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Daniel A. Inzirillo                    Home:         020 7377 1863
1B Pennybank Chambers                  Mobile:       079 5037 2243
Fairchild Place                        E-mail:
London EC2A 3EN, UK                    Web site:


A permanent software development position, ideally entailing involvement with the design
process. I will contribute a robust experience with all stages of the software development cycle,
and a very strong command of the C++ language and object-oriented methodology.


A multilingual software engineer with over 12 years experience in R&D and shrink-wrap product
development positions and as an independent consultant. A quick learner, able to adapt to
rapidly changing business requirements. Good communicator who enjoys human interaction
and being part of team dynamics, but who also has a proven record of successful independent
work. A problem solver with an analytical mindset and a penchant for abstract thinking.

Citizenship:   French and Canadian. Authorised to work in UK and the EU.
Languages:     Fluent in English, French, and Spanish.


Operating Systems    Windows NT/2000/XP, including Win32, multithreading, and GDI.
Languages            Visual C++, including the Standard Template Library (STL), and Java.
Networking           TCP/IP, client-server and multi-tiered applications, H.323 and related
                     ITU-T protocols (H.245, H.225, Q.931, H.261, etc) for videoconferencing.
Frameworks           MFC, COM, DCOM.
Software dev’t       UML, Design Patterns, OOP, OOD.
Databases            Microsoft SQL Server (up to v.7)
Tools                SoftIce, Source Safe, Bounds Checker, CVS, MKS, QDM.
Other                GUI development, CD-R device drivers, XML, HTML, MAPI, TAPI, graphic
                     formats and compression algorithms. Recently acquired on-the-job
                     experience with Java, J2EE, Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Enterprise
                     Java Beans, Ant, and XDoclets under JBoss.


       Graduate Diploma in Computer Science.
        1991 - Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.
       Bachelor of Science, Physics, Honours Degree with Distinction.
        1988 - Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.
        Awarded the Walter Raudorf Medal for Physics.

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Independent Consultant – August 2001 to 2003
After my last full-time employer in the US closed down I moved to Montreal, Canada, from
where I worked on a few contracts while waiting to return to the USA or to Europe. Those
contracts involved mostly C++ and the other skills I had gained in previous positions, except
for a recent project which has helped me get familiar with Java, J2EE (on JBoss), Enterprise
JavaBeans, JSP and servlets.

Internet – San Francisco, California, USA
Software Designer / Team Lead – 04/2000 to 05/2001 (when company ceased all operations)
Supervised a team of four developers and two QA specialists. Main personal development:
     Architectural design: participated in designing the global architecture of the product.
      Server development: designed and implemented in C++ a Windows NT / 2000 TCP/IP -
       HTTP multithreaded server for high volume multimedia storage and distribution on the
       Internet. This server, which was fully object oriented and reusable, included a self-
       monitoring technology to guard against resource leaks and stalled threads. It was
       clocked at substantially higher speeds than Apache Server.
      Compiler design: invented a new, proprietary script language used by the QA team for
       automatic, high volume, stress testing of the server. This language provided constants,
       variables, loops, etc, plus allocation of threads to concurrent tasks, to simulate a large
       number of simultaneous XML sessions between the test clients and the HTTP server.
       Using this tool two QA technicians were able to conduct both functional and stress tests
       on the Server, achieving rates of over three million test messages per hour, thus
       performing the equivalent work of a substantially larger QA team.
      Diagnostics library: wrote a reusable library implementing a sophisticated diagnostics
       and logging system to allow for very detailed traces and error reports in a multithreaded
       environment with comparatively negligible time and memory overhead, using a
       proprietary compressed format. This tool was invaluable for the debugging of the
       server, particularly for unearthing defects that only surfaced under extremely heavy load
       and so could not be traced interactively. Also, wrote a log viewer with MFC.
   Skills: Visual C++, STL, OOD, OOP, UML, TCP/IP, MFC, HTTP, XML, compiler technology,
   multi-threading, library / framework design.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone - Multimedia Communications Laboratories – California
CONTRACT, OUTSOURCING PROJECT - Software Engineer – 04/1999 - 03/2000
    Videoconferencing library: designed and developed a general purpose library for real-
     time audio and video communications implementing ITU-T Recommendation H.323:
     Packet-based multimedia communications systems, along with required portions of other
     supporting ITU-T Recommendations such as H.225.0: Call signalling protocols and media
     stream packetization for packet-based multimedia communication systems, H.245:
     Control protocol for multimedia communication, Q.931: Digital subscriber signalling
     system No. 1, and others. Was responsible for the whole development cycle.
      Server development: used the above to design and implement ArcSight, an application
       for multimedia streaming. ArcSight can simultaneously hook into any number of ongoing
       H.323 intranet videoconference sessions to make the data available to any number of
       non-H.323 aware client applications through a simplified interface, either in real time or
       off-line. After localization to Japanese, ArcSight became a commercial product in Japan,
       and has been used as a model for another product for distance learning.

