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									                           FOOD & WINE & MORE
                      CALGARY, CANMORE, BANFF & AREA

You will be landing at Calgary International Airport, located in northeast Calgary and
bereft of any decent food – well, almost. The airport has several fast food restaurants that
will do in a pinch if you cannot wait 30 minutes or so to drive downtown, have screaming
children in tow or just don’t want to do so. Remember it is at least an hour drive to the
house in Canmore, depending on how you drive and traffic.
Located at the airport are:
TIM HORTONS $: this is an ubiquitous Canadian donut chain (spun off from Wendy’s
as an IPO in 2006) that Canadians joke is required by law in every Canadian Town. The
donuts are pretty decent (mmm, maple flavored) and there is soup and sandwiches after
breakfast. Tim Hortons is why Starbucks has problems in Canada.
HARVEYS $: flame-broiled burgers “made your way” cooked and prepared to order
with your choice of condiments. A pretty good burger chain and vastly superior to the
fast food burger joints you may be familiar with IMHO.
STARBUCKS $: no explanation needed. The Canadian equivalent is THE SECOND
CUP on the Departures level; try them for a change, eh?
FOOD COURT: located on the second floor, we usually go to MANCHU WOK
Chinese food as it is somewhat lighter that the other stuff. Try “ginger beef” before you
leave Canada, as it is a western Canadian “Chinese” dish.
trip! Bernard is a Belgian chocolatier who has expanded to multiple shops in Calgary,
Edmonton, Banff as well as other parts of western Canada and the US. YOU MUST
TRY HIS CHOCOLATE! There are no preservatives and it does not keep well after 2
weeks (but that factor has never been a problem with us) and it will put any other
chocolate you have tried to shame. They now have a store (that I can never find) at the
airport YAY! WooHoo! Trust me on this one!

That’s about it for the Calgary Airport area. You can drive straight to Canmore (hint:
look for the mountains and head for them) or you can take a bit of a detour through
Calgary if you want to pick up some wines at my favorite Calgary wine store, Metro
Vino, try one of the trendy Calgary restaurants or go to Chinatown. Ask for a map at the
rental car counter and have the counter person put an “X” on the map for the location you
want to get to. Calgary is divided into quadrants starting at Center Street and The Bow
River, I think (NE, NW, SE, SW) so look at the tail-end of the address to locate to
appropriate quadrant of the city and then you can zero in on the address by looking at the
street and avenue.
PETERS DRIVE IN $ Known for many years as the
“Best Burger in Canada” this is a drive-through located on 16th avenue NE and has been
at the same location at least 40 years, serving (what else) huge portions of burgers and
shakes. This place is so popular that the city has had to reconfigure several nearby streets
in the neighborhood to handle the traffic. Worth a trip to me; my wife is less impressed
but she is more of a salad person. Eat in your car or at the picnic tables outside and don’t
forget your Lipitor. Note that this is NOT a good place to meet vegetarians…

CHINATOWN AREA $$: Center Street and 3rd – 4th avenues. Parking is challenging
but this is the area to go to if you want Pho noodle soup or Chinese food. We ended up at
a hole in the wall Chinese BBQ place and ate duck, soya chicken and Char Siu pork that
was quite good (Happy Valley Restaurant; 2nd floor at 100d-3rd avenue SE) but there are
a bunch of places within a block or two that you can try that are usually very inexpensive.
CAPO ITALIAN $$$$ Chef Guiseppe di Gennaros place SE of
downtown; opened 2005 – expensive, good reviews, need reservations, if you have a
hankering for Italian. As an aside, the Italian food in Canada seems more authentic and
less dumbed down than in the US.
RIVER CAFÉ $$$$ Wonderful natural park-like
setting, “new Canadian” cuisine using organic ingredients… you get the picture. Selected
to cook as representing Alberta cuisine at the Smithsonian in Washington DC in the
summer of 2006. Make reservations online.
METRO VINO located along the way to wherever you are going
(I don’t have to explain this to you if you are a wine-nut) 722-11 avenue SW at the rear
of a cook book store! Parking is challenging and I’d drive by to scope it out and then
drive around as there is usually a spot in the back alley behind the store and you can enter
the store from the alley as well. Located in a rehabbed old building, the store occupies
maybe 20 by 40 feet but has a remarkable selection (check the website listing). I’ve
bought several gems here including Super-Tuscans, Vacqueyras, Hermitage, Cote Rotie
and on and on (I’m partial to the Rhones). Ask for Richard Harvey. Did I mention that
there is a cookbook store in the front and the cookbook store people usually know where
to go to eat!

