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									                  SOUTH SIDE NEWS
 VOLUME 8 / SUMMER 2003                                                                        SOUTH COUNTY GAIN REGION V

                                                District Director administering General         (MA) programs.          The Emergency
                                                Relief in Civic Center, Southwest Special       Assistance to Prevent Eviction (EAPE) and
ADMIN’S CORNER                                  and South Special Districts and a really        Moving Assistance (MA) programs were
                                                exciting opportunity as Special Assistant to    enacted on January 01, 2003 and shall
                                                BHNSS’ Bureau Director. In 1999 I               conclude on September 30, 2003.
                                                promoted to HSA III managing the Civic
                                                Center District, and most recently our          The Emergency Assistance to Prevent
                                                Welfare-to-Work GAIN Program Section            Eviction (EAPE) and Moving Assistance
                                                I.                                              (MA) programs represent two of the 46
                                                                                                Long Term Family Self-Sufficiency
                                                On a personal note, I have a wonderful          (LTFSS) projects. These two programs
                                                husband of 25 years, three grown daughters      propose to provide housing assistance to
                                                and one grand-daughter.                         CalWORKs families who have lost or are
                                                                                                at risk of losing their housing. (Reference:
                                                One of the most important things I’ve           Administrative Directive 4440)
                                                learned in these 30 years with DPSS is to
                                                always treat your employees as if you           WHO’S ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR
                                                might someday work for them. I am very          THESE PROGRAMS?
Thanks to all of you for a warm welcome         pleased to be here at Region V and for the
to South County GAIN Region V. When             opportunity to work with all of you as we       Families receiving CalWORKs, or
initially advised of my new assignment as       move our participants from dependency to        participants that have exhausted their 60
of April 1, 2003, I was told I was inheriting   self-sufficiency. The economic outlook          Month CalWORKs Federal Time Limits
a great Region, with great staff. This could    presents a very challenging arena for us,       and their child/children remain eligible on
not have been truer. It was quickly noted       but we can do it!                               an active CalWORKs case.
that the administration and staff here at
Region V function very effectively and          Written by Pat Cook                             Participants receiving General Relief, Food
efficiently, as a team.                                                                         Stamps, Medi-Cal or Social Security only
                                                                                                are not eligible for these programs and
For those of you who have not had the                                                           should be referred to the INFO-LINE at
experience of working with me previously,       EMERGENCY                                       (800) 339-6993.
I’d like to share a bit of my background
and Departmental experience. I received a       ASSISTANCE                                      KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER
BA in Sociology from CSULA in 1973 and
took the first County job available as a        PROGRAMS                                        The CalWORKs family must               have
Typist Clerk in DPSS’ Child Support                                                             experienced a hardship such as:
Section in a Wilmington sub-office.             The Department of Public Social Services
Shortly after, the Eligibility Worker exam      (DPSS) has contracted with the Los              A. CalWORKs benefits have been reduced
was posted and I promoted to EW I in June       Angeles Homeless Services Authority             due to exhaustion of a Federal Adult’s
of 1974 at the Compton District office          (LAHSA) to administer and issue funds for       CalWORKs 60 Month time limits.
working an AFDC caseload and                    the Emergency Assistance to Prevent
subsequently at the Lyn-gate and Long           Eviction (EAPE) and Moving Assistance           B. Loss of employment or reduced wages
Beach Family Districts. I promoted to           (MA) programs.       LAHSA has sub-
Eligibility Supervisor in Civic Center          contracted with provider agencies such as       C. Increased rent
District’s Employment Services Section in       Tarzana Treatment Center, Inc., in various
1984 and to Appeals Hearing Specialist          locations, Testimonial Community Love           D. Uncovered medical expenses not
(tough exam) in 1985. In 1986 I was a           Center, City of Norwalk Social Services         eligible to be paid by Medi-Cal or private
Program Assistant functioning as a Bureau       Center and Lutheran Social Services. The        medical insurance plan.
of Special Operations’ Division Chief’s         provider agencies are responsible for
Staff Assistant. 1989 brought a new and         processing and approving applications for       E. An unforeseen emergency expense such
challenging assignment as a Program             the Emergency Assistance to Prevent             as car repairs and/or funeral costs.
