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MEP Catalogue 2004

VIEWS: 321 PAGES: 20

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      Density and Concentration
            Ion Chromatography
               Laboratory Pumps
            Microwave Digestion
Milling, grinding, cutting, sieving
        Particle Characterisation
               pH Measurements
     Process integrated Analysis
          Rheology and Viscosity
             Sample Preparation
                                                Leading Analytical
     Thin Layer Chromatography
                   Trace Analysis


   The right chemistry.               Metrohm   Anton Paar   Applikon   Autolab   Beckman Coulter   Camag   Ismatec   Physica   Retsch
          Automatic titration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
          Karl Fischer moisture analysis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
          Automation in titration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
          Ion chromatography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
          Trace analysis with voltammetry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
          pH and ion meters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
          Potentiostats, galvanostats and ESPR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
          Planar chromatography, TLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
          Density and concentration measurement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
          Sample digestion – microwave/conventional heating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
          Rheology and viscosity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
          Particle characterisation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
          Milling, grinding, cutting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
          Peristaltic pumps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
          Process integrated analysis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
          MEPCare™ and MEP Application Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

                    www.mep.net.au AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236

Titration at its best
Intuitive, intelligent, sophisticated

The 835 / 836 Titrando with         sophisticated control algorithm,      with touch control or via PC and
an 815 Robotic USB Sample           combined with the increased           mouse, appearance and operation
Processor XL                        volume resolution of the intelli-     are practically identical. Methods
                                    gent Exchange Units, guarantees       and determinations are 100%
In addition to the potentiometric
                                    highly precise results.               compatible. The system’s operator
titration modes SET, DET and MET,
                                                                          guidance is exemplary.
the 835 / 836 Titrandos come with   Touch control or mouse click?
a special Karl Fischer mode. A      Whether you operate the Titrando      Intelligent dosing
                                                                          The Titrando automatically reads
                                                                          from its chip all the data (type of
                                                                          reagent, titer, last titer determina-
                                                                          tion and much more) that it needs
                                                                          to carry out the titration properly.

                                                                                                                    Potentiometric Titration
                                                                          Automation pays dividends
                                                                          Increasing sample numbers, time-
                                                                          consuming sample preparation
                                                                          steps and unattended overnight
                                                                          operation are good reasons for
                                                                          using sample changers.

Titration systems à la carte

FDA 21 CFR Part 11                  Saving space with the                 719 S Titrino: economical
Compliant                           809 Titrando                          endpoint titrator
The 808 and 809 Titrando with       Combine the 809 Titrando with         The 719 S Titrino is an economical
colour touch pad or PC control,     two 800 Dosinos for advanced          yet versatile instrument of the
completely compliant to the FDA     applications and save valuable        Titrino series. Like all Titrinos it is
21 CFR Part 11 regulations.         space. Dosinos can be mounted         noted for its compactness and its
                                    straight on to the original reagent   ease of operation by three buttons
Easy, intuitive commands make it
                                    bottle which helps to avoid           on the front plate or by the
a dream to operate.
                                    contamination.                        separate keypad. The methods
                                                                          stored in the instrument make
                                                                          start-up easy.

                                       AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                          3

Karl Fischer moisture analysis
Moisture determination from ppm to 100%

831 KF Coulometer
Precise and economical, the 831 KF
Coulometer sets a new standard in
price-to-performance ratio.
Key benefits and features
The innovative solution
    New controller guarantees
    precision down to the lower
    µg range
    Backlit graphic screen
    Online control of reagent
    consumption versus time
    Two RS 232C interfaces for
    communication with balance,
    computer and external printer
ISO 900X and GLP
    Built-in clock
    8-digit date format (yyyy-mm-dd)
    Programmable service and
    validation intervals
    Programmable upper limits
    for contents and reagent
    consumption during
    automated analysis

Karl Fischer automation and software solutions

KF automation system –                 841 Titrando for KF Titration           tiamo™ – titration and more
831 with 774 Oven Sample
                                       KF Titration with the proven intelli-   tiamo™ is the result of Metrohm’s
                                       gence of the Titrando family:           largest and most modern software
The 831 KF Coulometer is perfect          Touch control with colour display    project for ion analysis.
for large sample throughput.              PC control for operation via PC
                                                                               tiamo™ is the most powerful
Together with the 774 Oven Sample         Intelligent dosing elements
                                                                               control and database software for
Processor, it combines exceptionally      Karl Fischer and SET titration
                                                                               titrators, dosing devices and sample
well with the proven reliability of       Client server database thanks
                                                                               changers that allows complete
Metrohm sample changers.                  to tiamo™
                                                                               laboratory automation.
                                          Lab Link for Intranet and Internet
                                          Automatic reagent exchange
                                          with the Dosino
                                          FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

4                                         AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236

Automation at the highest level
From titration to complex liquid handling

                                                                                The 815 Robotic USB
                                                                                Sample Processor XL
                                                                                The efficient Robotic USB Sample
                                                                                Processor XL carries out complex
                                                                                laboratory automation tasks in
                                                                                combination with a Titrando. When
                                                                                used with the revolutionary 786
                                                                                Swing Heads its capacity can be

                                                                                                                           Karl Fischer Titration • Automation
                                                                                increased, e.g. up to 100 samples
                                                                                of 75 mL each.
                                                                                786 Swing Heads are true masters
                                                                                of precision: they move pipetting
                                                                                tips to microtiter plates with
                                                                                millimeter accuracy or take up
                                                                                disposable filters.
                                                                                   High sample volumes
                                                                                   High numbers of samples
                                                                                   Working in parallel
                                                                                   Automated liquid handling
                                                                                   Automated pipetting, diluting
                                                                                   Karl Fischer automation
                                                                                   Automatic sample preparation
                                                                                   Up to two external titration

Customised automation systems



Low cost titration                    MATi – water analysis fully               Titration for the wine and
automation                            automated                                 beverage industry
Rising demands in the laboratory      MATi (Metrohm Automated Titration         Without equal, the 778 Sample
and larger sample numbers call        system) meets all the requirements of     Processor performs automated
for a simple solution to master the   a modern titration laboratory. These      rinsing of electrodes and aspiration
increased workload. The 824 Easy      comprehensive solutions include all       to waste, completely automatically,
Sample Changer is the solution for    instruments, electrodes and acces-        without dipping which could lead
routine applications. Upgradable      sories required for the rapid, accurate   to cross contamination.
to full aspiration and rinsing.       and economical solution of your
                                                                                Complete degassing of the sample
                                      titration tasks.
                                                                                is also achieved by sparging with
                                      MATi 1 performs conductivity, pH,         nitrogen.
                                      alkalinity and hardness titrations

