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					Fashion reflects the society as well as the individual. It is the art of carrying oneself
socially. From the ancient times to this post-modern world it has been a spiral journey
for this phenomenon called fashion. It means the external appearance of a person
based on the clothes and accessories he is wearing but it reflects the psychological
condition of the person. One cannot claim that one has an individual fashion. It has
always been a thing of the mass, of the society. It means what is being acceptable,
what is the trend of the contemporary society to which one belongs. However, it
depends on a whole lot of things like climatic condition, comfort and the mood of the
  Fashion is known to be gender variant. Both men and women have different fashion
trends simultaneously depending how completely it reflects both the personas. Mens
fashion from the very beginning has depended heavily on the kind of work they do.
But recent years have seen contrast to this notion. Now, it has become different
depending how one wants to reflect himself. Denim is one fabric that is a part of
almost every wardrobe around the world. It has predominantly been a male clothing
and reflects rusticity and masculinity. It is only recently that women too have taken to
the fabric like fish to water.
  As winter is coming closer everyone is giving a thought about what to wear this
season. With all the designer’s introducing their winter designs, one can easily see
that palettes of bold colours will be setting the benchmark. But one shouldn’t go
overboard with bright reds and pinks as they are going to stay away this season.
Talking of shoes, pointed boots may be a thing of the past but they can still be seen in
fashion streets around the world. Similarly the seventies skinny pants which were
recently at a high again have already started going down. Light denim on the casual
shoes goes well with the winter.
  Mens fashion is experiencing all the experiments. While some years back metro
sexual look was the demand of the season, everyone has already started going retro in
the current season. Casual look is now the demand of all the seasons. Less is more is
the new fashion statement. Suave look and sweet smelling cologne are out of the
closet. Its pleasant perfumes and strong looks with less accessories. Neck-chains and
head bands have already been shown the back door but the gentle wristwatch is still
  The fashion is more open than never before. All you need to do is figure out what
looks best on you. So check your wardrobe, introspect and make a list of what to wear
in the upcoming winter.
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