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Pro Bono Annual Report   Attorneys
                         Working for
                         Equal Justice

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FAMILY LAW .............................................................................................................. 7

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                                                                RECOGNIZING PRO BONO
Perkins Coie has a strong tradition of public service           LEADERS
and recognizes its professional responsibility to share
its expertise and resources with the community.
Lawyers and staff are encouraged to engage in
community service through activities such as firm-                              PERKINS COIE PRO
sponsored volunteer projects, nonprofit board
membership, individual volunteer projects, charitable                           BONO LEADERSHIP
giving, and providing pro bono legal services to those                          AWARD
in need who would otherwise be unable to access or
would have difficulty accessing our legal system. In                              Perkins Coie's pro bono
1993, Perkins Coie accepted the American Bar                                      committee established the Pro
Association's law firm pro bono challenge, agreeing to                            Bono Leadership Award in 2001
use its best efforts to perform pro bono legal services                           to annually recognize a firm
equal to at least three percent of the firm's annual        lawyer or lawyers for demonstrating outstanding
billable hours. Since August 2001, the firm has             leadership and commitment in providing pro bono
dedicated one of its partners to manage the pro bono        services to its clients. Award winners have the
effort at the firm as her primary responsibility.           opportunity to direct a $1,000 charitable contribution
                                                            to the legal services organization of their choice.
Perkins Coie supports diversity and independence in
the selection and pursuit of pro bono work. The firm's      In 2003, the third Perkins Coie Pro Bono Leadership
lawyers perform a wide variety of pro bono legal            Award was given to Seattle lawyer Beth Colgan in
services that reflect their varied interests and            recognition of her extraordinary commitment to pro
perspectives, including direct representation of low-       bono legal services for low-income clients. In the last
income persons in litigation and administrative             three years, Ms. Colgan has dedicated substantial
matters, impact litigation, advice to nonprofit             time and energy to numerous pro bono matters. In
organizations, and consultation with low-income             particular, she is the lead attorney on two pro bono
clients at community legal clinics.                         cases on behalf of individuals who are serving life
                                                            sentences in Washington for crimes committed while
Lawyers and staff at Perkins Coie contributed over          they were juveniles. In one of these cases,
23,500 hours of services to the firm's pro bono clients     Ms. Colgan is working on a personal restraint petition
in 2003. Nearly 400 of the firm's lawyers (over 70% of      in state court (see description of the Massey case at
the lawyers at the firm) were involved in pro bono          page 7 of this report). In the other case, Ms. Colgan is
matters in 2003, serving over 450 individual pro bono       seeking clemency for her client, and the state
clients.                                                    clemency board recently voted 4-0 to recommend to
                                                            Washington's Governor, Gary Locke, that
The firm's lawyers are greatly assisted by the legal        Ms. Colgan's client receive clemency (see description
services organizations, nonprofit organizations, and        of the Cummings case at page 7 of this report).
bar associations that refer pro bono matters to us. We      Ms. Colgan directed her charitable donation to
are appreciative of the relationships we are building       Columbia Legal Services.
with these organizations and the training, support and
mentorship they provide us.                                     STAFF CERTIFICATES OF
       "It is not mere bigness that should
       be our goal. We must attempt,                        The pro bono committee also recognized the following
       rather, to bring people back to…the                  staff members for their work and support of the firm's
       warmth of the community, to the                      pro bono efforts in 2003. These individuals received
       worth of individual effort and                       Certificates of Appreciation from the pro bono
       responsibility…and of individuals                    committee and were selected for recognition by the
       working together as a community,                     committee based on nominations submitted by
       to better their lives and their                      lawyers and staff at the firm. The pro bono committee
       children's' future."                                 thanks these individuals for their extra efforts on
       - Robert F. Kennedy, Rebuilding a                    behalf of our pro bono clients.
       Sense of Community, 1966
                                                            Brooke Alexander             Valentina Barei

Sue Bilger                   Susan Bright                   The Washington Chapter of the American Immigration
Karen Campbell               Lori DelVillar                 Lawyers Association awarded Seattle lawyer Karol
Laura Drumm                  Deanna Nylund                  Brown the "Litigation Award" for her work on the
Pam Iverson                  Janelle Pickard                Somali removal case. This award included a "Sword
Kimball Mullins              Christina Knowlden             of Justice" to represent the use of the law as a sword
Kathryn Oberlander           Susan Roberts                  to defend the rights of clients. The Somali removal
Marlys Goodan                Kiyomi Robinson                case is a class action lawsuit against the Department
Carol Kness                  Trisha Streff                  of Homeland Security to prevent the unlawful removal
Patricia Ramirez             Connie Sullins                 of over 2,500 people to Somalia. See pages 8-9 of
                                                            this report for additional information about this case.

    RECOGNITION IN THE COMMUNITY                            The Washington Council on Economic Education
                                                            awarded Perkins Coie a Certificate of Achievement
Seattle lawyers Dave Burman, Nick Gellert, and Katie        for its pro bono efforts on behalf of the Council.
                                O'Sullivan received a       Seattle lawyers Lorri Ann Dunsmore and Robert Giles
                                number of honors in         and paralegal Anita Reber have provided pro bono
                                2003 in recognition of      assistance to the Council in recent years.
                                their victory in the
                                Interest on Lawyer's        In June 2003, Seattle lawyer James Sanders was
                                Trust Accounts                                  honored by the King County Bar
                                (IOLTA) case. In                                Association Community Legal
                                March 2003, the                                 Service program at its volunteer
                                United States                                   recognition event for his long-
                                Supreme Court upheld                            term and consistent pro bono
                                the constitutionality of                        work for residents of the
IOLTA programs under the Just Compensation                                      Compass Center (a homeless
Clause of the Fifth Amendment in Brown v. Legal                                 shelter in downtown Seattle)
Foundation of Washington. The decision put to rest                              through the KCBA Legal Services
Fifth Amendment challenges to IOLTA, which had                                  for the Homeless Project.
been ongoing in several states for almost a decade.         Mr. Sanders has volunteered for this project since
Some of the honors received by Mr. Burman,                  1996.
Mr. Gellert, and Ms. O'Sullivan in 2003 for their work
on IOLTA are:                                                                     At the celebration of the 40th
                                                                                  Anniversary of the Lawyers'
        2003 King County Bar Association                                          Committee for Civil Rights
        (KCBA) President's Award                                                  Under Law, Seattle lawyer
                                                                                  Robert Mucklestone was
        2003 American Bar Association IOLTA                                       honored with the Founder's
        Litigation Team Award                                                     Medal in recognition of his role
                                                                                  in founding the Lawyers'
        2003 Washington State Bar                                                 Committee and for his work with
        Association Award of Merit                                                the organization in the years
                                                                                  since its founding. The Lawyers'
The Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts                 Committee is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization
presented Perkins Coie with the 2002 Community              that was formed in 1963 at the request of President
Impact Award for its volunteer services benefiting the      John F. Kennedy to involve the private bar in
community, in particular our significant increase in pro    providing legal services to address racial
bono legal services from 2001 to 2002. Each year, the       discrimination. The principal mission of the Lawyers'
Chief Seattle Council recognizes individuals and/or         Committee is to secure, through the rule of law, equal
organizations that have a tremendous impact on              justice under law.
children and the quality of life in our community.
Robert Giles, Guy Bennett, and Galen Schuler                Compassion in Dying presented Perkins Coie with an
accepted the award on behalf of the firm. Many              award in 2003 in recognition of a decade of support
Perkins Coie personnel, at all levels within the firm,      working with Compassion to improve care and
have provided volunteer services to the Boy Scouts of       expand choices at the end of life.
America over the years.

