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					                            John Pierce Centre                                                          Winter
                            NEWSLETTER                                                               July 2007
                       Newsletter for and by Catholic Deaf Community of Victoria

                      SIX MEN AND THE ELEPHANT
There’s a story told about six blind men who were     creating an enormous draught. So he thought it
introduced to an elephant. None of them had ever      was a fan. Not liking cold he went away.
before come in contact with an elephant, so they
did not know what to expect. Naturally their chief    The sixth man approached the elephant from the
ally was their sense of touch.                        rear and touched its swinging tail. He thought it
                                                      was a rope.
The first man approached the elephant from the
side. He felt himself up against a broad solid        The six men came together and shared their
object. And concluded that the elephant was a         experience. But at the end each stuck rigidly to
wall. He tried to climb it but failed.                           his own picture. What a pity! Each of
                                                                 them had only a piece of the picture.
The second man approached the                                    And they never really pasted together
elephant from the side but well                                  what an elephant was.
forward. He reached out his hands and
came in contact with one of the                                   Before God we are like those blind
elephant’s tusks, which appeared                                  men. We can grasp little bits of the
round, smooth and pointed. And he                                 mystery of God and what God is like.
concluded that the elephant was like a                            Down the centuries people have come
huge spear.                                           up with all sorts of weird ideas and images of
                                                      God. But God has not left us in the dark. How
The third man approached the elephant from the        can we tell who God is and what he is like? The
front. The first thing he felt was the elephant’s     answer is quite simple. Look at Christ. Christ is
trunk. As he touched it, it moved and squirmed.       the image of the invisible God. Christ is the
So he thought it was an enormous snake.               Father’s self-portrait. And what about the Holy
                                                      Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a gift from both. He is
The fourth man was rather short and as he             the bond of love between the Father and the Son
approached the elephant he touched one of the         and between the Son and us. This is mighty
elephant’s legs. The leg was so thick that he could   complicated you might say? Not really? The
barely get his hands around it. He thought it was a   most important thing ever said about God was said
tree and he fell over trees.                          by St. John. He said “God is love!”

The fifth man happened to touch one of the            (Extract taken from Homily given by Fr. Alfred Rivett SSS
elephant’s ears. The ear moved back and forth         at St. Francis Mass on 3rd June, 2007)

                           A Great Opportunity to Reach the Deaf Community
 The Costa Foundation of Geelong, has generously sponsored the production of JPC’s Newsletter for a
  number of years. We have genuinely appreciated their kind support and regret they are no longer in a
position to assist us. JPC is now seeking a new sponsor for our Newsletter. With a quarterly distribution
      of approximately 1,000 people, this is a great opportunity to promote your service or business.
                        Please contact Rebecca Miller at JPC for further information.
Page 2                                                                                     John Pierce Centre

