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									Fashion goes through cycles; it’s a common phenomenon that is unlikely to see any
halt. There exist a few finite cool styles of men’s tops that can be universally safe
from the fashion revision that the industry inevitably has every year (at most). So, go
get yourself a look at a few of these cool styles and maybe even add one or two to
your wardrobe. Long sleeve tops, mostly t-shirt styled ones, remain popular. They can
be worn in summer or winter months depending on how varied your temperatures are.
The Nautical style long sleeve top has risen in the cool stakes recently to become a
popular choice for celebrities and musicians looking to wear something a little more
  Business shirts can be cool too. For too long it has been accepted that general office
wear is bland an uninteresting, Clothing designers now go to efforts to make business
shirts form fitting. And if you examine particular collar types in long sleeve shirts that
suit you, your one-step ahead. What makes business tops even cooler is that they are
now more versatile thanks to their updated design. You get the added benefit of being
able to wear them out to casual events at clubs and bars. Easily the coolest dressed
guy in any environment is the one with a nice collared shirt that can be dressed down
with some jeans to give the best of both causal and smart fashion.
  The Internet is helpful for many things and cool tops that you can design yourself are
plentiful. You can use existing designs and add your own finishing touches or browse
around the web for a design you like and recreate it (copyright permitting) for a
fraction of the cost. Many of these websites give discounts for multiple purchases,
meaning you can update your T-shirt, sweater or polo shirt collection all at once with
a few cool new designs.
  To make any top look cool it needs to fit you right. It’s not all about having the most
up to date style of top; you need to know what the coolest look for you would be.
Most tops fall into the loose fit or tight fit category, with small variations to be found.
Tight fit tops will look cool if you have tone to display as they hug the contours of the
body. Looser fitting tops will hide away any unseemly parts of the body and give a
generally more casual look.
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