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					                              COMPANY PROFILE

LOJAIN Communications & Networking L.L.C. is a networking company, and was
established in Dubai since 1985 with a focus on complete networking solutions to satisfy
every customer’s need. Based on the success of our servics, LOJAIN has opened a branch
office in Doha- Qatar as well as in Abu Dhabi.

We are specialized in providing effective networking solutions for building structured
cabling, intelligent building, also banks and government organizations, which has used
its considerable experience and knowledge to provide a package that ranks alongside the
best in the market.

When we are in charge of installation, our goal is customer satisfaction regarding planning,
configuration, site-preparation, and the actual installation. Furthermore, we validate customer
hardware and network products. Timely, correct installation allows the customer to begin
investment quickly. One point of contact ensure a more efficient and effective systems roll-

LOJAIN designs a comprehensive solution for an identified business need, and implement it
as a turn-key solution based on LOJAIN hardware platforms and communication
components from partners and other networking component vendors like Intel, Nortel
Networks etc.

Project Control is the process of collecting and evaluating information regarding project
performance. Control is a continuous process throughout the project, in which the Project
Manager strives to be constantly aware of project status and to communicate it to other
project stake-holders. Our Project Managers use objective, quantifiable methods that use as
much current data as possible.

Budgets, schedules, resources and quality are the determinants of success or failure. LOJAIN
Project Manager evaluates these components constantly.

Apart from providing all these technical expertise, project management               is a major
contributor to our success.


Lojain’s success with networking projects is based on our ability to add value through our
good service, roll-out management and life-cycle maintenance. LOJAIN is one of the UAE
leaders in networking services and has proven excellence in satisfying customers. LOJAIN
Communications provides services before and after the sale with the large support of the
quality engineers who are dedicated to customers and professionalism.

Lojain project managers and the installation team will help installing, terminating, labeling,
testing and documenting the project – UTP and fiber back-bone. LOJAIN design our
installation services to help our customers quickly, efficientlyand cost effectively transition to
new solutions.Detailed installation procedures are develped during the advanced planning
cycle to ensure compliance with requirements. These procedures are documentated and
copies are provided by the project management.

LOJAIN project management services will effectively plan, schedule and control all
resources necessary to implement new networks projects as well as upgrade your existing


LOJAIN Project Management Service provides effective planning and administration of
projects and resources to meet established time, cost and qualitative objectives. LOJAIN
Project Managers help establish project goals, define mile-stones and deliverables, track and
reports on project progress and bring the project in on-time and on-budget.

Our multi-vendor service management provides a single point of contact resulting in reduced
customer involvement in the administration of the multi-vendor environment. This service
provides vendor performance data to enable the customer to make a well-informed buying

The Professional Service experts work with the customers to identify the business drivers to
improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business. They work with customers to
extend the capabilities of the customer’s staff, and help them realize greater returns on their
I.T. investments into systems and people. They focus on identifying and providing customers
with the tools that enable them to stay in touch with their customers, empowering them to
transform data into knowledge and knowledge into revenue – thus with this knowledge
providing customers with the most powerful competitive advantage.


The strategic decision by a company management team to undertake the develpoment and
implementation of a complex site must be backed up with analysis and a well documentated
stratagic direction. All consultancy work is performed based on proven methodologies.


A key element of most large projects set-ups is communication. The field of communications
has rapidly grown in the number of options and their complexity, designing and
implementing networks is a complex activity that requires a high level of experties and
versatile hand-on experience. LOJAIN Communications successfully solved these problems
as part of providing customers with effective solutions. Network services include providing
the most effective design to serve the existing needs as well as the future growth, installation,
labeling, terminating, testing and documentation.


      Design a solution which is future proof and can support emerging technologies.
      Design a solution which offers flexibility in terms of expansion and growth.
      Build enough redundancy in the design at the physical level to ensure that it would
      provide room for future expansion within the building.
      Design the solution with best cabling systems in the world.


In successfully implementing complex networking projects, extensive customer support is
essential. LOJAIN Communications pays special attention to customer support throughout
the design of the network and continues to provide support for the entire life span of the
structured cabling system.


LOJAIN Communications & Networking has spread its services across all U.A.E., and some
other neighbouring countries through its professional sales marketting and project

  ♦     Project Managers     :   03
  ♦     Engineers            :   03
  ♦     Technicians          :   18
  ♦     Labors               :   12

During the period from 1993 until today LOJAIN has installed in over 400 sites in the
U.A.E & other neighboring countries. LOJAIN is geared up to add value for customers
providing an integrated solution for voice, data, video, T.V. and enhanced computer
structured cabling.

