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             Lions Clubs International District 37L Newsletter
                                                    Volume 8 Number 5 November 21, 2010

   District WEBsite:

   Betty Ann Robson
   District Governor
   780 354-2918

   Donna Wozney
   1st Vice District Governor
   780 998 3865

   Wanda Coates
   2nd Vice District Governor
   780 479 5887

   Hank Hoekstra
   Link Editor
   780 988 9318                                            DG Betty Ann, Lion Bob Hunter with his shiny new Melvin Jones Fellowship                                         plaque, and Special Guest Lions International Director Dr. Sonja (Sunny)
                                                           Pulley from Portland, Oregon, at the District 37L convention.
   Submission                                              DG Betty Ann’s Notes:
                                                           We had a very successful District        and also to the other two Lions who
   Deadline: Dec 17
                                                           Convention in Drayton Valley with        received an International President’s
                                                           137 Lions and guests registered for      Appreciation Certificate (their names
                                                           the convention and the banquet. The      will be published once they have
                                                           Clubs of Drayton Valley, Entwistle       been presented their certificates).
         In This Issue                                     and Evansburg did a wonderful job of
                                                           hosting us. Our International Director   Awards were also presented to Vimy
 DG Betty Ann’s Notes ........................ 1           Dr. Sonja Pulley from Portland, OR       & District LC – Highest per capita
 Dare to Change .................................. 2       was delightful and a good sport
 Regional Rally .................................... 3
 Fear of Rejection ................................ 4
 Tumbler Ridge Reports ........................ 5
                                                           throughout the weekend.
                                                                                                         Do the
                                                           Upcoming district conventions will
 Edmonton Chinese Christmas Party ...... 5
 PR Notes ........................................... 5
 Edmonton Host meetings .................... 5
                                                           be hosted by Fort Saskatchewan Nov
                                                           2011, Edmonton Northgate 2012
                                                                                                      decent thing!
 PID Patti Hill ...................................... 6
 STARS Poker Tourney Update ............. 6
                                                           and Vimy & District 2013.                  Put Lion Gwen out of
 DG Betty Ann’s Visitations .................. 7           I wish to congratulate the incoming        her misery and fear
 District Calendar ................................ 7
 Lions Music Competition ..................... 8
                                                           DGE Donna Wozney, Ist Vice DGE             of rejection. Register
                                                           Wanda Coates and 2nd Vice DGE
 Regional Rally Entry Form .................... 9
 STARS Poker Tourney Entry Form ...... 10                  Joan Lubbers on their election at the      Now (entry form at
                                                           District Convention. Congratulates         the end of this Lions
                                                           to ZC Lion Bob Hunter on his Melvin
                                                           Jones Fellowship, Lion Dorothy Harris
                                                                                                      Link) for the Regional
                                                           on her Herb Moeller Award, Lion            Rally - Rimbey, Janu-
                                                           Carol Moeller on her International         ary 21 and 22!
                                                           President’s Appreciation Certificate,
Lions Link November 21, 2010                                                                                                    Page 1
attendance                                 Governors, so we should support                          DARE TO
Edmonton Northgate LC – Club               them in order for them to attend
membership growth percentage -             Council meetings. The MD has not                         CHANGE - LET
107.69%                                    had an increase in dues in the last 15                   THE BEACON
Edmonton Northgate LC - 37L Youth          years. In order for the MD to keep up
Activities                                 the high standard of training and the
Edmonton Chinese LC – LCIF highest         running of our district we will need
per capita donation                        an increase in the dues. There will be    Increasing Your Club’s Membership
Diabetes – donation per capita             more information on this item at the      (Bring in Quality Lions)
Edmonton Millwoods Breakfast LC -          next Council Meeting in February.         How do we bring in a quality Lion?
Spruce Grove LC runner up.                                                           We sell our product-Lionism
