Hello all I am excited to inform you that I have now taken over

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					Hello all

I am excited to inform you that I have now taken over the marketing responsibility for Sound and Light City. This is an exciting time for me
as it means that I will be in the front line, delivering product and general information to you on a monthly basis. I will also have the chance to
“beef up” on product knowledge. As we all know there is a lot of kit out there, so it is important to know what’s what in the industry. With me
moving away from sales, we have had to fill a position on the sales floor, as mentioned in the February newsletter. So again a warm
welcome to Chris. Please feel free to call on Chris and Travis anytime you need assistance with product information or just general
enquiries, they will be more than happy to help.
Gareth Edwards

Feature: Work DMX Analyzer
This handy little tool is a must for any lighting engineer. The DMX Analyzer works with rechargeable batteries so it is very portable and its
ergonomic design allows the user to access menu’s and functions while holding the unit in one hand. The DMX Analyzer is the perfect tool
for fault finding. The user can test for cable faults, faulty controllers, dimmers of fixtures and, for the installer, you can crate shows and store
them on the unit to make any future servicing quick and painless.
Feature: Ecler Verso 12P
The Verso 12P has been a revelation when it comes to speaker design. This plastic moulded cabinet as been designed for work people
would think is far too large for this type speaker. Infact, the Verso 12P is used as stage monitors on larger stages with the Ecler Line array
as FOH. This should say something about its performance. This speaker is also used as FOH for conferences, AV presentations and for
mobile work as well. And this comes as no surprise, while the usual clarity Ecler speakers are able to produce is there, these cabinets
produce thundering bottom end as well, at high SPL. The Verso 12P has been very well received, and definitely deserves a serious listen

                            Work DMX Analyzer                                                Ecler Verso 12P

                             R 4 450 Retail incl.                                           R14 950 Retail incl.
            DMX Analyzer:                                               Verso 12P
            Cable tester using 3 pin and 5 pin                          Hi performance plastic moulded cabinet
            DMX packet test:
                •    Test data format                                         •    450WRMS Bi-amplified cabinet
                •    Data timing                                              •    123dB continuous SPL
                •    Data signal voltage                                      •    80x60 Flare
            DMX setup                                                         •    2 mic/line inputs
                •    Set up channel numbers                                   •    3 band EQ
                •    Chases                                                   •    Active limiting at the amplifiers
                •    Fade-in/fade-out times                                   •    Anti clip technology
                •    Cue points (up to 15 points)
                                                 NOTE –
                          Special prices in RED are NETT prices Including VAT.

‘Monthly Special’ & regular prices apply to current stock only and are therefore subject to change without


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