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									        PACIFIC COAST BRAIN
P R O G R A M                            INJURY CONFERENCE

                November 17-19, 2010
                Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
                Vancouver, BC, Canada
                Simultaneous Satellite
                Conference Venues in
                Prince George and Victoria






                      MIND t h e   v a l u e   o f   a

                B C B R A I N T R U S T F o u n d at i on


          Landy Rehabilitation Consulting

2                                                    PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

        Program at a Glance ....................................................................................................5

        PCBIC Organizing Committee..................................................................................6

        PCBICS Board of Directors .........................................................................................7

        Conference Secretariat ...............................................................................................7

        Welcome Messages .....................................................................................................8
               Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver ......................................................8
               Dan Rogers, Mayor of Prince George ...........................................................8
               Dean Fortin, Mayor of Victoria.........................................................................9
               Patti Flaherty, Chair, PCBICS Board of Directors......................................10
               Geoff Sing, PCBIC Chair ...................................................................................11

        Conference Information ..........................................................................................14

        Venue information.....................................................................................................16

        Program Information – Wednesday ....................................................................17

        Program Information – Thursday .........................................................................19

        Program Information – Friday ...............................................................................22

        Roundtable Leaders ..................................................................................................25

        Exhibitors ......................................................................................................................26

        Sponsors .......................................................................................................................29                                                                                                                                 3

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm     Registration  
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm     Opening Plenary: Real People with Real Lives
                        • Captain Trevor and Debbie Greene
                        • Nancy Ricker
                        • Mike and Blake Rossiter
                        • Joy and Phil Archer
                      Facilitated by Dr. Art Hister
9:00 pm – 9:30 pm     Dessert & Coffee Reception

7:30 am – 5:00 pm     Registration
8:30 am – 9:00 am     Conference Welcome
9:00 am –10:30 am     Christopher Nowinski
10:30 am –11:00 am    Coffee & Tea Break
11:00 am –12:30 pm    Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm    Lunch  
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm     Dr. Roberta DePompei
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm     Coffee & Tea Break
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm     Dr. Cheryl Wellington
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Launch
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Reception and Roundtable Discussions

8:00 am – 11:00 am    Registration
8:30 am – 9:00 am     Breakfast and Opportunity to Experience the Online Network
9:00 am – 10:30 am    Greg Goldberg
10:30 am – 11:00 am   Coffee & Tea Break
11:00 am – 12:30 pm   Mary Benson

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm     Dr. Brian Christie                                                                      5

Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Organizing Committee

Conference Chair                                                               Prince George Representative
Geoff Sing                                                                     Alison Hagreen
Manager, Cridge Brain Injury Program                                           Executive Director
Cridge Centre for the Family                                                   Prince George Brain Injured Group
gsing @                                                             alison @

Program Chair                                                                  Members
Megan Saul, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW                                                  Mitch Loreth
Social Worker                                                                  Loreth and Associates
Acquired Brain Injury Program – Fraser                                         mitchloreth @
megan.saul @                                                   Joy Archer
                                                                               Joy.archer @
Program Committee
Renee Lopes Lieu, M.Cl.Sc.                                                     Mike Rossiter
Occupational Therapist                                                         Graphic Design and Print
Vancouver Coastal health – Vancouver                                           rossiter @
Community Rehabilitation & Resource Team
renvelopes @                                                       Victoria Satellite Conference
                                                                               Organizing Committee

                                                                               Janelle Breese Biagioni
                                                                               Community Program Coordinator
                                                                               Cridge Brain Injury Services
                                                                               mcm @
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the administration of medical
    oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure to improve or
    correct a variety of conditions.
                                                                               Mark Fournier, M.Ed
    Conditions that respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy include:
                                                                               Community Support Coordinator
    •   Autism                Disease                                          Cridge Brain Injury Services
    •   Brain Injury        • Pre & Post                                       mfournier @
    •   Cancer                Surgery
    •   Cerebral Palsy      • Sports Injuries
                            • Immune System
    •   Chronic Fatigue
                                                                               Leonard Regan, CSW
        & Pain Relief
    •   Lyme Disease        • Stroke                                           Director, Community Support Services
    •   Arthritis
                            • Many other
                                                                               Infocus Rehabiliatation Services Ltd.
    •   Migraines
    •   Multiple
                              Conditions                                       lwregan @
    •   Non-Healing
                                HEALTH CANADA
                                                                               Max Uhlemann, PhD

    •   Parkinson’s           LICENSED CHAMBER
                           MEMBER OF THE CANADIAN                              Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria
                          ASSOCIATION OF HYPERBARICS
                                                                               Board Member, Victoria Brain Injury Society
        #35 – 1480 Foster St, White Rock • 604-538-2509                        muhleman @
           Web: • Email:

6                                                                               PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society Board of Directors

Board Chair                                 Megan Saul, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW
Patti Flaherty                              Social Worker
Executive Director                          Acquired Brain Injury Program – Fraser health
CONNECT                                     Megan.saul @
pattif @
                                            Geoff Sing
Treasurer                                   Manager, Cridge Brain Injury Program
Carol Paetkau                               Cridge Centre for the Family
Executive Director                          gsing @
Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association
cdpaetkau @                       Kelly Sharp
                                            Community Intervention Coordinator/Educator
Board Members                               GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Joy Archer                                  Kelly.Sharp @
Joy.archer @

Christine Coughlan
Neuro-Rehab Case Coordinator, TCS
christinecoughlan @

Renee Lopes Lieu, M.Cl.Sc.
Occupational Therapist
Vancouver Coastal health – Vancouver
Community Rehabilitation & Resource Team
renvelopes @

   Conference Secretariat
   The Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society
   c/o Sea to Sky Meeting Management Inc.
   Suite 206, 201 Bewicke Avenue
   North Vancouver, BC V7M 3M7
   Phone: 604-984-6448
   Fax: 604-984-6434
   Website:                                                                               7

