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					Nokia is one of the biggest mobile companies thought highly of on the strength of top
quality, rich functionality and luxurious looks. There is no doubt that where there is
Nokia, there is gold standard and glamorous newfangle. Well, the sought after Nokia
N900 is a mobile Internet device and smartphone, from Nokia based on the Maemo
platform, superseding the N810. It runs Maemo 5 Linux as its default operating
system and is the first Nokia device based upon the TI OMAP3 microprocessor with
the ARM Cortex-A8 core. Needless to say, the Nokia N900 have come to the fore and
gained established popularity.
 Here we go, let’s take a close look at the following winning points for most
customers which customers love Nokia N900.
 1. Photos. The Nokia N900 camera has a gorgeous 5MP Carl Zeiss lens and flash.
The photo management provides, in addition to sharing options, cropping tools and
image modification functionality.
 2. Messaging. The Nokia solution to messaging was as interesting as their approach
to contacts. One consolidated Conversations app including text messages, Twitter
@replies and hashtags, IM and VOIP messages and any additional modules you
enable. Absolutely amazing!
 3. Web browser. The Nokia N900 sports a fast Flash Player 9 plug in, multiple pages,
desktop web shortcuts, RSS feeds, importing bookmarks and opening local HTML
pages. Browsing at 800?á480 pixels is astounding.
 4. Media. I was extremely surprised to see my Windows Media and Sonos appear on
Nokia mobile phone media player window the minute I loaded it up. And it streamed
all the files (including MKVs! ¨C third party support) instantly. Yes, it doesn’t sync
with iTunes. Yes, Nokia Music sucks. Its name sucks. DRM sucks. Windows-only
sucks. Syncing sucks. But I get to be in control. The interface is quite sexy as well.
 5. Contacts. The Nokia N900 Contacts app offers all of that and serves as a
consolidated social networking, instant messaging and VOIP contact list. This is an
extremely interesting way of approaching contacts by letting you forget about the
medium of contact and jump directly into who you want to talk to. You can also filter
by medium and availability status.
 6. Installing Apps. The Nokia N900,further hoping the Nokia N8 's 1-month old
device already has over 1,000 apps (if you know how to get your sources setup) and
that doesn’t include the Ovi Store which has not yet launched for the Nokia N900.
Apps do everything from enabling screenshots to adding twitter support into contacts
and messaging. The list of apps already present is extremely impressive and the fact
that it is an open source platform means more will come at a very fast rate.
Notification of updates is also very well-managed.
 Anyway, against the backdrop of dominating information age featuring consistently
instant communication by cell phone on a large scale, the fanatic craze for tip-top
Nokia N900, made by China manufacturer or its rival counterparts, is supposed to go
in the ascendancy and the point to note is that with high-tech going by leaps and
bounds, more innovative and high-end Nokia phones will hit the market and make a
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