Searching for the best eyeglasses is a one hard task that is if you don 鈥檛 know what
鈥檚 best for you. We try to pattern our style to famous celebrities in hoping we got
that glamorous look.
 Women in general are choosy and picky in terms of fashion however men won 鈥檛
be left on the side. Men also consider their outlook and presentation especially to
apparel and accessory.

 In eyeglass world, men don 鈥檛 want to be left out in terms of style. Talking about
the rimless eyeglasses, men always find it gorgeous. They tend to relate themselves
with famous hollywood actors like Christian Slater, Kevin Costner, or Ralph Fiennes,
to name a few who wears rimless eyeglasses most of the time whether in the movie or
just simple press conference.

  I have been asking my male friends how they find rimless glass and if they have to
choose from rimless and with frames which one they would prefer? Most of the
answer is rimless glass. What is the reason? Looking great is the main point. A man in
his early 30 鈥檚 said he is not sure if he looks great with frames. The rimless glass is
the safe option and it won 鈥檛 distract him. A doctor who currently wears a thick
rimless glass also said 鈥渢 he rimless is light and clean, it won 鈥檛 complicate my
face 鈥? he explains. Even our building janitor didn 鈥檛 escape my question, he
chooses rimless because he said he looks professional and elegant.

 After my make-up for glasses research I realize why rimless is a choice for most
women and men. My instinct was right the very first time I went to an optical shop. I
chose the rimless and my thinking was, with rimless at least it won 鈥檛 add years to
my looks.

  The type of frame plays an important rule; it should fit the shape of our face.
Rimless glasses will appear invisible therefore you won 鈥檛 be worried if the glass
shape fits for the shape of your face. For men, their broad forehead gives them the
masculine look. The rimless glass will never conceal this part unlike the framed ones,
instead it will compliment because their eyebrows will seems to meet where the
temple of the glass is giving a more masculine feature.

 In my opinion i like the rimless glass much because of its elegance and professional
look it will give the user. It is clean, lightweight and simple yet presentable. Eye
make-up is not a necessity with rimless glass and you don 鈥檛 have to emphasize
much your upper facial features. Many of the professionals describe the best feature
of rimless glass which is the aesthetic appeal.
 Recent development of rimless glass is the progressive lens and bifocal lens. Yes,
you can have a progressive lens for bifocal reading which is rimless. However, many
opticians don 鈥檛 consider rimless as the best choice for high prescription glasses
because they don 鈥檛 have a robust anchoring frame which makes them vulnerable
to cracking and chipping off on the glass edge. The best option is a plastic or
polycarbonate rimless lens. Rimless is more a fashion accessory than a prescribed
correction eyeglass. This perception was coming from the consumers when most of us
always consider how we look. Most men do look first the fashionable one and will
enhance their looks.
 Because rimless is quite delicate, you have to consider also the after care. A very
good sturdy case, a cleaning cloth and a regular cleaning habit is important. If you are
the one who sleep with glasses on, I don 鈥檛 think rimless is safety for you. Limit
yourself from using this in parties, office or especial occasion to keep your rimless
glass in good shape for years. Since this apparel is a self esteem booster, care is very
important. A small scratch or chip will make your rimless end up into the trash bin.
You have to check occasionally to avoid wearing a total disaster chipped rimless
 In most men, rimless glass will go best with any attire. It could be a jeans and shirt
you will look like a college hunk even at your 40 鈥檚 or a VIP look in tuxedo or
black suit. Even in a casual attire you will appear smart and elegant professional. Or
maybe just a simple, charming, great looking you in a rimless eyeglasses.

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