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									                                      MARK R. MUELLER
                                      Duluth, Georgia 30096
                            770-315-7831 

    EPCS Operations / Projects Director / Contract - Project Development / Logistics /
                                Construction / Startup
Highly accomplished business executive specializing in complex Lump Sum engineering, procurement,
construction and startup (EPCS) projects. Strategic thinker with strong analytical skills; able to envision
long-term operations objectives to ensure timely project completion. Effective in developing and leading
cross-functional global teams; highly successful hands-on management style with expertise in training
and mentoring staff. Effective at Risk Mitigation, Asset Development & Management and Recovery

Extensive Engineering / Construction / Project / Program experience including development,
design, startup and operations / outage management.

Solid track record of developing and implementing operating plans and solutions to improve overall
efficiency reduce costs and enhance the bottom line. Proponent of change that creates incremental
improvements, builds and develops high-performing teams, and supports corporate strategic objectives.

                          Certified Six Sigma Green Belt- G.E..
Strengths in Wind, Solar, Bio-Diesel, Natural Gas, Coal, Oil & Gas, Refinery and Nuclear
                                        AREAS OF EXPERTISE
Integrated Design Management  Strategic Planning and Execution  Project / Program Management 
     Execution Planning and Control  Problem Identification / Resolution  Risk/Asset Management 
          Prime/ Sub- Contracts Management  Scope Management  Process Improvements
         Staff / Vendor Management  Forecasting and Mitigation Planning  Startup Management
      Estimating and Cost Management  Outage/Turnaround Management  Sales and Negotiations
                   Team Performance Optimization  Global Operations Management 

                                   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Self Owned- Engineering/Project/Program/Construction Management / Owners’ Representative
consultancy for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Start-up (EPCS) Lump Sum execution of
turn-key projects.

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Managed, hands on day-to-day operations of the business, including
management, sales, marketing and research. Exercise full P&L responsibility; manage annual operating
and capital budgets. Develop and maintain relationships with key clients.

                                      PROJECTS INCLUDE:

Site Director- EPCS Operations- - Baltimore, Md.                      2009-2010

Developed Outage execution strategy and integrated sub-contracting plan for coal handling equipment
replacement project. Established construction management / logistics plan and site facilities; staffed
entire multi-discipline construction management team. Managed asset deliveries and replacements.

Developed and Negotiated 15 Contractor Design/Build bid package execution plans prior to award for
lump sum construction management project. Integrated defined contractual scope packages into
established execution windows, to meet overall operating Plant outage windows and project objectives.

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                                  PROJECTS CONTINUED

OptiSolar- Industrial Solar Panels- Senior EPCS Operations Director- Sac., Calif.                 2008

New PV Start-up Company. Directed integrated Engineering/ Project/Program Management, and
Construction Management systems for EPCS installations of Solar panel production and assembly
factories, and Solar panel farms worldwide, estimated at $500 million backlog.
Developed company infrastructure system for Integrated Project Management, Engineering, Construction
and Start-up Management programs.

Directed daily EPCS execution plans for Project team including Engineers, Prime Sub-contractors,
Superintendents, Projects Controls / Estimating/Contracts engineers for $200 million project.
Managed Prime Contractors and Sub-Contractors for EPCS execution of Sacramento Solar Panel
Production Factory, and Canadian Solar farms including union and non-union labor.
Strategized development of new project executions with potential clients and new customers.

Mitigated cost over runs of $20M with implementation of proactive Contract Change Management
program with contractors and sub-contractors.

ExxonMobil–OffShore Oil Platforms: Program Director- EPCS Operations- Lagos, Nigeria -            2006

Directed development and implementation of Engineering/ Project Management infrastructure programs
and training. Execution scope was building and/or modifying 3 off-shore oil platforms off the coast of
Taught, trained and utilized local Nigerian engineering company to execute detailed design and
procurement functions. Trained and developed local engineers in Project Management, Vendor selection
and management, and Project Controls. Managed 7 expatriate Engineering Design Managers and staffs.

   Retained for an 8-month contract to turn around a failing off-shore platform project that was behind
    schedule and over budget.
   Restructured project processes and utilized Six Sigma management techniques; successfully
    completed the project within 4 months; mitigated overruns and operating costs totaling more than
    $100M USD.

BIOX-Bio-Diesel Fuel Production Developer- Program Director-EPCS Operations Toronto, Canada:
Implemented direct program management services to manage EPCS of a full-scale production plant for
manufacturing a new bio-diesel product. Evaluated and investigated new sites and development with
prospective owners. Served as the contract development manager with new and potential clients.
Handled all technical evaluations, change management decisions, daily staffing and personnel issues.
Conducted cost, schedule and forecast analyses.