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      Server development: implemented a RealServer (RealNetworks) COM/DCOM encoder for
       live Internet broadcasting of video/audio data obtained from ArcSight. Visual C++, COM,
       DCOM, RealNetwork plug-ins.
   Skills: Visual C++, STL, OOD, OOP, UML, TCP/IP sockets, COM, DCOM, multi-threading and
   inter-process synchronisation, implementation of H.323 and related ITU-T protocols (H.245,
   H.225, Q.931, H.261, etc), ASN1, library / framework design.

Eclipsys Corporation (formerly HealthVISION) – Santa Rosa, California, USA
Sr. Software Engineer – 02/1997 - 04/1999
      Server development: designed and developed the Alarm Notification System, an
       enterprise-wide messaging centre for dispatching e-mail and alphanumeric page
       notifications using MAPI, TAPI, and the Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol. The Alarm
       Notification System is a multithreaded, highly scalable, fault tolerant DCOM server
       running as an NT service, and it is currently deployed in various hospitals in the US and
      COM / DCOM programming: Took full responsibility for a suite of DCOM client-server
       applications running in a distributed database environment to connect workstations with
       the appropriate database servers, implement workgroups, and centralize error logging
       and viewing.
      MFC and SQL programming: As needed, worked on various parts of a large MFC based
       application for electronic medical records, both on the GUI and on MS SQL triggers and
       stored procedures.
   Skills: Visual C++, OOD, OOP, UML, MFC, Win32, COM, DCOM, ATL, IDL, Microsoft SQL
   Server, MAPI, TAPI, Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol, multithreading.

CellNet Data Systems (now Schlumberger Limited) – Redwood City, California, USA
CONTRACT, OUTSOURCING PROJECT - Team Lead and Project Manager – 09/1996 - 02/1997
This was a contract position. I was employed by Hamilton Software Inc, an outsourcing firm, to
manage this project for CellNet. Led a team of three and interfaced with the client.
      Server development: designed a software gateway (router) between CellNet’s wireless
       network and its Commercial Data Service clients. Besides such usual gateway tasks as
       validating, reordering, reassembling and redirecting incoming network packages, the
       software was responsible for keeping traffic statistics for the purpose of billing and
       documenting the quality of service. Implemented the gateway to execute either on a
       Windows NT or a UNIX SunOS environment.
      Statistical testing: designed and developed an application to synthesize network
       packages to test the gateway under a variety of normal and abnormal conditions. The
       program generated the data following configurable statistical parameters. Thanks to this
       application the gateway was tested with very little human resources, and was proven to
       be operational and virtually error free before the actual wireless network was in place,
       thus shortening the deployment time of a 125,000 node network by approximately three
   Skills: Visual C++, Sun CC, OOD, OOP, Berkeley TCP/IP sockets, project and team

Corel Corporation – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Senior Software Engineer – 06/1992 - 08/1996
      SCSI CD-R Device drivers: as member of the team developing CD Creator (at the time
       the world's most popular CD mastering software package), I was solely responsible for
       the development and maintenance, in C, C++ and Assembler, of all the device drivers
       and VxD required to support a variety of SCSI CD-R devices under Windows NT/Win95
       and Windows 3.1x. Working closely with OEM’s (Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Ricoh, Teac,

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       and many others) and system integrators (Gateway, Turtle Beach) firmware engineers
       and representatives, contributed to the testing and debugging of their devices,
       sometimes on-site, and occasionally advised on normalization of the vendor specific
       SCSI interfaces to comply with industry standards.
      MFC cross-platform port: was a member of the task force that ported the Microsoft
       Foundation Classes (MFC) and Windows 95 controls to OS2 Warp. Designed the Graphics
       Object Manager, an OS2 layer to handle bitmaps, brushes, fonts, pens, and regions
       created and manipulated with Windows semantics. Wrote code to reproduce under OS2
       all of the Windows 95 controls (Pushbutton, Spin control, Tab Control, Property Sheet,
      Graphic formats and compression algorithms: re-implemented and optimised most of the
       Graphics I/O Filters used by various Corel products, such as BMP, TIFF, GIF, Photoshop,
       JPEG, etc. Implemented various compression algorithms: Huffman, LZW, RLE, etc. (The
       LZW implementation was measured to be the fastest of all known implementations at
       that time).
      MFC and GDI programming: particularly at crunch time, worked on various Corel
       products for maintenance and defect fixing.
   Skills: C, C++, 80x86 Assembler, MFC, Win32, GDI, cross-platform development, graphic
   formats, compression algorithms, SCSI, CD-R protocols, device drivers.

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