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					Newsletter                                                           Volume 8 Issue 1
                                                                      February 2008


Inside this issue:      Changes                              New Logo
                                                             With the name change there is
                        A New Name and Changes               now an opportunity to also de-
Message from       2    to Constitution                      velop a new logo. The EMC
the President            The members of the SSCSA            would like to invite the members
                        voted on a number of constitu-       to partake in this process and to
EMC News           3                                         come with suggestions regarding
                        tional changes at the last confer-
                        ence in 2007, which included a       a new logo. All the various op-
2008 Confer-       3    new name. The reason for the         tions will be considered. The new
ence News               changes was to accommodate           name and logo forms part of an
                        the restructuring of units due to    overall branding process that
News from the      4
                        the mergers at some institutions.    includes the Newsletter, the web
                        The new name, the Southern           site and promotional material
KwaZulu-Natal      4    African Association for Counsel-     such as a SAACDHE information
                        ling and Development in Higher       pamphlet to be sent to all stake-
Western Cape       7    Education (SAACDHE) was part         holders, which would include
                        of the changes in the constitution   Deans of Student Affairs, DVC’s
                        aimed at making membership           and VC’s of institutions.
Botswana           8
                        more inclusive. The new consti-
                        tution now allows for full mem-      Updates on the Web Site
Eastern Cape       8    bership of all units within the      Some of the new information to
                        institution whose core business      be found on the web site is the
This and That      10   includes at least 1 of the follow-   following:
                        ing core competencies: counsel-      • Annual Report for the
                        ling, therapy, career develop-           2006/2007 period
Training Forum     11
                        ment, student and academic de-       • Updated GMC information
                        velopment. Each of the Higher        • Revised Constitution and
Next newsletter    11                                            Position Paper.
                        Education institutions applies for
                        membership on behalf of indi-
Website            11   viduals within the units. The for-   With the change in name the
                        mulation of the changes went         SAACDHE Newsletter also has a
EMC Tasks and      12   through a lengthy process that       new format. I would like to ac-
Outcomes                started before the conference in     knowledge the work of Leza
                        2006 and culminated in the deci-     Deyzel (Unisa, WC) for the pro-
Invoice            20   sions taken at the conference in     fessional layout of this edition.
                        2007. The name change empha-         Enjoy the news and views and
Membership fee 21       sizes the focus on counselling as    best wishes for a successful
                        well as development work being       2008.
Membership         22   done by the members of the
                        SAACDHE.                             Abie de Villiers
application form

 Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                  page
                         Message from the President

Dear Colleagues                       expected tasks and outcomes          professionalism and upgrading
                                      for the year 2007/8. These are       the educational status of its
It is that time of the year when      published in this newsletter         members. More aggressive
we are all geared for the work        and will soon be placed on the       recruitment strategies of new
that lies ahead in 2008. After        SAACDHE website. I request           members are in process as well
the exciting events at the            that you take your time and go       as more strategic archival of
North West University at our          through them and please feel         our records to allow easy re-
28th SSCSA conference some            free to make recommenda-             trieval. Within regions outside
of us, with more demanding            tions and suggestions. We also       South Africa, more strategies
positions, have to take care of       expect the Regional Chairper-        to strengthen our links with
the SAACDHEs business. Dur-           sons to submit their regional        them are being devised.
ing 2006/7, the outgoing              programmes with their ex-
President, At took us on road         pected outcomes to reach our         May I request that we all cross
shows. The SSCSA embarked             offices as soon as possible.         our fingers and remain positive
on various transformation             Professional growth remains          for a better growth in our
strategies that led us to the         our golden expected outcome.         membership this year. In turn,
new name (SAACDHE) that               The orderly transfer from            let us all make it “happen”. Let
we have embraced and we are           SSCSA to SAACDHE called for          us all plan for the mushroom-
currently in the process of cre-      in our Constitution is a routine     ing of high quality peer re-
ating a new logo for the or-          strategy for an Association          viewed articles as we start to
ganization. The new EMC of-           whose goal is growth.                prepare our papers for the
fice has a challenge to continue                                           29th SAACDHE conference in
to deliberate on the initiated        For the coming 29th year             KZN in September 2008. Let
struggles of all the previous         SAACDHE wishes to continue           us keep producing good ab-
Executive Committees. For the         with the grassroots values of        stracts to get approval for CPD
EMC to be victorious, your            SSCSA and continue the tradi-        points as we did for the 2007
unwavering support, passion           tion to take care of its mem-        conference. Congratulations!
and enthusiasm to keep up-            bers. That is why the EMC, at        And thank you to those whose
grading your Association as           our last meeting in November,        efforts awarded us the credibil-
well as sustaining the profes-        had incorporated a research          ity to be the recipients of
sionalism it has managed to           coordinator’s position to the        CPDs. The EMC wishes you a
build so far, rests within each       EMC. In addition, the Heads          Prosperous New Year in 2008.
one of us as members of this          Forum is being revamped, with        Enjoy!
Association.                          high hopes that both strategies
                                      would help to support the            Nomfundo Mlisa
It is with that in mind that the      EMCs efforts to accomplish its       PRESIDENT
EMC wishes to share its broad         major role: that of sustaining

 EMC 2008

            President: Nomfundo Mlisa
            President Elect: Harm Stavast
            Financial coordinator: Anita Fourie
            Administrative Co-ordinator: Zain Dolley
            Public and Regional Liaison officer: Abie de Villiers

    Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                            page 2
  EMC (Executive Management Committee) News

Information on decisions taken at                        The EMC would like to obtain the names of hon-
                                                         orary members. Anybody with information on
the EMC meeting in November
                                                         names, please forward it to Abie de Villiers
2008                                                     (

The EMC discussed implementing a roster                  Unisa has kindly agreed to provide an archiving
where the various regions take turns in being            service for SAACDHE documents. In the absence
responsible for hosting the annual SAACDHE               of a central office, the web site and members of
conference. This will enable regions to do long-         the EMC will act as contact points.
term planning. According to the roster the fol-
lowing regions are due for hosting conferences:          The EMC is happy to announce that the applica-
•     KwaZulu Natal for the 2008 conference              tion for CPD points for the 2007 Conference in
•     Botswana for the 2009 conference                   the North West Vaal region was approved.
•     Western Cape for the 2010 conference
                                                         Other matters include the incorporation of a
The EMC decided on the following broad theme             Research Coordinator to assist the EMC and the
for the SSCSA annual conference over a period            revamping of the old Heads Forum (as men-
of 3-5 years: Promoting Wellness in Higher Edu-          tioned in the president’s message).
cation. Conference organisers can choose a par-
ticular area to explore within the broader theme.