                                           The International Board of Directors
                                                                                         	What is the process for
                                           met from October 1 - 4, 2010 in
Our President’s initiative starting for                                                       selling a product?
                                           Edinburgh, Scotland, and several
the upcoming months is relieving the                                                     	Identify the needs and
                                           important decisions were made.
hunger. This is a project that can                                                            qualify the client
                                           1. A resolution will be reported to the
be done all year round. Many relief                                                      	Present the product
                                                2011 International Convention to
organizations are finding it difficult                                                   	Close the sale
                                                amend the International By-Laws
to keep up with the demand and this                                                      	Follow-up (Customer
                                                Article XII, Section 2, increasing
is where our Beacon of Hope service                                                           Service)
                                                membership dues by US$4.00
campaign can fill the need for so                                                    Why does a person join a Lions
                                                phased in over two years
many people. Let us alleviate hunger                                                 Club?
                                                beginning Juy 1, 2012.
by giving the gift of food and time to                                                         A desire to serve
                                           2. Guiding Lions will be limited                    Social contact
serve the people who need it most. It
                                                to serving no more than two                    A desire to belong
is a very simple act that can have the
                                                clubs at a time. Those who are                 Dedication to a cause ( e.g.
greatest impact on another person’s
                                                Certified Guiding Lions will now               sight, youth, the needy)
                                                be required to re-certify every      What is a quality Lion?
                                                three years.                             	A desire to serve
It was announced at the Council
                                           I have been on the road a lot lately,         	A willingness to support the
meeting that there will be some
                                           visiting clubs (15 to date), inducting             club
changes to the MERL Team. The new
                                           members, and helping clubs that               	A dedication to LCI and local
name for this team will be GMT-GLT
                                           need rebuilding. The Dawson Creek                  club causes.
which stands for Global Membership
                                           LC and the Red Earth Creek LC                 	A willingness to contribute,
Team-Global Leadership Team; more
                                           have both been busy getting new                    evaluate, and /or accept new
information coming in the next few
                                           members to help their clubs grow,                  ideas
months. It has just been announced
                                           congratulations Lions.                    How do we determine the needs and
that PIP Judge Brian Stevenson will
hold the joint position of GMT and                                                   potential quality of a future Lion?
                                           There have been a few changes to              	Have discussions with the
GLT leader for CA II – Canada and PID
                                           my visitation schedule, so please                  candidate
Dr. Patti Hill will take on the position
                                           take note on the new dates and let            	Ask about his/her interests
of Global Leadership Team Leader for
                                           me know as soon as possible, if my            	Ask about membership in
Western Canada and that PCC Andre
                                           new dates are convenient for your                  other service organizations,
Nimchuk will take on the position
                                           club.                                              e.g. Scouts,
as GMT leader for Western Canada.
                                           New dates are:                                	4H, charities, foundations
Congratulations to all three and we
                                           Dec 15 - Legal / Vimy                         	Ask about a person’s
are looking forward to working with
                                                   -Sherwood Park Breakfast                   available time to commit to
                                           Jan 11 – Busby / Morinville                        service and projects.
                                           Feb 7 – Sherwood Park                         	If possible, make subtle
The other item that was discussed