                                          AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                               5

The whole world of ion chromatography
Compact IC systems – affordable high performance

                                                                                     Buy an Ion Chromatograph
                                                                                         that comes with a
                                                                                        10-year Suppressor
                                                                                       Replacement Warranty

The perfect high performance IC
range for industrial applications
and teaching

                                                             761 Compact IC                  792 Basic IC
Software for control and integration included                        Yes                          Yes
Use of IC Net software                                               Yes                           No
Number of IC per PC                                         unlimited with IC Net;                 1
                                                              1 without IC Net
Measuring ranges                                             1000/250/50 µS/cm                1000 µS/cm
Pulsation dampener                                                   Yes                         Option
Stability of detector temperature                                 < 0.01˚C                      < 0.01˚C
Low-pulsation dual-piston pump                                       Yes                          Yes
Maximum pressure                                                  25 MPa                        25 MPa
                                                             (250 bar, 3625 psi)           (250 bar, 3625 psi)
Flow rate                                                     0.2…2.5 mL/min               0.2…2.5 mL/min
Metrohm Suppressor Module (MSM)                                with or without               included in the
including two-channel peristaltic pump                            selectable                delivery package
Automation                                                           Yes                           No
Preprogrammed methods                                                Yes                          Yes
Storage of system and method files                                   Yes                          Yes
Frequent method change possible                                      Yes                          Yes
Queue (sample table)                                                 Yes                           No
Built-in leak sensor                                                 Yes                           No
Eluent organiser                                                     Yes                         Option
Updating the applications via Internet                               Yes                           No
IC training manual                                                 Option                         Yes

6                                          AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236

Top of the line ion chromatography
Metrohm advanced IC with Metrodata IC Net Software

                                        Precise analysis – from
                                        milligram to nanogram of
                                        anions and cations. This modu-
                                        lar ion chromatograph offers
                                        the latest degree of flexibility,
                                        with free choice of eluents to
                                        optimise your application.

                                        With the 819 IC Detector the wet chem-          ensures minimal residual pulsation with
                                        istry parts and the electronics are strictly    increased precision and flow stability.
                                        separated. The measuring cell is ther-          The Metrodata IC Net software centrally
                                        mostatted, its temperature stability being      contols instruments and their interaction.
                                        better than 0.01ºC. The temperature of          It also satisfies all demands, such as:
                                        the detector block is adjustable between

                                                                                                                                         Ion Chromatography
                                        25ºC and 45ºC. With seven available                Versatile integration and
                                        measuring ranges, the 819 IC Detector              calibration modes
                                        offers the highest degree of sensitivity at        Batch processing and reprocessing
                                                                      an optimal           Database functions
                                                                       signal-noise        Manual peak integration
                                                                                           Statistical functions
                                                                       The 818             Report generator
                                                                      IC Pump,             Simple data export
                                                                       thanks to a         Various safety levels
                                                                       serial dual-
                                                                                           Comprehensive GLP functions
                                                                       piston pump
                                                                      with two          The software is included in the price
                                                                      valves,           of the corresponding instrument.

“MISP” Metrohm in-line sample preparation techniques for IC

833 IC Liquid Handling                        788 IC Filtration Sample                     811 IC Online Power
Dialysis Unit                                 Processor
                                                                                           Provides optimal, industry-compliant
The sample matrix effects are largely         Incorporates membrane filtration as          online IC analysis, characterised by:
eliminated for the determination of           a sample preparation step directly in
                                                                                              Ease of operation
ions in milk, fruit juices, soil eluates,     your IC system. The sample solution
                                                                                              Good reliability under rough
suspensions, oil emulsions etc.               flows underneath a filter membrane.
                                                                                              operating conditions
                                              The analyte filters through the mem-
Dialysis is neither filtration, nor                                                           Minimal external supply
                                              brane to be automatically aspirated
extraction, nor digestion. The ions                                                           requirements
                                              and transferred to the sample injection
diffuse from the sample solution                                                              High degree of data security
                                              valve. Membranes supplied have a
into the acceptor solution so that a                                                          Precise and reproducible results
                                              pore size of 0.15µm – any other
concentration equilibrium is obtained.                                                        Remote control
                                              membrane with a standard diameter
 The advantage being that neither the
                                              of 47mm can be used.                         The instrument is designed to be
sample nor the measured values are
                                                                                           operated by non-chemists.
affected by a filter cake.

                                                   AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                                    7

Trace analysis with voltammetry
The versatile all-rounder for research, teaching and industry

797 VA Computrace

Analysis of heavy metals: total
For a fraction of the price of an AAS or
ICP instrument it is possible to carry out
metal analyses with the same or even
higher sensitivity. The only requirement
apart from small quantities of reagents
is a small amount of pure nitrogen.

…and speciation!
With voltammetry it is additionally
possible to differentiate between
various oxidation states of metal ions
or between free and bound metal ions.
This allows for statements to be made
about the biological availability and
toxicity of heavy metals making
voltammetry an essential method in
environmental analysis.

…and the determination of organ-             research and teaching, particularly for       Voltammetry is predestined for the
ic additives in electroplating baths         practice-oriented training in electrochem-    analysis of:
by means of cyclic voltammetry!              istry and for analyses in applied research.
                                                                                              Water, waste water and sea water
                                             Full automation capabilities for up to 63
With the 797 VA Computrace Metrohm           samples are possible.                            Salts and pure chemicals
presents the newly implemented Cyclic
                                             High ion concentrations? No                      Electroplating baths
Voltammetric Stripping technique (CVS).
It is also eminently suitable for use in     problem with VA!                                 Foodstuffs

The complete voltammetric solution for your application

                                                                                            Detection limits
                                                                                            (1ppt = 1 ng/kg)