Mayor of Vancouver
              On behalf of the citizens of Vancouver, and my colleagues on City
              Council, I want to extend my warmest greetings to all those
              attending the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference.
              I know everyone involved in organizing the conference will ensure
              your time with us is special. I hope you have a successful and
              productive conference.
              Yours truly,
              Gregor Robertson

Mayor of Prince George
              hello Everyone,
              Thank you for investing the time to attend the 21st Pacific Coast
              Brain Injury Conference via satellite conference at the University of
              Northern British Columbia. This conference is important because
              brain injury affects people from all walks of life, from all ages and
              demographics. Collaboration on a national scale is sure to provide
              help for the numerous people living in our community and across
              our nation living with brain injury.
              I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the organizers of
              this conference, as they have dedicated their time and talents
              improving the lives of brain injured individuals in British Columbia
              and across Canada. I especially appreciate the attention paid to
              ensuring the 21st Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference is accessible
              to northern British Columbia, as Prince George will be enjoying the
              conference speakers via live broadcast.
              This year’s conference is sure to be successful, and I trust each of
              you will find the conference material informative and encouraging.
              Dan Rogers

8                                         PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

Mayor of Victoria
                     On behalf of the City of Victoria it is my pleasure to welcome you to
                     the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference.
                     There are a significant number of people living in Canada with a brain
                     injury and, like your conference’s theme advocates, these are Real
                     People with Real Lives. By better understanding the challenges faced
                     by people living with a brain injury we can ensure the resources and
                     services are in place and making a difference. The work you do goes a
                     long way to improving people’s lives. I commend you for your
                     Whether you are participating in this conference from Vancouver,
                     Prince George or Victoria, the next few days will prove to be
                     informative and motivating.
                     For those of you joining us in the City of Victoria, I encourage you to
                     also take some time and explore our beautiful city and meet some of
                     the people that make Victoria such a great place to call home.
                     Dean Fortin

      For 137 years The Cridge Ce re for the Family has helped
                         f                                      e
      families in times of financial, emotional, and physical need. Our
      ex                                   f
      e panding services for survivors of Brain Injury include

          Community Support Services, including consultations with
          rehab professionals, individual program planning, life skills
          training, financial literacy, leisure planning and other related
           ndependent Living with Support at Mary Cridge Manor
          Long-Term Supported Living at Macdonald House

           Continuum of care, support and opportunity                                                                                9

PCBICS Board of Directors Chair
                       On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Coast Brain Injury
                       Conference Society (PCBICS), I welcome you to Vancouver, Prince
                       George and Victoria for our Society’s 21st Conference.
                       The PCBICS Conference Organizing Committee has once again
                       planned an outstanding event, featuring a fresh, new format, with
                       more keynote sessions, more opportunities for interactive learning,
                       and Satellite Conferences in Prince George and Victoria. We are
                       certain that you will be educated, inspired and entertained by our
                       diverse set of keynote speakers.
                       You will also have the opportunity to meet members of the
                       Conference Organizing Committee and the Society’s Board of
                       Directors, as well as network with survivors, family members, health-
                       care professionals, researchers, and legal and insurance professionals.
                       I look forward to seeing you during this outstanding event, and
                       enjoying all it has to offer with you!
                       Patti Flaherty
                       Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society, Board of Directors

     The Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society
     The mission of the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society (PCBICS) is to bring
     together people living with brain injury, their family and friends, professionals and
     providers of service to support new and innovative education while increasing the
     awareness and prevention of brain injury.

     Vision of the PCBICS
     The long-term goal of the PCBICS is to create a legacy that will help make British
     Columbia the most informed place in the world on the subject of brain injury.
     As a result we hope to influence and create opportunities through education and
     networking, where survivors and their families are supported to live full and active
     lives. Widespread knowledge of risks and consequences will reduce the devastation
     that affects over 10,000 British Columbians and their families every year.

10                                                 PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

                                    I am delighted to Chair the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference
                                    Society’s 21st Conference.
                                    During the 20th Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference in 2007, it was
                                    decided that the conference required a hiatus. Extensive research was
                                    undertaken to re-align the purpose of the conference and it was
                                    determined that in addition to hosting future educational events,
                                    including this year’s conference, an online education and social
                                    network was needed to provide a one-stop shop for information and
                                    to combat isolation of survivors and their families on a 24 hour basis,
                                    seven days a week.
                                    Besides the outstanding education and networking opportunities,
                                    you will experience the official launch of the Online Education and
                                    Social Network (, the first in BC and Canada to
                                    offer substantial support and information resources online.
                                    On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee, enjoy the new
                                    and improved Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference!
                                    Geoff Sing
                                    Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference

                            Helping clients navigate                                                         Bridging the gap
                                 the health and
                            social service systems                                                      between theory and practice

   Case Management                                                               Addiction Education
   Certificate                                                                   Certificate and Diploma
   I   Gain skills fundamental to client-centered case management                Incorporate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working
       Understand case management concepts, models and principles                with people with addictions. Focus on the related approaches to
                                                                                 intervention, assessment, treatment, relapse prevention and case
   I   Locate case management within health and social service policy            management. Explore the specific needs of individuals and groups.
       frameworks                                                                I National Award winner for Program Excellence
       Learn how other professionals across the country view various ethical,    I Applications accepted throughout the year
       legal and financial issues within a community healthcare environment      I Past education may be eligible for advanced standing
       Enjoy sharing perspectives with others                                    I Distance courses with monthly start date

   I   Available entirely online for flexible, convenient study                  I All courses are CACCF approved

   For more information and course descriptions, please visit:                   For more information and course descriptions, please visit:                                              
   or contact: Centre for Continuing Education                                   or contact: Centre for Continuing Education
               McMaster University                                                           McMaster University
               (905) 525-9140 xt.24321                                                       (905) 525-9140 xt.24321
                                                                      Available by
                                                                       education                                                                                                                                         11

We are pleased that the Official Launch of will happen at PCBIC 2010
on Thursday, November 18 at 4:30pm.

