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					Master Plus Pro - remote controlled collar training experience The dog's standpoint
Your dog doesn't have the capacity to integrate into your family, mainly because he
has his own conventions for living, which are often unable to coexist, such as digging
your grounds, stealing food, and biting you and may be your neighbors. Such
conflicting behavior becomes a basis of divergence as you cannot afford to be in
jeopardy by your dog. In the rear of your mind persistent thoughts about your dog
harming your flowerbeds and biting your neighbours or guests keep revolving.
However, it is to be thought that your dog is his own individual person, which was
inherited mainly due to your mal-communication with it. You might have overlooked
your dog in the past because of which he develops a behavior that requires your
attention, thus damaging your most valuable things in an attempt to be noticed. Due to
this display of rigorous behavior by your dog, you should make an effort to show him
that you are concerned. You can do this by communicating and making him
understand in an appropriate language that your dog would understand.
Implementation of Master Plus Pro It incorporates a collar that is intended to
preoccupy your dog's neck. It functions by operating a remote control that transmits
signals to the collar. The Masterplus collar can catch the signals from a distance of
about 300m. The collar discharges a fragrance-free, harmless spray.
  The rewarding technique! You might be of the habit to punish your dog the instant,
he gets himself into a mess. Rewarding him instead by activating the Masterplus spray
would surprise him and obey your order instantly and when he does this you can give
him a reward to show that you appreciated his attention. Resource:
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