Global Informant
Issue 2, June 18, 2008                              Camp parks
       News and Information in Support of Global Medic 2008
Global Informant                                        Words from BG Bugno
Issue 2                             June 18, 2008
                 Published by the
                                                    To Everyone Who Participated
            362nd Mobile Public Affairs
                                                    in Global Medic 2008:
                                                             Many events in our
 2nd Medical Brigade Commander                      world are unpredictable and
            Brig. Gen. Craig A. Bugno               beyond our control. Risk
                                                    is inherent in all human
                                                    endeavors, especially in
          2nd Medical Brigade CSM                   military operations. We can
   Command Sgt. Maj. Robert J. Ramirez              not always control events or
                                                    risks, but we can control our          BG Craig A. Bugno

            Public Affairs Officer                  response.
                                                             “Change favors the
              Maj. Scott D. Demers                  prepared mind” and training is what prepares us to
                                                    respond. You have participated in an outstanding training
                First Sergeant                      exercise and excelled. Thank you.
             1st Sgt. Gary W. Davis                          As we prepare to return to our homes and
                                                    units, remember to take the time to review the lessons
                                                    learned from your participation in Global Medic 2008.
                    NCOIC                           Internalize and share these lessons and be prepared to
    Sgt. 1st Class Mayra O’Neill -Dalton            improve. Thank you for your efforts.

                                                    BG Craig A. Bugno
               Sgt. Micah Wright                                    Contents:
               Sgt. Jeremy Fowler

                  Staff Writer                                  Father’s Day... page 3
              Spec. Matt Wisnieski
                                                            CMAST Exercise... page 4
      * Cover photo by Sgt. Jeremy Fowler
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                                                                 Photo Page... page 6
cation for the members of the Global Medic
Exercise at Camp Parks and community. This                         Miracles... page 8
magazine is an unoffcial publication for mem-
bers of the Department of Defense, under the                       Moulage... page 9
provisions of Army Regulation 360-1. The opin-
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fense or Department of the Army. The editorial
content of this publication is the responsibil-
ity of the 362nd Mobile Public Affairs Detach-
ment, 64 Harvey Rd. Londonderry, NH 03053.
Another Father’s Day in the Field
Story and photos by Spc. Matt Wisnieski, 362nd MPAD

        Father’s Day may have
come and gone while Soldiers were
doing their two week training at the
Global Medic Exercise; however,
the fathers among those Soldiers
did not forget.
        One such Soldier is Staff
Sgt. Stanley J. Hammond, a Unit
Supplier for the 7305th Medical
Training Support Battalion out of
Sacramento, Calif. Hammond, not
only has seven children, but also
five grandchildren. As Father’s
Day came closer, he said his
thoughts and prayers were with his
        “I’ll be talking to my
children on the phone and my
grandchildren,” Hammond said.
His family has spread across the
United States over the years but
that does not mean Hammond
would not be sending his love.
        Yet to Hammond, another
family seemed just as important.
“The Soldiers are also my
children,” Hammond said and
the Soldiers are who he spent his
Father’s Day with.
        Hammond has had a
extensive career in the Army. He          Staff Sgt. Stanley J. Hammonds, a Unit Supplier for the 7305th Medical Training Support Battalion out of
                                          Sacramento, Calif., goes over the training schedule with a Soldier from his unit.Hammonds spent Fa-
originally joined in 1974 and left in     ther’s Day with his unit here at Camp Parks, Calif., during their Extended Combat Training, June 7-21.
1983. At that point, Hammond had
                                                                                                       “The military made
three children. When he rejoined          sending them my love and
                                                                                               me who I am today: a positive
in 1998, he had six children and          appreciation. Their support allows
                                                                                               individual. When I first joined
since then Hammond has added              this to happen…the Army thing.”
                                                                                               I was a hot headed little punk,”
one more.                                 Hammond loves being in the Army
                                                                                               Hammond said. He wants to be
        Hammond deployed                  and he sincerely appreciates his
                                                                                               known as a man who cares now; A
twice to Korea early in his career        family supporting his choice to stay
                                                                                               man that is truly compassionate.
with the Army. Recently, he has           in. This also allows Hammond to
                                                                                                       Hammond says it best,
volunteered to do two tours in Iraq.      support his Soldiers. He said being
                                                                                               “When it’s all said and done, I hope
Through it all, Hammond said, he          there to help train the Soldier is
                                                                                               someday, someone will stand up
has had great family support.             his life and his heart. He said he
                                                                                               and say that I was not just a
        When he talked to his             always wants to give back because
family he said he would “be               the Army has given him so much.                                 “Father’s Day,” see page 8

Global Informant/Issue 2                                                                                                                       3
When a Soldier is Wounded in the Field, Their First, Best Hope is
a Well Trained...