                                                       Learn, Connect & Find
                                                       The website will provide a “virtual
                                                       conference” to allow survivors of
                                                       brain injury, their families, service
                                                       providers and professionals
                                                       access to information and to
                                                       connect with peers and supports
                                                       on a 24/7 basis.
                                                       contains valuable resources and
                                                       information, developed
                                                       specifically for those living in BC.

12                                              PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE
Your feedback and input are
critical at this time, as they
will assist us to continue to
revise, strengthen and build
the site. Please visit and
complete the brief feedback

Win an iPad!
Each registered conference
participant will have a
chance to win an iPad!
Details will be announced at
the Official Launch.

                                 In loving memory of Cst. Gerald V. Breese,
                                 a brain injury survivor, who courageously
                                 worked to overcome the challenges of his
                                 injury following a police motorcycle crash
                                 in May 1990. As part of his rehabilitation,
                                 he and his wife attended the Pacific Coast
                                 Brain Injury Conference only days before
                                 his sudden and unexpected death on
                                 October 24, 1990.

                                 To honour the 20th Anniversary of his
                                 passing, his wife, Janelle and daughters,
                                 Myriah and Dale, are pleased to sponsor the
                        Official Launch giveaways.                                                                  13

Conference Registration Desk
Please pick up your name badge and registration folder from the Registration Desk at the
following locations:
Vancouver          Grand Ballroom Foyer in the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
Prince George      Outside Bentley Centre Room 7-172 at UNBC
Victoria           Outside the Michele Pujol Room at UVIC
Hours of Operation:
Wednesday, November 17       5:00 pm – 8:00 pm*
Thursday, November 18        7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Friday, November 19          8:00 am – 11:00 am
*Victoria opens at 5:30 pm

Name Badges
In addition to being a means of identification for your fellow participants, name badges
must be worn at all times and are required to enter sessions and functions.

Every effort will be made to ensure that all sessions start and end on time. Speakers and
conference participants are all asked to work together to respect the program schedule.

Online Evaluation
Our aim is to deliver a conference that is an enjoyable and educational experience. We rely
on your full and honest feedback to improve future conferences. Please take five to ten
minutes to respond to an electronic evaluation, which we will send to you via email
following the conference.

Food and Beverage Events
Full conference registration includes the Wednesday Evening Reception, Lunch on
Thursday, the Online Education & Social Network Reception, Breakfast on Friday and all
Coffee and Tea Breaks. In Vancouver, food and beverage functions will take place in the
Grand Ballroom in the Exhibit Area. Food and beverage functions will take place in Bentley
Centre 7-170 in Prince George and the Michele Pujol Room in Victoria.

Cellular Phones, Pagers, and other Noise-Making Devices
Please respect your fellow participants by turning cellular phones, pagers, and other
noisemakers off during the sessions.

Hospitality Suite
A hospitality Suite will be available for the enjoyment of attendees following Thursday’s
Reception in Vancouver. Details will be announced at the Conference.
Sponsored by: Murphy Battista Lawyers

14                                                PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

Survivor’s Lounge
Sponsord by: BC Rehab Foundation
A hospitality lounge is available for survivors of brain injury, their families and their
caregivers. The lounge is a quiet place to relax and organize conference plans and is open
during conference hours at the following locations:
Vancouver           Gulf Islands CD
Prince George       Bentley Centre, Room 7-170
Victoria            Room 110B

Please keep all personal items with you at all times, as the conference rooms will be locked
only when not in use.

First Aid
For first aid assistance or in case of a medical emergency, ask any hotel or venue staff, or
conference staff at the Registration Desk for help.

The Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, UNBC and UVIC are non-smoking facilities.                                                                                  15

                                                Sheraton Vancouver Wall
                                                1088 Burrard Street,
                                                Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R9
                                                Toll Free: 1-800-663-9255
                                                Phone: 604-893-7120

                                                University of Northern
                                                British Columbia (UNBC)
                                                Bentley Centre, Room 7-172
                                                3333 University Way
                                                Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9
                                                Phone: 250-960-5555

Principal Sponsor: Webster & Associates
Secondary Sponsors: The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), HMZ Law,
and Saltgrass Health Inc.

                                                University of Victoria (UVIC)
                                                Michele Pujol Room
                                                Student Union Building
                                                3800 Finnerty Road
                                                Victoria, BC V8P 5C2
                                                Phone: 250-721-7211

Principal Sponsor: BC Rehab Foundation
Secondary Sponsors: The Cridge Centre for the Family, The Insurance Corporation of
British Columbia (ICBC), and Saltgrass Health Inc.

16                                           PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm   Registration

7:00 pm to 7:15 pm   Welcome

7:15 pm to 9:00 pm   Opening Plenary: Real People with Real Lives
                     Session sponsored by: Slater Vecchio LLP

                     The 21st Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference opens Wednesday
                     evening with an inspirational panel presentation: Real People with
                     Real Lives. Dr. Art hister, the Daily health Analyst on Global TV’s
                     Morning News, will facilitate the session, which promises to raise
                     your awareness, lift your heart and entertain you!

                     Join our panel speakers as they take you into their world, sharing
                     stories of challenge and triumph for those living with an acquired
                     brain injury and for those who support them.

Panel Speaker Biographies
                     Captain Trevor and Debbie Greene
                     Canadian Forces reservist Trevor Greene and his wife Debbie share
                     the riveting story of Greene’s recovery from an axe attack while
                     serving in Afghanistan in 2006. Peace Warrior, an award-winning
                     documentary, shares Greene’s amazing recovery. The couple is also
                     writing a book for harper Collins that should arrive in stores next

                     Nancy Ricker
                     Nancy Ricker, mother of Canadian Snowboarding Gold Medalist
                     Maelle Ricker, shares the story of her daughter’s journey following a
                     devastating crash at the 2006 Turin Games where Maelle sustained
                     a concussion.

