the offing.          Holiday feeling                                They even gave me their home              their ancestral homes to visit their
      For those with relatives and friends                                             numbers in case I wanted to talk to            relatives.
in the provinces or elsewhere who have            In most business capitals of the them about the loan on Christmas Day!                   Neither     industrialization     nor
no professional commitments to tie world, if Christmas Day and the Talk of workaholic or obsessive                                    globalization has prevented the
them down, it’s an opportunity to visit following day fall on working days, the compulsive people.                                    Chinese and their ethnic relations in
and rekindle ties.                           staff is usually given the day off on the      With characteristic politeness, the       other parts of Asia from observing this
      If there are financial constraints for 25th to enable them to celebrate it, Japanese bankers wrote that they will               annual ritual. And the rest of the world
such activities, the layover can be used depending on their personal beliefs.          be available for discussions everyday          has and continues to respect it.
for rest and relaxation in the company            But they have to report for work the until Dec. 30 when they break off for the           Regardless of what others may say,
                                                                                       yearend celebration.                           the Christmas season is ours to enjoy.
                                                                                            Their response did not surprise me,
                                                                                       after all Christmas is not part of their           Happy Holidays!      a

                                                                                       culture or religion.
  DR. EMILIA ESPIRITU                                                                       I replied “thanks but no thanks,”


 5790 COTE desk NEIGES RD.
 SUITE A-024
 MONTREAL, QUEBEC                          PHONE: 514-340-8222 (4077)
 H3S 1Y9                                   E-Mail:

                                                                                                                                May this Christmas and New Year bring
                                                                                                                                      Peace and Blessings to all.

      B.Sc. Civil Engr.                                                                                                          Meilleurs voeux de bonheur et de paix
      Professional Home &                                                                   Hon. Irwin Cotler, P       .,
                                                                                                                .C./C.P Q.C.,
      Property Inspector
                                                                                                      M.P / député
                                                                                                         .                       à l’occasion de Noël et du Nouvel An.
                                 Don’t buy/sell house without hiring a professional          Mount Royal / Mont-Royal
                                 inspector. Save thousands of dollars and enjoy                 Tel.: 514-283-0171
                                 our prompt and professional inspection service.
                                 Written report with pictures provided. Serving
                                 Filipinos since 2001. For inspection booking and
      Home Inspection Division   free orientation seminar, please call

 6                                                                              The North American Filipino Star                                                     December 2008
                                                  hunt, log and grow crops. Their

TOURISM                                           womenfolk wear native blouses,
                                                  "malong" skirts and accessories of
                                                  brass       bracelets     and      bead
D A V A O                                         necklaces.Mandaya and Mansaka are
                                                  culturally related groups who are
                                                  highly musical - playing the five string
D E L S U R                                       bamboo guitar, two-string lute, violin,
     Sprawled along the shores of                 flute, gong, drum and bamboo jew's
Southeastern Mindanao, Davao del                  harp. They are also excellent
Sur is a place of natural wonders and             silversmiths crafting breastplates,
rarities. It boasts of the country’s              jewellery, daggers and knives. The
highest peak, Mt. Apo, the most                   Mandayas are famous for their colorful
prized Philippine orchid species like             abaca fiber weaves embroidered with
the Vanda Sanderiana, some of the                 tribal motifs.
most exotic fruits, and the endangered                 In both groups, women generally
Philippine Eagle.                                 wear handwoven abaca tube skirts,
                                                  embroidered blue cotton tops and
The People                                        heavy jewellery. Men sport wide blue
                                                  or white fringed and embroidered
      Davao del Sur is home to a host of          trousers and a loose shirt. Red is a                                                         Tudaya Falls, one of the highest in the country
ethnic groups whose culture and way               color only for a headman ("bagani")
of life have been preserved. These are            and for women of high status.
the Bagobos, the Mandayas, the                         Bagobos live in an area that
Mansakas, the Atas, the Kalagans, the             extends from Davao del Sur and South
Tagakaolos, and the Mangguangans.                 Cotabato to the foot of Mt. Apo and
Their arts and crafts are on display in           Davao City all the way to the land
museums and shops.                                bordered by the Davao and Pulangi
      Ata people live in some areas of            rivers and up to northern Cotobato
Davao City all the way to Davao del               and southeast Bukidnon. Numbering
Norte and Bukidnon. They are related              about 80,000, their traditional costume
to the Manobos of Cotabato and                    is woven from abaca fiber and heavily
include sub-groups such as the                    ornamented with beads, shells, metal
Talaingod of the Kapalong forests in              discs, embroidery and brightly-colored
Davao del Norte and the Matigsalug.               geometric applique. Though Bagobos
Numbering about 222,000, Ata men                  have the most stunning costumes
wear long-sleeved shirts, carry spears,

The Philippine Eagle is a giant forest raptor endemic to Mindanao. It is considered one of the
largest and most powerful eagles in the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the world's rarest
and most critically endangered vertebrate species.

                   A Philippine Eagle with spectacular Mt Apo in the backdrop
                                                                                                     Scenes from the Kadayawan Festival Parade in Davao City, held in August each year .
                                                                                                                    A dancer (Top left), is dressed up in traditional Bagobo.

December 2008                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                              7
among the Davao ethnic groups, they       pronounced wet of dry season. and the
wear them only on special occasions.      province sits outside of the typhoon
Like the Mandayas and Mansakas,           belt.
they shave their eyebrows to a thin            Davao del Sur is an ethnic mix of
line and file and blacken their teeth.    Muslims, Visayans, Tagalogs, Chinese,
Bagobo smiths cast little bells which     Japanese and Spanish with a number
are attached to pouches, bracelets,       of indigenous tribes scattered in the
jackets, anklets and inlaid metal         central plains and the western shores
boxes.                                    of the Davao Gulf. The city of Davao
    Tagacaolos number about 23,000        has a population of 892,000
and occupy the area between the           inhabitants spread across a vast land.
western shores of the gulf and the        Cebuano is the main language
slopes of Mt. Apo. This is one of the     although English and Pilipino are
tribes    which    resisted   Muslim      widely spoken. B’laan, Bagobo,
conversion and maintained a highland      Manobo, Tagakaolo are the local tribe
animistic culture.                        dialects. The Atas (numbering
    Kalagans are a Muslim group           220,000) and the Bagobos (around
related to the Tagacaolos. Numbering      80,000 people) are the largest tribes.
only about 7,000, they live along the     The colorful artistic heritage of Davao
shores of the Davao Gulf.                 stems from the rich culture of its tribes.
                                          The Bagobos, for instance, are famous
    Mangguangans are now only
                                          for their aesthetics in the meticulous
3,000. They can be found in Davao del
                                          carving of weapons; the elaborate
Sur and Davao del Norte.
                                          decoration of inlaid metal boxes with
                                          bells; and the ornamentation of their
                                          abaca fiber dress with embroidery,
                                          shells, beads and metal discs.
     There is a wide choice of white
                                               A fabulous time to witness the rich
sand beaches and resorts. In the city,
                                          cultural heritage and arts of the local
there are numerous hotels and inns.       people is during the Kadayawan
Dining is good and varied. Nightlife is   Festival, held every third week of
fun.                                      August in Davao City. Kadayawan is
     Some of the popular sports           the festival of festivals in Davao.
activities are golf, watersports, and     Showcasing are tribal inspired street
mountain climbing.                        dancers and authentic Lumads
     Located in the southeastern corner   (indigenous people).
of the country's southernmost island of   Davao Del Sur is also famous for :
Mindanao, The province is composed        -White-Sand Beaches
of sandy beaches and outlying islands;    Take your pick from the fine beaches in
agricultural plains and valleys;          Sta. Maria, Malita, Jose Abad Santos,
rainforests; swamps; rolling hills and    Sarangani, and Balut Island.
mountains including the Philippines'      -Tudaya Falls
highest peak, Mt. Apo (3,144 meters).     Located in Sta. Cruz, one of the
      Davao City, the premiere city of    highest waterfalls in the country.
Mindanao,      is    located   in   the   -Cultural Tribal Villages
northeastern part of the province, at     -Crocodile Park
the head of the gulf. In terms of land    Probably the country’s richest in terms
area, Davao City is the world's largest   of biological diversity, Davao is now
city (244,000 hectares). The mighty       also known to be the habitat of
Davao river runs through the city.        crocodile
      Davao enjoys a mild, pleasant       - The mountains of Mindanao also offer
climate all year round, there is no                                                                    Trekking around Mt. Apo one is rewarded with great views
                                          incredible trekking experiences. a

