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									Stamford Tent and Party Rental

                                                        Party Rentals > China                                                 ---- Quick Find ----

                                                 Provide guests with your
                                                 culinary masterpiece…
                                                 presented on the perfect
                                                 plate. Our first-quality china
                                                 is available from a classic        Bone White Rim   Bone White Coupe        Newport                   Windsor
                                                 bone white rim pattern, to a
                                                 more formal style defined
                                                 with a gold or silver band.
                                                 Geometric black glass and
                                                 frosted floral glass styles
                                                 compliment our offering.
                                                 Please inquire about our
                                                 specialty china patterns—
                                                 the possibilities are limitless.

                                                                                    Mikasa Riviera        Octime           Fleur Glass               Clear Glass

                                                                                      Charleston         Arlington      Black Matte Square           White Square 11:56:14 AM

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