                     Mike and Blake Rossiter
                     This inspiring and heartwarming father and son story will give you
                     an ‘up close and personal’ glimpse into the Rossiter family’s journey
                     as they maneuvered the often complicated medical system
                     following Blake’s car crash.                                                                          17

                                    Joy and Phil Archer
                                    Joy and Phil Archer share how their lives have changed since Phil
                                    was diagnosed with post-radiation stroke at the age of 45. Joy will
                                    describe the uphill and downhill journey of a young person’s post
                                    stroke recovery in a system that is not geared to deal with young
                                    stroke survivors and their needs.

                                    Dr. Art Hister: Art is a medical expert who uses humor, common
                                    sense, and plain language to help ‘real people with real lives’
                                    understand the complex, and often confusing, world of medicine.

9:00 pm to 9:30 pm                  Dessert & Coffee Reception
                                    Sponsored by: BrainTrust Canada Association and BC BrainTrust

  Regaining Your Quality of Life is our goal. We work
  together with your rehabilitation team to ensure that
  you receive the best possible rehabilitation while at the
  same time securing full, lifetime compensation for you
  and your family.
  Our experienced team offers specialized expertise with
  a human touch. Give us a call and then decide.

  •   Free initial consultation
  •   Handle all legal expenses
  •   Serving clients worldwide who have been injured in BC
  •   Flexible appointment times & locations convenient for you

  Suite 1450                          Tel: 604.687.8874
  1188 W Georgia Street               Fax: 604.687.8134
  Vancouver BC V6E 4A2                Toll: 1.877.687.8844

18                                                                PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

8:30 am to 9:00 am    Welcome

9:00 am to 10:00 am   Christopher Nowinski, Author of Head Games: Football’s Concussion

                      Head Games: The Sports Concussion Crisis
                      Chris will be speaking about how brain injury occurs, how the brain is
                      affected by injury, how brain injuries can be prevented and the current
                      research and treatment options. The aim of his presentation is to bring
                      awareness to the group about the consequences of traumatic brain
                      injury as a result of sports-related concussions.
                      Biography: Chris Nowinski is the Co-Founder and President of the Sports
                      Legacy Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to solve the sports
                      concussion crisis. A former harvard football player and WWE professional
                      wrestler, he was forced to retire due to a series of concussions in 2003. his
                      challenging recovery from post-concussion syndrome led him to write the book
                      Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis, published in 2006, in an effort to
                      educate parents, coaches, and children about this previously hidden public
                      health issue.
                      Session sponsored by: Fasken Martineau

10:00 am to 10:30 am Q&A with Christopher Nowinski

10:30 am to 11:00 am Coffee & Tea amongst Exhibits
                     Sponsored by: Vancouver Coastal Health

11:00 am to 12:00 pm Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer, Director of Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation
                     Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University

                      Recovering Relationships after Brain Injury: A Guide for Survivors
                      and Family Members
                      In the long term, loneliness and loss of relationships may be two of the
                      most painful changes that follow brain injury. Years after injury, many
                      survivors talk about feeling alone and misunderstood even when they
                      have friends and family with whom to spend time. This presentation
                      will discuss how and why relationships normally change after brain
                      injury. Practical information will be provided to help survivors and
                      family members improve existing relationships and establish new
                      relationships on the road to recovery.                                                                                   19

                      Biography: Dr. Kreutzer is the Rosa Schwarz Cifu Professor of Physical Medicine
                      and Rehabilitation at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Medical College
                      of Virginia Campus. he serves as Director of Virginia’s federally designated
                      Traumatic Brain Injury Model System and coordinates VCU health System
                      outpatient services for families and persons with brain injury. Dr. Kreutzer is a
                      neuropsychologist and a family therapist with more than two decades
                      experience developing and implementing brain injury family support services.
                      he has published more than 40 papers on families after brain injury and is the
                      primary developer of Brain Injury Family Intervention, an empirically based
                      education, skill building, and psychotherapeutic program for families.
                      Session sponsored by: Raincoast Community Rehabilitation

12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Q&A with Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm   Lunch amongst Exhibits
                      Sponsored by: BC Rehab Foundation

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm    Dr. Roberta DePompei, Professor and Director of the School of
                      Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Akron

                      Strategies to Enhance Memory and Organization for Persons with
                      Cognitive-Communicative Challenges
                      Persons with acquired brain injury (ABI) often exhibit difficulty with
                      memory and organization. This session will outline behaviours that
                      indicate difficulty with memory and organization and suggest
                      interventions that may help. Research results and practical applications
                      from trials using PDAs as prosthesis for memory and organization will
                      be presented.
                      Biography: Dr. DePompei is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the
                      School of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Akron. Widely
                      published, and a national and international presenter, Dr. DePompei is
                      recognized for her unique and innovative approaches for functional community
                      inclusion. her specialty is the impact of brain injury upon speech, language,
                      communication, and learning.
                      Session Sponsored by: Vancouver Coastal Health

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm    Q&A with Dr. Roberta DePompei

3:00 pm to 3:30 pm    Coffee & Tea amongst Exhibits
                      Sponsored by: The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

20                                                    PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

3:30 pm to 4:15 pm               Dr. Cheryl Wellington, Professor in the Department of Pathology &
                                 Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia

                                 Horizons of Hope for Treating Brain Injury
                                 Dr. Wellington will speak on a number of issues surrounding the
                                 treatment of brain injury, including: the factors that limit recovery, the
                                 implications a brain injury can have related to dementia, the current
                                 clinical trials of brain injury treatments and new potential treatment
                                 options currently in the research phase.
                                 Biography: Dr. Wellington joined the Department of Pathology and Laboratory
                                 Medicine at UBC in 2000 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2006. Dr.
                                 Wellington’s research investigates lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in the brain
                                 and how this relates to neurological disorders. Dr. Wellington’s group has made
                                 key contributions to the understanding of the role of apolipoprotein E (apoE) in
                                 Alzheimer’s Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury.
                                 Session sponsored by: Fraser Health Authority, Acquired Brain
                                 Injury Program

4:15 pm to 4:30 pm               Q&A with Dr. Cheryl Wellington

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm      Launch

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm      Reception and Roundtable Discussions