Specialist in Contract Management. My           Eviction (EAPE) and Moving Assistance
HSA I assignments included Deputy                                                               F. The participant must provide proof that
                                                                                                he/she owes past due rent or utility bills
such as a 30 day or 3 day Notice to Pay or      agencies in providing culturally competent
Quit, Unlawful Detainer/ Eviction               mental health services while increasing        CARPOOLING: Q&A
Proceeding, Notice to Vacate after a            their understanding and knowledge of the
judgment has been rendered in an                African-American culture.                      WHY ARE THEY CALLED HOV
Unlawful Detainer/ Eviction Proceeding,                                                        LANES?
and/or past due or shut off notices for         The event began with the keynote address
utilities. Cable television service is not an   by Wade Nobles Ph.D. Dr. Nobles is a           HOV stands for "high occupancy vehicle"--
applicable utility for consideration.           well-known Social Psychologist who is the      that is, more than one person occupies the
                                                current Acting Department Chair of the         vehicles traveling in these lanes. HOV lanes
G. If the CalWORKs family is approved           Black Studies Department at San Francisco      are more commonly known as "carpool"
for these services a check will be made         State University. Dr. Noble spoke about        lanes. They recognized by the diamond
payable to the Rental Agency/Landlord or        the racist groundings for many of the          painted on the lanes. Currently, there are
Utility company. The financial assistance       theories in Psychology and how these           970 miles of carpool lanes in Southern
shall not exceed $2,500.00 dollars for          misunderstandings have played apart in the     California.
delinquent rent or utilities. The maximum       mistreatment or mis-diagnosis of African-
assistance for the Moving Assistance (MA)       Americans.                                     WHY CAN’T SOLO DRIVERS USE
program is $ 2,500.00 also.                                                                    CARPOOL LANES SINCE THEY
This includes first and last                                After Dr. Nobles dynamic           DON’T APPEAR FULL?
month rent plus the security                                speech, the attendees were
deposit.                                                    provided with a luncheon.          Although carpool lanes may not appear full
                                                            During this portion of the day     at times, they move as many people as two
H. Participants are not                                     Dr. Marvin Southard, Director      regular lanes. Some carpool carry almost
eligible to receive                                         of the Department of Mental        half of the people on an entire freeway. The
assistance for future month                                 Health, gave remarks on what       incentive for carpool lane use is that you
payments of Rent and/or                                     he felt were the greatest          will travel faster so these lanes need to be
utility bills.                                              qualities of African-              free and clear.
                                                            Americans. During this time
I.      The Emergency                                       we were also entertained by        WHY DO I SEE PEOPLE DRIVING
Assistance to Prevent                                       two young performers Charles       ALONE IN THE CARPOOL LANES?
Eviction (EAPE) and                                         Evans 17, a violinist and Otto
Moving Assistance (MA)                                      Ehling 14, a pianist.
programs have not replaced the Homeless                                                        Single drivers are not only spotted by you.
Assistance or Housing Relocation                After the entertainment, we selected two       They are also spotted by the CHP and fined.
programs administered by the CalWORKs           workshops that we wanted to attend.            The violation rates on most carpool lanes is
District Offices.                               Although the workshops were geared             only 1.5%.
                                                toward the mental health professional, a lay
For further information, you may contact        person was still able to benefit from          DO CARPOOL LANES WORK TO
the Post Time Limit Services Hotline            attending.                                     MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO
between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00                                                        RIDESHARE?
p.m. at (800) 746-1176.                         As a Gain Services Worker, I also had a
                                                chance to interact with the Mental Health      An 11 year study in Orange County found
Written by Robert Washington                    professionals that I deal with during my       that freeways with carpool lanes had
                                                function as a GSW in the Specialized           significant growth in ridesharing while
                                                Supportive Services Unit.                      freeways without carpool lanes had their
AFRICAN-AMERICAN                                Although this year’s event was held in the
                                                                                               numbers drop or stay the same. Roughly
                                                                                               one in six people regularly carpools or
                                                month of May, next year’s conference is
MENTAL HEALTH                                   already scheduled for the month of
                                                                                               vanpools to work. People who use carpool
                                                                                               lanes save about 30 minutes a day of their
                                                February. This was planned in order for the
CONFERENCE 2003                                 event to coincide with Black History
                                                                                               commuting time.

                                                Month. If this year’s event is any             HOW DOES CARPOOLING
EDUCATION, HEALING &                            indication, next years turn out should be      BENEFIT SOUTHERN
ADVOCATING                                      just as impressive.                            CALIFORNIA?