    CONTRIBUTORS OF 50+ PRO                                     Reischauer, Jennifer Revelle, Kathy
    BONO HOURS                                                  Riley, Kiyomi Robinson, Adriana
                                                                Rodriguez, Breena Roos, Todd
                                                                Rosencrans, Mark Rowland, Brendyn
The following Perkins Coie lawyers, summer
                                                                Ryan, Christine Salmi, Rajiv Sarathy,
associates, and paralegals contributed at least 50
                                                                Matthew Schneller, Kristin
hours of pro bono services to our clients. Many of
                                                                Schumacher, Rachel Silvers, Holly
these individuals volunteered pro bono time far in
                                                                Simpkins, Charles Sipos, Brent
excess of 50 hours. We thank them for their time and
                                                                Snyder, Kirk Soderquist, Norbert
                                                                Stahl, Adam Steinman, Eric Stoll, Ben
                                                                Straughan, Trisha Streff, Ellen Torvik,
       Amanda Adrian, Thomas Affolter,
                                                                Katie Traverse, Bree Urban, Kate
       Marie Aglion, Sarah Akhtar, Elizabeth
                                                                Vaughan, Linda Walton, Amy Weaver,
       Alaniz, Christopher Anderson, Ryan
                                                                Joanne Youn, Mike Young, William
       Arai, Buddy Arnheim, Tracy Ashmore,
                                                                Hartmann Young.
       Gretchen Baumgardner, Don Baur,
       Sara Baynard, Amanda Beane,
       Jennifer Bell, Mike Bindas, David                     PRO BONO COMMITTEE
       Bledsoe, Douglas Bosley, Heidi
       Boone, James Brown, Jay Brown,                    The pro bono committee at Perkins Coie meets
       Karol Brown, Signe Brunstad, Jason                regularly to consider the firm's pro bono policies and
       Burlingame, David Burman, Carl Carl,              procedures and to discuss opportunities to increase
       Sheree Carson, Lloyd Chee, Julia                  the quality and quantity of the firm's pro bono
       Clarke, Coby Cohen, Beth Colgan,                  services. The committee includes partner, of counsel,
       Shelly Cozakos, Sarah Crooks, Chuck               and associate representatives from throughout the
       Crouch, Jeanne Cullen, Kirstin Dodge,             firm. The following lawyers served on the firm's pro
       Lorri Anne Dunsmore, David East,                  bono committee in 2003:
       Rebecca Engrav, Tom Falkner,
       Garrett Ferencz, Susan Foster, Paul                  Julia Parsons Clarke ((SEA) Chair and
       Galm, Christopher Garrett, Melora                      Pro Bono Coordinator)
       Garrison, Nicholas Gellert, Scott                    Stephen E. Abrams (DEN)
       Gingold, Kevin Gordon, Bethany                       Karol E. Brown (SEA)
       Graham, Steve Hale, Michael Hall,                    John M. Devaney (WDC)
       Rick Hansen, Hilary Hardcastle, Mike                 Nicholas P. Gellert (SEA)
       Hatch, Erick Haynie, Tia Heim, Don                   Bethany C. Graham (POR)
       Heyrich, Leigh-Ann Higashi, Jim                      Michael G. Hatch (SEA)
       Hilton, Ramer Holtan, Rolf Johnson,                  Judith Jennison (SF)
       Angela Killian, Katrina Kelly, Mary                  Sarah R. Knight (CHI)
       Kelly, Angela Killian, Sarah Knight,                 Karen P. Kruse (SEA)
       Karen Kruse, Jason Kuzma, James                      R. Gerard (Jerry) Lutz (BEL)
       Leik, Emily Lieberman, Diankha                       Lindsay N. Marshall (DC)
       Linear, Julie Lucht, Katie Ludwig,                   J. Bates McIntire (CHI)
       Jerry Lutz, Bruce MacIntyre, Jennifer                W. Brendan Murphy (ANC/ SEA)
       Maclean, Julia Markley, Lindsay                      Greg Overstreet (OLY)
       Marshall, Guy Martin, Robert                         William C. Rava (SEA)
       Maynard, Philip McDonald, Liz                        Mark A. Rowland (SEA)
       McDougall, Lisa McGimpsey, Eric                      Kelly L. Schmitt (SEA)
       Merrifield, Chin See Ming, Yoko                      Kirk Soderquist (SEA)
       Miyashita, Cori Moore, Sarah                         Ben Soffer (LA)
       Morehead, Sally Morgan, Kelly Moser,                 Adam N. Steinman (SEA)
       Shan Mullin, Kimball Mullins, Bobbee
       Musgrave, Clark Nichols, Kurt Opsahl,
       Katie O'Sullivan, Katie Page, Jacek
       Pawlicki, David Petteys, Abigail
       Phillips, Janelle Pickard, Sarah
       Piepmeier, Aaron Poledna, Will Rava,
       Stacey Ravetta, Anita Reber, Amy

    PERKINS COIE COMMUNITY                                          harassment suits that are brought by
                                                                    individual police officers and their guild
    SERVICE FELLOWSHIP                                              against citizens who complain about
                                                                    abuse of power by police officers.
On its 75th anniversary in 1987, Perkins Coie
established the Perkins Coie Community Service                      Individuals facing criminal charges in
Fellowship, a program that enables selected                         King County, Washington, via case
associates to devote up to six months of their full-time            assignments from the Society of
efforts to working for a community organization on a                Counsel Representing Accused
significant public service project. The fellowship                  Persons (SCRAP), a nonprofit
allows lawyers to propose significant pro bono                      corporation that provides legal
projects that interest them and is offered in addition to           assistance to those who cannot afford
regular opportunities to perform public interest and                it.
legal community service work on a part-time basis
through the firm's pro bono program. Over the years,                Center for Law and Religious
Perkins Coie lawyers have participated in the                       Freedom, an arm of the Christian
fellowship program by providing pro bono counsel to:                Legal Society.