                                                                        !                  " #
                                                                        " # # $#          % #        " #
                                                                            #                        #
                                                                              "            & "
                                                                                   #      " #
   Established in 1989, Community Therapists provides rehabilitation
   services in Metro-Vancouver, the Fraser Valley & Vancouver Island.
             OT, PT & RA services
             Community Integration
             Return to Work / Volunteering
             Active Rehab Programs
             Driving Evaluations
             GVRD, F. Valley, Sea-to-Sky, Van. Island
             Punjabi, Cantonese/Mandarin speaking staff
                  Referral Line 604-681-9293 Ext. 153
                  Building skills. Empowering people.                                                                                                 21

8:30 am to 9:00 am    Welcome & Breakfast amongst Exhibits
                      and an Opportunity to Experience

9:00 am to 10:00 am   Greg Goldberg, Brain Injury Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and Author
                      of The Organ of Intelligence

                      Time with the Temporal Lobe
                      Using illustrations and anecdotes from his own personal experience,
                      Greg connects with audiences that are taking the journey that he
                      started years ago and is still on. he will empower them to face the
                      challenges of a head injury and give them renewed confidence to
                      succeed. Greg will give tools, skills, strategies and encouragement.
                      Biography: Greg Goldberg is a brain injury survivor, an inspirational speaker
                      and an author. After a car crash in 1998, Greg spent nearly a month in a coma,
                      followed by a long journey of recovery. Life became fraught with challenges;
                      initially struggling with impulsiveness, bouts of anger and fatigue. however, as
                      the years progressed, Greg learned to adapt to his limitations and become
                      proactive in managing and structuring his life so he can enjoy it to the fullest.
                      Today, Greg is upbeat, cheerful and full of zest for life. he uses his experience of
                      living with a brain injury to fuel his compassion and passion to help others with
                      similar experiences.
                      Sponsored by: David H. Doig & Associates

10:00 am to 10:30 am Q&A with Greg Goldberg

10:30 am to 11:00 am Coffee & Tea amongst Exhibits
                     Sponsored by: Vancouver Coastal Health

11:00 am to 12:00 pm Mary Benson, Brain Injury Survivor, member of the National Para
                     Nordic Development Team and Canadian Paralympic Nordic Team

                      Healing Through Sport: My Paralympic Journey
                      Mary Benson will describe the impact that recreational activities have
                      had on her life since suffering a brain injury in 1999. As a member of
                      Canada’s Paralympic Team, recreation, sport and leisure activities truly
                      helped her to heal her life. It has given her a life beyond her wildest
                      dreams. She is a “Real” person and this has been her “Real” life for over
                      10 years as a brain injury survivor.
                      Biography: Mary Benson was a Recreation Therapist in 1999 when she
                      experienced a life changing brain injury. Mary spent three and a half weeks in
                      acute care where a team of neurologists tried to make sense of what had

22                                                      PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

                     happened. She left acute care and went into an outpatient program at GF
                     Strong Rehabilitation and again worked with an amazing team in the Acquired
                     Brain Injury Program. Mary was relearning the life skills she needed to move
                     forward in her life, when one day she was told about a ‘Learn to Ski’ course for
                     people with disabilities. That six-week course led to four years of hard training
                     and REALLY learning how to be in the world! In two short years Mary made the
                     National Para Nordic Development Team, and two years after that competed in
                     the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games for Canada!
                     Session Sponsored by: BC Rehab Foundation

12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Q&A with Mary Benson

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm   Dr. Brian Christie, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the
                     University of Victoria

                     The Benefits of Exercise for the Brain
                     Dr. Brian Christie will be speaking about his current research on
                     Neuroplasticity. his current research continues to seek out the
                     mechanisms by which exercise can benefit the brain. he has shown
                     that exercise can not only produce new brain cells, but also induces
                     structural and functional changes in existing brain cells. his research
                     has implications for a variety of disorders and neuropathologies where
                     the cognitive capacities of the brain are impaired.
                     Biography: Dr. Christie works in a distributed medical program on Vancouver
                     Island, where he holds appointments with both the University of Victoria
                     (Division of Medical Sciences) and the University of British Columbia (Island
                     Medical Program). In addition to teaching neuroanatomy in the medical school,
                     Dr. Christie has an active research program that examines how exercise can
                     facilitate learning performance, synaptic plasticity, neurogenesis and
                     synaptogenesis in the developing and aged brain.                                                                                      23
          Chuck Jung Associates
                 Psychological and Counselling Services

     Warmest wishes to our survivors, their families
     and fellow service providers. From the team at
     Chuck Jung Associates:
     Dr. Chuck Jung, R. Psych                  Dr. Robinder (Rob) Bedi, R. Psych
     Dr. Keith Saunders, R. Psych              Mr. Derrick Klaassen, MA., CCC.
     Dr. Elsie Cheung, R. Psych                Dr. Kathy Lewis, R. Psych
     Dr. Ken Lum, R. Psych                     Dr. Iris Sharir, R. Psych.
     Dr. Sharon Jeyakumar, R. Psych            Dr. Tara Learn, CCC.
     Dr. Marlo Gal, R. Psych                   Mr. Carey Penner, MS., RCC.
     Dr. Spencer Wade, R. Psych                Mr. Tacky Chan, M.Ed., RCC.

                    For more information, contact us at our
                          Vancouver head office at
                                      or visit us at

                Services provided in Vancouver, Abbotsford,
                 Chilliwack, North Vancouver, Tri-City Area,
                       Richmond, Langley, and Surrey.

                             Counselling is also provided in
                               Cantonese and Mandarin.