Combat Medic
Story and photo illustration by Sgt. Jeremy Fowler, 362nd MPAD
      n the twilight hours, Soldiers march tactically            Skills Training (CMAST) course offered here.
      down a rocky road. The sun begins to rise and                      Twenty Soldiers participated in the course,
      soon crests over the brown grassy hills. The               which acts as the last step in completely certifying
      formation strays from the road and approaches              medics to be duty qualified combat medics. Training
a village that seems quiet during these early hours of           for medics does not end there, however. They must
the morning. As they scan the area looking for threats,          re-certify in a number of courses every two years
moans break the silence. The moans become louder,                to demonstrate that they maintain the proficiency
attracting the attention of the Soldiers. Smoke pours            required to take care of patients in both tactical
out of the ramshackle structure as they approach and a           and non-tactical conditions. The CMAST training
squad breaks off and begins clearing the building. The           program is essential to the ability of combat medics to
groans are now followed by a cringing ‘help!’                    effectively save lives on today’s battlefield.
        The building is cleared, but at the rear they                    A training team from the 352nd Combat
find the source of the moans a Soldier is down. He’s             Support Hospital (CSH) has recently started offering
wounded in the leg and bleeding severely… and he                 the course to medics under the 2nd Medical Brigade
is not alone. The team has happened upon a mass                  (MB). Due to the nature of the training, the course
casualty scenario. To make matters worse, enemies are            took an incredible amount of work to be certified from
creeping in. Instinct and training take over, it’s time to       the Army Medical Command (AMED) schoolhouse.
save a life; it’s time to call for a medic.                      But due to the dedication and determination of Sgt.
        This was the scene for participants at the lanes         1st Class Robert P. Thompson, and the NCOs on his
training exercise that was conducted at the Camp                 training team, Camp Parks can now offer something
Parks Reserve Training Area June 12, 2008 as the                 more to its Soldiers, something that will help save
culmination of the second Combat Medic Advanced                  lives.

4                                                                                             Global Informant/ Issue 2
         Thompson functions as the training                  in December of 2006 with the mission of becoming
noncommissioned officer for the 352nd and has spent          Army instructors. There, they spent their entire
numerous hours producing a training program so that          deployment training Soldier-medics scheduled to
he could offer this life-saving training. Prior to it’s      deploy. With these returning NCOs, Thompson now
being offered here, the 2nd MB and 352nd CSH would           had the leadership to offer the CMAST program.
have to send Soldiers to Fort Lewis, Washington,                     Experienced, capable, instructors were only
the nearest facility offering the training. By offering      part of the puzzle - Thompson had to find a suitable
CMAST at Camp Parks, more Soldiers can take the              location to offer the training.
training, now mandatory for all combat medics.                       With the help and support of Camp Parks
         “It’s keeping the local Soldiers local,” said       and the Regional Training Site-Medical (RTS-
Thompson. This will save the Army money while                MED) located here, Camp Parks became the area of
training these Soldiers to standard, he added.               operations for the course. Thompson is able to utilize
         Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Ramirez, the               on-site classrooms for the instruction of the material
Command Sergeant Major of the 2nd Medical                    and testing part of the course. He also uses one of the
Brigade, which supervises the 352nd, tasked                  several military operations in urban terrain (MOUT)
Thompson with standing up a local CMAST course               sites located here for practical exercises and simulated
and took note of the effort that Thompson put into           combat scenarios. This has become an effective
building the course into what it has become.                 way to teach Soldiers the skills they need to train for
         “Sergeant Thompson has been the rock behind         tactical care under fire.
all of this. He took a program and got it certifiable                The classroom material teaches medics combat
from the Army Medical schoolhouse…That is very               casualty care methods that have been developed in
unique, because in order to get certified, you have to       reaction to current situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
have certified instructors, you have to have a program       In addition to standard care for lacerations and other
that shows you are testing all of the TC3 clinical skills,   injuries, medics are taught the finer points in utilizing
and you have to have the means of showing your               new devices such as the Fast1™, which can quickly
testing abilities to the Army Reserve Center School          place a catheter in the sternum of the patient.
in San Antonio,” said Ramirez, “I think it is a great                Students also learn techniques for airway
concept for the Army Reserve.”                               management, needle chest decompression and
         The current instructors of the course are NCOs      hemorrhage control, battlefield medicine that has
from the 352nd that deployed to Camp Bullis, Texas           become prevalent today. The course also covers:
                                                                                      “Combat Medic,” see page 10