8                                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                      December 2008
Tagalog Classes in the South        This           site as the campaign continues.              where, and when Canadians want it.
Shore                                        represents a reduction of near                         Surpassing 500,000 acts is
                                             25,000,000 kg of greenhouse gas.              massive.       Congratulations     and
                                                                                                                                        The meaning of the 12 days of
Ajoint Filipino                              This campaign milestone has been
                                             achieved far more quickly than we
                                                                                           appreciation goes all Canadians who
                                                                                           have taken the time and interest to          Christmas
Language &                                   anticipated - in less than two months -       commit one act of “green” (or more),                    From 1558 until 1829, Roman
                                                                                                                                        Catholics in England were not allowed to
                                             thanks to the eager participation of          then register those acts. Here’s to the
Heritage Project                             Canadians, and, at last check, we have        next 500,000!
                                                                                                                                        practice their faith openly. Someone during
                                                                                                                                        that era wrote this carol as a catechism
                                             reached 520,000acts in our goal to get          &     song for young Catholics. It has two levels
          Brossard, November 16th -
                                             to one million. It has been the                    of meaning; the surface meaning, plus a
The Quebec Association of Canadian-          dedicated work of communities,                -30-                                         hidden meaning known only to members of
Filipino Teachers (QACFT) and the            schools, businesses and green-                About Cisco - Cisco is changing the          their church. Each element in the carol has a
Filipino Canadian Community of the           minded individuals who have actively          way people work, live, play and              code word for a religious reality, which the
South Shore (FCCSS) launched their                                                                                                      children could remember.
                                             and creatively participated in the            learn in new and more sustainable            -
joint Filipino Language and Heritage         OMAoG challenge to getus to this              ways. Through our technology, we             The partridge in a pear tree was Jesus
Program on Sunday, November 16,              point. For example:                           enable people to make powerful               Christ.
2008 at the Centre Communautaire             * Trent University is proving that it is      connections whether in business,             -
Nathalie-Croteau, 2210 Andre Street in       taking the lead as green schools go -         education, philanthropy or creativity.       Two turtle doves were the Old and New
Brossard. Present at the opening were        they have 443 members on the                  Our technology forms the foundation          Testaments.
the following officers from QACFT:                                                                                                      -
                                             OMAOG site with 13,651 added                  of the Internet and the Internet isn't a     Three French hens stood for faith, hope
President Nancy Karidis, Language            acts and a green house gas reduction          network of computers, it's a network of      and love.
and Heritage Program founder and ex-         of 679,122.65 kg.                             people. We call this "The Human              -
officio president Carmen Caro, Director                                                    Network" - a network of people with the      The four calling birds were the four gospels
without Portfolio Elma Bulatao,              * Manitoba-based MTS Allstream has            power to change the world we live and        of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Director for Membership Mellany              been super active as a company                work in. We believe change is a good         -
Perez, and Director for Youth and                                                                                                       The Five golden rings recalled the Torah or
                                             group, committing over 6,000 acts.            thing, and that technology can and           Law, the first five books of the Old
Sports Rainier Omayao. The FCCSS             * Look out for some healthy                   should improve life. Because of              Testament.
was represented by Phil Villafranca,         competition in Alberta over the month         Cisco’s solutions, people can come           -
Mely Villafranca and Chito Calma.            of December as the town of Okotoks            together in ways never before                The six geese a-laying stood for the six
Students and their parents were also in      issues a formal challenge to the town         imagined. It doesn't matter whether          days of creation.
attendance.                                  of Airdrie on December 15. It will be the     walls, borders, mountains, or oceans         -
          The students were arranged                                                                                                    Seven swans a-swimming represented the
                                             first city/town challenge issued              stand in the way, over the network,          sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit; -
into three age groups – elementary,          on behalf of OMAoG and clearly “The           people can come together and                 Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation,
high school and adults. Ms Perez took        Greenest Town” title is on the                transform business, communities,             Contribution. Leadership, and Mercy.
the elementary-age group; Mr.                line.                                         governments, schools, and lives.             -
Omayao took the high school-age                         Mike     Holmes,       Canada’s    Together, we are more powerful than          The eight maids a-milking were the eight
group while the adults sat down with         favourite handyman has been actively          weever could be apart. When the              beatitudes.
Mmes. Caro, Karidis and Bulatao.                                                                                                        -
                                             involved with sustainable community           human network sets out to solve a
Altogether, there were about twenty                                                                                                     Nine ladies dancing were the nine fruits of
                                             builds near Okotoks, and he has               problem,the result is a Human Network        the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,
students among the three classes.            discussed hisown acts of green when           Effect.                     Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness,
          The first day went without a       he’s been interviewed on The Hour                                                          Gentleness, Self-control.
hitch. Thanks to QACFT Secretary             with George Stroumboulopoulos.                About CBC - CBC/Radio-Canada is              -
Daisy Bertiz, copies of the first day’s      We’ve had various, international              Canada’s national public broadcaster         The ten lords a-leaping were the Ten
lesson materials were prepared                                                                                                          Commandments.
                                             celebrities pitching in along side            and one of its largest cultural
beforehand. The students were full of                                                                                                   -
                                             Canadians to get the word out - Tim           institutions. With 28 services offered       Eleven pipers piping stood for the eleven
enthusiasm and showed genuine                Robbins,Jason          Priestley,    Alanis   on Radio, Television, the Internet,          faithful disciples.
interest in the Filipino language and        Morissette, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and         satellite radio, digital audio, as well as   -
culture.                                     DavidFoster are among the list of             through its record and music                 Twelve drummers drumming symbolized
          The       QACFT       originally   celebrities who have shared their             distribution service and wireless WAP        the twelve points of belief in the Apostles'
launched its Filipino Language and                                                                                                      Creed
                                             greentips and pledges for the                 and SMS messaging services,
Heritage program in September, 2007          campaign while on set of The Hour.            CBC/Radio-Canada is available how,
at the St. Malachy’s Parish Hall, 5330                  It’s easy to get involved, and
Clanranald Street, Montreal where it         it’s not about overhauling your
maintains a makeshift office. This
program continues and classes are still
                                             life; it’s about one act from each
                                             individual amassing to a million.
                                                                                                          OBIS on line business
being held at St. Malachy’s every
Sunday, from 12:30 to 1:30 P     .M. The
                                             In the past month alone, we have                  information is looking for sales
                                             launched our French language
Filipino classes in Brossard are an
extension of this QACFT program and
                                             companion site - Un Million De Gestes               reps. Clear English speaking
                                             Verts (UMGV) -
are held every Sunday at 3:00 to 4:30, and               Filipinos, hardworkers, will get
P.M. The QACFT teachers for these            introduced a new Facebook
programs are purely volunteers and           application so all acts of green can be               paid every week on time.
are not remunerated.
          If you live in the South Shore
                                             shared in users Facebook status
                                             updates and encourage other
                                                                                                      Full time positions.
and would like more information on the
Filipino classes in Brossard, call Phil at
                                             Facebook friends to act. Based on                Please contact Elvin 514-831-0940
                                             helpful user feedback to the OMAoG
(450) 671-6992.                              site, we have added new acts and
ONE MILLION ACTS OF GREEN                    soon, we’ll launch seasonal acts some
                                             of which include:
One million acts of green
                                                                                                                     MONT-CAL LOGISTICS Inc.
congratulates Canadians                      *Recycle Your Christmas Tree                                            410 rue St. Jacques, Lachine H8R 2E8
                                             * Reuse or Make Your Own Wrapping                                       Tel.: 514-366-1020 FAX 514-366-1028
CONGRATULATES CANADIANS ON                   Paper                                                                   E-Mail:
REACHING HALF-WAY                            * Send an e-Card Instead of a Paper
MARK        OF       500,000    ACTS         Card
REGISTERED                                   * Avoid Using Disposable Plates,
         CBC and Cisco proudly
announce that One Million Acts of
                                             Glasses, and Cutlery                                     Hiring class 1 Local and
                                             * Avoid Excess Packaging, by Giving
Green (OMAoG)
has reached a significant and
                                             Gift Alternatives                                      Long Distance Team Drivers
                                             * Buy Carbon Offsets
impressive milestone. We have just                    There will be continued                         Please contact: Mark - 514-366-1020
surpassed 500,000 acts of green              updates and new material added to the
registered online at                         OMAoG

December 2008                                                              The North American Filipino Star                                                                   9

Fil-Am media based in Washington
feted to luncheon

Seated from left: Nonoy Mendoza, PinoyGlobal & Fi;o[oino Image Magazine; Rita Gerona-
Adkins of Philippine News, Jennie L. Ilustre of Asian Fortune; Becky Pagsibigan of Manila
Mail, Ambassador Willy C. Gaa, Mrs. Linda Gaa, Bing Branigin of Manila Mail, Lito Katigbak
of the Philippine Star. Standing from left: Minister & Consul Ariel Rodelas Penaranda,
Minister and Consul General Domingo “Ding: Nolasco, Rodney jaleco of ABS/CBN, Rene
Calandria of Pinoy Herald, Adolfo Paglinawan of Pinoy Global, and Minister Carlos “King”
Sorreta, Deputy Ambassador and Char d’affaires. (Pinoy Global Photo)

         Washington, D.C. - Dec. 18             “King” Sorreta, Consul General Doming
(Pinoy-Global) - Filipino-American              “Ding Nolasco, Consul Ariel Penaranda,
journalists based in the Nation’s Capital       Consul Gines “Ging” Gallaga, Press &
were hosted today to a sumptuous                Information officer Consul Rico Fos,
luncheon at the residence of the                Cultural Officer.
Philippine Ambassador to the United                      The Fil-Am media were
States Willy C. Gaa, and his charming           presented by Nonoy Mendoza,
and hospitable wife, Mrs. Linda Gaa.            PINOYGLOBAL, & Filipino Image
         “I wish to welcome the                 Magazine: Rodney Jaleco of ABS-CBN,
members of the Fourth Estate to his             Lito Katigbak of the Philippine Star, Rita
luncheon      honoring    the    Filipino       Gerona-Adkins of Philippine News,
journalists in this area,” stated               Jennie L. Ilustre of Asian Fortune, Bing
Ambassador Gaa. He also added that              Branigin of Manila Mail, Rene Calandria                                                    METRO MANILA AND MAJOR PROVINCES

he is open to any query from the guests.        of Pinoy Herald, Adolfo Paglinawan of
                                                                                                                                          BANK HOURS AND BANK DAYS
         The Ambassador was joined by           PINOYGLOBAL, and Becky Pagsibigan
several senior staff members of the             of Manila Mail.
embassy, among them Minister Carlos
                                                                                                    EVEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY
                    REMINDER TO ALL MEMBERS                                                    METRO MANILA AND MAJOR PROVINCES   THE FASTEST & THE MOST RELIABLE SERVICE
                                                                                                                                  PINAKAMATAAS NA PALITAN, SIGURADO PO KAYO
                    OR PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS
                                                                                               TULOY PO KAYO SA ...
                            The Filipino Solidarity Cooperative
                            cordially invites you to a
                                                                                                              4781 Van Horne Ave. (Top of Second Cup)
                            post Christmas Pot Luck Supper                                                                           Montreal, QC
                            When: Sunday, January 4, 2009                                                                    Tel.: 514-448-5936
                            Time: 5:00-8:00 P.M.
                            Place: FAMAS Building                                            THE ONLY OFFICIAL AFFILIATE OF BANCO DE
                            4708 Van Horne Avenue
                            Tel.: 514-733-8915 for information
                                                                                             ORO - BDO - SM SHOEMART IN THE PHILIPPINES

                                                                                             YOUR REMITTANCE IS 100% GUARANTEED AND
                                                                                             SAFE WITH THE LARGEST BANK IN THE

                                                                                             WIN A ROUND TRIP TICKET TO THE PHILIPPINES
                                                                                             VIA PHILIPPINE AIR LINES AND STAY FOR 4 DAYS
                                                                                             AT A 5-STAR HOTEL!!!

                                                                                             THE MORE YOU REMIT AT MERCURY QUICK, THE
                                                                                             MORE CHANCES OF WINNING!!!

                                                                                             RAFFLE DRAW WILL BE ON JUNE 28, 2009.

                                                                                             PROMO ENDS JUNE 27, 2009.

10                                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                       December 2008