The Los Angeles County Department of            Written by Michelle McGee                      Carpooling eliminates twice as many cars
Mental Health held its first Annual                                                            from the road each day than travel on the
African-American Mental Health                                                                 Santa Monica Freeway-- one of the busiest
Conference. It was held at the Hilton-Los                                                      in the nation. If everyone who carpools
Angeles on May 1, 2003. The theme for                                                          reverted to driving alone, we would have
the day was Educating, Healing and                                                             634,000 more vehicles on our roads and
Advocating. This supported the main                                                            134 more tons of pollutants released into
purpose of the conference, to assist
our air daily.                                   Catherine Turner...B.A. in Human Services
                                                                                                8. I wasn't sleeping! I was meditating on the
                                                 from CSU Dominguez Hills
                                                                                                mission statement!
                                                 Stacy Clark...B.A. in Interdisciplinary
LISA’S LIST                                      Studies from CSU Dominguez                     7. This is one of the seven habits of highly
                                                 Hills                                          effective people!
                                                 Good job, Ladies!                              6. I was testing the keyboard for drool
1. Make the commitment to reach your                                                            resistance.
goal. “One person with a commitment is
worth a hundred who only have an                 SPECIAL
interest”                                        RECOGNITION                                    5. Actually I'm doing a "Stress Level
                                                                                                Elimination Exercise Plan" (SLEEP). I
                             -Mary Crowley       Our region’s own, Ignacio Dela Hoya ran        learned it at the last mandatory seminar you
                                                 in the recent L.A. Marathon with a             made me attend.
2. Commit yourself to detailed                   respectable finishing time.
accountability. Record your progress                                                            4. Someone must have put decaf in the
towards your goals daily.                                                                       wrong pot.

3. Build your life on a solid foundation of                                                     3. Boy, that cold medicine I took last night
honesty, character, integrity, trust, love and                                                  just won't wear off!

4. Break your immediate and long range           SHANDRA’S QUOTES                               2. I wasn't sleeping, I was trying to pick up
                                                                                                contact lens without hands.
goals in to increments.
                                                 “Think excitement, talk excitement, act out    1. Amen.
5. Be prepared for change.                       excitement, and you are bound to become
                                                 an excited person. Life will take on a new
6. Share your “give up” goals (i.e.,             zest, deeper interest and greater meaning.
smoking , being late, eating too much, etc.)     You can think, talk and act yourself into      ARMENIAN
with others. Chances are that they will          dullness or into monotony or into
encourage you.                                   unhappiness. By the same process you can       DAY OF
                                                 build up inspiration, excitement and
7. Become a team player.                         surging depth of joy.”                         OBSERVANCE
8. See the reaching. Imagine yourself                                -Norman Vincent Peale      On April 24th, most of our Armenian co-
attaining your goal, getting that degree or                                                     workers did not come to work in
promotion, etc.                                  "The healthy and strong individual is the                             observance of a
                                                 one who asks for help when he needs it."                              tragic historical
9. Record each goal that you reach, big or                                                                             event. Most
small.                                                                       -Rona Barrett                             attended church
                                                                                                                       services and other
10. Remember, what you get by reaching           "Any change, even a change for the better,                            cultural events
your destination isn’t nearly as important       is always accompanied by drawbacks and                                held as a day of
as what you become by reaching your              discomforts."                                                         remembrance for a
goals!                                                                                                                 tragedy. This
                                                                            -Arnold Bennett                            tragedy is known
Written by Z. Ziglar                                                                                                   a s “A r me n i a n
                                                                                                                       Genocide”.     To
                                                 TOP 10 EXCUSES                                                        give a brief
                                                 WHAT TO SAY WHEN CAUGHT                        The Armenian Genocide was orchestrated
We would like to take the opportunity to         SLEEPING AT YOUR DESK...                       and carried out by the “Young Turk”
recognize and congratulate our fellow staff                                                     Government of the Ottoman Empire in
members on their accomplishments.                10. They told me at the blood bank that this   1915 – 1916 (subsequently in 1922-23).
                                                 might happen.                                  Out of a Population of 2.5 million
RECENT GRADUATES                                                                                Armenian people living in the Ottoman
Paula Collins...B.A. in Interdisciplinary        9. Whew! Guess I left the top off the liquid   Empire, over half were killed.