                             2008 Conference News

The 29th Annual SAACDHE Conference will                             IMPORTANT DATES
take place in the Sibaya Lodge and Entertain-
ment Kingdom, KwaZulu-Natal from 1-5 Sep-                    Submission of abstracts: 31 March 2008
tember 2008 and will be hosted by the                             Review of abstracts: May 2008
KwaZulu-Natal Region. The theme is: "Meeting                  Notification of acceptance of abstracts:
Today’s Challenges – Enhancing Wellness in                                 11 June 2008
Higher Education". The emphasis is on enhanc-                    Submission of registration forms:
ing wellness, which can include all the sub-                               27 June 2008
disciplines within the society. Further details can           Late registration forms: 18 July 2008
be obtained from the conference coordinator,                  Final date for submission of full paper:
Saloschini Pillay, telephone (031) 260 7681 and                           1 August 2008
e-mail or the conference
webpage (

            Botswana:                                 Keba Mophuting
 GMC 2008

            Eastern Cape:                             Darryl Smith
            Free State:                               Sunell Wiehman
            KwaZulu Natal:                            Saloschini Pillay
            North West:                               Nic Kotze
            Swaziland:                                Sindisiwe Malindzisa
            Western Cape:                             Donna du Plooy
            Witwatersrand:                            Thomas Mkhatshwa

    Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                          page 3
KWAZULU-NATAL                    News from the Regions

                Saloschini Pillay: Chairperson                  Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Testing by Old
                Fazila Padayachee: Administrative               Mutual, Assessment and back and neck
                Coordinator                                     massages by Biokinetics students and Dis-
                                                                play Tables by Community Organizations.
                The KZN Region presents its activities and      An evaluation by participants, which in-
                highlights for the period August 2007 to        cluded members of the university commu-
                February 2008.                                  nity, persons with disabilities from the local
                                                                communities and students and staff from
                REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS                             the University of Zululand, was positive.
                The KZN region is pleased to announce that
                conference planning is progressing well.        It was however noted in the evaluation that
                Our marketing DVD at the 2007 AGM               disability awareness programmes should be
                drew much support for the conference.           hosted during Orientation in the first se-
                The venues and dates have been confirmed        mester to sensitize first entry students to
                with Sibaya. The first announcement and         the needs of students with disabilities.
                call for abstracts went out in the first week   The Edgewood campus program focused
                of November 2007. This announcement             on Inclusive education and the challenges of
                drew some concern on the cost of accom-         physical access to the campus for those stu-
                modation from two universities. We are          dents in wheelchairs.
                happy to report that we have managed to
                secure further discounted prices as well as     UKZN HOWARD COLLEGE CAMPUS
                shared accommodation for those delegates
                willing to take on this arrangement. We are     A Pilot Indigenous Counselling
                in the process of negotiating further dis-      service
                counts and sponsors which we hope to pass       The Howard College campus has piloted an
                onto the delegates. Thus far our sponsor-       Indigenous Counselling program as a means
                ship requests to the Higher Education insti-    to pave the way for meaningful cultural in-
                tutions in the region have been positive.       tegration and student empowerment at
                CAMPUSES                                        UKZN has as its vision: “to be the premier
                                                                university of African scholarship”. One of
                Disability Awareness Campaign                   our strategies is to redesign curricula to
                The Westville campus hosted a Disability        incorporate indigenous knowledge and
                Awareness Campaign on 11 October 2007.          knowledge systems and is in line with our
                Mr Musa Zulu directed the programme and         plan to make our university an institution of
                motivated students and persons with dis-        choice for students. Introducing indigenous
                abilities to empower themselves and strive      counselling, thus, appears not to be out of
                to master independent living. South African     step with the strategic thrust of our univer-
                basket ball player Justin Govender, also dis-   sity.
                abled and in a wheelchair, showed disabled
                people how sport can change one's life for      In 2006, UKZN had about 38 000 students.
                good. Blind motivational speaker Ms Safura      More than half of the enrolment comprised
                Khan urged disabled people to make sure         of African students. In the residences,
                they let other people know about their          about 98% of students were African. A
                abilities, adding that it is time to take a     preliminary analysis suggests that the cur-
                stand together and not in isolation and to      rent counselling system is doing very well to
                take up the challenge of making a differ-       attend to the counselling needs of students.
                ence in their own lives and those of others.    However, there is an aspect of counselling
                                                                that the majority of students need, that
                The programme for the day included Goal         which the university has not
                Ball, Blind Cricket, Wheelchair Relay, BPs,     “mainstreamed”. It would appear that the

     Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                             page 4
KWAZULU-NATAL                    News from the Regions