                                                  From the Executive Manager’s Desk -
                                                            Rebecca Miller
                                                 The last few months have proven to be very busy – a great
                                                 way to make the winter months pass quickly!
                                                 Our Annual General Meeting was held in May, many
John Pierce Centre                               thanks to all those who attended, it was a great night. Irene
                               Holub’s presentation was extremely interesting and motivating. We all
     A.B.N.   55 005 611 601   appreciated her involvement. An overview of her talk is provided within this
                               edition for those who missed it.
    2 Donald Street, Prahran
                               JPC is always grateful for the volunteers who give their time so tirelessly to
        Victoria 3181
                               help our programs and events. Each year in early May, a small group of
     TTY: 03 9525 1337         volunteers works very hard to send out our mailed Appeal for donations.
     Voice: 03 9525 1158       This provides us with much needed income – and keeps us going for another
                               year. A BIG thankyou to all the volunteers who have given their time over
      Fax: 03 9525 1191        the last few months.
                               Another area that relies upon the expertise of volunteers is our new JPC
    Website:    Website at This is a fantastic resource to keep up to date
                               with programs, religious events and our newsletter. Please have a look, and
   Office Hours                let us know what you think!
      Monday to Thursday       Karli Dettman is now on maternity leave, and we hope that she will enjoy
                               the coming months with her family. We look forward to introducing her
      9:00am - 5:00pm          new baby in our next newsletter. Our partnership with CENTACARE –
                               Catholic Family Services will ensure we can continue to provide counselling
   Pastoral Team:              and parenting workshops. Bernadette Wallis is available to assist couples
                               wanting to complete the FOCUSS course to prepare for their marriage.
     Janette Murphy RSJ
                               We have also welcomed Christine Elder to JPC, who has settled into her role
      Katrina Mynard
                               as Office Manager. Christine is naturally friendly and very approachable,
                               she is very interested in learning all she can about Deaf language and
   Administration Staff        culture. Help her to practice her Auslan by saying “Hi” next time you are at
     Christine Elder           JPC. Our Acting Chairperson, Br. Frank Hennessey has returned from a
     Gail Finn                 well deserved sabbatical overseas. We are pleased to have him safely home
                               and look forward to hearing more about his time away.
   Executive Manager           We are very excited by plans to extend our work in rural areas over the
      Rebecca Miller           coming months. Pastoral support to Deaf people in isolated areas is
                               extremely important, particularly during times of drought and rural hardship.
                               The generous donation of a vehicle will help us to support Deaf people in
   Board Members               country Victoria.
     Michael Andersson
     Fr. Greg Bourke                                     From the Chaplain’s Desk -
     John Davies                                             Janette Murphy
     Patrick Gallagher                        The winter chill is upon us, the drought seems to have broken
     Br. Frank Hennessy                       and the flood waters have subsided! Apart from the weather
                                              we have had terrible train accidents, shootings in the city and
     Catherine Perry
                                              terrorist threats in Scotland and England. There seems to be
     Nathan Rayner             no end of harsh weather and threatening actions that impact our everyday
     Margaret Urquhart         lives, even though we may not know anyone who was directly involved.
     Kevin Ziebell             This, as well as many other things, can touch our own experience of grief.
                               Recently some Deaf women participated in a Retreat weekend with a focus
                               on “Grief, Loss & New Life”. Winter, with its cold, darkness and dead
   Next Newsletter Deadline    trees, provides a perfect environment to look at the “dead” aspects of our
       26th October, 2007      life and grieve for what is lost.
                               It is possible to let go of past hurts and look forward to the “spring” of new
                               life. JPC is offering a number of programs and opportunities over the
                               coming months to do just that. As the saying goes: “Let go, and let God!”
John Pierce Centre                                                                                     Page 3


        JOHN PIERCE CENTRE and                             Families After Separation/Divorce
             CENTACARE –                                   (Facilitated by Katrina Mynard &
          Catholic Family Services                                   CENTACARE)
                                                                               What impact does
  The John Pierce Centre is committed to                                       separation or divorce have
  providing a quality Counselling Service. Karli                               on your children? How
  Dettman is now on maternity leave and JPC is                                 can we manage difficult
  very pleased to announce a partnership with                                  situations and make sure
  CENTACARE – Catholic Family Services that                                    our children are as happy
  will allow us to continue to provide counselling                             as possible in these
  to members of the JPC Deaf community, Deaf            difficult times? This workshop will look at
  couples and their children.                           issues common in families who have experienced
                                                        separation or divorce, including - making sure
  If you feel this service may help you or would        children feel safe and loved; managing
  like more information please contact Rebecca          boundaries and discipline issues; communication;
  Miller, or our Pastoral Associate, Katrina            the impact of re- marriage, new partners and new
  Mynard who will help you with your booking.           babies on children. To register your interest in
  Counselling is currently provided on Thursdays        this workshop please contact Katrina Mynard.
  at Hoppers Crossing, another location will soon
                                                        How Long :     3 hours
  be available near Prahran.
                                                        When :         November
                                                        Where:         John Pierce Centre
     Preparing to Live with a Teenager !                Cost:          $10
      Suitable for parents of children in
               Grade 5 – Year 9                                “Why Do I Get Angry ? ”
       (Facilitated by Katrina Mynard                      (Facilitated by Katrina Mynard &
                CENTACARE )                                          CENTACARE )
                                                        Anger can make us feel out of
                                                        control and damage our
                                                        relationships. This workshop
                                                        is for everyone who wants to
                                                        understand where their anger
                                                        comes from and how to
                                                        manage it better. It will help you to develop
  Having a teenager in the house can be extremely       skills to express your thoughts and feelings in a
  challenging and also very rewarding. It can be a      more positive way.
  confusing time for parents and for children. This
  workshop will help you to feel confident as a         The number of participants will be limited and a
  parent. Learn how to stay in your child’s life at a   brief assessment prior to registration will be
  time when friends and peers often seem more           needed to make sure that this course will assist
  important.                                            you. Please contact Katrina Mynard or Rebecca
                                                        Miller at JPC to register your interest.
  How Long :         3 hours                            How Long:      3 hours per week for 4 weeks.
  When :             October                            When:          September
  Where:             John Pierce Centre                 Where:         John Pierce Centre
  Cost:              $10                                Cost:          $40
Page 4                                                                                          John Pierce Centre