                                                                                           Mall crazy Philippines
                                                                                                Three of the world's 10 largest            as 12 screens; amusement arcades;
                                                                                           shopping malls are now in the                   skating rinks or bowling alleys; health
                                                                                           Philippines.                                    and wellness centres; and, of course,
                                                                                                The great malls of China--South            floors of shops from local retailers to
                                                                                           China Mall in Dongguan and the                  famous international names like Marks
                                                                                           Golden Resources Shopping Mall in               & Spencer and Ralph Lauren.
                                                                                           Beijing are the two biggest.                          On Sundays, Catholic masses in
                                                                                                But coming in a respectable third          this predominantly Christian country
                                                                                           place, thanks to a 90,000sqm                    are held in the walkways, where
                                                                                           extension that opened this month, is            shoppers squeeze past worshippers.
           Isaac T. Goodine                                                                the SM City North Edsa in the                         Inside the box, there is not a lot of
                                                                                           Philippine capital.                             difference between the two chains:
Human migration: one looks back                                                                                                            The SMs malls have a shaper look;
                                                                                                                                           Robinsons a cosier atmosphere.
         At the beginning of this year        Shanghai in my diapers!               Our                                                          Manila's first malls were built back
the heading for this column was All           exhausted and bedraggled family was                                                          in the 1970s. Rising disposable
about Migration in 2008, and I wrote          met at the docks by members of a                                                             incomes among the middle-classes
that the Society for International            Christian association (that was                                                              spurred a mall boom in Manila
Development, celebrating 50 years,            affiliated with the Emmanuel Church in                                                       (population:12 million) over the past
devoted the December 2007 issue of            Shanghai where my family attended                                                            two decades. That malls are now
its Quarterly to the issues of migration      services) whose responsibility it was to                                                     springing up at a rapid rate in the
and development. Throughout this              assist refugees coming out of China . .                                                      larger provincial towns is an
year global issues related to human           . . . and thus began our new life in                                                         encouraging sign of how the economy
migration have dominated election             Hong Kong with our extended                                                                  is faring, despite the current gloom.
campaigns and occupied the hearts             Christian family.                                                                                  It is unlikely that malls would play
and minds of many people all around                     Dad quickly found a job with           A visit to a mall--and I'll say right off   such an important part in the lives of
the globe. Each migrant has a story to        help from the local Christian                that I would not recommend SM City              ordinary Filipinos-- both for shopping
tell. Here is one from the Messenger,         community, while Mum stayed home to          North Edsa--is a must on a trip to              and killing time--had it not been for the
published by Parkdale United Church,          raise the family and take care of Grand      Manila, along with the old Spanish              billions of dollars sent home by the
Ottawa, in December 2008.                     Dad. Fast forward and ten years later
                                                                                           walled city of Intramuros and a                 several million Filipinos living and
                                              (1964) Dad was among several church
                                                                                           baywalk stroll at sunset.                       working overseas.
TRUTH      IS   STRANGER            THAN      members gathered at a plot of land
                                                                                               The country's jumbo-size mall                     This year, their remittances,
FICTION                                       with spade in hand, to plant trees and
                                                                                           chains--SM and Robinsons--were                  despite the global financial meltdown
by Gloria Goodine                             to officially inaugurate the Kowloon
                                                                                           founded by Filipino-Chinese taipans:            since the fourth quarter, is expected to
                                              Baptist Church. One year later, the
                                                                                           SM by Henry Sy; Robinson's by John              exceed a record US$15 billion. That's
Someone once said, “Real life can be          Kowloon Baptist Church was erected
                                                                                           Gokongwei. Both are living legends              about a tenth of the country's entire
more remarkable than invented tales.”         and formally dedicated in a ribbon-
                                                                                           here, who helped shaped this                    gross domestic product to put in
. . . . such as in the case of my own life.   cutting ceremony. Over time, our
                                                                                           country's vibrant retailing landscape.          perspective. a
                                              family become more and more
                                                                                               The big malls typically have vast
It was Shanghai, 1954. I was barely 3         involved in the life and activities of the
                                                                                           food courts; exhibition centres;
months old and Dad, Mum, Grand Dad            church -- Dad became a Deacon, the
                                                                                           multiplex cinemas, some with as many
and 3 siblings (all under 6 years) were       Church Treasurer, taught Sunday
on a ship bound for Hong Kong. You            School, Mum became the Church
see, life had become more restrictive         Secretary and President of the
for Westerners (my Grand Dad being            Women’s Missionary Union and my
from England) and Eurasians (my               siblings and I (now 6 in total) were                             LA MAISON NEW KUM MO
parents being of English/Chinese              baptized by full emersion, attended                                                          5047 Henri Bourassa Est
ancestry) under the Communist                 Sunday School and sang in the choir.         6565 Cote esk Neiges
                                                                                           6565 Cote ddes Neiges,
                                                                                                                                           Montréal, QC H1G 2S1
regime, and the family had decided it                   Some of you may recall I           Montreal, QC (Corner Appleton)                  Tel.: (514) 322-3133, 322-3130
was time to leave Shanghai while they         traveled to Hong Kong last October to
still were able to do so legally.             visit my sister and brother. During my        Bean Curd Seafood Soup                         Fish Maw Seafood Soup
          The voyage to Hong Kong             brief stay, Janet and I returned to the       1/2 Crispy Chicken                             Baked Lobster with Ginger
took several days and was quite               Kowloon Baptist Church for the first          Salt and Pepper Pork Loin                      Seafood with Chinese
eventful. The seas were rough and             time in about 20 years.          The visit    Stuffed Bean Curd with                         Broccoli
Mum was in bed with seasickness. Bill,        brought back many memories,                   Shrimps                                        Saltand Pepper Cuttle Fish
the eldest (who was 6) was given the          especially the fine hymns that we could       Sauted Seasonal Vegetables                     Fried Sea Bass Fish
                                                                                            Steamed Rice
responsibility of washing diapers, while      still remember after all these years --                                                      Steamed Rice
Janet (4 years old) guided our partially-     Equally amazing was the fact that we                                          4 Persons                                        $58.95
blind Grand Dad carefully around the          recognized our former neighbor (and                                                                                         4 Persons
ship and Robert (2 years old) charmed         church organist) well into her eighties,
the ship’s passengers and crew with           singing in the choir!                          Bean Curd Soup                                 Fish maw seafood soup
                                                                                                                                            2 Baked Lobsters with Ginger
his command of the Chinese language.                    We are nearing the end of            1/2 Crispy Chicken
And what of baby Gloria? Mum would            2008. I am thankful to have led such a                                                        Seafood with Eggplant
                                                                                             Shrimp Cake with Chinese                               in Hot Pot
recall this tale often during family          “remarkable” life, starting with my birth      Broccoli
gatherings and end by saying, “. . .          in Shanghai and growing up in Hong                                                            Stuffed Bean Curd with
                                                                                             Sweet and Sour Pork                            Shrimp
thank goodness, Gloria was such a             Kong, having lived and worked in 9
                                                                                             Seafood with Bean Curd in                      Seafood with Chinese broccoli
good baby!” In fact, this was closer to       countries, and now nicely settled in
the truth than you can imagine, as            Canada, and all the while, behind the          Hot Pot                                        Fried Sea Bass Fish
apparently I was a contented baby and         scenes, who has been guiding me? I             Salt and Pepper Squid                          House Fried Rice
happy to stay in my crib most of the          am reminded of one of my favorite              Fried Sea Bass Fish                            Special Fried Noodles
time, so much so that Mum (who you            hymns – “All the way my Saviour leads          Steamed Rice                                                              $125.95
will     remember       was       seasick)    me, what have I to ask beside? . . . . . .                                      $63.95
occasionally forgot to feed me!               . . For I know what e’er befalls me,                                                                                       10 Persons
                                                                                                                           6 Persons
          Back to the story --We had          Jesus doeth all things well.”
finally made it to Hong Kong and
freedom, unable to bring much in the          He most certainly does!
                                                                                            F R E E D E L I V E RY
                                                                                            Minimum order of $10
way of material wealth with us, except
for a few pieces of luggage and some
                                                                                            Delivery hours:
                                                                                            11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
gold jewelry that was smuggled out of                                                       5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.                         For party menu, call Kenny

December 2008                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                                                                     11
                                                                                      Roasted Chicken Ingredients:                                *    Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
                                                                                        *    2 kilo dressed chicken (broiler)                 Fahrenheit
                                                                                         *     2 cups of lemon grass (tanlad)                     *    Place the chicken on an oven
                                                                                         *     3 tablespoons of cooking oil                   rotisserie. *      If you don't have a
                                                                                         *     2 tablespoons of salt                          rotisserie put the chicken on an
                                                                                        *    Make sure the chicken is clean

          Philippine Cuisine                                                          with no remaining small feathers and no
                                                                                      Cooking Instructions
                                                                                                                                              elevated rack on a baking pan - breast
                                                                                                                                              side up (so the bottom of the chicken
                                                                                                                                              does not touch the baking pan).
                                                                                         *     Wash thoroughly and pat dry with               Bake for 1 hour or until the chicken is
                                                                                      a paper towel                                           golden brown. When you prick
Paksiw na Pata                             sauce)                                        *     Rub the whole chicken with                     between the chicken thigh and body
                                              * 1/2 tablespoon baking soda            cooking oil as well as the inside cavity.               and the juice runs clear (not bloody)
(Pork Hocks)                                  * 1 tablespoon of monosodium               *     Next apply salt all over, again,               the chicken is done.
                                           glutamate (MSG)                            including the insides.
                                                                                                                                                *     Serve with mashed potatoes,
                                              * 4 tablespoons of flour                  *      Fill the cavity with lemon grass
                                              *     Enough oil for deep frying
                                              *      Enough water for boiling                                      Hours:
                                           Crispy Pata Cooking Instructions:                                       Open Dec. 24th & 31st - 8:00-14:00
                                              *      Clean the pork pata by                                        Closed - Dec. 25th & 26th, 2008
                                           removing all hairs and by scraping the                                            Jan. 1 & 2nd 2009
                                           skin with a knife. Wash thoroughly.                                     Mon. Tue. Wed. - 8 am - 5 p.m.
                                              *      Make four to five inch cuts on                                Thu. Fri - 8 am- 6 pm Sat. 8 am-5 pm
                                           the sides of the pata.                                                  Closed on Sundays
                                              *      On a deep stock pot, place
                                           the pata in water with soda and salt.
                                                                                               Best wishes for the Holiday Season.
                                           Bring to a boil and simmer for 20                                                                                                   Picnic ham
                                                                                              Pork loin                                 Beef
                                           minutes. Then add the baking soda
                                                                                            Approximately                            Blade steak                               (with bone)
 1 kilo pork pata (washed & chopped)       and continue to simmer for another 10               15 lbs
# 1 liter stock                            minutes.
# 1 cup vinegar
# ? cup soy sauce
                                              *      Remove the pata from the pot
                                           and hang and allow to drip dry for 24
                                                                                               2.69lb                               3.49lb                                     1.29lb
# ? cup brown sugar                        hours. An alternative to this is to
                                                                                          Half or Whole                   Front quarter of beef                              Boneless leg
# 2 laurel leaves                          thoroughly drain the pork pata and                  pork                       Approximately 200 lbs
                                           refrigerate for a few hours.                                                                                                        of ham
# ? cup dried banana blossoms                                                            Cut & Wrapped
(soaked)                                      *      After the above process, rub
# 1 small head of garlic (minced)
# Pinch of oregano
                                           patis on the pata and sprinkle flour
                                           liberally.                                          1.35 lb                              2.09lb                                    3.99lb
# Pinch of salt & pepper                      *      In a deep frying pot, heat                                                                                                1 litre of fresh
                                           cooking oil and deep fry the pork pata                                                Pork Spare Ribs                            blood with purchase

                                           until golden brown.
                                                                                             Home smoked                                                                      when available
Instructions                                                                                                                                                                       1/2 pork
# In a pot, boil pork legs and discard
# Pour in stock and bring to a boil.
                                           Crispy Pata Dip Sauce:
                                                                                            8.79lb                                2.49lb                                   Regular smoked
# Pour in vinegar, soy sauce, brown        Mix 3/4 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup soy                                                         Beef
sugar; laurel leaves, oregano, garlic,
slat & pepper, and banana blossoms.
                                           sauce, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1
                                           head of diced onion and 1 hot pepper.
                                                                                               Fresh Belly
                                                                                                with skin
                                                                                                                                     short ribs                               4.89lb
                                                                                                                                                                            10 lbs & over
# Simmer until pork is cooked and
tender and sauce thickens in
                                           Salt and pepper to taste.

                                                                                             2   .99                                2.99lb
# Serve hot.
                                            Roasted Chicken                                            lb
                                                                                                               St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard
 Crispy Pata                                                                                Fresh pork blood
                                                                                                                                                                               202          Lacolle
                                                                                            Fresh bacon                                                   219
                                                                                            Fresh liver                         Jackson Road                                                 Sortie
Preparation & drying: 4 hours to 1 day                                                                         Havelock                                                                      Exit No.6
                                                                                            Pork skin                                                           Canada      Parc
                                                                                                                                                        219                 Safari   Class        15
Estimated cooking time: 20 minutes                                                      Available                                     Covey Hill Road

                                                                                                                                  Boucherie Viau Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                U. S. A.
Crispy Pata Ingredients:                                                                                                                            Moders                      Champlain

                                                                                                       83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0
   *    1 Pata (front or hind leg of a
pig including the knuckles)
                                                                                                    Tel.: (450) 247-2130 or (450) 247-3561
   *    1 bottle of soda (7Up or
sprite)                                    Recipe
   *    1 tablespoon of salt
                                           Estimated cooking time: 1 1/2 to 2 h
   *    2 tablespoons patis (fish

                                          Reynaldo Balansi
                                         Commissioner for Oaths
                                       Commission No. 170 586
                                  Affidavits, Will, Codicil S. Power of
                                       Attorney, Deed of Sales,
                                 Contract/Agreements, Travel Permit,
                                        Support & Consent, etc.