Global Informant/ Issue 2                                                                                          5

Matt L. Sagaser, an instructor at Camp Parks from Mantica, Calif., adds imitation blood to a simulated laceration on Sgt. Rosa I.
Vazquez’s, a dental specialist with the 7215th from Aurora, Colo., forearm. Vazquez and other Soldiers added makeup and realistic
injuries as they acted as casualties while supporting a training mission for the healthcare professionals from the 2nd Medical Brigade.

Photos by Spc. Matt Wisnieski and Sgt. Jeremy J. Fowler, 362nd MPAD
         To add realism to the Global Medic 2008 training               and physically.
exercise at Camp Parks, Calif. mannequins, along with                           They had to prioritize casualties according to
Soldiers who acted as live patients, were moulaged with                 their medical needs, then treat and stablize them in a
makeup to simulate wounds. The live Soldiers were able                  field environment.
to act and give feedback to their care providers as observers                   From June 12-16, medics participated in a
rated the care they received.                                           variety of training scenarios, ranging from simulated
         The Global Medic exercise taxed the command,                   mass casualties to tactical medical rescue.
communications, support and operations of the 352nd                             Throughout, they’ve gained knowledge, from
Combat Support Hospital and served as a large scale                     the use of the latest medical technology, to the most
training exercise for the unit.                                         innovative surgical techniques. When these Soldiers
         Soldiers had react to recieving comrades, civilians            return to their units, they will be better equipped to
and detained enemy combatants, wounded both mentally                    care for... incoming wounded.

6                                                                                                       Global Informant/ Issue 2
o Page

Soldiers from the CMAST Course evacuate a wounded casualty during the lanes training exercise held June 13.

                                                                   (Above)   Maj.   Eleazar  Lawson,    commander
                                                                   and head surgeon from the 1980th Forward
                                                                   Surgical Team, stitches up a simulated shrapnel
                                                                   casualty during a mass casualty exercise that
                                                                   took place at Camp Parks, Calif. 15 June, 2008.

                                                                   (Left) Maj. Mark Koransky, from the 1980th
                                                                   Forward Surgical Team, removes shrapnel from
                                                                   a simulated casualty with severe chest trauma..

Global Informant/ Issue 2                                                                                            7
“Father’s Day,” cont. from page 3
Soldier, but a humanitarian and a person that did his         and the other as a Soldier.
best.” And Hammond could not do anything but his                       “I tell them that I will retire when they close
best for his Soldiers and his family.                         the casket on me,” Hammonds said. For Hammonds,
        Hammond got out of the military in 1983 to            the Soldiers are also part of his family. He never
support his family. He worked for the Department of           wants to see a Soldier unable to do their mission and
Defense but wanted to ensure his                                                  his training and teaching keeps him
family stayed tight as his wife,
also in the military, was being
                                          “    I’m thankful for the
                                        opportunities to teach some
                                                                                       “I volunteered to do the two
                                                                                  tours in Iraq,” Hammond said.
        In 1998, Hammond                young Soldiers and I hope                 When his family asked why he
joined the Army National Guard          they learn and pass it on,”               volunteered, he replied that he
and in 2007 he joined the Army                                                    wanted to make sure that his
                                         -- Staff Sgt. Stanley J. Hammond
Reserves. He is still a family man                                                Soldiers were able to do their job.
though.                                                                           “I want to make sure they have
        “My 7 year old daughter                                                   everything to get the mission done,”
loves that her dad is in the military. She has                he said.
[Advanced Combat Uniform] ACU pajamas and lots                        It’s all about giving back and teaching for
of Army stuff,” Hammonds said. His 14-year-old and Hammonds. “I’m thankful for the opportunities to
16-year-old boys are all about the military too.              teach some young Soldiers and I hope they learn and
        “They want to sign up already,” he said.              pass it on,” he said.
Hammond has been giving them some training and has                    This Father’s Day, Hammond may have had
even used video games as weapons training.                    seven children and five grandchildren to phone, but he
        “My older kids want me to retire. They told           also had hundreds of Soldier’s that he needed to teach.
me that I did my part,” said Hammonds. Two of his                     Hammond always remembers and tells
children have served in the military, one as a Marine         everyone else that, “Without family we are nothing.”