             EPHPHETA SUNDAY - 19th AUGUST, 2007
     We will have our traditional Mass at St. Francis Xavier Church 11.00 am. Then have a

   lunch at John Pierce Centre. What is a POTLUCK lunch? It means a HOT LUNCH TO
  SHARE. You bring hot food such as casserole, lasagne, soup, apple crumble, etc. to share.
                            JPC will provide salad, bread, cakes and ice cream.

                                            ENTERTAINMENT FOR CHILDREN
                                             ONE HOUR SHOW: 1.00-2.00 pm

                                 TOMORROW: DEAF COMMUNITY???
                 Irene Holub from the Aurora             We think that today’s Deaf community is getting
                 School, Blackburn (pictured on left)    smaller as time goes by. At the same time, there is
                 was JPC’s Guest Speaker at our          an increased number of cochlear implant recipients.
                 Annual General Meeting. Ms.             We learnt that initially no sign language is allowed
                 Holub’s informative presentation        to be used for those who have cochlear implants, this
regarding the Deaf Community - “Today: Deaf              enables recipients to learn how to listen to sounds.
Babies, Tomorrow: Deaf Community?” proved to be
very interesting for all attending.                      Ms. Holub’s research explained changes in our Deaf
                                                         community, reports up to 40% of children with a
Ms. Holub has been involved in deaf education for        hearing loss have an additional disability. Older
the past ten years, mainly in the field of early         generations are living longer - more exposure to
childhood education. Her background includes             noise such as iPod, mobiles, rock concerts, etc., will
Acting Head of Early Intervention Program, team          result in a higher than average hearing loss in the
leader, Teacher of the Deaf, artist, librarian and a     future.
mother of four beautiful daughters. Her belief is that
education is a powerful tool to use in school,           Our tough future challenges are: getting more
community, family and life.                              interpreters; Deaf education - mainstream vs Deaf
                                                         schools; sign language vs Cochlear implants; and
From her past experience, education and research,        stem cells. Ms. Holub believes that we should be
Ms. Holub gave her uncomplicated talk, in                visible and proud as Deaf individuals. We must
accessible language regarding early intervention,        work with the hearing community as partners. We
current factors and future challenges.                   can be positive role models in the hearing
                                                         community. We should be involved in the planning
Early intervention is important for newborn babies,      for the future Deaf community as the Deaf
providing parents with the knowledge and the skills      community will always be here.
they need to promote their child’s development,
especially their language and communication during       Her last words explain her strong belief: “History
the early years. One positive research showed that       repeats itself because everyday a new person is born
using Deaf friendly communication with parents can       with nothing and begins his journey to learn about
be helpful so that the child can develop normal          life. He learns by whom he meets….and that could
language skills with Deaf peers whose parents are        be you.”
                                                                     (Amen to her steadfast belief - Gail Finn)
John Pierce Centre                                                                                                Page 5

         “EMMAUS” Groups -                                    Monthly meetings for 2007
        BOX HILL              DANDENONG             PRESTON            HOPPERS CROSSING              PRAHRAN
      1st Wednesday            1st Thursday       2nd Wednesday             2nd Thursday              Tuesday
        St Clare’s              St Mary’s          Sacred Heart              St Peter’s        JPC (10.30am - 2pm)
   138 Woodhourse Gr.        160 Foster Street     322 Bell Street         31 Guinane Ave     - includes Communion
     (10.30am - 2pm)         (10.30am - 2pm)      (10.30am - 2pm)         (10.30am - 2pm)         Service at 12noon