                                  Tel.: 514-297-4365 - 514-738-7999
                                           Fax: 514-738-3297
      Reynaldo Balansi                    4089-A Kent Avenue
                                        Montreal, QC H3S 1N5
12                                                                           The North American Filipino Star                                                         December 2008

         The North American Filipino Star
                                                         PHOTO GALLERY
                                                                               December 2008

Gilmore students decorate the Christmas tree just before their annual year-end                   Souvenir photo of Gilmore’s Christmas get together: Susana Cordova, Maricel Fonacier,
party, December 14, 2008                                                                         Esmeralda Roldan, Leo Miranda, Martin Riendeau holding baby Emilien, Marivel Riendeau,
                                                                                                 Zenaida Kharroubi, Bernard Demol, Margie Tagyam, and Alice Lee of Ajennat Coiffure

Liseth Barrios holding a pina collada drink in   Hard to catch that baby smile - Emilien         Karaoke singer, Juvy Vales-Durocher, during     Mark Alexandre Durocher posing with the
a restaurant in Montego Bay, Dec. 6, 2008        Riendeau with his mom, Marivel during           the Gilmore College Christmas party             Trivial Pursuit game that he just unpacked.
during Pro Travel int’l. training event.         Gilmore’s Christmas party, Dec. 14, 2008.

Members of the Vigie Asiatique committee attended the annual workshop or day of reflections
on the security needs of the Montreal community and other important subjects that concern
the SPVM (Société policière de la ville de Montréal) on December 3, 2008. SPVM Director
Mark Parent (2nd from right, second row) and Sgt. Nathalie Tetrault, coordinator, (2nd from
left, second row) pose for souvenir with the committee. The Vigie Asiatique committee is         Ambassador Jose Brillantes is cutting the ribbon during the inauguration of the new office of
composed of 14 members, two from each of the 7 ethnic communities, namely, Bangladesh,           Mercury Quick Financial, on Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 4781 Van Horne Avenue. He is
China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Shri Lanka, and Vietnam. They meet every 3 months or more   flanked by Mr. Ramil Ramesh and Mr. Jhun Zapanta, business partners.
often when needed.

December 2008                                                              The North American Filipino Star                                                                                        13

                                                                                               Montreal visitor. Greg Hontiveros, a Filipino author/historian was in town last November 1, 2008 for a
                                                                                               symposium on "gold links in the Philippines" sponsored by the Kalihukang Bisaya held at the Philippine
                                                                                               Center. He is the author of two historical books, Butuan of a Thousand Years and A Fire on the Island. He
                                                                                               is shown seated fourth from left.

Standing from left: Valent Lloyd-Hughes, Cres Ruiz, Norina Quenneville, Ramero Emboscado,
Mary Dufresne, Mercy Remegio, Tina Solamo, Cirila Goel, Haydee Sarcon, Portia Madriaga,
Diding Verginiza, Felix Salazar and Ex-chairman Vincent Quiblat.
Sitting from left: Ex-chairperson Marlene Birao-Schachter, Visitor Filipino Author/Historian
Greg Hontiveros (Inducting Officer), New Chairman Nereo Ruiz, Linda Helwig, Anita Lo and Ex-
chairman Paul Imperial.

                                                 Filipino author/historian Greg Hontiveros
This big, delicious chiffon cake is given by   receiving a plaque from Kalihukang Bisaya       KB ex-chairman Paul Imperial receiving a plaque from Marlene Birao-Schachter with KB
Nancy Alcantara for the Christmas party.       chairperson Marlene Birao-Schacter              director Valent Lloyd-Hughes.

14                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                  December 2008

                                                                                       Imagine a song or a book writer. They        investing in his business he is building
                                                                                       write their songs or books once but get      assets that would generate passive
                                                                                       paid forever on it. This do-it-once-get-     and residual income for him
                                                                                       paid-forever type of income is called        throughout his years on this planet and
                                                                                       residual.      Most people who have          the years of his grandchildren.
                                                                                       attained financial freedom have other        Change your way of thinking: THINK
                                                                                       people working to generate income for        LONG       TERM:     START      SMART
                                                                                       them. Earning money by other                 INVESTING!
                                                                                       people’s effort is called Leveraged
                                                                                       Income.                                      A Successful Filipino Entrepreneur with
                                                                                       As hard as it may seem, to create            Chicken Inasal
                                                                                       leverage income, you have to have            Only an Ilonggo know an authentic
Entrepreneurs’ way of thinking                                                         your own business where other people
                                                                                       work to generate income for you. Any
                                                                                                                                    chicken inasal should taste. This is
                                                                                                                                    what Treena Cueva-Tecson, a genuine
Too many people are trying to start         your cash! The problem with the            business, whether it is a traditional        Ilongga, born and raised in Bacolod,
their home businesses with an ordinary      typical job is that when you stop, the     business, franchise, networking or           carries with her when she opened her
employee’s way of thinking. This has        money stop. The stark fact is: one day     internet based business.                     Tambokikoy Restaurant which sell
become a common reason why not              you might get sick and won’t be able to      Employees work to generate secure          authentic chicken inasal – cooked and
long after sitting down and giving it a     get back to work. Sooner or later you      income. Business Entrepreneurs works         prepared the way a genuine inasal
fair look into even the most lucrative      will retire. Companies get broke and       to build up assets with income streams       should be.
business opportunity they bump into,        have to release their employee. No         which generates for him ongoing              “The inasal in Manila are sweet, dry
they put it away and decide not to take     matter what the situation, as soon as      Passive Income (either residual or           and not cooked well.” Ilonggos would
any chances.                                you stop working, the money will           leverage income or both). In other           really know the authentic taste of
What has happened here is the most          surely stop coming. So much for            word, Business entrepreneur works to
lucrative business opportunity has          secure income…!                            build himself what I call ”A Money
been looked into by an ordinary 9 to 5      A job with secure income is necessary      Machine” which is designed to
worker who appears NOT to be                for those who has not set up their         generate ongoing income.
business-minded. If you are like most       business yet. True, but a true             FOURTH:                  INVESTMENTS,
people , you have probably considered       Entrepreneur won’t settle merely for       INVESTMENTS
starting your own business yourself.        job-security. They aims for more, such     It is common for people who seek job
But above all, you have to understand       as financial security. No, they won’t      security to hesitate to invest. The
that to make into successful Business       have fast cash and they won’t have any     reason is understandable; for some of
Entrepreneur, one has to change their       secure income yet – at least not in the    us the risk of investing in a business
way of thinking first.                      beginning. And often, they won’t have      are just too much to handle. A true
FIRST: DO NOT EXPECT FAST CASH              any income for the first few months.       Business Entrepreneur understands
Beside gambling or winning a lottery,       Business entrepreneur think of the big     that in order to build -what I would call-
working as an employee is the only          picture. What they do is building          a 'money-machine', investments are
way to get fast cash…”fast” as in 25        assets from which their money will         necessary. There is just no such things
working days’. This kind of cash is         come in month after month, year after      as businesses without investments.
always certain to come as long as you       year. The money will not come now, It      They knows that it takes time and effort
work for your boss. But as you              might not even come for the next few       to develop a successful business. But
probably already know it, as soon as        month but as soon as the business is       they also knows that investing money
you stop, the money stops.                  up and running, it will keep generating    is just as important!
True entrepreneurship-minded people         even when they chooses to stop             Sometimes it takes the Business
know that it takes time to develop an       working as long as they got the right      Entrepreneur months or a year before
attack plan for their businesses. It take   business. And THAT is financial            he can finally reap the big success.
time to build a strong and solid            security!                                  Sometimes even a bit more. It takes a
business which delivers ongoing             THIRD: GENERATE PASSIVE INCOME             couple of years of investing time, effort
income through many years. True             Financial freedom is not measured by       and money. But this is not too hard for
Business Entrepreneur hold on to this       how much you earn by working, but by       them to handle. A true Entrepreneur          inasal” said Treena who have a full time
truth. “We reap, what we sow, but the       how much money come in with only           thinks long term. They knows that in         marketing and PR career before giving
harvest is never in the same season as      little or no work at all. This kind of     the end, This working and money              it up to be a full time wife and mom two
the planting.”                              income is called Passive Income. This      investing will finally pay off!              years ago. Being a business minded
SECOND: AIM FOR JOB SECURITY                fact has been know for decades by real     A Home Based Business Entrepreneur           woman, Treena applied blue ocean
OR FINANCIAL SECURITY?                      wealthy people.        Successful and      would only have to invest just 5-10          strategy in her business by offering
Employees would rather have job             wealthy entrepreneur do only little work   hours a week for a couple of years and       something that the saturated market
security. Why? Simple: the income is        and sometimes it is even possible to       he would only have to make low               does not have yet; a whole chicken
secure. As long as loyally works for        do the work only once but still            budget investments into his home             with an authentic inasal taste.
your boss, you will be certain to get       generating recurring income on it.         based business. And at the end of the        Treena started his Tambokikoy just last
                                                                                       time of working and investing, our           year, armed only with a P250,000.00 in
                                                                                       Entrepreneur would have turned it into       capital, her mom’s recipe and her
                                                                                       a significant amount of residual income      husband’s full support. Tambokikoy
                                                                                       stream!                                      which means chubby in Ilonggo is
                                                                                       I'm not talking about money that             envisioned by Treena as a take-out
                                                                                       comes in today and is gone tomorrow          place that will sell authentic-tasting
                                                                                       but income that keeps coming in              whole chicken inasal.
                                                                                       month after month, year after year...        With a very ideal location and right
                                                                                       money that -as Gery Carson has put it-       promotional approached, responsed
                                                                                       "when you've left this planet continues      has been very good. Office people and
                                                                                       to provide for your spouse, children, or     families have been dropping by to
                                                                                       grandchildren."                              order take out, starting lunch time until
                                                                                       By then you would think that all your        dinner. Treena cooked her chicken
                                                                                       valuable time and money you have             inasal rotisserie-style over charcoal
                                                                                       spent would be worth it.                     and not on electric grill. By chopping it
                                                                                       Commonly an ordinary employee, who           two minutes after it cooked, she said
                                                                                       fears too much to invest, works hard to      the juice goes back and it does not dry
                                                                                       receive his pay check every month.           out. Treena is expecting to recoup her
                                                                                       Most likely he even retires broke.           investment in a month or two. This
                                                                                       Before he knows it, he leaves the            early, inquiries of franchising have
                                                                                       planet with nothing to leave for his         already been received. a
                                                                                       A true Business Entrepreneur is
                                                                                       prepared to invest. He knows by
December 2008                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                                      15