24                                              PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

Prince George                                  Dr. Brian Heisel
                                               Clinical Neuropsychologist
Dr. Henry Harder
Associate Professor, Department of             Dr. Adele Hern
Psychology                                     Clinical Neuropsychologist (retired)
University of Northern British Columbia
                                               Val Reynolds
Dr. Anita O’Brien                              Brain Injury Survivor, Mother, Artist, and
Family Physician                               Educational Speaker

Dr. William Owen
Associate Professor, Department of             Vancouver
Psychology, and Director for the Centre for
Teaching, Learning, and Technology             Joy Archer
University of Northern British Columbia        Family Member

Dr. William Tippett                            Renee Lopes Lieu
Assistant Professor, Department of             Occupational Therapist
Psychology, Principal Researcher / The Brain   Vancouver Coastal health – Vancouver
Research Unit                                  Community Rehabilitation & Resource Team
University of Northern British Columbia
                                               Alison McLean
Victoria                                       Occupational Therapist
                                               GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Alex Bagley
Registered Physiotherapist                     Carol Paetkau
                                               Executive Director
James Bardy                                    Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association
Registered Occupational Therapist
Sunwheel Rehabilitation Management             Alice Rose
                                               Community Intervention Coordinator
Janelle Breese Biagioni                        Vancouver Coastal health
Author and Community Program
Coordinator                                    Mary Lou Rossiter
The Cridge Centre for the Family Brain         Family Member
Injury Services
                                               Mike Rossiter
Susan Edwards                                  Family Member
Speech-Language Pathologist
                                               Megan Saul
Barbara Erickson                               Social Worker
Director of Client Services                    Acquired Brain Injury Program, Fraser health
Victoria Brain Injury Society                                                                               25

Visit the exhibitor and tabletop displays in the Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton Vancouver
Wall Centre where you will find information from the following organizations:

BrainTrust Canada Association/BC BrainTrust              Fraser Health Authority, Acquired Brain Injury
Foundation                                               Program
BC Rehab Foundation                                      Henderson Structured Settlements
CARF Canada                                              Howe Sound Rehabilitation Services Society
Chesire Homes Society of BC                              The Insurance Corporation of BC
Classic Caregivers                                       O2 Plus Hyperbarics
Community Therapists                                     Raincoast Rehab
CONNECT                                                  Saltgrass Health Inc.
The Cridge Centre for the Family                         Turing Point Rehabilitation Consulting, Inc.
FolkStone Family Care Homes                              Vancouver Coastal Health
                                                         We Care Health Services

Exhibitor Descriptions
CARF Canada
CARF International has been providing accreditation services in Canada since 1969. CARF Canada
incorporated in 2002 as an independent, non-profit accrediting body in human services. CARF sets
international business practice and service standards focused on quality improvement and outcomes.
The self-assessment and external peer review encompass home and community services within aging
services; behavioural health developmental services; and medical rehabilitation environments. CARF’s
Medical Rehabilitation standards focus on Brain Injury Programs.

Chesire Homes Society of BC
The Cheshire homes Society of British Columbia mission is to assist individuals with acquired brain
injuries to achieve their optimal level of independence. The Society manages transitional and slower
stream residences, supported apartments, as well as community support programs in B.C. Our ‘Steps to
Independence’ model of service delivery has a proven track record of successfully re-integrating
survivors back into the community. Since 1984 hundreds of survivors and their families have benefited
from these services. The Society is also a member of a Global Alliance (Leonard Cheshire International)
of services for people with disabilities that operates in 53 countries.

Classic Caregivers
Brain injury specialists for more than 20 years, Classic Caregivers is a long time and proud supporter of
the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference. Whether you need short term support at home or full time
care, from rehabilitation to complex nursing care, Classic Caregivers Ltd. has the experience,
knowledge and sensitivity to meet your needs. Our nursing supervisors have abundant experience
with brain injury and are always available to meet with you to discuss solutions. Nurses, companions,
therapy and care aides can all be arranged through our agency and are professionally supervised.

26                                                      PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

Community Therapists Inc.
Community Therapists Inc. or CTI (604 681-9293 ext. 153) provides community based occupational and
physiotherapy services throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Sea-to-Sky region & Vancouver
Island for clients affected by mild to severe traumatic brain injury or stroke. CTI may use rehabilitation
assistants (RAs) for their programs and external therapists can also utilize their RAs. Services include
home health (ADL training, equipment, mods), Community Integration, Life Skills Development,
Vocational Rehabilitation/Job Coaching, Driving Assessments. In their paediatric department, they
provide OT, PT and SLP services for children with TBI and developmental concerns in Vancouver
(Oakridge Plaza Paediatric Clinic).

FolkStone Family Care Homes
FolkStone Family Care homes offers a community home-share living arrangement for those who are
unable to manage on their own. We provide homes for children, youth, adults and seniors with a
variety of complex behavioural and medical support needs. Our care homes are owned by qualified
caregivers who provide specialized care 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a maximum of two
clients. FolkStone delivers integrated, holistic services tailored to the unique needs of our residents,
while recognizing and enhancing each client’s strengths. At FolkStone we are committed to
encouraging the best quality of life possible.

                                                            Call Now For Care.
                                                            toll free 1.800.590.SALT

                                                            Group Homes
                                                            Home Sharing



Henderson Structured Settlements
Founded in 1981, henderson Structured Settlements is a longtime, recognized leader in the Canadian
structured settlement market. The company is licensed with all five major life insurance companies
presently underwriting structured settlements in Canada and offers a full spectrum of services, free-of-
charge, including: Pre-settlement evaluative reporting and consulting; In-person/real-time evaluative
support (at settlement meetings, mediations, etc.); Expert evidence (at arbitrations/trials); Post-
settlement structured settlement consulting and brokerage; Closing documentation support; Formal
brokerage Pledge/Guarantee; and Educational seminars. The henderson name has always been
associated with the very highest standard of professionalism and civility.

Howe Sound Rehabilitation Services
Since 1988, howe Sound Rehabilitation Services Society has been dedicated to supporting children,
youth, and adults with acquired brain injuries, developmental and/or physical disabilities, and complex
health care issues through Residential Programs and Community Integration Programs. Residential
Programs include the Assisted Independent Living Program (home sharing), Supportive housing, and
Assisted Living. Community Integration Programs include the headway Centres and the Supported
Independent Living Program. All hSRSS services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual
served. hSRSS is proud to serve all Lower Mainland communities and the Sunshine Coast.