                                           Feb 8 – Leduc Breakfast                            inquiries from other
was the MD’s declining reserve
                                           Mar 16 – Edmonton Riverside                        acquaintances of the
fund. The MD has been running at
                                           Mar 22 – Edmonton Korean                           candidate
a deficit for the last few years and
taking those monies from the reserve                                                 Where do we find potential Lions?
                                           Thanks to all the Lions who have              	Friends
account. The delegates will be asked
                                           worked so hard for their communities,         	Our work environment
to vote on a US$3.00 dollar increase
                                           keep up the good works and let your           	Our other membership
in dues at the MD Convention in
                                           Beacon shine bright.                               organizations (e.g. scouts,
Medicine Hat in May. This increase
will be used to bring the 2nd Vice                                                            garden clubs, hunting clubs,
                                           Until next month …….                               etc)
District Governors under the Rules of
Audit. We elected these Vice District                                                    	Neighbors
                                                          - DG Betty Ann & Rick
Page 2                                                                                    Lions Link November 21, 2010
    	Conversations where we do             	Ask the candidate before the     Once a candidate is installed as a
        business (e.g. stores, gas              meeting if he/her would like   Lion, what is the most important
        stations)                               to say anything to the group   follow-up?
Present our Product-Lionism How                 (don’t put the candidate on         	Get the new member
would you do it?                                the spot)                              involved in club activities.
    	Talk about your club’s                	Pay for the candidate’s meal          	How do we get new
        activities                              (optional)                             members involved?
    	Talk about your members-              	Invite (Ask) the potential                    o New member
        show pride in what they and             Lion to a club meeting                         orientation
        you are doing                       	Make sure the other                           o Assign them to
    	Emphasis the benefits                     members are individually                       committees
        you have provided to the                introduced and engage in            	Make sure they are invited to
        community                               friendly conversations with            all events and projects
    	Provide your club’s, district             the candidate                               o Take them on
        or LCI website                      	Ask the candidate to join                        visitations
    	Give the names of other                   your club                                   o Have events with
        members who are willing to          	Provide a club application at                    spouses
        talk to potential candidates.           the end of the meeting                      o Give them a chance
    •	 Give the candidate a club            	Help the candidate to                            to share ideas
        brochure                                complete the application if                 o Do not treat them
Close the Sale- Invite the candidate            necessary                                      as uniformed
    	Invite (Ask) the potential            	Follow-up with a visit or                        “newbees”
        Lion to a club meeting                  phone call                                  o Establish an
    	Make sure the other                   •	 Ask the candidate to the                        atmosphere that they
        members are individually                next meeting                                   are part of the club.
        introduced and engage in        Asking a potential Lion to a meeting                o Determine how much
        friendly conversations with     is not easy for everyone                               time a new member
        the candidate                       	Why are some people afraid                       can devote to club
    	Ensure that personality                   to ask?                                        activities. Avoid
        conflicts in the club do not        	Fear of rejection                                “Burn out”.
        surface                             	Insecurity about their own       Assign a mentor!
    	Include club activities on the            commitment to Lionism          Remember: A new Lion is one of the
        agenda                              •	 Afraid that other club          most valuable assets to your club!!!
    	Introduce the candidate                   members will not approve of
        to the club during the
        meeting and say any that
                                                their candidate
                                                                                 Regional Rally
        is complimentary about the
        candidate.                                                                  Rimbey
                                                                                January 21 & 22