Studies from CSU Dominguez Hills                 paper.                                         Systematically, the Armenian military was
                                                                                                disarmed, placed in labor battalions and
                                                                                                ultimately killed. The Armenian
intellectual and political leaders were also
rounded up and killed. The remaining           However, even though we are here in the        BEEF ON A STICK
Armenian people were called from their         United States, our adopted Motherland, we
homes, told they would be relocated and        still celebrate our New Year. The              CAMBODIAN STYLE
then marched off to concentration camps in     Cambodian employees in Region V and
the desert between Jerablus and Deir ez –      members of the Holiday Planning
Zor. Most died in route to the camps and       Committee put this special event together.
those that made it to the camps, would die     We celebrated this event on April 14, 2003
of thirst and hunger in the burning sun.       at the Region. The event is organized as a
                                               way of keeping cultural traditions alive, as
                                               well as bringing the community together.

                                               As you can see in the picture below, staff
                                               wore traditional Cambodian clothing “The       Beef on a stick is very popular. Chanta
                                               Seven Colors of the Week”. The silk skirt      Pich wanted to share the recipe with you.
                                               called “Kben” are various colors, that
                                               represent each day of the week. From the       2 ½ lb beef (serve for 4 to 6 persons)
                                               left, Davan Ool (Unit I, PTL) wearing Red,     4 teaspoons of sugar
                                               the traditional skirt “Kben” that represents   1 teaspoon salt
                                               Sunday, Esly Diaz Hawk (JD) wearing            2 stalks of lemongrass
                                               Orange that represents Monday, Chantha         2 gloves of garlic
                                               Pich (Unit J) wearing Purple that represents   ½ teaspoon of tumeric powder
Today, the Turkish Government denies that      Tuesday, Porchou In (Unit G) wearing           ½ teaspoon of galanga powder
there was any Armenian Genocide and            Light green that represents Wednesday,         1 bunch of beef-sticks
claims that the Armenians were removed         Stephanie James (Receptionist) wearing
from the Eastern “war zone” out of harms       Dark Green that represents Thursday, Phal      Chop lemongrass as thinly as possible.
way.      The Armenian Genocide was            Yin (Dist. 62) wearing Blue that represents    Mince garlic, if you use fresh tumeric and
condemned at the time by officials from        Friday, last but not least Jennifer Lee was    galanga, chop them as well. Blend all
the British, French, German, and Austrian      wearing Maroon that represents Saturday.       ingredients – sugar, salt, lemongrass,
Governments.                                   The “Seven Colors of the Week” models          garlic, tumeric and galanga powder in a
                                               danced to traditional Cambodian music,         blender. Slice beef into ¼ inch slices (you
The Armenian Genocide is similar to the        walking and lining up side by side             can ask your butcher to do this). Rub meat
Jewish holocaust in many respects. People      beautifully.                                   with the mixture of all the ingredients and
adhered to an ancient religion, both were                                                     let stand for about an hour. Skewer beef on
religious minorities in their respective                                                      sticks. For the best results, grill on open
states/countries, and both are talented and                                                   fire and accompany with pickled papaya
creative minorities that have been                                                            (see picture) or pickled cucumber.
persecuted.                                                                                   ENJOY!

Written by Saro Shahverdyan
                                                                                              THE HEALTHY
CAMBODIAN NEW                                                                                 KITCHEN
YEAR                                                                                          FOR HEALTHY PEOPLE
                                               There were more than a hundred staff
Sur Sdey Chnam Thmey! Happy New                members, including Paramount District 62,      Do you remember the macaroni soup that
Year! This is a year of the Goat. The          participating in this event. We had fun by     Hilaria made? This soup can get rid of your
Cambodian New Year is one of the major         learning about a new culture and               cold and is great for dieting. Here is the
celebrations in the Cambodian culture. We      participating in traditional Cambodian         recipe:
usually celebrate our New Year in mid-         Dances such as the Circle dance “Rum
April. This year we celebrated on April 13,    Vong”, Bird dance “Saravan”, Scoop the
14, and 15. Because we are historically an     Shrimp “Chok Kraw Pes”, and Waiving
Agricultural Country, the farmers finish       dance “Khmer Leur”. Most of all, more          3 ½ cups of macaroni noodle
their harvest and can relax before the rainy   than twenty staff members won the gifts        1 whole chicken (medium size)
season begins. Our Astrologer determines       and bouquet of flowers. We finished our
the exact date for when the celebration will   celebration at about 2:00 P.M. We had a        4 stalks of celery, chopped
be held. The celebration lasts for three       great time and look forward to next year.      1 medium onion, chopped
days. During these three days, several
people take off work to commemorate the        Written by Namany Keam                         3 medium carrots, chopped
New Year. They spend time visiting                                                            2 bunches of cilantro
friends and family in their hometown.
