; Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Does It Work
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Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Does It Work


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									For all of you who want to try treating your hair at home, I recommend to start with
Mayonnaise Hair Treatment. It's very easy ans inexpensive to make, fast and effective
to use. If you still not sure does it really work, read through the article and learn all
little secrets that made it one of the most common treatment all around the world.
Generally mayonnaise is made of oil, egg yolks and acid. As for the oil, it can be
sunflower-seed oil or olive oil, all depend on type of mayo. As a acid manufacturers
use lemon juice or apple vinegar, they both are natural acids, but give very different
flavors. As you can see all ingredients are pretty organic therefor they won't damage
your hair or skin and that's why mayonnaise was and is the most favorite hair
treatment among lots women all over the world. To make this sauce even more
effective and helpful you can add different types of products, which bring vitamins,
minerals and nutrients. Add honey and it will cure dry hair, add avocado and you will
get great treatment for damaged and thinning hair, add egg yolks and heal your split
ends. That's how mayo works, it soaks into each single hair and nourish and repair it
from inside. How to use mayo hair treatment?
Choose an appropriate recipe for yourself, which one is the most suitable for your hair
and mix ingredients properly. Apply mixture along the full length of your hair and
wrap it with shower cap. You also can massage hair roots during the application for
better result. Leave mayonnaise for 20 minutes to let it soaking into hair. Shampoo
and dry your hair. Now you are done. You will see that your hair became silky and
soft. Repeat such procedure several times a week and you'll never be complaining
about your locks. That's how mayonnaise hair treatment works, and it really works,
just try it.

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