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                   SURGERY SYLLABUS
                                        VERSION: 07.06.01
                I. GENERAL PROCEDURES                               Excision of lesion and direct closure/no
                 (independent of primary site)                      reconstruction
1. Primary suture of simple non-complicated wound or                Excision of lesion and local/auricular flap repair
      laceration                                                    Excision of lesion and distant flap or composite
2. Drainage of subcutaneous haematoma, seroma or                    reconstruction
      purulent infection                                            Correction of prominent ears
3. Wound debridement, Biopsy                                        Surgery for microtia/complex ear reconstruction
                    II. HEAD AND NECK                          9. Nose
1. Facial Trauma                                                    Excision of lesion and direct closure/skin graft
     Repair of soft tissue facial injuries                          Excision of lesion and local flap
     Reduction and fixation of facial fracture                      Excision of lesion and regional/composite
           Upper third facial fracture                              reconstruction
           Middle third facial fracture (excluding the nose)        Correction of congenital/acquired deformities
           Nose fracture                                            Other
           Mandibular fracture                                 10. Eyelids
     Reoperative surgery for facial fracture                        Excision and reconstruction of upper/lower lid
     Other                                                                Reconstruction with direct closure or skin graft
2. Orthognathic                                                           Reconstruction with flap
     Le Fort I osteotomy                                            Excision and reconstruction of medial/ lateral cantus
     Bilateral sagittal split osteotomy                                   Reconstruction with direct closure or skin graft
     Dentoalveolar maxillary/mandibular osteotomy and                     Reconstruction with flap
     distraction                                                          Correction of congenital/acquired deformities
     Other maxillary/mandibular osteotomy and                       Other
     distraction                                               11. Congenital/Acquired Neck Anomalies
     Other                                                          Repair of complex soft tissue neck injury
3. TMJ Disorders                                                    Reconstruction of pterigium colli, torticollis
     Open arthrotomy/arthroscopy for TMJ disorder                   congenita...
     TMJ reconstruction (autologous o implant)                      Madelung's disease
     Other                                                          Pharyngostome and pharyngo-esophageal
4. Cleft Lip/Palate and Craniofacial surgery                        reconstruction
     Cleft lip/palate repair                                              With direct closure or local flap
           Dentofacial orthopaedics/orthodontics                          With regional pedicled flap
           Primary cleft lip repair                                       With microvascular flap
           Primary cleft nose repair                                Excision of congenital neck cyst/fistula
           Primary cleft palate repair                              Neck dissection
           Secondary cleft lip repair                               Other
           Secondary cleft nose repair                         12. Scalp Reconstruction
           Secondary cleft palate repair                            Direct closure o skin graft
           Alveolar bone grafting                                   Scalp flap
           Treatment of velopharyngeal incompetence                 Scalp expander
     Surgery for congenital                                         Free tissue transfer
           (Crouzon, Apert, Pierre Robin, Treacher                  Calvarial bone reconstruction (bone substitute or
           Collins, hemifacial microsomia, Romberg...) or           graft)
           acquired (posttraumatic) craniofacial anomalies          Other
     Skull base surgery                                        13. Facial Palsy
     Other                                                          Reconstruction with nerve graft
5. Lip and Upper Aero-digestive Cancer                              Reconstruction with static procedure
     Excision and direct closure/skin graft                         Reconstruction with dynamic procedure
     Excision and reconstruction with local flap                          With regional tissue
     Excision and reconstruction with regional flap                       With microvascular procedure
     Excision and reconstruction with microvascular flap            Adjuvant procedure for eyelid or corner of mouth
     Other                                                          Other
6. Facial Bone Tumours                                         14. Other head and neck procedures
     Mandibulectomy/ Maxillectomy/ Orbital exenteration
           No reconstruction                                                         III. BREAST
           Reconstruction with pedicled flap                   1. Breast mound reconstruction
           Reconstruction with microvascular flap                   Breast reconstruction with expander/implant
     Complex Excision                                               Breast reconstruction with pedicled flap
           No reconstruction or skin graft                          Breast reconstruction with microvascular flap
           Reconstruction with pedicled flap                   2. Nipple-areola complex reconstruction
           Reconstruction with microvascular flaps             3. Revision surgery for breast reconstruction
     Other                                                     4. Glandulectomy for gynecomastia with/without
7. Salivary Gland                                                   liposuction
     Parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation              5. Other breast procedure
     Parotidectomy without facial nerve preservation
           With immediate nerve graft                                        IV. TRUNK AND ABDOMEN
           Without immediate nerve graft                       1. Mediastinitis. Chest Wall and Trunk Reconstruction
     Submandibular gland removal                                    Mediastinitis. Reconstruction with autologous tissue
     Other                                                          Posttraumtic/oncologic chest wall reconstruction
8. Ear                                                                   With direct closure/skin graft
           With pedicled flaps                                     Isolated tendon repair or reconstruction
           With synthetic mesh or bone substitute                  Treatment of boutonnière or swan neck deformities
           Without synthetic mesh or bone substitute               Other
2. Pectus excavatum/carinatum                                 10. Dupuytren’s contracture
3. Poland syndrome                                                 Fasciectomy
4. Spina bifida                                                    Fasciectomy with full-thickness graft
5. Axillary reconstruction                                         Other
6. Axillary node dissection                                   11. Congenital Hand Anomalies
7. Abdominal Wall Reconstruction                                   Syndactyly correction
     Reconstruction with direct closure/skin graft                 Polydactyly correction
     Reconstruction with regional flaps and/or mesh                Clinodactyly correction
8. Other trunk-abdomen procedure                                   Camptodactyly correction