                                                                                                      July 31st

        August 1 st             August 2 nd          August 8 th             August 9 th

      September 5 th          September 6 th      September 12 th          September 13 th

        October 3 rd            October 4 th        October 10th            October 11th

       November 7 th          November 1 st        November 14th            November 8 th          November 20th

       December 5 th          December 6 th        December 12th           December 13th

                                                          and their understanding of others. These aspects make
“EMMAUS” GROUP – STORY TELLING                            me want to meet these people again and again and
(Katrina Mynard)                                          again.
June was the first month I’ve attended all “Emmaus”
Group meetings - Box Hill, Dandenong, Preston and         Each month there are four “Emmaus” group meetings,
Hoppers Crossing. I find this so rewarding to travel to   and I’m hoping to see the group growing and to also
places and to meet the people. The people at each         see more young people involved. Hearing other
Emmaus group are so entertaining - their stories, life    people’s stories, sharing about events in our
experiences, and understanding each other’s feelings.     community and our world, and discovering how we
I find it so special.                                     respond to these events through our faith, our values
                                                          and our attitudes, is very inspiring. After these
In our everyday lives we worry about lots of things –     gatherings I went home feeling more relaxed, and
finance and material things, such as furniture, kitchen   realised life doesn’t have to be so BUSY.
appliances, manchester. The Emmaus group meetings
made me realise those things are not important in life. See table above for dates and venues, and please come
What is the most important and interesting thing in life along and join us for lots of chats, good laughs and a
is people - their spirituality, their soul, their feelings, great learning experience.

C-CELEBRATE                                                                FAMILY CAMP
                                                                     WHEN:      5th - 7th October, 2007
A-ACTIVITIES                                                         WHERE: Casa Pallotti, Millgrove
WHEN:        Sunday 2 September 2007,
             “Father’s Day Special”                                  DO WHAT:        Family activities, walking,
             12noon (after Mass at St Francis)                                       talking, laughing, playing
                                                                                     games, etc.
WHERE: Federation Square
       Birrarung Marr ground                                         Contact Katrina or Janette
       BBQ/Picnic Area                                               TTY 9525 1337 or FAX
DO WHAT: Meet Deaf adults and their children.                        9525 1191 if interested on
       Bring your bikes to ride around the Yarra River.              day outing or weekend
Please contact Katrina or Janette for more information.              away.
Page 6                                                                                   John Pierce Centre

    Christine Elder (new JPC Office Administrator) and Bruno
    Broglio, with Irene Holub, guest speaker at the JPC Annual
                         General Meeting

                                                                 Maureen Brown receives a bouquet of
                                                                 flowers from Margaret Urquhart upon
                                                                 her retirement from John Pierce Centre

   Rebecca Miller (JPC Manager), Janette Murphy (Chaplain) and
   Patrick Gallagher (JPC’s Acting Board Chairman) at the AGM

                                      What a happy gathering!
            Pankina’s Deaf Seniors who regularly come to John Pierce Centre every fortnight.
John Pierce Centre                                                                                        Page 7

                                                          Left to right: Brian and Jeanette Ralph, Maureen
                                                            Brown, Jules Hayes, Kath Tribler and Celia
                                                           Compton with a giant sculpture of a Wizard.
     Sand Sculpture: “Myths and Legends” at Rye
     Beach on 30th March, 2007. Don’t they look
        scared of King Kong in background?

                               CODA’s Soccer Day: the Andersson-Dettman, Devlin,
                                        Pearce and Younger families.

                                                             Don’t they look experts of Yoga exercises?
Good Yoga Postures Front row: Kathy Sakellarios,
Rachelle (Shel) Stevens, Natalie Sandon. Back row:
 Fiona O’Sullivan, Karli Dettman (Yoga Teacher).
Page 8                                                                                                John Pierce Centre