1 bunch of green onion                           decided to go for something on the lighter
                                                 side, I had the scallops over a bed of exotic
Oil or butter                                                                                    Written by Shandra Jones
                                                 vegetables. It was to die for! They have
Salt and ground pepper                           a variety of desserts. We had the chocolate
                                                 cake and the creme brulee.

How to Prepare
                                                                                                 WILL’S TRAVELS
Boil the chicken first, then separate the
chicken from broth. Shred chicken meat
from the bone. Boil the macaroni and set
aside. In a separate pot add a small amount
of oil or butter. Next add onions. Saute a
few minutes then add celery and carrots.
Saute it again. Add chicken and macaroni.
After a few minutes, add the chicken broth.
While boiling add the rest of the
ingredients. Season to taste with salt and
pepper.                                          The staff was friendly and attentive, and
                                                 for the convenience of the customers,           In the past 8 months I have been lucky
                                                 parking is free for the first three hours.      enough to travel extensively to a variety of
HEALTHY RICE CRISPY TREATS                       On your next visit to downtown LA don’t         locales. My travels have taken me all over
                                                 forget to stop by Traxx. It’s well worth the    the United States and beyond.
1 teaspoon canola oil
                                                 visit even if you’re not heading out on
1 cup brown rice syrup (a sugar substitute       Amtrak.
available at health food stores)                                                                 I have been to the sun drenched beaches of
                                                 Traxx is located at 800 N. Alameda Street,      Ocho Rios, Jamaica at the five star Royal
2 tablespoons almond butter                      Los Angeles, CA 90012. (213) 625-1999.          Plantation resort. I watched the Bulls play
2 teaspoons vanilla extract                                                                      at the United Center, and the Cubs play at
6 cups dry natural brown rice crispy cereal                                                      Wrigley Field in Chicago. I saw the
                                                 Written by Yvette Cawthorne                     Chargers play in sunny San Diego, and the
(available at health food stores)
                                                                                                 Raiders play the Cardinals in Phoenix. I
Put oil in large pot and heat. Add rice                                                          made my way to
syrup and almond butter. Stir and heat until                                                     Mardi Gras in New
bubbles form. Turn off heat and add vanilla
extract. Add cereal and mix well with
                                                 MOVIE REVIEWS                                   Orleans, and was
                                                                                                 able to experience
spatula. Put mixture into a 9-by-13-inch         BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE                         Bourbon Street
pan. With slightly wet hands, press mixture                                                      from a balcony
                                                 This was a hilariously funny movie starring
flat. Leave at room temperature to set.                                                          overlooking the
                                                                        Queen Latifah and
Slice and serve. Store in airtight container.                                                    thousands of partiers crowding the streets.
                                                                        Steve Martin. After
                                                                        an online dating mix-    I hung out with Snoop Dogg in Las Vegas
                                                                        up, Steve Martin's       at club Curve in the Aladdin Hotel. I
TRAXX                                                                   character is forced to   experienced the bright lights of Times
                                                                                                 Square, the subway, and the New York
                                                                        render his legal
On a recent night out I dined at Traxx, the                             services to a ghetto     skyline for St. Patrick’s Day. I also was
sleek and recently remodeled restaurant is                              fabulous, street wise    able to take a trip down the site of National
in Union Station. The room is cozy and                                  Charlene played by       heartbreak, the infamous “Ground Zero,”
stylish with an understated elegance. It’s                              Latifah. She manages     where emotions are stirred far greater,
hard to believe you’re in the middle of a                               to worm her way into     when seen in person.
bustling train station, but that’s all part of   his home, his life, and his heart. For non-     After an action packed, jet-lagged, and fun-
the charm.                                       stop laughs, this is a must see movie.          filled year, my only thought now is where
We started the night with an appetizer.                                                          my travels will take me next year?