Those of you who attended last January’s Regional Rally know                   The organisers are a little nervous,
it was a great event. With the Olympic theme and competi-                      because without your commitment,
                                                                               planning for this great event is dif-
tions, great fellowship, useful sessions, and great food, it was
                                                                               ficult. We know Lions are slow to
a highlight of the year. Come back for more, and bring your                    register for these events, but if you
Lions friends and colleagues with you. Come to think of it, the                are planning to go, or can encourage
Rally might just be a great recruiting tool!                                   someone else to attend, register early
                                                                               and register often! Entry form at the
                                                                               end of this Lions Link.
Lions Link November 21, 2010                                                                                Page 3
                                              stated that it was “sure-fire rub-           Lombardi, “he possesses minimal
                    FEAR                      bish!” (he persisted)                        football knowledge. Lacks moti-
                     OF                   •   In 1902, the poetry editor of the            vation”. (he persisted).
                                              Atlantic Monthly magazine re-           •    Walt Disney was fired by a news-
                  REJECTION                   turned the poems of a 28 year-               paper editor for lack of ideas.
                                              old poet with the following note:            He went bankrupt several times
The main reason that some of our              “Our magazine has no room for                before he built Disneyland. (he
members don’t invite others to join           your vigourous verse”. The poet              persisted)
our Club is fear of rejection.                was Robert Frost. (he persisted)        •    Thomas Edison’s teachers said
We all agree that our Club is one of      •   In 1889, Rudyard Kipling received            he was too stupid to learn any-
the best – if not the best – in our           the following rejection letter from          thing. (he persisted)
District. We are actively engaged             the San Francisco Examiner; “I’m        •    Henry Ford failed and went broke
in meeting the needs and desires              sorry, Mr. Kipling, but you just             five times before he finally suc-
of those in our community who are             don’t know how to use the Eng-               ceeded. (he persisted)
less fortunate. We have interesting           lish language”. (he persisted)          •    Babe Ruth, considered by most
and fun meetings at least twice per       •   In 1962, four young women                    sports historians to be the great-
month. And yet, perhaps because we            wanted to start a professional               est athlete of all time, and fa-
are so busy, we often find ourselves          singing career. They began per-              mous for setting the long-stand-
looking for more help. Some of our            forming in their church and do-              ing home run record of 714,
members end up doing much more                ing small concerts. Then came                also held the strikeout record of
than their share, and we fear that            their time to cut a record. It was           1,330. (he was not deterred)
some may begin to suffer “burnout”.           a flop. Later, another record was       •    R.H. Macy failed seven times be-
                                              made. The sales were a fiasco.               fore his store in New York caught
Every day we have an opportunity to
                                              The third, fourth, fifth and on              on. (he persisted)
expand our ranks to better serve !
Every day we have an opportunity to           through the ninth recording were        The lesson to be learned from all
share our philosophy of service !             all failures. Early in 1964, they       these stories about famous people is
Every day we have an opportunity to           were booked for the Dick Clark          this:
add more hands to do our work !               Show. He barely paid enough to          Don’t worry if your invitation is
                                              meet their expenses, and no great       turned down.
So we urge each and every member              contracts resulted from their na-       Don’t worry about rejection.
to ask someone to join – the first one        tional exposure. Later that sum-        Instead, worry about all the opportu-
you ask may turn you down – and               mer, they recorded “Where Did           nities you miss when you don’t try.
the second – and the third; but the           Our Love Go ?” The song raced
fourth may not, nor the fifth, nor the        to the top of the charts, and           So, let us all TRY to sponsor at least
sixth. The secret is to persevere – try       Diana Ross and the Supremes             one new member in this Lions year
again – not give up – GET OVER THE            gained national recognition and         – you may have to ask ten people be-
FEAR OF REJECTION !                           prominence as a musical sensa-          fore you get one. Tonight Lion John
                                              tion. (they persisted)                  Watson, our Membership Director,
Yes – try again ! Be persistent ! Let’s
                                          •   Winston Churchill was unable to         has given you a number of brochures
remember several instances where
                                              gain admission to either the pres-      extolling the benefits of being a Lion.
perseverance resulted in success !
                                              tigious Oxford or Cambridge Uni-        It tells a compelling story that should
• during its first year of business,
                                              versities, because he “was weak         convince any person to join our ranks.
    the Coca Cola company sold only
                                              in the classics”. (he persisted)        However, they will not be effective
    400 cokes. (the company per-
                                          •   in 1905, the University of Bern,        lying in a drawer in your home or of-
                                              Switzerland, turned down a doc-         fice, so it is vital that you look for
• basketball superstar Michael Jor-
                                              toral       dissertation as being ir-   and give one to several people whom
    dan was cut from his high school
                                              relevant and fanciful. The young        you believe would enjoy becoming a
    basketball team. (he persisted).
                                              physics student who wrote the           member of our Club. And when you
• at age 17 Wayne Gretsky was
                                              dissertation was Albert Einstein,       get one or more of those persons to
    told, “You don’t weigh enough.
                                              who was disappointed, but not           accept your invitation, we’ll have
    At 172 pounds, you’re over 50
                                              defeated. (he persisted                 more good people to help us maintain
    pounds lighter than the average
                                          •   after Fred Astaire’s first screen       our position of the largest and best
    player. You won’t be able to sur-
                                              test, the memo from the testing         Club in the District!
    vive on the rink “. (he persisted)
• Rafer Johnson, the declathlon               director of MGM, dated 1933,
    champion, was born with a club            said: “Can’t act ! Slightly bald !             Vimy and District
    foot. (he persisted)                      Can dance a little !” Astaire per-                Lions Club
• In 1935, the New York Herald                sisted and kept that memo over              has changed the start time of
    Tribune’s review of George Ger-           the fireplace in his home.                  their meetings from 8:00 pm to
    shwin’s classic “Porgy and Bess”      •   A football expert said of Vince             7:30 pm.

