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									Maritime Security is a term which applies to a large variety of technology, devices,
and operations both on deck and on shore. It can mean the simple measures used by
boat owners and operators to protect individuals, vessels, and cargo from theft,
sabotage, or piracy.
  It can also refer to the large-scale initiatives of modern naval forces to prevent and
arrest dangerous and illegal activities; such as hijacking, piracy, and human
  In the United States, these actions are largely undertaken by the USCG, which is
appointed to protect all ports, vessels, and facilities. These duties were outlined and
expanded by the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 in an effort to combat
  On international waters, maritime security regulations are addressed by the
International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, which was adopted in 2002 by the
International Maritime Organization (IMO).
  Both of these agreements are concerned with vessel security. They state that vessel
owners/operators must appoint security officers, formulate and implement security
plans and measures according to the specifics of the vessel, and follow the dictates of
global security levels.
  The same regulations are in place for owners and operators of marine facilities,
whether they are located offshore or on the waterfront.
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