 Arroyo praises military for staying away from politics                                                                          Estrada on Legarda as
                                                                                                                                 VP: What offer?
       President Gloria Macapagal-         our blessings and look at the future            Nevertheless, Yano admitted there     Former president Joseph Estrada simply
Arroyo has praised the Armed Forces        with hope, confidence and optimism,"        are “continuing efforts” by some          laughed off reports Senator Loren
of the Philippines (AFP) for staying       she said.                                   sectors to “entice” soldiers with the     Legarda won’t join him as running mate
away from politics as she noted that           Politics, Yano said, “has enticed       lure of political power as he warned      should he decide to run in the 2010
national leaders must focus on the         the ambitious to interfere in the realm     the “merchants of political wares” to     presidential polls.
economy amid the global financial                                                                                                     "I have not even declared that I will
crunch.                                                                                                                          run for president, how can I say that I will
     Speaking before the military and                                                                                            run with Loren as my running mate?"
guests at the 73rd founding                                                                                                      Estrada said in a statement Monday.
anniversary of the AFP in Camp                                                                                                        Legarda on Sunday reiterated her
Aguinaldo, Arroyo thanked Military                                                                                               earlier declarations that if she does run
Chief of Staff General Alexander Yano                                                                                            in 2010, it will only be for the No. 1 post.
for crushing "the enemy that is called                                                                                                Estrada said he only mentioned that
                                                                                                                                 Legarda could be a good vice president
politics" within the military.
                                                                                                                                 but denied saying he wanted her as
     In his own speech at the AFP
                                                                                                                                 running mate.
anniversary, Yano had assured Arroyo
                                                                                                                                      "There is no doubt that Senator
that “the enemy called politics and                                                                                              Legarda has the qualifications to be not
political ambition” has been slain                                                                                               only a good vice president but even a
within the military.                                                                                                             good president," said Estrada.
     Even as she cited the country's                                                                                                  "Who knows, if she tops the surveys
4.6 economic growth as other                                                                                                     and if she maintains her performance as
countries fall into recession, Arroyo                                                                                            a top senator, I might even endorse her
noted the need to focus on the                                                                                                   for president in 2010. But I never said
economy.                                                                                                                         she would be my running mate," Estrada
     "The national leadership must not                                                                                           added.
be on politics but on the economy,"                                                                                                   Legarda was among the Senators in
she said.                                                                                                                        2001 who voted for the opening of an
     Arroyo also announced additional                                                                                            envelope that would supposedly prove
benefits for soldiers, including           of pure politics while still clad in the    “leave the AFP alone.”                    claims Estrada plundered millions and
doubling their hazard pay and              soldier’s uniform and while still                Yano said the Filipino soldier       placed it in his bank account.
increasing their subsistence pay.          bearing arms.”                              “does not lust for military glory, so          The non-opening of the envelope
     "Upgrading        will     continue        But, he added, in his speech at        neither would the dangling of political   televised a crying Legarda, and has
                                                                                                                                 spurred what is now called the EDSA 2
particularly in training,” she said. “We   ceremonies marking the 73rd                 perks lead him to abandon his sworn
                                                                                                                                 people power revolution, which
will make Philippine defense work to       anniversary of the Armed Forces, “The       sacred duty to God, country and
                                                                                                                                 overthrew Estrada.
stop insurgency by 2010."                  Filipino soldier understands his            people.”
                                                                                                                                      Estrada was convicted of plunder
     As Christmas approaches, Arroyo       scared duties and knows that                     “Our commitment is to never tire     and detained for over five years.
urged the Filipinos to remain              intervening in political processes and      in the performance of our mission, not    President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
optimistic.                                conflict while still in active service in   to ever deviate from our focus,” Yano     granted him executive clemency in 2007.
     "This Christmas, let us all count     the AFP is not one of them.”                said. a                                        During the 2007 elections, Legarda
                                                                                                                                 however joined the United Opposition,
                                                                                                                                 an Estrada-headed coalition. a

                                                                                                                                  Personal - Professional
                                                                                                                                    Salon May Bo
                                                                                                                                 Walking distance from Cote Vertu Metro
                                                                                                                                          820 Decarie Suite 3
                                                                                                                                       Telephone: 514-883-8856

                                                                                        CAR - MINI VAN - 4 x 4
                                                                                       Save $1000 - $2000 - $3000

                                                                                       Call Steve 514-963-1212

16                                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                                          December 2008

                                                                                             learn from their experience how they                              responsibilities.
                                                                                             built a strong future for the people - the                                 Annually and in collaboration
                                                                                             co-operative way.                                                 with the executive management team,
                                        Empowering                                           THE     CALGARY        CO-OPERATIVE
                                                                                                                                                               the board reviews the Vision, Mission
                                                                                                                                                               and Values for Calgary Co-op, and sets

                                        the people                                           EXPERIENCE
                                                                                                     Locally owned and managed,
                                                                                                                                                               strategic direction for a five-year
                                                                                                                                                               planning period and annual goals.
                                                                                             the Calgary Co-operative Association                              It continues to practice corporate
                                                                                             was organized in 1955. It operates 22                             social      responsibility,   including
                                                                                             grocery stores, 26 gas stations, 11                               investing in communities. In fact, in
                                        By Jerry O. Estrada                                  travel offices and 15 liquor stores in
                                                                                             Calgary. Today, Calgary Co-op is one
                                                                                                                                                               2004, over $1.5 million was extended
                                                                                                                                                               to help and support its community
                                                                                             of the largest retail co-ops in North                             where its members and employees live
                                                                                             America with 413,000 members, 4,000                               and work.
                                                                                             employees, with $314 million in assets                                     If the example of the Calgary
                                                                                             and annual sales of $884 million.                                 Co-op can inspire the 12 000 Filipinos
Collaboration Towards A Better Life                                                          Calgary Co-op is proud of its local
                                                                                             roots and its reputation as one of the
                                                                                                                                                               who live in Cote des Neiges in close
                                                                                                                                                               proximity to the Filipino Coop, it will not
          Two days left before deadline        in nature have a good effect if it works
                                                                                             best grocery retailers in Calgary. It has                         take long before we can see it become
and I still didn’t know what topic I           with organizations that are economic in
                                                                                             built reputation on its strong                                    a viable business enterprise. a
should write for this month until I            purpose. In order to succeed in any
                                                                                             commitment to member-customer
remembered that there are three                business       endeavor      we       need                                                                        Do you want to learn to
                                                                                             service and the communities it serves
sources of learning: books; media              “business-friendly” laws and support                                                                             speak French in the fast,
                                                                                             through financial and other community
(print and broadcast); and other               from the government especially in its
                                                                                             services.                                                               and easy way?
peoples’ experience. Later, I found            early stage. Likewise, to give meaning
                                                                                                     The 9 board of directors                                     Enroll now at Gilmore
myself browsing some Philippine news           to any political efforts it must be
                                                                                             supervises     and      manages        the
on the web.                                    converted to something that benefits
                                                                                             management of the business and
                                                                                                                                                                  International College
          It seems that the news look all      the people. There is an adage that
                                                                                             affairs of the Calgary Co-op in
the same to me - Christmas is on the           says - “He who owns the gold rules the                                                                          Intensive French course
                                                                                             accordance with the COOPERATIVE
air; the lives of people in the                world.”
                                                                                             ACT, Regulations, Articles, and by-                               from Level 1 to 6,
Philippines are also the same, but with                  We need a business enterprise
                                                                                             laws.                                                             Each level = 45 hours
a difference - there are three types of        that is essential to people’s welfare like
                                                                                                     Elected directors serve for a
people in our country: those who have          what the majority of our Chinese, Jews,
                                                                                             three-year term or as required to fill any                        9 hours weekly = 5
nothing (have-not) and wish to take            and Vietnamese friends are doing.                                                                               weeks
                                                                                             vacancies. The term of office for
what others will give to them; those           They are successful in financial matters
                                                                                             director positions expires on a                                   6 levels = 30 weeks
who have not enough (have-less); and           because they have learned the secrets
                                                                                             staggered basis each year, ensuring
those who have much (rich) and who             of managing a business and they help
                                                                                             that experienced directors remain on
wish to have more.                             one another.                                                                                                    Call 514-485-7861 to
                                                                                             the board to assist and mentor newly
          My memory dates back to the                    It is good that some
                                                                                             elected directors with their roles and                            register
early years when I can recall the              organizations that are political in nature
hardship of many of our fellow Filipinos       like FAMAS (Philippine Association of
in our country that still prevail until now.   Montreal and Suburbs) is involved in
The people in the rural areas grow             promoting the businesses and
vegetables,       breed      cattle      and   community activities of Filipinos
propagate seafoods. Of these they sell         through the efforts of Riza Esmeralda
the best and very often they still starve      Sarto, Director of Public and
themselves.                                    Government          Relations,       Claro
          Although the Philippines has         Bermudez (President), and FAMAS
rich natural resources, outside                Directors.
multinational companies own the                          Salve Desprez (President of
businesses that exploit them. Our              Philippine Centre Foundation of
people do the cuttings for a small             Greater Montreal) and husband, Abel
wage; the lumber is taken away while           are helping a business enterprise like
their own houses are small and cold.           the Filipino Coop. There, I also met Pat
The wealth created by village (barrio)         and Fred Magallanes (Publisher of
folks in their community is not being          Filipino Forum Newspaper). It was
used to benefit their community.               there I knew that the Magallanes family
          Factories and shopping malls         is a close-knit family friend of Sen.
were built in the urban areas. They            Nene Pimentel, who happens to be a
employed people from the rural areas           family friend, too of my former boss,
and the wages they paid were low.              Atty. Mordino Cua. It’s nice to see Mr.
People worked long hours and food              and Mrs. Magallanes there supporting
had to be bought from a store and all          the Coop.
out of their tiny wages. They became                     If there are more people to            Avec l’éducation, tout devient possible… Oui, la vie est belle d’ici !
dependent on their wages but often             collaborate and extend their help either
sank into depths of greater poverty.           in terms of talent, skills and time, the                         Cours de français langue seconde*
On the other hand, people who                  Filipino Coop will thrive because the
immigrated to other countries,                 Coop is owned and managed by its                 French Second Language courses                                 Cursos de francès lengua segunda
particularly, to Canada have a better          members. If the Coop will succeed, the
                                                                                                                                                               Курс французского языка
quality of life than those who had no          surplus (net income) will be distributed
other choice but to keep on struggling         as dividends and refunds to its
on their meager income.                        member-owners. Let’s patronize, help             DÉBUT : entrée continue                                   DURÉE : cours de jour, 20 heures / semaine
          For the nth time, I have been        it and someday we could say that                                                                                                  30 heures / semaine
mentioning in this column the                  we’ve done something worthwhile for
advantages of collaboration, the need          the people and to the community.                     Vous pouvez être éligible à une allocation de formation par Emploi Québec.

for Filipino organizations to link with                  We all know that it takes time
each other for us to attain a purpose –        to create a business enterprise like a           Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
a better life for Filipinos. We feel lucky     co-operative. Let’s remember that even           Centre d’éducation des adultes Outremont
that we enjoy a good standard of living        the church is not built in a day. It is not      Renseignements et inscriptions : 514.273.3353
and it is about time that we give back to      to be finished without a struggle.
                                                                                                500, bd Dollard ( Outremont )
the community a share of our good              Expect that and be patient.
fortune.                                                 Below is a summary of Calgary          Venez voir
          Organizations that are political     Co-op’s history and governance. Let’s
December 2008                                                The North American Filipino Star                                                            17

Pasko na Kapamilya…ABS-CBN 55th Anniversary Christmas Special
    Dumating na ang panahon ng          Dome! Ang Kapamilya Christmas         President na si Charo Santos Concio,     magpapakitang gilas ang ilan sa mga
pagbibigayan ng bawat pamilya at        Special ngayong taon ang siya ring    hindi lamang pagbibigay aliw ang         ‘celebrity families’ sa kanilang very
magkakaibigan. Ngunit ang pinaka-       nagmamarka sa 55th Anniversary ng     handog ng Christmas Special.             special musical number. Bigay todo
importante ay ang pagsasama-sama        nangunguna at pinaka-malaking         Ipinakita rin dito ang ilan sa mga       ang cast ng lahat ng teleseryes,
ng buong pamilya sa pagdiriwang ng      media network. Doble selebrayon,      highlights ng matagumpay na              sitcoms, talk shows at musical
pag-ibig para sa isa’t isa at           doble saya!                           nationwide feeding program, ang          programs ng Kapamilya network.
pagpapasalamat sa mga biyayang              Ang musika ay handog ni maestro   ‘Bayanijuan’ at performance ng theme          Masasaksihan din ang pinaka-
natanggap mula sa buong taon.           Ryan Cayabyab at ng kanyang           song nito ng iba’t ibang artists.        kilala at paboritong noontime show,
    Ipinagmamalaking ihandog ng         orchestra at may higit sa 100             Kasama ang mga opisyal at            ang          Wowowee          habang
Kapamilya network ang isang napaka-     Kapamilya stars ang hahataw at        empleyado ng network, kasama ang         magdadagdag ningning naman ang
espesyal na regalo para sa bawat        kakanta sabay ang nakakaenganyong     mga fans at supporters ng mga            Star Magic talents.
Kapamilya - ang ‘ABS-CBN 55th           tugtugin.                             Kapamilya, kumpleto ang mga                   Makisali at makisaya sa ABS-CBN
Anniversary Christmas Special’ sa Big       Sa pangunguna ng ABS-CBN          nakaka-kilig na love teams sa kanilang   55th Anniversary Christmas Special
                                                                              performance habang ang mga               na mapapanood sa Disyembre 21 sa
                                                                              pinakakilalang comedy icons sa           Sunday’s Best.. a
                                                                              bansa ang hihirit at magbibigay saya.
                                                                              May kasabihan nga na ‘talent runs in
                                                                              the      family’      kaya       naman

18                                                                  The North American Filipino Star                                               December 2008

                                                                                      Rufa Mae focuses on career
     FILIPINO STAR                                                                    after break up
 SHOWBIZ GOSSIP                                                                                                                 from the Philippine Movie Press Club
                                                                                                                                (PMPC) the Star of The Night Award
                                                                                                                                and the Best Comedy Actress for the
                                                                                                                                weekly gag show “Bubble Gang."

