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					        SECURE                                                    4
                              SINGLE PREMIUM DEFERRED ANNUITY

                                                                                             Table of Contents
                                                                                             Single Premium Deferred
                                                                                             Annuity Contracts . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                             Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                             Interest Rate. . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                             Rate Bands. . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                             Surrender Charge Schedule 2
                                                                                             Withdrawal Privileges. . . . . 2
                                                                                             Issue Ages . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                             Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                                             Deferred Annuity
                                           FOR STEADY GROWTH AND
                                                                                               Death Benefit. . . . . . . . 3
                                             RETIREMENT INCOME
                                                                                             Special Optional Benefits
                                        SINGLE PREMIUM DEFERRED ANNUITY                        Impaired Risk Annuity . . 3
                                                                                               Contractual Guarandeed
                                                                                               Rate and Mortality Table. 3

                                  Presidential Life Insurance Company
                                                                In Texas doing business as
                                                   Rockland Life Insurance Company
                                                                Nyack, New York 10960
                                                    1-800-926-7599 or 1-888-PRES LIF
                                                        earnings are not subject to financial market risk.
                  PRESIDENTIAL LIFE’S                   Insuring your savings is our business.
                           SECURE 4
                       INTEREST RATE                    Interest Rate
                  GUARANTEE PERIOD                      • Initial 4 year cash value interest rate guar-
                                                          antee period
                                                        • After initial rate guarantee period con-
                                                          cludes, lifetime variable minimum guar-
                                                          antee is between 1 – 3% and locked in
      For Steady Growth and                               at the time of issue of the contract. To
        Retirement Income                                 find out the current Lifetime Minimum
                                                          Guarantee, please go to www.presiden-
                                                 and click on Annuity Rates.
DEFERRED ANNUITY CONTRACTS                              Rate bands:
Tax deferred interest (non-qualified contract)          $5,000 and up
Under current tax laws, interest earned is not          Under $5,000 ($1,500 min.) at reduced
taxed until withdrawn from the annuity con-             Initial interest rates
tract. Withdrawals usually begin at retire-
ment, which may mean a much lower tax lia-              Surrender Charge Schedule
bility. This can produce substantial tax sav-
                                                        Contract Year 1 2 3    4 5
ings over the years because you retain earn-
                                                        Charge        7% 6% 6% 5% 0%
ings that normally are lost to current income
taxation. Interest is taxed as ordinary income
                                                        Withdrawal Privileges
when you receive it. In most cases, if the
contract is surrendered for its lump sum cash           • 10% surrender charge-free yearly withdraw-
value, interest will be taxed in the year of sur-         al, non-cumulative
render. If the contract is converted to an
income annuity contract (annuitized), with              Available beginning first year calculated on
annuity payments made over a term of years              paid premium (less premium tax, if any). In sub-
or your lifetime, interest is taxed as benefits         sequent years; calculated on beginning con-
are received.                                           tract year accumulation value

Safety                                                  Issue ages
                                                        Annuitant’s (insured) age nearest birthday
Your contract is backed by
approximately $3.7 billion                              All Approved States: Through Annuitant’s Age 90
in assets of Presidential Life
Insurance Company; a                                    Features
New York domiciled Life
                                                        • No sales charges or administrative fees
Insurance Company. Both
                                                          (State premium tax, if any, may apply)
your premium and interest
                                                        • Avoid probate proceedings