 Signee-Tots Playgroup                                         CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • 31st July - Indoor Playground                           BIRTHS:
        (TBA)                                               Emily Marie Camello Le - 14th
                                                            May, 2007 (daughter of Chrissy
  • 7th August - Craft
                                                            and Duc)
  • 14th August - Cooking
  • 21st August - Indoor Playground (TBA)                   SACRAMENTS:
  • 28th August - Craft for Father’s Day                    First Eucharist - Gemma
  • 4th September - Storytelling                            Davis (daughter of Michelle) at
                                                            Our Lady Help of Christians,
  • 11th September - Singing/signing
                                                            Narre Warren; 24th March.
  • 18th September - Melbourne Zoo
 TERM 4                                                                 Confirmation - Nicholas Benson (son
  • 9th October - Storytelling                                          of Anne and Patrick) at Our Lady of
  • 16th October - Cooking                                              Lourdes, Bayswater; 26t h April.
  • 23rd October - Craft
                                                                      Reconciliation - Brigette Carri (daughter
  • 30th October - Outing
                                                                      of Catena and Frank) at St. Bernard’s,
  • 6th November - No playgroup -                                     Coburg East; 1st May.
    Melbourne Cup Holiday                                   Adam Mallamace - (son of Annette and John) at
  • 13th November - Storytelling                            St. Francis of Assisi, Mill Park; 12th June.
  • 20th November - Singing/Signing
  • 27th November - Outing                                  BAPTISMS:
  • 4th December -    Cooking                               St. Francis Xavier Church, Prahran
  • 11 December - Craft/Xmas party                          Alexander Tyree Lowrie (son of Melissa and Ben);
                                                                               20th May.
                                                                               Emily Marie Camello Le
                                                                               (daughter of Chrissy and Duc);
                                                                               17th June.

                      PASTORAL TEAM                                      REST IN PEACE
                                                               ∗ Gordon Phillip (Tom) Hudgell - father of
                         IN OFFICE                               Barry and Brian; 27th April
 JPC Pastoral Team are often out in the community.             ∗ Regis Lillian Hynes - mother of Bill, Francis
 Katrina will try to be at JPC on Mondays. Anyone who            and Gerard; 3rd May
 needs help with any issue or concern, is welcome to ring      ∗ Irene Walsh - mother of Isabel Brown (ex-
 and make an appointment to see Katrina. This will               Portsea student); 3 rd May
 avoid disappointment. Please call JPC on 9525 1337
 TTY or 9525 1191 fax.
                                                               ∗ Margaret May Doolan - mother of Helen
                                                                 Ziccone; 25th June

 If you are interested to find material for reflection, look at these websites and add them to your favourites! (Pope Benedict XVI)                        (international website) (Sisters of St Joseph; Mary MacKillop) (Sisters of Mercy, celebrating 150 years in Australia)
Page 9                                                                                                  John Pierce Centre

   Calendar for Signed Masses 2007                                       St.Francis’ Church
  August:                                                         (cnr Lonsdale & Elizabeth Streets,
  5th    Melbourne, St. Francis, 326 Lonsdale St                            Melbourne)
         10.00am                                                          SIGNED MASS
  12     Dandenong, St. Mary’s 160 Foster St
         10.30am                                                              10.00am
  19th   Prahran, St. Francis Xavier                                    (First Sunday each month)
         11.00am (“Ephpheta Sunday”)                                 Cuppa in Pastoral Centre after Mass
  2nd     Melbourne, St. Francis, 326 Lonsdale St
                                                           ∗ Sunday, 5th August - plus “Celebration of 75 Years of
                                                              ABC Radio” activities, at Federation Square
  9th     Dandenong, St. Mary’s 160 Foster St
          10.30am                                          ∗ Sunday, 2nd September - plus bbq/picnic lunch &
          Wodonga, Sacred Heart, 10.30am                      bike ride (see page 3 for more information)
  16th    Prahran, St. Francis Xavier                      ∗ Sunday, 7th October - “Guggenheim Collection” at
          11.00am                                             National Gallery Victoria, St Kilda Road - LAST DAY !
  23 rd   Ashburton, St. Michael’s, 10.30am                       (Adults $20, Pens/Cons $16, Family $50)
  7th     Melbourne, St. Francis, 326 Lonsdale St
                                                           ∗ Sunday, 4th November
          10.00am                                          ∗ Sunday, 2nd December
  14th    Dandenong, St. Mary’s 160 Foster St
          10.30am                                           We thank the Blessed Sacrament priests for this opportunity to
                                                             celebrate Eucharist with them and many people who visit St.
  21st    Prahran, St. Francis Xavier
                                                                                Francis each weekend.
  4th     Melbourne, St. Francis, 326 Lonsdale St
          10.00am                                                              For your information -
  10th & 11th various Melbourne parishes                                           Train or Tram
          (“Ephpheta Appeal”)
                                                                                travellers on Sundays
  18th    Prahran, St. Francis Xavier
  2nd     Melbourne, St. Francis, 326 Lonsdale St
                                                                           “SUNDAY SAVER”
  9th     Prahran, St. Francis Xavier                                      Day ticket, all zones:
          11.00am (“Christmas Rally”)                                     $2.50 per person.
  16th    No 3rd Sunday Mass                               Can only buy at the Ticket Office - not available