Page 4                                                                                      Lions Link November 21, 2010
                                                            SHUFFLE UP
                                                             AND DEAL
                                                      was the rallying cry at
                                                      the first ever Texas
                                                      Hold’em      tournament
                                                      held by the Tumbler
                                                      Ridge Lions Club. Pit
                                                      bosses Lions Tim and
                                                      Jeff with the help of
                                                      local businessman Keys      Monday, November 8th a gathering
                                                      organized the event at      of some seventy-five Lions, Guests,
                                                      the local community         Legion Members, and Sea Cadets
                                                      centre.                     witnessed and took part in a wreath-
                                                      Entrants paid $50 each      laying ceremony of Remembrance
                                                      for a chance to stare       at the Norwood Legion Hall.       The
                                                      down the competition.       event featured the display owned by
                                                      The enthusiastic men        Sherwood Park Lions Club and was
were joined at the tables by three daring women. Whether it was a full            promoted by Millwoods Breakfast
house, straight, or all-out bluff players gambled their way to the final table,   Lions Club.       An excellent dinner
with the eventual winner taking home $500. The fun-filled evening ended           followed the ceremony.
with plans to hold a second tournament in the near future.                        [photo courtesy of Lion Seamus
                                                               - Dina Haavind     Secker, Jolly Fellows Lions Club].
                                                                                  PR Notes:
       Edmonton Chinese Lions Club invites you                                    1. The Lions’ parade float will
         to join us for our annual Christmas Party                                   appear in the GREY CUP PARADE
                                                                                     on Saturday, November 27th.
                                                                                     The parade starts at noon in
                                                                                     downtown Edmonton. It will be
                                                                                     televised live by GLOBAL TV.
                                                                                  2. An order for those popular yellow
                                                                                     t-shirts with the blue lions logo
                                                                                     on the front is now being put
                                                                                     together. All clubs are urged to
                                                                                     consider purchasing them now as
                                                                                     the next order may be a long way
                                                                                     off in the future. Price for all sizes
                                                                                     is $8.75 per shirt. Contact Lion
                         Tuesday, December 14, 2010                                  John Cragg jcragg@telusplanet.
                                                                                     net , 780 435-1948
                              Reception: 6:00 PM
                                                                                  3. Highway signs erected by
                             Call to Oder: 6:30 PM
                                                                                     Lions Clubs are great for Public
                                Ticket price $20                                     Relations but our image suffers
                                                                                     when they are not maintained!
                   Special Guest: DG Lion Betty Ann Robson                                   - Lion John Cragg, PR 37L
                      Dynasty Century Palace Restaurant
                           206, 9700 – 105 Avenue                                    Edmonton Host on the
                              Edmonton, Alberta
                       (Free parking at rear of building)
                                                                                    If you are planning a visitation
                        RSVP by December 9, 2010 to                                 to the Edmonton (Host) club
                            Lion Eugene Chow                                        please be advised it may be
                              (780) 955-3456                                        moving! At the present time the
                                                                                    Club is trying out various loca-
                          50/50 Draw and Door Prizes                                tions so please contact the club
                      All proceeds to STARS Ambulance                               President Larry Medd, 780-430-
                                                                                    7680, or secretary Terry Koz-
   ***Charity of Choice: TERRA – please bring a bag of diapers as donation***       ma, 780-982-9530 for details.

