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					Sage Payment Solutions,
    a Division of…

 Craig Shapero
   Senior Vice President
   McLean, VA
   800 261-0240
Presentation Overview

 • Who we are
 • What we have to offer
 • Value proposition
 • How to participate
Who Are We?

 • Payments industry leader
 • Acquired in February, 2006
 • Comprehensive choice of payment options
Why was SPS Acquired

 • Help businesses accept customer payments
 • Complement existing product offering
 • Control customer experience
 • Enhanced customer retention
 • Provide Partners Channel ability to expand to
   a recurring revenue model
What Are We Selling?

 •   Turnkey payment processing services
 •   Bank independent
 •   Integrated with financial software
 •   Fast, efficient processing at a fair price
Comprehensive Payment Services

 •   Credit and debit card
 •   Electronic check
 •   Automated Clearing House (ACH)
 •   Check conversion (e-clearing)
Comprehensive Payment Services (cont)

 •   Physical world payment processing
 •   Virtual world payment processing
 •   Recurring payments processing
 •   Secure anonymous cardholder processing
 •   Cardholder data storage (Sage Vault)
Unique Advantages for Sage Customers

 • Reliable, financially stable partner
 • Established customers trust
 • Integrated financial software
 • Tailored to specific vertical industries
Benefits to Sage Customers

 • Competitive rates
 • Proprietary products & unique services
 • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
 • One stop shop for customer questions
Value Proposition for Resellers

  • Enhanced relationship with customers
  • Passive income stream
  • Stabilize income with recurring annuity
  • No risk or liability
Recurring Income Model

 • Resellers portfolio grows monthly as
   processing volume grows monthly
 • Revenue on processing averages ½%
 • Equates to 50 basis points (BP) Net
 • Program offers 10% of Net Revenue
Income Potential to You

  • 10% equates to $500 for every $1MM

  • Recurring processing grows every month

  • No limit on processing volume or payout

  • Refer customers & build a residual income
Program Steps to Participation

  1. Sign a referral agreement with SPS

  2. Deliver marketing message to customers

  3. SPS will enroll the individual customers

  4. Partner receives residual payments
Visit our website

Contains info such as
•Product Demos
•General information
•Virtual Reports
How to Get Started

 For more information & to sign up:

 • Primary Contact Stephanie Beardmore
 • Via phone at 800-852-1903
 • Via email

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