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Men's Fashion Tips- Men's Jeans Care Tips


									As most people will say, you cannot go wrong with a good pair of jeans. Match it with
your favorite shirt or tees, wear some sneakers or loafers and you are set. Though
there are so many styles, it can definitely go with everything you have and can be
worn in just about every occasion you can think of. But this convenience comes with
a bit of a price. Because if you don't take enough care of your favorite jeans, you can
just say bye-bye to them. Knowing proper maintenance for your good ol' jeans is
definitely an essential if you want to get the best out of them. So here are some care
tips you should keep in mind to ensure that you always have that perfect pair of jeans.
  1. Crumpled jeans are not a good sight. Avoid this from happening by hanging your
jeans properly. If you can afford it, buy and use hangers that are specially made for
hanging jeans.
  2. Proper folding is essential for jeans. The way jeans are folded when storing or
putting in bag and luggage makes a lot of difference. Fold jeans in the same way they
were folded when you buy them from the store. Make sure you follow where the
original crease is. Multiple crease in pants are just not acceptable.
  3. Fading is an ever danger for jeans. To prevent excessive loss of color, jeans should
be soaked first in water for sometime before washing them for the first time.
  4. To minimize wear and tear, jeans should be washed inside out on delicate washing
settings on the machine. This will prevent them from rough movements that can
weaken the fabric. Turning them inside out will help to minimize exposure to the
chemicals in detergents.
  5. Make sure you button and zip up your jeans after taking them off. This is to help
them maintain their shape.
  6. Don't machine dry your jeans as this will weaken the fabric. Always air dry to
protect them from rough tumbling in the dryer. Also, make sure to put them flat when
air drying to prevent marks when drying on plastic or wooden dryer.
  7. When pressing, make sure they are a little damp to keep their original shape.
  So there you go. These are just some tips that you should know if you want to get the
best out of your jeans. For more fashion tips, visit Men's Fashion 101 where you can
learn more about formal and casual fashion including about Pal Zileri Lab and Pal
Zileri Concept.

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