Lions Link November 21, 2010                                                                                     Page 5
                                                                                  STARS Poker Tourney
                                                                               I need to advise that we are moving
                                                                               the STARS poker tournament for the
                                                                               Northern Base in Grande Prairie from
                                                                               January 29, 2011 to April 16, 2011.
                                                                               This is due to a couple of reasons.
                                                                               One, STARS has a major fundraiser
                                                                               called the Hanger Ball that is two
                                                                               weeks before the tournament and
                                                                               they are targetting the very same
                                                                               people that we will be going after for
                                                                               the tournament - the oilfield industry.
                                                                               Glenda at STARS has actually talked
                                                                               to a couple of people in the industry
                                                                               and they agree that the tournament
                                                                               would be a good idea, just not in
                                                                               January. They asked me to move it
                                                                               to April.

                                                                               So I’ve attached the updated poster
                                                                               and entry form. You’ll also notice
                                                                               that it is no longer CASH ONLY.
                                                                               We’ll accept cheques and money
                                                                               orders. I’ve been told that with other
                                                                               poker tournaments like this, other
                                                                               organizations have also been able to
                                                                               accept credit cards, but I am waiting
                                                                               for further details on that before even
                                                                               considering it.

                                                                               So what does this mean for the club? It
                                                                               means that we can still look at getting
                                                                               items for the Silent Auction. I’ve
                                                                               been informed by Glenda at STARS
                                                                               that they will issue tax receipts for
                                                                               the donations as long as she receives
                                                                               an invoice stating what the item is,
Dear Lions,                                                                    how much it’s worth and that it is a
                                                                               donation for STARS. That may help
The Lions Eye Research Institute of Northern Alberta was established in        get some other donations. I know it
partnership with the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in 2000. The          will help me. It also means that we
Institute supports the Regional Eye Centre at the Royal Alex. Through the      will be able to push the tournament
establishment of a Research Endowment Fund the Lions have raised over          in the media for right now, but come
$300,000 for medical research and the development of new surgical care for     January,all club members will have
residents of central and northern Alberta.                                     to get out and actually go out to the
                                                                               companies and talk to people and
The 2010 Report to the Community by the Hospital Foundation celebrates         get them to register right then and
a number of partnerships, and the people involved, that have had a positive    there. Relying strictly on advertising
impact on the Foundation’s success. The above excerpt recognizes PID Dr.       will NOT work, according to the
Patti Hill and the role of the Lions clubs of Northern Alberta.                casino. We can try the Farmer’s
                                                                               Market again and perhaps even look
If you have space in your newsletters I believe this would be of interest to   at getting the booth in the mall, but
our members.                                                                   we’re not able to set up a table at the
                                                                               casino as the casino will not allow us
                                                           - Bill Webber PID   to do this.

Page 6                                                                              Lions Link November 21, 2010
For those other Lions clubs that        DG Betty Ann’s Visitations                08   Edmonton Jolly Fellows
aren’t sure about this, please let me                                             14   High Prairie
know if it would be okay for Glenda     Dec 08   Edmonton Northgate               15   Rycroft
from STARS and myself to come to            13   Beaumont                         16   Fairview New Member
a meeting and discuss this with you.        14   Edmonton Chinese                      Induction
For our zone clubs, perhaps we’d            15   Vimy                             22   Edmonton Goldengate
be able to do that at our first Zone        15   Sherwood Park Breakfast          23   Edmonton City of
meeting when Lion Christine sets            20   Beaverlodge                           Champions
the date.                                   21   Edson                      Mar 09     Hinton
                                        Jan 05   Chetwynd                       14     Fox Creek
For anyone that has questions,              06   Hudson Hope                    15     Jasper
please let me know, either via email        10   Morinville                     16     Edmonton Riverside
or give me a call at home. This has         11   St Albert Breakfast            22     Edmonton Korean
the potential to be a very successful            Busby                       Apr12     Entwistle / Evansburg
tournament, if we all work together         17   Edmonton Millwoods             27     Fort Saskatchewan
and promote it.                             18   St Albert Host             May 25     Peace River
                                            19   Drayton Valley             Jun 22     Wabamun
Thanks everyone.                            24   South Edmonton
                 - Tammy J. Coulter         25   Gr. Prairie Trumpeter      Cabinet Meetings
             780-539-7488 (home)        Feb 01   Edmonton Castledowns        Oct 31 Westwinds Motor Inn
               780-228-1822 (cell)          02   Whitecourt                          Drayton Valley
          email:           03   Tumbler Ridge              Mar 12 Norwood Legion
                                            07   Sherwood Park                       Edmonton
Register for the Regional                   08   Leduc Breakfast            Jun 18 TBA
Rally (Districts L and I) be- “Okay, so Rimbey isn’t my first choice of a winter destination
fore December 1 for the       either, but the events and fellowship will certainly make up for
discount!                     it!”                                                - your Editor!
District Calendar
1 14-15 37O Convention                     Canmore
1 21-22 Regional Rally                     Rimbey                 Gwen Olson
3    12 Cabinet Meeting                    Edmonton               Norwood Legion
5     ? MD37 Convention                    Medicine Hat
6    18 Cabinet Meeting                    TBA
7   4-8 International Convention           Seattle, WA            Lions International
7    21 CapitalEx Parade                   Edmonton               John Cragg
9 22-24 USA/Canada Forum                   Anchorage, AL          Lions International
11      37L Convention                     Ft. Saskatchewan