The crab cakes are considered the city’s
best and the restaurant specialty.               THE MATRIX 2: RELOADED
                                                 This movie was too deep for words. It is                                     Written by Will
A friend had another of the restaurant’s
                                                 full of style, fashion, symbolism, intrigue                                  Simmons
signature dishes, the house-cured pork
chop loin, served with mash potatoes and a       and action. If you liked the first Matrix,
side of vegetables. My husband, a steak          you are sure to like this one also. Stay
lover, savored the filet mignon also on          until the last credit has rolled, you will be
mashed potatoes. On the other hand, I            glad you did.
                                           Earth, Wind & Fire @ Greek Theater in     8/1
WHAT’S GOING                               Los Angeles                               Summer Sounds @ The Hollywood
ON...                                      7/9                                       Bowl; International Surf Festival @ The
                                                                                     Strand in Manhattan Beach; Dolphin
                                           Etta James @ Hollywood Bowl
JUNE                                                                                 Safaris @ Golden Lantern in Dana Point
                                           7/11 – 7/13
6/16                                                                                 8/2
                                           South Bay Greek Festival       @    St.
Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera @                                             So Cal Italian Festival @ Seaport Hotel
                                           Katherine’s in Torrance
Staples Center – Los Angeles                                                         in Long Beach, Taste of San Pedro @
                                           7/11 – 8/3                                Point Fermin Park in San Pedro
                                           Orange County Fair @ Fair & Exposition    8/1 - 8/3
The Producers @
                                           Center in Costa Mesa
Pantages Theater in                                                                  Old Spanish Days Fiesta on State Street
Hollywood                                  7/12                                      in Santa Barbara; Latin American
6/18                                        Fleetwood Mac @ Staples Center in Los    Festival @ Bazar Del Mundo in San
                                            Angeles; Lotus Festival in Echo Park;    Diego
For the kids: “ It’s a
                                           International Sea Festival @ Marine       8/8 – 8/9
Magical World” @
                                           Stadium in Long Beach
Baker Marionette                                                                     Bonnie Raitt @ Cerritos Perf. Arts
Theater, Los Angeles                       7/14                                      Center; Escape Reality @ Magicopolis in
6/21                                       Santana @ Hollywood Bowl;                 Santa Monica
                                           “Jellies:Phantoms of the deep” @ Long     8/8 -8/10
Mariachi USA Festival @ Hollywood
                                           Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
Bowl; Lewis vs. Johnson @ Staples                                                    Long Beach Jazz Festival; Champagne
Center; Solfest @ McArthur Park – Los      7/15                                      Jazz Series @ Thornton Winery in
Angeles                                    Miami City Ballet @ Cerritos Perf. Arts   Temecula; Visit the Gardens @
6/25                                       Center                                    Huntington Library in San Marino

Al Green @ Greek Theater – Los Angeles;    7/17                                      8/9 – 8/17
L.A. Jazz Nights @ Garden of Eden –        Capistrano Summer Festival @ Oaks            Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little
Hollywood                                  Blenheim Park in San Juan                        Tokyo, Los Angeles
6/27                                       Capistrano                                              8/10
Snoopy on Ice @ Knott’s Berry Farm – All   7/18                                                     Sounds of Brazil @   The
Summer long!                               Blue Planet Live! @ Staples                              Hollywood Bowl
6/28                                       Center in Los Angeles                                    8/15
Tower of Power @ Greek Theater, Los        7/19                                                Romeo & Juliet @ The
Angeles; “House of Flowers” @ Pasadena     Dixie Chicks @ Staples Center,                     Hollywood Bowl; Hall &
Playhouse; K-Big 104’s Disco Fever @       Los Angeles; Ocean Festival in                   Oates @ Wiltern Theater in Los
Hollywood Bowl; Lompoc Flower Festival     San Clemente; L.A. Tofu Festival in         Angeles
@ Ryon Park in Lompoc/ S.Barbara           Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles;       8/16
County                                     Volunteer Day @ The Santa Ana Zoo
                                                                                     Kenny Loggins @ Greek Theater in Los
                                           7/26 - 7/27                               Angeles; “Annie” @ Depot Theater in
JULY                                       Oxnard Salsa Festival @ Old Town in       La Habra
7/1 – 7/30                                 Oxnard                                    8/16 - 8/17
Titanic: Artifact Exhibit @ California     7/30                                      African Marketplace & Cultural Fair @
Science Center, Exposition Park            Norah Jones @ Greek Theater in Los        Rancho La Cienega Park
                                           Angeles; Jazz @ Garden of Eden in         8/22
                                                                                     Wave’s Summer Jazz Series @ The
                                           7/31                                      Hyatt Newporter in Newport Beach
                                           Long Beach Blues Caravan sponsored by     8/22 – 9/1
                                           K-Jazz: for more info log on @
                Angels vs. Rangers @                                                 Antelope Valley Fair @ Fairgrounds in
                 Edison Field in                                                     Lancaster
                      7/2                  AUGUST
                                                                                     Mariah Carey in Concert @ Staples
Center                                         and ideas on safety, vacation planning       Vacations from $199. Here you will find
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8/28- 8/30
                                               with the whole family, no matter what        1000’s of vacations, cruises, airfares,
Las Vegas Jazz Festival @ Hills Park in        the age group.                               hotel and car rental deals on the
Summerlin, Nevada                                                                           Internet. This site allows you to chose
8/28                                                                                        how you want to plan your trip; either
                                                          by price, airport or destination, helping
“As Bees drown in honey” @ Pasadena                                                         you make a decision before you get lost
Playhouse                                      This site offers a diverse selection of
                                               outdoor adventures. Whether you join a       in cyberland. You can also enter to win
8/29 - 8/30                                    scheduled hiking or multi sport              a free vacation!
