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     Child’s Surname:                         First Names:                           Ethnicity          Gender:

     Date of Birth:                      Present school:                                    Entrance Grade:

     Proposed year of entry:                      Day Scholar:                      Boarder (Grades 8 to 12 only):
                                                  YES/NO                            YES/NO
     Father:        Title:              First names:                             Surname:

     Mother:       Title:              First names:                              Surname:

     Tel Home:                               Work:                            Fax:

     Cell:                                                           Email:

                            Residential Address                                       Postal Address

                               Postal Code                                                Postal Code

I/We, the undersigned parent/s/guardian/s of the child referred to hereinbefore (hereinafter referred to as “the
Student”), do hereby apply to enrol the Student as a scholar of Somerset College Association Incorporated under
Section 21 of the Companies Act No. 61 of 1973 (Registration Number 1996/170718/08) (hereinafter referred to as
the College).

I/We agree and confirm that this application and the enrolment and admission of the Student to the College shall be
subject to:

1.           The payment of a non-refundable application fee in the sum of R1 000.00 (One Thousand Rand) which
             shall become due and payable upon submission of the application;

2.           The payment of an admission fee of R3 000.00 (Three Thousand Rand) for entry into the Preparatory
             School and R6 000.00 (Six Thousand Rand) for entry into the Senior School, which admission fee shall
             become payable upon acceptance of an offer of a place and shall become non-refundable six months prior
             to the proposed date of entry of the pupil into the College;

3.           Minimum entrance standards and admission criteria, set by the College from time to time;

4.1          An Enrolment Loan, in the amount reflected in the schedule on the reverse side hereof, which loan shall be
             payable prior to the admission of the Student to the Preparatory School and/or the High School as the case
             may be. The loan/s referred to in this clause shall become repayable by the College to the
             parent/s/guardian/s identified in this application on the 31 day of December in the year that the Student
             completes Grade 12, provided that in the event that the admission is cancelled before the Student enters
             the school the full loan shall become repayable 90 (ninety) days after the date of the cancellation referred
             to. In the event that the student leaves the school prior to the completion of Grade 12, and the
             parent/s/guardian/s identified in this document elect not to leave the loan/s with the College until the 31 day
             of December in the year that the Student would have completed Grade 12, a portion of the loan, calculated
             in accordance with the below-mentioned formula, shall be refunded by the College to the
             parent/s/guardian/s identified in this document within 90 (ninety) days of the date which the Student leaves
             the College, namely:

Updated September 2010
                         Somerset College Enrolment application

        A – shall be the deposit/s paid in respect of the Student;

        B – shall be the number of years from the date of admission of the Student to the date upon which that
        Student shall have completed Grade 12 provided that any period shorter than a year shall be deemed to be
        a full year for the purposes of this formula:

        C – shall be the number of years that the Student attended Somerset College provided that a period shorter
        than a year shall be deemed to be a full year for the purposes of this formula;

        D – shall be the amount repayable by the College.

4.2     Notwithstanding the above, the refund of the loan shall only be made upon written application for such
        repayment by the deposit holder to the College

5.      A parent may cede to the College, as part of the Enrolment Loan, a maximum of 10 (ten) Vredelus (Pty) Ltd
        debentures at a maximum face value of R30 000. The sum of the face value of such debentures shall be
        applied in reducing the cash amount payable as the Enrolment Loan. In the Senior School a debenture
        gives the holder a discount on school fees of 2% per debenture, up to a maximum of 20%. In the
        Preparatory School, the first five debentures do not entitle discount, any debentures held above that give
        the holder a discount of 2% per debenture, to a maximum of 10%, i.e. a further five debentures.

6.      Written agreement by the parent/s/guardian/s of the Student to abide by the Code of Conduct of the

We hereby give the College the authority to do any credit check as it may deem necessary.

It is specifically recorded that until the applicable deposit shall have been paid and the respective Debentures have
been placed in the possession of the College (where applicable) and the appropriate contractual documentation
pertaining thereto shall have been signed and executed, as the case may be, the Student shall not enjoy the benefit
of a secured place in the College;

THUS DONE AND SIGNED AT _____________________________________________ THIS THE _______DAY


___________________________________________                          ______________________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                                          Signature of Parent/Guardian

How did you hear about Somerset College?

By word of mouth         
Family connection        
Via print media          
Open Day                 
Website                  

Other: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Updated September 2010
                   Somerset College Enrolment application


                   ENTRY GRADE                AGE                     DEPOSIT
                   Pre-grade 000 – grade 0    Year child born –       R15 000.00
                                              year child turns 5
                   Reception (Grade 0)        Year child turns 6      R21 000.00
                   Grades 1 - 2               Year child turns 7 –
                                              year child turns 8      R26 000.00
                   Grades 3 - 12              Year child turns 9 –
                                              year child turns 18     R30 000.00

           Application and administration fee banking details:

           Nedbank, Somerset West
           Current Account # 1060102919
           Branch code 106012

           Enrolment Deposit banking details:

           Nedbank, Somerset West
           Current Account # 1060102900
           Branch code 106012

           When paying by direct transfer please fax or email confirmation to the Finance Department on
           086 542 7818 or

           Please note: The Educational Trust bank account is only for the payment of the enrolment deposit
           and not for the payment of tuition fees and other charges. The details of that account are given
           under Somerset College S21 Co and will also appear on your fee statement.

Updated September 2010

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