                                                                                            Antimony         SbIII/SbV      200 ppt
                                                                                            Arsenic          AsIII/AsV      100 ppt
                                                                                            Bismuth          Bi             500 ppt
                                                                                            Cadmium          Cd              50 ppt
                                                                                            Chromium         CrIII/CrVI      25 ppt
                                                                                            Cobalt           Co              50 ppt
746 VA Trace Analyser – routine              CVS for the determination
determinations in the trace                  of organic additives in                        Copper           Cu              50 ppt
analysis laboratory                          electroplating baths                           Iron             FeII/FeIII      50 ppt
The backlit LCD screen shows methods         The most important fields of application       Lead             Pb              50 ppt
and sequences, calibration curves,           for the method are:                            Mercury          Hg             100 ppt
voltammograms and results with the              Acid copper baths
printout meeting GLP requirements.                                                          Molybdenum       MoIV/MoVI       50 ppt
                                                Tin-lead baths
Together with the 747 VA Stand, we                                                          Nickel           Ni              50 ppt
obtain a mechanically stable setup           Thanks to the special built-in calibration     Platinum         Pt             0.1 ppt
with signal processing directly at the       techniques, the quantification of the
measurement station and a correspon-         brighteners and suppressors can now            Rhodium          Rh             0.1 ppt
ding beneficial effect on the signal-to-     be simply carried out. The effective           Selenium         Se /Se
                                                                                                                  IV   VI
                                                                                                                            300 ppt
noise ratio is the result.                   concentration of the additive in the           Thallium         TI              50 ppt
                                             bath sample is shown directly in mL
As an alternative to the time tested                                                        Tungsten         W              200 ppt
                                             additive per L bath liquid.
MME, a rotating disk electrode with
                                                                                            Uranium          U               25 ppt
tips of glassy carbon, ‘Ultra Trace’         A simply constructed, robust and
graphite, platinum or gold is available      favourably priced rotating disk electrode      Zinc             Zn              50 ppt
as an option.                                made of platinum is used.

8                                                 AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236

pH and ion meters
Precision tools for modern field and laboratory measurements

                                                                                  781 pH / Ion Meter

                                                                                  Easy and comfortable –
                                                                                  with the 781 pH / Ion Meter
                                                                                  you can measure pH values
                                                                                  and determine the content
                                                                                  of different ions using ion-
                                                                                  selective electrodes

                                                                                  Key Benefits & Features

                                                                                                                           Voltammetry • pH Measurement
                                                                                      Measuring ion concentration
                                                                                      by means of direct measurement,
                                                                                      standard additions or sample
         The right electrode for
         your application. Ask                                                        Automatic electrode test
         for the comprehensive                                                        with graphics printout for pH
         Metrosensor Electrodes                                                       electrodes (GLP, ISO 9000)
                                                                                      Calibration with automatic
                                                                                      buffer recognition, up to 9
                                                                                      calibration buffers
                                                                                      Recall of stored calibration
                                                                                      data including curves
                                                                                      Plot function pH, U, T, Conc.
                                                                                      versus time on printer
                                                                                      Result memory for up to
                                                                                      100 results

Metrohm pH and ion meters designed for field, laboratory and plant

                                 704 Pocket   744 pH Meter         691 pH Meter   780 pH Meter          781 pH / Ion
                                 pH Meter                                                               Meter
 Resolution               pH     0.01 pH      0.01 pH              0.01 pH        0.001 pH              0.001 pH
                         mV      1 mV         1 mV                 1 mV           0.1 mV                0.1 mV
                       ˚C / ˚F   0.1 ˚C       0.1 ˚C               0.1 ˚C         0.1 ˚C / ˚F           0.1 ˚C / ˚F
 pH calibration
 (number of buffers)             1 or 2       1 or 2               1 or 2         1 to 9                1 to 9

                                              AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                           9
Potentiostats and galvanostats
(Electrochemical) Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrumentation – the Autolab Esprit

Autolab Esprit – SPR has become
a standard tool in life sciences and
pharmaceutical research
The latest addition to the product range
is the Autolab ESPRIT. It is a Surface
Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument with
the unique possibility of simultaneous
electrochemical and SPR measurements.
The combination with electrochemistry
can be used to study.

     Biosensors (combination with
     amperometry / impedance)
     Conducting polymers
     Membrane proteins
The Autolab ESPRIT uses gold sensor disks
that can be modified according to the
user’s needs.
Instruments developed for                      Autolab Esprit
electrochemists by electrochemists
                                               All the instruments are controlled by two
One of the important features of the           powerful Windows® based software pack-
Autolab range of electrochemical instru-       ages that allow the user
ments is their modularity. The basis of the    to perform a wide variety
instruments is a potentiostat / galvanostat,   of electrochemical tech-
which can be further configured to the         niques as well as data
needs of the user by adding one or more of     analysis. These are ‘GPES’
the available modules, e.g. a bipotentiostat   for electrochemical tech-                                             The Bode and
or a FRA module for electrochemical            niques and ‘FRA’ for                                                  Nyquist plot from
impedance spectroscopy (EIS).                  impedance spectroscopy.                                               the FRA software

Autolab PGSTAT 12 / 30 / 100                   Cells and electrodes                        Electrochemical software
The range of Autolab potentiostats             Autolab can be connected to different       The GPES software package provides
available offer current ranges from            types of electrodes, including static       the user with almost all electrochemical
80mA to 1A and compliance voltages             mercury drop electrodes and rotating        techniques and is, in combination with
from 12V to 100V with the possibility          disk electrodes, for example.               one of the Autolab instruments, an
to do iR-compensation.                                                                     electrochemical workstation for various
                                               The Eco Chemie developed corrosion and
                                                                                           research areas.
Impedence spectroscopy                         flat cell setup can be used to perform
FRA2: A module for Impedance                   corrosion measurements on small or          The FRA software for Impedance
Spectroscopy with frequency limits from        large flat metal samples respectively.      Spectroscopy in combination with an
10µHz to 1MHz. Together with the                                                           Autolab and a FRA2 module allows the
                                               The corrosion cell consists of a thermo-
PGSTAT30 impedances from less than                                                         user to perform potentiostatic as well
                                               static jacket with openings for reference
1 mOhm to 100 GOhm can be                                                                  as galvanostatic impedance
                                               and counter electrodes, gas inlet/outlet,
measured.                                                                                  measurements.
                                               thermometer and drainage.

