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									In the state of Maryland, field sobriety tests are commonly performed when a police
officer is trying to determine whether you are under the influence of alcohol. They are
designed in a manner that separates your ability to listen to and follow directions from
your ability to perform physical tasks such as standing without swaying or walking a
straight line.
  The majority of police officers are trained and certified to perform a variety of
standard field sobriety tests created by the National Highway Traffic and Safety
Administration. While these tests are standardized, there is some variability as to the
way they are conducted. As a result, it is easy for a police officer to make a mistake in
the performance of your field sobriety test which could influence the outcome of your
  Common Field Sobriety Tests
  The following field sobriety tests are commonly performed when determining
whether you are under the influence of alcohol:
  鈥?Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus 鈥?Alcohol can cause you to develop a condition
called nystagmus, which consists of an involuntary jerking of your eyes. Police
officers employ a variety of tests to evaluate this type of eye movement in an attempt
to detect the presence of alcohol in your system. 鈥?Walk and Turn 鈥?You will be
instructed to stand in a certain position, placing one foot in front of the other. You will
then be required to walk heel to toe nine steps in one direction, pivot, and walk back
nine steps in the other direction. The police officer will be checking to see if you
make heel to toe contact, keep your feet on the line, and take the appropriate number
of steps. 鈥?One Leg Stand 鈥?This test requires you to stand on one leg while
lifting the other off the ground. You will be asked to count out loud during this
process. The police officer will be checking to see whether you are using your arms
for balance, swaying, counting correctly, or beginning the test before being instructed
to start.
  The Importance of Properly Analyzing Your Field Sobriety Test
  It is important to work with an Annapolis DUI/DWI attorney who has extensive
experience analyzing field sobriety tests. Often, what is omitted from the police
officer 鈥檚 report of your field sobriety test performance is more important than the
information documented in the report. A careful analysis of the field sobriety test
report can often reveal mistakes made by the arresting officer which may impact the
outcome of your case.
  Before you hire an Annapolis DUI/DWI attorney, ask whether he has received police
training on how to conduct field sobriety tests and read the associated report. This is
an important skill for your lawyer to possess, and it can greatly improve your ability
to receive a more favorable outcome for your case.
  If you have been charged with a DUI in the Annapolis, Maryland area, please visit
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