  SEE NEXT JPC NEWSLETTER FOR                                  from ticket machines on trams or station
  DETAILS OF OUR CHRISTMAS MASS.                                             platforms.

                  I come from a background of having          I spend my spare time enjoying working out at the gym,
                  served people as a Housing Officer          bike-riding, reading and chatting over a coffee.
                  for the Office of Housing,
                  Dandenong under the Department of           I have now been at JPC for nearly 3 months, and enjoy
                  Human Services for the last 12              the fellowship amongst the staff and people who visit
                  years. Prior to that our family (my         the Centre. I will commence a course in Auslan starting
                  husband Gordon, and daughters               next week, and hopefully I will improve my
Renaye and Carllye), lived in Warragul for just over ten      communication with everyone here. I will be looking to
years where I worked for Gippsland Water.                     you all for practice of my newly learned skills!
John Pierce Centre                                                                                      Page 10

                          PANKINA DEAF SENIOR GROUP PROGRAM FOR 2007

    August 6        777’s Card Game/BBQ Lunch
    August 20       Bingo
    September 3     Outing
    September 17    15 Years Anniversary Lunch
    October 1       Crazy Whist
    October 15      Bus Trip
    October 29      777’s Card Game
    November 12     Outing                             Pankina Committee for 2007-8 - left to right: Moreen
                                                       Griffiths, Janet Miller, Zoe Walsh, Monica Stevenson,
    November 26     Bingo/Christmas Raffle Draw
                                                        Malcolm Stevenson, Dawn May and Bruno Broglio
    December 10    Christmas Lunch

                           BALNARRING CAMP - Rhonda Lettieri
On the weekend of March 23 –25, our family had a        play with, TV with DVD or karaoke music, table
wonderful opportunity to spend some time on a           tennis, outdoor playground. An entertaining night
‘weekend away’ at Balnarring down on the                had by all.
Mornington Peninsula.
                                                        An extra hour the next morning due to the finish of
Upon arrival on Friday night we all gathered for a      day light savings saw us up and ready a little earlier.
simple games night, and to meet the other families      We decided to travel to Rye and view the big
who we would share our time with. It was a lot of       sandcastles on display at the beach. WOW they
fun and a relaxing way to wind down after a busy        were amazingly good and interesting. We all
week.                                                   enjoyed the beach and the Greek festival on the
                                                        foreshore while eating fish and chips for lunch.
Next morning the weather was quite drizzly but our      Then we headed home fully relaxed and refreshed.
group decided to risk a walk along the beach. It        For us it was a great weekend. We would
soon turned into a race for shelter when the winds      especially like to thank all the families for
whipped up and blasted us. After lunch, the boys        welcoming us; sharing with us and making us feel
slept, mum rested, so my husband and sister             part of everything. The boys had a fabulous time
indulged in some wine tastings at some of the           mixing with all the other kids (esp. Bernhard &
wineries around Red Hill and enjoyed the cheese         Magnus), and getting up to all sorts of mischief.
farm and the home made chocolate shop. For              Many thanks to JPC and if they offer you an
dinner that night we all enjoyed a delicious BBQ        opportunity to getaway – go for it. You’ll have a
with all the trimmings in the fabulous camp kitchen     great time.
provided. There was plenty of toys for the kids to