                             CANMORE & BANFF
There is a good selection of places to eat, considering that the population of Canmore is
10,000 and Banff is less than that. It used to be that Banff was THE place and Canmore
was Sleepytown but the Federal Government (responsible for Banff National Park &
Banff) has decided to slow down development in the Park, so that Canmore is now the
place to be. I have listed places that we are familiar with to give you a place to start.


2 locations 1702 Bow Valley Trail & Downtown 737-7th avenue
ROCKY MTN BAGEL (2 locations) $
1306 Bow Valley trail and Downtown 830 Main Street
Bagels, various cream cheeses and box lunches. Can buy a dozen bagels to go.
622 Main Street T:678-9983
Brew pub with OK on-site brewed beer (hefeweizen and fruit beers are the best) and
decent menu – try the steak sandwich. Outdoor patio with fireplace.
104 Elk Run Blvd T:678-3637 by the RCMP Police Station (ask for directions)
Mon-Sat 8-530PM

Small deli (smoked meat, sausages, air cured meat, bacon, house-made pates) that sells
ready-to-cook cuts of meat (marinated, seasoned, ready to pop in the oven), fish and
poultry as well as Turduckens. European bakery. Try their bumbleberry pie.
Favourites: award-winning ham sausage, tyrolean bacon, landjager sausage. I could go
on and on. This place is worth seeking out!
702-10th street T:678-9535
There are several Chinese restaurants in Canmore/Banff but this is probably the best. Try
the Ginger Beef if you haven’t done so yet. Do not cross the owner lady!

INFUSO COFFEE HOUSE $$ Great French bakery around the hospital area, great
croissants and sandwiches 1205 Bow Valley Trail T:609-2733.

The usual fast food outlets, including A&W, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Boston Pizza,
Subway, Smitty’s (huge breakfasts), Starbucks. The Mac Store has great slurpies.


709 Main Street (at the back, can enter from the alley) T: 609-8383
The place for sushi in the Bow Valley. Try peppered red tuna, portobella mushroom
nigiri and Sea World (sushi-sashimi combo). Casual.
1602 Bow Valley Trail “country” French cooking, daily gourmet breakfast, chef-made
sauces and soup stocks. I like their lamb.
626 Main Street T: 609-2530
Air Canada EnRoute Magazine: “the place to go if you only eat one meal in Canmore”
eccentric mix of asian, Indian, Italian and French dishes. Quirky hours of operation and a
TINY place so make a reservation! Takes two hours for any sit-down meal. Casual, deli-
like setting. Also have deli food to go and can order fresh foie gras for you for that
special recipe.
102 Boulder Crescent T:678-3612
More of a local hangout in an out of the way industrial area – ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!
125 Kananaskis Way T:609-0004 musical dinner show May-October if you feel the need.
737 Main Street T:609-9500
Lofted 2nd floor location with mountain views and windows that open on nice days. Live
jazz on weekends. Brunch. The West Coast of Canada takes on California cuisine.
QUARRY BISTRO [wine] $$$$
718 Main Street T:678-6088
Someone called it the “best fine dining in Canmore”
20 wines by the glass and BYOB $15 corkage fee.

Located at the bottom of the hill in the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Usually not that
crowded and quick turnaround. 1 Silvertip Trail T:609-4422
Reasonably priced comfort food, all fresh ingredients. Probably the closest restaurant to
the house.
RUSTICA [wine] $$$$
Located in the Clubhouse of the Silvertip Golf Course. “Gourmet mountain cuisine”
“wildly elegant” 2000 Silvertip Trail T:609-6599
Up the hill from the house probably 500 meters, the next closest restaurant to the house
after Renzo’s. Relatively new, opened 2005. Are doing fixed price chefs menus and
wine-food pairing menus so it will be interesting to follow. Check the website or call
them. Ask if they have any specials or events. Also have golf-n-dine specials where you
play 9-holes and have dinner for a fixed, all inclusive price.
633-10th street T:609-0583
Interesting food, wine, sometimes flamenco dancing set in a house.
 Be careful pronouncing it so people don’t think you’re going to the “topless spanish
710-9th street T: 609-2000.


*Important; call ahead for reservation & to check dress code: jackets may be required.

