Facility Rental by dangerrous


									                                       Facility Rental
                  Lovely space available for workshops, events, weddings and meetings
                                         HOURLY • DAILY • WEEKENDS
                        5102 Swift Road Sarasota, FL 34231 / www.RisingTideInternational.org
                  Rising Tide International is chartered in the State of Florida as a non-profit 501 (C)(3) corporation

•	 Charming, welcoming, exterior
•	 One Large 2000 sq.ft. room with wall
   to wall carpeting, free of decor
•	 Large outdoor area adjacent to the
   building and in the back yard of
   adjoining lot
•	 Kitchen for food storage and serving
•	 China cups, plates, silverware
•	 Refrigerator and multiple coffee
   and tea makers
•	 Entrance foyer with welcome area                       OTHER AMENITIES
•	 Ladies and gentlemen’s restrooms                       •	 55 comfortable chairs
                                                          •	 45 white plastic chairs for outdoor
                                                          •	 10 large folding tables
                                                          •	 25	floor	pillows	that	can	be	arranged	
                                                             indoors or stored in the closet
                                                          •	 Yoga bolsters, belts, mats and
                                                          •	 Parking for approximately 40 cars
                                                          •	 Ordained ministers for weddings,
                                                             memorials and baptisms

FOR RESERVATIONS: contact Anna at 941-706-1291 or SongOfOne@gmail.com
      Learn more about rentals at http:/RisingTideRental/blogspot.com

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