        International Rescue Committee, on                          University of Washington School of
        refugee asylum matters.                                     Law/International Commercial Law
        Northwest Renewable Resources
        Center, on protection of eagle                              TeamChild, an innovative nonprofit
        habitats.                                                   project for youth in, or at risk of being
                                                                    in, the juvenile justice system.
        Seattle Organizing Committee of the
        Goodwill Games, on intellectual                             Columbia Legal Services.
        property, labor, and general business
        matters.                                                    Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound.

        Common Ground, on tax matters                               Washington Attorneys Assisting
        relating to the creation of a pooled-                       Community Organizations.
        income fund for low-income housing.
                                                                    Northwest Women's Law Center.
        Legal Action Committee of Catholic
        Community Services, to establish a                   Five Perkins Coie lawyers, Todd Rosencrans,
        clinical program at the University of                Brendyn Ryan, Coby Cohen, Katie Ludwig, and Emily
        Washington to assist low-income                      Lieberman participated in the fellowship program in
        families with landlord/tenant,                       2003.
        consumer, and debtor/creditor
        problems.                                            Mr. Rosencrans, Mr. Ryan, and Mr. Cohen served as
                                                             fellows for the King County Prosecutors' Office in
        Compassion in Dying, a nonprofit                     Seattle trying felony narcotics cases.
        organization that provides counseling
        and assistance to terminally ill                     Ms. Ludwig launched a new pro bono program in
        patients, with litigation asserting                  Washington linking community-based nonprofit
        terminal patients' constitutional right to           organizations with pro bono attorneys. The
        hasten death with physician                          organization, Washington Attorneys Assisting
        assistance. This was the first federal               Community Organizations (WAACO), was formed in
        court challenge of its kind, resulting in            the fall of 2003 and began referring clients to pro
        a landmark ruling recognizing                        bono counsel in early 2004. Ms. Ludwig serves as a
        Fourteenth Amendment liberty                         member of the Board of Directors of WAACO and as
        protection.                                          the organization's corporate secretary. Seattle lawyer
                                                             Julia Parsons Clarke also serves on the Board of
        American Civil Liberties Union, to                   WAACO.
        defeat "SLAPP" suits, which are

Ms. Lieberman served as a fellow for the Northwest            interpretation of the state constitution's free
Women's Law Center. The Law Center was founded                expression provision. Ciancanelli involves the
more than 25 years ago to work towards the                    constitutionality of a criminal conviction for promoting
advancement of women's legal rights. The                      a sex show, and Nyssa involves the constitutionality
organization works in a five-state region (Alaska,            of a rule requiring nude dancers to stay four feet away
Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington) and is                from patrons. The Ciancanelli and Nyssa cases are
engaged in litigation, legislative advocacy, and              pending.
provision of self-help materials to women. The Law
Center works on virtually any legal issue that affects        Seattle attorneys Dave Taylor and Breena Roos, in
women, including civil rights, health care, reproductive      cooperation with the ACLU of Washington, Columbia
rights, domestic violence, economic justice,                  Legal Services, and another Seattle law firm, are
employment, public benefits, family law, lesbian and          working on a class action lawsuit challenging the
gay rights, and children's issues. Ms. Lieberman's            constitutionality of the public defense system in
work for the Law Center focused on reproductive               Washington, particularly in relation to how it is
rights issues.                                                implemented in Washington's Grant County (a rural
                                                              county in Eastern Washington). The lawsuit, filed in
    PROTECTING CIVIL AND                                      April 2004, alleges that Grant County failed to meet its
                                                              constitutional duty under Washington's Constitution to
    CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS                                     operate a public defense system that provides
                                                              indigent persons charged with felony crimes with the
        "The ultimate measure of a man is                     effective assistance of counsel.
        not where he stands in moments of
        comfort, but where he stands at                       Seattle lawyers represented the ACLU of Washington
        times of challenge and                                in the filing of two amicus briefs in 2003:
        controversy." Dr. Martin Luther
        King, Jr., Why We Can't Wait, 1964.                           Dave Burman, David East, and Sarah
                                                                      Knight prepared an amicus brief to the
The following are highlights of pro bono matters in                   Washington Supreme Court in State of
2003 in which attorneys at the firm worked to protect                 Washington v. Thomas. The brief
civil and constitutional rights.                                      advocated vacating Mr. Thomas'
                                                                      death sentence on 6th, 8th, and 14th
    Matters Referred by the ACLU                                      amendment grounds. In January
                                                                      2004, the Washington Supreme Court
In a matter referred by the ACLU of Colorado, Denver                  unanimously reversed the death
lawyers Tracy Ashmore, Norton Cutler, Anupama                         sentence of Mr. Thomas based on the
Conner, and Chantell Taylor are representing a low-                   inclusion of an erroneous "to convict"
income client with constitutional claims against the                  instruction. The court then remanded
Denver-area North Metro Drug Taskforce in relation to                 the case for "either a new trial on
an unreasonable search of her home and person. A                      aggravated first degree murder or
lawsuit was filed in federal court in Denver in April                 resentencing on first degree murder in
2004.                                                                 accordance with this opinion."

Portland attorneys Julia E. Markley, Chin See Ming,                   Joe Bringman filed an amicus brief
and Michael Simon have worked with the ACLU of                        with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Oregon on three matters in 2003. In one case before                   in a case involving the constitutionality
the Oregon Supreme Court, State v. Meredith, they                     of prison regulations that prohibit the
appeared as amicus curiae to argue that the                           receipt of catalogs, mails sent at bulk
government's surreptitious use of radio transmitters                  mail rates, and legal materials relating
on automobiles is an unconstitutional search under                    to personnel of the Department of
the Oregon Constitution. In another pair of cases that                Corrections.
are expected to result in landmark free speech
decisions, Mr. Ming and Ms. Markley appeared as               Seattle attorney Will Rava and others, in cooperation
amicus curiae before the Oregon Supreme Court in              with the ACLU of Washington, are representing a
the companion cases of State v. Ciancanelli and City          candidate for the Seattle City Council in a
of Nyssa v. Dufloth/Smith. At issue is whether the            constitutional challenge to the city's rejection of the
Oregon Supreme Court will adhere to its broad                 candidate's submission of a statement for inclusion in