                failure of cultural integration is perhaps the    SAACDHE in general and KZN branch in
                most critical in the African students’ life       particular. We have always been empow-
                where as much as 50% of these students,           ered by the constant communication we
                make use of traditional healers. Traditional      have with our partners from other institu-
                healers play a significant role in the lives of   tions. Although our progress is slow be-
                these students. To continue to ignore and         cause of the internal challenges which we
                marginalize these practitioners is to deny a      believe we are able to manage, we are
                significant aspect of these students’ identity.   making progress anyway. Here is a report
                Central to this initiative is to centralize       of how we have been working and the chal-
                knowledge that has been subjected to epis-        lenges we have had, as well as the strate-
                temological disenfranchisement by the com-        gies we used to address our challenges.
                bination of colonial and apartheid practices
                buttressed by the attitudes and ethos of the      Peer Counselling
                scientific community, as Hoopers (2002)           In 2006 we managed to recruit new peer
                correctly argues.                                 counsellors for our programme. In Novem-
                                                                  ber we conducted an intense workshop and
                Realizing the need for this service to stu-       training. The process was successful and
                dents, a university wide panel discussion         we were pleased to have a new team for
                was held at the Westville campus in August        the current academic year. The whole pur-
                2006. Participants at this discussion com-        pose of having them is so that we can be
                prised of university staff members, commu-        able to help as many students as possible.
                nity members with insight in indigenous           We use the following method to measure
                counselling and healing as well as the stu-       performance and service delivery to com-
                dent representative. All participants were        plement also our own service delivery.
                unanimous in saying that this service should      Some of the points below are new and
                be introduced at UKZN. The outcome was            some are old:
                the election of a task team led by Dr Bheki
                Ngcobo, Deputy Dean of Students for How-          • Each peer counsellor must submit at
                ard College & Medical School.                       least a minimum of three reports per
                After extensive consultations the following       • For every slot in which they are in the
                broad principles, notwithstanding the neces-        office they must sign in and out
                sary administrative protocols that need to        • Their leaders must submit a perform-
                be followed, have been agreed upon by the           ance report at the end of the term
                task team:                                        • They should have their own programme
                • that a pilot on indigenous counselling            of action for the academic year
                   needed to be introduced at Howard Col-         • They should attend compulsory meet-
                   lege                                             ings every Monday
                • that only those students who believe            • Apologies should be submitted if a per-
                   they need an indigenous healer/                  son is not going to be able to attend a
                   counsellor, will make use of the service         meeting or office slot
                   available to them
                • that the impact of this service will be         We must say that on the abovementioned
                   assessed not only through a satisfaction       points, we have seen some progress and we
                   survey, but through a formal research          are planning to introduce a new strategy of
                   process. This will be formalized after the     working for the 2008 academic year. All in
                   service has been put in place.                 all we ended up with a team of 18 Peer
                                                                  Counsellors, and some have been distrib-
                UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND                            uted to other departments since our Peer
                                                                  Counsellors are the most trusted students
                As the University of Zululand we are grate-       on campus.
                ful to be part of the bigger family of

     Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                             page 5
 KWA-ZULU NATAL                    News from the Regions

         Mentorship programme                                      ning workshops for all final year students on
         We feel the need also to say something                    Job Hunting Skills. We have decided to use
         about our mentorship programme because                    a bigger venue and different time slots to
         to us it is an achievement. We managed to                 cover bigger groups. We have teamed up
         revamp our Mentorship programme. After                    with the Centre for Cooperative Education
         the orientation process we engaged in a                   and Learning (CEEL). This centre focuses
         process of recruiting mentors for our new                 more on organising learnerships and intern-
         students. This is so that we are able to offer            ships for students, which links very well with
         assistance to our new students not only                   our graduate recruitment programme.
         during the Orientation but into the rest of
         the academic year. This programme is still a              Graduate Recruitment Programme
         pilot project since we are starting every-                We are still working together with Magnet
                                      thing from                   Communications in order to try and have
                                      scratch. We have             them help us to communicate our interests
                                      therefore started            to external
                                      with the Science             compa-
                                      Foundation Pro-              nies. Our
                                      gramme students.             relation-
                                      By the end of this           ship has
                                      year we will have            grown and
                                      evaluated the                we always
                                      program and                  receive
Unizul mentors
                       identified our areas for devel-             reports
         opment and be able to strategize for 2008.                and results
         We intend taking this program to the other                of the surveys they     Unizul students who
                                                                                                qualified for the
         faculties, the ideal one being the Com-                   conduct on campus.
                                                                                                 Standard Bank
         merce, Administration and Law.                            We have also been
                                                                                              months Internship
                                                                   able to host other               Programme
                  So far we are seeing progress and we have        companies who were
                  a very diligent team, each one of them hav-      invited to conduct recruitment of graduates
                  ing at least 8 mentees to take care of. We       on campus and so far we have interviews
                  hope and believe that in 2008 we will im-        and tests lined up for our students.
                  Life Skills and Student Development
                  Our life skills seminars focus more on job       As we reflect on the year that is almost
                  search. Mrs. Nozipho Mkhwanazi is a new          passed we are proud that we as a region
                  member in this section who will focus on         have met our strategic objects for 2007 and
                  Student Development. In 2007 we man-             we look forward to the excitement of host-
                  aged to hold seminars with different groups      ing the 2008 SAACDHE conference.
                  of final year students. The main aim is to
                  equip them for the world of work. We en-         CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL-
                  courage students to organise themselves          WISHES
                  into groups of 10-15, organise time and
                  then contact us with whatever service they       We would like to congratulate our regional
                  need, including CV writing, interview skills     members for all of their efforts in helping us
                  and job searching. So far we have not been       to receive an award for the “Best Region”.
                  able to convince the institution to make         At the Westville Campus we welcome our
                  these essential life skills a part of the cur-   new interns for 2008.

                  From the 27th to the 30th we will be run-

       Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                             page 6
WESTERN CAPE REGION                    News from the Regions

                      Donna du Plooy: Chairperson                     The 1st Southern African Conference on
                      Elmarie van der Walt: Administrative            the First-year Experience: Opening Conver-
                      Co-ordinator                                    sations on First-Year Success will be held at
                                                                      Stellenbosch from 8-10 September 2008.
                      Regional Meetings                               Information can be accessed on
                      The Western Cape region had a meeting on
                      20 November 2007 on the campus of
                      Northlink College to end off the year. Mem-     The University has decided to incorporate a
                      bers made use of the opportunity to reflect     wellness committee into its Human Re-
                      on the 2007 conference and also to discuss      sources Division. Prof Charl Cilliers is the
                      the dates for the 2008 conference.              Centre’s representative on this committee.
                                                                      Psychology CPD Well 2007 was a roaring
                      EDUCOR (Previously ICG)                         success with 577 members (nationally and
                      ICG recently underwent a merger and they        internationally) to date. New brochures
                      are still experiencing a number of changes      regarding the 2008 program will be distrib-
                      and adaptations which are relatively chal-      uted shortly.
                      lenging. Under the recent new credit act,
                      this institution cannot offer credit anymore    The Centre is presently working hard to try
                      and will now be partnering with banks.          and utilise multimedia optimally. In collabo-
                      Student Counselling is currently in the proc-   ration with the whole Academic Support
                      ess of looking for a new psychometric in-       environment, we have developed many
                      strument for assessment and placement           online systems to be activated in the near
                      (they are considering PACE as one possibil-     future.
                                                                      CAPE PENINSULA UNIVERSITY OF
                      NORTHLINK COLLEGE                               TECHNOLOGY
                      There are new developments within the           The Student Counselling unit has obtained
                      FET sector – the College is in the process of   CPD points for attendance of case presenta-
                      being taken over by the new College Coun-       tions and peer supervision sessions in the
                      cil. This has resulted in much anxiety          unit. A new Student counselling orientation
                      amongst the staff, as they are not com-         DVD developed during 2007 was a great
                      pletely sure what to expect from this           success at the orientation sessions for new
                      change. A number of changes have also           first year students.
                      been made to the programs being offered
                      by Northlink. N2 and N3 are being phased        The extended orientation presentations on
                      out, and Grade 9 learners are being ac-         adapting to higher education was well re-
                      cepted by the College. Staff shortages are      ceived by the first year students. Student
                      being experienced, creating additional stress   Counselling has started training sessions
                      for staff.                                      with various student groups such as the
                                                                      Peer Help, HIV Peer Educators and Resi-
                      UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH                      dence Student Assistants. Counsellors are
                      The Centre is in the process of compiling a     busy with the life skills programme on the
                      document for staff regarding “possible          various campuses where both credit-
                      warning signals of students at risk”. Ques-     bearing and non credit-bearing sessions are
                      tionnaires regarding the benchmarking re-       being offered to students.
                      search being conducted by the Centre will
                      be sent out early in 2008 (nationally & in-     The meeting dates for the Western Cape
                      ternationally).                                 region 2008 are as follows:
                      Three posts are being advertised by the
                      Division for Therapy and Personal Develop-      18 March 2008, 3 June 2008, 19 August
                      ment.                                           2008 and 28 October 2008

        Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                               page 7
 BOTSWANA                   News from the Regions

            Keba Mophuting                                   has been moved to 29/11/07.
                                                             Mobilization of Membership/ Re-
            Preparations for 2009 SAACDHE                    cruitment of Members
            conference in Gaborone                           In an effort to recruit more members, the
            The preparation committee is meeting for         Public Relations Officer has extended invita-
            the third time on 3rd December 2007, and         tions to relevant stakeholders to join the
            a progress report is expected, which will        Society. Follow-up visits are planned for in
            inform members about the status of the           the next two weeks. These visits will be in-
            preparation for the conference.                  tensified from January next year for us to
                                                             furnish you with a more comprehensive
            Meetings                                         membership list.
            In order to assess progress on decisions
            taken and necessary follow- ups, the Re-         Bank Account
            gional Executive Committee has agreed to         At the regional meeting on 3rd August,
            meet once every month or more than that          members offered to contribute P50.00 to
            if necessary. So far meetings were held on       enable us to open a bank account, contribu-
            12/10, 7/11 and 21/11 and since some             tions are still being collected and you will be
            people are going on leave effective from         updated on this hopefully by early next year.
            next week Monday the December meeting


Darryl Smith                                             workloads over time. Contact Dalray de la
Chairperson                                              Harpe at or at 041-
                                                         504 3222 / 3624 for more information.
UNIVERSITY (NMMU)                                        Test development news
                                                         A web-based version of the Learning Enhance-
News from the Research and Develop-                      ment Checklist (LEC) is in development and due
ment Core Competence                                     to be made available to SCCDC staff by the end
A capturing and reporting system for counselling         of February 2008. This will greatly expedite the
statistics in higher education has been in devel-        use of the LEC as a holistic needs assessment
opment by the NMMU SCCDC Research and                    and intervention strategy for high-risk students.
Development Core Competence for a number
of years, and is now available for purchase by           Career and Employability
Student Counselling centres at other institutions.       SCCDC based at the Missionvale Campus will so
This software system has been called                     be undergoing a facelift. This is in order to bet-
‘Ukubamba’, which means “to catch” since it              ter equip the centre to deal with its career out-
reflects that this new system enables student            reach projects. At the helm is newly appointed
counsellors to easily and accurately capture the         Senior Student Counsellor, Zainuneesa Dolley
face of our client profiles. Outcomes of the use         who also taken up the portfolio of Career Devel-
of such a system include the following: (1) to           opment & Employability Skills Programmes and
demonstrate counselling/programme reach, (2)             Services. Watch this space for exciting new pro-
to create profiles of students/staff members             jects!
seen and thereby to generate needs assessment
data, (3) to track the success of counselling/           Learning to think
programming interventions with respect to                Student Counselling at the NMMU have devel-
throughput and retention, and (4) to track staff         oped Fund’ucinga, Learning to Think, Thinking

    Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                           page 8
EASTERN CAPE                    News from the Regions

               to Learn to help students become inten-           Careful planning of clues and logistical or-
               tional about their cognitive development.         ganisation ensured a highly successful and
               Fund’ucinga is a student friendly power           enjoyable event. A festival atmosphere was
               point-based programme developed specially         created with posters, balloons and music.
               for Peer-Helpers. The purpose of the pro-         There
               gramme is to:                                     was a
               • increase participants’ thinking ability by      great
                   expanding your repertoire of creative         deal of
                   thinking skills;                              antici-
               • explore the links between their thinking        pation
                   styles and learning styles; and               and
               • equip them to transfer these skills to          excite-
                   their peers                                   ment
               The content of Fund’ucinga is based on            as
               Thinkwell, a focus area of Learnwell, a com-      groups
               puter-based self help programme devel-            competed against each other. Students
               oped by the University of Stellenbosch.           enthused that the event was great fun!
               Fund’ucinga has had its first review by
               NMMU Student Counselling staff and Peer           A pre-paid air time voucher was awarded to
               Helper trainers who participated in a pilot       each member of the winning team, the first
               train-the-trainer workshop November               team home with all the correct resource
               2007. NMMU Peer Helpers are currently             information and items obtained from stu-
               participating in a series of Fund’ucinga train-   dent support services. The winning team
               ing workshops. Their enthusiastic response        was a how2 group from Education.
               is encouraging. Fundu’cinga workshops will
               also be offered to staff and students of the      The initiative was an excellent example of
               University of Gothenburg, Sweden in               successful partnerships, this one between
               March, as part of the NMMU’s Peer Help            Orientation and Peer Help. The Peer Help-
               Partnership Project with the University of        ers are to be commended for their hard
               Gothenburg.                                       work and an excellent job!

