Marvin Sapp Loses His Wife to Colon Cancer by gyvwpgjmtx


									Marvin Sapp and the Sapp children we are praying for you all, as I can only imagine
the pain the loss of Mrs. Malinda Sapp has brought upon you. As a wife and a mother
she has stood behind all of you and supported you all. Death is never easy, and 鈥淚
know what you are going through 鈥? is NEVER the right thing to say. Every bond is
unique in its own way, and no one can weigh the loss or depth of pain your hearts are
experiencing 鈥?I want you all to know that prayers are going up all over the world
right now. The service you both have committed to God 鈥檚 ministry over the years
has NOT gone unnoticed. There have been times I walked or ran for hours while
listening to you minister through song. One of Gospel music's most beloved artists is
mourning the loss of his wife. Marvin Sapp's wife, MaLinda has died of colon cancer.
Earlier this year, Saap said MaLinda, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2009,
was recovering well and given a clean bill of health by doctors. But, more recently,
her health had depreciated and the 鈥淣 ever Would Have Made It 鈥?singer halted
recording new music and touring to be by her side.
  A few days ago, the Verity Gospel recording artist asked fans for their assist praying
around-the-clock for his wife. The couple, who had three children, and were married
for 15 years,. Together, they both served as pastors at their church, Lighthouse Full
Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, MI, where they reside. MaLinda has played an
essential part in Sapp's music success, having served as his manager and executive
producer on several of his audio and video recordings. She was too a limited licensed
psychologist and college professor. "In addition to being a dedicated wife, mom and
co-laborer with Marvin Sapp at Lighthouse Full Life Center, where she served as
administrative pastor,
  MaLinda Sapp was only 43 years old, death plays no favorites and cancer is a battle
we are fighting nationwide. In fact "Stand up for Cancer 2010", is being talked about
everywhere. We have all been affeted by this terrible disease in some way, if not
directlty definitely indirectly. Personally I have lost loved ones including family and
close friends, cancer research has come a very long way. However we still have a
quite a distance to travel, and everyone can play a role in this cause. Relay For Life is
the largest non-profit organization in the world, as Chairperson I have attended state
wide and nation wide events. Honor the Sapp family by sending prayers up, and
getting involved with the American Cancer Society in some way. MaLinda managed
the professional recording career of her husband," peruse a statement issued by Verity
Gospel Music Vice President B. Jeffrey Grant-Clark. "Her legacy will be one of deep
and unyielding faith; an unwavering commitment to her family and church; and
excellence both in ministry and industry. See You in Heaven Mrs. Malinda Sapp
ay God 鈥檚 unfailing grace and unlimited comfort be upon the Sapp family.

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