In 1993, LOJAIN had diversified its activities and entered the market with all government
and private sector customers, as well as signed agreements with global companies such as
NCR, IBM, Al Yousuf Computers, Higher Colleges of Technologies etc. to be their exclusive
networking company for all their sites.
Our specialization track records and technical resources and infrastructure are found credible
by principles, which has helped us to emerge as major force in the U.A.E. This has been
achieved by our professional service , technical assistance and project management

   DUBAI :
      Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (1800 outlets)
      Development Board (70 outlets)
      Department of Health & Medical Services (200 outlets)

 Dubai Municipality H.O. Main Building (2400 outlets)
 Dubai Municipality New Annex (3200 outlets)
 Dubai Municipality Extension Building (150 outlets)
 Dubai Municipality – All remote sites
 The Economic Department (2600 outlets)
 Dubai Police General Head Quarters (2300 outlets)
 Dubai Police – All Police Stations & offices
 Dubai Immigration (3000 outlets)
 Dubai Duty Free
 Ministry of Labor
 Dubai Press Club
 Dubai Courts
 His Highness The Ruler's Court (Finance Department) (190 outlets)
 Emirates Airline offices (150 outlets)
 Lebanese Consulate
 British Embassy (250 outlets)
 British Petroleum Middle East (1000 outlets)
 Union Carbide, Jebel Ali
 Gulf Agency Company (1800 outlets)
 Cupola (320 outlets)
 Merrill Lynch Head offices (700 outlets)
 Synergy Consulting
 Alliance Insurance (900 outlets)
 Al Naboodah Head offices
 Microsoft new offices (400 outlets)
 Sun Microsystems (500 outlets)
 Pepsi Cola International
 Ritz Carlton
 Royal Mirage
 KFC – Offices & all their outlets (1800 outlets)
 Standard Chartered Bank new Head offices (1400 outlets)
 Arab Bank new Head office (900 outlets)
 Emirates Bank International (4000 outlets)
 Emirates Bank International–all their 42 branches across UAE; Yearly Maintenance
 National Bank of Fujeirah new building (4000 outlets)
 U.A.E. Exchange (350 outlets)
 Higher Colleges of Technology – (Both Men’s & Women’s colleges) (2500 outlets)
 Zyed University and many other similar sites (2000 outlets)


 Adnoc Fod new building & LPG Plant in Musaffah (4000 outlets)
 Adgas H.Q. (250 outlets)
 Adma Opco H.Q. & new building (18000 outlets)
 Ministry of Health (1200 outlets)
 Abu Dhabi Aviation
 Khalifa Committee
 General Authority of Health Care
 Polyclinic (2000 outlets)
 Military Nursing Hospital (150 outlets)
     Police General Head Quarters (4000 outlets)
     Department of Commercial Building - Khalifa Committee (All their remote offices)
     Center of Excellence for Applied Research & Training - Intelligent Building (200 outlets)
     Higher Colleges of Technology (both Men’s & Women’s) (3000 outlets)
     Zyed University (1500 outlets)
     Central Bank of the U.A.E. (1000 outlets)
     Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (450 outlets)
     New Standard Chartered Bank Head office
     Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
     U.A.E. Exchange and other similar sites.


     Higher Colleges of Technology (Both Men’s & Women’s colleges) (4000 outlets)
     KFC Americana Head Offices
     Sharjah Immigration
     Ministry of Labor
     Middle East Bank (300 outlets)
     University of Sharjah

   AJMAN :

     Ajman University Main Building & new building at Al Jurf (2000 outlets)
     Ajman Immigration
     Ministry of Labor
     Emirates Bank International

   AL AIN :

     Higher Colleges of Technology (both Men’s & Women’s) (3000 outlets)
     Ministry of Health (300 outlets)
     Sheikh Zayed Library (1000 outlets)
     Ajman University. (350 outlets)


     Higher Colleges of Technology (both Men’s & Women’s) (3000 outlets)
     Ministry of Labor.


Since 1993, LOJAIN’s record is showing a great success in sales and adding valuable
customers to the existing list without loosing the customer’s in hand. We became very well-
known and one of the strongest companies in the networking business in the U.A.E.

Our major direct and exclusive customers are Dubai Police GHQ (with all their remote
stations), NCR, Dubai Municipality (with all their remote offices), The Economic
Department, Dubai Immigration, DCCI and His Highness The Ruler’s Court etc., which they
have a continuous requirements for small and big projects. As well as several big civil
consultant offices such as Arenco, Arif Bin Touk and Khatib & Alami who they invite us for
their major projects in the U.A.E. and won some big projects already over the last few years.

LOJAIN’s business is increasing year by year for about 30-40% growth in turn-over and
number of big customers. From this base of confidence, reliability, scalability and good
management, LOJAIN is eager to attack the market in a bigger scale which resulted in
opening a branch in Abu Dhabi last 18 months in order to serve the Abu Dhabi customers in
a better and quicker service.

LOJAIN is an Avaya Communications (Sytimax– U.S. make) Certified System Integrator.

LOJAIN is a NORDX/CDT (Canadian make) Certified System Vendor.

LOJAIN is an SMP Systems (U.S. make) Certified System Integrator.


P.O. Box 6410 Dubai, UAE

Tel. no.               971-04-2686008
Fax no.                971-04-2690576
E-mail Address         info@
Alternative E-mail &


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