               How2@nnmu – an exciting a new                     The Academic Orientation, how2@nmmu,
               dimension                                         was attended by 2000 first-year students, a
               An exciting new dimension was added to            good attendance by all accounts.
               the Campus Tour as part of Orientation
               2008 at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan                            Basic Training Work-
               University.                                                        shop for Peer Helper
                                                                                  Trainers offered by the
               To increase enthusiasm among first-year                            NMMU Peer Help Pro-
               students, the Orientation team embarked                            ject Team from 17 to 20
               on running the tour in the format of the                           March 2008
               television reality show, The Amazing Race.                         The Basic Training Workshop
                                                                                  for Peer Helper Trainers will
               Because of logistical challenges, the project     once again be offered by the Student Coun-
               was piloted in the two smallest faculties,        selling, Career and Development Centre of
               namely, Education and Law, both on the            the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univer-
               South Campus.                                     sity. Facilitators are all thoroughly trained
                                                                 and have local and international experience
               The Amazing Race was offered to the Peer          in the fields of peer helper training and pro-
               Helpers as one of their major projects, su-       gramme implementation.
               pervised by the Orientation Coordinators.
                                                                 The training, which is currently in the

     Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                              page 9
 EASTERN CAPE                     News from the Regions

                process of being accredited with SAQA,                  (previously the UPE main campus)
                focuses on the facilitation of the basic train-   •     Fees: Registration fees: R1 950,00
                ing curriculum in communication and help-               per person (the fee includes two
                ing skills for peer helpers. The content of             comprehensive training manuals and
                the training, as well as the training method-           other training materials, teas and re-
                ology, will be explored via the experiential            freshments and lunches). Discounts
                learning cycle.                                         can be negotiated for two and more
                                                                        delegates from the same institution.
                The purpose of the workshop is to provide         •     Accommodation: Participants are
                participants who are, or wish to become,                required to book their own accom-
                involved with peer helping programmes                   modation. A list of guesthouses, B &
                with opportunities to get acquainted with a             B’s, self-catering apartments and ho-
                thoroughly researched and well tested-and-              tels close to the NMMU is provided
                tried peer help training curriculum and                 along with registration materials
                methodology and to improve their peer             •     Transport: Participants will be re-
                helper training skills. At the end of their             sponsible for their own transport.
                training participants will have the acquired            Contact details of some transport
                the required knowledge and skills to train              services in Port Elizabeth will be pro-
                peer helpers in basic communication and                 vided will be provided along with
                helping skills.                                         registration materials
                                                                  •     Registration materials: For informa-
                •     Workshop dates: Monday 17 to                      tion on the full programme and the
                      Thursday 20 March from 08:00 to                   registration procedure, please call
                      16:30 (Thursday’s training will end at            Sharon Graham at 041-5043854, or
                      15:00)                                            send an e-mail to
                •     Venue: NMMU South Campus                

                                             This and That


Botswana                                                     • Dr Melleta Louw, who was a contract ap-
Some members of the region have been very                      pointment on the Wellington campus, has
active in promoting the counseling profession.                 been appointed on a permanent basis.
Due to Dr. J. Muchado’s efforts, the Botswana                • Ms Phumla Baca was appointed as the Stu-
Counselling Association was officially launched                dent Welfare Officer on the Bellville campus
on 3rd November 2007. He has also been cen-                    and will resume her duties on 1 March 2008.
tral in the development of Parliamentary Coun-               • Ms Cora Motale was appointed as the new
selling Act for Botswana                                       Dean of Student Affairs at CPUT.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)               Stellenbosch University
CPUT would like to welcome the following staff               Dr Handre Brand will be on study leave for the
members, whom have been appointed at Stu-                    first semester of 2008.
dent Counselling:                                            Prof Charl Cilliers, Dr Brand & Dr Le Roux van
• Faith Sijula started on the Cape Town campus               der Westhuizen will submit their chapter on im-
  towards the end of 2007.                                   pact studies for the new SAACDHE book that
• Ms Delcia Liedeman Prosch is the new Coun-                 will be published early next year.
  sellor on the Mowbray campus.

      Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                             page 10
                                    Training Forum


The training forum section         The Professional Board for Psychology has supplied the following
aims to provide an opportunity     dates for the application of CPD points:
for us to share SAACDHE
training sessions arranged for             Meeting Dates         Submission Dates
Student Counselling staff in the
regions and the units. Please              End March             End January
forward summaries of work-                 End June              End April
shops, papers or articles that
you would like to share with               End September         End July
the SAACDHE community.                     End November          End September

The CPD guidelines are available on the HPCSA website:

Most regions are still in the process of developing their training programmes for the year and we are
expecting regions to report on training in their region in the May edition of the Newsletter. CPD
points can also be obtained by scheduling case presentations and peer supervision sessions in the
Units/Centres or on a regional basis.

                                   Next newsletter

The next edition of the SSCSA newsletter will be distributed in May 2008.
The deadline for contributions is 22 May 2008.


Check the SAACDHE website regularly for information and updates. Back copies of the SSCSA/
SAACDHE Newsletters are also available on the website.

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                        page 11
              EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008
                                     President: Nomfundo Mlisa
  Broad tasks           Measurable outcomes               D-dates for com-       Update on progress made
   and action                                                 pletion              with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                          November 2007
To chair all EMC/ • To support the AC to plan the         November 2007,         • Chaired EMC meeting of
GMC/AGM meet-       agenda for all meetings and           March 2008; June         the 7th to 9th November
ings                inform membership in due time         2008, September          2007
                    according to the constitutional       2008                   • Chaired the induction pro-
                    demands                                                        gramme for the EMC led by
                  • To oversee the implementation                                  Elmarie
                    and appropriate resolution of                                • Wrote a letter on Cooption
                    matters arising from the min-                                  of Anlia Pretorius as a co-
                    utes.                                                          Financial signatory to assist
                                                                                   Anita Fourie the FC. (16
                                                                                   November 2007)
                                                                                 • Wrote a letter for cooption
                                                                                   of Dalray De La Harpe as a
                                                                                   research coordinator (16
                                                                                   November 2007).
To provide assis- • To oversee the operational            Continuous             • Induction program con-
tance to other       functions of all EMC portfolios                               ducted by Elmarie vd Walt
EMC / GMC            as set in the constitution.                                   on the 7th Nov.2007
members for spe- • To oversee the strategies and          Continuous and as-     • All EMC members given
cific tasks as re-   functioning of all the regional      sessment for best        final portfolios and priority
quired               constituencies through their         region in June 2008.     areas of functioning.
                     Chairpersons.                        Final assessment
                   • PRLO and FC to invite Regional       Sept. 2008
                     plans and provide seed money
                     as stipulated                        End Feb 2008