10                                                    AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236
Your partner in planar chromatography
Herbal analysis kits

                                                                                            identification of the products and their
                                                                                            quality can easily and effectively be
                                                                                            assessed by TLC / HPTLC.
                                                                                            Herbs commonly adapted to HPTLC:

                                                                                                                                            Potentiostats • Thin Layer Chromatography
                                                                                               Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)
                                                                                               Dang Gui Root (Angelica sinensis)
                                                                                               Bilberry, etc.
                                                                                            Planar chromatography is a modern
                                                                                            separation technique which is accepted
                                                                                            by regulatory agencies and analysts as
                                                                                            an extremely flexible, reliable and cost
                                                                                            efficient method.
                                                                                            Even if you routinely use other analytical
                                                                                            techniques like HPLC, planar chromatogra-
                                                                                            phy should not be missing in your lab.
                                                                                            In many cases TLC offers the better
                                                                                            solution and often it can be used as a
                                                                                            confirmatory method.
                                              Basic assemblies for chromatog-
                                                                                            All CAMAG TLC / HPTLC basic kits have
                                              raphy using HPTLC layers
                                                                                            been carefully composed and configured
                                              In the herbal industry, fingerprinting of     to make it possible for you to form a
                                              herbal drugs, extracts and commercial         complete system for quantitative analysis
                                              products are a major prerequisite as stipu-   by adding items at any time.
       Fluorescence                           lated by many Pharmacopoeia’s. Clear

The 3 easy steps of planar chromatography

Sample application and                         Twin trough development                       Documentation and evaluation
sample dosage                                  chambers                                      of planar chromatograms
The selection of a sample application tech-    Planar chromatography differs from all        The option to get a “visual impression” of
nique and the device to be used depends        other chromatographic techniques in the       the chromatogram is one of the principal
on the sample volume, the number of            fact that a gas phase is present in addi-     advantages of planar chromatography.
samples to be applied, and the required        tion to stationary and mobile phases. This    For digital image processing an electronic
precision and degree of automation.            gas phase can significantly influence the     image of the plate must be acquired with
                                               result of the separation. The Twin Trough     a video or digital camera. CAMAG
The CAMAG Linomat 5 applies samples
                                               Chambers offer several ways to improve        VideoStore respectively DigiStore software
in the form of bands onto the TLC/HPTLC
                                               the results of TLC/HPTLC developing           then compares the pixel intensities.
layers. During application samples are
concentrated into narrow bands of                                                            Classical densitometry performs with the
selectable length. The Linomat 5 can be           Low solvent consumption                    CAMAG Scanner 3 uses a light beam of
used as a stand-alone unit or controlled          Reproducible pre-equilibration with        selectable length and width to scan the
                                                                                                                                            Autolab • CAMAG

by winCATS software thus making it                solvent vapour                             tracks of the chromatogram.
compliant in a GMP/GLP environment.               Gas phase conditioning with any
                                                  liquid or volatile reagent

                                                     AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                                    11
              Anton Paar

Density and concentration measurement made easy
Instruments to suit all applications: 0.001 to 0.000005 g/cm3

Density and Concentration Measurement has
been made easy by Anton Paar’s invention of
the oscillating U-Tube principle in the late
1960s. Today the 6th generation of DMA
density meters is being manufactured, while
instruments of the first generation are still
operating in many laboratories.

DMA 4500/ 5000 density meter
     Accuracy: DMA 4500 – 5 * 10 -5 g/cm3.
     DMA5000 – 5 * 10 -6 g/cm3
     Wide selection of automatic sample
     changers and built-in filling options
     Patented reference oscillator for drift
     free measurement and single point
     Wide selection of built-in
     concentration tables and custom
     Measuring times of 1 to 3 minutes
     depending on set temperature
                                                   from Anton Paar. The DMA 4500 and 5000               preferred choice for the worlds leading
Few instruments have the reputation for            are the flagship models with the highest             manufactures from a wide range of indus-
accuracy, durability, and reliability associated   accuracy available in a laboratory density           tries including soft drink, alcohol, petrol
with the legendary digital density meters          meter. Anton Paar density meters are the             and pharmaceutical.

DMA 35N portable density meter                     Benchtop density meters                              Beer, wine and spirits
Designed for the use in demanding                  DMA 38 (pictured above) – with all metal             The Alcolyzer® has fast become the stan-
industrial environments, the DMA 35N               construction, built-in temperature control           dard instrument for alcohol measurement.
gives you the density, specific gravity,           and accuracy of ± 0.001 g/cm3 the DMA 38             Based on a new patented method for selective
% concentration of several parameters              is the most robust density meter available.          alcohol analysis using NIR spectroscopy, the
including Baume, Brix and Plato within                                                                  Alcolyzer® is very simple to use. Once adjusted
                                                   DMA 4000 – with many of the features
seconds by simply pressing the lever. The                                                               with water and one alcohol standard results
                                                   of the DMA 4500, and accuracy of
DMA 35N EX Petrol is intrinsically safe,                                                                are available within minutes. When combined
                                                   ± 0.0001g/cm3, the DMA 4000 makes an
and displays density compensated to 15˚C                                                                with an Anton Paar density meter a full beer
                                                   excellent replacement for your old DMA
with the integrated API function, perfect                                                               analysis is possible.
                                                   45/48 density meter.
for measuring aviation fuel and other
                                                                                                        Alcolyzer® Plus Beer – optional pH and
petroleum product in the field. Accuracy           DSA5000 – Density and Sound Velocity
                                                                                                        colour. Accuracy <0.05%v/v between
± 0.001g/cm3                                       Analyser. The DSA series includes versatile
                                                                                                        0 – 12 %v/v alcohol.
                                                   instruments capable of measuring 0 – 100%
     Small, compact, lightweight design
                                                   sulfuric acid, fresh, fully and partially inverted   Wine Alcolyzer® – Accuracy ± 0.1 %v/v.
     Optional RS232 interface with infrared        BRIX, and alcohol and extract of beer.               Range 0 – 20 %v/v. Extended display to
     data port                                                                                          30%v/v alcohol.
                                                   Combined Density and Refractive
     Optional rubber shock protector               Index – two measurements popular in the              Alcolyzer® Plus Whisky – Accuracy <0.1%v/v.
                                                   flavor and fragrance industry are combined           Range 35 – 55 %v/v. Suitable for alcoholic
                                                   in one operating system. Highly accurate             beverages such as whisky, vodka, gin and rum
                                                   and space saving!                                    with an extract content up to approx. 5 g/l.