            V. HAND AND UPPER EXTREMITY                       12. Amputation and Replantation Surgery. Amputation
1. Tendon Surgery                                                  with direct closure
     Acute flexor tendon repair                                    Amputation with flap
     Acute extensor tendon repair                                  Microreplantation/revascularization
     Secondary flexor tendon reconstruction                        Macroreplantation/revascularization
           With tendon graft                                       Other
           With tendon transfer                               13. Skin Cover Of Upper Extremity
           Other (tenolysis, arthrodesis,...)                      Skin cover with skin graft
     Secondary extensor tendon reconstruction                      Skin cover with local flap
           With tendon graft                                       Skin cover with regional pedicled flap
           With tendon transfer                                    Skin cover with distant pedicled flap (inguinal, chest)
           Boutonnière and Swan Neck deformities                   Skin cover with free tissue transfer
           Other (tenolysis, arthrodesis, tenodesis,...)      14. Hand Burns
     Other                                                         Skin graft for burn of the hand
2. Fractures And Dislocations                                      Skin flap for burn of the hand
     Reduction and fixation of fracture or dislocation             Treatment of hand burn sequelae
           Phalanx, interphalangeal joint                          Other
           Metacarpal, metacarpophalangeal joint              15. Thumb reconstruction
           Carpal bone                                             Bone lengthening
           Distal radius or ulna                                   Osteoplastic thumb reconstruction
     Sequelae of hand fracture (arthrolysis, tenolysis,...)        Pollicization
     Surgery for Kienböck disease                                  Toe-to-hand transfer
     Surgery for pseudoarthrosis of the hand or wrist              Other
     Other                                                    16. Hand Tumours
3. Arthrodesis and Arthroplasty                                    Excision of skin neoplasm
     Arthrodesis                                                         -and direct closure
     Arthroplasty                                                        -and local flap
           Implant arthroplasty                                          -and pedicled regional flap
           Interpositional/suspension arthroplasty                       -and pedicle distant flap
4. Peripheral Nerve Surgery                                              -and microvascular free tissue transfer
     Primary nerve suture                                                Other
     Neurolysis                                                    Excision of bone neoplasm
     Nerve reconstruction with nerve graft                               -and bone graft
     Nerve reconstruction with vascularized nerve graft                  Other
     Other                                                         Other
5. Compression Nerve Syndromes                                17. Wrist
     Median nerve decompression                                    Arthroscopy/arthrotomy for wrist instability
     Ulnar nerve decompression                                     Closed/open reduction of carpal/wrist dislocations
     Radial nerve decompression                                    Other
     Other                                                    18. Miscellaneous
6. Tendon Transfers                                                Surgery for tenosynovitis
     Tendon transfer for radial nerve palsy                        Trigger finger release
     Tendon transfer for median nerve palsy                        Surgery for high pressure injection injuries
     Tendon transfer for ulnar nerve palsy                         Foreign body removal
     Tendon transfer for combined nerve palsy                      Surgery for vasospastic disorders of the hand
     Other                                                         Other
7. Brachial Plexus                                            19. Other hand procedure
     Primary suture of brachial plexus injury
     Secondary nerve surgery for brachial plexus injury                         VI. LOWER EXTREMITY
     (neurolysis, nerve graft, nerve transfer)                1. Excision of tumours of the lower extremity
     Surgical treatment of brachial plexus injury sequelae         Reconstruction with direct closure/skin graft
     (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand)                                Reconstruction with local/regional/cross leg flap
     Obstetric palsy                                               Reconstruction with microvascular flap
     Other palsies of upper limb (spastic, cerebral,          2. Inguinal/groin lymph node dissection
     stroke)                                                  3. Surgery for open/complex fracture of the lower
8. Compartment Syndrome Of Upper Limb                              extremity
      Fasciotomy for Compartment Syndrome                          Soft tissue cover
     Treatment of sequelae of Compartment Syndrome                       With local/pedicled flap
     Other                                                               With microvascular flap
9. Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Lupus, Gout,             Bone reconstruction
     Psoriasis)                                                          With bone graft
     Arthritis of interphalangeal joints of long fingers                 With pedicled bone flap/microvascular bone
     Arthritis of metacarpophalangeal joints of long                     flap/bone lengthening
     fingers                                                       Other
     Arthritis of wrist joint                                 4. Treatment of vascular ulcer
     Surgery of carpometacarpal joint of thumb                     With skin graft
     Other                                                   Neck lift
5. Diabetic foot                                             LASER resurfacing
     Amputation                                              Alloplastic facial contouring
     Reconstruction with regional tissue                     Other
     Reconstruction with microvascular surgery               Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty
     Other                                                   Mentoplasty
6. Other lower extremity procedure                           Blepharoplasty
                                                        2. Breast
                      VII. GENITALIA                         Breast augmentation
1. Surgery for hypospadias                                   Breast reduction
     Meatotomy                                               Mastopexy
     Urethroplasty                                           Surgery for tuberous breast
     Surgery for fistula, stenosis and stricture        3. Body contouring
2. Surgery for epispadias or extrophy of bladder             Liposuction
3. Surgery for Peyronie's disease                            Abdominoplasty
4. Fournier`s gangrene                                       Thigh lift
     Reconstruction with skin graft                          Arm lift
     Reconstruction with skin flap                      4. Hair restoration surgery
5. Gender reassignment surgery / Replantation of        5. Other aesthetic procedure
     Phalloplasty                                           XIII. BASIC SCIENCES RELATED TO PLASTIC
          With pedicled flap                                                 SURGERY
          With microvascular flap
     Other                                                        XIV. ETHICS IN PLASTIC SURGERY
6. Vaginal reconstruction
     With skin graft                                      XV. NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN PLASTIC SURGERY
     With skin flap
7. Other genitalia procedure