To promote the      • Constitutional changes to be        End of November
strict acknowl-       done                                2007
edgement and        • Position paper to be finalized
application of the • Position paper and constitution      End of January 2008
ethos, principles     to be placed on the website by
and requirements      the PRLO and inform
of the constitution   SAACDHE members.
                    • Create sustainable opportunities
                      and tangible benefits for
                      SAACDHE members
                    • Create continuous dialogue on       Newsletter; meetings
                      reporting progress reports          EMC / GMC March ;
                      within EMC / GMC on regular         June and Sept. 2008
                    • Oversee the strategies planned      End January 2008
                      for the creation of the new logo
                      as planned by President Elect
                      and PRLO
                    • Ensure that all necessary strate-   End January 2008
                      gic changes regarding the new
                      name for are implemented in all
                      necessary documents : financial
                      statements and new letter
                      heads are created by FC and

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                                page 12
              EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008
                              President: Nomfundo Mlisa (continued)
  Broad tasks            Measurable outcomes               D-dates for com-   Update on progress made
   and action                                                  pletion          with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                       November 2007

To promote the      • Support President Elect in pro- Continuous
strict acknowl-       moting professional training
edgement and          and registration procedures in
application of the    the Southern Regions according
ethos, principles     to their specific National re-
and requirements      quirements.
of the constitution
To promote the      • Support President Elect in pro- Continuous
strict acknowl-       moting professional training
edgement and          and registration procedures in
application of the    the Southern Regions according
ethos, principles     to their specific National re-
and requirements      quirements.
of the constitution
To set specific     • Main strategic objectives to be      15 January 2008    • On the 8th and 9th Novem-
priorities for to       set and later on presented to                             ber each EMC was given a
EMC and the So-         the Association and HOD’S.                                breakdown of objectives
ciety as a whole    •   Each portfolio to set its objec-                          and tasks to implement.
                        tives based on the President’s     16 November 2007   •   Sent the President‘s strate-
                        and Constitutional portfolio’s                            gic plans to all EMC mem-
                        set broad objectives.                                     bers. After completion of
                    •   Main priority areas : writing a                           strategic plans by each EMC
                        letter to NMMU management          12 November 2007       member a copy of all port-
                        after consultation with Andre                             folios to be attached on the
                        and Darryl                                                Association’s website for all
                    •   Contact Mr Khaya Mathiso and                              members to have access to.
                                                           14 November 2003       President to be informed.
                        later on with Andre and Prof.
                        Cheryl Foxcroft to negotiate                          •   Contact made with Andre
                                                           By 14 December         and Darryl about the letter
                        possible ways of forging link-
                                                           2007                   to NMMU management.
                        ages with SAASAP and NAS-
                        DEV                                                   •   Letter sent to Prof. Cheryl
                    •   To meet with SAASAP and            23 November 2007
                                                                                  Foxcroft as per Andre’s sug-
                        NASDEV Management Com-                                    gestion.
                        mittee.                                               •   Priorities and tasks dele-
                    •   To contact PsySSA re the Asso-     30 November 2007       gated to all EMC members
                        ciation’s name change and Con-                            – consult with individual
                        stitutional Amendments                                    EMC portfolios on the No-
                    •   To oversee all priorities set by   Continuous             vember 2007
                        SAACDHE members at the
                        AGM, Sept. 2007 and at the
                        Conference 2007.

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                             page 13
              EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008
                              President: Nomfundo Mlisa (continued)
  Broad tasks            Measurable outcomes               D-dates for com-        Update on progress made
   and action                                                  pletion               with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                            November 2007
To provide dy-      • To receive well defined broad        End January 2008
namic leadership      tasks based on each specific
towards and re-       EMC portfolios with deadlines
sponsibility to       and measurable outcomes.
ensure the reali-   • To oversee all financial and         Continuous before
zation of all the     budgetary plans before any           each activity planned
functions and         budgets are implemented and          including the Novem-
EMC / GMC /           financial reports through the        ber 2007 budgetary
AGM as stipu-         FC.                                  plans.
lated in the con-
To give formative • To oversee an update progress          Nov. 2007; March ,
and summative       report made with portfolio out-        June and September
feedback to all     comes and main decisions taken         2008
members re the      at meetings. The report should
degree to which     be circulated to HOD ‘S after
the Society has     each EMC / GMC meetings-
performed against   only relevant issues to the
the pre-            HODs by AC and PRLO.
determined out-   • Ensure that a comprehensive
comes set for       report from EMC / GMC is sub-          Sept. 2008
each EMC / GMC      mitted to all SAACDHE mem-
portfolio and the   bers at the AGM
set specifics.
To position the     • To keep the register for the         March 2008
Society as a            SAACDHE Honorary members
strong and united       after it has been compiled by
lobbying force          the PRLO.
                    •   Conduct induction workshop
                        and proper handover together       November 2008
                        with the oncoming President
                        for the new EMC members
                    •   To introduce the permanent
                        procedure to Certifcate of ser-    September 2008
                        vice for EMC members 2005
                        and 2006
                    •   To sustain the ethos and princi-
                                                           Continuous : confer-
                        ples of sustaining the provision
                                                           ence 2008
                        of CPDs for all annual
                        SAACDHE conferences,
                        SAACDHE activities and Re-
                        gional activities.
                    •   To strengthen recruitment mar-
                        keting campaigns for new           Continuous
                        membership with other profes-
                        sions such as Social Workers
                        and FTE ‘s through all EMC
                        members and Regional Chairs.
                        Recruitment brochure to be
                        finalized by PRLO.