12                                                         AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236
            Anton Paar

Rapid sample digestion
Modular microwave or conventional heating

                                                                                                                                              Density Measurement • Alcohol Determination • Sample Digestion
                                                                                              Proven safety system
                                                                                              Combined pressure and temperature
                                                                                              sensor in the reference vessel
                                                                                              Pressure control of all vessels with
                                                                                              the “8X” rotor
                                                                                              Infrared temperature measurement
                                                                                              of all vessels
                                                                                              Comprehensive application library
                                                                                              Magnetic stirrer in the reaction vessels
                                                                                              Accessories for solvent extraction
                                                                                              Accessories for drying and
                                                                                              concentrating samples
                                                                                              Accessories for fuming off and
                                                                                              neutralising acid vapors

                                                                                             Standardised methods
                                                                                             Multiwave 3000 comes with a comprehen-
                                                                                             sive library of tested or standardised
                                                                                             methods, including USEPA procedures
The Multiwave 3000 – microwave                  technology solves even the most difficult   (3015, 3051, 3052).
sample preparation system                       tasks simply and easily.
                                                                                            Use them as they are or customise them
                                                   1400 Watt microwave power, unpulsed,
The Multiwave 3000 is a modular platform                                                    and create your own methods to expand
for microwave-assisted sample preparation.                                                  the library. Hundreds of methods can be
The reaction vessels, rotors and accessories       Decomposition of up to 16 samples        stored but experience shows that the
can be adapted to meet individual analytical       simultaneously                           majority of sample materials can be
conditions. The unique sensor and vessel           Patented vessel cooling                  decomposed with a few basic programs.

Rotor 8 for highest performance,                 Rotor 8SOLV
Rotor 16 for high sample throughput                                                         HPA-S – High Pressure Asher

Rotor 8SOLV expands the possibilities of the Multiwave 3000 from inorganic to organic       The High Pressure Asher HPA–S is the
sample preparation. Extremely fast, safe and easy microwave assisted extractions improve    reference instrument for wet chemical
the performance and throughput of HPLC- or GC based measurements.                           pressure decomposition. The instrument
                                                                                            is TÜV certified and can prepare even the
Rotor 8                           XF100 Vessel                    XQ80 Vessel               most difficult samples for reliable AAS,
Material                          Liner PTFE-TFM                  Quartz glass              ICP-OES, ICP-MS and voltammetric
Jacket                            ceramic                                                   analysis.
Volume                            100 mL                          80 mL
Controlled pressure               60bar (870 psi)                 80 bar (1160 psi)         The HPA-S enables the maximum decom-
Max Pressure                      120 bar (1740 psi)              120 bar (1740 psi)        position parameters and the largest sample
Max temperature                   260˚C                           300˚C                     weight in hermetically sealed reaction
                                                                                            vessels made of quartz glass or glassy
Rotor 16                          MF100 Vessel                    HF100 Vessel
                                                                                            carbon. Uniform heating and exact
Liner material                    PTFE-TFM                        PTFE-TFM
                                                                                            temperature control guarantee the
Pressure jacket                   Fibre reinforced PEEK           Ceramic
                                                                                            highest level of reproducibility.
Volume                            100 mL                          100 mL
Controlled pressure               20bar (290 psi)                 40 bar (580 psi)             Decomposition pressure up to 130 bar
Max Pressure                      70 bar (1000 psi)               70 bar (1000 psi)            Decomposition temperature up to 320°C
Max temperature                   200˚C                           240˚C                        Unlimited decomposition times
                                                                                                                                              Anton Paar

                                                          AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                                 13
Intelligence in rheology and viscosity
A range of instruments to suit quality control to research applications

Physica Messtechnik GmbH was founded in Stuttgart in January
1985 and has since become one of the world’s leading companies
in rheology. Focusing on product development, Physica has provided
decisive impulses to progress in rheology by introducing numerous
innovative products. The company’s successes are largely due to the
cooperation with customers, scientific institutes, universities and
research organisations which ensures the latest scientific discoveries
are incorporated into all Physica products. Today, Physica is the
fastest growing rheometer company worldwide.

Physica MCR Series – Modular Compact Rheometers
The Physica Modular Compact Rheometer series solves applications
from simple viscometry to most sophisticated tasks in R&D. The
MCR300, in the photo’s foreground, is the first Rheometer in its price
range to provide controlled shear stress (CSS) and controlled shear rate
(CSR) measurements as well as oscillatory tests.

Features include:
     Choice of air bearing or ball bearing models
     Optional DSO – Direct Strain Oscillation testing
     Choice of 17 thermostating chambers & six special chambers
     Temperature range from –150˚C to 1000˚C

Physica MC1 rheometer                   Digital viscometers                   SVM3000                               AMVn microviscometer
The Rheolab MC1 is a rotational         The DV series of digital              The unique measuring principle        The AMVn is the first choice
rheometer providing superior            viscometers are based on the          in the SVM3000 opens up a whole       when dealing with low viscous
quality and outstanding value           popular Brookfield measuring          new era in viscosity measurement.     solutions in small volume that
to customers. Modular in design,        method and are the perfect            Incorporating the ease of use of      requires excellent accuracy and
the MC1 features many different         choice for replacing old analog       the modern Anton Paar density         repeatability. Based on the
options specifically designed           instruments. The DV series offers     meter, the SVM3000 requires a         approved rolling ball principle
for problem solving in many             100% compatibility to the             fraction of lab space, is extremely   according to DIN 53015 and
different applications.                 Brookfield norm.                      robust and can be installed in        ISO/DIN 12058
     Controlled Shear Stress or            Unique magnetic coupling                                                    Peltier temperature control –
     Controlled Shear Rate. Allows         of spindles. No broken                Integrated viscosity and              10˚C to 100˚C
     precise measurements of               spindles or drive                     density measuring cells
                                                                                                                       Sample Volume – 0.15 mL
     yield point and creep
                                           Wide range of accessories             Displays dynamic/kinematic            …2.5 mL
                                           including Small Sample                viscosity and density
                                                                                                                       Range 0.3 to 2500 mPas
     Optional configurations:              Adapter, Low Viscosity
                                                                                 Temperature range of – 40˚C
     Concentric Cylinder for low to        accessory and Helix drive.                                                  Optional combination of
                                                                                 to 100˚C
     medium viscous samples and                                                                                        density meter and sample
                                           Three models to choose from
     Cone-Plate or Parallel-Plate                                                Range: Viscosity 0.2 to               changer
                                           to suit your budget: DV-1,
                                                                                 10,000mm2/s. Density 0.65
     Robust Ball Bearing DC Motor          DV-2 and DV-3
                                                                                 to 2 g/cm3
                                           Method conform to ISO 2555
                                                                                 Reproducibility: Viscosity
                                           and 1652
                                                                                 0.35% of measured value.
                                                                                 Density 0.0005 g/cm3

14                                                           AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236
Particle characterisation with Beckman Coulter
Particles, cells and bacteria sizing, counting and characterising

                                                                                                                    User friendly software
                                                                                                                    Advanced software security
                                                                                                                    Easy to follow Standard