the voters' pamphlet. In September 2001, a federal            selects approximately 50 civil cases a year for
judge ruled that the city's ordinance prohibiting             assignment to pro bono counsel. The matters worked
candidates from referring to their opponents in their         on through the Ninth Circuit pro bono program in 2003
voters' pamphlet candidate statements is viewpoint            each involved issues relating to prison mail.
discriminatory and unconstitutional. The Ninth Circuit
reversed. A petition for a writ of certiori to the United         Northwest Women's Law Center
States Supreme Court is currently pending in this
case (Cogswell v. City of Seattle).                           Seattle lawyers Diankha Linear and Liz McDougall
                                                              represented the Northwest Women's Law Center and
Jay Brown and Jon Buck provided advice to the                 the Loren Miller Bar Association in an amicus brief
ACLU of Washington on First Amendment separation              filed with the Washington Court of Appeals in a case
of church and state issues in relation to proposed            involving domestic violence issues.
legislation in Washington, and Seattle attorneys David
J. Burman, Joe McMillan, Kenneth Morrissette, and             Seattle lawyers Julia Parsons Clarke, Emily
others continued their work with the ACLU to keep             Lieberman, and Katie O'Sullivan worked in
Washington's prison law libraries open, thereby               cooperation with the Northwest Women's Law Center
protecting prisoners' right of access to the courts.          to represent a low-income client in a lawsuit involving
                                                              equal protection claims and reproductive rights
     Doe v. Tenet                                             issues.

In Doe v. Tenet, Seattle lawyers Steve Hale, Betsy                Other Civil Rights Matters
Alaniz, Gretchen Baumgardner, Marie Aglion, and
numerous other firm lawyers, summer associates,               Chicago lawyers Lawrence Oliver and Bates McIntyre
and staff (including Seattle secretaries Carol Kness,         provided pro bono assistance in a case against a city
Linda Geer, Anne Unckles, and Kathryn Klemperer)              in Illinois involving due process and takings issues.
worked together to successfully represent a married
couple who attempted to defect to the United States           Compassion in Dying is a nonprofit public interest
during the Cold War but were convinced by the CIA to          organization that advocates for improved end-of-life
postpone their defection in order to spy for the United       care and expanded choice for patients at the end of
States. In exchange, the CIA promised them lifelong           life. Perkins Coie has handled a number of pro bono
support and security assistance. After risking their          matters for Compassion over the years involving
lives and successfully carrying out their espionage           constitutional issues. In 2003, the following lawyers
missions, the couple came to the United States,               and paralegals in our San Francisco and Los Angeles
adopted new identities, became citizens, and                  offices worked on Compassion matters: Oscar
integrated into a new life. However, when the couple          Cisneros, Chung Han, John Kern, Abigail Phillips,
needed the previously promised government                     Mukya Porter, Jennifer Sim, Benjamin Soffer, and
assistance, the CIA told them they had no rights and          Steven Dennison.
that any case they brought against the CIA would be
dismissed on national security grounds. Their case
against the CIA is based on constitutional arguments
                                                                  LITIGATION TO PRESERVE
and seeks a writ of mandamus to direct the CIA to                 IOLTA FUNDING
comport with due process. The CIA has
unsuccessfully sought to dismiss the case twice, first                "Equal access to the justice system
alleging failure to state a claim and later seeking                   is the cornerstone upon which our
summary judgment. The CIA's appeal of the trial                       democracy and the rule of law
court's denial of summary judgment was also                           rest." Justice Barbara Durham,
unsuccessful. The CIA has filed a petition for a writ of              Washington State Supreme Court.
certiorari with the United States Supreme Court.
                                                              Seattle lawyers Dave Burman, Nick Gellert, Katie M.
     Prisoner Civil Rights Cases                              O'Sullivan, Charles Sipos, and others represented the
                                                              Legal Foundation of Washington in Brown v. Legal
Seattle lawyers Signe Brunstad, Adam Steinman, and            Foundation of Washington, a federal court litigation
Julia Parsons Clarke worked on appeals involving              case challenging the constitutionality of the Interest
claimed violations of constitutional rights for clients       on Lawyer's Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program as it
referred to them through the Ninth Circuit pro bono           applies to limited practice officers in the State of
program. Through this program, the Ninth Circuit              Washington. The case started over five years ago,

and Perkins Coie has defended the Legal Foundation               Domestic Violence Project
of Washington at each stage of the proceedings. The
trial court ruled that the IOLTA programs do not             Portland lawyers Michelle Briggs, Sarah Crooks, and
unconstitutionally take property without just                John Nusbaum, and paralegal Adrienne Whitworth
compensation and dismissed plaintiffs' claim, but that       volunteered for the Oregon Law Center's Domestic
decision was reversed by a three-judge panel of the          Violence Project. Through this project, the firm
Ninth Circuit. However, in 2001 an 11-judge en banc          represents victims of domestic violence in contested
panel of the Ninth Circuit reversed the original Ninth       restraining order hearings and stalking order
Circuit panel and affirmed the trial court's grant of        hearings.
summary judgment. The United States Supreme
Court accepted review and Dave Burman argued the                 Other Family Law
case in December 2002. In a decision issued in
March 2003, the Supreme Court affirmed the Ninth
                                                             Anchorage lawyers and paralegal Teresa Berwick,
Circuit's en banc ruling and confirmed that the IOLTA
                                                             Jessica Carey Graham, Amy Jarrell, and Brendan
programs that provide hundreds of millions of dollars
                                                             Murphy provided counsel to clients in divorce matters
a year to legal services throughout the United States
                                                             referred to them by Alaska Network on Domestic
do not violate the Fifth Amendment's Just
                                                             Violence and Sexual Assault and Alaska Legal
Compensation Clause.