5 17-19 MD37 Convention                    Athabasca              PCC Gordon Topps
6 22-26 International Convention           Busan, Korea           Lions International
9 14-16 USA/Canada Forum                   Tampa Bay, FL          Lions International
11    ? 37L Convention                     Edmonton               Edmonton Northgate

7      5-9 International Convention        Hamburg, Germany       Lions International
11       ? 37L Convention                  Vimy?                  Vimy & District

7      4-8 International Convention        Toronto                Lions International

6    26-30 International Convention        Honolulu               Lions International

Lions Link November 21, 2010                                                                           Page 7
                                                  stitutional Area. All Constitution-   fare and hotel accommodations for
Lions Music Competition                           al Areas - except for the USA, Its    each finalist and one guest.) The per-
                                                  Affiliates, Bermuda, the Bahamas      formance will have two parts:
The Lions Clubs International Global
                                                  and Canada - will handle their        • Individual Performances: Finalists
Youth Music Competition is a unique
                                                  own competition.                           will perform the required piece
cultural event that allows young mu-
                                             • Learn more about competition                  and their first selected piece.
sicians to showcase their talents.
                                                  guidelines for the USA, Its Affili-   • Concert: Finalists will perform
Additionally, the competition helps
                                                  ates, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and            their second selected piece at a
the youth of today grow to be the
                                                  Canada.                                    concert.
Lions of tomorrow.
                                             Please note that all other Constitu-       A panel of jurors, musicians of high
The instrument for the 2010-2011
                                             tional Areas will select their finalist    reputation (active musicians, profes-
competition is the classical guitar.
                                             for the 2010-2011 competition in the       sors of music, etc.) will select the
Who Is Eligible to Enter the Competi-
                                             same manner as the previous year.          first, second and third place winners.
                                             How Will the Winners Be Selected?            The first place prize is US$ 10,000;
The competition is open to partici-
                                             Finalists will perform during the Lions    second place is US$ 7,000; and third
pants who were born after Dec. 31,
                                             Clubs International Convention 2011        place is US$ 3,000.
                                             in Seattle, Washington, USA. (Lions
• All participants will play one re-
                                             Clubs International will provide air
     quired piece and two additional
     pieces they select from a list on
     the classical guitar.
• Participants should have lived in
     the constitutional area they rep-
     resent for at least five years.
How Will Participants Be Identified
and Selected?
• Seven international finalists will
     be selected, one from each Con-

        This ‘n That
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Friends are an aid to the young, to
guard them from error; to the elderly,
to attend to their wants and to sup-
plement their failing power of action;
to those in the prime of life, to assist
them to noble deeds.
                             - Aristotle

The shortest distance between two
points is under construction
                        -Noelie Altito