                                                                                                                                                       Viscometry • Rheology • Particle Characterisation
                                                                                                                    Operating Methods (SOM)
                                                                                                                    Multi-component Standard
                                                                                                                    Operating Procedures (SOP)
                                                                                                                    ‘Auto Dock’ – unique
                                                                                                                    module change system
                                                                                                                    Change between wet and
                                                                                                                    dry and back to wet again
                                                                                                                    in less than a minute
                                                                                                                    Increased sensitivity and
                                                                                                                    resolution from PIDS
                                                                                                                    Meets and exceeds
                                                                                                                    ISO 13320-1

                                                                                                                 Software security
The latest in Laser Diffraction      or the smallest particles. The LS      Multi-Wavelength Particle
                                                                                                                 The LS 13 320 comes with a
Particle Size Analysis               technology is based on both the        Size Analyser LS 13 320
                                                                                                                 configurable security system
                                     Fraunhofer and the Mie theories
The Beckman Coulter LS Series                                               Aqueous Liquid Module and            from no security to high security.
                                     of light scattering. The LS
is a system of multifunctional                                              Universal Liquid Module range:       Choosing high security
                                     differs from other laser-based
particle characterisation tools.                                            0.04 µm to 2000 µm                   configures the software to be
                                     instruments by virtue of its wide
Its patented, state-of-the-art,                                                                                  compliant to 21 CFR Part 11,
                                     dynamic size range, number of          Micro Liquid Module and
laser-based technology permits                                                                                   the FDA regulation covering
                                     size channels and sample               Tornado Dry Powder System
analysis of particles without the                                                                                electronic signatures and
                                     measurement options.                   range: 0.4 µm to 2000 µm
risk of missing either the largest                                                                               records.

Multisizer 3 – Particle              Beckman Coulter Z2 –                  RapidVUE – Particle Size              SA 3100 – Surface Area
Size Analyser                        Cell Counter                          and Shape Analyser                    and Pore Size Analyser
The most versatile particle size       Mercury free                        The RapidVUE’s modular design         The SA 3100 with automated
analyser available today for a         Sample result averaging             allows for easy upgrade for           Dewar lift is a complete system
multitude of size range materials.                                         different applications. Simply add    with integrated outgassing stations
                                       Size distribution graph and
   Easy to operate                                                         sample, start the analysis and        integrated vacuum pump and is
                                       tabular data
                                                                           within seconds you will “see”         highly accurate.
   Digital Pulse Processor. The        Data acquisition to the PC          your results.                            Single and Multipoint BET data
   resolution, range etc can be        via Windows® based software
   changed at anytime after the                                               Ease of use – intuitive software      and Langmuir surface area data
                                       Small footprint
   analysis without re-analysing                                              Organic solvents compatible           Complete adsorption and
   the sample                          One-button calibration                                                       desorption isotherm capability
                                                                              Unusual shapes – ability to
   Resolution can be selected          User test functions built-in           analyse and see fibers, rods,         B.J.H. pore size analysis
   from 4 to 300 size channels at      Storage of up to 5 instrument          crystals, polymers, among             MP and T-Plot methods
   any selected range                  settings for different cell lines      others
                                                                                                                    Rapid and accurate results
                                                                                                                                                       Physica • Beckman Coulter

   Suitable for both aqueous and       Self-contained reagent packs           Improved optics (eliminates
   organic electrolytes                ensure safe operation                  out of focus particles)
   Variable volumetric metering.       Integrated waste container
   Any volume can be selected          provides isolation of
   from 50µl to 2000µl                 hazardous materials

                                                           AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                                        15
Perfect sample preparation – essential for perfect analysis
Solutions for milling, grinding, cutting

                                                                              Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200
                                                                              Versatile and effective
                                                                              The Retsch Ultra-Centrifugal Mill ZM 200 is used for the rapid reduction in
                                                                              size of soft to medium hard and fibrous materials. As a result of the effective
                                                                              pulverisation technique and the wide range of accessories the ZM 200
                                                                              ensures the gentle preparation of analytical samples in a very short time.
                                                                                 Efficient powerdrive for powerful grinding and high grind fineness
                                                                                 High throughput thanks to the optimally matched frequency
                                                                                 converter and the 3-phase motor
                                                                                 Motor compartment and electronics fully protected against dust
                                                                                 and material
                                                                                 Gentle and very rapid size reduction by 2-step rotor / screen system
                                                                                 Quiet and reliable, easy to clean
                                                                                 Wide speed range: 6,000 – 18,000/min
                                                                                 Graphical performance data display
                                                                                 Easy parameter setting via display and ergonomic 1-button operation
                                                                                 Safety plastic housing with automatic cover closure
                                                                                 Universal use thanks to comprehensive range of application-related
                                                                                 Electronic safety and diagnosis system

Mixer Mill MM 301                    Grindomix GM 200                        Planetary Ball Mills                      BB 51, BB 100, BB 200
                                                                             PM 100 and PM 200                         and BB 300
Grinding                             Universal use
Retsch mixer mills have been         As a result of the combination of       Highest degree of fineness                Retsch jaw crushers are used for
specifically developed for dry and   grinding containers and container       in the shortest time                      the rapid, gentle crushing and pre-
wet grinding of small sample         lids as well as the appropriate                                                   crushing of medium-hard, hard,
                                                                             The new Retsch planetary ball
quantities.                          parameter settings, the Grindomix                                                 brittle and tough materials. Their
                                                                             mills are used wherever the highest
                                     can be adapted to meet a wide                                                     variety of materials offered, such
Mixing                                                                       degree of fineness is demanded.
                                     range of sample preparation                                                       as heavy-metal free steel, efficiency
Retsch mixer mills are the perfect
                                     applications.                               Extreme fineness down to the          and safety makes them ideal for
universal products for mixing and
                                                                                 submicron range                       sample preparation in laboratories
homogenising powders and                Foods, drugs, coffee, tea, etc.
                                                                                                                       and industrial plants.
suspensions.                                                                     High sample throughput from
                                        Animal feeds
                                                                                 large sample volumes and                 High throughput, high degree
Cell Disruption                         Biology                                  short grinding times                     of size reduction
Retsch mixer mills are excellently
suitable for disrupting biological      Microbiology                             Also suitable for long-term              Final fineness down to <2 mm
cells as well as for the isolation      Feed size up to 10 – 40 mm               trials and continuous use
                                                                                                                          Continuous gap width setting
of DNA and RNA.                                                                  Speed control ensures
                                        Final fineness down to 0.3 mm                                                     Scale for gap width display
                                                                                 reproducible results
                                                                                                                          Zero point adjustment for wear

16                                                           AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236
Sampling and sieve analysis
Representative samples for reliable results

                                                                                  Analytical sieve shakers AS200 basic/digit/control
                                                                                  Sieving analyses with Retsch instruments produce exact and reproducible
                                                                                  results, due to the unique technologies in the design of the test sieves and
                                                                                  sieve shakers. Customised evaluation software, sample dividers and an
                                                                                  extensive range of accessories complement the solutions in the field of
                                                                                  analytical sieving. This is the reason why Retsch meets and exceeds the
                                                                                  high requirements of its customers.