     FAMILY LAW                                              Seattle and Anchorage lawyers Clark Nichols, Tom
                                                             Falkner, and Jim Leik provided pro bono counsel to a
    King County CASA                                         mother seeking to regain custody of her two young
                                                             children. After considerable briefing and participation
In 2003, Seattle and Bellevue lawyers and summer             in eight separate hearings (and fighting false and
associates were involved in 25 pro bono cases                misleading allegations of abuse), the mother was
through the King County Dependency Court                     awarded custody and the court entered a bad-faith
Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program in child           judgment against the father.
dependency cases involving allegations of child
abuse and neglect. In these cases, attorneys                 Los Angeles attorney Ben Soffer served as a
represent CASA volunteers who have been assigned             guardian ad litem in a case referred to the firm by
by judges to conduct investigations and advise the           Public Counsel.
court as to what disposition is in the best interest of
the children involved in the cases. CASA volunteers          San Francisco attorney Nicole Quilici provided pro
are sometimes referred to as guardians ad litem.             bono counsel to a low-income client in a divorce
                                                             matter referred to her by the Volunteer Legal Services
Lawyers involved in these matters in 2003 include            Program of the San Francisco Bar Association.
Jennifer Bell, Julia Clarke, Coby Cohen, David East,
Rebecca Engrav, Garrett Ferencz, Don Heyrich,
Katrina Kelly, Kristin Larson, Jim McCullagh, Liz                PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF
McDougall, Sally Morgan, Breena Roos, Brent                      THE ACCUSED
Snyder, Katie Traverse, and Linda Walton. Many of
these attorneys worked on multiple CASA cases in                     "[L]awyers in criminal courts are
the past year.                                                       necessities, not luxuries. The right of
                                                                     one charged with a crime to counsel
    Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program                                  may not be deemed fundamental and
                                                                     essential to fair trials in some
Three Boise lawyers, Richard Boardman, Shelly                        countries, but it is in ours. "
Cozakos, and Christine Salmie, handled a total of 17                 Justice Hugo Black, Gideon v.
guardian ad litem matters in 2003 referred to the firm               Wainwright.
by the Idaho Volunteer Lawyer Program. These cases
involved family law matters with allegations of child        A number of our Washington, D.C. lawyers participate
abuse and neglect.                                           in the Montgomery County, Maryland Public
                                                             Defenders project, representing low-income clients
                                                             charged with felony crimes. In 2003, the following
                                                             lawyers and paralegal worked on a case from this

project: Adrian Henry, Lindsay Marshall, and William            Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP), an organization in
Hartmann Young.                                                 Seattle that provides legal services to low-income
                                                                immigrants and refugees, but some of the cases were
Seattle lawyer Adam Steinman prepared an amicus                 also referred to the firm by the Bureau of Immigration
brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the National            Appeals Project in Washington, D.C., the Ninth Circuit
Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in a case to            Pro Bono program, and the Lawyers Committee for
determine whether a judge can impose a sentence in              Civil Rights in San Francisco. Lawyers working on
excess of the statutory standard based on                       these matters assisted immigrants with asylum
aggravating factors where a jury has not found                  petitions, represented them in interviews and
beyond a reasonable doubt that such aggravating                 immigration hearings, and/or handled appellate
factors were present. The case in which the amicus              matters.
brief was submitted, Blakely v. Washington, was
argued to the Court in March 2004.                              The following lawyers and paralegals worked on
                                                                matters for our pro bono asylum clients in 2003: Tom
In In re PRP of Massey, we have been representing a             Affolter, Shylah Alfonso, Christopher Anderson, Rich
Washington State prisoner in an appeal before the               Baum, Jennifer Bell, Michael Bindas, Joe Bringman,
Washington state courts. The appeal challenges the              Jay Brown, Karol Brown, Sheree Carson, Cynthia
constitutionality of Washington's juvenile declination          Charles, Chester Chuang, John Clark, Julia Clarke,
process under the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling              Steven Dennison, Kirstin Dodge, Samantha Engel,
in Apprendi v. New Jersey, raises an ineffective                Garrett Ferenz, Jane Frissell, Christopher Garrett,
assistance of counsel claim, and challenges the                 Melora Garrison, Kevin Gordon, Grace Han, Michael
constitutionality of sentencing a mentally deficient            Hatch, Don Heyrich, Michael Himes, Judy Jennison,
thirteen-year-old to life imprisonment without the              John Kaplan, Sarah Knight, Tracy Lemke, Diankha
possibility of parole. Seattle attorney Beth Colgan has         Linear, Katie Ludwig, Sarah Massey, Eric Merrifield,
taken the lead on this case, assisted by Charles Sipos          Cori Moore, Rebecka Noll, Kevin Osborn, Alison
and others. The case is currently pending before the            Pauly, Janelle Pickard, Abigail Phillips, Susan
Washington Supreme Court.                                       Roberts, Nicole Quilici, Amy Reischauer, Sam
                                                                Rosenthal, Jay Rossiter, Tina Santos, Jed
In 2003, Seattle lawyer Beth Colgan, working with a             Silversmith, Jennifer Sim, Ben Soffer, Trisha Streff,
colleague from outside the firm (Chris Kerkering) and           Ann Nagele, Bree Urban, Kristine Wilson, and Xin
assisted by Charles Sipos, filed a clemency petition            Zhou.
with the Washington State Clemency and Pardons
Board on behalf of Susan Cummings, a woman who                      Self-Petitions Under VAWA
was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility
of parole for a crime allegedly committed by her when           Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA),
she was 16 years old. Ms. Cummings has been in                  initially passed in 1994 and amended in 2000,
prison for 19 years. Beth argued that Ms. Cummings'             immigrant spouses and children who are abused by
sentence should be commuted because of evidence                 lawful residents of the United States or United States
of Ms. Cummings' innocence and because of her                   citizens can gain permanent resident status in this
exemplary conduct during her incarceration. After a             country without their abuser's help or knowledge.
hearing on Ms. Cummings' petition in February 2004,             Abused spouses and children may gain permanent
the Washington State Clemency and Pardons Board                 residency through an administrative process called
voted 4-0 in favor of recommending that Washington's            "self-petitioning," which involves filing an application
Governor Gary Locke grant clemency to Ms.                       and supporting materials. In 2003, lawyers in the
Cummings to commute her sentence. If the Governor               firm's Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington, DC
accepts the recommendation, Ms. Cummings could                  offices worked with a total of 15 low-income clients to
be released from prison as early as next year.                  file self-petitions under VAWA. The Northwest
                                                                Immigrants Rights Project referred the VAWA cases
     IMMIGRATION MATTERS                                        in Seattle, while Public Counsel made referrals in Los
                                                                Angeles and the Tahirih Justice Center made referrals
     Political Asylum                                           in Washington, DC. The following lawyers and
                                                                paralegals assisted in VAWA matters in 2003: Karol
In 2003 Perkins Coie lawyers worked with 34 pro                 Brown, Julia Clarke, John Devaney, Melora Garrison,
bono clients in relation to their applications for political    Tia Heim, Inti Knapp, Betsy Kristoferson, Emily
asylum in the United States. The majority of these              Lieberman, Julie Lucht, Lindsay Marshall, Liz
clients were referred to the firm by the Northwest              McDougall, Yoko Miyashita, Nicole Owren-Wiest,