O2 Plus Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic
It is our mission to prolong and improve the quality of life of our patients by administering hyperbaric
oxygen therapy professionally, safely and cost effectively. hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one part of a
multi faceted approach to recovery. We are committed to improving the health and wellness of our
patients and their loved ones and strive to connect our clients with additional resources in the
community. Located in White Rock, British Columbia O2Plus specializes hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
however additional services such as transdermal ozone steam sauna, infrared sauna as well as the ion
cleanse detoxification footbath are also provided.

Turning Point Rehabilitation Consulting
Turning Point Rehabilitation Consulting is a group of occupational therapists providing rehabilitation
services for people who have experienced an injury or disability and live within the Metro Vancouver
region. We take a client centered approach to restore function where possible and facilitate
independence and resumption of activities. We consider the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects
of injuries as well as the influence of physical and social environments upon function.

We Care
At We Care home health Services, our compassionate caregivers understand the importance of family
and of living at home for as long as possible. Our staff are specially trained to help those with acquired
brain injuries as well as dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and end-of-life care. Our services include:
personal care, home making, nursing, caregiver relief, foot care, accompanied visits and companion
services. Our 15 offices in B.C. are there when you need us. Our phones are answered by We Care staff –
never an answering service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

28                                                       PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE


BC Rehab Foundation
The BC Rehab Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity supporting people with physical disabilities.
People with physical disabilities are among our friends, family members, co-workers and respected
leaders. At BC Rehab we are committed to closing the gaps between people with and without
disabilities. We believe it’s ability not disability that counts.

The Rick Hansen Foundation
In 1988, following the success of the Man In Motion World Tour, the Rick hansen Foundation was
established with a focus to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities by creating more
accessible and inclusive communities and accelerating the search for a cure for spinal cord injury (SCI).
To date, the Rick hansen Foundation has generated $200M for SCI research and quality of life programs
while helping to improve the prognosis for newly injured individuals. March 21, 2010 marked the start
of the 25th Anniversary of the Man In Motion World Tour and over the next 18 months, the
Foundation’s focus is an ambitious $250 million campaign to support the cause.


The Cridge Centre for the Family
The Cridge Centre for the Family has a rich heritage and an even richer future. Founded in 1873 as the
BC Protestant Orphanage, The Cridge Centre has developed diverse programming that support
families at all life stages. The Cridge Centre’s services include child care, supportive housing for families
in economic or relationship crisis, a Transition house for women and children leaving domestic
violence, respite and Respitality services for families of children with disabilities, residential and
community services for survivors of Brain Injury, and Seniors’ Assisted Living housing. The Cridge
Centre for the Family ... because love is the bottom line.

Vancouver Coastal Health
VCh Acquired Brain Injury Supports (ABIS) is a regional program that works with your local health units
and mental health teams to support clients who are living with a brain injury. Our region includes
Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver, the Sea to Sky corridor, the Sunshine Coast, Bella Bella and Bella
Coola. We provide case management as well as specialized support services to clients who are recovering
from brain injury and have complex needs. Emphasis is placed on supporting clients to achieve an
optimal level of independence and promoting community integration with a view to improving overall
quality of life. Services are accessed through a case manager in the local community health centre,
mental health team or addictions program in the client’s community. ABIS also supports community
brain injury drop in centers including Vancouver headway and the Powell River Brain Injury Society.                                                                                             29


CONNECT was established in 1993 by John and Janet Sherwood to provide specialized and flexible
environments to meet the needs of people living with brain injury. Our homes are located in Kelowna
and Langley, and offer customized services and support, hope and a place to live for people at all levels
of abilities. Programs are developed and guided by rehab professionals to support people to build
meaningful relationships, to be connected to their community and to be involved in functional and
productive activities. CONNECT’s values include flexibility, creativity, learning, respect, passion and joy.
Our mission is simple; to make lives better.

Fraser Health Acquired Brain Injury Program
Fraser health’s Acquired Brain Injury Program offers services to people who have suffered an acquired
brain injury from trauma, stroke, brain tumor, aneurysm or other causes, resulting in physical, cognitive
and emotional changes. This program is designed to help adults with an ABI live in the community
with a level of independence that meets their personal goals and health needs. The ABI program
provides rehabilitation, residential and community support services. Fraser health’s Concussion Clinic,
located in Coquitlam, can help residents over the age of 16 who have sustained a concussion or mild
TBI, and are in their recovery process by providing education, assessment, and treatment as needed.

 Henderson Structured Settlements:                                         PERSONAL CARE
     Your Partners in Servic ®
     Your                   ce


                                                                           HOME REHABILITATION

           w w w. h e n d e r s o n . c a

                  Proud Sponsor of


30                                                        PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial Crown corporation that provides
universal compulsory auto insurance (Basic insurance) to drivers in British Columbia. Our insurance
products are available across B.C. through a network of independent brokers, and claims services are
provided at ICBC claims-handling facilities located throughout the province. We also invest in road
safety and loss management programs to reduce traffic-related deaths, injuries and crashes, auto crime
and fraud. In addition, we provide driver licensing, vehicle registration and licensing services at
locations across the province. ICBC has had a designated Rehabilitation Department since 1974.

Raincoast Community Rehabilitation Services
Raincoast Community Rehabilitation Services (RCR) is recognized as specializing in community-based
assessment, rehabilitation and support for individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injury
since first established in 1983. Our interdisciplinary team’s expertise enables RCR to provide skilled
occupational therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology, clinical psychology and neuropsychology. RCR’s
range of services has grown over the years, responding to the needs of the organizations and
individuals we serve to include clinic based and medical-legal services in addition to our community
based work. Our purpose is to assist the people we serve to function optimally where they live, work,
and play.

SaltGrass Health Inc.
A reliable and established healthcare management company with the goal to provide every client a
compassionate and dignified care he rightfully deserves through a closer, more active and more
personal form of support. SaltGrass health provides supports to different groups of individuals with
various healthcare needs through: Staffing, home Support Services, Nursing Services, home Sharing,
Residential Group homes, Therapeutic Services. For more information, please call: 1.800.590.SALT.