New beginning for Karylle                                                                                                            The actress, who just ended her
                                                                                                                                almost one-year relationship with
                                                                                                                                Bobby Lopez, a Mexican-American
                                                                                                                                national, said that she always believe
                                                                                                                                that her Mr. Right will eventually show
                                                                                                                                     "I always believe na mayroon isa
                                                                                                                                diyan para sa akin," she added.
                                                                                                                                     The actress said that to focus
                                                                                                                                100% on her career is her personal
                                                                                                                                     "Mas choice ko ngayon... finally
                                                                                                                                ngayon gusto kong itodo na i-focus
                                                                                                                                ang sairli ko, ang 100% sa career ko.
                                                                                                                                I'm always professional, I love my job
                                                                                                 Rufa Mae Quinto                pero hati though masarap may
                                                                                                                                inspiration, pero happy ako ngayon
                                                                                          After her break up with her
                                                                                                                                kasi I'm back with my family," Quinto
                                                                                      Mexican-     American      boyfriend,
                                                                                      actress-comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto
                                                                                                                                     The actress said that after almost
                                                                                      said she's now focused on her career
                                                                                                                                nine years of being independent,
                                                                                      and admitted that she's not dating
                                                                                                                                she's now back with her family,
                                                                                                                                especially with her grandmother.
                                                                                          "Wala akong date, [pero] at least,
                                                                                                                                     "Kasi for nine years, hindi kami
                                                                                      ang dami kong awards. Magandang
                                                                                                                                magkasama, una sa lahat, na miss ko
                                                                                      sign, lalo na ngayon magpapasko.
                                                                                                                                sila. Close ako sa family ko. Medyo
                                                                                      Magandang Christmas gift ito sa
                                                                                                                                nawalan lang ako ng oras, at the
                                                                                      akin," Quinto said after she received
                                                                                                                                same time nagdadalaga ako," she
                                                                                      two awards from this year's Star
                                                                                                                                ended. a
                                                                                      Awards. Quinto received on Sunday

    ABS-CBN hosted a welcome               she go sexy to prove to Dingdong, also
presscon for Karylle after she signed      an underwear model, that she can do        Lorna Tolentino denies cashing in
up a one-year contract with them.          what he does?
    "There was a time I was afraid to           "No naman. At this point, naging      on Daboy’s legacy
face the press," she confesses. "Kasi      mas adventurous lang siguro ako and
pino-process ko pa noon ang mga            I’m really flattered kasi I didn’t think                                                  “Proceeds of the HOPE CD will go
nangyari. But now, tapos na ‘yun, so       puede pala akong mag-endorse ng                                                      to a good cause. At the same time it’s
I’m ready to face now whatever             underwear until the Bench offer came.                                                not really about Rudy. The HOPE CD is
question you’ll ask of me."                Maganda naman ang kinalabasan ng                                                     for cancer patients who will be going
    It can’t be denied that her career     pictorial and I’m proud of it. Now, may                                              through chemotherapy and if they feel
that was on a status quo at GMA-7 got      offers din from Maxim and FHM but I’m                                                impatient, they can listen to music that
a boost it badly needs due to her          not ready for that yet."                                                             will inspire them to fight and to hang
controversial breakup with Dingdong             Will she drop the businesses                                                    on," she said.
Dantes. ABS is now casting her as          where she and Dingdong are                                                                On the other hand, she said the
Kristine Hermosa’s cousin in the TV        associates?                                                                          new movie "Magkaibigan" with Estrada
remake of "Maruja." She has signed up           "No. Nag-uusap naman kami and,                                                  is "Jinggoy's way of immortalizing their
for a new album with EMI Records.          also, we have other partners, the                                                    friendship." The senator earlier
Bench Body also got her as underwear       Garcias, who are the ones really                                                     dedicated the movie to Daboy.
endorser. What can she say about           running Centerstage in Timog and                                                          The actress, who is gearing up for
this?                                      Makati. Fully booked nga kami for the                                                a big television project with Gabby
    "Well, as they say, everything         holidays. We also have a new                                                         Concepcion, said that she will also find
happens for a reason. I’m in a new         restaurant, Mei Lin."                                                                time to read Daboy’s autobiography,
home now, this is a fresh start and I’m         She was quoted she’ll never                                                     which was written by his sister Marie
thankful for this. When something bad      reconcile with Dingdong because she                                                  Fernandez.       The     autobiography
happens to you, it’s up to you to dwell    has realized some things about him                     Lorna Tolentino               recounts the childhood life, trials and
on the past or leave it behind and         that she didn’t acknowledge before.                                                  triumphs of the country's "Prince of
                                                                                           Multi-awarded actress Lorna
move on para may blessings na              What are those?                                                                      Action" before he succumbed to
                                                                                      Tolentino dismissed rumors that she is
dumating. I also changed my manager.            "That’s between the two of us na                                                cancer early this year.
                                                                                      using the name of her husband, late
Nasa Stages na ako of Audie Gemora         lang. My dad taught me never to wash                                                      Tolentino said she will visit Daboy's
                                                                                      actor Rudy Fernandez, to promote
and I trust their strategies for my        your dirty linen in public and that’s                                                tomb on Christmas Day as part of her
                                                                                      various projects such as a photo
career."                                   something I’ll never do."                                                            healing process. She also shared her
                                                                                      exhibit, movie, album and many
    What can she say to some                    So does she still feel the pain of                                              plan to go back to work starting this
                                                                                      others. In an interview, Tolentino said
comments that she seemed so                the breakup?                                                                         January 2009.
                                                                                      all the initiatives named after Daboy
nervous and was not at her best when            "Wala na. Pero noon, I was really                                                    “Ang process of healing ko ay
                                                                                      were really made for the memory of her
she sang the National Anthem in the        hurt and what helped me is that I faced                                              asikasuhin ang maramig bagay kasi
                                                                                      husband by people who really loved
Pacquiao fight?                            the pain head on. Rather than drown in                                               hanggng December na lang tapos
                                                                                      and supported the actor.
    "I’m really surprised when I heard     self pity, I listened to self-help audio                                             gusto ko ng magwork na ng January
                                                                                           She said the HOPE album was
that pag-uwi ko rito. Kasi doon sa Las     books, turned to running to lessen the                                               hopefully sana. Sana ay matapos ko
                                                                                      recorded with the help of Daboy's
Vegas, right after I sang, people          stress and sought the help of a priest                                               lahat itong Decemeber. Ang dami pa
                                                                                      closest friends including Sharon
flocked to me, Pinoys, Americans,          friend na pinakuha ako ng retreat                                                    kasi at I feel hindi ko matatapos by
                                                                                      Cuneta, Senators Bong Revilla and
even Mexicans, congratulating me as        where we did a lot of sharing and I                                                  December,” she said. a
                                                                                      Jinggoy Estrada, Philip Salvador, Tirso
they liked the way I sang the song."       opened up about my feelings. I can         Cruz III, Christopher de Leon, Edgar
    Her sexy pictorial for Bench will be   say now that I’ve moved on." a             Mortiz, Ricky Davao and even Aga
unveiled at Trinoma this Saturday. Did                                                Muhlach.
December 2008                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                                   19