Nutrition Specialists Serve Up Miracles
Story and photos by Spc. Matt Wisnieski, 362nd MPAD
CAMP PARKS, Calif. — Nutrition            Oakland, Calif. Weaver is the         patients at the hospital,” Weaver
care specialists with the 2nd             noncommissioned officer in charge     said. There are no days off for this
Medical Brigade (MB), from                of the cooks during the exercise.     crew. “It has been challenging,” he
Fresno, Calif., have had a rough          He said one shift should take care    confessed. Weaver said he did find
time supporting the military              of breakfast and the other should     pride in the fact that the kitchen
medical professionals during the          handle dinner, but there are not      crew could handle their duty with
Global Medic Exercise. Each day,          enough Soldiers to do that.           half the staff.
the cooks expect to make food                     “I’m exhausted because                Even though the kitchen
for and serve upwards of, 400             we’re short handed…we’ve been         staff was short handed and the
Soldiers for breakfast and dinner.        working 3 a.m. until 10 p.m.          Soldiers were exhausted, it did not
This would not have been unusual          everyday,” said Spc. Isaac M.         mean they were not enjoying their
except the kitchen was not staffed        Olivas, a nutrition care specialist   time at Camp Parks. “I’m happy
fully.                                    also with the 352nd. The job is       to be here. I want to make sure the
        Right now, the kitchen            extremely labor extensive.            [military medical professionals] are
staff has six people; they should                 Weaver said that he and his   trained,” said Olivas.
have 14 Soldiers, said Staff Sgt.         Soldiers had to keep doing their              Weaver agreed. He has
Robert F. Weaver, a nutrition care        duty though. People count on
                                                                                            “Miracles,” see page 10
specialist with the 352nd from            them. “We feed the troops and the

8                                                                                         Global Informant/ Issue 2
Gore, Moans, Costumes and Makeup
Soldiers Dress as Casualties to Help                                 were properly trained. “I want to give the medics and
                                                                     others a chance to really practice their skills,” he said.
Train Military Medical Professionals                                          Spc. Bryan R. Fraser, a combat medic with the