          Life Skills Program 2007                      News from VCOD
          “Understanding the Options”                   Victorian Council of the Deaf - 25th Annual General
                                                        Meeting will take place at 7.00pm on Thursday, 13th
?     staying at home?
                                                        September at the FJ Rose Hall, Deaf Children Australia,
?     moving to supported accommodation?
                                                        cnr. High Street and St Kilda Road, Melbourne.
?     or a nursing home?
?     what to do when you need extra help to stay at          VCOD will host the 3rd State Deaf Conference on
                                                             17-18 November, 2007 at Jasper Hotel, Melbourne.
                                                             Theme: “Changing Faces of the Deaf Community”.
     This workshop will be given in August at JPC.      VCOD 25 Years Dinner - reserve this date in your diary
                  Full details later.                   - 17th November, 2007 at Jasper Hotel, Melbourne.
John Pierce Centre                                                                                            Page 11

     F acilitating
     O pen
     C ouple
     C ommunication
     U nderstanding
     S tudy

     This pre-marriage program is for couples who
     want to explore their relationship such as
     communication - develop listening and talking
     skills; conflict - how to resolve
     problems; and intimacy - how to
     have close relationship. If you                   YOUNG DEAF & HARD-OF-HEARING
     are interested, contact                                 PEOPLE (aged 16-35)
     Bernadette Wallis at JPC
     Email:                                                        for
     TTY: 9525 1337
                                                                  WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008
     Fax: 9525 1191
                                                                    (Sydney: 15th-20th July)
            SLOW & EASY YOGA
                                                       •      Do you want to attend the biggest
                     With Karli Dettman, a qualified          gathering of Catholic youth in the world?
                     Deaf Yoga teacher and a member
                     of the Yoga Teachers Assocation   •      Are you interested to broaden your
                     of Australia.                            spiritual horizons?
                     Gentle yoga with
                     pawanmuktasana (yoga warm-        •      Do you want to walk the pilgrimage around
                     ups) help to:                            the city of Sydney?
 •    Stretch your body all over
 •    Lubricate joints                                 •      Are you interested to meet other           faith-
 •    Slow down your breathing patterns; and                  filled young people?
 •    Relax your mind (meditation)
                                                       •      Do you want to be part of a great event in
 Who can join? Seniors and anyone who want gentle             history with Pope Benedict XVI?
 yoga in Auslan on Wednesday afternoons, 1pm -
 2.30pm until 15th August, 2007 at John Pierce                   If you answered “Yes” to any of the above,
 Centre.                                                          then World Youth Day 2008 is for YOU!

                                                       Send your expression of interest by email, video, or any
 MEDITATION CLASSES                                    media or artistic format of your choice to:
 • Want to learn more about meditation?
 • What is the difference between meditation and           Chaplain, John Pierce Centre, 2 Donald Street, Prahran,
   relaxation??                                                                     3181
 • Can Deaf people practice meditation?                               or email:

 Thursday evenings, 6.30 - 7.30pm until 23 rd August       Explain, in word, sign or symbol, why you want to be
 at John Pierce Centre.                                               part of World Youth Day 2008.
 If you are interested, contact Karli on email:        For more information, check out the World Youth Day ; SMS: 0403 922 245
                                                               2008 website at:
 TTY 9877 9377
                       The JPC website is online        Rebecca Miller was also involved in the initial
                       and can be found at              planning stages before going maternity leave. She
              On the           was thrilled to return to JPC and find the site up and
                       website you can find Mass        running.
                       timetables, information
                       about the services JPC           Electronic Productivity Solutions in Camberwell
                       provides as well as the latest   designed the layout and colour scheme. The
                       news about what’s going on       construction of the website was funded by grants
                       in the Deaf Community.           from the Bennelong Foundation and Mr. Geoff
                                                        Nash and we thank them for their generous
The website is a result of many hours of hard work      assistance in providing JPC with the website.
by retired JPC staff member Kerry Nicholas. Board       You can also download the JPC newsletter from the
Member Nathan Rayner developed and edited the           website which reduces postage costs for JPC and
text for the website. Peter Tarrant kindly              helps the environment by reducing the need to print
volunteered to assist with posting material onto the    it out on paper.
website. He will continue to help Gail Finn keep it
up to date.                                             Check out and read all about
                                                        what’s going at JPC.

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                      email. Please notify Gail Finn -

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