Amy Reishcauer, Samuel Rosenthal, Trisha Streff,             States Supreme Court granted certiorari in a case that
Joanne Youn, and Irena West.                                 reached a contrary result: Jama v. INS, 329 F.3d 630.
                                                             Attorneys and paralegals involved in this matter in
    T-Visa Petitions                                         2003 include Tom Boeder, Susan Foster, Nick Gellert,
                                                             Amanda Beane, Karol Brown, Rolf Johnson, Sally
In October 2000, Congress passed the Victims of              Morgan, Kathy Riley, Holly Simkins, Erin Childress
Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, which               Thakkar, and others.
established the crime of human trafficking, provided
criminal and civil penalties against traffickers, and            OTHER LITIGATION FOR LOW-
ensured protections for certain victims, including
protections for immigrants to our country. In March
                                                                 INCOME CLIENTS
2002, regulations were issued in relation to that act
outlining the process for filing applications for                   "Injustice anywhere is a threat to
immigration visas for trafficking victims (T-Visa                   justice everywhere. We are caught
applications). Shortly thereafter, lawyers in the Seattle           in an inescapable network of
office began working on T-Visa applications for low-                mutuality, tied in a single garment
income clients referred to the firm by the Northwest                of destiny. Whatever affects one
Immigrants Rights Project. The following lawyers and                directly, affects all indirectly."
paralegals worked with trafficking victims in the filing            Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter
of T-Visa applications in 2003: Karol Brown, Cynthia                from the Birmingham Jail, April 16,
Charles, Greg McCall, Katrina Kelly, Holly Simpkins,                1963.
and Amy Watson.
                                                                 Consumer Protection
    Volunteer Advocates for Immigrant
                                                             Seattle attorney Diankha Linear represented a client
    Justice (VAIJ)                                           in a suit for damages against a used car dealer for
                                                             repairs to the vehicle her client had purchased. In
Volunteer Advocates for Immigrant Justice (VAIJ) is a        arbitration proceedings held in early 2003, Diankha
pro bono legal representation project in Seattle that        successfully argued that her client was taken
was launched in 2003. VAIJ offers free legal                 advantage of primarily because of his inability to
assistance to detained immigrants seeking asylum or          speak English. She obtained a damages award for
other forms of relief before the immigration courts.         her client. The King County Bar Association's
VAIJ is a joint initiative of the ABA Commission on          Newcomers Resource Project, which provides
Immigration Policy, Practice and Pro Bono and the            community legal workshops and free legal services on
Microsoft Corporation, and it is also supported by           nonimmigration civil issues to all newcomers,
Perkins Coie and a number of other law firms in              immigrants, and refugees, referred this case to the
Seattle. The project director and project coordinator        firm.
are housed in Perkins Coie's offices in Seattle. In
2003 Karol Brown, Julia Parsons Clarke, and                  In another case referred by the King County Bar
Rebecca Engrav provided support to VAIJ in three of          Association, Seattle lawyers and paralegals William
its first cases. In early 2004, the firm began taking        Rava, Shylah Alfonso, Trisha Streff, and Rick
case referrals from VAIJ.                                    Rasmussen, together with Keller Rohrback attorneys
                                                             and staff members, represented an elderly
    Somali Removal Class Action                              Alzheimer's patient in a predatory lending and unfair
                                                             business practices case. The client alleged that the
A team of Seattle lawyers initiated a nationwide class       defendants defrauded her of real and personal
action lawsuit against the United States immigration         property that she and her late husband had worked a
service to prevent the unlawful removal of over 2,500        lifetime to save.
people to Somalia. The United States District Court in
the Western District of Washington issued a                      Debt and Breach of Contract
preliminary injunction preventing removal of these
individuals. The government appealed that decision               Matters
but it was affirmed by the Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals in 2003: Ali v. Ashcroft, 346 F.3d 873. The          Seattle lawyers John Stuart Kaplan, Brian Jennings,
government has filed a petition for rehearing en banc        and Bruce MacIntyre provided support and
with the Ninth Circuit; in the meantime, the United          representation for low-income clients in
                                                             debtor/creditor matters in cooperation with and

through referrals from the King County Bar                    Katie Traverse partnered with Cynthia Hennessy at
Association. Menlo Park lawyer Norbert Stahl also             AT&T Wireless to stop the eviction of a low-income
provided assistance to low-income clients in a                client in a dispute with a public housing authority.
collection matter.
                                                                  Insurance Coverage
In a matter referred by the Northwest Justice Project,
Seattle attorneys Aaron Poledna, Gretchen                     In the Ellyson case, Portland attorney Erick Haynie
Baumgardner, and others represented a low-income              and others represented a father and son in a health
elderly client who was being sued by a home repair            insurance coverage action. The carrier refused
company. The company alleged the client owed it               payment on over $100,000 worth of claims submitted
money but provided no written estimate to the client          by the son after he underwent brain surgery. The
prior to commencing the work. In addition, the client         surgery was necessary to save the son's life, but the
challenged the adequacy of the repairs completed by           carrier claimed it was experimental and therefore not
the company. The case settled prior to arbitration.           covered.

Seattle lawyers Chris Anderson, Ramer Holtan, Inti            Seattle lawyers Jennifer Bell, Steve Hale, and Rajiv
Knapp, Kirstin Larson, Christopher Moore, and others          Sarathy also assisted low-income clients in disputes
also represented low-income clients in breach of              with insurance companies. One of the matters was
contract matters.                                             referred by the Newcomers Project of the King County
                                                              Bar Association.
    Education Issues
                                                                  Social Security
Chicago lawyer Scott Gingold represented a student
in a school expulsion hearing in a matter referred to         In 2002, Perkins Coie attorneys in Seattle and
him by Northwestern University Bluhm Legal Clinic,            Bellevue began a joint pro bono project with the King
Children and Family Justice Center. As a result of the        County Bar Association and the Community Law
evidence presented at the hearing, the school                 Center to represent low-income clients with
determined that our client would not be expelled and          disabilities in disputes with the Social Security
could continue her education.                                 Administration (SSA) regarding alleged overpayment
                                                              of social security benefits. These cases typically
Los Angeles attorney Mark Birnbaum continued his              involve the pro bono attorney meeting with the client,
representation of a low-income client with special            conducting a factual investigation regarding the
education needs referred to him by Public Counsel.            alleged overpayment, and then representing the client
                                                              in an administrative hearing before an SSA judge.
    Housing Issues                                            After the hearing, there is an opportunity to submit a
                                                              post-hearing trial brief. To date we have had
In a matter referred by the Chicago Legal Clinic,             decisions rendered by the SSA in five of our cases,
Chicago attorneys and paralegals Mary Kelly, Jeanne           four of which were complete victories for our clients.
Cullen, Jaclyn Kight, Bates McIntyre, Joseph Burger,          Attorneys who worked on this pro bono project in
and Anna Williams successfully represented a low-             2003 include Julia Clarke, Linda Colwell, Amy
income client in a civil action seeking equitable relief      Gaffney, Stacey Ravetta, Sarah Morehead, and
and monetary damages sustained as a result of the             Breena Roos.
false and fraudulent statements made to the client
and her family regarding certain property held in trust       In a case referred by Alaska Legal Services,
and subject to a lease and option agreement that was          Anchorage attorney Jim Leik represented a low-
unilaterally terminated by the lessor. As a result of this    income client with a disability who was appealing the
representation, the client's home, where she had lived        denial of social security benefits.
with her family for over 25 years, was returned to her.