• Qualified or non-qualified contracts          Special Optional Benefit
• Contract tax benefits when converted
                                                Impaired Risk Annuity Underwriting
  to an income annuity contract (annu-
                                                When deferred annuity converted to an
  itization)-non-qualified annuity con-
                                                income annuity contract (annuitization) at the
  tracts only
                                                current rates(1)
• Interest only distributions
• IRA required minimum distribution             Should you elect to
  (RMD)                                         convert your deferred
• Systematic withdrawal options                 annuity contract to an
                                                income annuity con-
Deferred Annuity Death Benefit                  tract      (annuitization),
• Contract accumulation value (pro-             paid over your life or a
  ceeds) paid to contract Beneficiary           term        of      years,
  upon Annuitant’s death.                       Presidential Life offers
• Spousal beneficiary or spousal joint          income annuity con-
  owner (wros) may assume contract              tract pricing adjusted to
  ownership.                                    reflect your impaired
• Non-spousal beneficiary(ies) must dis-        health (if any) on life contingent annuity pay-
  tribute the contract’s proceeds with a        ments (if any). The annuity payment may be
  choice of various distribution options        increased or the premium cost of any given
  (see your agent for details). Non-            annuity payment may be reduced. The annu-
  spousal joint owners are not permitted.       itant’s individual medical conditions are con-
• When the contract owner, who is not           sidered when income annuity contract pricing
  the Annuitant dies, contract surrender        is elected. Health conditions must be serious
  value (proceeds) paid to the owner’s          enough to significantly reduce the annuitant’s
  estate or contingent owner (if one            life expectancy. A skilled Home Office annuity
  named at the time of death), with a           underwriter will consider effects of illness
  choice of various distribution options        and/or injuries from heart conditions, stroke,
  (see your agent for details).                 cancer, diabetes, paraplegia, mental retar-
                                                dation, etc. on the annuitant’s lifetime expec-

                                                Income annuity contract conversion – annuiti-
                                                zation options(2)
                                                (full or partial deferred annuity contract con-

                                                A wide range to choose from (options):
                                                • Life with & without guaranteed periods*
                                                • Life with installment refund of premiumΔ
                                                • Joint life and survivorΔ
                                                • Guaranteed payment for a term of years*
                                                • Temporary life for a term of yearsΔ

• Cost of living adjustments (COLAs) &                   (2) Current and guaranteed options avail-
  graded payment step-upsΔ                                   able. All options converted at the
• Other customized payment schedules                         deferred annuity contract’s cash
  are available (see your agent)Δ                            accumulation value, after one con-
                                                             tract year. Once deferred annuity
*   This option contractual right.                           contract is annuitized, selected
Δ   This option deferred annuity current practice.           income option is irrevocable and non-
                                                             commutable back to a lump-sum.
                        Contractual                          There is no cash-surrender value.
                        Guaranteed Rate                  (3) Partial, non-qualified, annuity contract
                        and Mortality                        annuitization, may result in adverse
                        Table                                income tax consequences.
                        When deferred
                        annuity contract                 Refers to contract form SPDA-23 (4YR)
                        converts to an
                        income annuity
                        contract (annuitiza-
                        tion), the contractu-
                        al guaranteed
annuitization rate is the same as the life-
time variable minimum guarantee
                                                         Not FDIC insured. Interest withdrawals prior to age
crediting rate which is locked in at                     59½ may be subject to a 10% federal income tax
the time of issue of the contract. The                   penalty. Any tax suggestions are merely our under-
contractual guaranteed mortality table is                standing of the IRS code. Presidential Life
the Annuity 2000 Table, unadjusted for                   Insurance Company is not a tax and/or legal advi-
                                                         sor. Information in this brochure is not intended as
future mortality improvements, for life                  tax and/or legal advice. Please consult your tax
contingent payments (if any). Only the                   and/or legal counsel for professional guidance
income annuity contract options listed in                regarding all Federal and State laws before making
your contract are offered with the higher                any financial decisions.
of the above guarantee or the current
rate. All other options offered only at
income annuity contract current rates.

(1) Impaired risk annuity underwriting not
    available when converting your
    deferred annuity contract into an
    income annuity contract (annuitiza-
    tion) at the deferred annuity contract’s
    guaranteed annuitization rates and                    Solutions Today...
    mortality table listed in your deferred                      for a Brighter Tomorrow!
    annuity contract and referred to as
    “settlement options”.


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