Cory The Musical: a tribute to a Ramiele back in the Philippines
beloved President                                her sexy pictures circulated in the
                                           accomplished singers and thespians                                                     internet. She’s with other women,
                                           — Isay Alvarez (as Cory), Sherwin                                                      insinuating she’s a lesbian. "My mom
                                           Sozon (as Ninoy), Robert Seña (as                                                      saw the pictures and she said there’s
                                                                                                                                  nothing wrong with them so I should
                                           Ferdinand Marcos), Pinky Marquez
                                                                                                                                  not worry about it. She knows the girls
                                           (as Imelda Marcos), Tommy Abuel (as
                                                                                                                                  in the photos are good friends of mine
                                           the reporter), Sheila Parducho, Lou
                                                                                                                                  and we were just hanging around and
                                           Veloso, Andy Bais, and Rito Asilo.                                                     having fun. We weren’t doing anything
                                           Nestor Torre directs the musical.                                                      objectionable at all. Once and for all,
                                           Lourdes “Bing” Pimentel is the                                                         hindi po ako lesbian. Babae po ako."
                                           musical’s composer and producer.                                                            While she’s here, Ramiele will visit
                                                 The musical is Mrs. Pimentel’s                                                   her dad’s hometown in Polillo Island in
                                           everlasting gift to an ailing Cory — “a                                                Quezon and her mom’s relatives in
                                           tribute to a beloved President from a                                                  Zamboanga. Her boyfriend’s family is
                                           grateful nation.” Although the musical                                                 from Apalit, Pampanga and they also
                                           is about a turbulent past of our history,              Ramiele Malubay                 plan to go there. "My parents and I are
                                           it still entertains. Some songs are                                                    all spending Christmas here so we’ll be
                                           angelic and solemn; others are                   American Idol finalist Ramiele        going around a lot as I know there’s so
                                           stirring. Some scenes are plaintive;        Malubay arrived last Friday and was        much to see."
                                           others are happy and hilarious. And         presented to the press last Sunday by           Ramiele stands only 4’11" so she’s
                                           there are segments in Cory that hint of     the producer of her concert with Ogie      dubbed by the "American Idol" jurors as
                                           Cameron Mackintosh’s production of          Alcasid, Brian Sombero whose               the "Big Voice from the Small Adorable
                                           Les Misérables.                             company, Underground Studio, aims to       Idol." Born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
                                                 For many who attended the gala,       mount more concerts here.                  on Sept. 6, 1987, her parents are
                                           the musical brought nostalgia and                Ramiele came with her boyfriend,      engineer Roger Malubay and nurse
                                           provoked deep reflection. The               Austin Torres, who wants to join local     Alicia Macrohon. She was 4 when their
                                           musical’s ending message is that the        showbiz so she was warned by friends       family moved to Miamar, Florida, USA.
                                                                                       that he might just be using her to get a   She’s been singing since she was 2
                                           fight is not over. To the crowd’s
                                                                                       break here.                                and she quickly became a favorite
                                           cheering, Cory spoke during the
                                                                                            "Hindi manggagamit ang boyfriend      guest in Pinoy gatherings in Florida.
                                           curtain call. What she said in Pilipino
                                                                                       ko," she says in fluent Tagalog.           She did front acts for Pinoy singers who
                                           was moving-that despite the physical        "Sinamahan niya ko rito to support me.     did shows there, like Martin Nievera,
                                           hardship imposed on her by colon            Kung mag-aartista siya, he’ll do it by     Kuh Ledesma, Basil Valdez, and others.
  Isay Alvarez plays the part of Cory      cancer, she assured us of her active        himself and start from the very            She was only 16 when she first joined
                                           support in the continuing fight for         beginning. When I met him in California,   "American Idol" auditions and was
     Cory The Musical is a tribute to      freedom and democracy.                      he didn’t even know who I am. Also,        rejected. She joined again this year and
one of the Philippines’ most beloved             Cory The Musical reminds us how       he’ll have to learn Tagalog first kasi     finally made it. She’s in third year
Presidents. It is about the life of Cory   Ninoy’s martyrdom and the fierce,           English lang ang alam niya. Ako, I         nursing at Broward College but her
Aquino — as wife, mother, Filipino         noble resistance of the woman in            learned how to speak Tagalog kasi our      studies are now on hold while she gives
citizen, and hero. The musical traces      yellow galvanized the Filipino people       parents taught us and also, may TFC        showbiz a try. "I have a meeting with the
Cory’s happy moments as Ninoy’s            to topple the Marcos dictatorship.          kami sa bahay."                            Disney Channel when I return to the
wife and mother to five children, her      Cory, the person, also symbolized the            She seems quite controversial as      US," she says. a
adjustments to the rough-and-tumble        collective action that defeated Fidel
world of Ninoy’s politics, her suffering   Ramos’s plan to extend his term as          Dingdong Dantes 6th on E!
under the Marcos dictatorship, her         president and the collective action
trials upon Ninoy’s martyrdom, her         that forced Joseph Estrada to resign.       World’s Sexiest Men list
dilemmas as de facto leader of the               Cory The Musical will be
opposition against Marcos and              performed at the Meralco Theater on                                                          Dingdong Dantes has been voted
eventually as President of the             Dec. l, 2008, Jan. 16, 2009, and Jan.                                                  one of the 25 Sexiest Men of the
Philippines.                               17, 2009. a                                                                            World. He’s in the top half of the elite
     This is history performed by                                                                                                 list, giving him the honor of being the
                                                                                                                                  highest-ranked Asian celebrity hunk.
Bea sheds ‘Betty’ braces for new                                                                                                        Dingdong, star of the top-rated
                                                                                                                                  GMA soaps Marimar and Dyesebel
drama flick                                                                                                                       and one of the country’s top product
                                                                                                                                  endorsers, was a spot below Oscar
                                           her "Betty La Fea" braces to star in the                                               nominee Djimon Hounsou (Amistad,
                                           new Star Cinema drama flick "And I                                                     Blood Diamond), but several slots
                                           Love You So." In an interview, Alonzo                                                  ahead of Hollywood stars Ryan
                                           said the movie is her first to be paired                                               Reynolds, Oliver Martinez, and
                                           with actor Sam Milby and will be a far                                                 Enrique Iglesias who is half-Filipino.
                                           departure from her usual light,                                                              The E! (Entertainment Television)
                                           romance films. "Medyo dramatic siya                                                    world’s 25 hottest blokes voted by 20
                                           compared to sa mga nilalabas na Star                                                   judges was topped by UK football
                                           Cinema ngayon na light. This one ay                                                    superstar David Beckham, with
                                           medyo dramatic talaga," she said.                                                      Johnny Depp taking the second place.
                                               Aside from drama, the actress also                                                 Both Beckham and Depp said they are
                                           shared that she was challenged with                                                    flattered by their inclusion.
                                           her role as a glamorous lady who's the                                                       Dingdong, has recently broke up
                                           complete opposite of Betty La Fea, the                                                 with long-time girlfriend Karylle whom
                                           character she portrays in the hit TV                                                   he just might meet in Las Vegas where
                                           series "I Love Betty La Fea."                                                          she’s singing the National Anthem at
                                               "And glamorous ako dito away                                                       the Pacquiao-dela Hoya bout.
                                           from Betty La Fea," she added.                                                               E! is one of the most widely
                                               Alonzo started her first shooting                                                  viewed cable networks, available to 80
                                           day for "I Love You So" on November                                                    million cable and direct broadcast
                                           26. The movie, directed by Laurenti                                                    satellite subscribers in the US, and in
              Bea Alonzo                   Dyogi, also stars hunk actor Derek                                                     600 million homes internationally. a
                                           Ramsay. a
    Actress Bea Alonzo is trading in                                                              Dingdong Dantes
                                                                                                                                  More Showbiz Gossip - SEE PAGE 20

20                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                  December 2008
                                                                                         happy to just be his wife. But my          work as well as we can, then live with
Showbiz Gossip                          Continued from p.19                              husband, who is also my No. 1 fan,         whatever intriga comes. What’s
Lovi blooms with new music                                                               said, “Hindi pwedeng matapos ang
                                                                                         buhay mo kasi nag-asawa ka lang.” I
                                                                                                                                    important is that my husband and I
                                                                                                                                    know what is really happening.
                                                                                         continued taking projects, until we had         “Magkaibigan,” written by Reyes,
                                                Just recently, she filled up the
                                                                                         a baby three years later.                  is loosely based on the life of the late
                                           Music Museum in her debut concert,
                                                                                             Now that you’re back, are you also     action star Rudy Fernandez, who died
                                           which also served as the launch of
                                                                                         ready for intrigues?                       of cancer early this year. Also in the
                                           "Bloom," the title of the second and
                                                                                             Anthony and I are not defined by       cast are Tirso Cruz III and Bobby
                                           latest album of today’s youngest
                                                                                         what people say we are. We just do our     Andrews. a
                                           female multi-media star Lovi.
                                                With the release of "Bloom," the
                                           teener proves that her recording
                                                                                         Vicky Belo’s ex-bf in hospital after
                                           success was not a fluke. With 11 newly        suicide attempt?
                                           recorded songs, Lovi shows her
                                           versatility as she shifts from Tagalog                                                        His camp denied this and said he
                                           ballads on the Vehnee Saturno tracks                                                     just suffered from over-fatigue since
                                           "Dito sa Puso" and "Sa Pag-iisa" to                                                      right after he came home from a
                                           sophisticated English ditties: "Second                                                   vacation in the US with Dr. Vicky, he
                                           Time Around" penned by Viktoria and                                                      went straight to work and did surgery
                                           her revival of "Love on a 2 Way Street."                                                 on some patients until 11 p.m., so he
                                           In "Sana," the album’s first single and                                                  really got so exhausted and collapsed.
                                           the track Lovi is currently promoting,                                                        But someone close to the Belos
                                           she sings with the wishful thinking of a                                                 say it is obvious Dr. Vicky’s daughter,
                                           15-year-old. But then she starts                                                         Crystalle Henares, is very happy these
               Lovi Poe
                                           showing her maturity in tracks like "Not                                                 days now that her mom has called it
     Lovi has grown up. Since she          for Sale" and "Save the Sunlight."                                                       quits with Hayden. She’s always been
released her debut album three years            There are also the Ogie Alcasid                                                     against the relationship as she felt
ago, when she was just sixteen years       songs in "Nais Ko" and "Paulit-Ulit"                                                     Hayden is just taking advantage of her
of age, Lovi has proven to the public      which the singer co-wrote with Alcasid.                                                  mom, something which Hayden has
what it takes to be a star.                In "I’m Your Friend," Lovi becomes a                                                     repeatedly denied. It’s said their rift
    She is not just the daughter of        woman who’s in love in the same                                                          started while they we’re on holiday in
Fernando Poe, Jr. She has proven to        tradition of Mariah Carey or Celine                                                      the US where they watched the
the public that she has the talent to      Dion. " a                                                                                Pacquiao fight. Dr. Vicki reportedly got
match her name.                                                                                                                     some damning evidence that Hayden
                                                                                                                                    indeed had a fling with Katrina Halili, a
Happy to be back in the                                                                    Vicky Belo with ex-beau Hayden Kho       Belo model with whom Hayden
                                                                                                                                    appears naked in their print ad.
movies                                                                                        Hayden Kho, the singing doctor
                                                                                         who joined "Celebrity Duets" then went
                                                                                                                                    (Wonder what Katrina has to say about
                                           really believe that kids need the full        into acting in soaps like "Marimar" and
                                                                                                                                         Our source said Dr. Vicky has
                                           attention of their parents.                   "Kim Sam Soon," was taken to the
                                                                                                                                    vowed she’ll just concentrate on her
                                                And what did they say?                   Makati Medical Center recently,
                                                                                                                                    beauty businesses this time and will
                                                They’re all excited. Natutuwa ako        allegedly because he tried to kill
                                                                                                                                    forget about love. Before this, she also
                                           kasi may blessing nila.                       himself after his girlfriend, Dr. Vicky
                                                                                                                                    got burned with another guy whom
                                                What was it like facing the cameras      Belo, broke up with him.
                                                                                                                                    she also trusted so much. a
                                                I had fun on the set. It was like I
                                           just went to a party that was 12 days
                                                                                         Jean Garcia finds new love
                                                Are you also ready for TV now?                                                          Jean and daughter Jennica are
                                                Time is really the issue here. I have                                               both in the cast of "Shake, Rattle &
                                           to balance a lot of things. I can’t be tied                                              Roll X" but they don’t get to act
                                           to a project that will require me to work                                                together as they belong to different
                                           until the wee hours for several days a                                                   episodes. Jean plays an avenging
                                           week.                                                                                    ghost in the "Class Picture" episode,
                                                I have four kids. They’re into                                                      while Jennica is with Marian Rivera in
                                           competitive sports. They train                                                           the "Nieves" episode about engkanto.
                                           regularly. My daughter Hannah is a                                                       Jean, Jennica, Polo and Krissa Mae
Maricel Laxa: “My husband is my No. 1      gymnast. She won first place in a                                                        Arietta (said to be Polo’s new
fan.”                                      competition in the United States just                                                    squeeze) are all in GMA-7’s hit show,
    After 10 years of absence, award-      last summer.                                                                             "Gagambino," and it’s reported that
winning actress Maricel Laxa is back            My family runs a company                                                            Jean and Jennica give a cold
doing movies.                              involved in conducting seminars on                                                       shoulder to Polo and Krissa Mae
    She’s in the cast of Jose Javier       parenting and corporate training. We                                                     during their tapings, but Jennica
Reyes’ “Magkaibigan,” which also           also have a foundation that works with                                                   denies this.
stars Dawn Zulueta, Christopher de         NGOs whose advocacy is education.                                                            "Hindi totoong nagdededmahan
Leon and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. It is       We bring in around 5,000 youth                                                           kami sa set," she say. "Kung totoo
Maverick Films’ entry to the 2008          leaders every year and train them in                                                     mang may issue between Polo,
Metro Manila Film Festival, which          leadership. Right now, I’m also taking                                                   Krissa, and my mom, labas naman
opens this Thursday.                       up my doctorate in communications in                                                     ako doon. Natatawa nga ako when I
    Maricel was last seen in the 1998      UP .                                                                                     heard that my mom is always crying at
drama “Minsan Lamang Magmahal,”                 Was becoming a Born-Again                              Jean Garcia                  naglalasing pa raw dahil pinalitan na
starring Edu Manzano and Maricel           Christian also a factor in your slowing                                                  siya ni Polo kasi it’s not true. She’s
                                           down in show biz?                                  After she broke up with Polo
Soriano. The movie was also megged                                                                                                  very much okay dahil ang dami
                                                When you become very involved in         Ravales, Jean Garcia is said to have
by Reyes.                                                                                                                           niyang trabaho ngayon kaya ang
                                           your faith, you realize that you have a       found a new love in businessman Jojo
    What made you say yes to                                                                                                        saya-saya niya. No reason for her to
                                           bigger purpose in life. My faith is           Manlongat, who has had other
“Magkaibigan”?                                                                                                                      get drunk."
    Direk (Reyes) is our ninong. (she is   important to me. Before I became a            actress-girlfriends before, notably
                                                                                         Sunshine Dizon and Angelu de Leon.             Is it true Jean has found a new
married to former actor Anthony            Christian, I did films left and right,                                                   love in Jojo Manlongat?
Pangilinan.)                               without even considering if they’re           Of course, Jean will deny this, like the
                                                                                         way she denied Polo before, but just           "Ay, hindi ko po alam. Basta ang
    What was Anthony’s reaction?           good material or not.                                                                    alam ko, marami siyang manliligaw
    He said, “It’s about time.” He was          Was marriage another factor?             last week, she was seen canoodling
                                                                                         with Jojo at the Embassy Bar in the        ngayon. I just don’t know kung may
just waiting. Ako ang mapili. I’m so            I was 23 when I married a person I                                                  sinagot na siya."a
protective of my time in the house. I      was very much in love with. I was             Fort.
December 2008                                                             The North American Filipino Star                                                                          21