Seattle attorneys Julia Clarke, Zoe Philippides,
Jessica Rossman, and Brent Snyder volunteered at
the Housing Justice Project in Seattle in 2003. The
Housing Justice Project (HJP) is a project run by the
King County Bar Association Community Legal
Service program. HJP volunteers represent low-
income tenants in eviction hearings.

    ADVICE THROUGH                                          public, without charge, up to a half-hour of
                                                            consultation, information, and referral on a wide range
    COMMUNITY LEGAL CLINICS                                 of legal topics, including family law, employment, real
                                                            estate, landlord/ tenant, debtor/creditor problems,
Each year, many Perkins Coie lawyers provide pro            bankruptcy, consumer affairs, car accidents, probate,
bono advice through their work with community legal         and nonprofit issues.
clinics. Below are descriptions of the clinics we
worked with in 2003:                                        Over 20 of our Seattle and Bellevue lawyers and staff
                                                            continued their work with these neighborhood legal
    Business and Economic                                   clinics in 2003, including Marc Boman, Kyle Branum,
    Development Program                                     Karen Campbell, Lloyd Chee, Laura Drumm, Susan
                                                            Fahringer, Craig Gilbert, Tia Heim, Don Heyrich, Pam
Seattle and Bellevue attorneys Jeannie Mar, Amy             Iverson, Jason Kuzma, Jeannie Mar, Yoko Miyashita,
Watson, and Yung Tan provided pro bono counsel to           Katie O'Sullivan, Stacey Ravetta, Craig Shrontz,
inner-city business owners at a workshop organized          Charles Sipos, Jennifer Stevenson, Phil Thompson,
by the King County Bar Association and the Business         and Joanne Youn.
and Economic Development Program (BEDP). BEDP
is a University of Washington program that assists the          Saint Andrews Clinic
development of small businesses in economically
distressed communities in Washington State.                 Portland lawyers David Bledsoe, Paul Galm, Bethany
                                                            Graham, Shannon Hartwell, and Adrienne Whitworth
    Community Justice Center                                provided pro bono services at the Saint Andrews
                                                            Clinic in Multnomah County, Oregon. The Saint
A number of our Seattle and Bellevue lawyers have           Andrews Clinic provides pro bono counsel to low-
volunteered to provide pro bono counsel on matters          income people with family law problems, i.e.,
relating to real estate, small claims, and business law     adoption, custody, divorce, support, paternity, and
through clinics sponsored by the Community Justice          visitation issues.
Center. The Community Justice Center is a project of
the Seattle University Law School's Access to Justice           Union Gospel Mission
Institute. It provides services in five low-income
communities in the greater Seattle area seeking to          Recognizing that legal matters often present barriers
inform residents of their legal rights, while               to an individual's full recovery and ability to exit
encouraging community growth and investment.                homelessness, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
                                                            founded its Legal Services department in 1999. Since
    Compass Center                                          then, they have been providing free legal advice,
                                                            representation, and referral services to homeless men
In 1996 Perkins Coie adopted the Compass Center, a          and women staying in their shelters. They offer
downtown Seattle homeless shelter, as one of its            weekly legal clinics at both the Mission's Men's
continuing pro bono projects. Since then, Perkins           Shelter and at the Mission's Women and Family
Coie lawyers visit the shelter once each month and          Shelter. Common legal issues presented by clients at
provide legal advice, as well as some litigation            these clinics include domestic violence, suspended
services, to Compass Center clients and residents. In       driver's licenses, outstanding criminal warrants, child
2003, Seattle lawyers James Sanders and Sarah               support, and debtor-creditor matters. Seattle lawyers
Morehead managed our work with the Compass                  Reginald Koehler and Katie Traverse provided pro
Center. In 2003, 12 attorneys provided legal services       bono services through the Union Gospel Mission
to homeless individuals on a wide range of subject          Legal Clinics in 2003.
areas including tax, family law, will and probate,
consumer debt, and benefits law.                                ESTATE PLANNING
    King County Bar Association                             The following Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle
    Neighborhood Legal Clinics                              lawyers and paralegals provided assistance in pro
                                                            bono estate planning matters: Colonel Betz, Mark
The Young Lawyers Division of the King County Bar           Birnbaum, Brinette Bobb, Jan Cunningham, Erick
Association sponsors 22 neighborhood legal clinics in       Haynie, Carol Kirby, Kanoa Ostrem, Christy Newman,
King County, Washington. These clinics offer to the         and Carrie Simchuk.