Story and photos by Spc. Matt Wisnieski, 362nd MPAD                  352nd Combat Support Hospital from San Jose, Calif.,
              hat do a multitude of makeup, no-name                  said he had been fooled by some of the makeup, the
              actors and fake blood all have in common? bruising especially. Fraser deployed to Iraq as a field
              No, these items are not just in zombie                 medic in 2003 until 2004.
movies. Soldiers wore makeup, donned mock injuries                             Lt. Col. Fran D. Patterson, a nurse with the
(called ‘moulage’) and acted the part as casualties                  228th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) from San
to make a training scenario more realistic. The                      Antonio, Tex., was fooled as well. “A casualty came
2nd Medical Brigade’s (MB) medical professionals                     in with a black eye and I did a double take. I had to
treated the performing                                                                                  ask the actor if it was real
casualties during their                                                                                 or not,” said Patterson.
extended combat                                                                                         She also deployed to Iraq
training during the                                                                                     from 2003 until 2004 and
Global Medic Exercise.                                                                                  as a civilian, works as a
         During the                                                                                     flight nurse.
exercise, Soldiers from                                                                                          Patterson said
the 2nd Medical Brigade                                                                                 she had seen a lot of
were utilized to make                                                                                   trauma in both her
the exercise as real as                                                                                 military and civilian
possible.                                                                                               careers. Patterson,
         “About 35                                                                                      too, had participated in
people are being used                                                                                   training similar to Global
as live role players and                                                                                Medic at Fort Gordon,
the moulage team,” said                                                                                 Ga. “Comparably, this is
Maj. Juan B. Morales,                                                                                   the best I’ve seen,” she
a nurse with the 3rd           Matt L. Sagaser, an instructor at Camp Parks from Mantica, Calif., said.
Medical Brigade (MB)           works on a simulated laceration using gel effects. Simulated injuries The casualties need to
                               were coupled with Soldiers acting as casualties for the 2nd Medical Bri- bring out the drama of
out of San Antonio,            gade’s healthcare professionals to train on proper medical procedures.
Tex. Morales was the                                                                                    the situation and make
officer in charge (OIC) of setting up live casualties and it real. No matter how good the moulage and makeup
dummies during the Global Medic Exercise.                            looked, the acting also had to be on par. “This is all
          It seemed only right to step up the level of               about role-playing,” said Morales.
training, said Morales. “We’re training for the future,”                      Sgt. Rosa I. Vazquez, a dental specialist with
         To ensure the exercise was valuable, a team                 the 7215th from Aurora, Colo., was a part of the
was assembled at Camp Parks for adding makeup                        moulage team and said she was happy to be able to
and moulage to the casualties. Matt L. Sagaser, an                   support the 2nd MB with such a high level of reality.
instructor at Camp Parks from Mantica, Calif., added                 The mission was a very exciting experience, she said.
gel effects to appear as war wounds. Sagaser said the                good step for learning.” For her, the more realistic the
moulage, along with the acting, helped the military                  situation was, the better the training.
medical professionals visualize their objective. “This                        Behind the scenes, it may look like Camp
is better than what they could do at a unit; we have the Parks is shooting a zombie flick. However, the Soldier
time and skills to make this look real,” said Sagaser.               actors, along with some makeup and moulage, are
         For Sagaser, this was an exercise that he and               instead making the Global Medic Exercise real for the
his team had to give their all to make sure the Soldiers Soldiers of the 2nd Medical Brigade.
Global Informant/Issue 2                                                                                                          9
“Miracles,” cont. from page 8
been attached to medical personnel       happy to get hot chow made it all        2nd MB are blessed to have
over the year and he said he has         worth while.                             such a great set of nutrition care
learned that these Soldiers are                  The kitchen crew has             specialists. While the Global
incredible. The doctors could be         incredibly close bonds as well.          Medic Exercise was all about
doing the same job in the civilian       “We’ve been friends for many             tactical and clinical training for the
world for much more money, but           years,” Olivas said. He said it was      medical Soldiers, the cooks were
they still choose to help Soldiers.      easier because he was working            always there to give them some
“I’m happy to support them any           with a great set of Soldiers.            hot chow even if they were short
way possible,” Weaver said.                      Weaver only has good             staffed. After all, you can’t fix a
        What got Olivas and his          things to say about his staff. “They     stomach wound if your’s is empty.
crew through the day was simple.         are hard working, funny and just                 “I like being able to support
It was a combination of the              overall fun people that always find      the Soldiers,” Olivas said. And
servicemembers he supports and           a way to get the meal done and           day in and day out, Olivas and his
the staff working alongside him.         enjoy doing it.”                         fellow Soldiers did all they could to
        “They are grateful,” said                It seems that the military       support the medical staff during the
Olivas. He said seeing Soldiers          medical professionals of the             Global Medic Exercise.

“Combat Medics,” cont. from page 5

         learning to use chemical                                                     Baldwin, “but it’s a very good
coagulants such as Quick-clot ™,               You are getting people experience and I would like to
and understanding the benefits of        ready to go save lives and it’s be able to go through it again…
applying a tourniquet to casualties                                                   having training like that available
bleeding extensively. This will help
                                         been thought of by people who to Soldiers all the time, that
these medics stabilize patients until                   have...”                      would be great!”
they can receive care at a medical                 -- Staff Sgt. Timothy E. Baldwin           And that’s just what the
facility.                                                                             training team from the 352nd
         “The important part is                                                       CSH and Thompson plan to do. I
that it is training medics to be better medics… A lot           want to get the word out to the 2nd MB and other local
of medics... don’t know all of this newer up-to-date            units, said Thompson.
stuff that we are learning,” said Master Sgt. Diana                      “I’m going to implement more classes here…
Williams, an instructor from the 352nd.                         It keeps me going knowing that you can [indirectly]
         Staff Sgt. Timothy E. Baldwin, an Army                 save somebody’s life or limb on the battlefield,” said
Reserve combat medic from the 1980th Forward                    Thompson. “It will eventually save a lot of Soldiers’
Surgical Team, was impressed with the training:                 lives.”
         “I’m really excited about a lot of the new stuff                Thompson said that one of the most satisfying
that they taught me… I can tell by the training that it         things about training medics is that: “One day,
was devised by people who have been there. You are              hopefully that they may save somebody’s life on the
getting people ready to go save lives and it’s being            battlefield. In other words, they may save somebody’s
thought up by people who have… It’s great training,”            son, daughter... They will have the skills to let them
he said.                                                        return home safely.”
         Baldwin, was given the position of “senior                      So, as the smoke clears, and the casualties
medic” for the first part of the lanes training. He was         stabilized, the Soldiers evacuate the injured. An
in charge of overseeing the care of all the wounded             ambulance is dispatched to relieve the wounded; and
Soldiers while trying to provide care in the simulated          due to the expert care they have received from their
hostile situation.                                              newly-trained medics, the casualties will live to fight
         “My initial reaction to it, being the senior           again. The medics move on with the mission. One
medic for the first portion of it, was pure panic,” said        more casualty is not an option.