Iza  Calzado    talks                                                    about                kinikilala
                                                                                              lalo," saad
                                                                                                                 ko pa ang sarili ko
                                                                                                                 ni Iza.
                                                                                                                                            you know, I guess Jerry and I will
                                                                                                                                            say, we did well. Four years...     S o ,
                                                                                                   Kilala na ba niya ang sarili niya para   thank you to Jerry for being the kind of
breakup with BF                                                                               masabing           open nasiya for a new      guy that sticks with me. But we both
                                                                                              relationship?                                 need space.
                                               a concrete answer. We're taking... We're
                                                                                                   "Ay, hindi pa! Hindi ko         p    a       "And a friend told me, every
                                               giving each other a lot of space.
                                                                                              yata      ganoon kakilala ang sarili ko,"     breakup is        a breakthrough. A n d
                                               That's it! That's what we are now—we're
                                                                                              sagot niya.                                   you know, if you look at it         at a
                                               giving each other a lot of space."
                                                                                                   Dugtong       niya, "Pero ang hirap,     perspective na this may be          good
                                                     May      chance        pa    ba     na
                                                                                              e. Baka when I say, the minute I g i v e      for you for now, then yun ang
                                               magkabalikan sila
                                                                                              this na, ‘O, one year,' the next thing,       mangyayari talaga," pahayag ni Iza.
                                                     "Yeah, I think so. It's a good way of
                                                                                              somebody will pop up. So, I don't                 It sounds na friends pa         rin sila
                                               saying it," sagot ng aktres.
                                                                                              wanna say anything about             that.    ni Jerry. Are the actually friends?
                                                     So, break na sila, pero         open
                                                                                              Just livelife."                                   "Yes. He's one of my best friends,"
                                               for reconciliation?
                                                                                                   Would Iza say na ang long-distance       sabi ni Iza.
                                                     "Yeah, of course," pagsang-ayon
                                                                                              relationship       nila ni Jerry ang isa          Kailan sila huling nag-usap?
                                               ni Iza. "Life's like that. You don't
                                                                                              sa reason          ng breakup nila?               "Kanina, magkausap pa nga kayo,
                                               know what God's plans for you and you
                                                                                                   "I guess, the long-distance setup is     di ba?" natatawang pambubuko ni
                                               can't say ever, ever, never!          Y o u
                                                                                              finally taking its toll. It's hard   but,     Mo kay Iza. a
                                               can't say that."
                                                     Ayon sa       ama ni Iza na si Lito
                                               Calzado, a choreographer,             hindi    Heavy drama to test Kim, Gerald
                                               raw ito maniniwala hangga't hindi
                                               mismong             galing kay Iza ang                                                       Hope,” “Kimerald” will soon go the next
                                               kumpirmasyon. How open is she with                                                           level by taking mature dramatic roles
                                               her dad tungkol sa mga relationship?                                                         that tackle an important theme.
                                                     "I'm actually very open         with                                                        Though the network remains mum
               Iza Calzado                     my dad," sagot ni Iza. "But at that time,                                                    on details, Kim and Gerald will soon
                                               when I kept on saying, ‘Can we not talk                                                      become the lead characters of the
    Sa presscon ng Desperadas 2                about it yet it's because I'm not yet                                                        upcoming primetime soap “Tayong
noong December 15, hindi nagawang              ready?' Actually, I'm still in the                                                           Dalawa,” a heavy dramatic outing that
magsalita          ni Iza Calzado tungkol      process of really, thinking things                                                           will soon put their acting abilities to the
sa breakup nila ng boyfriend niyang si         through.                                                                                     ultimate test.
Jerry Garcia.                                        "And you know what, siguro mas                                                              In fact, they are both deep in
    Sa Showbiz Central kahapon,                masasagot ko ito              nang maayos                                                    preparations for this project. Kim is
December 21, live na nakapanayam ni            after ng Holidays. Right now, like what I                                                    involved in acting workshops and has
Mo Twister si Iza. Sinubukan ni Mo na          said, I hope that people will just give                                                      consulted with nutritionists and
mag-open up si Iza tungkol sa totoong          me time and enough respect to really                                                         dietitians to keep her in tip-top shape
estado ng kanyang love life.                   think things        through and        think                                                 during the upcoming tapings.
    Napabalita kailan lang,          s     a   about the things that we want."                                                                   Asked about her role, Kim said: "Sa
Showbiz Central din,        na binili ni Iza         Ano ang       naging reaction n      g                    Kim Chiu                     wakas, hindi naman ako masyado poor
ang bahay ni Rufa Mae Quinto, in               daddy niya nang malaman nitong break                                                         dito. May kaya na kami kahit papano."
preparation for having a family of her                                                             As controversies continue to hound
                                                     na sila       ni Jerry?                                                                     Gerald, on the other hand, is
own. Pero kailan lang din, napabalita                                                         their team-up, Kim Chiu and Gerald
                                                     "My dad       is like, ‘You're old                                                     spending time with families in the
ang breakup ni Iza with her longtime                                                          Anderson remain as a bankable pair
                                               enough to know what you want. Just                                                           Baseco compound to internalize his
non-showbiz        boyfriend na si J e r r y                                                  that ABS-CBN relies on for centerpiece
                                               think things through.' Alam mo yun?                                                          character, an impoverished soldier,
Garcia.                                                                                       projects.
                                               Huwag padalus-dalos. So, yun lang.                                                           which is a departure from all the roles
    Break na nga ba         sila?                                                                  After several cutesy roles that made
                                               And he was like,‘Seek spiritual                                                              he has done before.
    "Sorry ha, idadaan ko na lang sa                                                          audiences relish their “kilig” moments,
                                               counseling.' And thanks to my cousin                                                              "Sobrang na-excite talaga ako kasi
pangiti-ngiti," biro ni Iza. "Siguro you'll                                                   such as the current youth-oriented
                                               and my friend Karylle, doon niya ako                                                         bagong challenge na naman ito for me,"
assume na lang on what is on my face.                                                         series “Your Song Presents: My Only
                                               nili-lead sa direction na yun. So,                                                           Gerald said..a
Sa ngayon siguro, I don't wanna give

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22                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                               December 2008

 Filipinos exult in Pacquiao's win over De La Hoya
     From five-star hotel lounges to      richest and most marketable star in
army camps to Manila's slums,             boxing during a 16-year span. He had
Filipinos celebrated a victory by         a big reach advantage and towered
Manny Pacquiao that gave this             over Pacquiao, setting off fears he
country a break from its financial        could    outpunch     the   Filipino.
worries.                                  Pacquiao's mother, Dionisia, could

Manny Pacquiao (right) punches Oscar de la Hoya during their welterweight
showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6.
The Filipino boxing icon Pacquiao has stopped his rival with a brutally dominant

    President Gloria Macapagal            not bear to see her son fight such an
Arroyo, a key supporter of Pacquiao,      opponent.
congratulated him by phone after he            "I was nervous in the beginning
beat Oscar De La Hoya in Las Vegas.       because Oscar De La Hoya was big,"
    "His triumph is again a great         she said. "I didn't want to watch and I
unifier   of    Filipinos,"      Arroyo   just ran to the prayer room with my
spokesman Jesus Dureza said. "While       friends," she said. "Our prayers were
he was an underdog to bookies and         powerful."
    matchmakers abroad, he was                 Pacquiao came up two weight
already a winner to all Filipinos."       classes to fight De La Hoya and
                                                                                                       Pacman celebrates after defeating De la Hoya
                                                                                     a roar in many parts of the country.      stadium in the agricultural city of
                                                                                     Fans yelled Pacquiao's name, waved        Cauayan, about 175 miles from
                                                                                     Philippine flags and threw punches in     Manila.
                                                                                     the air.                                      "Superb," he said. "That's David
                                                                                          Enrique Ancheta, 67, was among       slaying Goliath." a
                                                                                     some 2,000 fans who jammed a small

Manny Pacquiao and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo flash the thumbs up sign as
Pacquiao presents her a personally-autographed champion's belt during his courtesy
call at the Presidential Palace in Manila, Philippines, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008.

     Amid many problems hounding          raised his record to (48-3-2, 36
the country, Pacquiao was a "saving       knockouts). De La Hoya (39-6)
grace," Executive Secretary Eduardo       dropped down to meet him at 147
Ermita said.                              pounds.
                                                                                     Filipinos wave a Philippine flag as they celebrate Manny’s victory while they watch
     "The winnings of Manny Pacquiao          During the bout many of the            it beamed live via satellite at the Tondo Sports Complex in Manila, Philippines on
always come at the proper time,"          usually bustling Manila streets were       Sunday Dec. 7, 2008. From five-star hotel lounges and army camps to Manila's
Ermita said. "We have this economic       empty of traffic and police reported       burgeoning slums, Filipinos gathered in huge numbers to cheer the country's boxing
downturn, suddenly the morale of the      few crimes. When De La Hoya                icon, as officials say the victory provided the country a momentary respite from
Filipino people is promptly boosted."     declined to come out after the eighth      financial worries.
     De La Hoya has become the            round, the cheering and jeers rose to
December 2008   The North American Filipino Star   23

24                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                     December 2008

                  Education raises the bar
     but lowers the barriers to a rewarding career.

                                                                               Certified International Trade
                                   Administrative Assistant                                                             Personal Support Worker (Nursing Aide)
      Daycare Assistant                                                           Professional (C.I.T.P.)

           COURSES                                        •

 Languages - English, French,
      Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog
 • Accounting & Bookkeeping
 • Keyboarding (Touch Typing)
 • Computer Literacy
 • Microsoft Word, Excel, Access
 • Personal Support Worker
   (Nursing Aid, PAB)
 • Early Childhood Education
 • Office Technology
 • International Trade (C.I.T.P.)
 • Integration of Foreign Graduates
   of Nursing (Permit Pending)
 • Daycare Management

                                                                     P.A.B. students (standing behind) from left: Adelia Lascano, Melanie Bangit, Salvacion Battad,
                                                                     Leilani Galsim, Concepcion Dupali, Joyce Liwaliw and Milet Daquioag with their teachers (from
                                                                     left) Clarice Mackay. and Nina Schiff, and Director-General, Zenaida Kharroubi. Another
                                                                     teacher, not in photo is Amy Manon-og. The students have just completed their theory courses
                                                                     and are ready to do their practicum at St. Margaret CHSLD Residence starting on November 30.
                                                                     •   Writers Helping Writers
                                                                     •   Intercultural Communication
                                                                     •   Leadership Training
                                                                     •   Human Resources Development (on request)
                                                                         • English • French •Math/Science
                                                                         (Private or semi-private)

                          4950 Queen Mary Road Penthouse
                                                                                               To register by appointment,
                          Montreal, Quebec H3W 1X3
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                          Telephone: 514-485-7861
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                          Fax: 514-485-3076
                                                                                               New classes start as soon as
                          E-Mail:       SNOWDON                   minimum enrollment is achieved.

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