                                                                                                                                                                      Milling • Grinding • Cutting • Sieving
                                                                                  The core of each Retsch projection sieve shaker is the electromagnetic
                                                                                  drive. It produces an optimal throwing motion that moves the product to
                                                                                  be sieved equally over the whole sieving surface. The drive can take a high
                                                                                  stress load and is very effective, so that the sieving time is greatly reduced.
                                                                                  Furthermore, this patented Retsch technology runs without wear and does
                                                                                  not require maintenance.
                                                                                     For test sieves up to 203 mm (8”) in diameter
                                                                                     Exact, reproducible results according to DIN 66 165
                                                                                     Setting of sieve base acceleration is possible
                                                                                     Self-monitoring and control of vibration height
                                                                                     Control, evaluation, documentation with EasySieve® software
                                                                                     AS300 for sieves up to 315 mm diameter
                                                                                     AS400 for horizontal motion
  The AS200 Control

Sample Divider PT 100                      Latest generation of test             Control, evaluation, docu-                Rapid Dryer TG 100
                                           sieves                                mentation with EasySieve®
Rotating rifflers like the PT 100 are                                                                                      Ambient air is drawn in through a
the most accurate systems available          One piece construction and             Automatic registration,                filter and a blower moves the air
to split up to 5 litres of inhomoge-         fabric-transition without any          evaluation and administration          across heating elements, forces it
neous samples with a wide particle           grooves to prevent cross               of measurement data                    through the perforated plate and into
size distribution into several represen-     contamination (no solder,                                                     the detachable drying container.
                                                                                    Logical design, self-explanatory
tative sub-samples. The samples are          no residues, etc.)
                                                                                    Measurement protocol in                The solid particles are blown
collected in laboratory bottles              A high degree of corrosion
                                                                                    accordance with standards              upward and agitated and thus kept
attached to the divider with a               resistance and ease of cleaning                                               separate one from another so that
convenient snap fit system.                  due to high-alloy stainless steel      Complex transformation into            their surfaces cannot stick together.
   Extremely high division accuracy          (specifications: 316 L or 1.4435)      charts and tables
                                                                                                                              Rapid and gentle drying even of
   Simple and rapid handling                 Previously unattained product          Automatic detection and                   temperature-sensitive substances
   Speed monitored and kept                  quality due to fully automatic         configuration of common
                                                                                    analytical scales                         The final product is loose, well
   constant                                  production and extensive optical
                                                                                                                              blended, pourable
                                             inspection with optimum design         Comprehensive data export
   Compact and maintenance free
                                                                                                                              Versatile with a choice of drying
                                             Innovative resistance welding          Comprehensive help text,
   Automated feed via synchronised                                                                                            chambers and exhaust air filters
                                             technology guarantees                  detailed manual
                                             permanently tight sieve fabric                                                   Simple operation with quick-
   Low noise drive                                                                                                            clamping cover with bayonet catch

                                                                 AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                                                  17
Fluid transfer in the laboratory
Precision pumping from 0.001 mL/min up to 45000 mL/min

                                                                                                                                One pump drive – unlimited
                                                                                    IP65 MCP Process
                                                                                                                                The MCP process is a unique
                                                                                       Microprocessor controlled                pumping system consisting of
                                                                                       dispensing drive                         one pump drive and a choice of
                                                                                                                                20 different pump heads. The pump
                                                                                       4 program memories for PC
                                                                                                                                heads can be interchanged within
                                                                                       programmed application
                                                                                                                                seconds and without the help of
                                                                                                                                any tools. This feature allows the
                                                                                       protection rating IP65                   customer to change his pump to the
                                                                                       RS232 and analog interface               varying needs of the applications
                                                                                                                                encountered in any laboratory.
                                                                                                                                The pump is dust-tight and is
                                                                                                                                protected against water jets
                                                                                                                                according to norm IP65. This pump
                                                                                                                                can therefore be employed in the
                                                                                                                                most demanding environment.

                                                                    An example of an unmatched diversity of interchangeable pump-heads

                                                                               Single-channel                         Single-channel              Multi-channel
                                                                                                                      for corrosive media

             MCP or BVP Drive
              Complete Pump
                  System                                    0.49 – 3700 mL/min          0.07–1100 mL/min           0.07–15 mL/min              0.002–230 mL/min
                                                            Type Pro-280                Type MF Easy-Load          PTFE tubing 2 mm            4–12 channels
                                                            For 1.6 mm WT (Wall                                    i.d.                        Type CA4, CA8
                                                            thickness of tubing)                                                               and CA12

                                                                                      Gentle pumping for viable cells
                                                                                      A comparison between different pumping systems for animal cell cultures
                                                                                      found that a cell viability of 87% after 56 hours was observed with the
                                                                                      Pro-280 compared to 72% after 29 hours with the Easy-Load head.

Multichannel Pumps IP/IPC                  ECOLINE
Lowest pulsation, highest                  Economical alternative
                                             1 channel
     4, 8, 12, 16 or 24 channels             2 or 3 convex rollers treat the
     8 actively driven stainless steel       liquid and tubing gently                 The secret of the Pro-280
     rollers                                 With exchangeable rotor e.g. for
     Lacquered stainless steel housing       lower pulsation, higher flow rates,      Before the roller totally closes the squeezed tubing, the cells can escape
     Membrane key-pad & LED display          or elevated differential pressures       through a gap towards the tubing wall and, hence, are neither “squashed”
     Click’n’go cassettes with automatic     Standard tubing 1.6 mm WT                nor damaged. The pump-head Pro-280 has 2 convex rollers and the tube-bed
     pressure setting                        Differential pressure 1.5 bar1           is concave.
     Each channel can take various
                                                                                      Best suited for biotechnology applications
     tubing sizes                            1
                                              Differential pressure depends
     2-stop tubing                           on tubing material; tubing with          The Pro-280 (mounted either on an MCP or BVP Process drive) is a uniquely
     Differential pressure 1.0 bar           small i.d.’s may enable higher           designed pump system especially suited for use in biotechnology. It has been
     depending on tubing material            pressures                                tested for use in laboratory scale and small production scale up to 30 litres.