There is a remote tribe that worships
the number zero. Is nothing sacred?
                        - Les Dawson

Housework, if you do it right, will kill
                   - Erma Bombeck

This is still the greatest country in the
world if we just steel our wills and
lose and lose our minds.
                            - Bill Clinton

Page 8                                                                                       Lions Link November 21, 2010
                                  Plans are well underway for the Second Annual 37 L
                                  and 37 I Leadership Rally. We look forward to bring-
                                  ing you a host of excellent speakers, great fellowship,
                                  good food, and a very informative and enjoyable week-
                                  end. So mark off your calendar now, register, and join
                                  us in Rimbey on January 21 -22, 2011.

                                SECOND ANNUAL 37L AND 37I LEADERSHIP RALLY
                                            JANUARY 21 AND 22, 2011
                                          RIMBEY COMMUNITY CENTRE
                                                   RIMBEY, AB

 Name                                                                    Companion Name

 Club                                       District                     Club                                  District

 Address                                                                 Address

 City                                       Postal Code                  City                                      Postal Code

 Phone                                      e-mail                       Phone                                      e-mail

 Name on Badge                                                           Name on Badge

 Registration – early bird ( prior to November 30,2010)                              _______ X $85.00=__________
 Late registration – after December 1, 2010                                          _______ X $95.00=__________
 Extra banquet                                                                       _______X $30.00=___________
 Total                                                                                                 __________

 Do you have dietary restrictions? _____/diabetic _____/vegetarian _____/other___________________

 Hotel / Motel Information (note that a shuttle bus will be available)
 Best Western Rimstone Ridge Hotel (closest to the Community Centre)
 5501 50 Ave Rimbey Phone: 403 843 2999
 Special rate: $116.99 plus GST/ two queen or one king; based on double occupancy. Note that to receive this rate, you must book by
 November 20, 2010 AND say that you are staying for the Lions Rally.

 Super 8 Motel
 5702 43 St. Rimbey Phone: 403 843 3808
 Special rate: $116.99 plus GST/two queen or one king; based on double occupancy. Note that to receive this rate, you must book by
 December 20, 2010 AND say that you are staying for the Lions Rally.

 Parkland Motel                                        Rimbey Motor Inn
 54 Ave 49 St. 403 843 2294                             5117 50 Ave. 403 843 3725
 $59/single $69/double GST included                    $68.40 GST included (based on double occupancy)

 Send registration and cheque or money order (CDN funds) to:                               INQUIRIES: Email us at
 Rimbey Lions Club                                                               
 Rally Committee                                                                           Or call the Rally Chair, Gwen
 Box 326
                                                                                           at: 403 843 3008

Lions Link November 21, 2010                                                                                                          Page 9
                       1st Annual
 No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament
              Presented by the Service Clubs of Grande Prairie and Area
                    April 16, 2011 Great Northern Casino, Grande Prairie Alberta

                                            Registration: 11:00 am
                                       Tournament Start: 1:00 pm SHARP

      Buy-in (non-refundable): $150.00, includes Tournament registration and supper

                         Event also includes Silent Auction and entertainment

                 Send your $150 buy-in (Cheque, Money Order or Cash),
 along with the lower portion of this form no later than March 15, 2011 (early registration
                        deadline) Final deadline – April 1, 2011:

                                             STARS Poker Tournament
                                               c/o 9005-90 Avenue
                                            Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0C4

                           For Further information contact Tammy Coulter at
                subject: STARS Poker Tournament


 Complete and keep the upper portion of this form as your confirmation of registration.
         You will need this on April 16, 2011 to prove you’ve pre-registered.

 Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
 Address: __________________________________________________________________________
 Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________
 Buy-In: _____________________________________________________________________________
 1st Annual STARS Poker Tournament – April 16, 2011 Great Northern Casino
 Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
 Address: __________________________________________________________________________
 Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________
 Buy-In: _____________________________________________________________________________

Page 10                                                                                          Lions Link November 21, 2010