                 VIII. SKIN AND ADNEXA
1. Skin Tumour Excision
2. Sentinel Lymph-node Biopsy
3. Excision of skin lesion (any type or localization)
     Reconstruction with direct closure
     Reconstruction with skin graft
     Reconstruction with local skin flap
     Reconstruction with regional/microvascular flap
     Shaving /curettage/cauterisation,/cryosurgery
4. Skin expansion
5. Vascular Anomalies
     Surgical excision for vascular anomaly
          With complex excision/reconstruction
          Without complex excision/reconstruction
     Sclerotherapy for vascular anomaly
6. Scar revision
     Direct closure
     Z-plasty or similar procedure
     Dermabrasion, chemical peel
7. Other skin/adnexa procedure

                        IX. BURNS
1. Thermal burns
     Burn resuscitation
     Excision and grafting in major burn
     Excision and grafting in small-medium burn
     Secondary surgery in burn sequelae
2. Surgery for electrical burns
3. Surgery for chemical burns
4. Surgery for extravasation injuries
5. Other burn procedure

                X. PRESSURE SORES
1. Reconstruction with direct closure
2. Reconstruction with pedicled flap
3. Other pressure sore procedure

                  XI. LYMPHEDEMA
1. Excision and graft/flap repair
2. Microvascular procedure for lymphoedema
3. Other lymphoedema procedure

                XII. AESTHETIC SURGERY
1. Facial aesthetic surgery
     Rejuvenation of the aging face
     Forehead/eyebrow lift
     Full face lift