Mademoiselle Chanel by gyvwpgjmtx


									Mademoiselle Chanel once famously said 鈥渇 ashion is made to be unfashionable 鈥?
Chanel understood that once a trend becomes heavily saturated in the market it
becomes undesirable and that over time, styles will naturally become part of fashion
history. Clearly, when throwaway fashion evolved hand in hand with mass production
in the last half of the 20th century, Chanel was way ahead of her time. So how then,
does the Chanel brand, so iconic, so emulated and successful for nearly a century
continue to go from strength to strength even in such uncertain economic times? Of
course she was known for being an innovator, freeing women of corsets in the early
20th century, introducing jersey and 鈥榮 portswear 鈥?to the upper classes (鈥渓
uxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury 鈥?, introducing beautiful but
practical fashions and giving us timeless and irreplaceable classics such as the tweed
suit, the strands of pearls, the 2.55 classic flap bag and of course Chanel No. 5. These
items have and will stand the test of time. But Chanel always knew that charging an
elitist price and restricting supply would reflect the quality and exclusivity of her
brand. Quality was one thing which Chanel was obsessed with and even now every
Chanel bag is assembled to impossibly high standards proving that imitations are a
false economy that don 鈥檛 last. From the famed caviar leather to the lambskin,
Chanel bags are made from the best quality of raw materials. The production of the
bags, including the famous quilted texture is shrouded in secrecy but you can be
reassured that your bag didn 鈥檛 originate from a sweat shop but that each bag is
individually crafted by a team of extremely skilled craftsmen and that each style is
made in limited amounts each season. A classic 2.55 is now priced in excess of 拢
2000 and the prices will continue to go up, making them ever more out of reach for
the average consumer, but all the more desirable. There is no denying the real deal is
expensive but you get what you pay for and in the case of a Chanel bag, you will get
the ultimate and the chicest 鈥榖 ag for life 鈥? Chanel knew that fashion would
become unfashionable but exquisite quality, desirability and a classic design will
always last and you only get that with an original Chanel. Vintage Chanel bags can be
found here.

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