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                                                                   “Wow, wow and wow!!
                                                   You've truly done a stellar job with this book -- you've
                                                   captured every feeling I've had, corroborated some of
                                                  the efforts I've already undertaken, and given me some
                                                  new ideas for what to do next. I can take strength from
 “I think it’s a great book, with lots of valu-       the very clear sense that I'm not alone -- in the
  able information and advice for people. A        experience of work, my attitude towards it and in the
                  great idea!”                           drive to find something better. Hooray!”
Arnetta Jackson, Former EA at Hewlett Pack-            Cathie Wilson, Copywriter, Brisbane, Australia
             ard, Oregon, USA

    “The practical tips provided on saving money could (and should) quite easily be
                            implemented by a lot of people.

  I personally found the creativity section particularly interesting. Having given up my
creative hobbies after starting full time employment through “never having the time” I
 have considered myself as a person without any artistic qualities for many years, since
             reading this book however, I have vowed to renew my interests.

Highly recommended for people who feel a need to explore or rediscover their life out-
                                side of work!!”

                      Karen Thomas, Accountant, Brisbane, Australia

                                                          “The process flow diagrams were easy to follow
                                                            and meant I could go straight to the section I
                                                          wanted to read. I used the maps to target spe-
                                                         cific areas of concern resulting in enjoying what I
                                                                             do more.”

                                                           Harj Chand, IT Consultant, Brisbane, Australia

   “This book is a gem, a triumph! Joanna Penn produced a book which is easy to read, to the point,
 brimming with life skills and wisdom. It is long enough to have depth, yet short enough not to bore.

“How to Enjoy Your Job” is so much more than its title suggests! The cover doesn’t hint at the treasure
 within. This book is a no-nonsense self-help manual for those wishing to: apply for a job or set goals;
develop additional marketable skills and then use those new-found skills in order to secure a more chal-
lenging role within a current workplace, or to enable one to move to another company in a more senior
      role. It teaches stress management, people management and how to avoid feeling trapped.

  It trains us how to deal with money in a way that gives us more options in life and thus increase our
                           happiness. And it teaches us to relax and ESCAPE....!

 I wholeheartedly believe this publication should be given to every senior high school student contem-
 plating their career and should also be issued to every employee when they first join a company. I am
                                certainly going back for a second read!”

                                  Janey Richman, Auckland, New Zealand

                  “This book has been life-affirming and has given me new insights into what I should
                           do. I’ve changed my job as a result of this and haven’t looked back.
                   Joanna’s advice on structuring a resume is extremely practical and not only does it
                    help you construct the perfect resume, but it helps you to reflect on who you are
                    and what you have to offer. It’s as much a tool for building confidence as it is for
                       building a resume. I read this in one sitting; it was such a captivating read.
                  I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who has been wondering why on
                                          earth they are in the job they’re in. ”

                                       Anna-Marie Fielding, Manager, Brighton, UK

                                      “I used the principles in this book to start my own business while
                                      still working part-time at my job. I am now loving what I do with
                                        my English Language tour company business! I recommend this
                                      book because it helps you through the process of identifying what
                                            you want to do, and then actually making the change.”

                                           Danielle Cullen, Director—ELIA Tours, Brisbane, Australia

“How can I objectively review a book that made such a difference to my life? To say
       that I did not enjoy my job would be somewhat of an understatement!
  Reading this book gave me a process that defined my problems and charted a
                               strategy to solve them.
 The book is rich with tools, methods and wisdom that helped me direct my efforts
to achieve the wonderful situation in which I find myself today. In addition to being
 easy to read and thoroughly practical, I award the book 5 stars based on outcome”

                  Jonathan Bleier, Statistician, Brisbane, Australia

                         “Most people know that how they think about themselves affects how they will
                          act—but do you really understand the extent to which your thinking affects
                                                        your physical world?
                          The key to what happens behind the scenes every day is with every thought
                           that runs through your mind. This is what I teach my students about their
                           physical abilities and this is what “How to Enjoy Your Job” does with your
                                                            working life.

                             Sandy Remiens, ex NZ kickboxing Champion, Storm Training, Gold Coast

“Penn tenders a common-sense handful of tools to make the most of your job,
 and if that is not possible, she details paths to find a job to meet your needs.
  The author’s tone is chatty and upbeat, her delivery crisp, but she is also
  direct and demanding...She spices the text with entertaining apercus..and
 pleasingly beats the drum of persistence—don’t get down on yourself because
    that’s all you have. Solid advice and encouragement for those seeking a
                               gratifying work life.”
             Book Review: Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media


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