10                                                                                          Global Informant/ Issue 2
Job Well Done: A Thank You from Col. Navratil
                              Greetings to all of            on each of us doing our jobs and doing them right.
                              the nursing personnel          As we know, a hospital can not function without the
                              participating in this year’s   participation of many sections. Since we have the
                              Global Medic exercise. I       largest number of personnel, we are frequently called
                              want to recognize each         upon to assist others, this team work is what makes a
                              of you for your strong         hospital provide excellent care/treatment and prompt
                              work and dedication to         evacuation for our soldiers needing a higher level of
                              making this exercise a         care. I appreciate all the efforts of the 396/322/352
                              success. The success of        CSH’S, their DRU’s and the Navy participants. I am
                              GM 08 was dependent            proud to serve with all of you.

       Col. Sharon Navratil

Osama Argues for Arab-Americans
Story by Sgt. Micah Wright, 362nd MPAD

        From June 13-17, 2008,           me, they figure out... there are good    to deliver fresh frozen plasma to
here at Camp Parks, Calif., the          Arab-Americans.”                         the front lines,” he said.
145th Multi-Functional Medical                    Ismail was raised in                    During Global Medic,
Battalion (MMB) is taking part in        Kuwait, before moving to the             Ismail is sharing some of the
Global Medic 2008, a scenario-           United States when he was a              knowledge that he gained there
based simulation exercise designed       teenager.                                with the Soldiers in his unit. “This
to develop both clinical and tactical             In 2001, Ismail decided to      is the kind of experience that
skills.                                  join the U.S. Army Reserves. “I’m        you want to share in the training
The battalion personnel manager          an immigrant... and when I came          exercise here... so people will know
for the 145th MMB during the             to this country, well, the country       what to expect when they go down
exercise is named Osama and he           has done a lot of things for me,”        there. They get to see what kind
hopes that he serves as a good           he said. “I thought...this is only the   of medical care we actually do in-
ambassador for his heritage. “There      patriotic thing to do.                   theater when we deploy,” he said.
are good Arab-Americans around,                   Ismail explained that he                For this reason, as well
and they are willing to serve in the     had also decided to join up for the      as his sense of patriotism, Ismail
U.S. military,” he said. Of course,      adventure. “When I was going             is avid about recommending the
this isn’t the Osama that is so often    through the process, the recruiter       Army. “Right now everybody
mentioned on the news. Capt.             told me I’d get to see the world...      recognizes we’re at war and there
Osama Ismail, a Soldier with the         Ironically, I got shipped back           might be a little hesitation [about
MMB, has spent his career saving         where I came from.”                      joining],” he said. “In reality, the
American lives.                                   In 2004, Ismail was             Army is a big school and I learned
        “Many Army Soldiers get          deployed to Afghanistan in support       so many things in the Army, seen
shocked when they find out my            of Operation Enduring Freedom,           so many people grow up...”
name is Osama and I’m a Muslim,”         where he served as the Joint Blood               During his time in
said Ismail. But when I deployed,        Program Officer. Throughout his          the Army, and throughout
many Soldiers told me that they’d        deployment, he ran the blood             Global Medic 2008, Ismail has
learned a lot from me, he said.          mission for the entire theater.          demonstrated how valuable Arab-
“The media sells really well and                   In this position, Ismail       Americans are to the country. As
they only show the bad part of the       supplied blood to NATO allies,           his career shows, there is more to
Middle East. Sometimes, when             local nationals, and every branch of     the Middle East than is shown on
they get to talk to someone like         the U.S. military. “We were the first    the nightly news.

Global Informant/ Issue 2                                                                                          11

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