Maintaining Your VW Jetta TDI

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					Like any car, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI can go a long way if you maintain your car
properly. Here is a guide in which you can follow so that you can keep your Jetta TDI
at top notch.
  At every 250 miles or weekly, make it a point to check the engine oil levels. If there
is loss of oil, you should look out for the possibility of a leaking gasket or oil being
blown past the piston rings. Apart from that, examine the coolants of the radiator and
the overflow tank for any signs of contaminants and refill the tank for the windshield
washer. Also check the pressure and the threads for the tires. Should they wear out, it
should be evenly across the width of the tire, otherwise, your tire pressure may be
incorrect or there is damaged within the suspension or steering.

  At every 7,500 miles, or approximately six months, get your engine oil and oil filter
checked. Make sure there is no coolant within the used oil, or it could mean there is
some leakage that could damage the internal components. You should also inspect the
battery in case of corrosion among the terminals or rust on its tray. Any water should
be drained from the fuel filter. If your wiper and brake pads have worn off, get new
ones. Also remember to rotate the tires from one another. As for the frame of the car,
check for rust in which can be treated by using a wire brush to clean it and apply with
a rust sealing paint.
  By 15,000 miles, or a year, coolant hoses, brake lines, and fuel lines should be
checked of leakages. Also, rear brake pads should meet the minimum thickness. Don’t
forget to examine the parking brake cables to not kink, and the exhaust system for
leakage and rusts. If the steering rack and suspension, as well as the drive axle boots
have worn off or tear, replace them.
  By 30,000 miles or two years, get your engine filter, cabin air filter, and automatic
transmission fluid replaced. For manual transmissions, check their fluid level too.
Replace drive belts if needed.
  At 60,000 miles, replace your Volkswagen Jetta TDI’s timing belt and its tensioner.
And regardless of mileage, change the anti-freeze and brake fluid every two years.

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