Banff is probably the place to go for a splurge as there are a handful of super-duper
dining rooms with great food, exquisite service and the price to match.
BANFFSHIRE CLUB [wine] $$$$$
Fairmont Banff Springs T:762-1730 Jacket required.
Dinner Tues-Saturday fixed price menu $100-150pp only! Sunday brunch and special
Wine Events (call for information). Extensive wine list. Enormous “Scottish Castle”
dining hall with elaborate woodwork, tapestry and such. More of a focus on the interior
ambience rather than the views. Sunday brunch is a good deal given the selections and
quality of the preparation.
LE BEAUJOLAIS [wine] $$$$
Corner of Banff Avenue & Buffalo Street, 2nd floor T:762-2712
Extensive wine list, primarily French; 600 labels.
“classic French” cozy and romantic. A la carte or prix-fixe menu.
Drive up Tunnel Mountain Road above the town. Set in the woods. Focus on game (elk,
venison, bison) and extensive wine list. I found that the price of the older vintages was
very fair – based on the “laid-in” purchase price rather than current market value
(especially Bordeaux) so make sure to ask for the “Reserve Wine List” if you are a wine

See above for location. T: 760-4488 “California casual”
110 Banff Avenue upper level Clock Tower Mall T:760-0853
Open Dining area “trendy & sophisticated”
Tasting menu $65 and up. Cooking classes.
219 Banff avenue T: 762-5114
Dinner only, woodburning oven
MAPLE LEAF GRILL [wine] $$$$
137 Banff Avenue, T:760-7680
Casual “fresh Canadian cuisine” with Canadian wines by the glass. Positive reviews from
Wall St. J, NY Times and Wine Spectator.
T:762-1865 extensive wine list 1100 labels
Tasting menus $95-125 only no a-la-carte!
Extraordinary & spectacular views!!! The dining room is “L” shaped and one part of the
“L” views across the Valley whereas the other has long views down the Valley. You want
a table with the long views, if possible, so specifically request “Table #1 to #5 near the
private dining area”. The only problem is that the washrooms are nearby, so request to be
seated close to the windows rather than in the back close to the washrooms. Call ahead to
reserve your table!


THE KEG STEAKHOUSE $$$ (2 locations)
117 Banff Avenue & in the Banff Caribou Lodge (this is bigger and has easier parking)
The Keg is a Canadian steakhouse chain that is always reliable and a good value. More
family oriented and less expensive than Mortons and Ruths Chris and the likes. Boring
wine list but some OK Canadian wines, mostly from BC.
221 Bear Street (near the Lux movie theater) T:762-2467
A bit more upscale than the Keg, more extensive wine list.
WALDHAUS at the Fairmont Banff Springs
Built 1927 as a golf clubhouse & set on the edge of the Banff Springs golf course &
Spray river. Summer BBQ lunch on the patio, fondue in the winter. Great place to relax.
Right next to the skating rink in the winter and source of the worlds best hot chocolate!


SUNFOOD CAFÉ Canmore’s only vegetarian restaurant. Dishes for those with
allergies. 743 Railway Ave T:609-2613 Second location in Banff, 215 Banff Avenue –
2nd level Sundance Mall, T:760-3933

HARVEST Pizzas, salads, hot meals, sandwiches. 718-10 Street, T:678-3747

There is a large selection of organic foods in the two supermarkets, and in a store called
Nutters nearby.

                        LAKE LOUISE & BEYOND
Fairview Dining Room (formal)
Tom Wilson Dining Room
Victoria Dining Room
We have not gone here but have heard good feedback FWIW.
Great views!
POST HOTEL [wine] $$$$
Sophisticated “rustic alpine Swiss” hotel.
Incredibly broad wine list 1500+ labels.
Always outstanding food and most extensive wine list would make this the place I’d have
my special meal. Smaller dining room means that a reservation is a must. Extraordinary
New Years Day buffet brunch for which we make reservations at least 3 months before!
Also great burgers in the bar area, called the OUTPOST.

Foodie outpost in the town of Field BC (20 minutes past Lake Louise) - 8 tables only so
reserve ahead!

                          YOUR FEEDBACK REQUESTED:
This list is based on our personal experience with almost all of the places herein.
Please let us know if our description did not match your experience so we may make
this more accurate and let us know if you find a place that you’d want to be listed
for the benefit of future visitors. Thanks and enjoy your stay!
                                                                  The Silvertip Lodge.


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