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                                  page 14
             EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008
                               President: Nomfundo Mlisa (continued)
 Broad tasks             Measurable outcomes                 D-dates for com-         Update on progress made
  and action                                                     pletion                with outcomes as on
    plans                                                                                November 2007
To position the     • To initiate creative strategies to By end January 2008
Society as a            forge research linkages with
strong and united       other institutions of higher
lobbying force          learning, government and pri-
(continued)             vate sectors
                    •   To promote and oversee the
                        use of SAACDHE Quality Assur-
                        ance instrument. President          Continuous
                        elect to circulate the document
                        for peer review and update
                        amongst all the SAACDHE
                        HODs and Regional Chairs.
                    •   To be involved in forging link-
                        ages with SAASAP and NAS-           Continuous
                        DEV base for SAACDHE
                    •   To formalize the SAACDHE
                        archives into a viable and easily
                        retrievable data base (President
                        Elect student project).
                    •   To promote viable and sustain-                                A letter has been written to
                        able research plans, strategies;                              Dalray De LA Harpe to co-opt
                        publications and mentoring          Conference proceed-       her to the EMC as a research
                        system for young researchers.       ing September 2007        coordinator. Full TOR are pro-
                    •   Conference proceedings to be        on CD to all              vided in the letter (17 Novem-
                        sent to SAACDHE members             SAACDHE members           ber 2007).
                        (President- Elect )                 by end January 2008.
To ensure con-     • To provide regular communica-          CONTINUOUS; 4
tinuous communi-     tion and feedback within EMC /         issues of the Newslet-
cation / dialogue    GMC, HOD’S and SAACDHE                 ter : Nov. 2007; April,
with and accessi-    membership at large via email,         June and September
bility to all mem-   SAACDHE Newsletter and web-            2008.
bers                 site. (PRLO).

                        Public and Regional Liaison Officer: Abie de Villiers
 Broad tasks             Measurable outcomes                 D-dates for com-         Update on progress made
  and action                                                     pletion                with outcomes as on
    plans                                                                                November 2007
Publish and dis-    Develop new lay-out and design for Nov 07, Feb, May,              Completed Feb 08
tribute 4 re-       newsletter with Leza Deyzel          Aug 08
designed newslet-   Obtain articles from regional chair-
ters                persons and EMC
                    Distribute newsletters via e-mail
                    address list

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                                     page 15
               EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008

               Public and Regional Liaison Officer: Abie de Villiers (continued)
  Broad tasks              Measurable outcomes            D-dates for com-   Update on progress made
   and action                                                 pletion          with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                      November 2007
Manage implica-   • Adapt name of newsletter to          Nov 2007            • Meeting with webmaster to
tions of name       include name change                                         discuss changes 30 Oct 07
change:           • Inform regional chairs to                                • E-mail to inform regional
New name for        change names of accounts             Nov 2007               chairpersons to change
newsletter        • Change image and title of web                               names of accounts Nov 07
New title and       site to include name change          Feb 2008
name for web site
Coordinate        • Obtain 3 options for design of       Ongoing
change of logo to   new logo
fit with new name • Keep members informed of
                    process via newsletter
                  • GMC to make choice of new
                    logo                                 June 2008

Keep information      • Place revised and edited Consti- Nov 2007            • Completed Nov 07
on web site up to       tution and Position Paper on
date                    web site
                      • Place new newsletters on web-
                        site                             Ongoing
                      • Monitor updated information
                        on web site once a month
                      • Coordinate development of
                        interest group chat areas with
                        Leza Deyzel
Coordinate and        • Regular contact with regional      Ongoing
provide support           chairpersons (e-mail, meetings)
for training in the   •   Obtain regional training plans
regions                   from chairpersons                Feb 2008
                      •   Develop and distribute an
                          evaluation of criteria to estab- Feb 2008          Completed Feb 08
                          lish best region and upcoming
                          region by EMC
                      •   Report on training in newsletter
                      •   Provide information on applying
                          for CPD points

Raise public and      • Develop & distribute informa-    April 2008
institutional           tion and recruitment brochure
awareness               with new name
                      • Place institution links on web
                        site                             Sept 2008
                      • Monitor use of web site
                      • Distribute newsletter to rele-
                        vant parties

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                            page 16
              EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008

              Public and Regional Liaison Officer: Abie de Villiers (continued)
  Broad tasks           Measurable outcomes               D-dates for com-   Update on progress made
   and action                                                 pletion          with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                      November 2007

Compile annual      • Compile 2006/2007 reports of        Nov 2007           • Completed Nov 07
report                EMC and regions in annual re-
                      port and place on website
                    • Compile 2007/2008 annual
                      report in publication
                    • Provide regions with template
                      for reports                         Aug 2008

Survey member       • Develop questionnaire with          June 2008
satisfaction and      Leza Deyzel
needs regarding     • Send questionnaire to members
web site and        • Compile results and report

                               Administrative Coordinator: Zain Dolley
  Broad tasks           Measurable outcomes               D-dates for com-   Update on progress made
   and action                                                 pletion        with outcomes as on No-
     plans                                                                         vember 2007

Provide general and strategic support to the President
Provide Assistance to EMC
Minutes of EMC      Attend meetings and write minutes After every meeting
and GMC meet-       ASAP with relevant people respon-
ings                sible for actions

Attend to confer-   • Receive abstracts for conference • By end of
ence related mat-     papers/posters/workshops.          March 2008 for
ters                • Guide EMC members re-              2009 confer-
                      abstract reviews and approval.     ence
                    • Guide EMC/ GMC to draw up a • by June 2008
                      provisional conference program. • June 2008
                    • Conference Organising Com-       • June/July 2008
                      mittee to notify presenters of
                                                       • June/ July 2008
                      papers accepted
                                                       • When necessary
                    • Finalise the conference program
                      with COC.
                                                       • When time is
                    • Assist COC with application to     due
                      the CPD Office for approval of   • By end of Au-
                      conference activity.               gust 2008
                    • Forward names of attending       • By end of De-
                      delegates for CPD to CPD of-       cember 2008
                    • Ensure completion of award
                      certificates and delivery thereof
                      to winners.
                    • Arrange for Conference pro-
                      ceedings for 2008.