   Directed execution of Engineering Sub-Contractor, Construction Sub-Contractor and all Major
    Vendor interfaces. Initial project was $200M.
   Developed Start-up procedures and system boundary breakdowns with Engineering.
   Restructured relationships with unmanageable sub-vendors and successfully executed and started
    up full-scale production of the plant.
   Contained costs and mitigated cost overruns; saved company $50M USD and improved product time
    to market.

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ALPHA CORPORATION- Program / Project / Construction Management/ Eng. Consultancy 2008 – 2009
Director of Power & Energy Markets- Principal Consultant –Atlanta, Georgia
Developed program upgrades, fleet wide plant implementations and support client initiatives as
Owners Representative in the Power and Energy markets. Scope includes Greenfield and existing plant
sites, Wind, Refinery, Nuclear, Fossil, Solar, and Transmission and Distribution technologies.

SHAW /STONE & WEBSTER GROUP, Charlotte, North Carolina                                             2007
A $30B EPC projects, fossil and nuclear, large bore pipe fabrication company.

Senior Director, Project Controls/Estimating/Records Management: Recruited to establish and
implement complete, integrated Engineering/Construction/Project Management control systems for more
than $11B USD in backlog of Fossil Power and Air Quality Control projects. Hired 75 new employees
worldwide; managed a total of 250 personnel.

   Defined and streamlined company operations and standardized Engineering/Construction/ Project
    management reporting of schedule performance, financial data, change management controls and
    schedule analyses. Saved company and clients more than $100M due to timely proactive
   Oversight EPCS management and contract development for 4 new coal projects including boilers
    and turbines; and 20 Air Quality Control installations, emissions mitigation and control installations,
    including major cooling equipment.

GENERAL ELECTRIC, Power Division, Norcross, Georgia                                      1999-2006
A diversified technology leader, with equipment manufacturing, media and financial services company
serving customers in more than 100 countries and employing more than 300,000 people worldwide.

WIND Supply Chain Manager / Senior Project Director / Director, Project Controls:
 As Wind Supply Chain Manager- Developed and integrated required design interfaces and equipment
   specifications with new vendors in proposing new wind projects and with potential clients. Managed
   G.E. internal manufacturing supply chain for international and domestic gear production and
   deliveries, to match sales proposals and existing project demands.

   As Director of Project Controls- was challenged with turning around, staffing, managing and
    controlling an active $250M USD backlog of fossil power work. Managed the Construction
    Management Program and Process development of Integrated Project Controls and Estimating
    departments. Hired and trained 35 new employees; managed a staff of 100 nationwide. Developed
    and implemented project management procedures; utilized Six Sigma methodologies to streamline
   Oversight management of 29 Simple Cycle projects and 4 Combined Cycle projects 3 domestic and 1
    international (Wales). Each project contained 2 HRSG’s, 2 Gas Turbines and 1 Steam Turbine.
     Project in Wales was first of a kind model run for G.E. Gas Turbine.
    95% of all projects planned and executed on or ahead of schedule and 90% of all projects
    executed on or below budget.

   As Senior. Project Director integrating G.E. acquisition company into G.E. power business line.
    Directed EPCS installation of new Hot Waste Gas Turbine at operating refinery for Valero; Paulsboro,
    New Jersey. Developed integrated Subcontracting plan and award with local Construction company
    for shutdown and pre-shutdown construction activities and testing. Asset development and

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BECHTEL GROUP, WORLDWIDE                                                           1978-1999
Multiple, progressive and increasingly responsible positions.

 Summary positions held at Bechtel; Fossil / Nuclear Power industries; Oil & Gas, Refinery,

                             International Regional Business Manager
                                          Project Manager
                                   Engineering Planning Manager
                                           Chief Planner
                                     Project Controls Manager
   Canadian Tar Sands Project
    Project Director for integrated projects at Ft. McMurray

   Trinidad- Iron Ore Cracker
    Project Manager- Recovery planning execution strategy development

    Selkirk II-            - 1 Unit Comb Cycle-275 MGW New York –Makowski and Associates -UNION
   1. Schedule-33 month-Guaranteed -Delivered 29 months
   2. Budget $850 million proposed- executed $800 million

    Hermiston-           -2 Unit Comb Cycle- 470 MGW Oregon-U.S Generating Company-NON-UNION
   1. Schedule 32 months- Guaranteed-Delivered 29 months
   2. Budget $500 million proposed-executed-$450 million

                       Nuclear Projects detail available on separate page

                                     EDUCATION & TRAINING

                           International Business Management Program
                                       Georgetown University
                                          Washington, D.C.

            Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering and Construction Management
                               Michigan Technological University
                                       Houghton, Michigan

                Certified Six Sigma Green Belt – G.E. Six Sigma- Master Program

                                PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS

                      Construction Industry Institute – Research Team Member
                                 Adjunct Professor – Georgia Tech
                                   Consultant – Gerson Lehrman


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