Simpson Thomas & Associates
Simpson Thomas is a law firm with over 40 years experience handling brain injury and other
catastrophic injury claims as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Our personal injury lawyers provide
legal services and take care of the business side so that you can focus on getting better. We have a
strong network of established medical experts and weíll assist you with getting the medical treatment
you need as well as the necessary financial support. Simpson Thomas takes pride in helping you
receive the assistance you need to recover from your traumatic brain injury.

Webster & Associates
Webster & Associates, founded by Robert Brian Webster, Q.C., is a law firm that represents survivors of
brain and neurological injury resulting from motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice as well as
many other causes. One of only a few Canadian law practices focusing exclusively on this field,
Webster & Associates has earned a reputation for being an extremely client-centered and successful
litigation firm. They work closely with brain injury survivors and their families ensuring that all
involved are well equipped to cope with their drastic change in circumstance. Robert Brian Webster,
Q.C., and the firm strongly believe in the importance of community support groups for those living
with brain injuries and are very active in educating the wider public and legal community about such
injuries.                                                                                        31


BrainTrust Canada Association
BrainTrust Canada Association is a progressive community agency dedicated to preventing injury and
maximizing independence for people living with brain injury. Through our Coordinated Okanagan
Brain Injury Services Team, we offer a wide variety of services to individuals, families and caregivers
throughout the Interior of BC. In partnership with providers such as health Authorities, ICBC, WorkSafe
BC and Community Living BC. Through our Community Development Division, BrainTrust has taken a
lead role in the development of prevention strategies with partners such as the Canadian Ski Patrol, the
Rick hansen Foundation, and the Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury.

BC BrainTrust Foundation
The BC BrainTrust Foundation is a public Foundation created to develop an endowment legacy for
British Columbians to aid research and development of community support services and injury
prevention strategies. The BC BrainTrust Foundation and BrainTrust Canada have partnered to sponsor
the Acquired Brain Injury Innovation Fund – a dedicated fund targeted at developing the field of
acquired brain injury in BC. The Fund is proposed as a partnership between the community and the
provincial government to work in partnership to address the growing issues of homelessness,
incarceration and abandonment experienced by individuals living with the effects of brain injury.

David H. Doig & Associates
Regaining Your Quality of Life is our goal. We work together with your rehabilitation team to ensure
that you receive the best possible rehabilitation while at the same time time securing full, lifetime
compensation for you and your family.
  • Free initial consultation
  • Serving clients worldwide who have been injured in BC
  • Flexible appointment times & locations convenient for you
  • handle all legal expenses (disbursements)
  • Specialized expertise with a human touch

Fasken Martineau
Bill Morley, Q.C., is a lawyer with a practise focused on representing those with significant personal
injuries. he has been a lawyer since 1984, and appeared in all levels of court in B.C. Bill has acted for
many clients with brain injuries. Bill is a paraplegic himself as a result of a car accident in his youth, and
knows the difference a good award of compensation can make to the quality of an accident victim’s
life. Bill is a partner in the Fasken Martineau firm which is a firm of over 130 lawyers in Vancouver.

Our firm has been intensively involved with brain injury issues since 1980. Our firm is a founding
member of the Kamloops Brain Injury Association and has been actively involved with that association
since its inception. We act for survivors province-wide. We have developed an extensive, diverse bank
of experts to call upon to address virtually any brain related problem. We ensure that our clients have
the necessary funding to access this assistance. We approach every claim with a commitment to our
motto: “We care about your future”.

32                                                         PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE

Murphy Battista Lawyers
Founded in 1982, Murphy, Battista is one of the best known and most successful personal injury law
firms in Western Canada – and was one of the first “boutique” law firms in BC, practicing in a specialized
area. The firm continues to be at the forefront of personal injury work – in our commitment to each
case, in using our past knowledge and experience, and in maximizing the recovery. Our firm has grown
from the two founding lawyers to the present team of ten lawyers.

WorkSafeBC is an independent provincial statutory agency governed by a board of directors that
serves about 2.3 million workers and more than 200,000 employers. WorkSafeBC was born from the
historic compromise between B.C.’s workers and employers in 1917 where workers gave up the right to
sue their employers and fellow workers for injuries on the job in return for a no-fault insurance
program fully paid for by employers. WorkSafeBC is committed to safe and healthy workplaces and to
providing return-to-work rehabilitation and legislated compensation benefits.                                                                                          33


Landy Rehabilitation Consulting
Landy Rehabilitation Consulting would like to note that sponsorship is in honour of the Prince George
Brain Injured Group (PCBIG) and all the work that they do. The sponsorship is given with sincere
appreciation on behalf of the many clients who are supported by PCBIG on a continuous basis.

                                                            SLATER VECChIO LLP

                                                    IS A PROUD SUPPORTER OF


34                                                    PACIFIC COAST BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE
  Reid’s Prescriptions
   Supporting members of our
  Community with Brain Injuries.

       Visit Reid’s Prescriptions
            in Prince George
   in the Victoria Medical building
   for all of your pharmacy needs.

   1669 Victoria St, Prince George.
       Phone 250-564-6666.

                                       Cheshire Homes Society
                                        of British Columbia
                                          Acceptance, Empowerment,
                                          Independence, Opportunity

                                       Providing Transitional, Slower
                                        Stream and Apartment Based
                                        Rehabilitation Programs for
                                      Acquired Brain Injury since 1984.

                                          Cheshire homes Society of BC,
                                        head Office #202 – 625 5th Avenue
  Acquired Brain Injury Program          New Westminster, BC, V3M 1X4
                                             Phone: (604) 540-0686
                                                  a member of the
                                       Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance                                                                        35
                     Picture us s
                     Picture us as
                      your personal
                      your personal
                      support team..
                      support team..

   Langley           Lake Country
                     Lake Country
 604-534-0705        250-469-9358

Communiities,        and support
Communities, homes, and support
      a       brain injury
               rain inj ry
      after brain injury


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