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									NFL teasers are a popular wagering option. As popular as they might be though, the
majority of people lose money playing them because it is much harder to predict the
outcome of two, three, or four games than it is to predict one single game. Still,
teasers allow you to soften the spread in your favor, making this wagering option
attractive to both professional and amateur football bettors.
  For this betting opportunity to work, you do not need to be correct 100 percent of the
time. Like all gambling propositions, this endeavor should be evaluated over the long
term. To be a winning bettor with teasers, you need to have an edge over the book.
The sports books are obviously very aware that teasers give up some of their edge, so
in order to protect their profits the books routinely change the payouts for their teasers.
With two teams at even payout odds (+100), you need to be correct roughly 70.7
percent of the time in order to secure a profit. This obviously means that you need to
be more than a break even bettor. The best bettors know that points in football games
come in clumps of 3 or 7 because of field goals and touchdowns. This means that
when looking to soften scores, there is more likely to be a multiple of 3 or a 7 point
difference than there is to be a 2 or 5 point difference. Teasers can be made profitable
if you take this fact into account.
  For example, assume that the original spread of a game is 2.5 points. If you have a
two team teaser, you would want that 2.5 points to jump up to at least 7.5 points by
purchasing an extra 5 points. Since most two team teasers are softened by 6 points,
this gap would effectively be covered. In order to maximize profits, it is possible to
鈥渞 ound robin 鈥?the games. If there are 4 games that have potentially good teasers
available, you would want to make a number of different bets collectively known as a
round robin. This includes betting all of the combinations of games possible. With
two team teasers, there are 6 different bets available (1&2, 1&3, 1&4, 2&3, 2&4,
3&4). This will add a large boost to your payout if the games go in your favor. Teasers
are difficult to win. You will not win every week, but you will be close to breaking
even most weeks. When you do win though, you will win big. By being consistent
week after week with your teasers, you may lose money here and there, but eventually,
if you take advantage of the right bets, you will have a huge week once or twice a
season. The payout is largely worth the extra effort you will put in.

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