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					ED3484 Blog Assignment Rubric
This rubric will help you pinpoint the ways in which your blog isn't doing everything it could do. If a blog seems to
fall between categories, feel free to score it with in-between points. Please provide comments to clarify or encourage.
Be specific if you see it helpful.
 Category                     Beginning                       Developing                       Accomplished          Score
                               0 - points                      2 - points                        4 - points
 Overall           The blog fails to meet the       The blog meets half the assignment The blog meets or exceeds the
                   assignment outcomes and does not        outcomes and still requires work to    assignment outcomes and all the
                   implement what is defined in the        represent all that is defined within   categories within the rubric are well
                   rubrics categories. The blog is not     the categories of the rubric.          represented. The blog and every
                   engaging and does not encourage                                                post facilitate learning. The blog is
                   learning.                                                                      a fun place to visit and encourages
                                                                                                  your audiences return.
 Variety   The content does NOT contain a             Some of the content contains a              The content contains a variety of
                   variety of educational objectives; variety of educational objectives;          educational objectives;
                       • Procedural knowledge            • Procedural knowledge                      • Procedural knowledge
                       • Declarative knowledge           • Declarative knowledge                     • Declarative knowledge
                       • Strategic knowledge             • Strategic knowledge                       • Strategic knowledge
 Format            The educational objectives are NOT The educational objectives are              The educational objectives are in
                   in "A-B-C-D" format.               sometimes in "A-B-C-D" format.              "A-B-C-D" format.

 Audience   Intended Audience and subject are              Intended Audience and subject are Intended audience and subject are
                   unknown and the posts give no           vague and the posts do not assist in clearly presented and all posting
                   indication of these two blog            clarifying these two blog attributes. reaffirm these two blog attributes.
 Context           The context of the educational      The context of the educational             The context of the education
                   environment is unknown and not      environment is known, though not           environment is well presented and
                   clearly displayed within the blog orclearly displayed. The blog posts do       utilized by the blog and its posts.
                   its posts.                          not represent the context.
 Posts             Less than five posts are present andBetween five and ten posts are             Greater that twelve well thought out
                   their subject matter is not         present and the post subject stray         posts are present. Posts are succinct
                   consistently targeted to the chosen from the audiences curriculum. The         and fit directly within the target
                   audience. Post titles are not related
                                                       wording of the post detracts from          audiences’ curriculum. Title of the
                   to the content of the post.         learning. Post title does not related      post relates directly to the post
                                                       directly to post content.                  content.
 Content           Content is not age appropriate and Content is age appropriate though it        Content is age appropriate and fits
                   does not fit within the targeted    does not fit within the targeted           within the targeted curriculum. The
                   curriculum. Post length does not    curriculum. The posts do not create        length of the post encourages
                   encourage readability. Posts have   as strong a learning challenging as        readability. The posts encourage
                   limited learning value.             they could.                                thinking and learning.
 Multimedia        Blog is all text and the use of     Some multimedia is present. The            Appropriate use of all types of
                   multimedia has been ignored.        multimedia does not always                 multimedia within posts.
                                                       enhance learning or understanding.         Multimedia relates to the post
                                                       It seems as though the multimedia          subject and enhances learning and
                                                       was used for the sake of using             understanding. A good variety of
                                                       multimedia.                                multimedia has been used.
 Aesthetics        Any of the fonts, graphics, colors, A beginning use of appropriate             Font, graphics, colors, multimedia
                   multimedia and formatting create    fonts, graphics, colors, multimedia        and formatting encourage
                   distractions from the content and   and formatting are present.                understanding and are appropriate
                   severely reduce learning and        Learning could be optimized with           for the intended audience.
                   readability.                        better use of multimedia.
 Usability         Hyperlinks and/or multimedia links Posts and multimedia are                    Posts and multimedia are properly
                   do not work or are non-existent.    hyperlinked with no more than five         hyperlinked with no more than two
                   Blog does not follow standard       errors through-out the entire blog.        errors through-out the entire blog.
                   formatting or navigation styles.    The blog navigation requires more          The blog is easily navigated.
                   More that 10 error occurred.        thorough thought and testing.

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