18                                                                  AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236
Industrial process integrated wet chemistry analysis
Rapid, automatic and reliable online analysis

                                              use of proven wet chemistry
                                              methodologies such as titration,
                                              colorimetry and ion selective
                                              electrodes measurement.
                                                  Rugged hardware and automatic

                                                                                                                                                                                  Precision Laboratory Pumps • Online Analysis
                                                  calibration and cleaning provide
                                                  a 99.5% up-time
                                                  Incorporation of multiple analyses
                                                  and multiple streams means a
ADI 2040 Process Analyser
                                                  lower investment per analysis
The wet chemistry analyser                        sample
that does more than just
                                                  Powerful 16-bit processor for up
produce process readings
                                                  to 8 analyses simultaneously
The Applikon Dependable Instruments               means high frequency analysis
Process Analyser Model 2040 is
                                                  Telephone link allows remote
designed to run a chemical analysis
                                                  interrogation by expert personnel
on liquid samples and to withstand
the harshest environments. It makes               Minimal consumption of reagents

ADI 2019 Process Colorimeter
Colorimeter that delivers its results
with laboratory accuracy
The 2019 Process Colorimeter performs the
analysis by measuring the differential colour of
the initial sample and after the addition of
reagents. In this way fouling, as well as turbidity
and the samples own colour are compensated
for, while the accuracy and speed of the analysis
are assured by the equilibrium criteria.

ADI 2018 Process Ion Analyser
Ion Analyser with internal validation procedure
The 2018 Ion Analyser is making use of the dynamic standard addition method.
                                                                                                                                          The ADI 2040 Process Analyser
This is especially advantageous when used with Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE).

 Typical applications include:                         ADI 2019            ADI 2018                                                            ADI 2019            ADI 2018
 Measurand       Application                                mg/l                mg/l      Measurand              Application                        mg/l                mg/l

 Ammonia            Waste water                             0 – 10        0.01 – 17,000   Lead (Pb2+)            Process / waste water                  –         0.2 – 20,700
 Aluminium          Potable water                         0 – 0.25                    –   Lithium (Li+)          Cooling water                          –           0.7 – 6900
 Calcium            Potable / cooling water                 0 – 20         0.2 – 40,000   Manganese              Potable water                       0–5                     –
 Carbon dioxide     Process / potable water                      –            4.4 – 440   Nickel                 Waste water                         0–1                     –
 Chloride           Process / surface water                      –         1.8 – 35,500   Nickel                 Plating                       high levels                   –
 Chlorine           Cooling waters                          0 – 10                    –   Nitrate                Potable / waste water            0 – 200         0.5 – 62,000
 Chromium           Waste water                            0 – 0.5                    –   Nitrite                Waste water                         0–1                     –
 Cobalt             PTA catalyst                        400 – 800                     –   Nitrogen oxide (NOx)   Waste water                            –            0.2 – 220
 Copper (Cu2+)      Process / waste water                     0–5        0.0006 – 6350    Perchlorate            Process water                          –         0.7 – 98,000
 Copper             Plating bath                        high levels                   –   Phenol                 Waste water                         0–5                     –
 Cyanide            Waste / process / surface water        0 – 0.5            0.1 – 260   Phosphate              Waste water                       0 – 10                    –
 Ferric             Potable water                             0–5                     –   Potassium (K+)         Cooling water                          –       0.04 – 39,000
 Ferrous            Potable water                             0–5                     –   Silica                 Boiler water                      0 – 10                    –
 Fluoride           Potable / waste water                        –    0.02 to saturated   Sodium (Na+)           Boiler feed / potable water            –    0.02 to saturated
                                                                                                                                                                                  Ismatec • Applikon

 Formaldehyde       Waste water                               0–1                         Sulphide               Process / sewer water               0–1       0.003 – 32,100
 Hydrazine          Boiler water                              0–5                    –    Surfactant (X+/X-)     Process / waste water                  –        1.0 – 12,000

                                                                         AU 02 9878 6900 NZ 09 366 1236                                                                      19
    MEPCare™ protects your instruments                                                                                                How much does it cost?

   Protect your investment                                                                                                            Examples:

   Regular servicing of your instruments guarantees utmost performance                                                                Titrators                         from $200
   and extends the lifespan of your investment.                                                                                       Karl Fischer units                from $165
                                                                                                                                      pH/Conductivity Meters            from $60
   Investing in an MEPCare™ maintenance contract is a small price to pay                                                              Sample Changers                   from $100
   to avoid costly production downtime or countless hours of research time.                                                           Density Meters                    from $125
   All instruments are serviced by certified service engineers and finetuned
   to manufacturers’ specifications.
   MEPCare™ offers
         Increased reliability
         Discounted emergency rates for contract holders                                                                                  MEPCare™ Exchange Unit
         Discounts on spare parts                                                                                                         Calibrations
         All MEP test equipment is NATA certified
                                                                                                                                             Full 10 point calibration
         MEPCare™ performance certificate
                                                                                                                                             with certificate
         Preferential fast track support for contract holders
                                                                                                                                             First unit $200
   MEPCare™ – the choice is yours:
                                                                                                                                             Additional units $100
         One to three Preventative Services per year
         Calibration of density meters with NATA recognised standards
         10 point calibration service for Metrohm Exchange Units

         MEP Application Support
         Benefit from extensive support and dynamic knowledge transfer

          Application Laboratory                                                                                                Publications
          MEP’s Applications Laboratory assists in                                                                              Applications Bulletins are available on request,
          wet testing your particular application on a                                                                          providing step-by-step application references.
          chosen technique. This ensures peace of mind                                                                          Application Notes are summary references,
          before the purchase. Existing customers also                                                                          which can be downloaded from the Internet.
          have access to the laboratory service when
          their application needs adjustments.                                                                                  Regular Newsletters
                                                                                                                                MEP’s monthly Analyst Express, Metrohm
          Seminars                                                                                                              Information and Retsch – The Sample are
          MEP organises regular seminars with                                                                                   distributed free of charge to interested parties.
          leading national and international presenters
          to ensure rapid and efficient knowledge                                                                               www.mep.net.au
          transfer.                                                MEP’s Application Laboratory                                 Your portal to news and new products.

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