    WORK FOR NONPROFIT                                         formation, obtaining tax exempt status and in real
                                                               estate matters.
                                                               The firm's lawyers also look for opportunities to
Building on the firm's expertise in intellectual property,     collaborate with lawyers in corporate legal
real estate, land use, corporate, tax, and employment          departments on pro bono matters. In 2003, lawyers in
issues, over 250 Perkins Coie lawyers and paralegals           our Seattle and Bellevue offices worked with lawyers
provided pro bono legal advice to over 175 nonprofit           at AT&T Wireless Services to provide pro bono
clients in 2003. The firm's lawyers provided pro bono          counsel to a nonprofit social services organization
services to nonprofits serving low-income                      with respect to a distribution agreement with a
communities, nonprofits engaged in community                   national retailer that allowed for broad distribution of a
development, nonprofits providing arts to the                  fund-raising CD.
community, and nonprofits engaged in protecting the
environment.                                                   In 2003, the following lawyers and paralegals
                                                               provided assistance to the firm's pro bono nonprofit
For instance, a team of lawyers from the firm's                clients:
Bellevue office provided several hundred hours of pro
bono corporate and employment advice to the                    Tom Affolter                  Marie Aglion
Eastside Housing Association (EHA). EHA is a                   Sarah Akhtar                  Branda Andrade
nonprofit organization assisting homeless families in          Paul Andre                    Leanne Andrepont
north and east King County, Washington, by uniting             Ryan Arai                     Buddy Arnheim
housing, counseling, child care, and job assistance on         John Aslin                    Lila Bailey
one campus.                                                    Clem Barnes                   Gregg Barton
                                                               Lance Bass                    Don Baur
The firm also continued its representation of Unitus,          Sara Baynard                  Lee Beaudoen
Inc., a nonprofit charitable organization that provides        Jennifer Bell                 Danielle Benderly
funding to small micro-credit/finance institutions             Debra Bergstrom               Susan Bermel
(MFIs) operating in developing countries around the            Sheri Smith                   Teresa Berwick
world. By providing such funding, Unitus can                   Colonel Betz                  James Black
dramatically expand the lending capacity of carefully          David Bledsoe                 Brinette Bobb
selected MFIs. By gaining access to credit from MFIs,          Victoria Bonnardel            Heidi B. Boone
many more of the world's poor, particularly women,             Doug Bosley                   Judy Brandon
can create sustainable self-employment projects,               Fiona Brophy                  Karol Brown
become economically self-sufficient, and lift                  Signe Brunstad                Brent Bullock
themselves from poverty.                                       Dave Burman                   Carl Carl
                                                               Lloyd Chee                    Tom Christy
Lawyers in our Anchorage office continued their pro            Oscar Cisneros                John Clark
work for Abused Women's Aid in Crisis (AWAIC) with             Coby Cohen                    William Cohen
general employment advice. AWAIC is the largest                Aaron Courtney                Peggy Crane
domestic violence service provider in Alaska. Its              Bruce Cross                   Charles Crouch
mission is to intervene in the cycle of violence by            Carl Crow                     Jan Cunningham
providing safe shelter for women and their children,           Thomas Daniel                 Jane DeJarnatt
support and advocacy for all family members, and               Eric DeJong                   Lisa Delehunt
community education. AWAIC works to empower all                Steven Dennison               John Devaney
those affected by domestic violence so they can make           Ellen Conedera Dial           Kirstin Dodge
positive decisions about their lives. Lawyers in Seattle       Victoria Donnardel            Lorri Anne Dunsmore
and Bellevue also advised nonprofit organizations that         Iveth Durbin                  Ken Dyer
provide services to victims of domestic violence.              Charles Eberhardt             Ann Ellias
                                                               Wilford Fawcett               Eric Fjelstad
In an example of collaboration between offices,                Susan Foster                  Amanda Fox
lawyers in our Chicago and Seattle offices worked              Jane Frissell                 Michael Gadd
together to represent Nueva Esperanza, a nonprofit             Amy Gaffney                   Scott Gelband
organization located in a rural county in Eastern              Al Gidari                     Bob Giles
Washington dedicated to the development and                    Danielle Githens              Michael Glaser
operation of decent housing for migrant farmworkers.           Kevin Gordon                  Phil Gordon
Lawyers assisted Nueva Esperanza in organizational             Rebecca Gordon                Bethany Graham

Jessica Graham         Bill Green                  Greg Overstreet      Jacek Pawlicki
Andrew Greene          Steve Hale                  Amy Pearce           Russell Perisho
Helena Hall            Mike Hall                   Chelsea Petersen     David Petteys
Grace Han              Rick Hansen                 Abigail Phillips     Sarah. Piepmeier
Rima Hartman           Shannon Hartwell            Thomas Platt         Mukya Porter
Erick Haynie           Tia Heim                    John Price           Nicole Quilici
Don Heyrich            Troy Hickman                Susan Rambin         Will Rava
Leigh-Ann Higashi      J.M. Hilton                 Stacey Ravetta       Anita Reber
Michael Hoge           Michael Hosokawa            Lawrence Reichman    Amy Reischauer
Debra Howerton         Valerie Hughes              Tamara Reznik        Melinda Riddle
Steven Hultberg        Vickie Hultsman             Liza Ring            Kiyomi Robinson
Janine Huso            Lynn Hvalsoe                Adriana Rodriguez    Charles Roe
Erik Iverson           Sungeeta Jain               Breena Roos          Mark Rowland
Amy Jarrell            Judy Jennison               Gail Runnfeldt       Heidi Sachs
Lisbet Johnson         Jim Johnston                Peggy Samson         Brent Sanders
Rosemary               Jonas Gulin                 James Sanders        Rajiv Sarathy
Kyann Kalin            John Kaplan                 Jane Sauer           Adrienne Schaefer
Joe Kern               Jaclyn Kight                Mark Schickman       Kelly Schmitt
Angela Killian         Bo Kim                      Harry Schneider      Galen Schuler
Susan Kipper           Carol Kirby                 Ben Sharp            Amy Shimek
Sarah Knight           Reg Koehler                 Craig Shrontz        Rachel Silvers
Steve Koh              Stephanie Kornblum          Carrie Simchuk       Patrick Simpson
Michael Kreger         Betsy Kristoferson          Charles Sipos        Alan Smith
Karen Kruse            Jason Kuzma                 Bryan Smith          Odin Smith
Maria Lampasona        Stewart Landefeld           Paul Smith           Kirk Soderquist
Lung-Chi Lee           Sonja Lengnick              Evelyn Sroufe        Norbert Stahl
Cassandra Lentchner    Emily Lieberman             Deborah Stahlkopf    Chris Stanton
Tom Lindley            Kurt Linsenmayer            Jennifer Stevenson   Susan Stewart
Leonora Lopez          Julie Lucht                 Eric Stoll           Elizabeth Stone
Katie Ludwig           Jerry Lutz                  Ben Straughan        Brian Svoboda
Sandy Mackie           Jennifer Maclean            Yung Tan             Chantell Taylor
Bob Mahon              Daniel Marre                Philip Thompson      Gary Thunell
Michael Marron         Janis Marsicek              Ellen Torvik         Catherine Tran
Guy Martin             Sarah Massey                Suchon Tuly          Karin Tupper
David Matheson         Chris Matthews              Garrett Tuttle       Bree Urban
Robert Maynard         David McAnaney              Sarah Villanueva     Glenn Von Tersch
Christel McArthur      Philip McDonald             Matthew Wagner       Ruth Walters
Liz McDougall          Lisa McGimpsey              Amy Weaver           Patricia Weidmaier
Jofrey McWilliam       Jeremy Meacham              Edward Wes           Irina West
Jason Mellerstig       Robert Miller               Mary Will            Nancy Williams
Doreen. Milward        Yoko Miyashita              Ken Wilson           Kristine Wilson
Gee Mok                Andrew Moore                Nicole Wong          Elizabeth Yaley
Christopher Moore      Sarah Morehead              Georges Yates        Malcolm Yeung
Andrew Moriarty        Ken Morrissette             Joanne Youn
Elizabeth Motherwell   Shan Mullin
Kimball Mullins        Ann Nagele
Jacob Nist             Kurt Opsahl
Lisa. Oratz            Kanoa Ostrem


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