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									                                            Training Course Description

Fundamentals of AC and DC Drives
Course Purpose
Offering the industry's broadest range of horsepower, functionality and features, Allen-Bradley drives and motors meet your
automation needs. From small volts per hertz inverters to massive, integrated systems, the full line of Allen-Bradley AC and DC
variable speed control products provides the flexibility, reliability and precise motor control necessary to keep your business
moving at the right speed.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course the delegate will be able to:

         Identify the components and functionality of a basic drive system.
         Identify the protection devices and functionality of a basic drive system.
         Recognize AC and DC drive system hardware.
         Describe AC and DC drive system operation.
         Identify types of loads.
         Identify the features of AC, DC, and motion control drive systems.
         Select a drive system for basic applications.

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for individuals who are new to the electronic control of AC and DC motors.

Experience operating a personal computer within a Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT environment.
Students should have a general knowledge of electricity and electronics.
They should have a basic understanding of machines used in modern industry.

Topical Outline
         Preventing Electrostatic Damage to Drive Components.
         Identifying Basic Drive System Components and Functions.
         Identifying Protection Devices and Functions.
         Recognizing DC Drive System Hardware.
         Describing DC Drive System Operation.
         Recognizing AC Drive System Hardware.
         Describing AC Drive System Operation.
         Selecting a Drive System for Basic Applications.
         Perfoming pre-power and power-on checks

Course Length:                  2 Days

Course Code:                    ZAF5001

Price:                          On Application

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