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                            page 17
              EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008

                               Financial Coordinator: Anita Fourie

  Broad tasks          Measurable outcomes             D-dates for com-   Update on progress made
   and action                                              pletion          with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                   November 2007

Provide general    • Ensure that EMC doesn’t over-     Continuous
and strategic sup-   spend on budget
port to EMC per-
taining finances

Attend to financial • Update income statement ac-      Monthly
enquiries from        cording to bank statements.
general & pro-      • Follow up on fees received or
spective members      paid.
                    • Assist conference organisers
                      with budgeting should there be
                      a need

Attend to travel & • EMC and GMC meetings              As need arises
accommodation      • EMC March 2008
requirements of    • GMC/EMC June 2008
                   • EMC/GMC Sept. 2008

Attend to all mat- • Update the gliding scale accord- Bi-annually
ters relating to     ing the EMC decision Sept.06
membership fees • Ensure invoice changes are re-
(reminders etc)      flected on SAACDHE website.
                   • Inform SAACDHE members of
                     new fees and send out invoices

Update EMC         • update membership list as fees
about paid-up &       are coming in
outstanding        • send an update list to EMC
membership fees    • follow up on outstanding fees

Complete the       • Prepare it for voting at AGM      End Aug. 2008
voter’s roll for      Sept

Prepare ballot    • Ensure ballot papers are ready     End Aug. 2008
papers for elec-    for AGM
tion of new mem-
bers into the EMC
Manage all mon- • Pay deposits into the SAACDHE As needed
ies & claims in      bank account
accordance to the • Repay claims within 2 weeks
regulations of the   after receiving them
SAACDHE            • Ensure co-signature with rele-
                     vant persons

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                         page 18
               EMC Tasks and Outcomes 2007/2008

                           Financial Coordinator: Anita Fourie (continued)

  Broad tasks              Measurable outcomes             D-dates for com-   Update on progress made
   and action                                                  pletion          with outcomes as on
     plans                                                                       November 2007

Manage all mon- • Pay deposits into the SAACDHE As needed
ies & claims in      bank account
accordance to the • Repay claims within 2 weeks
regulations of the   after receiving them
SAACDHE            • Ensure co-signature with rele-
                     vant persons

Provide financial     • Provide updated Income state-       Quarterly
statements to             ments at EMC meetings
EMC and audited       •   Provide updated budget at EMC
statements at             meetings
AGM                   •   Report on current EMC expen-
                          diture at EMC meetings
                      •   Ensure that SAACDHE meet
                          SARS registration requirements
                      •   Ensure that SAACDHE meet
                          NPO registration requirements
                      •   Secure auditors for yearly audit-
                          ing of statements
                      •   Ensure statements are audited     End August 2008
                          and reports ready for AGM in
                          Sept. 2008
Participate in        • Assist conference organisers
fundraising activi-     with ABSA sponsorship if
ties with EMC           needed
                      • Investigate other sponsorships
Clarify CPD activi- • Get written feedback from
ties for SSCSA        HPCSA on CPD service Pro-
conference 2007       vider Status

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                             page 19
                        Southern African Association for Counselling and
                                       Development in Higher Education


From:             Financial Coordinator, SAACDHE

Postal Address:   Dr Anita Fourie, Student Counselling, PO Box 28669, Kensington, 2101

Contact Details: Tel:         (011) 559 1318
                 Fax:         (011) 559 1320

To:                     - 2008 SAACDHE Membership Fees

Amount:           R

(breakdown: R1000-00 Institutional Fee + R0-00 Membership fees for 0 full members +
R0-00 for 0 student membership)

Please fax or post a copy of the names of the members with a copy of your deposit slip to
Dr Anita Fourie.

Members can either pay by cheque or by direct deposit into the association’s account.
Please make cheques payable to the SSCSA and preferably deposit your payment directly
into our account.

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 011948167
REFERENCE            : Insert name of Institution

Please note that when direct deposits are made into the Society’s account, on the deposit
slip at the bank, under reference – you must indicate the institution that is making the pay-
ment. Failure to do this would result in “unknown” payer. Please fax through a copy of
your deposit slip:

For Attention:    Dr Anita Fourie Fax Number:               011- 559 1320.

Dr Anita Fourie

   Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                   page 20
                         MEMBERSHIP FEE SCALE

Number     Individual       Total     Ti-   Surname & Name      Job Title /     E-mail
of Indi-      rate         Fee for    tle     of Individual   Specialization   address /
 vidual                    Institu-            members            Field        Phone nr
           (Not an op-
 Mem-                        tion
   1          420           1420
   2          415           1835
   3          410           2245
   4          405           2650
   5          400           3050
   6          395           3445
   7          390           3835
   8          385           4220
   9          380           4600
  10          375           4975
  11          370           5345
  12          365           5710
  13          360           6070
  14          355           6425
  15          350           6775
  16          345           7120
  17          340           7460
  18          335           7795
  19          330           8125
  20          325           8450

                 •       R 1000 standard fee for each institution
                 •       Decreases with R 5 for each individual member
                 •       Associate member: 75% of applicable scale
                 •       Affiliated member: 75% of Individual Rate 1
                 •       Interest group: 75% of Individual Rate 1
                 •       Student member: Individual Rate 1 less R100

 Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                  page 21
                                 Southern African Association for Counselling and
                                                Development in Higher Education

Vision The SAACDHE strives to be a dynamic and proactive network of counselling and develop-
ment service providers within higher and further education in Southern Africa.
Mission Our mission is to promote and protect the interests of counselling and development service
providers, and develop and monitor the delivery of counselling and development services, at institu-
tions for higher and further education in Southern Africa.

Full Membership: All institutions of higher or further education in Southern Africa may apply for full membership of the As-
sociation on behalf of individuals employed within their Centre(s) and Units as stipulated in the constitution. Individuals em-
ployed within such centres will be deemed full members of the Association if the application for membership by their institution
has been approved by the Association and the required fees paid.
Associate Membership: All educational institution which are not institutions of higher or further education in Southern Af-
rica may apply for associate membership of the Association on behalf of individuals employed within their Centre(s) and Units.
Individuals employed within such centres will be deemed associate members of the Association if the application for member-
ship by their institution has been approved by the Association and the required fees paid.
Affiliated Membership: Individuals not employed at an educational institution in Southern Africa but whose work is directly
related to the academic, career, personal and/or social well-being and development of prospective and registered students
pursuing higher or further education in Southern Africa, may apply for affiliate membership of the Association. Such individuals
will be deemed affiliated members of the Association if their application for membership has been approved by the Association
and the required fees paid.

                            PLEASE COMPLETE AND FORWARD TO:
                                                Anita Fourie
             · Phone: 011 559 1318 · Fax: 011 559 1320
            Student Counselling University of Johannesburg, P.O.Box 28669, Kensington, 2101
 Unit / Department
 Name of Head/ Director
 Postal Address

 Postal Code
 Telephone number
 Facsimile number
 E-mail address
 Preferred means of correspondence                               Post o      E-mail o       Other o _________
 Main services rendered by your unit or

 Number of staff members you would like to

    Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2008                                                         page 22