Isley Brothers @ Cerritos Perf. Arts           departure, or just want to experience a
Center; “Jack and the Beanstalk” @             trip reserved exclusively for families,
Glendale Centre Theater                        solo travelers or mature travelers, The
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CLASSIFIEDS                              60 Month Time Limit Workshop
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                                         2003, 9:00am at GAIN Region V
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JUNE                                     761-2174, Lisa Simmons @ ext. 8015 or
60 Month Time Limit                      Janet Betton @ ext. 4912.
Workshop (English).
Tuesdays, June 3, 10,
17, 24, 2003, 9:00am at GAIN Region V.   60 Month Time Limit Workshop
Contact Persons: Linda Cooper @ (310)    (Spanish). Wednesday, July 9, 23, 30,
761-2174 Lisa Simmons @ ext. 8015 or     2003, 9:00am at GAIN Region V
Janet Betton @ ext. 4912.                Contact Persons: Armando Estrada @
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60 Month Time Limit Workshop
(Spanish). Wednesday, June 4,11, 25,
2003, 9:00am at GAIN Region V.           Job Readiness Workshop (English)
Contact Persons: Armando Estrada @       Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 9am - 12pm
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8385.                                    Cummings @ ext. 4904.

Job Readiness Workshop (English)         Job Readiness Workshop (Spanish)
Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 9am - 12pm     Wednesday, July 23, 2003, 9am at GAIN
at GAIN Region V. Contact: Jocelyn       Region V. Contact: Iris Florimon @ ext.
                                                                                    Job Readiness Workshop (Spanish)
Cummings @ ext. 4904.                    3212.
                                                                                    Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 9am at
                                                                                    GAIN Region V. Contact: Iris Florimon
                                         *MTA Recruitment (held monthly) at         @ ext. 3212.
Careers in Health Care Job Fair 2003
Wednesday, June 18, 2003 Dept. of        GAIN Region V, see Rithy Lon in Job
Health Services 5555 Ferguson Dr.,       Development for dates.
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Commerce, CA. Contact Persons: Mark                                                 GAIN Region V, see Rithy Lon in Job
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Job Readiness Workshop (Spanish)                                                    GAIN Region V, see Esly Hawk-Diaz in
Wednesday, June 25, 2003, 9am - 12pm                                                Job Development for dates.
at GAIN Region V. Contact: Iris
Florimon @ ext. 3212.                    60 Month Time Limit Workshop
                                         (English). See Contact Persons below
                                         for dates Contact Persons: Linda
Careers in Health Care Job Fair 2003     Cooper @ (310) 761-2174, Lisa Simmons
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 High Desert     @ ext. 8015 or Janet Betton @ ext. 4912.
Hospital, 44900 N. 60th St., W.                                                           CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS EDITION
Lancaster, CA. Contact Persons: Mark
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*MTA Recruitment (held monthly) at       Padilla @ ext. 8385.
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GAIN Region V, see Rithy Lon in Job
Development for dates.                                                                  Shandra Jones, Will Simmons,
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                                         Wednesday, August 20, 2003, 9am at            Monica Saldana, & Janet Betton.
*CMC Recruitment (held monthly) at       GAIN Region V. Contact: Jocelyn
GAIN Region V, see Esly Hawk-Diaz in     Cummings @ ext. 4904.
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